Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge - Twelve Reasons To Die

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"Twelve Reasons To Die" is a satisfying glimpse into the minds of Younge and Ghostface, and should place somewhere above his most recent releases.

Aside from the ever-changing musical identity of RZA (or Bobby Digital, Prince Rakeem, etc.), Ghostface Killah has arguably been the Wu-Tang Clan’s most multifarious member as well as one of the most active. After dabbling in the R&B scene and handling collaborative efforts with east coast brethren Sheek Louch, Method Man and Raekwon, Ghost now teams up with composer Adrian Younge for a project that could have been green-lit by Quentin Tarantino.

Built around the cinematic events of a comic book by the same name, Twelve Reasons To Die follows Tony Starks, a gangster upstart who lands himself in a deadly clash with the DeLucas. Under this guise, Younge appropriately accompanies Ghost’s narrative with embellished backdrops. “I Declare War” is a moving piece aided by swaying strings and an eerie bass line, while the calculated melody and operatic vocals of “Beware Of The Stare” captivate throughout. In that respect, the album sustains a live band design, which should bode well for touring purposes. However, there’s an element of rhythmic fortitude that’s missing. Case in point, “Enemies All Around Me.” The record oozes tension, but the overall sound feels hollowed out. Similarly, “Murder Spree” and its one-chord harmony becomes dull by songs’ end.

While the orchestral vibe may startle some listeners, there’s no aversion once Ghost’s pipes hit the track. Sure, he’s working within the parameters of the storyline, but his lyrical disposition is as focused as it ever was. Out for blood on “The Rise Of The Ghostface Killah,” he growls, “Medusa stare, my guns bust in silence / I'm a black vigilante killer, pro violence / It's the rebirth, born again / Rise through the vinyl spin / They took out Starks but the light shines within.” This continues on “The Sure Shot (Parts One & Two)” as his scope enlarges for a standoff his foes will regret. “I glide through the air like a swarm of bees / Shake niggas off quick like a dog with fleas / Raw meat, leave bodies slumped in the street / Revenge is the spice of life, it's so sweet.”

Familiar faces join Ghostface on his murderous expedition, but their inclusion becomes more of an isolated addition than solid co-star credits. “Blood On The Cobblestones” and “Murder Spree” find a respectable balance between Wu-Tang proverb and DeLucas vengeance. Then there’s a record like “The Center Of Attraction,” which suffers from a weak call and response about a sly woman’s motive.

In the archives of Ghostface Killah’s catalog, Twelve Reasons To Die should place somewhere above his most recent releases. Unless an artist is approaching Illmatic territory, it’s difficult to glorify a project that clocks in under 40 minutes, with a third of the lyrical efforts dispensed to guests. Still, the album is a satisfying glimpse into the minds of Younge and Ghostface. Experimental is a tag few artists at his age would attempt, and yet Ghost does it with immeasurable confidence.


  • Anonymous

    I still hate this album

  • FLiPDaPs

    Thank you iTunes for the 12 instrumentals. This is a great GFK release. 5 stars.

  • Anonymous


  • jessemp3

    Ghostface proves he's still on top with this masterpiece album. I love the whole album and he's dropping like 7 more albums in the next 3 years so get ready industry. Oh yeah to all of you fuck boys trying to put the legend down, pull your pants up and turn your fucking night lights on before you sleep in bed with mommy tonight you fucks. This is real hip hop so go listen to some drake and let him put you to sleep tonight you non hip hop mother fuckers dare to even say the words hip hop. go get your radio and listen to your bullshit commercial radio rap which is why your so poisoned in the mind you losers. To all those showing love, much respect to you. That is all.

  • sonny rene

    This is the best hip hop album of the year so far. I loved hearing Ghostface rap over live instrumentation. The story is well structured and Ghost strays away from his more abstract lyricism so that the concept is easily followed. The guest spots on this album deliver as expected. BUY this album if you like REAL hip hop.

