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Diehard fans of Juelz Santana will be pleased to know that the Harlem native hasn't lost his ferocity on the microphone.

While age in Hip Hop doesn’t necessarily decide the fate of an artist's success, it certainly doesn’t help to take an extended retreat during arguably your peak years. With 2005 being the last time since Juelz Santana dropped a proper album (sorry, Skull Gang doesn’t count), the Dipset representative is finally on track to release his oft-delayed, much anticipated album Born to Lose, Built to Win. In the meantime, though, it’s only appropriate that the 30-years-young rapper provides a table setter with God Will’n.

Diehard fans of Juelz will be pleased to know that the Harlem native hasn’t lost his ferocity on the microphone, with tracks like “Bad Guy” and the Jahlil Beats-laced “Nobody’s Safe” marking his return with a bullet. Proving he’s up on the latest trends, Juelz playfully handles business on “Blog That” rapping, “I ball even when it’s halftime / Your bitch call, it’s that time / I’m lit like a candle, she tryin’ to get her wax on.” Shifting from the streets to the club, the allure of the aforementioned “Nothing To Me” may be limited, but it will also likely be the entrance song for Roxie and Sapphire by week’s end.

Members of The Diplomats aren’t typically known for their contemplative confessions, yet Juelz pulls this off admirably on “My Will,” even if he does drop a bizarre bar in between (“Put my tongue and my dick in a room with all my bitches / And tell them that it’s going to the highest bidder”). Similarly, the Future-assisted “Nobody Knows” delves into his inner circle struggles with friends over the last few years:

“It’s hard being a real nigga when these niggas got bitch tendencies / Female emotions, I can’t waste my energy / For them I got that remedy, kill ‘em with success / Royalty is my pedigree, too fresh to be stressed / But thank God for memories, God willing I’m blessed / My comeback’s they penalty, these haters gon' be upset.”

With a guest seemingly around every corner, the task at hand for God Will’n becomes Juelz Santana’s ability to balance their presence with his plan. Co-pilots such as Wiz Khalifa (“Everything Is Good”) and Lloyd Banks (“Turn It Up”) bring a crucial dynamic to the equation, while the collection of artists on “Soft” efficiently feed off each other over an otherwise paltry beat. However, the same can’t be said for tracks like “Both Sides” and “Black Out.” On the latter record, Juelz offers up an impressive performance (“She said bands make her dance, I’m beating drums and blowing horns”), but that is quickly erased with Lil Wayne’s horrendous hook and sluggish vocals. His collaboration with Wale doesn’t fare any better, with meager lines from both parties bringing the song to a creative halt.

The best way to describe Juelz Santana on God Will’n is that he exerts less energy and still scores the same favorable results throughout the mixtape. It’s tough to gauge if he has grown wiser or it’s just his frame of mind at the moment, but regardless, Juelz succeeds with his latest project.

DX Consensus: "EP-worthy"

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  • DrugzDruggy

    juelz is a great rapper but i didnt liked this tape he needs to stick with that dipset sound, needs to flow on some araabmuzik kinda shit y'know tracks 1-3 r good tho

  • Rollo

    This dude always sucked. No surprise here

  • MzHotnezZ

    The mix tape was hot! But then again, maybe my opinion is bias cuz he's fine as hell and I want the d.... :p

  • Anonymous

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  • Yardley

    who the fuck be writing these bullshit review? SMH , the obvious trash, and Juelz lost it, SMH, in the beginning he was hungry and rap with a passion, now he just washed up

  • Anonymous

    damn lil wayne fucked up black out. its a shame listening to their old i cant feel my face songs where they would both body tracks together. wayne fell waaay off.

  • IMhO

    mixtape def wasnt juelz.. to many features and bullshit songs and WTF ..between wayne and french montana there going for the 2 wackest parts on a hiphop song in history for rap EVER..all in 1 month nonetheless.. but fuck it either way i bumped this shit a few times its got a few songs but other than that weed plate.. juelz needs to get cam, writer and the rest in the studio bec they got the chemistry u dont see from them as much solo..

  • Anonymous

    why try to fit in with the new generation? This is a disappointing mixtape

  • Anonymous

    tracks 1-7 are the best part of mixtape...

  • Anonymous

    so-so beats and below average lyrics. The beats sound like some shit off of DreamChasers/Dreams and Nightmares.

  • mic general

    Actually listened to this the whole way and it wasn't that bad but could have done with better production from beatmakers like Juscelino. The kid is crazy on the boards with replay ready joints. dude is sure to be one of the best yet, trus'. check out the kid reportoire here: Soundclick.com/IamJuscelino Twitter.com/IamJuscelino Youtube.com/IamJuscelino Facebook.com/IamJuscelino Mic General

  • Anonymous

    Words I would use to describe it are... Awful. Dreadful. Terrible. Mediocre. Subpar. Yeah, fuck Juelz

  • Anonymous

    very good, very good, i like it very much. mixtape of da year fo' sho.

