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"Wolf" finds Tyler, the Creator successfully and artfully juggling his following's expectations with his personal growth.

One of today's most polarizing stars, Tyler, the Creator has maximized the Internet's potential and taken his Odd Future brand from hanging out in Los Angeles’ Fairfax District to what has become a global sensation. Endeared and despised as a musician, emcee and rebellious miscreant, his combination of creative talent and attention seeking showmanship has kept Hip Hop debating whether he’s a passing phase with little substance. Out to extend what pessimists consider a lucky run of success, Tyler's sophomore retail release Wolf has arrived to an audience equally stoked, skeptical and altogether curious.

No longer reliant on shock value to carry him, Tyler, the Creator has thrown a series of curveballs putting his craft first and foremost with Wolf. The album follows the story of its lead character shunned at music camp for being different (a theme reflecting Tyler’s struggle to be taken serious in Rap), ultimately winning the favor of his nemesis Sam’s girlfriend Salem. Similar to a stage play of sorts, Tyler makes songs from the perspectives of both Wolf and Sam, perhaps tying both to different parts of his bizarre artistic personality.

Greatly influenced by The Neptunes and their experimental N.E.R.D. outfit, Wolf spares nothing in paying homage. Most blatantly, the alternative “Answer” continues the long running stretch of angst towards his absentee father, while “Awkward” and the bridge between each verse on “Jamba” also give honor to his heroes. A sure highlight of his relatively short career, Tyler, the Creator snags Pharrell himself to appear on “IFHY,” an ode to a dysfunctional relationship.

Covering a wide gamut of topics, Tyler’s gift and curse is his ambition. With “48,” he strays from his narrative to tackle the negative effects of drug dealing, a worthwhile idea that he doesn’t fully flesh out. Better executions, “Pigs” explains how bullied teens turn murderous and “Colossus” is a plea for privacy when out in public, holding a mirror up to his overzealous fandom. Here he says, “I’m sick of hearing ‘bout Yonkers / I’m grateful that it worked, I attacked and I conquered.” The only overt attempt at pleasing this same rabid fan base is Wolf’s lead single “Domo23,” a conflicted sign that shows consideration for his younger crowd. At the risk of confusing these earliest adapters who once clung to violent shtick, the friendly extended interlude “Party Isn’t Over/Campfire,” “Treehome95” [featuring Coco of Quadron and Erykah Badu] and “Lone” are avant-garde moments that will impress the most serious doubters.

Using Wolf as a platform to let his imagination run wild while remaining accessible, Tyler, the Creator displays maturation on his own twisted terms. “Rusty” takes time to address social critique as he raps, “Look at that article that says my subject matter is wrong / Saying I hate gays even though Frank is on 10 of my songs...” and reminds that he’s an individual in the same verse with “These fucking rappers got stylists cause they can’t think for themselves / See they don’t have an identity, so they needed some help...” In all, Tyler is now juggling his following’s expectations with his personal growth, having transformed from a teen cult figure into a self-made visionary.


  • jake from state farm

    hoot ass album. WACK

  • Anonymous

    OF haters rate this low... fucking morons. dope album

  • FuckOddFutrure

    never really got into tyler's style, he is a fake

  • Raphael Gomez

    deserves more then it is ATM

  • lohen

    5/5 better than doris

  • Alexxis

    Fantastic album! It's defiantly a change from Goblin and Bastard (equally good albums)

  • MrRhoda

    Impressed by Tyler's growth from Goblin, not bad!! 4/5!!

  • John Wayne

    Hopsins Villen Clique With Him, Dizzy Wright, SwizZz, & Jared Benton Go Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy Harder Than These Wacc Ass Odd Future Niggas.

  • Porka

    it's a pretty slept on album that needs alittle more recognition for what he's accomplished with it. What nobody seems to understand is that Tyler's a 21-year old and the fact that he's released 2 or 3 albums now to such acclaim by the age of 21 let alone produced, written and put-together the motherfucker is impressive, n thats just real talk. You can't deny the fact that he's put together an album that has all the core values that a good record should. AND lets be straight-up for a second, how can yall sit there talkin shit bout the record thats got intelligible tracks when you're the same motherfuckers prolly blasting the fucking retarded lovechild of forrest gump that was IANAHB2!! I'm not riding tylers dick or nothing but i'm not gonna front when it's clearly a good album that people are hating on cause 'its too mainstriam bruh' fuck outta here with that 'Charles Hamilton bruhhh' bullshit! and from looking at the comments it's pretty clear to see that the critics are divided into 2 categories: Intelligible people who actually UNDERSTAND the lyrics, get where he's coming from with this album and can actually STRUCTURE a valid point as to why WOLF can be appreciated. and theres the little fags who jump on the bandwagon with the rest of the dickriders who can't say anything on it besides 'WACKK ASS SHIT' 'DIS NIGGA BE TRIPPINNN, SKATEBOARDIN 16 YEAR OLD MUSIK BROOO' lmfaoooo!! If thats honestly the only constructive shit you can come up with to say about this album, then CLEARLY it wasn't intended for you dickhead. get back to your more 'underground' and 'real OG' artists, oooooo maybe chief keef released a new song for you guys??

  • antmry312

    This is a classic in every sense of the word. It's a disgrace that folks opinion of him forms his record sales, because most of this album has simply beautiful music on it, no sampling! WTF?? At 21 years old who else in the music game period has more talent than this cat?? And as for his subject matter, again he's only 21 years old!! Think of all the stupid stuff you said and did at that age, and if you would have had a way of expressing it the same way you would have too!But none of my opinions don't matter. What does is this is one of the best albums to come out this year, and it's being totally slept on.

  • Anonymous


  • shady fan

    like trash wang tho. He did awesome wit dem beats

  • IAmControverse

    This album is everything that not only hip hop, but music in itself needs, because Tyler has proven with this album that he doesn't just make rap music, he makes MUSIC. The lyrics are smart, funny, and well put together. The beats are on another level. The concept and the story on this album is genius, as well as funny ("You got a booger in your nose"). Tyler has proven that he is eons beyond a lot of rappers today with his creativity. Him, Kendrick, and KRIT are honestly the best new kids in hip hop. Keep it up, Tyler. (Truthfully, this and Student Of The Game are the only albums out now I'm really feeling the need to spend money on.)

