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The Demigodz are a fraternity. They have fun making the music, and any listener can absorb that energy and draw closer as "KILLmatic" spins.

It’s been over a decade since The Demigodz released a project. Helmed by Apathy and Celph Titled, the geographically scattered collective once included notables such as Louis Logic and L-Fudge, but has had an ever-changing series of lineups heard in feature roles since. The current personnel includes Esoteric, Styles Of Beyond’s Ryu, Blacastan and Motive, and together the ‘Godz embarked on a proper full-length studio release in KILLmatic. Now removed from the Underground Hip Hop magic hour at the turn of the millennium, the group doesn’t make music that sounds like basement studio sessions anymore. All accomplished soloists, the crew flaunts a grimier, more enhanced sound with those same carefully crafted couplets.

If the title was any indication, KILLmatic merges two things—seedy subject matter and Golden-Era style. References to David Berkowitz, porn runaways, dirty apartments and more litter this album. As expected, Celph and Ap share chemistry emblematic of their history, finding similar outlooks on each song, and shining when left to their own devices on “Captain Caveman” and “Tomax & Xamot.” Blacastan carves a sharp verse on “Can’t Fool Me,” driven by cadence. The other ‘Godz are role-players with on an album that doesn’t focus on concept nearly as much as style. To some, this is Everyman music from artists with the antithesis of Everyman abilities.

In a group of microphone bullies, one of the understated takeaways from KILLmatic is production. For Apathy, the emcee who enlisted names such as DJ Muggs, Da Beatminerz, DJ Premier and others on his 2011 Honkey Kong album has clearly been a diligent student. Hard drums on “Can’t Fool Me,” needle-drops on “Dumb High” and the dense layers of “Dead In The Middle” show the versatility and skill of one of the more under-recognized emcee/producers in the game right now. Will C. shines on “Tomax & Xamot” with shredded ‘60s Psych samples and dirty drums that are enhanced by Chumzilla’s scratches. In fact, Premo’s contribution, “Worst Nightmare” blends in with the other works akin to the iconic producer’s jewels on the original KILLmatic. While lyrical similarities extend through associated crews like Army Of The Pharoahs, Get Busy Committee and CZARface, the music on this album helps distinguish the Godz, all to their advantage.

Before they wore padlocks and wielded bats, Naughty By Nature were non-descript dope as New Style. Before Fergie and the harmonic choruses, and were channeling sparse Good Life vibes as the Atban Klann. Groups change with the times. Although Apathy and Celph have stayed the course on their brand of bravado, the Demigodz of today are different than the late ‘90s Bad News Bears of beats. The additions of Blacastan, Ryu and Motive help hone the group towards a more aggressive side, upholding its constant of showy lyricism that was heard on the vinyl singles and compilations from a decade ago. Nearly every song has a scratch chorus. The verses are to the brim with girl-stealing, face-punching, and similes that only a studied Rap fan might get. However, KILLmatic is hardly dull, and never redundant. Instead, this is an album that was made by fans, for fans. It’s apparent that while so many crews call it quits before getting off the group, the Demigodz are a fraternity. They have fun making the music, and any listener can absorb that energy and draw closer as the record spins.


  • AR

    This was so dope. Great beats and rhymes.

  • Stephen Pyper

    This is a really solid and polished album. Killmatic is something we don't get very often.

  • kiDGully

    fuckin love this album dude... good shit bit of an understatement, but you get the idea.... fuckin brilliance

  • Thomas

    Great album Close to Illmatic quality 4,5!

  • Anonymous

    3.5/5? Are you freakin kidding me? What a joke. Anything less than 4.5/5 is an insult. These guys go mad hard

  • DarthSteeler

    Still the best shit out.

  • thekosmos

    Hands down the ALBUM OF THE YEAR,bangs from the first track to the last. Download it, believe it then support and buy that shit!

  • Dr FunkenFootz

    3.5 stars? What a joke. "Worst Nightmare", "Caveman", "Dead In The Middle", "Demigodz is Back" - this album is pure neck snappin' boom-bap heaven and reminds us of a time when hip-hop used to always entertain you and didn't take itself too seriously. 5/5

  • aLdogg

    Still cant stop bumpin this album.

  • grock

    yo, this track is the ill! the video needs help. I've done mad shit, get at me and together we can give this tack the love that it needs visually. G

  • Okamifan1

    @ fronter STFU Eso has always been better than apathy and always will so go fuck yourself

  • Okamifan1

    @ gtu Jump off a cliff Esoteric is one of the best rappers alive ur just jealous because u probably can't spit a bar to save ur life. 5 stars just for Esoteric.

