Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up

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With "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up," Nicki Minaj aims to grab those detractors back. On "The Re-Up," Minaj looks to have her cake and eat it too.

In one of the most notable Hip Hop news bits of the year, Hot 97 radio personality Peter Rosenberg called out Nicki Minaj’s song “Starships” as “bullshit,” and said it wasn’t “real Hip Hop.” Lil Wayne pulled his Cash Money roster from the lineup as a result, but Rosenberg’s scathing critique echoed the feelings that other critics and fans had said for months. Listeners fell in love with the lyrical clinics that Nicki conducted alongside heavyweights like Eminem and Kanye West on “Roman’s Revenge” and “Monster,” but her sophomore disc, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, was filled with poppy Top 40 cuts. With Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up, Nicki Minaj aims to grab those detractors back. On The Re-Up, Minaj looks to have her cake and eat it too.

After the Super-Pop sensibilities of Roman Reloaded, the YMCMB queen uses this new EP’s worth of songs to remind listeners of her bar-heavy rhymes, but keeping the poppy backdrops that dominated her work last year. The results, like last year’s album, are inconsistent: the instrumentals and lyrics often work fine on their own merits, but they don’t work well together.

The high point of The Re-Up is “High School,” which sees Minaj spewing sexy rhymes about seducing a man who served a prison bid. The song, which is topped with a Lil Wayne cameo and a capable backdrop by Boi-1da, is reminiscent of the Nicki who impressed with her mixtapes and debut album. She also finds the right balance on “Up In Flames” and “Hell Yeah,” which she uses to celebrate her success and denouncers, including her American Idol co-judge Mariah Carey.

Elsewhere, the new disc heads south. “Freedom” and the trite ladies’ anthem “I’m Legit” both fall short with corny choruses, with the latter further suffering from a formulaic soundbed and a staccato flow that splits the song’s verses. By the time the disc reaches “I Endorse These Strippers” and “The Boys,” Nicki has already fully migrated back to her Pop sensibilities. As its own EP, The Re-Up would help provide balance to the pop chart aspirations from last year. But as a tack-on for Roman Reloaded, it plays like a band-aid over a shotgun wound. Despite glimpses of her glorious past, Nicki’s Pop star transformation is complete: for better, and for worse. Former fans will need more than a bonus disc to change their minds.



  • d3dbdym4n

    Sucks! That is all.

  • Andr

    The re-up is a very great album. One of the things about it is a mixed of rap and pop song, what makes the music more lively.

  • Vitor

    The Re-Up is amazing! It has pop and rap and please all kind of Nicki fan

  • evan

    I think Pink fridayRR had those mixtape tracks especially at the beginning. The pop records were also cool because it showed a different side. Its just the fact that her fans r used to it but if she came up like that we would still love her. But I thunk Roman Reloaded was a success and it didnt make me believe that she was gonna change to pop cuz I know her enough said it helped boost her reputation especially since the popsongs were still so good anyway except for two. And The ReUp was definaetly a success to show how she hasnt changed her ghettoness lol. I love her and I cant wait for her next album which i know will b straight up hiphop cuz shes still beasts like that. Shes the smartest female rapper cuz while they all get their money and leave, she stays here and puts hard work into her music and her brands. Still got bars for days anddays.

  • Court

    Lol y'all gotta chill. I understand that Nicki drops garbage every once in a while, but the re-up was actually dope. It sounded to me like she was back on her freshman flow. AND this isn't the same album, the title just starts with the same trademark name "Pink Friday". Don't judge the album off a review if you haven't heard it yet..

  • Nicole

    I absolutely love her. She is an icon.

  • sukanya

    this is A-MA-ZING i loved this album,, very fresh songs...

  • andy

    Strangely u all talk shit about her and yet all of ya'll are broke ass niggaz who live of low income housing...Let her be she's awesome...BITCHES ur all washed!!!!!!!!Deal with it!!!

  • Lexi

    I don't know what the hell y'all are talking about. Nicki definitely took it there with the Re-Up and went back to the basics. This review was beyond whack. In an interview Nicki said that if she had to revert back to her old ways that she can and she will and I feel that's actually what she did with The Re-Up. The chorus in the songs were dope , her flow was beyond dope. Shes reminding people that just because she has done pop records (Which buy the way her pop records sold more than nigga's albums) Do not forget how she started. She was a rapper ORIGINALLY. Nicki doing pop songs was a great business move because if you really think about that's what everybody else is doing. "Switched up the flow and its still right but Imma just do me when it feels right" --- Nicki M. (Ex: Ne-Yo use to be straight R&B now I been hearing mostly pop songs from him "Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself) , Chris Brown came into the industry as an R&B singer all I been hearing from Chris Brown is mostly pop records "Don't Wake Me Up" I hate the fact this generation always wants to box people in . . . . Smh i fuck with this album the long way in order I would probably say 1.) Pink Friday 2.) The Re-Up and then Roman Reloaded. The woman damn near plotted her whole entire career since the gate !