  • Anonymous

    wack ass album abc rhymes fuck outta here on that kiddy shit

  • YeFFa

    anyone remember pharcyde ?! they was on the same tip yo. i'm a thirty year old fan of hip hop and ODD definitely brought that back. I sure as hell wasn't giving them any listen, but maybe this personal growth stuff is working, plus he got Pharrel which totally compliments his style. all the comments that are saying wack, lame bs. are irrelevant. with that said, he's not my top 5 list at all or 10, but i'm digging it, and EARL is sick. Think out the box or you a scared mufucka. if not then don't listen wrap up the box and mail yo ass some where else LoL

  • Anonymous


  • jg

    this is a solid release. Well done by Tyler.

  • Anonymous


  • guruvoodoo

    Genius, a "What's Going On" for Tyler's tribe. The production is like warm gold.

  • Anonymous

    I wasn't a huge fan of Goblin & Bastard, so when Wolf came out I was a bit skeptical. Nonetheless, I was taken back by the album. Every songs great, no fillers, good production, creative and tells a story at the same time. 5/5 & 10/10 no doubt!

  • Anonymous

    First of all, I fucking hate Tyler's horrorcore ass. With that being said, this album was surprisingly amazing. He was focused, had good subject matters and the production was a big step from Goblin. Hope he keeps this type of shit going. 5/5

  • Man

    5/5 Fuck the fucking haters underating it suck a dick

  • LOL

    Gay skateboarding music for kids under the age of 16.

  • Ayy_Melo

    This album really showed Tyler's creativeness. The story that is portrayed through Tyler's alter-ego's and the way they have tied into his past albums makes for one of the most creative and holistic album story lines since Eminem. Yes, since Eminem. Only by giving EVERY album a listen would this come together. Tyler also achieved this while staying true to his independent roots (minus a one album show with XL), and producing virtually every song. He showcases his rapping abilities in songs such as "Parking Lot" and raps with a nitty-gritty meaning on "Rusty"-a song where Tyler, Domo and Earl all rap like they're still on the come-up. This album was great. It is not album of the year caliber, but the growth of Tyler and the story he wove within his three albums is what makes this that much sweeter.

  • blazzinginferno

    Love the production. Tyler can make some very catchy beats that really bump. His lyrics are interesting and this album is a lot more polished and artsy than his older stuff. Having said that, his work on "Earl" (the whole album, not the song) is still my favorite point in his career. He might be getting too close to "normal" rap music to stay relevant in a crowd of much better MC's, so I hope he gets back to his roots at some point in the future.

  • redrum

    only brought it cause of the skinny jeans

  • Nick

    Was a huge disappointment after hearing Domo 23. Jamba was the best song, the rest were terrible. Production saved this album.

    • Roman

      The rest were terrible? Are you kidding me? I've liked Tyler since Bastard and even I still thought this album was great. No songs were bad. None. Jamba was your favorite? Did you listen only to that one? I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but yours is just awful.

  • gffbbd bfsb

    best tyler rapping

  • BrutusBangdingo

    Charles Hamilton over Tyler

  • BrutusBangdingo

    Charles Hamiliton is the Black Em IMO

  • Edward

    best album of the year so far

  • carlos

    fukn gaay.hes a waste of sperm

  • John

    are hhdx editors on drugs or what ? how can anybody rate tyga's new album with 2.5 stars and give Wolf 4? I'm not saying that I like hotel california, I don't, but wolf is even worse than tyga's new album. how the fuck it could get the same mark as almost flawless Life Is Good by Nas?

  • HipHop

    Wow.... let the man be himself. Why the hell is Eminem even being brought up? He isn't even at all associated with OF... Come on now, Tyler and Eminem aren't the only artist out, rapping about shocking shit. Also, they are completely different .... Let them be. Tyler is dope, but lyrically he ain't touching Eminem's catalogue... no one is beside Jay/Nas lol..

    • Anonymous

      The Eminem comparisons are ridiculous. I like both artists but these fools are way off base with these comparisons.

  • Rain

    Great album,I'm glad I bought it. On another note Tyler is nothing like Eminem.Yes Eminem raps better, but Musically he can't touch Tyler. IMO I would rather listen to Tyler any day over Em.

    • BasedShino

      Fucking right on the nose..tylers my favorite rapper and i love eminem..but this shit is just the best out hands down.

  • mark

    he did say this album was gonna suck.....

  • aMusicJunki

    you know, He isn't stealing from Eminem, Eminem was a lot more on the shock value side then Tyler. Eminem talk about celebrities on a constant basis, which gave him hype. Tyler talks about his on life and tells a story. The difference is the story that Tyler is telling, the narritive, and his rhymes aren't as good. I don't see any similarities even musically. Musically Tyler the creator is quite unique for today.

  • Nate

    I know many people think Tylers style comes off has being immature and talentless. But this album was one of the most unique albums I heard in awhile. Of course he throws a couple tracks with him dicking around but tracks like Answer, IFHY, Rusty, and ect. were just dope. On top of that Earl from Odd Future has alot of potential

  • Chuppacabra

    Though it was a very good first listen, I'm skeptical of the replay value. Very creative narrative tie into the storyline from the other two albums serving as the prequel, but it does take away from listening to the album again and again. Also, chill with the Tyler fan insults. Dude encompasses a broad range of fans.

  • ghostfacedylan

    best OF album

  • TP

    tyler is the shit odd future is the shit and this album is the shit FUCK THE HATERS OFWGKTA BITCH!!!

  • beau

    Nice album! REALHEDZ check (Trek Life: Hometown Foreigner) will DX review this? hope so, probaly not.