  • Anonymous

    that god willin is fire!

  • Anonymous

    The sad thing about God Willn is Juelz Santanas aiming to fit in with the cool kids in 2013. Some of the production is evidently sounding like something youd hear Rick Ross on, and hes also featured on Soft, among Meek Mill and Fabolous. From start to finish, its a Rozay creation; the hook is repetitive, Yung Shun is an MMG producer and none of the lyrics really stand out. Theres other attempts to appeal to new audiences with features from Future, Lil Reese, Wiz Khalifa and Jeremih. Not to say all of those are weak, but its clear what hes aiming to do. Sure, its not surprising but fitting in has never been in his style. He came from a movement that defined a new era for New York hip-hop in the early to mid 2000s.

  • Anonymous

    and also fuck you broke haters blogging! IT'S DIPSET BITCH! NEW YORK

  • Anonymous

    LOve the new tape very happy to see Elz giving the people what they want! Hopefully we'll get taht Diplomatic Immunity 3! #DipSet

  • killi

    Wow I see a lot of critics. Y'all fail to realize what this mistake is for. Starting with blackout everyone knows Wayne has gone off the deep end the song is online there to show Wayne and juelz are still Kool nobody knows with future is an insightful song akin to who am I from diplomatic immunity bad guy pays homage to dip set dblock ties clickin and turn it up are club bangers the soft lineup shows versatility the whole mixtape is used to show juelz in different forms of rap also its done off his strength and his connections not dipset and not skull gang ultimately its only a precursor to part 2 of god will in and from there the album

    • blitzlegga

      yo, what the fuck are you talking about! learn how to write a sentence you illiterate dumb ass. my two year old daughter could write a sentence that makes more sense then the shit you put in your post..

  • inkrediible

    Been waiting forever for Juelz to get back on the mic and after this mixtape i could give a fuck less, these half ass chief kief throw away beats are terrible and on top of that there is no replay value, metaphors are forgetable, and it seems like all he raps about now is money. Considering you havent dropped any material in years and was in legal trouble how the fuck u gona have all this money all of a sudden. i give this a 2.0, go bak to the old formula, none of this week ass meek-millish bars n beats

  • anonymous

    I thought this was a pretty decent mixtape, this should put him back in the game.

  • Fudge FILTHY Fresh

    18 songs & ELEVEN of them are featuring other folks!!! This screams "I CAN'T DO IT ALONE". The tracks are mediocre AT BEST. How can cats talk about their jewelry, cars & expensive herbage & hop on tracks that sound they were in the discount bin at Dollar Tree!?! SWAG? STAAAAHHHHP IIIIIIIT!!! Invest in your CRAFT!!! Hey... here's a thought: How about spending LESS on featured artists & MORE on the TRACKS!!! It just might work.

  • Confused Reader

    I've been waiting for this review. Thanks DX. I'm a bit disappointed in this mixtape, although I understand the strategy (get whatever is hot right on, on it approach) Juelz is lucky that he is talented enough to make these a some-what decent release. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt because this strategy was necessary for this mixtape to succeed in these times from any other of his past release almost a decade ago. However, as a fan i expect way more.. Santana has been in the game since 99' and as the saying goes...if it aint broke don't fix it. Hopefully his next mixtape will be what made Santana a prominent name in this game..it's not about bringing anything back but its everything about not compromising your artistic integrity for whats HOT now. With Cam selling his contract (which i know hurt Santana's pride lol)and a lackluster Diplomat album possibly in the works (I saw lackluster but it won't be for anything more than monetary gain) Juelz is now his own artist its time to see why..

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    after 8 years... :(

  • sawb1

    Woooooooo! A! welcome bak juelz. crazy mixtape.

  • Anonymous

    no body's safe! juelz is back! 5/5 god will'n and starvation 2 are best mixtapes till date. what a start 2013!

  • Anonymous

    DIEHARD dipset fan..but to be HONEST..we waited THIS LONG..and its not GROUNDBREAKING MUSIC..wayne doesnt add the UMPH he needed and WHERES CAM? FREEKY? HELL RELL? JR??? I MEAN why fuck up the recipe that got u here??



  • JRich

    Yeah this tape is pretty damn good. But the Black Out song with Wayne is inexcusably terrible. Especially since those 2 put out one the best mixtapes of all time imo...I know that was like 7 years ago but still, that shit was mad disappointing.

  • Chi-Ill

    God Will'N? Is dam good MixTape! Was banging that shit all weekend! Keep up the good work Juelz!

  • byrdgangwinn

    My diplomat brother this is a classic mixtape hands down

    • Anonymous

      Classic? Please keep dropping mixtapes Juelz because you arent good enough to make an solo album. You are no trendsetter but follower. Trend over Juelz over.