  • fronter

    I love the Demigodz but I feel like Apathy is so far above the rest of the crew in skill level that it's almost embarrassing for the rest of the dudes on tracks with him.

    • Jason Vorheez

      They have their own styles. I personaly think Apathy and Celp Titled(more Celph) have a better flow while Esoteric's got a choppy flow that sounds monotone almost all of the time.

    • rmacq112

      Esoteric & Celph keep up fine & have since the early 2000's. Ryu killed Apathy most of the time on this album and GBC

  • gtu

    LOL @ demigodz being fat outta shape white guys with pill problems yeah real god like. fucking nerd rappers.

    • Jason Vorheez

      Isn't Celph Titled Cuban though, from Florida? He's pretty nice.

    • ryanmac

      least they aint gay ass swag rappers who rap about money and cars....and can barley hold a pistle while talkin bout how they'll cap a nigga. or drink cough syrup till they're completely retarded and just scream YOUNNG money till the third and final seizure finally ends his long and shitty carrear (hope its soon). damn why did pimp c have to die from that shit but the worst possible artist becomes more popular because of it

    • gtu daddy

      just like gtu's momma...pill problems and can't make beats.

  • gtu

    apathy sucks dick at making beats. soulless plastic trash. tin can beats with nerdy ass battle rhymes about being an unstoppable force. apathy has skills on the mic but he's a try hard wigger that wishes he was in the 90's. the album is very bland. and that dead in the middle track is a straight jack of mf dooms "hey!". mf doom sampled that scooby doo track over 10 years ago and made a banger. apathy reused it and made a nerd rap anthem with try hard 30+ year olds trying to come off hard spitting cheesy battle raps. esoteric has a gay lisp and a wack flow and his lyrics stink. blacastan sounds like a retarded raekwon. celph titled is a joke. this album really stunk. nice album title too. so original. maybe theyll name the next album only built for loser geeks.

    • kiDGully

      yo dude, you stupid as fuck. and you obviously aint got no taste in real hip hop, or in any real music at all..... your mind is shit, from jabba's ass, wrapped in energon, tied in a ball of dark matter, with the power of a black hole, suckin every once of intelligence, as you spew millinium old sewage outta that ass-pussy you call a mouth. you pathetic excuse of fuckin matter.... you aint even worth being called a human being... your perception of talent n skilled is tremendously warped homie..... get a different soul, maybe youd be a little smarter- next time around. die slow muthafucka

    • Jason Vorheez

      I stopped paying attention to rappers skills when the industry got inundated with rappers from all over. Now it's about how they have their own distinct sound.

    • huh?

      I don't get the whole "geek" thing. These dudes are the furthest from geeks. You're probably a geek, that's why you're sayin it. WTF ru talking about you faggot? I can only imagine what you listen to. You probably listen to Kid Cudi hooks all day hahaha!

    • LAX

      You're definitely a fucking moron. I understand how you feel about Apathy's production. It's not bad at all! It's just that most of the beats on the album are average. And who the FUCK gives a FUCK if Apathy used a sample who someone else used before?!?! That happens all the time in hip hop, idiot!! And Dead In the Middle is better than the Doom song! Saying Celph Titled is a joke, kill yourself man. Dude's one of the illest, wittiest, most creative rapper to this day. His punchlines have always been incredible and the way he mixes violence with humor is unmatched. You're stupid man. Real fuckin dumb...

    • Anonymous

      did apathy bang your mom?

  • Marcus

    Dope album. Some beats I didn't like, but they made it work.

  • Anonymous

    This is too ILL a group lp Kinda like what SH's lp should have been only minus the sample-eastcoast driven style production Apathy & Celphtitled still the best punchline rappers IMO geeat flows and ill beat samples this is a killer lp! "Captain Caveman" is hilarious and "Never Take Me out" is just plain fire

  • @BafflerMeal

    *seemed. Not sounded.

  • @BafflerMeal

    This sounded more like a 4-4.5 star review.

  • Arielle MacDonald

    Demigodz is back.. fave song off this album. Keep this heat coming..

  • redrum

    dope album old school beats hard rhyming if you're expecting something like Kendricks album dont cop this

  • ill

    Damn, by the way, where the fuck did L-Fudge disappear to?! That muthafucka was nice!! I haven't heard one thing about him in like 10 fuckin years!