  • Tyler, the Creator


  • Taze-007


  • lol

    Its a good listen, But I dont like the fact that this kid has jacked Eminems style from the late 90s and is just running with it Angry, out there and controversial... He really is just a black Eminem from '99

    • aMusicJUNKIE

      He isn't stealing from Eminem, Eminem was a lot more on the shock value side then Tyler. Eminem talk about celebrities on a constant basis, which gave him hype. Tyler talks about his on life and tells a story. The difference is the story that Tyler is telling, the narritive, and his rhymes aren't as good. I don't see any similarities even musically. Musically Tyler the creator is quite unique for today.

  • Jay


  • Anonymous

    Tyler is awful. He's lyrically not good and just copies Eminem and Bizarre's style but sounds terrible and more disrespectful, while Eminem was a lyrical genuis and was funny about what he said. Tyler and all of Odd Future are obnoxious, immature hype beasts. They're pathetic too, saying "Free Earl" like he was in jail even though he was in a boarding school.

    • Jay

      If u think tyler bites em then u dont listen to prime eminem closely enough....Im talking slim shady ep-mmlp em none of thhat bubblegum shit after that...Tyler dope

  • mr. tibbs

    Up until today I hadn't liked Tyler the Creator. Why? I guess the the material I heard at the time wasn't grabbing me. Then I gave Wolf a listen cause ain't shit out and I was pretty impressed. 5/5 I'm buying it, it goes hard that's all Ima say.

  • Zzzzzzzz

    This guy is dreadful. His music is wack and he sounds terrible. How many times do you need to say 'fucking' in every record just to be heard. Another example of where Hip Hop is at. In the shitter.

    • Joe

      Man IDK what people really like about this guy I tryed to listen to it but just gave me aheadache, they lyrics are very shalow all he does is talks shit knowing he wont do shit beats are wack nothing really touching or nothing to dance to just simple and plain dull, Its is sad to see what rap has become Sorry this LP is WACK! Next

    • Shaoma

      Shut your fucking fag mouth, fucking loser


    Bored of this fag rapping about his dad though. An average nigerian dad would have disowned him anyways. He should have brought his ass home. he would be in front of some pentium 3 pc in some fucked up cyber cafe trying to make a living. fuckin ingrate!! OF

  • Luke

    while Hopsin is selling out stadiums WORLDWIDE, Tyler is dropping irrelevant bullshit like this wack ass album that only his nerdy hipster fanbase cares about #FunkVolume!

  • KoNandCube

    His style is changing, but not for the worse, like Kanye and wale, this album has a good scope, and ties together the trilogy nicely. Beats can be a little hard to listen to though.

  • Anonymous

    i really should of proof read that as i look as foolish as u tyler fans with that terrible grammer

  • Anonymous

    FUCKING GARBAGE: I realyy dont get how any1 can like this utter shite, ima big hip hop fan n seriously i think yall say this shit good just to follow the trend, monotone shit deep voice borin cunts talk rapping shit fuck!! done

  • ACE

    WOLF GANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yungsimmie

    Proud of tyler, near classic! 4.5/5

  • kps

    Great fucking album, his best to date! 4,5/5

  • ht

    pleasantly suprised, much better then goblin

  • Anonymous

    The most slept on hip-hop album of all time

  • Wow

    Gotta put it back to 4.0 at least fuck the faggots rating it lower. go fuck yall mothers bitches



  • j. riot

    way prefer this to his previous two, first tyler album i can pump from track 1 the the finish, dope production and story, waiting for the vinyl release

  • Timon

    Better than goblin but this shit is still whack and way better than Waynes garbage ass mixtape I Am Not a human Being 2, only decent song was wowzers and that's because it made me laugh

  • EZAktion

    Awful album, full of gimmicks

    • PhillyMu

      Riiiight... cuz making a song from the perspective of a drug dealer who feels a little guity about destroying his community is a gimmick. "Do you fools LISTEN to music or do you just SKIM THROUGH IT? - Jay-Z

    • Anonymous


  • Cloughdad

    I have never really felt Tyler before but this album is dope.

  • Andr

    The album is fresh and creative, separating it from the usual trash nowadays. 5/5

  • Anonymous

    As a hip hop head that grew up in the early 90's with Wu-Tang, Pac, Big, Nas, I thought I'd check this out to see what's hot these days. My personal opinion is that it's hard not to respect this cat, which is his draw. He's done some crazy ass shit to bring his style of hip hop to the mainstream, which is some of the most original shit in years - for better or worse. At his bet it's hard not to to be drawn to his rebellious refusal to assimilate which captures the very essence of hip hop. At his worse he is nothing but a shock rapper in the vein of Eminem. This album finds him somewhere in the middle. He's got a concept, dope production, which he does himself outlining his raw talent and an average flow. But his intrigue is his refusal to genuinely not give a fuck. This dude does shit that would never have been accepted or rocked with in my era and for that alone I applaud him. While I would never want him to lose his edge, the more he embraces his own personal growth and shock of where he's found himself, the better the product. Definitely more original than 90% of rap out there now. If you have an open mind check it out. If you're looking for lyrics peep Joey Bada$$, if you're looking for creativity this is your dude. Apologies for the novel.

    • PhillyMu

      I agree for the most part, but I disagree that he's just a creative producer and a rebel. Tyler showcased his lyrical improvement on this album too. He has similes and double-entendres on this album that people overlook cuz all they hear is "fuck, bitch and fag". Go to Rap Genius and actually read the lyrics, I bet you'll see what I'm talking about

    • Anonymous

      Awesome write-up. I cosign everything you said. I've always known about Odd Future but decided to really check out Tyler when I started watching Loiter Squad. I think he is a dope producer and a credible mc. I respect him and his Odd Future peers like Domo, Earl, Mellowhype, etc.

  • Bigtonexxx

    Tyler got it! he did his thing on this album. It must be good if Kanye West has Tyler's "IFHY" video as the opening attraction of his website, which Tyler directed himself. He also managed to get Pharrel and Erykah Badu on this album. He did everything that he was supposed to do.

  • perfect album.

    perfect album in my opinion. what people are failing to realize is that it does have a story behind just listen closely.