    • evan

      Oh and if u look at an old interview of her from her sec9nd mixtape ...they asked her where do u see yourself in five years. She said she sees herself with an empire of companies, I want to sing and become a diverse structure and kill people with my albums. I want to work with natasha beddingfield and Jayz and I want to have a platinum selling album and my own cl9th8ng line........tell me that it isnt crazy how she did all that :o

    • evan

      I agree 100 percent it was a great business move. And thwn again its not like the pop songs were simple dumb shit I mean she still added her own lyrical style to thwm which was nice so I didnt hate them I like them lol and as I said earlier RomanReloaded had those mixtape type tracks on the first half so I wasnt mad. She took time to have fun and do basically freestyles on them (It Is Roman u know). And the ReUp definately put her on track since she rapped every song. And the difference with her is thatshe did pop on her second album, which Is great cuz if she did it on like a 4th album like everyone else she would b considered a sellout with no more ideas then she would truly be washed up but she played it smart and as she said her next album will b purely hiphop which im excited about. And not to mention everyone loves her featured verses. She can woek hard on music and stil dominate brands like perfume, clothing, websites and whatever else she comes up with. Shes a real inspiration in my eyes

  • Chuck Taylor

    I don't understand how she can bring out the same album 3 times and be rewarded for it. If she were a flat chested English bitch nobody would look twice. Good old America - inspiring a nation of retards that it's okay to be retarded. Anybody that likes her, any of ym or this watered down hippop trash shit nowadays should kill themselves right now. People like you fucked music up. congratulations.

  • ROMAN718

    The Re-Up is going in a good direction

  • Konner

    the person who i sent a reply to that wasn't supposed to go to you it was supposed to go to someone else i'm so sorry

  • Konner

    does anyone know where her is sold at

  • Konner

    love freedom people who don't like her need to shut the heck up

  • Anonymous

    this is bitch is trash ......

  • PhoenixxRah

    Y'all can keep defending Nicki til y'all blue in the face, quoting one hot line in a whole song all you want..I can quote a whole verse of hot shit from Kendrick Lamar that would eat this part 3 of the same damn album up. She definitely ran out of shit to rhyme about. Stop pumping her head up. The only doors she opened was the weirdo door that let all the pink and green haired children of Tourette's and multiple personalities out.

  • Mariah

    This review was horrible. Bitch she went hard on this fucking re-up. THUMBS DOWN, too bad i cant give this shit 0 stars

  • Lil Wayne

    Wack biaaaaatch !!!

  • Rollie

    I love this nicki back to the basics.

  • mattcudi

    this album is actually pretty good. I like Nicki, it looks like shes trying to get back to her 2010 style

  • da1

    pop songs=white music new rap music=white music. intelletual rap=black music rap about the struggle story telling= black music. so she was makin white music period since the beginin

  • Dnice

    get it out of here... quick. I wish I could erase the memory of her bragging on Hot97

  • Anonymous

    check out this video real life real lyrics and tacos

  • Sifiso

    Really hope Nicki Minaj enjoyed her time in the music industry cause it's over...

  • Kween Ebony

    The album goes HARDDDDDD!!!! #Pause

  • Anonymous

    What I think is crazy is clearly on her debut her song "Good By Old Nicki" Produced by the homie Kane Beatz she states that the old NIcki that GOT her the deal with YMCMB is gon & she does pop music now. But then you sit here & defend yourself on your sophomore CD saying you wanted to let fans know you still got it......when you abandoned the style & ones who really fucked with you form the gate to do this white people pop shit. So how you abandon your style but then try to pick it right back up when you see that that pop shit wasnt cutting it with your HIPHOP fans SMFH

  • Qui

    I think songs like "up in flames", "High school" and "I endorse these strippers" were really good. People wonder why she went pop, it's because the hip hop listeners don't wanna buy her good songs like "Romans revenge" and such. Her only highly charted songs were pop. So I don't blame her, go where the money's at.

  • ya boy jake p

    "i endorse these strippers" thats what you have to say to people? to not have any real life skills and think that this is a good way of living? real talk, thats some pussy shit right there.

  • Anonymous

    A clown by any other name is still a clown. Nicki's career is a joke to a Hip Hop lover. She was always irrelevant. Her best ability is to mimic other people's style. When she was underground she was biting Kim. Now that she's pop she bites Lady Gaga. She was never who she claimed to be. Just a pretender, selling-out to make money.

