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Yelawolf is a true artist, and he should have room to experiment. But "Trunk Muzik Returns" essentially amounts to a missed opportunity.

Yelawolf started from the bottom and sometime before the release of his major label debut, Radioactive, he was “here.” But where is the Alabama rapper now? With the release of his latest mixtape, Trunk Muzik Returns, he’s back to where he came from. And judging from both his new songs and appearance (grizzly facial hairs and concealing sunglasses), he’s content with never coming back.

Yelawolf put out two singles before dropping the mixtape, “Way Out” and “F.A.S.T. Ride.” On the surface, it’s signature Yelawolf doing what he does best, penning strangely delightful hooks to drive out to, backed by rapidfire bars. Getting WillPower behind the boards (on all the songs of this mixtape) was a solid choice as he complements the rapper extremely well. But when you take a second to listen to the lyrics, they’re empty and the rapper never really takes you anywhere.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with riding a beat and rapping for the sake of the art, especially over great production. Lil Wayne did this on “A Milli” and threw in a bunch of half-assed metaphors that became quotables because they still sounded good. It’s not something everyone can pull off, and these songs are a good example of that. But Yelawolf can pull that stream-of-conscious thing off, and he did so on many of the original Trunk Muzik’s songs. It’s more than likely one of the reasons Eminem gave him a deal. Most importantly, it’s probably why Yela decided to dub this mixtape the “Return” to that sound. But rhymes like these will only have members of Slaughterhouse giving each other the side glance and leaving fans confused.

Another common theme on this project is owning up to Radioactive, an album Yelawolf considers a failure. Every fan likes to hear a rapper open up and admit to music they’re not especially proud of. It humanizes the rapper and wins them back points (see: Noreaga talking about Melvin Flynt Da Hustler on “Invincible” or Canibus blaming Wyclef for spoiling his debut on “2000 B.C.”). But when Paul Wall sets you up to knock it out the park on some smooth shit for “Hustle,” you might want to follow suit. The same thing happens on “Rhyme Room.” Raekwon and Killer Mike hook him up with some cold, sly verses and Yelawolf follows suit for a bit and then the handkerchief comes out and he starts blabbering again. It’s a shame, because “Fame” sounds great but by the time fans get to it, it sounds like serial whining.

The whole mixtape isn’t a fail though. It sounds cool, but it’s bogged down by so many missed opportunities. Check out “Catfish Billy,” “Gangster,” or any of the hooks on this project to see why you shouldn’t give up on Yelawolf. He’s a true artist and he should have room to experiment, but this just wasn’t it.

DX Consensus: "Just A Mixtape"

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  • Anonymous

    Reviewer is retarded. XXL reviewer is way better

  • Yoyoyo

    Loved it, dope as fuck

  • fucktheeditor

    Asshole..!! the mixtape lives to trunk muzik 1 and all tracks are fire Take out the dick in ur ear and hear it properly muthafucka

  • kost

    fuck this editor. yelawolf's mixtape was dope af. experimental rap aswell as dope storytelling. probably one of the most overlooked mixtapes of 2013

  • catchy

    yela iz dopest mc in da game this mxtp iz so fukin amazing, thats best one ive ever heard

  • Steven

    Fuck that shit. That tape been in my deck nonstop since I got it.

  • Anonymous

    Hang The writer !

  • Anonymous

    this is str8 fire

  • Earl

    Dope AF. I think this reviewer may have been listening to Vanilla Ice and got his tapes switched up. That or he is a Drake and Justin Beiber fan. Lmao. "Missed Opportunity"? How many rappers put out free music that better than 99% of the shit people pay for. This review is crazy- crazy funny. Wait for Love Story. I'm sure the bandwagon has a few extra seats..

  • damian

    this review is not what i get out of TMR. this tape is AMAZING!

  • Codeman

    This album flows well. Fire starter and catfish billy are just wow .. I really couldn't describe they have me chills . You may think his lyrics are not good but you can feel his pain yet you feel him as well . This is one of his greatest and I know he's got more to come .

  • Thomas Kolb

    Yelawolf is a very talented artist. I love all of his muzik! Ride til I die!