  • Listener

    Best work from Tyler so far. Enjoyed it greatly. Another key piece in the story. Listen to Bastard then Wolf then Goblin all in a row. His entire discography is one giant story.

  • Anonymous

    dem crackas love them some tyler tha creata

  • Luke

    like i said a few days back, Tyler will NEVER have a career. " All these no-flow, gimmicky ass fired up behaviors With wack beats and gap teeth like Tyler the Creator Motherfucker, you not dope So you tryna get some attention by cussing and eating a fucking cockroach? And Goblin? You get no props on it It sucks so much I get blowjobs from it" those bars SINGLE-HANDILY ENDED Tyler's career #FunkVolume

    • Ummm

      Lol. Who has a critically praised album and who has no album?

    • HiiiPoWeR

      I personally don't listen to either of them but I respect them for the fact that they're independent and as big as they are.

    • hahaha

      Nigga nobody and I mean nobody is checking for Hopsin these days except for his dickriding hipster fanbase. I don't even like Tyler but he is way more relevant than Hopsin.

  • Anonymous

    constant struggle for energy and beautiful death machine where much better. and KILLmatic blows them all away but this was still a solid album. not very happy with the ratings of the above mentioned albums but i can say this does diserve a 4

  • ohhsosupreme

    This Album Is his Best Work, Bastard Was Pretty Legit as-well . I've Been a Fan Since Then, And He Hasn't Let Me Down Yet

  • Anonymous

    Thought Goblin was terrible tbh. But this might be the best work he's ever done. He's a really good producer, some of his beats sound nice as fuck. Got real nice chords and shit

  • Smart Ass Nigga

    I fucks with it

  • Lil 1

    Nice production...enjoyed this album more than Wayne's.

  • WuTangInTheFront

    First off, I'm going to admit that I think Wayne is a better rapper than Tyler based strictly on talent and wordplay. Second, I think Tyler makes better albums. I listened to Wayne's album once, eh.. done with it. Listened to Wolf, and then again, and then again. Not a perfect album but some of the best hip hop I have listened to in a while.

  • da1

    dude hard. but idk what yall talking bout. nicki minaj dick riders

  • David

    wow this sucks.. cannot understand the hype :(

  • Anonymous

    story behind the album is sick

  • D-Banger

    Can't hate on this, but it look like Tyler wanna be Kendrick - and failed.

  • The Phonz

    I thought this album showed growth in Tyler's ability to rap and produce. He can take a seat from straight up sounding like 03 Pharrell on a few joints but I can get over that. I like this slightly more than Bastard which I thought was better than Goblin. I'm giving it a 4/5.

  • flamin

    This dude is wack af , Wannabe Eminem , Even Eminem's recovery ( his worst album ) sh-its all over this album , If you're on the look out for new hip hop music go download the Ces Cru album or the Yelawolf album I wasted an hour and 20 minutes on this trash

  • Anonymous

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  • luuuc

    Editor's rating 4? Time for a new editor. Sorry this might be marginally better than Goblin but that makes it 2/5 instead of 1/5.

  • wack wack wack

    wack enough said

  • tyler the wack creator

    abc bullshit rap... fuck outta here

  • MassaDonKing

    The album is dope. Tyler is still pushing the envelope and it comes out with some dope and risk taking material. Either way. I give the album props for keeping too its core and staying dope and original. MassaDonKing

  • Fuck 'Fuck Tyler'

    gonna ruin a career, you gotta get one homie! haha Hopsin been dropping wack shit for a while now, dudes "career" is a joke

  • Fuck Tyler


  • Rain

    If you think this album sucks you should slap yourself twenty times in the face!

  • Reagan1117

    Better than expected dood.

  • Bram Gesink

    so the consensus among the hip hop FANS who visit this website is that ALL rappers, including but not limited to Tyler, are wack as fuck. that sounds about right to me

    • Bram Gesink

      Oh I agree, there is some amazing hip hop out there right now, I'm even ok with a lot of the "mainstream" stuff, it just kind of irritates me that when I read the comments for most songs or albums it seems like everyone hates everything, even though they obviously like hip hop because they visit this site.

    • ryanmac

      except Demigodz, Swollen Members, Esosetric and 7L, Tech N9ne, R.A The Rugged Man, Ces Cru, and a few others. but yeah almost all mainstream these days is garbage. besides kendrick, joey badass and all the other young guys puttin it down right now ofcourse

  • iddle

    let me begin by saying I am not a child and I don't listen to the radio. I dont consider myself a "hiphop head" but I love music. My favorite artist are Lupe, Common, Snoop, K.Dot, Amy Winehouse, Outkast, Frank Ocean, Little Brother, and Blu. While I am a huge Kanye West fan I believe that most of what he presents is not his own. Anyway, I'm picky and I think this album is creative, original, and overall it's just good. It's better than Meeks and A$AP Rocky's albums that's for sure.

  • P to tha B

    I'm surprised, Tyler gives us some serious and funny content at the same time. Most of the songs are pretty dope on the album. 8.5/10 easy

  • Jammin

    Why I always liked this Odd Future stuff is cause they are mad original, which is very rare in this genre today. And i'm not 16.

    • Jammin

      I started listenin hiphop like in 94, when I was ten. The whole genre just got so big and it came oversaturated and watered down. There are so many clones and gimmicks and every day there's 4 new MTV Superstars etc. So there's a big future for Tyler and this was a good album. It could be a little shorter overall, but if there will be couple of years before the next one, I think there will be use for every song.

    • cinavenom

      I agree with you man, I grew up listening to hip-hop in the 80s and 90s and there has been a decade of watered down garbage and these dudes come through with some original shit and got my head nodding. First place I heard of them was on the GZA's twitter and he was talking them up. You know if you got that dudes ear then you got some talent for sure.

  • Swag

    If you call Tyler wack then you was probably molested when you was a kid. Or your just one big faggot go suck jesus dick or something bunch of religious faggots fuck yall mothers GOLFWANG

  • Anonymous

    welcome to the kid section...

