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As boastful as the title "Trap God" is, it's evident that Gucci Mane's loyalties reside in the streets, a dynamic that will never change.

As boastful as the title Trap God is, it’s evident that Gucci Mane’s loyalties reside in the streets, a dynamic that will never change. Likewise, what also hasn’t changed is his inability to grow as an artist, with his latest mixtape sticking to an exhaustive routine of drugs and dollar signs.

If there were any reason to praise Trap God, it would come by way of Gucci’s collaborators. “That’s That” is a catchy, upbeat cut courtesy of Kevin McCall, while “Crazy” displays a surprisingly focused Waka Flocka Flame and Drumma Boy’s menacing production. With 808 Mafia suitably simulating Lex Luger’s sound, “Get Money Nigga” is the closest the project gets to solid execution as Meek Mill spearheads the record with his animated delivery. In retrospect, this is a similar formula utilized on his last mixtape I’m Up, which featured a Rap-stacked deck to masked Gucci Mane’s weaknesses.

At 20 tracks, the listener is either burdened with the grueling task of getting through a disparaging collection of audible carelessness, or skipping nearly half the project to find something worthwhile. Underscored by a lethargic demeanor, “Shooter” feebly attempts to build on a concept that is generously overplayed. Also, it’s safe to say no one is intimidated when Gucci Mane warns he’s going to “Waka Flocka Flame a nigga.” Interchangeable records like “Dead Man” and “Act Up” bring little to the conversation from a depth standpoint, and “Baby Wipes” plays on a ludicrous metaphor that even Gucci has to be aware of. Needless to say, the question of Gucci’s validity as an emcee should immediately be dismissed with his performance on “Fawk Something” (“Yeah my diamonds dancing, my dick taste just like candy / I’m cooking dope in Burberry because I’m kind of fancy”).

Gucci Mane recently stated that he plans on being holed up in the studio for the next few months to work on new material. Whether that involves a look in the mirror and a lyrical spark on the microphone is something we’ll end up discovering when the time comes. After Trap God though, the only direction he can go is up.

DX Consensus: "Just a Mixtape"

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  • falss310

    trap back, FIRE! im up, ehhhhhh... trap god, huh?

  • Anon

    If you're looking for lyrical rap, listen to lyrical rappers, not Gucci Mane. He makes speaker beaters and songs for people in the streets. If i was in the club i would rather hear gucci than immortal technique. He makes simple music, so what? If you dont like it, dont listen to it. Nobody is forcing you to. Gucci has always been real. He caught a body (it wasnt a straight up cold blooded murder but the guy's dead aint he?) and he was arrested for selling drugs years before he blew up in the rap game. Just sayin

    • r_griff5

      you know what's more impressive than catching bodies? making good music. which he doesn't do. he's a cartoon character and yes he makes simple music for simple people and dudes like him are what's killing rap right now because the bar for talent is set way too low.

  • Anonymous

    Trap God was a nice project to complete the trifecta. Trap Back, I'm Up, and Trap God...all solid.

  • Anonymous

    If you like trap music that's fine but don't go jummping on the internet crying that your man's album got a bummy review. What else do you expect? Trap music is the same story told with sub par flows and a couple hot beats. Gucci doesn't do anything to appeal to the rap listener that doesn't normally fuck with trap music. That's why T.I. is respected as a hip-hop artist and not just a trap rapper. He branched out and he can flow with anybody from the east, south, midwest or west coasts. And thats why Gucci will always just be bunched as just another trap rapper. So get over it.

  • WhoTheFuckIsEdwinOrtiz

    This site fuckin sucks at reviewing rap. Cabin Fever 2 = Free Album and Trap God = Just a Mixtape? What a joke. Gucci always gets unfair reviews because people think hes retarded. From 2005 to present Gucci has provided real street music and hasn't let the industry change his shit. If you're going to shit on his mixtapes then be fair and make the same judgments on all the other sell out trash that gets released every day. Gucci is the realest out and he has been for years.

  • Daiza

    Unfair review......the good songs are really good but there are some filler tracks. The hits make it a 4 alone. He didnt mention the best song "Dont trust me". Gucci fans will see it was kinda of a throwback to old guccim which aint a bad thing really cuz he changed up so much on IM UP

  • Vince Chase

    follow @vincechase215 !!

  • SwagLord

    This mixtape is FIRE

  • jayvon32

    As a eclectic individual when it comes to music, when reviewing Gucci mixtape/albums (especially when its based on a concept of "trapping") you must compare it to similar artist and genres in his field. You wouldn't compare oranges with apples, so why do the opposite in this case. Lyrically, we all know Gucci doesn't even reside or visit that lane. But this album and concept is not based on lyrical power but on delivering a simple yet effective message. Overall its not a bad mixtape if this type of lifestyle and braggadocio is your thing. If we compare its lyrical power and dept then off course this album is terrible. If we judge it on delivering on the simple message of stunting and "getting street drug money" then it hits it mark very well. Fans of Gucci arent going to have arguments about how hard his rhymes are (n/h) its just hype drug music. Simple and plain. In conclusion 3/5

  • Music Fan

    This was not his best work at at...He should've put The Truth on this bih and it might have been the best song here. smh I'm disappointed in Gucci. Gots to do better bruh.

  • fossie

    Why reviewin this bs?Instead of cold 187 -The only solution.....corporate industry bullshit!!!Fuck you HHDX!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Gucci Mane, one of the worst rap monikers and rappers of all time. This retarded ass nigga needs to off himself

  • ETK


  • 3much4thesehoes

    Someone who actually listens to trap music should review this. The review says "As boastful as the title "Trap God" is, it's evident that Gucci Mane's loyalties reside in the streets, a dynamic that will never change" What did you think trap god was supposed to mean? It's a street album for people that like that music. So review it like a trap mixtape not someone who's trying to be the next nas. 4/5 for my own personal review. Had bangers but didn't have that one club rocker. the songs with waka go up tho! baby wipes.

  • Anonymous

    Hes a hater.Trap God wit in

  • Anonymous

    greatest mixtape ever. period!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Gucci mane makes weekend music plain and simple the reviewer is biased and basing his delivery off of lyricism. Try listening to joey bad@$$ in the club. not disrespecting but you get my point

  • Keyshawn

    (Yeah my diamonds dancing, my dick taste just like candy / Im cooking dope in Burberry because Im kind of fancy). Line of the year ladies and gentlemen.

  • Anonymous

    Gucci is dope for what he is... the reviewer seems to not understand that 4/5

  • Swagkitchen

    If you can't understand Gucci, you don't understand trap music. Gucci ain't here to be lyrical, he's here to give you something to bump in the whip. Trap God succeeds in that right.

  • Anonymous

    gucci mane is garbage he makes music for simple minded people and retards even waka has more talent than him. and should thank jeezy for sending those people to rob him cos they gave him some sort of street cred and he still talks about it now

  • Anonymous

    Actually dope, HHDX is trippin!!!

  • fah q

    these reviews are all a joke.

  • Anonymous

    whoa reviewer is a Gucci hater. Gucci should only be reviewed in comparison to Gucci's own work by someone who is at least indifferent to him. Get Lost and Head Shots are tunes and the reviewer didn't even mention them. I liked Trap God a lot.