  • Wes

    in my opinion, this the best album he ever made

  • adi

    one of the best mixtapes i have heard recently in rap this mixtape is sick all the songs "Catfish billy" "Tennessee love" was dope and "Gangstar" was hard was great mixtape wating for love sotry yelawolf one of my fav right now

  • Suren Krikorian

    The best mixtape I've ever heard, all 10 songs are amazing. Personally my favourite Yelawolf verse is the one in Rhyme Room, a sick 2 minutes long verse.

  • Jake Moore

    Yelawolf is amazing don't judge him no body else can spill those rimes exept eminem

  • Michael

    Btw the videos are sick.

  • Michael

    Yelawolf is a beast. Critics would rap (if they could,..) Look this is more evidence you don't UNDERSTAND THE SOUTH!. You think you understand lilwayne and you don't. Album is filthy. You are an idiot.

  • Junior C

    The album is fire, this should be a label album, shit is crazy good

  • dizzy

    4/5 I was never a yelawolf fan infact i hated him but i forced myself to listen to this album and I surprisingly like it

  • Ziad

    Man this tape is good, I dislike a few songs but most of it is great and sticks to the Trunk Muzik series. Giving it a 5.

  • WTF!!!

    WHAAAAT this shit got 4.15 ?........ 70 odd motherfuckas gave it a perfect 5 ?... nah this is some of the whackest shit i ever heard straight up liked his verse on 1train an thats proabably the best iv heard from yela in a whhhhhhiiiilllle but this mixtape was fuckin terrible, sorry yelawolf DERRRRK riders. ill give it a 2 only cause i cant give it a 1 and half

  • Nicholas Quesnel

    This review is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY off.. this mixtape sticks true to the Trunk Muzik series and honestly, i have this mixtape on repeat.. .i listen to it at least, AT LEAST 4 to 5 times a day and it grows on my every time. Again i totally disagree with your review to every extent.

  • Yela

    Alabama roll tide roll

  • clayton lenear

    definitely a good following up to trunk musik album. i do like it a lot more than radioactivity. thanks yelawolf!

  • slumerican420

    wolf killed this shit!! holdin it down for the country fok's and ol boys!!!!! slumerican

  • C-will

    Amazing mixtape. What headphones is this reviewer using? I think they're distorting his hearing.

  • Edward

    loved this album, i thought that this was much better than radioactive. fav song was catfish billy

  • anna

    I love Yela so much but I was really hoping for something more similar to Trunk Muzik. Catfish Billy is by far the best song on the album but to be honest, I preferred Radioactive by a long way. I still love Yela Wolfpack till I die~

  • Anonymous

    the reviewer can go hop on lil waynes dik,, the Tape was EPIK af...

  • based

    this reviewer sucks tape is dope af

  • mike

    yela and krit putting the south back ont he map

  • Anonymous

    missed opportunity? the fuck are you takin about, this mixtape was fire, he went in the entire mixtape



  • Anonymous

    rap is backwards garbage at the top

  • Anonymous

    action bronson - marijuana bronson action bronson 10x better than yela wolf imagine action with slaughterhouse and em

    • anonomilly

      i would love to see a battle between these 2, but really yela would run laps around bronson, I'm a bronson fan, but flow and delivery yela would make him sound like a retarded ghostface

  • Anonymous

    yelawolf on that shit hop

  • Anonymous

    ud think a stan would be able understand lyrics eminem top 5 spitter

  • Anonymous

    not rated cause its garbage learn rap fuck stans

  • Anthony

    Eminem is the best in the game, yela wolf is up there too, but this review is shit and everyone who read it knows it, yelawolf had some crazy ass flows, the way he'd transition to other flows was amazing, so some of his lyrics were meaningless? Idk about that but lil waynes a milli wasn't his only stupid song, he's made a lot of them, yelas music isn't stupid or ignorant, or a failure whatsoever I think he can out rap Most everyone except maybe Eminem, Tech N9ne, and him and royce da 5'9" would be a worthy opponent or crooked I maybe hopsin too

  • Anonymous

    5 stars hands down the best mixtape of the year and one of the best rappers in the game right now!!

  • laurent

    the review is dumb, the tape is awesome

  • jns

    Actually this is his best project to date!