  • Anonymous

    tyler is wack... its called an opinion you dumb stupid lil kid

    • Anonymous

      BTMoney: Nope, saying he's wack is not an opinion, saying you don't like him on the other hand is an opinion. in my opinion tyler is wack. go back to school you retard

    • BTMoney

      Nope, saying he's wack is not an opinion, saying you don't like him on the other hand is an opinion.

  • Anonymous

    WOLF IS BETTER THAN HALF THE SHIT YOU LISTEN TO: Lol idk why Trolls think they accomplish something by being dicks on a comment section on any website lmao people are entitled to their own opinion.these asshole probably bump French Montana thinkin he's the shit lmao get the fuck out of here yo oh shut the fuck you retarded lil kid

    • Anonymous

      it aint better then half the shit i listen to haha. it aint even worth half of what i do listen to. (and i actually thought it wasnt that bad for tyler and a decent album). but trust me theres a lot better hip hop out there then odd future

  • Anonymous

    anonymous: You're right about it being for the kids of today. Just like the music your crusty ass liked was for the kids of your day at least the stuff i liked had substance to it, and the lyrics meant something. tyler my fucking ass- HE WACK AS FUCK

  • videba

    so bad it gave me chills multiple times and the beats gave me a headache. the worst album this year, probably the worst i have ever heard. This a 4 and ces cru & swollen members a 3?? DX got some weird music taste.

  • Starmani

    Its honestly not bad at all. Its notn as crazy as Goblin which may be a disadvantage. 3.5/5

  • Anonymous

    thank god i didnt buy this wack shit. i had it on pre-order and the best thing i ever did was hit the CANCEL button so i downloaded it and the shit hurt my ears for real. so boring- this is definitely for the kids of today

    • anonymous

      You're right about it being for the kids of today. Just like the music your crusty ass liked was for the kids of your day

  • Anonymous

    fk u: no one gives a fk whut ur listening to go to bed lil kid

  • Anonymous

    worst album since curtis and bisd fuck this piece of shut album for real tyler CANNOT RAP PROPERLY, HIS FLOW IS BORING AS FUCK. THIS SHIT FOR ALL THE LITTLE DUMB KIDS

  • Word

    This was a good album.listened the whole way through.everyone I know got this shit on replay


      Lol idk why Trolls think they accomplish something by being dicks on a comment section on any website lmao people are entitled to their own opinion.these asshole probably bump French Montana thinkin he's the shit lmao get the fuck out of here yo

    • fk u

      no one gives a fk whut ur listening to

    • yo momma

      go listen again, album is wack as fuck

  • Anonymous

    this is great and love the storyline

  • p

    @BOY just because someone has more money doesn't make them more intelligent you dumb fuck. Make up your own mind... you fucking SHEEP

  • Luke

    reply back to me when Tyler has made CLASSIC songs like ill mind of hopsin 4 and 5, kill her, nocturnal rainbows and hop madness #FUNKVOLUME

    • Anonymous

      well atleast hopin works with artists i would actually call skillfull. and if u say tech n9ne aint got skill then ur opinion no longer matters cause u dont know a thing about syllable rhyming and writing and constructing bars. who has tyler worked with? some dude in a sweatshirt

    • adam

      lmao you're an idiot, hopsin is fucking corny and he sucks

  • Anonymous

    this album is great, don't hate it just cuz it's tyler/ofwgkta... i had the same initial thought but this album is truly creative and great

  • Anonymous


  • demigod

    hhdx is on a pay roll give albums like this a for and albums that's are actually good give no more than 3.5

  • Kevin

    saw him live, this album is so chill

  • BOY

    KRS-One: "I told Wayne tohis face, he's the dopest MC out" Eminem: "Wayne, to me, is defiinitely one of the greatest in the game" Jay-Z: "Wayne is one of the most talented rappers out there" So should I listen to KRS-One, Eminem, and Jay-Z, or should I listen to some broke loser on the Internet? I like how all of the people who hate Lil wayne come to and search for his videos to talk shit about them. Lil Wayne may not act like it but he is capable of making good music LONG LIVE WEEZY!

    • p

      just because someone has more money doesn't make them more intelligent you dumb fuck. Make up your own mind... you fucking SHEEP

    • Anonymous

      Right but KRS-One also cosigned Soulja Boy, and that was clearly out of social pressure. Eminem has a fan base of white washed black people and trashy ass white people both of which are culturally deprived of their own doing, not being able to accept your race cause somebody else is killing it in Hip Hop, with a different complexion of skin. Jay-Z has and always will be a business men and by the virtue of that, a pragmatic yes man, just like you, which ironically would flatter you. But Lil Wayne is trash, always will be trash. He was amazing. And guaranteed you may be referencing past quotes. The guy is terrible now. And you, like any other dumb nigger will eat his shit up, even if it is trash, go dumpster diving for that shit. And he's terrible, and guaranteed I listened to him waaaaay before his peak and way before white boys starting co-opting him and any and every black dude with 10's in the back and 12's on his wheels. The guy's time is long past due to retire, and if health isn't going to do it, a bunch of fucking stans gasing him up till he eventually flops physically, then it'll be the entertainment industry as it is. :/

    • joe buddens voice

      wayne fell the fuck off i wont mention him

  • skafrica

    Significant growth. Very reminiscent of Marshal Mathers LP Eminem.

  • Rain

    I knew Tyler produces some of his songs but I had no idea he produced the whole damn album. Dude is so talented on all levels.

  • G

    ill as fuck! next level production

  • Anonymous

    awesome album. honestly was worried, thought he might b a one-trick-pony. But hell na! he came with this album, the production is fucking beautiful. and he has cool songs. a song bout the bad stuff u promote weighing on ur conscience? cant believe hes maturing. lol. but yea, 48 is my shit right now.

  • Luke

    too bad Hopsin ENDED tyler's career. he aint made a good song since Yonkers #FUNKVOLUME

  • Steveo

    Did I ask for your opinion? You're mother should have swallowed you.

