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Joe Budden has earned his loyal following, but the terrible production featured on "No Love Lost" stalls what could have been his most accessible album to date.

Though Joe Budden makes headlines more through Slaughterhouse, inflammatory tweets and reality shows that cater to the lowest common denominator, more than he does as a singular emcee, he hasn’t given up on his work as a soloist. It’s an uneven career with its share of bright spots offset by label woes and beefs of varying credibility. Still, Budden has endured for over a decade, and has earned his loyal following. No Love Lost finds him attempting to cash in on all of the above with some of his more radio-friendly material since his 2003 self-titled debut.

“She Don’t Put It Down” is particularly horrendous, with Lil Wayne providing a signature throwaway verse ($75,000 not well-spent) and an awful hook courtesy of Tank. It’s hard to tell whether “All In My Head” is an indictment or a affirmation of Budden’s abilities. Certainly he’s much better on the cut, but it seems that he only steps his game up when joined by a capable lyricist such as Royce Da 5’9. Regardless, “Skeletons” provides a similarly fired-up Joe, joined by other two Slaughterhouse members, Joell Ortiz and Crooked I, the latter of whom takes top honors on the cut: “Fuck all that rappin’ I’ma let the conversation rock / I got skeletons in my closet / The living dead livin’ in a nigga head / behind a combination lock / When will the occupation stop and make it a vacant lot / …It started as a kid at my school desk / Aced every quiz but I wanted to pass the cool test / Ain’t nothing cool about school shoppin’ at the thrift store / And livin’ in an abandoned station wagon because you was piss poor.”

The most glaring issue with No Love Lost is the truly terrible production featured throughout. “She Don’t Put It Down” and “You And I” sound like limp versions of some generic top 40 hit of yesteryear. “Castles” and “All in My Head” are more lush and interesting, but too much of the album is glittery, banal R&B a la “Switch Positions.” As the production might suggest, there’s a lot of homogenous discussion about women on the project. And while that’s a subject that can get a lot of mileage if addressed properly, Budden’s love/sex talk just rarely ever rises to the level of compelling. Where Joe really shines is on “Runaway,” where he delves into his drug addiction with gripping imagery: “I’ve said all that I’ll say so I’ll stand with no apologies / I’ve popped all that I’ve popped wasn’t too recently that it got to me / Those of y’all who love Joe gotta admit the shit was a lot to see / I lost weight lost faith / I got caught up in that vacuum / My stomach turned my eyes burned / And I became best friends with a bathroom.”

No Love Lost is an interesting title for this project, because it would presumably signify some sort of indignation. And, let’s face it, there’s plenty for him to be indignant about, whether it’s Jay-Z’s treatment of Budden at Def Jam or Wu-Tang’s overreaction to pretty harmless comments about Method Man. Unfortunately for Budden, this project only serves to detract from the credibility of any such indignation.


  • Anonymous

    you editors are absolutely retarded. Jersey!

  • ryanmac

    while i dont think this is his best work ever and it had a lil too much pop in there for me (but overall i like it), i do agree this reviewer had his head up his ass for this one. damn def baised or something. do your job next time and give EVERYONE a fair review.

  • Anonymous

    he put the album online for free on aol... any real fan has all his mixtapes and hes been known for that people are used to downloading all his stuff... these soundscan numbers dnt really account to shit especially for joe budden

  • Anonymous

    joey is one best in the game right now. Hes the one rapper that tells all the truth.. this album was bangin.. castles, runaway, skeletons, in my head, my time... then he did his club hits nba, last day, and she dont put it down which were all fire .. this rating is bullshit maybe he should give it a another listen and clean the shit wack rappers rappin bout fake lives like rick ross and 2 chains.. All of his mixtapes are classics and i would put them up against any albums that came out the last 10 years... all the mood muziks, escape route, halfwayhouse.. all are classic albums to me

  • Anonymous

    Damn this album was garbage. Not what I was expecting. "how you go mainstream and run back underground"- lil b. Now I see why

  • Jax

    The reviewer is sick. This album is the bomb especially you and I and she don't put it down. NBA is fire and she didn't even mention it. The reviewer is a hater and clearly didn't listen to the album or has no taste.

  • Anonymous

    Literally can listen to this album over and over again! heat

  • tristan

    no feeling this really

  • Anonymous

    Great cd. Reviewer is a clown

  • Anonymous

    Wack get back to real hiphop fuc_k this rand b nonsense....

  • Addy G.

    I agree that this album is awesome, whoever wrote this review is apparently def and has no jam... I am not personally a budden fan in the past but i can literally listn to this album from beginning to end and thats hard to say about alot of crap that comes out today.

