Logic - Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever (Mixtape Review)

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In a little over three years Logic has gone from a young lyricist with raw potential to a legitimate Rap artist with Welcome To Forever.

Notwithstanding the occasional buzzed-about artist, the Maryland Rap scene hasn’t witnessed the same success stories that its adjoining areas have within the DMV. This alone makes Logic a unique emcee, who at 22 years of age is as much a trailblazer for Gaithersburg as he is a fresh face on the come up. If his recent mixtape Welcome To Forever is in indication of his vision, as well as that new record deal in his back pocket, the self-proclaimed ‘Young Sinatra’ will have the whole region behind him in no time.

Since releasing Young, Broke, and Infamous in 2010, the lyrical abilities from Logic have never been a point of question, with records like “Nasty” and “Walk On By” catching him firing on all cylinders. On the latter track Logic documents the struggles of his town, rapping, “See I’m from Maryland where cats draw gats like animation / From the smallest altercation, that can lead determination / With a rapper on every corner, like the rest of the nation / Passing bars back and forth like legal examinations.” He even flips the “Ms. Jackson” instrumental in his favor, brandishing a slick demeanor and wordplay that should silence most ATLien curators (“Never Hollywood, I'm grounded like a cup of Folgers,” “Now these thirsty bitches on the dick, we call that Aquafina”).

Rocking with a lengthy track list (to his credit, he’s kept that consistent in past mixtapes) does leave Logic open for a handful of records that are interchangeable in concept. “Life Is Good” is a more serene version of “925,” while “The Come Up” and “The High Life” both chronicle his Rap campaign thus far (“So many rappers on that stupid superstar shit / But I plan to eat with the people I starved with”). That said, he also liberates some of his most impressive cuts to date. Over rousing piano strokes on the title track, Logic paints a radiant portrait filled with inspiration. “This is dedicated to anyone with a dream / And a realization of what following it means / Breaking the cycle and not following your genes / That perfect moment when your logic intervenes.”

Similarly, his mission statement for “Just A Man” marks a distinct transition of his growth, as well as his awareness of his position: “As you focus on the little things, the bigger ones will get you / So I minimize the negatives to see the bigger picture / I get richer while you fuckers hate / So keep it up and watch a young brother elevate.”

In a little over three years Logic has gone from a young lyricist with raw potential to a legitimate Rap artist with Welcome To Forever, who likewise has developed an unmatched ear for production. The casual listener may hear shades of J. Cole in his delivery (someone he ceremoniously shouts out on “5AM”), but that should speak more to his polished style than imitation. With No I.D. as his mentor, let the story begin. 

DX Consensus: "Free Album" (the highest possible praise for a mixtape)


  • Anonymous

    His voice just like Drake and he completely and I mean in every way possible stole J. Cole's flow. When I was listening to the intro track It sounded like he copied a J. Cole intro to a song, i don't know what but it just seems like he completely copied that intro. Also listen to the hook of "925", he sings just like Drake.

    • Anonn

      Go listen to Eminem's Infinite. He was biting a lot of Nas' flow but look what he became. When they're coming up they're still experimenting flows and trying to find themselves. He could be great

  • Dominic

    Amazing mixtape, the best I've ever listened to so far, his flow is impeccable, positive lyricism, and just a great selection of instrumentals.

  • PaulosDeKathos

    I am really surprised this has not made it into more end of year lists as it's one of the best rap "albums" I've heard this year!

  • cody

    this is the best all around album i have heard since good kid mad city. logic deff is here to stay. i cant wait to hear more of his music.

  • Holla

    DMV! Logic always comes correct.

  • Derek Rogers

    I've been listening to logic for a couple of years, nice to see him make it #Ratpack

  • Ike

    Been following Logic since the beginning, he deserves the fame.


    thanks fa da support..i know a lot of you say there are times i sound a lil like DIRTY JERM..Jerm s da man i bump his shit all da time but i swear any resemblance to D I R T Y__J E R M is a conquincidence

  • Cush

    This Mixtape represents the first time that I've even heard of Logic. After listening to Welcome to Forever I had to go back and check out what else he's put out. IMO if pushed right this kid can definitely make an impact in the Industry.