  • tbh

    I give it a 3. It's like lounge hop.. there are no 808's, and ALL the best WU beats had 808s, they were so muddy you might consider it a kick, but they were hidden amoung the STACKS of samples that were intracately spliced together. This sounds boring and contrived... I'm partial to the sound tho... i understand it... so I give it a 3, but if I heard this when 36 chambers came out... it wouldn't of been something that would drawn me in... it's not gritty enough, and you can tell no one is hungry, it's just heads with the position, and they have an aesthetic to protect and profit from. More power. I know rza has always been trying to get where adrian younge is at from a technical standpoint, but it was when RZA didn't know exactly what he was doing, and he just knew he was on to something when he sounded best. Kind of a fucked situation, so this decision to roll with Adrian is a good business move.. All in all, it keeps what they got going, and that's better than falling totally off the map. Message to the yung bulls: make RAP BY SAMPLING RECORDS, that will ALWAYS be the key to getting that raw sound. Why? cause you have to layer multiple samples which fucks with the brain in a good way. Things also are sampled out of traditional song keys, slightly detruned further creating your brain to work in ways that it doesn't when instrments are all tuned and you're playing a song straight through.. Adrians production is a left brained production like all production, so as it can give you an idea of something, it is missing that intriguing element that sampling brings. And to be fair to adrian, most traditional composed music suffers from this lack of intrigue that sampling brings. Maybe if adrian composed and played the music, and RZA, and other producers took those samples, and made the final beats, it could work.... cuz producers are gonna make sure HIP HOP BEATS BANG by layering the damn kicks and 808s, so we can wild out... we need that conigac music over here, not the sipping aged wine shit... adrian did a good job sounding like an old record, but the best rap aint rapping on old records, it's rapping over NEW beats made from old records.... TBH

    • truf

      totally agree. and the funny thing is that what you're saying is so obvious. yet hip hop producers try to sell us snake oil by going to the hipster cash-grab route.

  • konexile

    It's a masterpiece 5 stars

  • Bulletproof Wallets

    Brown Tape > 12RTD

  • Anonymous

    Good album, but doesn't match Czarface or PWOWR

  • Anonymous

    i pre-ordered this shit over a month ago and i still havent got it or even an email saying if its been shipped or not. starting to really regret doing business with Soul Temple Records anyone else still waiting for theirs?

  • ...?

    Content: 4.5/5 Guest Spots: 4.5/5 Lyrics: 4.5/5 MC: 5/5 Production: 4.5/5

  • tetraskillz

    this album is so original...album of the year

  • Anonymous

    Anybody saying this is wack should just ban themselves from listening to rap forever.

  • Yamancp

    "I got about halfway when I was like "who gives a shit!!!!!???" Honestly I keep hearing about the DeLucas and I really found it hard to care about someone who is just talking about being a black gangster and how much of a killer he is. The beats sucked ass and the story was boring as shit. FUCK THIS ALBUM" It's called a concept album, you idiot, it is implied that it is not real. Go back to school and learn something this time around.

    • Anonymous

      Look, asshole, I know it isn't real. I know what a concept album is. And this concept was boring as a motherfucker. Ghostface constantly like, I'm on the rise and I blast on the DeLucas was half assed dumb bullshit. It seemed like the story of an ignorant cunt, at war with ignorant cunts. At least make your character likeable for fucks sakes. At least make the beats bearable. To say this was great hip hop, is what I hate about hip hop hipsters. Just because he can string a story together and can have some witty lines (and there weren't fucken many) DOESN'T make your album great. Oh and next time read the fucken comment you ignorant fuckwit. You'll notice I used the word "story". But no, you just wanna jump on my shit because I thought that this overblown piece of shit was an overblown piece of shit. Well, not in the way of sales, but in the way you "cool" hiphop fans chow down on the dick of anyone who was ever "lyrical". Now, why don't you tell me I must love Lil Wayne because I don't like this album and was horribly disappointed by it. Because that is probably your stupid go to insult isn't it?

  • T.

    this is the best album i've heard all year!!! the concept is well thought out and very well executed, not one verse is out of place in the whole scheme of the story. i loved it, i wrote a review on my blog

  • madddstylez

    one of the greatest wutang albums of all time. i bought 2 albums. i think u god's album is next. wutang forever mother.....