  • zino

    This is the first time i actually take the time to comment a dx review. I can't believe this, yelawolf is one of the dopest rappers out there and TMR is what fans waited from him. The person that wrote this article doesn't know shit about yela and his fanbase.. Trash review.

  • ky

    as usual dx reviews are trash

  • ForDays

    Lyrics, flow, delivery, concepts... all on point.

  • Really?

    This review is complete trash. How is this person working for HipHopDX? Fucking troll

  • mix

    Yela is like a mix of Bone Thugz, Outkast, Beatie Boys, and his own creativity. One of the most underrated rappers of all time...

  • fink

    Love Story is going to be a classic

  • what

    Yelawolf is the best rapper in the game today.

  • sth

    Definitely more than just a mixtape. Solid project

  • purple smoke

    boogie only 2 joints on this mug. Check out that bankrupt records "boardwalk empire" with hopsin, lil wyte, and bizzy bone. Real southern mixtape bangin

  • micasasucasa

    Wow, buncha haterzzzz.

  • red

    can't wait for love story

  • sam

    THis mixtape is album worthy i would have copped it.

  • danny

    the consensus seems to be that this review is bullshit and i agree the mixtape is dope.


    No structure, bad lyricism, no substance. Well, at least he has a good flow but is that all ?

  • PuffDaddy

    can he rap ? I don't think so ...

  • wow

    This review is TRASH!! HipHopDX, you should be ashamed. Yelawolf didn't "follow suit" on Hustle or Rhyme Room? He MURDERED both those tracks. Then, the author of the review states that Gangster and Catfish Billy have great hooks? Those hooks are simple as shit. Yelawolf is here to stay.

  • 5

    Yelawolf is the greatest rapper alive.

  • Picazo

    This is the best mixtape weve seen all year.. its just ridiculous. This review has hater written all over it !

  • laceup

    this guy is a real MC

  • catfish

    this reviewer su cks

  • met

    the last 4 comments were probably posted by the same guy lol this mixtape is a great one

  • fqfqzfqzfzqfzq

    One of the worst Albums I ever heard!! Point Blank!

  • eminemfan

    deserved at least a 6/10


    Not bad, but definitely not good

  • ariX

    Worst mixtape of the year

  • lay

    f u c k this review this tape bangs 9/10

  • mapiDoujh

    agree with this review, the tape was pretty bad

  • Treated

    Take notes David REK Lee

  • triPpin

    Was ok I guess, 7/10 at the very best

  • friberg

    was meeh at best tbh

  • XXX Finest

    Quote "Its a shame, because Fame sounds great but by the time fans get to it, it sounds like serial whining" When you're a fan you will like this shit!

  • XXX Finest

    one of the finest tapes of this year this reviewer can suck a dick!!!

  • Anonymous

    Guys just ignore this review.. the reviewer thinks "A Milli" sounds good..

  • H.Kohr

    This "review" is a joke, right? If not, the "reviewer" should question his whole existence. God knows how he came into a position where he could spread his insane thoughts. He has completely no idea what he is doing here. This Rap-thing is serious sometimes. You can't just write dumb, brainless bullshit on a website. Somebody might fuck you up for being such disrespectful with other men's art. If i were Yelawolf I would stomp your ugly dome piece on the concrete. DAVID DRECK LEE you lil' PUNKASSHO!!

  • ShesFresh

    The hook is very catchy and I like the beat it's different from what you hear out here today, so not bad.

  • Catfish

    Wow what Hip Hop site to go to now? Classic album and timeless music.

  • Boo Williams

    These review is pure doo doo

  • Houston713

    COMPLETELY agree with this review

  • Anonymous

    sack this reviewer. NOW.

  • Fish

    The first Trunk Muzik tape was waaaaaay better. 3/5

    • Anonymous

      It would be a 'Mission Impossible' for topping that mixtape. It's just so good. This is almost as good as that tape.

  • rightnow

    This tape is one of the best out this year if not the best imo.