  • Nuff said...

    Reminds me alot of j.cole, buts honestly i think lyrically, hes a bit nicer than cole

  • Landry

    Logic will be great

  • Prokeezy

    he is byting J. Cole so hard that it hurts. Shame on him and Def Jam.

  • mr battle

    Good mixtape but he stole alot of j cole lines

  • Dayton

    Not quite as classic as undeniable, or young sinatra, but his lyrical ability has gotten better... I hop you all understand. This mixtape is fantastic, im actually listening to it as i type. I would give this tape a 4.5 out of 5 stars. For me this mixtape represents logics struggle with his childhood and how me made it all the way to the top, it gives off a strong proud feeling to those listening who have been with logic since the beginning. Great mixtape logic, cant wait for the album. #RattPack Boii

  • Greatest Rapper Never

    This dude looks like Omar's boyfriend from The Wire. Does he not?

  • Guillaume_SHM

    I can't put a 5, because it's obviously not a classic. But this tape deserve a 4.5 on 5. Lyrics, rhymes, flow, emceeing, production. This entire project is very consistent. The bad thing is : my 2 favourites CDs this year are two free mixtapes : Indigoism by The Underachievers and this one by Logic. Please hip-hop artists, release some good shit ...

  • Logic

    You can tell what this site is going to give an album or mixtape just by the artist, and whether or not they've been hyping it up. Pfft.

  • D

    Not feeling this, delivery's lacking.

  • Andre.CO

    I'm hoping Logic's album has more stuff like Welcome to Forever, Roll Call, 5AM, Feel Good, Walk On By, Nasty, Young Jedi, Common Logic/Midnight Marauder, Just A Man, and The End on it. Strongest tracks on this tape by far.

    • AiiRone

      Agreed with mostly everything you said. Although I did love this tape it wasn't as good as undeniable, arguably better than young sinatra though imo. Stand-out tracks for me were Young Jedi, Common Logic/Midnight Marauder, 5AM, Walk On By & Just A Man. Songs like Man Of The Year, On The Low(minus Logic's Verse) & Ballin were not his best, even though they're still better than most music these days. Should check out The Underachievers if you haven't heard of them there dope

  • Luis

    Crazy mixtape ! Love it

  • meys

    if i had a chance to follow Nas' rise to greatness, im sure it would feel the same as what I'm witnessing with Logic. This guy is about to blow up. Just wait till that album drops. Either way this mixtape is dope, and has a little something for everybody. Who goes over "Ms. Jackson"? Roll call was crazy.

    • different times

      His rise was different. Once he got on the mic everyone in NYC knew he was the second coming of Rakim/G Rap. There wasn't a sense of Nasty Nas being the saviour because the game was still underground. His demo tapes were circulating and you just knew he was a different beast. You definitely did know from the get go he was special and all the barbershop rumors of he's being mentored by Rakim and so forth made him even more popular. Everyone was still hyped on either Dre's Chronic, Wu's album, ATCQ's album or Snoop's album, but when Illmatic hit the streets it was a wrap. I remember being the park playing basketball and everyone in a stand still; some of lyrics actually stopped games. Then when Biggie demo tape and then album leaked that was an entire different they were playing that shit everywhere. I remember going to VIM on 14th street in Manhattan and Juicy blaring over the speakers while white women knew most of the words. It was a different time and couldn't compare it to now. But as for Logic he's building his own path and going over Ms Jackson was amazing. Kid has a bright future

  • Is this kid overhyped?

    anyone else think his voice is hard to listen to?

  • Evan Friedland

    Some of the best work iv seen

  • OliverAgain

    I love Logic. He just released a bomb album that will last forever for free. He is easily my favorite artist.

  • Young Obey

    None of that marty randoff shit, Logic kept it real from the jump. And this album, if you don't uunderstand, then you can take a jump, off a cliff and listen to crap music the whole fall down. #RATTPackBoii

  • rhymestyle

    project of the year.