  • REAL hiphop

    5/5 this album is amazing in my opinion, and the best work Demigodz have put out to date. All you suckers trying to diss this album, don't know what hiphop is or where it came from. Were in a generation consisting of a lot of LAME "rappers", who are more like POP stars. These guys stay true to what hiphop is, and honestly, if you're not feeling this album then just get the fuck off this page and go press play on your drake cd because you don't deserve to listen to this brilliance. Great production on this album, all the beats are bangin', and great lyrics. Oh and, keep showing the Godz hate, these guys don't need your shitty little opinion they're heavily respected artists lmao.


      Hey dickhead! WTF r u saying, all the beats are banging?? No they're not!! There's like two hot beats! "Dead in the Middle" and the Premo beat. Wanna know why they're so average? Because Apathy decided to become a producer. Trust me, Celph Titled or Chumzilla are waaayyy better producers than Apathy and they shoulda done it, like Celph did on the Debut EP The Godz Must Be Crazy.


    BEATS alone DONT make an album

    • Anonymous

      well choir music dosnt have a beat and thats music. what hes saying is subject matter and the lyrics are just as important. rap is very similar to poetic rhythm that developed before it. meaning, content, and lyrically ability can be just as important in really liking a song as the beat playing

    • wu wear

      Then why call it music?


    ummmm... three words.... LACKS THE UMPFF.... niggas sound like some lazy no presence amateurs... like i dont believe what ur sayin pricks... sound like the DEMO-GODZ like a long as corny demo str8 up... catch up to the time and elevate bitches... ur shit sucks ass

  • tal

    who ever says that the production on the album sucks must be under 20 years old.

  • yessir

    Louis Logic fucked them over during a tour and he now goes out on stage wearing womens clothing... He's not ever going to get to hop on a track with aotp or demi godz ever again..

    • NOSIR

      Louis Logic did that ONE time as a joke, dipshit. And the other dipshit talking about yall saying production sucks must be under 20. No, the whole crew in Demigodz, there beats are usually mad better than this, this difference is Apathy produced the album.

  • Anonymous

    Production is terrible , when will these underground rappers learn

    • Anonymous

      hip hop started as an underground culture bro. it never had mainstream intentions till much further down and the real energy and emotion is only found deep beneath its surface....but u can go back to listening to your mainstream dumbed down garbage now

    • N/A

      Underground artists stay true to the art. Hip Hop music started with sampling and using that "boom bap" sound. It's more rebelious and soulful. Constant use of the computerized, techno beats...lack all character.

  • Keith

    Another classic after Czarface by AOTP this year.

  • redrum

    album is hardcore nice change from all that mainstream rap

  • anonymous

    not bad album good lyrics,but beats selection could have been a lot better

  • Cush

    I'm starting to wonder if HiphopDX can't give higher than a 3.5 to an album that isn't Mainstream Pop Rap. This is an incredibly dope album, start to finish, and if you read the Review the Reviewer (Jake Paine) obviously knows it. The Review does not match the Rating. However, it's a Hell of a lot better reading what somebody that actually likes Underground Boom Bap Hiphop has to say than some Emo Dweeb like Jesse Fairfax.

  • m80

    I agree with this muthafucka below me. He's got some valid ass points. How u gonna have a decade gap between your ep and debut album and not take the time to make sure the albums has better beats. The beats are the main issue with this cd. There's no need to question the emcees or quality of lyricism because we all know they are lyrical monsters and always kill it. but yea the beats for the most part of average at best. Not sure what Apathy and Celph Titled were thinking.


    REAL FUCKIN TALK. Apathy, you know you done fucked up, right? You know you done fucked up?? You idiot!! When did it ever come across any of the Godz minds to say "hey, I think APATHY should produce the album." Are you fucking serious?? The beats are fucking WACK on this album, pointblank, period, and I can ASSURE you, THAT is why this album got a 3.5 instead of a 4.5. Yo AP, "Dead In The Middle" was FIRE, but the rest were total and utter shit. How could you make such an ill beat like "Dead in..." and then make total wack shit after that? Look man, it's been 11 fuckin years since yall put out your debut EP, "The Godz Must Be Crazy." That shit was fucking bananas compared to this, Celph Titled on the boards was a muthafuckin animal! Just about every beat was FIRE on there! And you're gonna call the album KILLmatic, knowing the anticipation for this album is HUGE, and you're gonna go and fuck it up by your shitty production...I don't even know what else to say. Fuck that, I downloaded this album. I have never ONCE downloaded ANY Apathy album, official mixtape, or anything. Even the Premier beat is pretty shitty. Better than the one that on "Honkey Kong" for sure, but that's not sayin shit. I can't believe I am literally pissed off about this album. Apathy, you're a fuckin hip hop connoisseur, you know what good production is, and you put this garbage out. And Louis Logic leaving the group, that's another fucked up thing, because he was an ANIMAL and the chemistry you, him and Celph had was incredible. I agree with this rating. 3.5 at the MOST. Maybe even a 3. Seriously can't believe you didn't have either CELPH or CHUM make the beats! WTF AP?