  • TaZzZ

    I clicked on this expecting Free Album, maybe Ep-worthy, but you kidding me? Catfish Billy may be his best track to date and there are maybe 2 tracks that fall short (F.A.S.T. Ride and Way Out). Fuck you DX, you don't know shit. As far as raw lyrics and innovative, original flow this shit surpasses most of his earlier work. Take a look at the fuckin comments, your outta touch DX

  • SoFly

    First time through CD bored me besides a few songs here and there but after giving it a 2nd listen (My not completely wasted listen) Album is great =) Love Fire Starter and Catfish billy.

  • anonomilly

    This review is laughable to anyone who has given this more than one or two listens....Its almost like he listened to "way out" and "F.A.S.T Ride", through his computer speakers and began writing the review. Those songs have stream of conscious type bars, but he gets way deeper on many other songs... and the criticism of "Rhyme Room"? wow, blabbering huh? that verse is cold as fuck! your fucking review is "WAY OUT"

    • anonomilly

      Forgot about the "Hustle" mention in the review... Is there anyone else who has heard this that thinks Paul Wall came harder on the track then Yelawolf? Lol He fucking crashes that party as soon as he comes in on the hook! I"m a fan of Paul's but the "just might want to follow suit." is just asinine.

  • Marcf

    agree, nothing special, a solid 7

  • Lambo

    These reviews have been slacking. Heart of Dixie was a little wack. T.M.R. is a dope tape and I think it shows signs of a great Yelawolf return. Step it up DX

  • Anonymous

    Sack review. Tape is heat. Original as fuck.

  • Aaron Holden

    Just as raw and good as the original trunk muzik. It's argueably Yelawolf's best work yet. I agree with the 99% that think this hiphopdx review is terrible

  • D-Wayde

    Terrible review. rarely do i listen to an album, much less a mixtape, over and over without skipping a track like i'm currently doing with Trunk Muzik Returns. Catfish Billy is exactly the type of song i want to hear from Yela. To say there are more positive reviews to turn is bullshit. the fact that this guy used Wayne as a reference for anything representing quality hip hop negates his expertise.

  • Rich

    It seems a lot of people are looking for an echo chamber of praise for the mixtape. There is solid criticisms here as opposed to blanket statements. If that was the case than yeah it would be right to blast the author. I'm sure there are some positive reviews out there to fap to, this is the internet after all.

  • Trains

    This mixtape is just too great, Yelawolf outdoes himself on it. Really sets himself apart from the traditional white rapper and rapper overall.

  • Fam

    Everyone needs who calls themselves hip-hop fans need to hit the download button on this mixtape and pay it a good listen.

  • You don't need to know who I am

    This tape is unlike anything I've ever heard in a mixtape, it pushes the boundaries and I like it.

  • N-R-G

    They got the first sentence right. "Yelawolf is an true artist"

  • Rafael

    This tape is so consistent. The beats all match perfectly with each other and it flows from song to song so perfectly. Almost like in good kid, mAAd city where the beats where so consistent too. And the amazing part is that Yelawolf murders EVERY. SINGLE. BEAT. Perfect tape, heavy contender for mixtape of the year.

  • Anonymous

    It's a mixtape lol why is this guy expecting superior lyrics on this. This mixtape sounded great and had awesome flow, plus he had some nice stories on this tape.

  • joe

    the only part of rhyme room i listen to is yelas part he kills every song this dude needs to re listen to this

  • Krayzie

    Such a terrible review. I understand the mixtape took a bit to settle in, but David Lee just sounds like an damn fool here.. This is one of the best mixtapes of the year.

    • LtraneMuzik

      I agree, This is an extremely biased review.. Comparing Yelawolf's metaphors with Lil wayne's, Then going on to say "A Milli" was a great song.. saying his label mates would be "giving each other the side glance and leaving fans confused." Very shitty Review. Yelawolf Is a artist and all artists EVOLVE, I personal loved it and Loved the theme and would give the whole thing a 9.5 / 10.

  • Anonymous

    WTF?!?! does this guy even know anything about hip-hop? has he even listened to this mixtape!! I've been waiting for this review and its bullshit! Seriously, Yelawolf killed this mixtape, this guy doesn't know what he is talking about!!!