  • michael


  • Darrell Myers

    That's the best ghostface album in a long time,I'm glad to see him back on top.

  • Anonymous

    Can't stop playing this album.

  • B-Nugs

    Brown Tape, get your Brown Tape here: Saw a lot of comments asking about can even listen fo' free!

    • Nuggets of Butter

      Ya' know, after listening to The Brown Tape a couple times in succession, I think I might actually like the Brown Tape more than the original. They both have pros and cons, but both bang hard. Apollo just has that knack for making the type of beats I love.

    • Anonymous

      brown tape dope as fuck

  • Jesus Piece

    Best album I've heard in years. Ghost at this storytelling best and the full band sound from Younge behind GFK is dope as fuck.

  • Real talk nigga

    Huge ghostface fan but this album sounds like a bunch of is just kinda boring even depressing...its trying too hard to be avant garde. Hiphopdx is so predictable with its 4 stars. I mean in the mid-90s, this album would have signalled the fall of the wu-tang. They just such dickriding backpackers...Just because u have some pseudo-intellectual images and weird chord progressions that don't make it a dope album. But this next madvillian and it sounds butt...the truth is Supreme Clientele was ghost's last indisputable classic (maybe one of the greatest albums of all time) far as ghost lately, up to fishscale, we had some dope moments...the rest of his stuff after fishscale has been really meh...I means he's losing it man..he needs to go back to supreme clientele seriously..

    • truf

      WORD. especially on comparing this to Madvillainy and Supreme Clientele being his last indisputable classic. Fishscale is extremely overrated. Sure it had its moments (RAGU) but it's no Clientele that's for sure.

  • Anonymous

    I got about halfway when I was like "who gives a shit!!!!!???" Honestly I keep hearing about the DeLucas and I really found it hard to care about someone who is just talking about being a black gangster and how much of a killer he is. The beats sucked ass and the story was boring as shit. FUCK THIS ALBUM

  • YKB

    Amazing, Probably already my album of the year.

  • BinaryStar

    It's clear some of the peeps here been listening to ghostface for the first time or something. Younge is a refreshing producer who doesn't do the "same beat loop for whole song" formula that dominates hip-hop. And ghost is ghost, delivering his unique flows and jargon that usually takes multiple listens to decipher. Tony Starks just keeps on deliverin

  • 5 ****

    One of the best and most unique rap albums in a long while

  • Anonymous

    Best emcee in the game.

  • micah dancy

    Ghostface killah drop almost nearly a classic with this album great Wu-tang features

  • Power1911

    Top five storytelling MC of all-time; one of the most consistent rappers in the history of the game. This is classic material. I can't wait to cop the brown tape.

  • Anonymous

    It's mind-boggling the heart wants it, the mind rejects it Fuck the past, let's put the present in perspective That's my lady, she would never back-stab or cross me Stand butt-naked in the storm, sippin' the frosty Force me to choose, I'mma follow my heart She was there from the beginning, but I tore 'em apart No more Delucas, straight Killa Bee on the swarm And when it's time to get big, she put her game face on

  • Anonymous

    12R2D - 4 stars Brown Tape - 5 Stars

  • Justin

    As great as this album is, the BROWN TAPE remix of the whole album by Apollo Brown is way better.

    • ButteryNugget

      "The Brown Tape" has really dope beats on it and it sounds good, but Adrian Younge's beats are grimy, dark and more Wu-Tangish. I like them both, but I give my nod to this version. I just play them both, one after the other, and jam because they are both damn good.

    • doggfather

      hell no, but that one is good too!

  • Manan Kothari

    Straight fire! and the brown tape is dope too

  • ....

    Dope ass project, personally I like The Brown Tape slightly better but then I'm a big Apollo Brown fan.

  • Louie Amp

    Bangin' album. Great production, great concept and great lyrical verses!

  • Anonymous

    Ghost has done it again. The most consistent emcee in the game has done what hardly anyone does these days, and that's create instant classic.