  • UramaObama

    Damn... "IFHY" relates to me so much... Though I'm not currently with a girl.

  • Abed

    Great album! One can really hear the progress he has made since Goblin and the early days of Odd Future.

  • Vigil

    4/5 So awesome to hear Tyler actually rap about real stuff instead of shock shit or bizarre alien shit. The guy can rhyme and storytell.

  • yessir

    worst album of the year!! he can't flow at all. file this under 'depressing rap crap.'

  • Anonymous

    Dope Album, always have noticed a lot of similarities of Old Eminem

  • IFHY video

    I love the video he did for his song IFHY. The concept is so great too because I can relate to it. Rootin' for Tyler ! :P

  • Anonymous

    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzBh55tD_eg

  • Tyler Sucks

    tyler the creator is not a emcee. sorry odd future fans u gotta face it. this guy just put pointless random shit with a hot beat together and all u suckas love it. he aint no true lyricist.

    • Steveo

      HiiiPoWeR, the sad thing is that you took the time to find this comment from hours ago.

    • omg

      Big L? LMAO. fucking dumbass

    • HiiiPoWeR

      Steveo, if you're gonna use a Big L rap line to insult someone, at least credit the man.

    • Steveo

      ^^ Did I ask for your opinion? You're mother should have swallowed you.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ you sound retarded.

    • Steveo

      Why don't you shut your sorry ass mouth? He said so himself that he's not even a rapper/emcee. He is a musician. Yes he raps, but if you opened your mind a little you would realize that he makes a large variety of other stuff. Don't go dissing Tyler and Odd Future when they're busy making it big, getting famous, and making money while you just sit at your computer writing gay shit like this because you have nothing else better to do. I've supported Tyler and OF for years now and I always will, because they are different, awesome, and rad as fuck in their own way. So grow a pair and stop being a faggot.

  • Morsay

    fucking good !!!!!!!!!! FROM FRANCE

  • Anonymous

    Much better than Goblin. Still no Bastard but this is solid, no doubt.

  • brian

    Fuck you in the ear hole

  • marauder

    more meths than pinkman

  • 51-50 Off The Heezy


  • Zane

    Better than Goblin, not quite on Bastard's level. Still, great album. I highly recommend!

    • sealittle

      i agree. bastard was next level. but i will say i was thoroughly impressed with wolf. i wasnt expecting much after seeing what happened on goblin. well done. 4/5

  • Junior Simpson

    For Wolf it's like Tyler changed his style but at the same time he didn't. That may be confusing to understand but its true. He's not the cutting bodies up Tyler but he's still dark. And he proved that he's a decent album story teller. I liked it. 4/5

  • Anonymous

    People on Black Twitter said, that people which listen odd future are trust not worthy.

  • Shane

    Check out Drake's new signee's album out at www.vyofficial.com DOPE SHIT..real music

  • j

    I was worried it was gonna suck.

  • rtudtu

    I really just wanna encourage an honest, good listen on this one. Ignore the hype surrounding this thing and just appreciate the level of craft shown in building a fucking dope setting for an album, with developed characters and unique narrative. That shit is not easy to say the least.

  • Anonymous

    Way better than Wayne's trash album.

  • Anonymous

    Ppl only hate on Tyler because of his left-field personality & sacrilegious lyrics, but the dude is crazy talented for real. Especially on the production tip. This album is solid & creative as hell. I give it a 4.5.

  • dambil

    this isnt bad as i expected.. decent stuff

  • Anonymous

    Jamba and Colossus were good, but I didn't really care for anything else. Tyler is alright, but it's all about Mellowhype.

  • bob

    Personally didn't like this album as much as his other two. Maybe it'll grow on me.

  • 777

    3/5 would be a 3.5/5 if we could do halves here. Decent album with too much filler.

  • PhillyMu

    Well, well, well... Either the Tyler/Odd Future doubters have all been proved wrong with this album, or they've tucked their tails between their legs and are afriad to comment on here and admit that they lacked the creative vision to notice his talent years ago on Bastard and Goblin. I'm glad to say I've known he was capable of this years ago. He brings a much-needed creativity a genre that's been kinda stagnant for years. I'm just glad I don't have to come on here and defend his artistic talent this time around. Cop this. 4/5

  • Anonymous

    I'm surprised this got a good review...I heard his last album and it was 100% trash.

    • ^^

      nigga ur faggot you dumb ass coon faggot. Nigga you the type of nigga that make me dont want to have kids with a black woman so i dont have kids with you fucking bitch nigga ass bitch OFWGKTA BITCH 5/5 NIGGA

    • Anonymous

      Get off that odd future dick you fucking 14 year old faggot. If his last album was garbage, then one would assume that his other albums would be garbage too. It probably is still garbage and this is some payola bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      There's your problem. This review is based on his CURRENT album, not his last. Retard.

  • steven schwartz

    incredible cd all around

  • Anon

    wack! this guy is much dumber than people think.

    • My dude...

      I'm not an OF fan boy. Let me get that out of the way before you respond back... But this album was great. The production is flawless! The features are really good (not great), and his lyrics have matured. Not much but slightly. He doesn't discuss rap & violence as much and that "Rusty" track... LAWD! They didn't have to shit on it like that. This is a clear 4/5 8/10 all that. also what people forget about rap is, it's music too. Production plays an amazing part to it. So if his production was still on the level of Goblin (which was average to good at best) this probably would be a 3/5. He's gonna be great at all elements soon though.

  • Hol'Up

    Production, Songs, Lyrics, Guest features... All on Point. great Album.

  • game

    album was ill as fuck

  • Anonymous

    5/5 its a very artistic album, should be grammy nominated without a doubt

  • youngvito79

    He's getting better..

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    This album is a great ride

  • iceberggg

    Damn, niggas in Wilmington won't even know how to act.

  • Anonymous

    Great album. 8/10

  • paul banks

    the album was tight. there's nothing else to say. Tyler has got a bad ass album in his hands.

  • yeaaahh

    This album is a game changer!! Creativity and originality is back! Tyler does everthing himself and he makes his own path. This album is better than Good Kid, m.A.A.d City, in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of Eminem before he turned into a pop faggot and now sucks ass!