  • Holland

    Another bullshit review from David Lee. I must say with the abnormal beats and style of this mixtape it took a while before I loved it, now I can't stop bumpin it. He should probably listen to it some more. This is raw yelawolf like he's fans love it. And that's mostly what a mixtape should be, a gift for the fans, and that is exactly what this is. And I actually feel like radioactive is a pretty good album, just not exactly what everyone was expecting and hoping... And he was blabbering on rhyme room? come onn that was the dopest verse on that cut by far. I do feel like he shouldn't neceserrily talk radioactive down, but he probably feels like that because it wasnt what he wanted to make, but what he had to make for the label, even though he was good on it. I say a 5 star mixtape, I was waitin for it for a long time and it was much harder then I expected

  • fyi

    one the better mixtapes to come out this year . The reviewer is prolly fcked in his ear

  • anonymous

    i have to agree, this review fucking sucks man. this mixtape is very good, one of my favorites this year.

  • Johnny Shady

    Idk what you guys are smoking on, this mixtape is amazing!!!

  • WOW

    stopped at 2nd Paragraph: "But when you take a second to listen to the lyrics, theyre empty and the rapper never really takes you anywhere. " ARE YOU SMOKING CRACK? DX, your reviews are somehow getting worse. And you know the comments aren't just gassing when a community as immature as this can somehow agree on one topic! Sort that shit out

    • f

      lmfao! yeah dx actually agreeing on something! WE WANT A RE-REVIEW OF TRUNK MUZIK RETURNS!!!! IT IS AT LEAST EP-WORTHY. THOUGH I THINK IT IS FREE ALBUM.

  • wolf

    Not a fan of this review. it seems somebody doesn't appreciate yelawolf. this album deserves some good criticism. but didn't find it in this review

  • allhalebreaksloose

    This is a pretty terrible review...I'm not the biggest yelawolf fan, but I thought this tape showed a lot...growth, maturity, storytelling combined with that rowdy trunk sh*t...he's putting his own spin on that southern fried rap shit similar to what bubba sparks did with his deliverance lp and what krit does everytime he touches a mic...this is definitely the best mixtape of the year so far...the reviewer needs to go back and give this one another listen or three...

  • MistaCGY

    I was dissappointed, maybe I just expected too much.

    • Anonymous

      I listened this tape many times without skipping. Some songs I didn't like the first time, are like my favorites. Some beats are wack, but Yela goes hard.


    I have NEVER, ever seen so many commenters agreeing on a topic on this website. That should tell you something, HHDX. This review was extremely poor. "Catfish Billy" is one if the best 2 songs I've heard so far this year, along with 1 Train.

  • tmor

    David....just look for another fucking career

  • 515stayalive

    i disagree. i think yelawolf delivered on this mixtape, and showed true growth in delivery and lyrical skill. i've been playing it in my car and on my phone since it dropped. i think would even venture to say that eminem is satisfied with his work.

  • B-West

    this person obviously has no idea what the fuck they are talking about. this mixtape is great from frot to back. im pretty sick of yela not getting the credit he deserves, and for the record radioactive was not ALL bad. sure it had its bad cuts but it was still good. QUIT TRIPPIN

  • Bod

    Wtf fucking dumbass biased hiphopdx--- "Just a Mixtape"

  • Someone

    lol damn wtf are you still high from that Lil Wayne listening session? I could understand if you said you werent a Yelawolf fan in general considering I know first hand not everyone can get into his music but damn whatever man to each their own hope your next review is better

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, we're not hearing the same music here... Gangster and Catfish Billy are prime cuts. You're high buddy

  • Anonymous

    wow this is the worst review iv read and i just read one on another site 4 lil waynes new album which is trash and they actually praised SMH cant trust a review this tape is sick

  • m

    THis reviewer is an idiot. Radioactive had 2 good cuts on it, this cd is gangster.

  • Dk

    Wow,after hearing this review,it's very obvious that the reviewer didn't listen to the same tape we all did.tmr is fire,not as good as trunk muzik but close. firestarter,hustle,catfish billy,fame,gangster,rhyme room and Tennessee love are all legit bangers.this website/company needs to get rid of the reviewer and hire someone who actually listens to albums...catfish billy YAY YAY!!keep it up yela!!

