Murs and 9th Wonder - The Final Adventure

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It's not just a one-man show and both Murs and 9th Wonder deserve credit for "The Final Adventure."

“If you’re listening, if you’re tuned in/ it’s been an epic saga, a tale of two friends.”

In 2004, Murs teamed up with 9th Wonder to start their adventure together with Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition. Those who tuned in found a critically acclaimed effort, one that began this journey triumphantly. Since their ’04 release, both Murs and 9th have continued their work together every two years with ‘06’s Murray’s Revenge, ‘08’s Sweet Lord and 2010’s Fornever. However, they have also moved on to other ventures. Still, it all comes full circle with their Final Adventure as Murs and 9th Wonder close the books on their saga.

With this release, Murs shows that his lyrical blades have only sharpened with time. “Funeral for a Killer” is an introspective, thought provoking piece. With insightful dialog about the streets, it’s almost as if it continues to build off of 3:16’s lauded “Walk like a Man.” “Tale of Two Cities” does the same, this time pleading for unity. “Too many died in my city,” Murs laments on the track. “Imagine if we all unified in my city.” Elsewhere, Murs is able to tackle other topics with the same passion. “Walk like a Woman,” an obvious nod to their first project, also shows how much growth he’s experienced, going from a self-proclaimed “girl groupie” to a married man in love. “So glad that I found you when I did,” he declares on the track. “You changed my life, gave me new reasons to live.” Going from ‘04’s “The Pain” to this joy also shows that progression well. While relationship-based songs abound on this 10-track release, Murs is also able to speak on more. Exploring other life changing events, he explains his personal journey with faith, sharing doubts, questions and beliefs with sincerity on “A Better Way.” Still, it’s not just a one-man show and both deserve credit for the Final Adventure.

That’s because 9th Wonder also delivers as sharply as ever. From the outset, 9th shows that he is still as soulful as he was on their first record together, trusting samples and hard snares for the heavy lifting. It makes sense that 9th would continue with his working formula, from the familiar sounds on “Intro” for Rapsody and Murs to the sped up sample on “It’s Over.” Still, 9th manages to change up the pace often on this short album, allowing Murs’ aggression, sadness and passion to shine on the aforementioned “Tale of Two Cities” and “Funeral for a Killer,” while still bringing a more mellow vibe to follow with “Babygirl (Holding Hands).” Speaking of changing up the pace, 9th does this masterfully three times on “Walk like a Woman,” again taking a page from their first journey to bring it home.

It’s clear that Murs and 9th Wonder had a task here: finishing their saga as strongly as they started it. With The Final Adventure, the duo does just that, crafting an album that speaks on a variety of topics over soulful instrumentation, much like on 3:16. This time, they managed to tie up loose ends, showing the growth of the boy who once hustled recyclables (“H.U.S.T.L.E.”) now proudly acknowledging that he is behind Paid Dues. The boy who was alone on “The Pain” became the smiling groom on “Walk Like a Woman.” And while this may not be the end of their individual careers, it’s safe to say it’s over for them as a duo. “That’s all, folks. That’s all that she wrote,” Murs says as the album closes. “It’s over and it’s finished. We gon’ end it on a good note.” And that’s precisely what they did.