  • Tyler404

    Review seems biased, best album since his first, not just my opinion, I think the overall public agrees

  • Brooke T

    Review was trash, and I'm not even a big Joe Buddens fan

  • King Zulu

    Depends on if you FOLLOW Joe Budden; if you follow Joe Budden then The Love is in the Verses and Musical Presentation by Coming w/ people He works with Closer.. as for the Features... well, I guess Joe and them Mutually used this album as a Commercial Marketing tool.. Joe Budden gives us some of his best Material for free in his Mixtapes... so for $12.88 every few years when theres X amout of free material handing out... we shouldn't keep having this discussion... "Albums including Pictures & Lyrics" should be more than $12.88 that should be the digital price; we need to start presenting albums in a collectors format, so we can collect artists careers of work... it truly tells a story worth more than words... eminems career would be less without the story behind Encore and Relpase... then again, after the Massacre 50 could of been like Dr Dre and just sat on the first two albums.. This is A MAJOR Push for Budden and His Career and It's been well done as a "SOLO" Artist without much help in the Campaign. @theSmokeSession

  • jinex

    This review is terrible. Most successful album since his 1st.

  • tradingjoe

    Weezy's verse was TRASH. Emanny is the WORST. He sounds too much like a female. C-list R&B singer. And the R&B tracks, NOBODY listens to are GARBAGE. Men? Women? Nobody listens to those tracks. And Juicy? Come the hell on?! Nice try Joe, but the budget beats and Classix tracks crush this pop. Caviar taste on a spam budget...

  • Optimus Rhyme

    Not feeling this album at all. R&B singing on 95% of the hooks that aren't even well executed. Unnecessary features, bland production. Good thing Joe can good. Padded Room is the last album I bought of Joe's and that will remain unchanged for now.

  • Tunji

    This is an indication that Joe's not a fluke

  • jaceshadoe

    solid album from Budden.

  • junMaf*ckn

    Interesting That This Review Is So Harsh And This is Joe's Most Successful Album Since His 1st.

  • kw

    Read this review and its terrible. One paragraph talks about a lil wayne verse and Crooked I's verse. Then the next paragraph bashes the production while throwing in some lyrics from "Runaway". What kind of cornball review is this?

  • sam snead

    3.5/5 Pros: some bangers and good tracks, good lyrics. Cons: to pop for me and old&tired production

    • steviedee82

      this album is hot... joey always is real not like alotta these bullshit rappers rapping bout the same ol shit.. budden is one of the best lyricists out point blank

  • degeneration-x

    Budden has been in my top 5 since 03, and ever since then I swear he has been the most hated on emcee to walk the earth. I mean muthafuckers treat like soulja boy or someone completely whack like that. So to continue to see hatred for boy joey is only normal. The album isn't what I expected, but its good and worth buying. Only 2 tracks I really don't care forbbut the rest are great. Shit joey just moved 29150 in his first week, for him on Eone that's pretty good go buy the album haters

  • J 2 DA FLAMEZ!!

    This album is coo, it's got some "bangers" on it. I still wouldn't buy it tho.

  • FrankDuke

    I think this a great album and lames that don't know good mainstream music just bang the mixtape because i will tell you a secret its really a album for you to enjoy because i'm sure joe budden realized a long time ago you underground only weirdos don't buy shit just download and for the dudes talking shit about him as a rapper kill yourself

  • Anonymous

    i feel like this is Budden's most balanced piece of work yet.

  • rick

    Everyone loves to hate on budden due to his Internet fanbase. Bias ass review...better than 90% of the albums reviewed on this site. Not his best, but that's far from a straight up 3. 4.5/5

  • Starmani

    This album is pretty damn good...its about as good as his debut album....not sure about all that stuff he's released in between 4 stars

  • Anonymous

    Castle and Skeletons were good, but I felt like I was listening to FM radio for most of the album.

  • truehiphoptv

    Great album, great Loose Quarter mixtape as well

  • Brian

    Album is straight fire fuk Wat haters say

  • Ken

    One of those RARE times when I completely and totally agree with 99% of what dx posted regarding an album release. usually they get on-point when it comes to the mixtape scene. but albums and reviews OF albums by DX are 50/50 when it comes to quality. still love how they gave Jesus Piece only 3.5 while Rozay got 4, ahhaha; Game finally went to church and explored that shit and meanwhile fatass officer ricky got verbally butfucked by Andre3000. anyway... love Budden's rhymes, but the production on this album was fuckin lame. i expect much more from Cardiak, wtf was up with their beats seriously. and "N.B.A." coulda been great if it weren't for Boi-1da's tired horseshit--all his beats sound the same (Alex da kid, too; thankfully he didn't get a track on the album). bottom fucking line...... 3/5

  • dre edwards

    joe budden= best rapper alive

  • David Holley

    Another classic from 'the king of NJ'

  • Anonymous

    Great record, nothing game changing, but some great songs


    Writers sounds like a hater to me Didnt really review the album Just exposed his taste smh Probably the worst review we've seen on this site Album aint impressiv but quite cohesive for a mainstream test, my time, runaway, no love lost, castles, skeletons are fucking great tho

  • Anonymous

    great album, he's one of the best rap artists out there, this guy just rambled a bunch of nonsense and called it a review

  • Massakre

    Boom! Jump Off put it in the bag!

