Tech N9ne - E.B.A.H. EP

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Call it a theatrical ride through Tech's mind.

Missy Elliott may be teasing that her upcoming Block Party album is going to usher in a new wave of "Theatrical Hip Hop," but with E.B.A.H., Tech N9ne may have already stolen her thunder. At seven tracks long (plus a few skits) it's a concentrated listen, but it's one that amps up the sonic drama and vocal intensity to levels of entertaining insanity. Call it a theatrical ride through Tech's mind.

Breaking down as "Evil Brain, Angel Heart," the title track "E.B.A.H." jolts the EP into perky life with marching-style drums setting the pace for Tech's furious-as-ever vocals. Embracing the title's theme, he drops the warning, "Take me light and my darkness will take your breath time," before adding context to the sentiment with the plea, "Liberate me lord, I'm an angel/ And on this wicked planet nobody understand my angle is love/ I was sent from above, but I've landed in blood/ Psycho-bandit I've become." Throw in some vicious scratches on the hook and it's a raging opener.

Then come the (smart) brakes: It's followed by "Earregular," a stripped-down, eerie and warped song that has Tech spitting stream-of-conscious musings while he's slouched down "listening to Doors records while I get groupie whores naked." This duality of tones continues throughout the EP, with the rowdy "Rock Yo Head" (featuring the 816 Boyz) and ruggedly funky "Boy Toy" pitched against the woozy Krizz Kaliko "KJOMD" and elegiac closer "A Real 1." This balance imbues the EP with its intrigue.

In these times of sprawling freebie mixtapes and albums with five throwaway bonus songs tacked on to the end, Tech N9ne has crafted that rare thing: A focused body of work that actually sounds like the artist has put some thought into how their art and message should be presented to the world. Sure, E.B.A.H. might not be the most expansive thing Tech has ever attempted, but it's an on-point and fiery batch of tracks to tide you over until Boiling Points drops.



  • Joel

    tech n9ne: stop saying "cha" every five seconds on every song you f*cking release. it's not cool, it doesn't sound cool, and I USED to think you were cool. now I can barely stand your music... I mean do you seriously need to do that so f*cking much? stop it and your music might be bearable again, you spit at the top of your game, but annoy the piss out of me with your "cha" bullshit. sincerely - an ex-fan.

  • Anonymous

    I gave it a three, would have liked to give it a 3.5. He has fun with this and unlike eminem, tech can still have fun with hip hop and it doesn't sound so bad. EBAH,EARREGULAR and real 1 are classic tech records. Don't tweet this might be seen as too mainstream for people but like einstein it is a great party record. Really didn't like KJOMD and boy toy was meh on. Rock yo head is a 816 boy track and going in you know its just going to be a fun record and it does that well.

  • thatguy

    Tech n9ne is the hardest rapper alive all his albums go hard yeah this album was a let down. Tech has his very own style that what make him better then the rest. Tech, missy elliot, booth have there own style that makes them stand out. U kno when here the bet this is a missy song just like tech. All this other b-s music all sounds the same and u dont kno who is on probly fake a$$ rick ross

  • Npmusicman

    Tech N9ne a sell out? Tech puts out garbage? Wow tha haters are out and in full effect lol I guess because tech has had more exposure lately and more famous guest appearances the underground elitists are flipping on someone else and deserting tech n9ne too. SMH

  • Austin

    One of Tech's worst efforts.


    Satanic Tech is at it again!!! Down with the Demonic tech9ne

  • Anonymous

    love tech but this shit was kinda whack. cant wait for boiling point

  • snowmann514

    and wtf is the deal with going mainstream ?? why whould the dude go commercial and he make millions with out it lol ya peps are funny yo

  • snowmann514

    tech n9ne is unique , but come on ya dont give me this bullshit crap that he is one of the best rapper arround , he is pure underground ,got some nice flow and beats but lyricly speaking he is average . i respect the dude big time but he aint no chino xl , crooked i , nas , ill bill , krs one , mos def , big l and many more lyricals rappers .

  • jake

    ebah was a letdown. tech used to be raw but hes sold out. this mainstream shit is not doing him justice

  • Anonymous

    B.O.F. Bucks over Fame stupid!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    He makes millions because he tours 365 days a year. 50, Eminem, Jay were all mainstream and made plenty of money fast. Stop making excuses for this freak. He's afraid a more sophisticated audience would laugh his shit off a stage.

    • Jay

      @Anon..........this is the first time in a while that I heard someone mention breath control. People don't understand how important that is.

    • Anonymous

      50 got his first album ghost written for him by dre and em, and em was ghost written by dre a shit load, tech has had 0 ghost writers....

    • Anons

      As if radio hits from ten years a go is "sophisticated" don't make me laugh. The only people who can comprehend and appreciate versatile flows, tempo, breath control and verse structure that tech mastered are the definition of sophisticated. You know who else were freaks? Einstien, Van Goh and Abraham Lincoln. Tech makes new fans every day, you're an empty headed tool that nobody cares about.