  • adillyo

    Sorry I just gotta say again, this is the worst review ever posted on this site. It has nothing to do with differing opinions on the album, its just a joke piece of journalism the writer should be embarrased to have even posted.

  • jake

    did the person reviewing this even listen to it? it literally sounds nothing like trunk muzik. it's way more complex and just better quality music. trunk muzik was good was it was pure party music from start to finish. trunk muzik returns had depth and much more meaningful lyrics about life, etc. aside from the names, the mixtapes don't even compare. completely different styles of music. yelawolf is really improving. he came strong with a few of those slumdon bridge or whatever songs and has just progressed that style going forward. firestarter was great, way out was incredible, hustle was good, rhyme room was on a whole other planet, and tennessee love was also great. i just think he has such a unique style it only caters to a certain crowd and if you listen to mainstream pop rap, chances are his music just isn't for you. the sound is just too unique for your average retard listener that bumps cash money bullshit or something along those lines...

  • Chevy

    Horrendous review one of best mixtapes of the year so far.

  • Anonymous

    take notes rek

  • Aaron

    David Lee is terrible at reviewing albums. Dwamn! Personally wasn't the biggest fan of the mixtape, maybe a 3.5 or 4 out of 5 for me, but reading this review was horrific..

  • Anonymous

    No one takes this dude "REK" reviews seriously. Dudes a fucking idiot. Get the guys from DeadendHipHop to do the reviews or some shit.


    Follow the YELAWOLFPACK on facebook and twitter @YELAWOLFPACK thanks

  • WestCoast17

    Man get someone else to review albums this dude is a joke

  • Anonymous

    I bet Rek doesn't even understand why Trunk Muzik is a classic. Please never ever review Yela's music again, if you don't have any taste of music at all.

  • Anonymous

    aprils fools a day early?

  • conducta

    My gawd this mixtape was sick! The reviewer needs to stop with all that bullshit! fuck you "Rek"

  • Brad

    I know everyone has their own opinion but yours suck . "it sounds like serial whining"? I bet you bump chief keef and lil gayne. HHDX please re-review this mixtape.

  • Bass

    Did a fifth grader write this review?

  • oneb

    someone needs to fire the reviewer this mixtape gets a 4.5/5 from me

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  • DL Dub

    This review is really not up to par. I dont know what he was looking for out of yelawolf, but what I heard is no where near this reviewers opinion. The 2 weakest tracks are actually the singles he put out. He should've had out Hustle and Gangster, Or maybe even Tennessee Love. The rest of this mixtape is completely rewindable, and every featured artist on it brings their A game. Technically, since this album only has 10 songs and 2 of them I dont like, this would get 4 stars. But since Box Chevy 4, Hustle, Catfish Billy, Gangster, Rhyme Room, Fame, AND Tennessee Love get played so much that I listen to it an extra hour; 5 stars by far

  • reks lost

    your head is empty reks

  • william

    wow...i've been listening to this mixtape it alot...really bad review..."empty lyrics?"...i would say the man has some depth and life experience to his lyrics..."whining?"...just rapping about his life on a personal one of the better rap love songs on this too...4/5


    THIS REVIEW SUCKS! It sounds like the dude rushed it drunk at like 2am, hating for no reason. It reads like a elementary school student wrote it

  • fatboyrule

    HHDX - PLEASE STOP GIVING REVIEWS TO DAVID "REK" LEE! Read the comments HHDX, there has never been this many people on this site agreeing on the same thing, EVER, as there are the number of people who think Rek's reviews are f'ing trash. He f'd up the CES CRU review, and now he shat all over Yelawolf.

  • Gee

    Did you actually listen to the album?? I know everyone is untitled to an opinion, but it should at least be fact based. Or am I missing something Weather you love or hate this album saying the lyrics are empty is kinda undeniably wrong. IMO

  • hash

    "Half-assed metaphors", more like half-assed reviews.

  • Quan

    Who the hell gave this review to Rek again? He fucked up Ces Cru's review and now Yelawolf?!? Somebody hasn't listened to this amazing ass tape.