  • Honestly

    This Album was great. My gripes with the production is that it does seem kinda hollowed. The instrumentation and mood are totally solid and great, but I think the tempo is a bit slowed down for a hip-hop song. It shows with ghosts flow when he's trying to ride the beat. He sounds stretched out. The album concept was cool, and maybe it was his flow again but it seemed ghost didn't totally sell it....all that said, it was a good listen and one of the better ghost albums in a minute.

  • E. Grizzly

    Best Ghost album since Supreme Clientele. Might go down as his best album and top 5 Wu albums of all time. This album is that good and is being super slept on right now. I can't believe some of these comments I'm reading. This album is ahead of its time and won't be appreciated until a few years from now.

  • Anonymous

    Hip-hop album of the year so far. Closely followed by Wolf...

  • blitzlegga

    I'm a Wu and Ghost head, but I can't condone this album. Sounds like a demo that Ghost did while he was drunk and high one night with some of his friends. I can't believe this is an actual album and not a mix tape. Ghost is way more talented than the bullshit that he put on this album. The beats are whack, the lyrics are lazy, and the album sounds like crap. Other than that, I guess its not bad...

    • Anonymous

      "The beats are whack, the lyrics are lazy, and the album sounds like crap. Other than that, I guess its not bad..." How can you say it's not bad after ripping it apart? Weird how people disect music these days rather than just enjoying it for what it is. Since when did people become music critics?

  • Jason

    12 reasons to die is an amazing delve into the world of hip-hop and the appreciation of scores and live instrumentation. Captivating from start to finish it is how good Maad city should have been. Scores in film is a dying feature nowdays and this album is a gem because it is made by lovers of music period.

  • Flurg Djurdson

    Greatest thing I've heard in a long while. I feel like I'm 15 again and rap hasn't deteriorated.

  • Anonymous

    The haters are all tight jeans wearing Young Money groupies... They wouldn't know good music if it was in front of them... The rest giving this a bad review are just trolls trying to piss people off. This album is a 4.5 star album. Throwback 90s hip hop.

  • Sonny Rene

    I'm a backpacker faggot with a hardon for Ghostface Killah.

  • Anonymous

    its dope people expect too much out the guys who have been around this long tho. If any new nigga had made this people would be calling it an underground classic. Price you pay for longevity I guess

  • Sonny Rene

    Just curious what everyone thinks is the better album out of 12RTD or CZARFACE? Both are great projects but I'm definitely liking 12RTD more.

  • KarimCheese

    This album is great. One of the best from recent releases of anyone from the Wu. BTW what is this Brown Tape everyone is talking about?

    • Sonny Rene

      An alternate version of the album produced by Apollo Brown which is only available on cassette. Just as good as Adrian Younge's version, if not better.

  • Amethyst

    I think it's important to listen to this album from the perspective of a soundtrack. It's a unique concept album with a haunting, cinematic album sound that marries perfectly with the imagery in comic book/cover art - it really tells a story that perfectly marries up with the tone and atmosphere created by Adrian Younges '70s Kung-Fu infused beats. I can see, however, why the album didn't receive a 5 out 5 rating. I thought some of the featured artists had less than inspired verses and found myself wishing there had instead been another Ghostface verse on a couple tracks. Apart from that I found it to be an incredibly well-assembled, complete album - a really solid release and great addition to Ghostface's ever growing catalogue of albums. 4.5 out of 5

  • OG-18*


  • abu_maryam

    I WANT THE FRICKIN BROWN TAPE! Preferably in MP3 format, not actual cassette :[ They could have made getting the Brown Tape easier.

    • NugsButtery

      google it, man. you can buy a digital copy for like $8, atm. not sure if DX will delete this because of the link, but here you go:

    • Anonymous

      then it wouldnt be as special

  • gty

    this album is soul stirring. ghostface doesn't come lazy. focused story telling. real emotion. incredible beats. and passion. real music folks. let it hit you from all angles. i hear the process. the swings in the production. the vocal backing. creepy singing. warm sounds. big drums. WOW. ghost did it again. at some point, the finger needs to be pointed at ghostface when debating the greatest rappers of all time. he has outlasted nearly everyone and still delivers incredible music today in 2013 without sounding out of touch or tired. what a legend this guy is. adrian younge. you are now a player. wow. what a piece of work. 5 stars

  • Anonymous

    WU-TANG is forever! AOTY

  • Nicolas Blackburn

    Great storytelling!