    • Anonymous

      He's afraid a more sophisticated audience would laugh his shit off a stage. LMAO Absoulutley wrong more sophisticated people listen to tech because hes real and can rap. mainstream you mite aswell jump in the heard of sheep and follow everyone else how sophisticated is that.

  • Anonymous

    Tech Nine is afraid to go mainstream cause he knows nobody would buy this garbage.

    • Anonymous

      Mainstream? LMAO Tech is his own Boss Strange Music is where its at in the music industry for rap and hiphop mainstream can go suck a phat dick. They all scared techs gunna destroy the mainstream

    • Anonymous

      Tech N9ne doesn't have to go mainstream because he banks millions without a puppet master

  • Anonymous

    I loved it, not as good as his usual work but solid all the way through, 4/5

  • Anonymous

    Dope dope always loved tech's flow.

  • axrevolution

    any wrong this EP does is made up for in spades by "A Real 1" absolutely hypnotic ambient, electronica beat with cutthroat, ruthless rapping. Lots of people use the phrase "go hard" with a talented rapper, but Tech absolutely destroyed the verse on it..whioh is total counterpoint to how ambient and how relaxing the beat is.

  • Jon

    Amazing song from Tech n9ne as usual. :)



  • tim watley

    Here goes Philip Mlynar starting his review off by referencing a completely different artist again.

  • Saran

    Sleep on this, you're sleeping on hip hop!!!

  • Zac

    EBAH is the jack of all trades EP, Tech shows off nearly all his skills in just the seven songs

  • shawn

    really good ep. boy toy and kjomd are forgettable but tech still does his thing. he doesnt conform to anyone he just makes the music he wants

  • BLAM

    K.A.B.O.S.H. "GOD OF WAAR" feat. Tech N9ne will be released once the DIRTY WORMZ APP reaches 1,000 downloads. It's FREE!

  • Wawhite13

    Tech Tech, N9ne N9ne

  • landon816


  • JD

    Really liked it besides Boy Toy...that shit could've been a free release or something. Some of you people are trying really hard to convince yourself that Tech's music has been getting worse, but really you're just salty because he's finally getting some mainstream shine.

  • KD

    As a fan of Tech,even though its only an EP,I expected better.Its still pretty good though.

  • Steven Frazee

    Honestly, this is Tech completely. He goes hard with E.B.A.H., Rock Yo Head, and Don't Tweet This. I also know that this is absolutely Tech when KJOMD and Boy Toy, he's a giant kid. He loves being in music and has fun with it. Like it or not, Tech does Tech, he will change for nobody.

  • So Icy Boi!

    di9s nigga still tryin to be popular after Lil Wayne killed him 2 times? smh.... YMCMB all day err day. swag

    • Pegasus Flow

      I used to yell back but now I just like to see who he snags with these comments. ITs like he trolls so hard, people cant even see it. Too funny

    • Deadboy90

      Oh god hes back...

    • thatswhathappens

      It amazes me that people still don't know who the trolls are around here.

    • Anonymous

      I like the Ep's better then a shitload of stupid ass free mixtapes. Notice how Tech aint jumping on the mixtape bandwagon? Dats my nigga

    • LilWayne Suckc

      Haha YMCMB blows! And Tech knows he's popular just not mainstream popular. And didn't wayne work with him in F**k Food or is that my imagination? And saying swag really what are you 12? Well this e.p was good but not great. And i agree with some people that these need to stop but then again he's always busy touring or signing new people so i can't blame him

  • Anonymous

    very hit or miss. EBAH, Earregular and A Real 1 were good. But Boy Toy was terrible, KJOMD could've been better and will probably get skipped in the future, Rock Yo Head has a catchy hook but the beat seems like an amateur did it and the verses were garbage, Kaliko even says "I wonder how much money this song gon' get me." Don't Tweet This had a lot of filler in it and the hook sucked, but when it wasn't bad it had good multis. But he can do so much better than this, he's shown he can do better party and sex music than these tracks. Why pay $10 for 3 good tracks are 4 mediocre ones? 3/5 at best you can do better Tech. Also, all these EPs in a row are annoying, let's get some LPs, I don't care if you take a year or two to make one, just stop putting out average EPs, If I'm gonna spend my money on music I expect something worth that money. And judging on EBAH's first week sales compared to Klusterfuk I'd say Technicians agree

    • axrevolution

      You have to remember 816 boyz is a PARODY. It isn't for real. It is the Strange Music trinity plus Makzilla acting like mainstream "ringtone rappers" Hence songs like "Areola" and "Rock Yo Head". If the track was Lil Jon, Tyga, or LMFAO you'd be saying "damn I didn't know they could go so hard" As for KJOMD and Boy Toy, listen to Boy Toy FIRST then KJOMD. There's a definite theme, and the "what about meeee?" lends itself to KJOMD right. Both the songs are shots at mainstream R&B but also a lot of Tech's actual feelings about sex and his identity. Just think of how many "Groupies" or girl "technicians" don't really care about Tech, they just want HIM and HIS --- AND his money.

