9th Wonder and Buckshot - The Solution

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"The Solution" once again combines Buckshot and 9th Wonder's accomplished and refined skill sets as pioneers of the '90s and the past decade respectively.

From spearheading the Golden Era's Black Moon within the greater Boot Camp Clik to present day, Buckshot has maintained a vested interest towards the underground's preservation as both artist and co-founder of Duck Down's enterprise. Amongst the label's various business dealings, North Carolina producer 9th Wonder's Jamla imprint has granted a platform and financial backing for uncompromising music - a union beneficial to all involved. Continuing their ongoing metaphor for cooking up in the lab (precursors being Chemistry and The Formula), 9th Wonder and Buckshot's latest shared vision has resulted in The Solution.

Nearing 20 years since his arrival to Hip Hop, The Solution has Buckshot readily leading an audience that has grown with him over this time. With regards to its ambiguous and possibly cocky title, the album is full of fiery conviction as the rapper steadily defies irrelevance finding harmony with 9th Wonder's trademark soul sound. Telling his fabled story of survival within the industry and streets, "What I Gotta Say," "Crazy," and "Keep It Going" all convey a wisdom removed from ego and false pretense as Buckshot is ever grateful for the opportunity to still be heard.

Bringing listeners further into his world, "The Feeling" is Buckshot's letter to a disloyal tramp, "Pat Em Down" addresses a comrade turned police informant, and "Shorty Left" (featuring female Jamla sensation Rapsody) details the struggles that come with balancing independent Rap life and a marriage. These facets show a talent at crafting songs comprised of more than vanity and macho boasts of longevity, though "Stop Rapping" and a few other selections are designed to please standoffish enthusiasts. Aside from small imperfections such as Dyme-A-Duzin's off-key singing on "You," The Solution once again combines Buckshot and 9th Wonder's accomplished and refined skill sets as pioneers of the '90s and the past decade respectively.


  • Jplank

    This album is sik azzz, i duno what these peps are on, ill support buck till death.. Hip Hop for the real heads, crazy beats too wtf wonder

  • EPI

    Buckshot, his no more the same... but this tune is good.

  • mike

    Good...not great. 3.5/5 at most.

  • Philone

    For real though, the song Stop Rapping knocked off most of the rappers out there.

  • Steeler1

    The above song "shorty left" is dope, SPREAD RUMORS LIKE BUTTER ON BREAD, your favorite artists been biting Buckshot concepts from the beginning until now.

  • Steeler1

    Buckshot is one of the best rappers out there, his metaphors are the best out ad so good that they are going over your head, a lot of you are not understanding the growth but that's ok, everyone is entitled to like what they like. This album is too deep to judge off one or two listens.

  • King Leonidas

    This album underlines, why many people turned away from 9th Wonder. I mean most of the beats on here sound outdated. Additionally i don't really dig Buckshot's flow, he sounds like he 's a shadow of his former self. I really liked him on all the Black Moon albums, but as a solo artist he seems redundant to me. On the other hand, i fell in love with 9th sound again on the "Final Adventure" album with Murs. Besides that Murs is the more capable MC, it seems like 9th Wonder kept all the good beats for this project. I recommend to buy the collab-album with Murs rather than this mediocre project. Just listen to the to albums one after another and you'll know what i mean. Nobody pushed him, to release 2 albums in the same month (week), so i don't understand why they rushed this thing that much. 2.5 Stars

  • Panther49

    Another good album from 9th Wonder. It is not so great like albums with Little Brother or Wonder Years, but its still really good black music. 9th Wonder is a legend like Preemo, J Dilla or Pete Rock. He has his own style, Premier his own style, i really dont understand why you guys so hatin, P

  • Anonymous

    Cats need to quit hating on 9th. He has evolved, just not as much as people may have wanted him to. He's dope in his own right. He has his lane and it's just fine. Can i listen to his beats all day every day like some other more versatile producers? No. Does that make him garbage though? Not at all. With that said, this is not his best work. And he has exhasted his time with Buckshot. Calm down. Not everyone makes a classic every time they touch the wax. Geez.

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    Boring and predictable. The first and second times were the charm, however, the fans eventually get tired of the redundant production. 9th Wonder is a hack. He isn't gaining in new fans, only maintaining the ones he has and losing a couple with each project. Find new talent or something. Bring something fresh, stop with this mediocre shit. Only the dick riders co-sign this shit.

    • Anonymous

      Every LAST one of you dicks would take a 9th Wonder beat if he gave you one. All of yall are no talent ass rappers that want a shot, and can't get one. Haters!