  • adillyo

    I realize they were trying to do something really special with the brown tape but they should have made it available to download with the deluxe. I hope you guys who have it know how lucky you are, it is killing me not being able to hear it!

    • Anonymous

      i bought it but i dunno how im gonna play it. only tape deck i got needs to be hooked up to a receiver and speakers which i dont have right now

    • Anonymous

      For Real... Ima' or shit to pop up... browntape sounds ill.

  • Anonymous


  • WU

    Yo I want the Brown tape

  • rmacq112

    This shit is awesome, had no idea I'd be getting a free tape with beats by Apollo Brown. albums amazing after 3 listens, should only get better with time. maybe my fav GFK album since Ironman

  • Sonny

    This is one of my all time favorite hip hop albums.

  • Anonymous

    That instrumental is fucking crazy!

  • chiefzs

    just wondering what version most of you are liking

  • Wise

    This album is an absolute CLASSIC!!!! Hands down!!! Nas or Illmatic ain't got S*** on Wu-Tang or this record. Ghostface = GOAT. Y'all always critique the hell out of every classic Wu release. I bet if it was clown a** Trinidad James or Officer Ricky y'all would be "raving"....fake a** illuminati puppets. I will never support this wack a** website again

  • Frank White

    AOTY! it has that classic WU sound. absolute fire.

  • Sonny Rene

    Stop hating motherfuckers, this is classic material. This is the very essence of hip hop!

  • landon1688

    really liked this so far

  • 12aelve

    Feeling this record










    GFK hasn't evolved as a rapper. He always sound the same. Im getting bored of his whining voice and coketales. Oh and for ya fuckers im a wu-tang fan.

  • Anonymous

    I gave this a 5. yes Im a real hip hop fan I know you lil fag ass niggas prefer techno, trap and pop.

  • Anonymous

    We have a few trolls in here giving this a 1 I can tell. Do yourselves and us a favor and get the fuck outta here and go listen to your faggot Lil Wayne.

  • starmani

    I think this was a good album, but its no where near being a classic.....stop overhyping stuff! 4/5 tho

  • tromcBBC

    ghost can still do it in 2013 but this album was just average.

  • zeerax444

    he hasn't evolved as an artist.

  • cinavenom

    For me this ranks only below Supreme Clientele and Ironman as Ghost's third best joint out. I completely disagree with reviewer for knocking the album for only being about 40 minutes long, the vast majority of stuff that comes out only has 30-40 minutes of good music on it and the rest is just filler that people want to skip over anyway. Great album by T. Starks as usual.

  • Chicago_Rilla

    Copped today, One of the best to ever do it but is it me or is ghost losing his voice? Sounds very raspy

  • Crystal

    Best Ghostface record in a long time.

  • Anonymous

    nothing special here, just more average shit. Apollo Kid was better

  • cort

    goes hard sounds fresh favorite album of the year so far

  • Anonymous

    Album is def worth a few listens

  • abu_maryam

    Just copped this.

  • Milehighkid303

    too bad 50 ended GFK's career on How To Rob

    • Anonymous

      obvious troll is obvious

    • Larry Luv

      You said the dumbest shit I ever heard.. I had to log on just to respond to your dumbass.. I like 50. but NO WAY did he kill ghostface's career, what are u smoking??.. ghost still at the very top of his game. how he kill ghost career and ghost come out almost every year wit some new dope material. GTFOH!! pushing 50 down some stairs is a true story btw

    • 20bag

      Really? That's what you're going with? That was a single line in a verse that was more aimed at RZA than anyone else (the inspiration for 'funny ass rings' coming from a photo of RZA). And I heard Ghost pushed 50 down a flight of stairs for that, no idea if it's true but I hope it is.