  • Anonymous

    HHDX. Please, just please fire Rek. He's making these half-asses reviews when these projects are beyond amazing. Trunk Muzik Returns - 5/5

  • whatthehell

    I'm a firm believer in everyone having their own opinion...but that opinion is really fucking over something amazing. This mixtape is easily worth $10 and I wish I could pay for empty lyrics? serial whining? he didn't blame anyone but is that whining? I'm glad that everyone else in this comment section is sane...I can't we waited over two weeks for this lame ass review. Radioactive was dirt...this is amazeballs. 4.6/5

  • Minus

    this tape bangs wtf is this "REK" guy even talking about

  • dice

    This is one of the best mixtapes of the year hands down . Did you even listen to this mixtape ? atleast 7 or 8 songs were album worthy and who the f**k compares Yelawolf to Lil Wayne? you don't know hip hop at all . HipHop Dx please don't let people with down syndrome review mixtapes or albums.

  • Luke

    This review sucks . This mixtape is an easy 8.5/10 you're just a certified hater . Yelawolf's lyrics are empty?? hahah GTFO and btw keep your day job.

  • Anonymous

    "half-assed metaphors"= 0 & fuck you haters!!!! YELAWOLF= Hard white boy!!! from the LO.

  • Anonymous

    Lmao, even with the harsh ass fans on HHDX it gets nearly a 4.5 rating. Sounds like this reviewer can't relate to music the way real, non-paid, hip-hop listeners can. Maybe he's gettin' hated on because he's white? lol

  • TinoXtreme

    First Rek gave 3 out 5 to Ces Cru's new album. Now I see this shit. Really Rek? Really?

  • jack

    Usually I always agree with the reviews here but this one is just off the mark. Just a mixtape seriously? Rhymes are empty when he raps about everything in his life and where he is at? This is simply a terrible review. This was easily album worthy. The production bangs, the lyrics are sick and the concept is executed really well.

  • Shady 2.0

    I read this review and just WTF'd the shit out of it, good to read these comments and see I'm not alone. Loved this mixtape, Yela killed it.

  • Micheal

    I want to say so many things that i wont. Seriously, you need a different job. You are so off on this. In my opinion, this should be the "Headstone" on your career as a hip hop journalist. No credit for this article. Absolute junk!

  • 2 cents

    This is just embarrassing how much this review is biased. Amazing rapper. Amazing production. Amazing mixtape.

  • Anonymous

    Best mixtape of the year already. Hands down.

  • Some of the Empty Lyrics off Trunk Muzik Returns... smh

    "There mustve been something about my careles upbringing That got me into so much trouble at school and shit Couldve been the drugs at home, maybe I was just a foolish kid I soaked up everything that I could from the people that stayed at my house Biker gangs, waking up to people that I didnt know crashed out on my couch Really didnt know at the time, that I didnt have a normal life And when I took that attitude to a new neighborhood I had to learn to fight And respect from the kids like me was immediately minority I guess it mustve been that I dont give a fuck about none of yall shit that sorted me Out from the rest of the haves, and the have-nots took me in as kin Outcast, poor white trash, and thats where I learned to make my friends But Ive always been a weirdo to my homie cause I wanted to go be an entertainer He was selling rock out his window I was the rapper and my best friend was a gangster" "You don't know me son, like I don't know my father" "Cause all my life I've been a firestarter I don't know what it is about my soul that's got me hot and bothered" "But if you seen me getting raped as a child, You probably wouldnt give me room to grow" "Relax in a 1985 box train, perhaps Im playin Relapse Boss, Eminem saw the gem in him Oh, me? Yeah, who thought? Just toss the white trash out the window" "Did I forget to mention Im an emcee? That I have to prove it on BET And cyphered twice but that just might be I know So radioactive, had a couple of radio attempts But I dont wanna be radioactive anymore" "Money comes and goes just like the falling rain Frederico go get outside and collect the change Someday well look back and think what have we gained?" "Id never let someone straight up disrespect you. I'd never let someone call you out your name. I'll always be the one that runs up to protect you. Cause I know if I was down youd come and do the same." Empty lyrics my ass... smh

    • Nicholas Quesnel

      I agree totally with you mang

    • another amazing lyric

      "You couldn't tell me not to believe in the people that I was put in front of And told that I had an opportunity to become a part of A situation that put me in a position To maybe some day break out of a small town"

  • Pergatory

    I demand a re-review. This tape has to be the best music to come out this year overall.