  • MC Cuss Words

    My mixtape is coming out called Cussing for a Purpose Tracklist: 1.Lyrical Cussing 2.Curse the World 3.Cursing Fast feat. Twista & Tech N9ne 4.Bad Motherfucker 5.Curses and Slurs feat. Emilio Rojas 6.Cussin' Cousins feat. Big K.R.I.T & Yelawolf 7.Shit, Fuck, Ass, Damn 8.Sorry For Cussin Momma feat. Twiztid, Hopsin & Brotha Lynch Hung 9.My Love Bitch 10.Cursing With a Purpose feat. Ab-Soul & Lupe Fiasco 11.I Curse, He Don't feat. Chamillionaire 12.What The Fuck is Wrong 13.Shitty Living 14.The Fucking Outro This will be on datpiff soon so come check it out

  • Jake

    Was Pretty Good. I liked it. F**k em haters.

  • WreckedEm

    If you compare this EP to Tech's overall career and discography? Garbage.

  • matt lenne

    Been repping strange 10 years now. This ep is hot. Tech is constantly creating, constantly evolvingand forever changing the game of hip hop. FTI.

  • Sergio

    Tech N9ne always creates quality music where have you all been? I would give this EP a 4.5 it's my favorite EP thus far. And same goes for krizz kalikos most recent album! Oh yeah the Mental Giant sent me.

  • Frankpap

    I love Tech but kcuf E.B.A.H.

  • Anonymous

    Dope little EP from Tech

  • BigFNLurch

    I've been a tech fan since the very beginning before Strange Music was even around and I have to say these E.P's have got to quit because they get weaker every time . The title track is unbelievable however it has the perfect flow for nodding your head or jumping into a mosh pit . The rest of it all seems to be ill fated attempts to be original . Tech will always be an innovator I just wish he would stop putting rushed energy into these e.p.'s and start putting slow thoughtfull energy into the full albums . That and Strange Music needs to either cut Kutt Kalhoun from the roster or keep him strictly as a hypeman for tech , he's got a little bit of talent but not enough because he has put out almost nothing but garbage and he seems so mainstream its not even funny . That being said technician I am wholeheartedly in life and in death .

  • siavash

    it's aaaaaaaaaaawsooome

  • SugarShane

    Love the album, everytrack is dope as fuck and on point as always, Tech N9ne!!! Earregular Emcee Woo Whoop Strange Music Bitch!

  • Willy Duit

    816 song is awesome a real 1 is awesome Earregular is awesome For an EP 5 stars!! love Tech

  • Jeremy Contreras

    Love this EP its been on repeat since I got it

  • Eslo

    I gotta say this is the weakest of Techs efforts to date. But I ain't mad, its an EP, and there are still a few takeaways from it. And even if the songs aren't my type, he still keeps all his concepts unique. 3/5

  • Hank Hill

    HipHopDX has such a hard-on for strange music, might as well put the logo up top

  • Cwigg

    Couldn't agree with Wonka any less.... I think Tech ensures that only quality material leaves with the Strange logo on it. No Limit went WAY overboard with the amount of subpar material they distributed, we all know that. Tech leaves you wanting more, but it isn't the same thing every time...dudes talent/insanity is possibly the most entertaining thing in hip hop right now!

    • Shotgun

      i agree with you there. There was an interview with Travis O'guin and he said they are cautions with the Logo and what they put it on know what happened to Master P and the Tank so its only premium quality music that gets put out

  • Dub-L

    tech nine is an old fart.. soon he's gonna yell so hard he's gonna give himself a heart attack.. and most likely shit himself.. lookin forward to it, cuz i'm sick of his whack music.

  • wonka

    I think the hurriedness of these Strange Music EPs suck. They're starting to pimp fans like how No Limit did...

  • Funk

    it's not as great as other Tech sh*t, but still a solid 4

  • Johnny2Stoned

    Fuckin great EP

  • HiiiPoWeR

    Typical dope Tech, if your a Tech fan you'' probably love this and if you haven't checked him out I'd still recommend checking this out.

  • Anonymous

    the first few tracks were good, but the last few sucked.

    • I know...

      I just wanted to clear things up in case someone who hasn't heard it yet looked at this review...People need to know how amazing that song is. Although it is clearly a standout song, In my opinion the EP is great. I am looking at it in a different perspective of everyone. I'm not comparing it to his old material cuz it isnt his old material. Its a new style that he's trying with EBAH. So alone it is way above hip-hop par. Different but still a solid delivery in respect to other artists ya know?

    • firealarm

      I think he's referring to everything after Earregular up till A Real 1..The 816 Boyz track was just awful and I've been a fan of almost all the other 816 tracks they've made.

    • Whoa...what?

      "the last few sucked" must not have heard the last track "A Real 1"'d retract that statement in an instant...thats all I'm gonna say.

  • bond

    dont know what to think about this

  • firealarm

    As a Tech fan this EP was disappointing overall but still good