  • Brandon

    This mixtape rules... Enough said

  • Micky Eberth

    If anyone is a true rap fan, you will feel the heart and soul behind this kids lyrics. The only person I've ever heard put more behind their words is eminem.... That's some good company.

  • Anonymous

    I've been listening to Logic since his Young Sinatra mixtape and between that one, Undeniable and this one Young Sinatra was his best. That being said, it wasn't much better than average. Not sure why you guys are so excited about this.

  • Daniel

    This mixtape material is better than most albums, can wait to hear what he puts out under def jam.

  • Riff Raff

    Logic? More like the rap game Goran Dragic

  • Anonymous

    all i know is he absolutely smashed 5AM

  • Mike Lawson

    Has alot to offer I look forward to his upcoming projects. Has great potential.

  • Anonymous

    No. Your off. Logic like any other emcee in the game has to evolve with how they work thought their career. It's not exactly their will but they do it. Welcome to forever had spot on production and more content than anyone out right now coming up or already famous, who would have mainstream recognition regardless. Nonetheless. This tape is solid logic who just got signed to one of the biggest labels in the industry. Plus GE has an album on the way to be worked on by a myriad of producers who know exactly way they're doing by visionary music group are acting as professionals. Coming up in the game with this much talent only has room to look up in regards to longevity. There are skits in all of these mixtapes I don't know about who you know that does this otherwise other than Kanye West. If there's anything to take away from this tape is that Def Jam is gonna propel logic or should do so; into the artist he waste to be. Performing and recording his mindset into the mainstream with no questions asked. Artists who brand themselves this way usually end up to be extremely successful. Also he's coming out with a full album soon so just listen to the take again and listen to what he's talking about

    • Andre.CO

      Your opinion, but you really think lyrically and overall this album is as consistently spot on as Young Sinatra and Undeniable??? Lyrically, Welcome to Forever's best tracks are Roll Call, Walk On By, Nasty, Young Jedi, Common Logic/Midnight Marauder, and Just A Man. Compared to Inception, Dead Presidents III, No Biggie, Disgusting, Relaxation, Do Ya Like, Young Sinatra III, All Sinatra Everything, Dear God, and I Made It on Undeniable. Or compared to One, Shine On, 30000, Are You Ready, Live on the Air, Young Sinatra II, Juice, Prime, Let Me Go, and Growing Pains II on Young Sinatra.

    • Anonymous

      Can't agree with that "more content" statement on any level.

    • Andre.CO

      I'm not disputing anything you said. His production was far and away better than ever. But his lyrics??? Not as consistent throughout. Welcome to Forever had more dumbed down lyrics than any of his other tapes, I honestly can't see how anyone would try to dispute that. Not saying it didn't have raw lyrical records, it did. Roll Call, Nasty, Walk On By, Common Logic/Midnight Marauder notably, but not nearly as many as Young Sinatra or Undeniable. 925, Break It Down, On the Low, The Come Up, Ballin', not exactly Logic's finest mainstream like moments either. Lyrically, this tape wasn't as good as his last two. I heard some bad habits on songs, that I hope he doesn't repeat too often going forward in his career.