  • Harlem-Ny

    Quarter on a loose mixtape if that shit was an album that shit would have been in the running for album of the year last year. I don't understand how Quarter on a loose mixtape(should have been the album) was so great and this album be such a disappointment. When buddens stated don't expect nothing, i knew this shit would be different. Yo im a big Joe Budden's fan.(not as big a fan as my bro tho) Since his first album with Def Jam and that Mood Music 2 mixtape.(one of the best Mixtapes ever)His first album with Def jam was classic material but for some reason he didn't get the promotion or something cause that shit was a great album but it flopped. Everything else Joe did as a soloist after Mood music 2 have been either luke warm hot or great almost perfect hot. This shit right here to me is the wackest shit Buddens have ever put together. I mean it got some shit on here(last days and NBA) but overall this album is trash a big disappointment. I hope someway somehow he still do good numbers cause i like Buddens. But this album is trash.


    joe buddens fails at every level when it comes to making rap music. horrible voice. horrible breath control. wack flow. poor beat selection. try hard hooks that fail. he's also got no style. lacks flair. such a boring, one note, biter. it's either weak current events punchlines that date in a day or him crying on wax in a unsympathetic manner that makes me pity the fool, not love him. another release with horrible mixing, beats, and production values. topped off with wack rapping and a horrible promo run where joe buddens is also hyping his spot on love and hip hop, a low life reality show. joe buddens stinks. always has, always will. PS: where's slaughterhouse?!?

  • Jermaine

    I like Joe Budden more and more the more I listen to him. Someone said No love lost is a perfect combination of Mood Muzik and Commercial Joe. I agree 100%. It's like his songs have feeling to them that other artist miss out on. I hear authenticity, honesty, skill, confidence when Joe Rhymes. I love it.

  • EmirOMad

    DX wtf. This album is a banger. Joe Budden is a mastermind. This album deserves a solid 4/5. DX always harsh on Joey.

  • Spyda83

    Real shit who the fucc fuccin up the ratings on this album this shit is very deserving of a 5 star I can't believe the albums I'm seein wit more stars fucc it this world is just full of shit people that's all they rather listen to bullshit ...then the reality of life n music from the heart

  • Teeamo

    Great album. Well balanced.

  • Lew

    Jersey stand up keep doing ya thing joe. Are you in that mood yet?????

  • polo hova

    I swear if you listened to people on this site you gonna miss out on something. I'm just now checking it out. This shits dope. The production dope af. Don't listen to these hatin ass clowns. I'd give it a solid 3.75 - 4 on this.

  • Anonymous

    why bump this crap when you could be listening to that new lynch. Without a bunch of crap guest spots

  • Ben

    Joe Budden made this a MAINSTREAM album people. its not going to be a fire album. he wants to make money like he says in interviews. For a mainstream album this is very good.

  • htown

    The album is good(3/5 is right on)... I've fucked with Buddens since he came on the scene and I guess that classic album all his real fans have been waiting for isn't gonna come out until that chick kaylin leaves him. And any music is about the people who like it not the ones who don't like it. So people out there hating need to find some music they like.

  • Silky

    Coming off the Slaughterhouse disappointment, you would think he would have brought it better than this. A failed attempt at trying to go mainstream. Two or three tracks are really worth while. None of it will be in heavy rotation.

  • lol

    This guy is so boring to listen to

  • Yardley hbk

    $75K for a lil wayne verse?????? SMH, waste of money, u could do another productive things with that money #DUMASS

  • its decent

    It's good not great.

  • problem

    I Dare a nigga to tell me that the flute in "You and I" aint got that Fisher price swag ... thats that unreleased fisher price vst that shit sound CHEAP AS HELL!!! lol

  • William Scott

    Are you in that Mood yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Knows

    Anything from Joe is fire

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    its been long since an artist came out with his real shit on the album .... ALWAYS LIKED JOE BUDDEN .. nice tracks dodge hooks but worth the listen .... dope ass

  • Anonymous

    If i didn't know who Joe was and had never listened to him before i may have liked it more but because i am already a fan when i heard it i was like what the fuck french montana juicy j lil wayne Kirko Bangz Wiz Khalifa Omarion lol but luckily my brother is a producer and dj and he edited those wack ass features out for me which made it a bit easier to listen to but i still didn't really like it.

  • Mercutio

    I really tried to like this album, but i don't wanna lie, for the most time it's just some watered down pop-rap shit. Some tracks actually were promising, but destroyed by some whack ass hook. (Check: You and I, Ghetto Burbs, Top of the World, Runaway) Some were just awful lyric and beatwise. Can't blame Joe for that, he clearly passed the moment to blow up. Anyway i didn't expect anything. Interestingly, i liked the trill track "Last Day" the most. "Skeletons" and "Castles" were great too. "All in my head" is great in the verses, but nearly got ruined by the hook. I feel like it's "Welcome to our House"-Reloaded, as i have the same issues with this album. It's just not as hard as you would expect from Joe, sounds somewhat artificial. 2/5 for a few good/decent tracks, but i won't listen to the rest of the album again.