    • evan

      U said she copies lady gaga now look at tthis if she still is thwn why is lady gaga completely washed out and irrelevant now? Nicki is the talk of the town and fuck a song idc if someone can make a good song its how she raps which she does well.and her pop songs she only has like 6 and her album had 19 songs. Just cuz of what u hear on the radio dont mean thats all she is ur just being ignorant but thwn again u havent been there since the beginnung. While every other artists walks in makes there money and lwavws, nicki stays works hard gets in studios features on everyones songs makes brands for perfume, clothes, aids foundarion, mac glam girl, pwpsi sponser, american wheres kim? Washed up cuz she cant rap for shit especially since her writer Biggie died and lady gaga is ok but again she isnt doing anything except washung away tooi

    • Konner

      shush up she has her own style and her music is great and if u don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. Couldn't make it by being original, being herself, or having her own skill sets that made her stand out.

  • Pegasus Flow

    This shit is trash and this plastic bitch looks awful. Hang this dumb bitch


    They'll never thank me for opening doors but they don't even thank Jesus when he died on the cross...

    • Pegasus Flow

      This line might have been significant if she actually had a significant influence. Instead we have retards like u eating up garbage

  • TheOnlyOne

    Prepare for the Pinkprint

  • Mortis

    this bitch couldn't hold Da Boss tampon

  • Andre

    So apparently if you are signed to a major label... You can never get less that a 3 out of 5... this album deserves a 2 at best. This is seriously a terrible fuckin album. if shyne had anything to say about it would definitely be worse than TRASH it have to be the A Piece of SHIT.

  • The Truth

    "You a sell out but I ain't buyin'" (Weezy voice)

  • Leon

    I love those new songs that she made cuz it goes in!!!

  • bobbygoodmuzik

    What y'all don't realize is even when Nikki was good it wasn't her because she had so many people ghost writing for her. So naturally plus usaully it means more money that she would go pop. This is mostly the reason I don't like Beyonce she's like the female will Smith she just redo songs people already made there is even cases were she stole songs from unknowns but Beyonce does have a great voice and her and Nikki are great entertainers.

    • evan

      Nicki neverrrr had a ghost writer ask any hiphop head thats one thing they would not say. And what u dont realize is is that she didnt just start wi5h the pink friday album, she had four mixtapes in four years and had to freestyle on DVDs. Look up on youtube her freestyle and some old songs and look how she had to be in front of the camera spitting bars. Im next to jamaica where she lived and I remember she was out om the corner getting ppl to listen tp her mixtape for free.

  • mr. tibbs

    The best female MC out now is Nitty Scott MC. She represents Hip-Hop the way it was meant to be represented. Not talking to the masses through a split personality thats a gay dude. What the fuck is that about? Nikki is a dumb, talentless, disturbed bitch foreal. Thats the only prognosis that explains why this bitch thinks she's hot. Her only fan base is 6 year old white girls that thinks she is hood and represents the streets. Lil Wayne you should be beatup for releasing this broads CD over the rest of the talent on his label. Nikki suck a small penis a die already.

  • King Leonidas

    Honestly, i thought this was about hip hop. What happened to you guys? Nicki Minaj will be irrelevant in two years from now. She just follows every trend, and has no real (musical) identity. Even most parts of her body are artificial. I'm not even gonna rate this, simply because this isn't hip hop. Where is that Chino XL or DMX review??? I guess you people never heard of the Black Opera Album "Libretto: of King Legend". Most slept on album of the year!!!

  • Lucas

    This cd cover it's just disturbing and unconfortable.

  • Lucas

    I think 1,5/5 a very good rating, based on this shit, should be 0,2/5

  • Anonymous

    too comercial,, nicki was good on dat kanye track but dis i aint sure about

  • Anonymous

    They do an in-depth interview with Ryu of Styles of Beyond and their long awaited album then don't even rate it to help spread the word on his hip-hop? But they'll review this talentless, desperate for attention havin ass bitch, damn this is the last time I'm visiting this site.


    It's now official that hiphopdx want this cunt so much, that they give Journalist 103 3.5/5 and this cunt a 3/5. HHDX officially cant rate albums.

  • Anonymous

    lol, fucking trash, Nicki was always terrible, even when she was underground

    • Anonymous

      Amen to that! Selling out is very tempting, but can easily put your career on the sideline. That's what happening to Nicki right now. Pop fans are just disloyal ones riding with whoever hot, even if there are a many of them who actually buying music. On the other hand, real hip-hop fans are a dramatically smaller circle with even weaker financial power, so its not an easy choice.

    • Anonymous

      Nah you hating nigga. She wasn't garbage when she was underground. Neither was Drake. Its like this industry suck all the talent out of these artist. But Nicki reminded me of Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, Eve when those bitches were in their primes. Of course there haven't been a good female rapper since those bitches.(maybe Trina) But real shit Nicki was nice with her shit back then. Now she makes more pop sounding shit. For the most part it made her trash now cause back then she was on that raw shit. Now she make alot of silly kiddie sounding shit.

