Tech N9ne - Boiling Point EP

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The Kansas City firecracker continues to blaze through seven tracks that, closing cut aside, channel his pent-up fury into irate Rap missives.

Tech N9ne is angry. Scrap that: Tech N9ne is exceptionally angry. His latest EP opens with the abrasive demand to "Shut the fuck up!" and the Kansas City firecracker continues to blaze through seven tracks that, closing cut aside, channel his pent-up fury into irate Rap missives. When he hits form, Tech comes off like an undeniable force of Rap. Curiously though, Boiling Point doesn't manage to mould this intensity and tangible rage into quite the fireball of an EP it should be.

For his part, Tech's verbals can be as spellbinding as ever. "URALYA" does the job as an opener, with the production's gutsy guitar stabs trading blows with threats like, "I'm gonna beat you like a piñata/ Better yet I'm giving the devil a stigmata/ Hit you with a hell of an Afrika Bambaataa - boom!" Then comes "Fire In AC," which has Tech and Krizz Kaliko addressing the cinema shooting in Aurora, Colorado over a dramatic and bombastic beat by Seven. "I wish this would have happened like it happened in my mind," raps Tech, "Instead of what occurred in theater number nine/ My condolences to the families that mourn/ Our humanity was torn." Cinema shooter James Holmes is then told to "Burn in hell for eternity for what you did… The depths of hell gonna swallow your ass."

But as the EP continues, and the demonic indignation increases - not least with the murder fantasy "Should I Killer" and the Brotha Lynch Hung team-up "Hunger" - it reaches a plateau: The inherent evilness of the lyrics becomes so the norm that there's no shock or edge or thrill to them anymore. When Tech spits "'Cause you a bitch/ You a fraud/ I don't like you/ You a broad" he sounds like he's running out of ideas. This is compounded by Tech's flows across Boiling Point veering towards the one-dimensional.

2012 has seen Tech N9ne abide by an intense and hectic release schedule for both his own output and his label. Now he might want to cool down on the wrath and start to remember the benefits of a bout of calm reflection.


  • Anonymous

    i agree it was ok i personally cant wait til something else

  • FTNUKilla

    Hey are you fucking stupid? You'd rather listen to Lil Wayne or Ross. FUCK OUTTA HERE. you owe the world a favor to die with James Holmes you fuck stain.

  • freedom

    Killa shit tech your killin em

  • Anonymous

    Good EP, Good Verses, Sounds similar tho.

  • Jay Sharpton

    "Killing her" wasn't very good

  • Berwa H. Mahmod

    Kind of disappointing review, because in my head, this should be at least a 4 and a half review. Oh well, not everyone is earregular!

  • Anonymous

    Tech tech tech,..N9NE

  • Dexter

    All the way hott.nothing can touch tech to said...

  • landon816

    This EP is amazing! TECH N9NE!!! ^S^



  • firealarm

    Strange needs to stop overflooding the market with these EP's. I'm a huge fan but the quality is starting to suffer from the oversaturation. Tech is a genius but he needs to take some time and craft an album and stir buzz not this IMO.

  • Anonymous

    I more or less agree with the review, however, Alone was a clear stand out track for me. Paint On Your Pillowcase was good too. But this should've had a higher rating than EBAH. I mean really? 4 stars for that and 3.5 for this? Should've been 3 stars for EBAH and 3.5 for this imo. But aside from the two tracks I mentioned, the rest of the EP is a mixed bag. If you like Tech, you should enjoy a decent amount of this EP but nothing from his EPs this year is really phenomenal, unlike the Seepage and Lost Scripts EPs, those had some classics on there.

  • Anonymous

    Dude started falling off around Killer. That album was good but it also had a lot of filler material, but since then anything that reaches the same caliber as his old music is a flash in the pan. With his distribution deal, his label budding, and all the mainstream attention he's gleaning - dude is more focused on quantity vs. quality. He always used to rap about getting pussy, good and evil, etc. but he was at least conceptually creative about it. Same thing for Kutt & Krizz, Tech & Trav are helming the label to cater to more watered-down listeners. Strange Music as a whole is starting to fall off, this EP was a dissapointment.

  • Anonymous

    i feel TECH has worked nonstop since he steped into the game and hasnt gotten the real recognition for his real hard work. he deserve a breaks because hes gotten all the energy back from fan that reciprocates his own mental input into making his own great music, that i believe we all catched on to. Hes a great independent artist. i cant wait to hear more of hismusic before his hiatus. His music reflects alot of his emotions. he couldnt be a complete family man because he had a great hunger to make music as Tech N9ne. He's turning 41 and he knows that he needs ot be there for his kids and stop being the artist to be a regular person that can enjoy the regular things like we all do. HIS HIATUS IS WELL DESERVED. and its not like hes taking a longone either. STRANGE MUSIC has a great year coming. I can wait to hear great music. as much as i feel anxious to hear more, the wait makes the music that much better. STRANGE never sounds like any other label. ITS OFFICIALLY STRANGE MUSIC. THEY LAYED DOWN THEIR FOUNDATION NOW and Hopefully takeover the "WACKSTREAM" rappers.

  • Anonymous

    Everything Tech has put out has either been amazing or decent. If he needs to take a break then i think everyone can truly say he deserves it. Plus if you want him to constantly put out music its going to make it watered down, he needs time to do more so he cant put it into tracks and make another classic album. Give the dude a break.

  • Arne

    Tech N9ne is dark on dis ! Love it or leave it !

  • TaZzZ

    Tech has been my favorite for years but I gotta agree with this review, nothing standout from Tech lately. It is better than EBAH, but in my book EBAH gets a 3, idk what DX is smoking. I haven't lost faith in the man yet but I don't like him saying he's gonna take a break, better at least give us a full-length LP to hold us over first cuz these EP's aren't cutting it. You just can't compare stuff like EBAH, Klusterfuck or URALYA to the depth and power of This Ring, Come Gangsta or any of his other classics.. The man has an amazing catalog but he needs to find his zone again...

    • Sam snead

      Why wouldn't you want him to take a break, what is this his 6th record this year. quality over quanity. I don't listen to him but I respect his independent hustle, but when you are putting out albums like Master P your going to water down the whole product eventually

  • word

    Nothing this year is messing with All 6's & 7's. Still dope though.

  • Markz

    "..he sounds like he's running out of ideas. This is compounded by Tech's flows across Boiling Point veering towards the one-dimensional." I'm a huge fan and this is exactly how I feel too!! Hes gonna kill it on his eurotour though!! 9

  • d

    The ep's have all been pretty poor besides one or two tracks. On Klusterfuk it was Ugly Duckling, and EBAH was the title track. On BP however I didn't think their was a single stand out track that I might be listening to next year. Very weak and disappointing from an artist who normally puts out projects of a reasonable polish and quality. Can't wait for the next ful length though. 3*

  • police

    hiphopDX participant [fucktheseniggasup] has been the victim of a gruesome murder, and witnesses are claiming that the shitty music on his ipod was the main cause of death. comments from wayne or ross are still yet to arise

  • fucktheseniggasup

    so shit and boring, how could u like this loser id rather listen to wayne or ross least there songs are catchy if anything

    • oph

      @ fucktheseniggasup: Listen to Wayne and Ross? Ross is boring only talks about his fake life as a drugdealer and Wayne only talks about getting pussy. I will not say that this is a great ep bij tech 9 but fuck off with boring ross and wayne