  • booboodafoo

    I wanted a Mood Muzik Album. This is worse than Kendrick's Joint SMH

  • Anonymous

    This wasnt a good album at all, budden sells out by having the shittiest rappers on the album (wayne, tank, and French Montana? really off all the people?) Royce, Joell, and Crooked did work on this and out of all the songs on this, only 3 were good. i would give it a 1 considering all in my head was on the mixtape smh im really dissappointed with this, was expecting a lot better

  • email

    Budden is the weakest part of slaughterhouse. Crooked I is the next weakest. I'd rather here a duo album with Joell and Royce or a trio album with Joell, Royce, and Eminem. Even better would be a 4 man album with Joell, Royce, Eminem, and Yelawolf.

    • crooked intriag

      u sound dumb as fuck crooked i is better then the three put together u nim wit......regardless joe budden new shit is alright but its not shit like mostt ppls say it is hslf of the ppl talking shit think that chief keef is a god of rap lmao u guys are sad....and u must listen to the lyrics and understand....thas why the four arent as big ass the weak ad rappers of today u fucking trick ass hoe

  • chill

    this rating is very unreal..the album is a a music fan i give everything a listen before i judge..shit i even listened to trinidad james before i got a headache..this album is better than half the shit out..budden probably spit some bars half of you didnt understand..i been bumping budden since mood muzik series i havent been disappointed..great album

  • cp

    seems to me like roman cooper wussed out of giving a 1/5 or 2/5. you can't use words like "horrendous" and "terrible" for 80% of the review and then pretend to be in the grey area when it's crunch time. if the production is "trash"/"terrible"/"banal", the big name features are generic, the subject matter is for the most part uninspiring, and the overall execution is underwhelming, that doesn't add up to a 3/5. tell us how you really feel or don't waste our time with this unprofessional angry shit

  • Dan

    DX kinda harsh on the rating, I thought it was a great album.

  • Anonymous

    I give the album 3/5 not great by Joey, a few bangers but overall just an average album. I'm glad I didn't buy it oh and I actually liked she don't put it down like you

  • Anonymous

    Its less than what Joe Buddens capable of! but so was welcome to our house. She don't put it down is boring and generic..... we all agree on that? surely.

  • Anonymous

    I think the review was a little harsh.Production was not great but it was not terrible either. I dont think its Joes best effort but there have been worse albums that got better ratings on this site. The album is probably between a 3.5 and a 4 which is respectable.

  • Anonymous

    great review although would've given it a zero! Hoe Budden

  • mike

    bullshit...albums crack!!!

  • richman_cannons

    This album is well formatted, it's grown, and something out of the lane of the norm. Far from pop, Joe Budden is a versatile rapper and I hope this is his moment to WIN

  • hype

    average pop record 2.5/5

  • Joe Budden is nice,,,but review is spot on...

    I applaud the reviewer and his honest review of this album knowing well his internet soldiers aka the most annoying stans next to Fiddy's and Wayne's would come out in full force to bitch and moan about their hero and his rating.I have been a fan of Joe since he first spit on a Clue tape and the dude is talented and underrated but it's obvious that after a 10 year career of false starts and uneven albums that have not made him a household name he sold out with this album and that god awful reality shit he doing now.You posters may not want to admit that your idol failed this time around miserably but we all know if you comparing this album to his mood muzik shit you need to be pistol whipped and dragged through the streets tied to rampaging horses...Production was terrible and he really tried to sound like Drake on a couple of these songs..Weakest album ever and that's saying something because he has a history of weak albums under his belt minus a few gems of songs he has recorded..Stop saying he was lyrical btw..We know he is lyrical.He has always been lyrical.But the music more than anything counts as well...You dweebs...

    • Im A Fan Too...But

      co-sign this right here. & i fuck with joe budden no doubt, his mixtapes always come out better than the albums...& that said, this album is whack straight up, there's no two ways around it, the niggaz reaching thru-out the whole it hate, when in reality its just some real shit. im dissapointed.

  • JRich

    Damn, I haven't heard it yet...but the production can't be THAT bad, smh.

  • French Montana aside....

    Joe Budden hasn't disappointed. The lyrics on the album as well as production are easily a 4/5. This review is gash.

  • garett

    Classic Joe, so underrated

  • anonymous

    i like this album, always been a fan of joe budden

  • AON_HipHop

    There are a lot of aspects from this review I agree with, and some I don't. Yes, there were a lot of weak songs on the album, but there were some really dope ones as well. As bad as Joe may have sold out in some tracks, he redeemed himself with others. I'd give this a 60-40 rating. 60% good, 40% bad

  • Anonymous

    This album is an easy 4/5 the review was probably high when he wrote this.

  • Deftly

    i disagree. its good to have balance between the types of songs. but thats the problem with reviews, they are just opinions. go out and listen for yourself.