  • bras4real

    indeed a great concept album, production is pure. that s what makes ghostface stand out as a wu member, not his lyrical depth so much but his originality and work ethic

  • doggfather

    finally a good wu solo after pro tools and dopium... It was so long. :S

  • Nasstill@it

    Wack as shit! Sounds lyk it was made in 1920...fuck outta here with this boredom!

  • Anonymous

    ghost can still do it in 2013 better than most of the other new school mc's

  • le_sam

    giallo beats and heat from mr. starks.

  • DJ Jah Mark are you in business? This is one of the greatest colabs of all time....If you can recognize that then you are small minded.. WAKE UP PEOPLE.....this is a great colab...expand your mind and get out the box... This has Wu all over it...the feel..the story...the production is on point... You will have to listen to it a few times for it to hit you... 4.8/5 - Reason - Was hoping to hear Rae on this...but trust me... Classic!!!!

  • Where tha fuck is papoose's album review???

    Where tha fuck is papoose's album review???

    • Anonymous

      I'm thinking he couldn't afford to send out promo copies of his album for review so they said fuck it.

  • Anonymous

    u best not have written a review for tygas shit and not papoose's. what would ur existence mean? lol

  • Doublespeak

    Fucking incredible.

  • Anonymous

    shit would be dope 20 years ago...

    • Anonymous

      There still some youngings that understand the rewind that tape era. Everyone didn't get tripped up from the Barney days and get addicted to sing along songs. Like yourself.

  • YonkersBornAndRaised

    I prefer Fishscale and Big Doe Rehab over this

    • SWORDZ


    • SWORDZ

      Big Doe Rehab lame??? Wooooo....Dog... that's some of Ghost strongest Darts... Nah kid. Fischscale is made over rated -could of been cut down to like 9 records... For Me IRONMAN / PURPLE TAPE OB4CL SUPREME CLIENTELE BULLETPROOF WALLETS (UNDERRATED DARTS) BIG DOE REHAB (UNDERRATED DARTS) PRETTY TONY APOLLO KIDS FISHSCALE MORE FISH WIZARD (RNB)

    • hachitori

      Big doe rehab was meh, but Fishscale kills 12 Reasons to Die. Granted 12RTD is better than Ghostdini and Apollo Kids, but it's no Fishscale and certainly no Supreme or Ironman. It's just too short and aesthetically uniform. feels more like a track than an album.

    • clandestine32

      Seriously kid, do your homework. Big Doe Rehab was lame. Iron Man and Supreme Clientele are classics, with 12 Reasons to Die close behind.

    • Anonymous

      no iron man? or supreme clientele?

  • Sonny Rene

    Incredible concept album. 4 and a half stars for the Adrian Younge version and 5 stars for The Brown Tape!

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    IANAHB 2 gets 3 stars 12 Reasons To Die gets 4 What is the bar for ratings and who sets it?? In DX's logic, these 2 albums are similar in quality which is a fucking joke. SMH

  • 614grind

    I like some of the newer stuff but 90's niggas are just way better emcees. Thats a fact.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck the Adrian Younge version...i NEED that Appllo Brown version!!!!

    • Anonymous

      what do you mean by any suggestions? it just came out give it a few days and someone will have it online for download.

    • Anonymous

      i didnt know apollo brown remixed the cassete version. I would be interested to hear it, any suggestions?

    • Sonny Rene

      This version is incredibly dope but the Apollo Brown version is on another level. I ordered the cassette but I hope someone puts up the MP3 version on the net ASAP.

    • Anonymous

      i ordered mine now i just need to find a cassette player

    • Anonymous

      its a cassette so its going be hard to find its already been released

  • Anonymous

    Fucking. Amazing. Album.

  • HAZE

    i had high hopes for this album.... fucking sucks.

    • Backpackers are the scum of the earth.

      Just because he doesn't like this album he automatically likes Lil Wayne and Drake? Man fuck you elitist backpackers always acting like you're better than anyone who doesn't like the same music as you.

    • Anonymous

      You can always go listen to Lil Wayne and Drake like all faggots do.

  • N/A

    What hell does it take to get a 5 star rating around here, BS....I mean, DX?! You're killing me Smalls!