  • Anonymous

    This shit is played out. When they did their first album it was cool, but the time has come and left for this kinda shit. 9th never evolved

  • Joe Blow

    Absolute water trash of an album.

  • Anonymous

    Boot Camp have zero classic GROUP albums that is; the component groups have all done better.

  • Anonymous

    9th is an arrogant no talent prick... Buckshot is fucking awful solo, you dumb fucks never heard a Black Moon record if you think otherwise... Boot Camp Clik have ZERO classic albums too and hey, guess who's fault it largely is? Motherfucking Buckshot. FACT: Boot Camp

    • braniacdumbdumb

      I've met 9th on various occasions at FlighClub NY and everytime dude is humble and willing to chill and converse.

    • Anonymous

      Buckshot is one of the best of all time. One of the best. You should be more respectful. Enta The Stage is a classic, Da Shinin is a classic, Nocturnal is a classic. How is 9th arrogant? Is it because he's not your average dummy? Because he's smart? Get a life faggot.

  • adillyo

    jesus all this fucking hate for a great REAL producer and emcee. i've got one question, if you're so quick to talk shit about head nod, boom bap, hip-hop like this then what the fuck kinda trash are you listening to?

  • Truth To Be Told

    Buckshot only sounded real dope on Black Moons first album and fell of after that.

    • Truth To Be Told

      You sir...are fucking retarded The only classic is the first! Total Eclipse is decent. Dont act if Buckshot is that special!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      doesn't change the fact Buckshot solo = garbage. Dude can NOT carry an album. He needs Black Moon and NOBODY needs cornball 9th Wonder anything.

    • Anonymous

      You sir...are fucking retarded. Total Eclipse was fucking awesome. The Buckshot chemistry album was fucking bangin too. And on the BCC releases.

  • Anonymous

    This shit gonna do Saigon's numbers on charts lol

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I've never understood why people think 9th Wonder is so dope. I really did my homework, try to get in his music by listening solo tracks produced by him and his own albums as well, but I simply don't feel them. Evem after mulitple listening sessions. Which is interesting, cause otherwise I got a lot of love for classic hip-hop and sampling, but 9th Wonder ... Not saying he cannot bring a decent level continously (that's his main strenght, I think), but that doesn't make him an A-list producer. You cannot be a star player without standout tracks and memorable works. And here we go, I can't name a single hit or a beat from him what I was truly amazed by. And I read / heard a lot of fans over the years comparing 9th Wonder to Preemo, Pete Rock or Just Blaze ... That's just silly and a damn shame in my opinion. Honestly, when it comes to 9th Wonder, I'm out.

    • Dez

      What you must realize is that hip hop within itself has different genres to it. Personally, I have enjoyed all of the work that 9th has put out ever since Little Brother. I throughly enjoyed The Minstrel Show (Little Brother), Cloud 9 (Skyzoo), and Merchant of Dreams. I am a fan of the Golden Era Hip Hop and that is the area that 9th Wonder is in. The issue is that he has a signature sound. Beats by the Pound, Trackmaters, The Hitmakers all have a sound that is all their own. Don't hate on the man because he is staying in his own lane. As a matter of fact, he has brought people to his lane. I was very pissed when I found out that 9th did a couple tracks with Lil'B The Based God. Once I heard the tracks, I was very impressed. If you think 9th fell off then that is your personal opinion. I am a big 9th Wonder fan because of his consistency. Tell me the last time the Neptunes made a hot track?

    • Anonymous

      Whats funny about this post is that you typed a whole paragraph explaining how dope he's NOT. If someone is not that dope, why waste your time typing a paragraph. If it was Kanye West, yall would be praising him to be the most highest of the high.

    • Anonymous

      You right. 9th wonder is boring

    • molases

      shut the fuck up.

  • Anonymous

    this shit sucks. it's only good for insomnia cure. do you all remember when 9th Wonda hated at Watch the Throne, what a clown.

  • def

    9th wonder puts me to sleep.

  • Anonymous


  • Franklin Avenue Pussy

    GTFOH... Buckshot's solo albums are garbage, from "B.D.I. Thug" (which was a fucking abortion) to present and 9th Wonder is a tired back with maybe five nice beats his entire career... Oddly, all the Black Moon albums are at least very good; the first, obviously, a classic. Buck might be an OK leader and team player etc but by himself he's fugazy: no charisma, no ideas, lousy sense of humor. Krs-ONE carried THAT album even if kids didn't wanna hear it. FACT: lousy and uninteresting as Buckshot is, fucking Murs is even worse!!

  • trueth speak

    This whole series is trash. The fact that 9th Wonder is releasing two albums in the same month is stupid, but the whole series... Murs for the win. Buckshot aint been good since '99.