  • mons

    i think this review is fucked up this is infect a great album and i feel like every time slaughterhouse or a member from slaughter are always singled out about bad production or whether they did this tomuch or that fell short i dont think these critics are listenin to the music they just listen to they heads on wre they speak shit on, truth is aint nobody in the game right now can match or go head to head with these guys, and to joey another classic

  • Wack Review

    Budden is still a breath of fresh air compared to everything else going on in hip-hop.

  • Bjosly3

    Don't sleep on Joey, you might not like all the features, but Joe murders these tracks.

  • Chris

    Such a terrible review... If you have come this way hoping for someone to shed proper light on the quality of this album, then sorry to disappoint you. Reading these comments tell you everything. Joe has captured the feel from he's Mood Muzik series and quietly blended it with a mainstream feel. He has catered for a larger audience with tracks such as "Last Day" and "She Don't Put It Down". Admittedly a weak track on such a glowing album was inevitable, and that is where "NBA" comes in, with the track being more a French Montana track with a Joe Budden feature, something any hip hop fan would appreciate being poor due to French Montana influence. To those who feel this album may discourage existing Joe Budden fans, your wrong, this is an album far worthy of the ears of any Budden fans ears. He keeps he's tag of "Emo lyricist" safe with this effort, with touching against on relationship issues and he's ever battling struggle with drug abuse. This album is truly worthy of 4-4,5/5 with NBA being the discouraging factor in my scoring, and the fact "She Don't Put It Down" being all but an average radio effort attempt.

    • Fuck Outta Here

      So you're giving it a 4.5 out of 5. So you're saying it's damn near a classic album. Sttttrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch much?

  • Anonymous


  • Matt Vogel

    I like guys and Joe Budden

  • Microsoft Slow

    This is without a doubt a R&B album.

  • Zulu Buoy

    Roman Creeper u suck!!! I'm giving it a perfect 5

  • surrealZ84

    fuck the bullshit. keep doing your thing joey.


    Been a Joe Budden fan since his early mixtape days. And while I was underwhelmed with this album its better than the reviewer gives it credit for and above average for what you hear on the radio these day simply for the lyrics alone. The production did put me off a bit as you can see he's attempting to cater to the radio and without a machine behind him pushing this shit ion the radio ever 5 minutes like most of these wack cats you hear on the radio these days I doubt he'll succeed at that. But after giving me classics in Mood Muzik 2 & 3, I guess I can't be mad he chasing the dough now. I just disagree and question the method in which he's doing it as this album will gain him few new fans and may lose him some of his core. But as a prefer and appreciator of his past of lyricism and introspection (Again MM2&3) I'll give him a pass on this one, block out the hip-pop beats and appreciate it for what it is. A solid 3.5/5

  • Anonymous

    This is the worst review to date. So 2Chainz gets a 3.5 but Joe Budden gets a 3? wtf??

  • freyes1

    Great album. Trash review

  • Bluntch

    This is a horrible review... You didnt even include his 2 best tracks. NBA with Wiz and French and Last day with juicy j and banks... this review is shit. Great album Joe. 5/5.

  • Tony

    The review has no idea what he's talking about. This album has some of his best production.

  • George

    Haters ... keep hatin.

  • I Aint a buddens fan

    But real talk when you listen to joe buddens albums he always have horrible production but this album he finally found the right sounds to choose from so i dont agree with the review the album is atleast four stars and i aint fan of joe budden shit at all

  • dan

    this is absolutelly amazing

  • Anonymous

    Well yall niggas need to check out The Underachievers new mixtape 'Indigoisim". That shit is near classic! You can dwnload it on datpiff

  • Nick T

    only good work Budden ever did was Mood Muzik 2. everything else was trash

    • Ny-Harlem

      Half way House was fire(padded room was hot but a disappointment campared to HWH) and Escape rout was solid also. Joe Budden got good shit, i don't think the album is wack i just think compared to his mixtape(quarter on the loose) its a big disappointment.

    • Chicago Rilla

      Padded Room & mm4 were good too

    • Anonymous

      Mood Muzik 4 deserves to be considered an underground classic. All the MMs are awesome but apart from that yeah I can't get into it.

  • Hip Hop

    Good Album. 4 @ least

  • krj24

    the editors on this site suck. They have no idea about Hip Hop

  • The Barer Of BAD NEWZ

    Fuck You Roman

  • Greg

    Roman is a Hater. Joe must of fucked his girl. Nice Album

  • Hollah

    Bullshit, this album rocks. Better than a lot of albums that came out last year. I enjoyed Budden, especially on Last Day and the Slaughterhousetracks. Those featurings are the only ones that can hold on

  • Dad

    Roman Cooper was drinking that Hater-Ade when he wrote this

  • Anonymous

    SLAUGHTERHOUSE- on the House. 9/10 SLAUGHTERHOUSE- Welcome to our House. 7/10 Joe Budden- Loose Quarter 7/10 ...hope this one tops all of them

  • Eye Control

    Been a huge fan of Joe Buddens since Eminem signed him last year, but I was expecting a lot more for a debut album. After the Slaughterhouse debut last year, I knew that they were the best new rappers out. But now I'm convinced that Joe Buddens is a better artist with the group rather than solo. Would have liked to see some features from Eminem and Yellow Wolf but he went for more mainstream artists. Let's face it, this album is a bad look for New York. New York rap has become too influenced from the South. Sad album for hip-hop.