    • @Anon

      Your out of your fucking mind. This shit this nigga spit on this album was on point. Flows were insane, bars, concepts... gtfo lame nigga.

    • Anonymous

      Except eminem had a decent flow and could rap back then, this kid cant.

  • Emile

    I love this album right here, it's obvious that Tyler is in a different place to when he recorded bastard and goblin as expected, been a long time since we have an an 18 track album of this quality even tho its a bit annoying the amount of times he brings up his dads absence but I guess it's just where his head is at each track is very creative along with the story wolf brings, if you managed to get the deluxe edition you would know that Tyler put a lot of time into pleasing fans with lil gifts such as the calandar, sticker etc. overall the album is very creative and unique... Nothing like the same boring old ignorant rap.

  • Alfie

    Love it. Camopfire and Pigs are my favorites.


    WOLF Album is fuckin DOPE OFWGTA, Pro Era, Black Hippy = best

  • So Icy Boi!

    Tyler, The Creator perfected da horrorcore style. diz nigga iz mo clever den Feminem aka Marshall Gayers. Eminem is literally da worst rapper of all time. we shud not let a white person to rap. white devils wanna steal hip hop juss like dey did wit rock n roll. swag

  • So Icy Boi!

    Tyler, The Creator perfected da horrorcore style. diz nigga iz mo clever den Feminem aka Marshall Gayers. Eminem is literally da worst rapper of all time. we shud not let a white person to rap. white devils wanna steal hip hop juss like dey did wit rock n roll.



  • Anonymous

    Pigs. Best track on wolf, and one of the best tracks he's ever done, along with Yonkers, sandwiches and torn cat

  • Rain

    This album is so dope. I thought it was gonna be weaker than Goblin, come to find out I was so wrong. This is honestly his best work to date, I actually see growth from this album. The subjects he talks about are really interesting. This is a calmer side of him, I still enjoy his crazy side as well. Tyler can produce his ass off too, I don't see how you can hate this guy honestly. If I could I would give this album a 4.3 out of 5

  • Anonymous

    jawn is nice good to see something that isn't all bout rape nd glad to see the calmer side of tyler.

  • aMusicJunkie

    I didn't know, Tyler the creator, album 'Wolf', was a concept album. I have to give it another listen. I think the album is decent. It was a little long for me. I get bored easily with his flow. I would still buy it and put it in my collection.

  • JRich

    The songs are all awesome individually as well as when played in order. I didn't think it would be this good honestly. I think Tyler proved that he's more than a shock rapper or fad to mostly everyone with this one

  • StereoGum

    Is Tyler, The Creator really all that famous? I'm not sure that he is. He's internet-famous, certainly, and underground-popular, but he's not Justin Bieber. To hear Tyler himself tell it on Wolf, though, he can't walk through an amusement park or a Target without being mobbed by fans who want to take pictures with him. Or maybe they're not fans maybe they're "fags" who "didn't even hear Bastard, they just bandwagon-jumping from a pogo." This sentiment, and others like it, comes up over and over on Wolf, Tyler's third album. "I wanna quit, but I can't / Because mother and sister can't pay the rent." "Hated the popular ones, now I'm the popular one / Also hated homes, too, til I started copping me some." "You'd think all this money would make a happy me / But I'm 'bout as lonely as crackers that supermodels eat." Wolf, in its entirety, plays out like an album-length extended version of Kurt Cobain's opening line on In Utero "Teenage angst has paid off well, now I'm bored and old" but now, it's coming from someone who only just stopped being a teenager himself, and who's more anxious than bored anyway. All of which is to say that it's an album deeply up its own ass. Tyler's debut Bastard, barely three years old now, was an out-of-nowhere blast of teenage angst and confusion, one laced with so much violence and sexual rage that every anti-gay slur stung like a slap. It was easy to get lost in the rape and the homophobia, but the whole thing was so raw, and it came from a kid of such obvious and surpassing talent, that it was impossible to dismiss out of hand. Instead, all the risible sentiments scanned as defensive red herrings, blasts of hate from a fatherless child who was still figuring out the right places to channel his rage. Goblin, the follow-up, was all over the place, but its best moments were animated by a sort of fearful euphoria. This nameless kid suddenly had more attention than he knew what to do with, and he knew he'd touched a whole lot of kids as lost as him. He'd made himself and his friends rich, and he felt impossible expectations from all angles, including from himself. Then he ate a roach, pretended to hang himself, and became an instant skate-rat icon. The final verse of "Oldie," Odd Futures massive and ecstatic 2012 posse cut, felt like the culmination of all that Tyler suddenly, finally embracing the idea that he's an important person, that entire throngs of high school kids are rearranging their own self-images around him and his ideas. But triumph isn't a feeling that anyone associated with Odd Future can maintain for long, and Wolf, sadly, seems to be the moment it all crashes down. As with everything this kid does, there's a ton here to unpack. But after a 5 and a half days of constant rotation, it sounds like a sad, small album, a willful retreat that leaves behind way too many of the things that made Tyler's music powerful in the process. Tyler's on-record homophobia has always dominated public conversations about his work, but all that faded away last year, with Frank Ocean's beautiful Tumblr self-disclosure. Either Tyler had been playing around with shock signifiers, a secret crusader for equality all along, or he was about to undergo the same sort of public conversion as that Republican congressman with the gay son. Nope! About 70 seconds into Wolf, Tyler is crooning, "I think you're a fuckin' fag" over smooth-pop pianos and chintzy orchestral fanfares. A couple of songs later, he makes his first reference to Ocean's coming-out moment: "Life ain't got no light in it / Darker than the closet that nigga Frankie was hiding in." Before the album ends, he's practically using Ocean as a get-out-of-jail-free card: "Look at that article that says my subject matter is wrong / Claiming I hate gays even though Frank is on 10 of my songs." What Tyler doesn't seem to realize, or what he's defiantly refusing to acknowledge, is that nobody's saying he hates gays; people are simply saying that he shouldn't be throwing around words that make people feel terrible and small, especially when he's already a hero to so many kids who feel terrible and small for so many reasons. So of course he keeps tossing that word around throughout Wolf. That's not the saddest, smallest thing about the album, though it will almost certainly get the most play. The saddest, smallest thing about the album is the story-song "Colossus," a cry-me-a-river narrative about fans hounding him for autographs at Six Flags. He devotes most of the song to rapping from the perspective of a "Stan"-type strawman fan who whines about how much he identifies with Tyler, eventually escalating things to that same imaginary fan wanting to be just like Tyler, to keep Tyler hidden in his basement, to be with Tyler forever, before Tyler himself explodes that he's sick of hearing about "Yonkers" and that fine, he'll go ahead and take the fucking picture. That's the moment where Tyle's mockery and dismissal of the people who love him becomes rank and rotten (he becomes a twat). Elsewhere on Wolf, Tyler remains resolutely trapped in his own head, but through different reasons. He devotes a couple of songs to the spurned-obsessive-boyfriend feelings he's already thoroughly explored elsewhere. He mocks his own success: "Bitch, I ate one roach and I made a lot of money." He spends all of "Pigs" rapping from the perspective of a high-school mass shooter, almost fantasizing about being in that role. He demands oral sex, constantly. It's grim. Tyler has said in interviews that he wanted Wolf to be an album less about rapping and more about production, about making music for kids to get high to (even though he doesn't actually get high himself). Tyler's Neptunes fixation is well-documented, and Pharrell himself shows up to coo in falsetto on the album. But the Neptunes period Tyler most imitates here isn't the late-'90s "Superthug" era, when Pharrell and Chad were Triton-abusers who turned empty space into brick-throwing incitement; it's the early-'00s "Change Clothes" era, when they discovered cheap cocktail jazz and made everything sound like that. Tylers version of that sound is even cheaper and stickier and more seasick than the original article, and that mostly keeps Wolf from being musical immersion-material. Some of the guests, like Ocean and Stereolab's Laetitia Sadier, barely register, and others are completely wasted. Erykah Badu, for instance, gets to sing expertly over dinky synthetic hotel-lobby music, and Trash Talk's Lee Spielman gets to grunt and roar deep in the background on a head-knock posse cut. Tyler interrupts a pretty shit Earl Sweatshirt guest verse with a shotgun blast and a "shut the fuck up!" (thankfully) Wolf isn't an altogether bad album, and some moments remind me of why I cared so much about this guy in the first place. For a while on "Lone," Tyler raps about his grandmother's death, laying out the hospital-room scene with admirable openness: ""Our conversation's brief / Couldn't even make eye contact when we speak She died that night." And his still-absent father remains a constant, heartbreaking presence. The first rapped line is this: "Pop ain't call even though he seen me on TV." "Answer" is a song about hating his father but wanting to hear his voice anyway, and it's easily the most affecting song on the album. Late in the album, when the beats turn hard and the other Odd Future rappers show up, we get hints of the old anarchic euphoria that they once brought. For the most part, though, Wolf finds a brilliant young artist thrashing around, looking for ways out, wishing everyone would turn away. As a public act, it's mesmerizing and scary, and I hope he finds a way out of the honest-to-god depression that seems to have produced the album. But as a piece of music, it's mostly a painful trudge.