    • DonRamonRguez

      Never take me out, Just cant quit, Worst Nightmare, DeadInTheMiddle, RaiderCap,Summer of Sam and Caveman beats where the most hottest beats on this album, to me they were fuckin up the album because those beats were (and still are) so awesome that i couldn't concentrate on lyrics , huge instrumental eargasms.. :D :D


      @BOSSG, at least somebody realizes what the fuck the truth is. I love the Demigodz and all the rappers in it. Been waiting for this album for you don't even know how long. I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE THEY THOUGHT THOSE BEATS WERE ACCEPTABLE FOR A DEBUT ALBUM THAT YOU COULD SAY YOU'VE HAD A DECADE TO WORK ON, AND ON TOP OF THAT YOU CALL IT KILLMATIC. SHIT IS SUPPOSED TO LEGIT, MAN!

    • BossG$

      @REALTALK, You're right tho, the Production on this Album is as a whole lackluster, its that wack juice, ughh, and to wait several years for mediocrity!!


      The Just Cant Quit beat? Listen to that sample...WTF is that? shit is fuckin trash! Dun dun dun dun couldn't come up with a better melody with that sample or how about just make a better beat? That shit was wack. "The Demigodz is Back" is pretty dope, and "Dead in the Middle" but the rest are basura. No real ILL ASS BANGERS, beats that just got your head nodding like a muthafucka. Nothing was catchy really.

    • rmacq112

      the Just Can't Quit beat was trash huh? gtfo

    • JRich

      Get some air and then come back and tell us how you really feel

  • o9;pd

    would have been better with a french montana appearance...oh wait, he's getting sued by Waka's momma. ryu's verse's on here on top-notch.

  • paul banks

    this album is hot 100 degrees. Demigodz got a banger in their hands.


    Good Lawd & Gott Damn! This album is the dookie! It's gonna be hard for any group/super group & I'm lookin' at you Slaughter House, to top this gem. For you golden era rap fans, Demigodz/Army of the Pharaohs are the Wu-Tang Clan for this generation. Everyone in the crew got skill. Fuck epic, Killmatic is biblical & not in a pseudo religious way neefers. The only track I wasnt feelin' was 'Falling Angels'. Listen up youngins & silver foxes...Don't sleep! 4.9 out of 5.

  • Anonymous

    Yo, what a great surprise this album turned out to be. Pure fire! Def worth purchasing.

  • E

    This album is pure fire, beats, rhymes, everything...

  • Brizz

    Im not sure what happens with the dx reviews. First Bill 3,5 and now this. I totally disagree with both and start to wonder if they have Lil Wayne fans reviewing or something. This is a real dope album start to finish. The highpoints are classic and the lowpoints are non existent. Very consistent album that i have on constant rotation. 4,5.

    • Anon

      They have people from all walks of life reviewing, and most albums here get a score of 3.5 because there's always someone who fucks up the score, be it good or bad, by being the opposite.

  • Kenzo

    Man this is 5/5 right here. Real hip hop at its finest, Demigodz album is a dope album. Apathy Celph Esoteric Blacastan Ryu and Motive all killed it.

  • adillyo

    the review is fine for this site but a real, true hardcore demigodz fan that has been waiting on this album for 5+ years would rate it nothing short of a masterpiece. this is hardcore boom bap rap for people who love it, everyone else need not apply.

    • Bizzalls

      You mean a real, true, Demigodz fan would be pissed the fuck off that after all the fucking time, the album came out like shit. Horrible horrible beats. What a huge fucking letdown. Good God.

    • terrence

      ...and very few people seem to be applying.

  • fatjay

    3.5??? What a joke. This album is fire. I havent stopped listening to it since I got it. Each track, I dont skip one. Thats rare! This is not for anyone that thinks drake can spit

  • Terry Cloth Johnson

    Fraternity and frat boys aren't the same thing. The cover art bites Cunninlynguists. S'all I got.

  • Carpentar

    well done, but not really my style. Too rah rah, kill em all.

  • Cee

    I wouldn't exactly call them frat boys, they'd probably murder frat boys. Apathy and Celph are underground legends, Ryu and Eso as well and Blacastan is the shit, haven't heard much of Motive but this should be a good album

  • captain caveman

    dopest album in a bit