  • lol

    how WTOH got a positive review and this gets a negative on this site is beyond me.....

  • Hip Hop Head

    Roman Cooper is a dumb ass, fo'real. Where did you find him? This guy is terrible ... smh.

  • GS

    real fans know this album was supposed to come out in 2010. songs like She Don't Put It Down and Ghetto Burbs are old. Still Good but OLD. I like the new sound on NBA and Last Day ... but it still sounds like a Classic Joe Budden Album. Alot of lyrics about his life ... females and personal feelings. Mission Accomplished

  • Anonymous

    Figured the album was gonna be kinda weak, to much of that soft love bullshit. But that's what he is on right now. There are some dope cuts on the album tho where he goes in, been a Budden fan for a while now, but still gotta tell it like it is.

  • itsC

    pretty good... 4/5 coulda been better...

  • Roman Cooper

    I have no idea ... I ain't even listen to the album ... just the sampler. was busy listening to lil B, Vanilla Ice and Shaq. waiting on that new Brittney Spears Album.

  • C'mon Joe!

    Gonna have to say, Joe probably was just having fun with this album. Would've liked to see something a LOT stronger.. 3/5.. Some great songs, some real crap on there though.

  • Anonymous

    Still better than that shitty Slaughterhouse album.

  • Mookie

    I am feeling the album. Great Job on production. *SALUTE*

  • undatmoodyet

    Joe had a point to prove with this album. He killed the Down South Beats on Last Day and NBA. Had a radio friendly joint with She Don't Put It Down. (i don't know what Roman Cooper was talkin bout) Real Joe Budden fans will enjoy joints like You and I, Castles, Runaway and My Time. These sound like Regular Joe. Songs like these are why Joe has a hard core fan following and has for over a decade. All In My Head features Royce and Kobe while Skeletons features Joell and Crook. Both give you that Slaughterhouse, lyrics ... lyrics ... lyrics. Tell'em Something features Emanny but is more of a SLV track. We been waiting on that SLV Mixtape for awhile, hopefully this summer? Switch Positions ft. Omarion ... is more like a love song. This is a lane similar to SLV and personally I would of rathered Emanny on this one. Still nice song tho. Top Of The World sounds like an open letter ... trying to help you GREEN Fans to catch up to where Joe is TODAY. The OUTRO is like most final tracks on a Joe Budden project ... introspective and very personal. Personally I love this beat ... guitar player killed it. hey, HipHopDX ... Roman Cooper needs to go back to the mail room. FOH

  • Contreras

    It clearly went in a different direction which took me off guard in a couple songs but overall this IS Joey. Perhaps not so depressed as usual aha most joyful I've heard him & thats great I enjoyed it & he experimented with features which some fit some didn't but he tested the waters so I think this is just the start of maybe a new sober Joe! Consider it like Eminem Relapse, Joe's next album will be phenomenal I believe at least. P.S. the guy who wrote this sounded much like a child hating -_-

  • Jay

    A real Joe Budden fan is gonna love this album. Production on this project is not the issue, it sounds like a Joe Budden Album. That's why he is who he is. Whoever wrote this review is GREEN to Joe, MME, and the whole movement.

    • anonymous

      so we just supposed to not admit when a album isn't good compared to other releases just cuz it tries something different than before? regardless of the feel of the album or the subject matter on it, the shit is not great music just compared to the quality of stuff joey's put out before

    • casper21

      wrong, a real joe budden fan understands that not every release is a mood musik mixtape, let the man try and explore a little and make music that suits his present state of mind. Stop trying to box him in, if your a fan either enjoy it or don't but give him the leeway to take it in whatever direction he wants without labeling it subpar.

    • Anonymous

      wrong, a real budden fan is gonna admit this is a subpar release for him




    I WANT TO BEAT THE FUCKING DOG SHIT OUT OF THE "REVIEWER" JOE BUDDEN CAME CORRECT AND IS EASILY TOP 5 IN THE RAP GAME. PRODUCTION WAS QUALITY! GROWN FOLK MUSIC. This is some hater type shit right here and I will not be visiting this website any longer. PROPS TO JOE! 5/5

  • Anonymous

    woah, just from the first line, bias much?

  • Jim C

    This site doesnt like Joe Budden so im going to ignore this review. They gave Escape Route a 3 which was criminal cause that album was insane!!