  • Andre.CO

    First off....before I get hate from Logic fans, I've been a big Logic fan the past couple years, gotten many many many of my friends and homie's into the guy. But....there's a little too much d**k riding going on with regard to Welcome to Forever. Let me start off by saying yes, the production on Welcome to Forever is absolutely the best on any of his 4 tapes, hands down. And is the tape overall pretty good??? Yes. Now, is it as good as Young Sinatra and Undeniable.....I don't believe it is. This is probably the first Logic tape where I heard songs I didn't like, aside from As I Am on Young Sinatra. I'm not really feeling tracks like Break It Down or On the Low at all (though Logic's opening verse ain't too bad). On a side note, I think it's funny that he made the Sell Out Records skit talking about artists that make crappy songs that are very very very similar to a few of the tracks on Welcome to Forever. Those were the only two I really couldn't listen to at all, but like I said....it's really the first time I've heard songs of his I can't get into. Now tracks like Welcome to Forever, Roll Call, 5AM, Walk On By, Nasty, Common Logic/Midnight Marauder, Just A Man, definitely his finest moments on the tape. Should have had even more songs like these. The difference is Undeniable and Young Sinatra had many many many great tracks like these. Tracks like Feel Good, Life is Good, Young Jedi, The High Life, Man of the Year, and The End were pretty decent, just alright or okay in my book. Not amazing but not bad. I feel like Young Jedi could have been so much better than it was. Than tracks like 925, The Come Up, and Ballin', those were the "mainstream" tracks I can listen to, but they weren't really all that great. All in all, a pretty solid tape, but doesn't live up to the standards he set on Young Sinatra and Undeniable. Similar to how Eminem came with Encore. Encore wasn't a terrible album by any means and had good songs and moments, but way too many ehhhh moments to really make up for the whole product. And it just didn't live up to his first tapes. My main beef is him dumbing down his lyrics on certain songs. I use to have no reservations on Logic going mainstream or selling out lyrically, but I have to take a step back after this tape, though it was solid, and say there's definitely a chance Logic will dumb down his lyrics a bit. Welcome to Forever doesn't touch Undeniable or Young Sinatra lyrically, but it does have his best production to date. He should have just had more tracks like Roll Call, Walk On By, Nasty, Common Logic/Midnight Marauder, and less songs like Break It Down, 925, The Come Up, On the Low, and Ballin'. Overall.....I give it a B- Logic is still dope, just felt it could have been much better than it was.

  • Logicdickrider

    Idc who the fuck you are if you compare logic to anyone one else in this shithole we call the "rap game" the. Might as well invest money into a rope and wear it as a necklace wanna be faggots

  • LifeWell

    Its actually the best mixtape ive heard this year so far

  • D-Banger

    Can't hate on this, but why I'm starting to see white rappers with the highest-rated shit.

    • Anonymous

      You obviously didn't listen to the tape if you still thinking he's white.

    • Deejay

      "Yall see a white boy but my daddy a negro, Half-breed mothafucka, pass the mic and get heat tho"

    • Anonymous

      shut the fuck up with races. things like this are the reason why racism will always be around. and by the way hes black and white. so much ignorance in this world its ridiculous. were all the same. if u put ur mind to anything u can do it, either black white red yellow purple blue... dick head

  • adillyo

    If there was ever a thing as being "real" in hiphop, logic is it. True to himself and his art.

  • Anonymous

    Great mixtape. Logic = Drake if Drake put in effort and energy. 4 stars

    • Anon

      Not a bullshit comparison. Dude is exactly right. Logic can twist it but you can't deny some of those tracks sound just like Drake. Quit riding.

    • Anonymous

      Drake and Logic are two different artists. Enough with the bullshit comparisons.

  • Tha God

    This nigga suck moe. im from GBURG and niggas dot pull gats cmon man

  • Bronek

    Probably until Eminem's release, this is the best material of 2013. Props on that from Poland.

  • Mr. No

    Poor mans Drake, and Drake is fucking terrible as it is.


    Dedication at its best.

  • somecollegekehd

    Been following since young broke n infamous and thats when he became my favorite artist This is raw hip hop at its finest, flawless mixtape. 5/5

  • Gabe

    Heard about logic last year and have been bumping him ever since.

  • Nick

    I've been following him since Undeniable, Young Sinatra, since the beginning Logic has come a long way. This tape has so many good tracks and it is basically a free album.

  • kas

    Bin bumping Logic for two years now! Knew it was only a matter of time before he blew up! His flows are amazing and he's got clever bars! Wordplay is sick too. DONT SLEEP ON LOGIC!!

  • Daniel T.

    Best mixtape ever, logic is hands down the best rapper alive...

  • Double H Pupil

    Selection of beats was better

  • Kamnesia

    Corny title, but great music. Like the opposite of everything else in 2013.

  • Jake

    I was very impressed with this entire project. If this was any indication, Logic is going to have a very bright future.