  • Dejemen

    He never let me down. GFK - brand you can trust no doubt

  • Anonymous

    Sick album. This, "Czarface", and Sadistik's "Flowers for My Father" are the the best releases this year so far. Real hip hop, kids.

  • Bpayne

    This album is a breath of Fresh air in a Stagnated Stale hiphop scene as of Late.. I set this up as some of Big Ghostdeini's best work right next to IronMan! 5 mufuccin Stiiiiznars Mah G, Peasch Stun

    • guest

      For real every year i hear someone say hip hop is finally back if this happens every year then obviously hip hop has never died/taken a break/comma/heart attack or whatever phrase people try to say

    • Shame

      I dont think theres ever been on non-stagnated hip-hop era ever to some of you smh Every year its the same shit for the past 20, even back in the 90s

  • EyeCon

    Look, I'm not saying this guy is bad, but he is clearly stealing Action Bronson's flow and style. This is why I don't listen to new rappers or underground rappers. He even stole the name ghostface killer from the movie scream. Yes he has lyrics and beats, but for a debut album, this is just okay. Action Bronson's Dr. Lecter debut album was much better. I'm still listening to Blue Chips and Rare Chandeliers, and I think ghostface killer should pay homage to Action Bronson. With all that aside, I give it a 3/5. I'm only 16 but I know real hip-hop, and this was average.

    • Anonymous

      i'm in my thirties and when i was a kid i loved james brown and the funk from the seventies, if you didn't know the break and the sample you most likely were a fake clone version of a real hip hop head

    • Dub_Es

      LOL. hilarious comment

    • Anonymous

      how tha hell do ghostface sound like action bonson?...ghostface been around for 20yrs killin tha game...ur 16 u dnt know shit about hip-hop

    • LazyEyedKid

      HAHAHAHAHAHH That's obviously a joke. But sadly there is someone who will think that. But that comment is hilarious fam.

    • clown nigga

      Someone clearly has alot of time on their hands

    • Anonymous

      This is a class act troll who's been trolling on HHDX for months now, he used to go by EyeControl, which is a play on words for Icantroll. Now he's going by EyeCon, which is suggestive to Icon, or a shortened version of what he used to go by, Icantroll/Eyecontrol. Dude is clever. He knows these hip hop trends.

    • Corpz

      For your sake, I really hope your trolling lol. Cuz if you aint, child you got a lot of reading/listening up to do.

    • Say what

      Wtf is wrong with you kid

    • Anonymous

      not funny anymore get a new schtick

  • abu_maryam

    Streamed it on NPR as well as listened to the Brown Tape (the album with Apollo Brown's alternative instrumentals) sampler and it's all great! Classic stuff.

  • TDE

    Ghost is the goat not doubt

  • LuChinChen

    Ghost know I'm coppin. Pre-order been I wait. Money well spent.


    This is sober Ghostface on this album, that's why this is finest work to date. 100% concentration on every song

  • Rapgod

    Ghost kills it! Sick album

  • adasd

    The Center of Attraction - Best on the Album

  • Anonymous

    ghost is THE GOAT

  • Anonymous

    People are turning this age thing into a whole different meaning lol. Wtf this is dark poetry, he aint trying to be 23 are you listening.... Like if real G's retire lol

  • BTMoney

    This is classic Ghostface Killah, and that is why I'm a bit disappointed with it. It still deserves 4 stars, no doubt, but Ghostface could've switched it up a bit. The production here was also pretty standard, had nothing special to it. Ghostface clearly outshined it. It also lacked those type of tracks where Ghostface just brings that amazing energy and snaps, like The Champ or Apollo Kids. Still, another good Ghostface album, probably one of the most consistent artists, not only in hip hop, but in all of music.

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    If you like hip hop you will love this album. To me its a movie formed into a great soundtrack!

  • nah, B

    Very generous rating. This was a tired, battered letdown... Ghostface Killah is stuck in a hamster wheel of trying to be 23 years old again. It's not his fault, it's the only way fans want him to be. It's aiiight, but it's not gettin' my money.