  • Lil B

    lmfao, this is it Buddens?! this is the album that ur people were waitin for? lololol. Fuckin terrible ass album cuz. my #PinkFlame mixtape is a billion times better than this shit. No bueno. Basura. 1 star. FOH lame ass nigga. #TaskForce #PinkFlame #BitchMob #ProtectBasedGodAtAllCosts

  • tizzlybear

    This album caught me off guard cause it is a lot different from the more introspective Joe from the mood muzik series and his more aggressive slaughter house joints. I don't think the production was bad, my complaint was the features. At times I thought I was listening to a DJ Drama/DJ Khaled album cause it's loaded with features some work and some don't. I don't think it's a bad album at all but for Joe Budden it definitely is way more commercial sounding then expected. I gotta give it a few more listens but it's cool for the moment

  • cdeezy28

    as a loyal and long time joe budden fan I'll admit he went in a different direction in this album but I still loved it.. budden is still top 5

  • mr. tibbs

    This album brought tears to my eyes. Not because it was good, but because it was horrible. Its obvious that Joe has crossed over to the commercial side on the solo tip. Terrible production, the layout of the album doesn't tell a story or make sense, and the features are suspect. This album in comparisson to his past mixtapes is watered down commercial verses, not the lyrical fire that his fans are use to. Love and Hip-Hop is Joe's new paycheck because he definitely didn't put no energy into this shit. Consequence is another example of the Love and Hip-Hop garbage album curse. If you niggas are using the show as a platform to restart your careers then bring some heat, not this soft shit.

  • Beans

    Damn!!! this kind of review is the reason why this website fell of and lost all credibility... How a "professional" reviews can use his music taste ("production terrible, dont like this hook, rnb sucks blabla") to critic a project ??, nonsense smh, this awesome and sound more amateurish than a french montana verse. U are not a board user son!! step ur ears and pen up!! Then this review not talking about the album either. How this album is 3mics with asap at4 and slaughterhouse at4.5 ahahaha even redpill got a 4.5 smh. Last paragraph sound like budden fuck writers girlfriend so atleast we shouldnt care about this.

    • Anonymous

      real fucking talk. it may be a mediocre album, but all reasons stated are true. that track w/ little wayne isn't that bad. it may be ok for joe budden, but if asap or french were to do the same song, theyd like it.

    • Anonymous

      I gotta agree. The reviewer came off as a hater rather than a professional journalist.

  • DaPhatSpotRusher

    Loved Loose Quarter Mixtape but not a fan of commercial Joe Budden. He thinks his fans should go fuck themselves if they dont like his attempts at mainstream songs, wrong approach to take, especially when hes not making good music in those attempts. Not all of the tracks on here are weak but the majority are.

  • Yolo

    This guy can rap for days, he cant make a complete album to save his life.

  • dac

    Roman Cooper sounds like a hater...

  • mrny718

    This review is terrible. This is one of the shortest album reviews I ever seen. Another person worrying about production. Mentioned like 5 songs. What about the lyrics? What is he saying?

  • WTH

    I wanted more of a Padded Room with a MM2 mix but hey.. we cant always get what we want. I know he wants to get a bigger fan base but he's going lose his hardcore fans with albums like this

  • Lo

    Album is solid....and very smart......he took his spotlight and ran wit it....he needed to do this type of album.........he can't put out mood music mix tapes forever....l.he will still do those but this album appeals to the masses!

  • d

    i dont agree with they rating this shit was good to me

  • Anonymous

    horrible this dude is lil B type hot garbage

    • _chris

      your a fuckin idiot to say some shit like that. by any means necessary i am not a lil b fan, lil b needs to just stop making music period. but joe can actually rap. if u say that the u might as well put wale in that discussion as well. and if u think wale is in that discussion then u really are a fucking idiot

  • trafton

    i fuck with joe's music he puts his heart & soul in his tracks

  • Anonymous

    I could not disagree with this review more. The production is solid.

  • Anonymous

    LAUGHTERHOUSE!!! Maybe if Em had another stroke he'd be so fucking retarded he'd "mix" this dogshit too... Hard to believe this won't sell at least 150K first week on the strength of Joell's backfat alone!!!

  • Reese

    This man has done a lot of classical work and ppl still don't give him his over do respect.. I mean damn what do he have to do for respect in hip hop..! I mean lets keep it real he put out mixtapes that's better then most rappers albums... MM4 was better then a lot of hip hop albums in the last 5 years.. I'm starting to believe ppl like him as a artist but hate him as a person.. The funny thing is they don't even know him personally...

  • Anonymous

    I've been listening to Joe Budden since he was doing Clue Mixtapes and I thought the the Album was good.

  • Reese

    This a classic album...!

    • ^^^ThisShitRightHere

      @ Anon2 Co...Fucking...Signed. Standards for music and everything else today have been lowered so greatly that it's both facepalm and tear-drop worthy. The term "classic" gets used too fucking loosely these days that the shit isn't even comical in the slightest. Good kid, m.a.a.d city, Channel Orange, and Life Is Good were solid albums for instance, but they aren't exactly "classics". Although those recent albums, along with other modern quality releases like them or better, would be "classics" compared to the bullshit that's out now of course. Everything has been devalued overtime, and it's shameful.

    • Anonymous

      It's official! the word classic has lost all it's original weight and meaning. if this shit is a classic, then what are albums like Illmatic, Ready to Die, Enter the Wu-Tang, Paid In Full, The Chronic, The Low End Theory, College Dropout, Lord WIllin' or Reasonable Doubt?? c'mon son

    • ^^^^

      You must have incredibly low standards if you think this album's a classic.