  • okayplayer

    Its hard to believe its been nearly a decade since the release of Murs 3:16 the 9th Edition but alas were on the eve of the crowning release from the duo. The Final Adventure is the no-nonsense title of the superstar duos latest. The thought of them retiring makes this reviewer borderline angry but as Murs puts it 5 albums in like 8 years gonna end it on a high instead of late in our careers. At least Murs and 9th deliver on that end. As sad as it is, The Final Adventure is less about reminiscing over a bygone era but moreso about enjoying the moment. This album has both the energy and passion of the first couple of albums and the poise and confidence of the more recent ones. Surprisingly enough, Murs kicks off the intro by handing the mic to protege Rapsody. Homegirl is really the only guest featured on the album and the seemingly odd pairing works out as Rap has a lot of experience flowing over 9ths beats. Her obscure patterns compliment 9ths soulful production. Complain, we fly now 3:16s been, and they just want more of it like Rose and Joakim / Sweet lord I told em kill the Bull just like a pimp. The energetic track has 9th reviving his signature production style which he has shied away from a bit recently. It may not have been produced on FL Studio but any knowledgable hip-hop fan will recognize the slap of that snare. Murs is in on the nostalgia as well. In an ode to the original albums intros he states The dynamic duo, the hoods favorite pastime, Murs & 9th Wonder for the very last time. The rest of the album is all over the place emotionally, from jubilant tracks like the follow up Whatup Tho (a favorite Murs tagline) to love ballads to stories of gang life like Tale of Two Cities. The latter laments about the lingering red and blue side of L.A. hoods over a somber string loop. On that same tip is the lead track Funeral for a Killer. The hard-hitting track features one of the rawest drum kits Ive heard all year. 9th provides a kick so deep its sure to fuck up someones system. The grave (see what I did there?) nature of the track matches the beat perfectly. Murs takes off the nice guy persona hes had for much of his career and goes in. Went to the casket, and I looked in/ Same type of box that our enemies got put in And he the motherfucker put em there/ Came to say goodbye to my brother, but he wasnt there/ Staring at his mother in the front row/ Black dress, hair the same color as the gun smoke The other tracks of the album are largely dedicated to women, which is pretty standard for Murs. My personal favorite is Baby Girl (Holdin Hands) 9th provides the backdrop by flipping a slowed down snippet of Suns I had a Choice. Double time kicks and an open hat highlight this banger. Murs compliments the track with a tale of first love: I was in grade three, she was a grade above/ An older woman, it was crazy love/ Didnt know about the birds and the bees/ I had just learned my ABCs/ Up behind her at the bus stop/ Rubbing on her booty with my Batman lunch box. Murs and 9th Wonder couldnt have conjured up a better farewell to their fans than Thats all folks, thats all that she wrote / Its over and its finished, we gonna end it on a good note. But still, lets just hope this is one of those MJ/Jay-Z type retirements.

  • eddie royce

    The Closest duo to gangstarr...... classic

  • Ken

    just.. not that good. and boring, too. it'd be one thing if it was just bad. but bad and BORING, now THAT'S a reason not to recommend something!

  • bobbygoodmuzik

    Those who said murs is wack are probably 15 and aren't mature enough to understand what he spits they just want banging beats and ad libs

  • Murs ruined this beat, Fuck Murs

    Murs is a dope mudda but someone coulda easily spit betr on this shit

  • Oldschoold

    Definitely a banging album! Everyone should cop this and support great music.

  • Anonymous

    Banging album ...Grown up rap

  • Anonymous


  • Thekidflames

    Amazing album. "Better Way" hit me hard on first listen. Really glad these two gave us as much as they did.

  • seriously

    One of the year's best albums. Buying this weekend.

  • P

    Really good album, production is much better than anything 9th did in 5 or 6 years. Think its their second best project after 3:16.

  • HiiiPoWeR_1990

    Dope, Dope, Dope, Dope, Dope! Just as dope as Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition so you know what rating that gets...

  • Jus10

    My favorite Murs album to date. Usually, Murs has a dope album with one or two filler songs, but this was all-out on point.

  • anonymous

    DOPE!!!!!!!!! Nuff said

  • KillumKoke

    ayo...glad this series if albums is done. This boring shit yo...9th is over.

    • Ken

      @killumkoke: I heard that. i listened to it earlier today cuz everyone was saying how great its supposed to be, and it was like... just not interesting. it's weird, some artists team up and put out an album together and suddenly everyone says "oh it's so original and creative" and it's sometimes just NOT. and for the record: making your album title longer does NOT automatically make it great. people seem to like... not get that