  • Anonymous

    If her pop star transformation is complete like you say and her contemporaries are more Katy Perry than Eve, then don't post anymore articles about Nicki on HHDX

  • 777

    Dammmmnnnnnnn was this bad.

  • Anonymous

    I hope her and Chris Brown crash into each other on the highway tomorrow. Head on. With no survivors.

  • Anonymous

    fuck this ugly fake hoe

  • Anonymous

    Pathetic how they trying to save that album. First one did 1.7 million, and despite all the marketing campaigns, Youtube Ads, high-budget video shots, even that re-release her second LP barely passed Gold. Get over it and do something worthy again, because that way Nicki will be done in years.

  • Anonymous

    This review fucking sucks,this is Nicki on her mixtape shit.What a fucking dickhead biased review.This album is 4/5,and the only reason its not 5/5 because of endorse these strippers verse from wack ass Brinx.

  • gun di liro

    review for this trash, Rihanna album, Ne-yo album. What's happened to this site?? This shit could never pass on here 10 years ago.

  • MusicFan

    She needs to get back to her old self before her career will be short lived.

  • Industry Advocate

    Band Aid on a Shotgun Wound.....PERFECT ANALOGY!

  • Fossie

    Wack !!!Oneless oneless*******you gotta worry about....moneyhungry scarelees spooky holes always ridin on her bosses moneymachine!!!

  • Anonymous

    Come on guys. If you are 10 years old then this is some classic hiphopshit. Give it up for Barbie


    This album is the wackest of the year. Give it up Nicki.

  • RDCJ

    I wouldn't be such a Nicky hater if she she would target hip hop fans older than 25. All the "Barbie" girls that she targets her music for will not be fans in a few years but us hip hop heads will still be here.

    • To Another Point

      Good point but I don't see her it that way. Back in the day Pac rapped about his mama on crack Biggie rapped about dying and Jay about hustling in the streets. They made music for adults and did not shape their music to fit a certain demographic they just rapped about whatever they felt like rapping about. Also Madonna is known in every country in the world while Nicky has scared fans but most don't know who she is out of the United States and only sells and avg of 200,000 albums. She need more people. Last thing if you go back there has been many like Justin Beiber that have come and gone so if they keep making hits then you might be right but making hits is so hard after you have been around the game for a bit. The odds are not in her favor.

    • Another Point

      You followed PAC, Nas, Biggie, and Jay...why wouldn't Nikki fans do the same? I'm 27, and no grown ass man should listen to this album...however, this album was intended for her 12 year old Barbz. They will follow her as long as they follow Justin Beiber. Lets face it, Nikki is the new Madonna due to her relevance in the music scene.

  • John

    Wackest album of the year

  • The leader


    • The leader aka so ici

      I get paid a 25 cents an hour to be a troll for cash money!!! This album is beter than Carte 1 2 and 3 fuck the bulshit!!

  • Anonymous

    3 out of 5? Are you kidding me HHDX?!!?

  • Unbiased

    People are hating on it. I'm not defending Nicki but no one's giving her a fair chance; everyone's automatically saying she's bad without even listening to the songs because it's the norm. Freedom wasn't that bad and based off that song I'd give it a 3/5 too.

  • Farrakhan

    Black community no more fucks with you. You self-hating bitch!

  • Chi-Town

    HHDX stays getting pay from YMCMB!!! How many stories per week are you going to be having about this trash ass album!!

  • Chi Town Bound

    .....Did DX just really give it a 3/5?

  • firealarm

    fuck this wack bitch.

  • vucci

    why to chart this? -_-

  • Anonymous

    In the words of great Shyne, It's TRASH.

  • Marx1684

    I get that she's doing it up & getting money. That's supposedly all that matters.... I just hope she really isn't the person that we see in the interviews.

  • Cash_Money_Killaz

    Nicki Minaj has: - no talent, maybe to do porn although she is ugly - fake eyelashes - fake ass - fake tits - fake nails - fake hair Nicki is more wacker then MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice together.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, she HAS talent. She is just the biggest sellout in the industry, that's it. Check out her verse on Kanye's Monster, on Drake's I'm So Proud of You or some early materials. She is far from being the best female rapper nor the best singstress, but she could do something like Drake. Somewhat a female version of him, not an attention whore with shitty pop songs and forced stupidity.

    • Anonymous

      you sound so gay I would kill to see your picture,I know your ass looks like a lama with a dick for a nose.

    • Anonymous

      totally agree a 100% shes gone to stealing flows to pop dont knw wats next maybe she will do a lil wayne and do a rock album lol

  • FOH

    She not even hot no more.

  • hate this skank

    fuck off nikki biggest sell out ever fuck u even reviewing this shit for she makes tracks taylor swift would laugh at for being too soft