    • Anonymous

      lol...the album just came out. are you serious or just trolling? there's no way this album is an instant classic.

  • Anonymous

    she dont put it down was an im on one ripoff unworthy of defending

  • Tri-State King

    Agree 100% with this review.

  • Anonymous

    ima still check it out but its a shame cuz a loose quarter was dope

  • Wolfman

    I'm a golden era hip-hop head, and even I can appreciate this album. The production is actually pretty goooood. I wouldn't get caught up in missing this album cause of the reviewer's taste in beats. So far, it's the best overall album I've heard this year.

  • Paul

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I don't understand how this album was reviewed without even mentioning NBA, Last Day, No Love Lost (outro), the remix to She Don't Put it Down, and Top of The World. I somewhat agree with the rating (I give it a 3.8), but I don't agree with the review. No disrespect to Roman Cooper because, me being a huge music head I wish I had your job, but review the body of work as a whole body of work. Listen to Joe Budden's IS his album.

  • yo

    so guys go cop that LongLiveA$AP and Good Kid, MAAd City

  • ...

    "She Don't Put It Down"'s production was far from horrendous. The remix was infinitely better than the original.

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    I've listened to the snippets and a few of the tracks in full and I'm pretty disappointed with this one. I won't go into the why's and how's but as a HUGE fan of the Mood Muzik series, it's pretty hard to come away satisfied with this. No Love Lost, but none gained either.

  • DJ 10:20

    really... not a sleeper but not something that was expected from Joe, it is one of those albums you got to leitens to more then once. if you are like me you will beat check the album first to see how the production is, then go into the lyrical content. He is more mature on this album. I would give it a star and a half more on the review.

  • lumba

    Man, the poor production doesn't surprise me, looking at that album cover. (had to look away) You did get me surprised for that joint with Crooked I, though!

  • whoyoukidding

    I seen worst albums get better points on album reviews.

  • Gangsta Gangsta

    Personally don't want to hear this album, even though i'll eventually give it a listen. Been following Joe for a long ass time, and I'll agree that he's had his ups and downs career wise but he's always stayed true to the music he outputs. When i saw this tracklist I knew exactly what he was going for and that poppy mainstream shit ain't for me. Not for the dude thats been rolling with you way before Slaughterhouse was even a thing. I'll stick with a few of the tracks on A Loose Quarter and keep it moving. Just like that On The House tape. A few good cuts and the album turns out to be trash.

  • Biased

    I understand that all people have opinions, but as a reviewer for a reputable music site, you should try to leave your bias out of the argument. You don't really justify why you don't like the record. So it's a three because he talks about women too much and you don't like poppy beats? Not valid man. Dive into the lyrics more. And you only talk about three songs. Sounds like you just skimmed through it. You spend a paragraph quoting a crooked I verse rather than addressing the album. Lazy review. You should probably lose your job over this. Writing interviews at Starbucks isn't really a job anyways though so it's not that serious

    • Anonymous

      ^^No one listen to this fool the reviewer needs to get fired asap!

    • BKLYN Kid

      Much like any other publication, I'm sure HipHopDX has editors, fam'ron. Which means more than one set of eyes read this review before it was published. The reviewer's job is to give their opinion so why would he/she lose their job? Just because you don't agree with their assessment of this album? C'mon son... Keep it moving.

  • gun di liro

    I haven't heard the album yet, but I assume the production is terrible. Joe never really had a good ear. His ears are in decline, but he's still sharp on the mic. The guest appearances on this album are a huge turn off. I've bought all of Joe's album up until Padded Room. I haven't really felt too much from him since.

    • Tmoney

      Don't listen to the reviewer. The production is on point. I think he was expecting 15 tracks that sound like Black Cloud, but instead got a wide range of good quality production.

  • Hip-Hop lover

    Most disappointment album of the year so far! Overall terrible terrible record... After the tracklist came out, I was like wtf? So many features, but I still had hope that it will be goo. CRUSHED

  • jumpoff

    Pretty harsh review cut the man some slack for trying to expand and maybe gain a bit of commercial success. Hes been grinding long and hard just to get to this point. I personally like this album and Im glad he finally has some upbeat songs. Theres maybe only 2-3 songs I would skip (its a shame "real" joe budden fans only want to hear depressing songs from him) I would give it a 4...if you dont wanna hear rappers trying to be radio/club friendly then stick to their mixtapes. simple

  • NONO

    She Dont Put It Down is a good song..Yea Wayne should have done better, but Joe,Tank, and that beat was on point....Seems like it just wasn't the reviewers type of music he wanted from Joe Budden....The reviewer just wanted "lyrics", but instead got some pretty good songs...Bad review if you ask me....

  • whoever

    "terrible" production is a bit exaggerated, no?

  • Lynn

    Wow, that's a pretty accurate, honest review. And this site had Slaughterhouse's cock in their mouth last year.