  • Anonymous

    Lyrics are "EMPTY". Whoever this Rek guy is... Just stop. Seriously. STOP. Best mixtape of 2013. Deserves to be album-worthy.

  • YahBish

    Literally the best mixtape to come out in recent memory and "just a mixtape"?!?! One of the most cohesive production-wise and lyrically a blast and HHDX sleeps on it. Makes me sick really.

  • BTMoney

    Okay HHDX, fire this dude, he's just making you look bad with these terrible reviews.

  • BS

    soooo biased it's unreal. go write more reviews for some YMCMB dudes...Yelawolf did his thing on this, undeniable.

  • Anonymous

    Your reviews suck Rek lol

  • Anonymous

    hip hop dx...really? this mixtape is bangin!!!

  • dumptruk

    i thought the review was spot on the mixtape is rubbish only two good ish tracks FIRESTARTER and CATFISH.

  • LG

    Thought this shit was dope.

  • Nick Newman

    Rek is stirring up more shit with these reviews I see.

  • samartino

    Yela' is back on track, no "Radioactive" crap. One of the best tape of the year so far.

  • ceasar

    This review is Waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy Out there Wack AF (tone deaf). Way to stir up controversy though! (you have no idea what "real" lyrics and "awesome" production are I guess.

  • Anonymous

    Mixtape is amazing fuck all the haters. Tis shit is good, period. Here is HHDX trying to diss real music again cause it is not conventional or conformed. Go give a wack mainstream album a five and give everything else 4 and lower if its not popular.

  • Terkel

    I can't agree with much of what the review proclaims. I like the overall atmosphere the mixtape creates and I really enjoy it a lot. Only thing I really hate about this mixtape is the whole concept of "returning to Trunk Muzik", which the mixtape doesn't sound like at all. Yelawolf is obviously experimenting with his sound after Radioactive and this sounds NOTHING like Trunk Muzik from 2010. Also, claiming Yelawolf's lyrics are empty is just ludicrous. He has some of the most deep thought lyrics in the game and discusses a broad spectrum of topics most rappers don't dare to touch upon.

  • asher1985

    I am not even a big Yelawolf fan, but this was the first project he released where I was finally starting to see what people were talking about. This to me is the best thing he has released. I would have at least said it was "ep worthy" and raekwons verse on the aforementioned song, sucked fyi.

  • adillyo

    FUCK this review. Doesn't say anything in his raps? Did you even listen to the same album? Not only does he take you into his own life on many of the tracks, he's also able to flawlessly paint pictures with his words. You give lil wayne 3 stars for one of the worst crimes against the human ear ever and then you say an actual ARTIST like yela can barely make a mixtape. in my personal opinion this is the best work he's ever done and i love all his stuff. I think you guys seriously post these reviews just to make us angry.

  • Hresko

    This is probably the most inaccurate review I have ever read.

  • aa

    "But when you take a second to listen to the lyrics, theyre empty and the rapper never really takes you anywhere. " .. and dudes like Rick Ross, Gucci, Wayne, Keef (and the list goes on and on and on.. and on) have lyrics that actually take you somewhere? While I agree that this isn't the best mixtape out there, you sir - the editor who wrote this - are a retard.

  • Zabe

    Did we listen to the same mixtape?

  • JRich

    Another shitty review from Rek. My God if you're doing these reviews just to troll people who actually enjoy good hip-hop you're doing a good job. There's 10 songs on this tape...and maybe 2 mediocre ones, the rest are album worthy. Your reviews got me so heated I swear

    • Nicholas Quesnel

      "OMZIG85" you are a 100% complete fucking idiot.

    • omzig85

      i 100 percent agree with this review yelawolf sucks now he had one good mixtape trunk muzic that got him signed to shady! and then he became the worst white rapper to have a deal he ruined what he had cause he really cant rap! radioactive was the worst album ever released from shady records!!! you cant argue with that! a true dissapointment and this mixtape and the ones before this one are garbage the only good thing he did was the first trunk muzic which i still listen to.