    • Anonymous


    • Clown

      Look at this Pitchfork writer wannabe insulting a perfectly fine album trying to be edgy. Nobody cares about your opinion loser go listen to gunplay mixtapes or something lol

    • Com

      @StereoGum Everything you said would have been somewhat spot on, had you not completely misinterpreted the album. lol

    • Tyler, The Creator

      I think you need to go out and get you some air Unless you're an editor, fuck it, no one cares I'm happy that you decided to write up your opinion truth is, this novel of a comment of a wincing if you're that bored, I suggest jumping in the nearest lake what I'm saying to you is the truth, it isn't fake If you didn't like my album, all you had to do was say so it's unnecessary to build attention like you're building legos dont try to take to take over someone's job that you clearly cannot do or else I'll come even harder when I had your girl on my dick, and we're through

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Wow, that 2nd reply is one of the dumbest comments I've seen on this site (excluding trolls). With the time that guy has taken to write that review he could've done something more productive? Like say, play a computer game? Just search the internet for a while? Watched a bit of shit TV? Because that's the type of shit that you do with your free time, what's wrong with analysing an album? Oh I get it because it takes intelligence... Okay.

    • Assassin221

      Damn son, I normally like long, thorough, deep analyses and I could only read half that shit. I am at work though.

    • Anonymous

      really? you took that much time out of your day?

    • JRich

      Nigga just go home and read a book or get some fresh air or something.

  • God

    I liked this more than Kendrick's album to be honest.

  • Domo

    Yo, it's really good.


    great album, well done tyler!

  • Marc G

    Tyler has stepped up completely, this is a great album, great production

  • robe

    Right now I got it at a 3.5/5. Still feeling Goblin more, but this will grow on me im sure

  • Simon ShitChunks

    Wanna be emeinem fag rap shit...and only wack ass west coast fag niggaz defend this shit you west coast fags lol!!

  • J.I.

    Shouldve went on one of my beats - soundclick.com/jionthebeat - but all is good, album was surprising. I liked it, its cool to see a serious side from Tyler with his music.

  • smh

    This site is a joke, this gets a 4, but ces cru gets a 3?

    • videba

      have read a lot of stupid shit here but that is a bit to much. strange music is probably the most consistant label. lucky it got a three? bitch please.

    • Anonymous

      ces cru is some strange music garbage. lucky it even got a three. the only good artists on the label are brotha lynch hung and jay rock (is he even signed still??) most albums from that label deserve 1 star or less. complete garbage.

    • rmacq112

      you don't know who CES Cru is you bitch ass nigga eat dick

    • damn

      Wow u listen to odd future. I feel bad for you

    • shuttaman

      fuck ces cru u bitch ass nigga golf wang