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"Cruel Summer" is heavy and brash, and in that sense, it succeeds.

Hip Hop crews were abundant in the ‘90s, with Wu-Tang, Dungeon Family, Hit Squad, and Roc-A-Fella running the game over the course of the decade. Somewhere in the early 2000s, posses disappeared from prominence. In recent years, Rick Ross’ MMG has emerged, but now Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music squad is pushing to be the top collective in the Hip Hop game (now with artists other than Kanye and Common that release music). The first collective step, being, Cruel Summer.

R. Kelly absolutely butchers an otherwise promising cut in “To the World,” with a needlessly Auto-Tuned and incredibly obnoxious hook. “Clique,” on the other hand, is outstanding, featuring some of the industrial sounds heard in Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne. “New God Flow” features Pusha T, Kanye West, and one of Kanye’s favorite emcees, Ghostface Killah. Aside from Ghost’s strange decision to claim he still has his famous golden eagle after admitting years ago that he had it melted down, the cut is mostly a winner. Ghost and Pusha work deftly over a haunting piano loop, but some of Kanye’s rhymes are cringe-worthy. Rhymes Kanye: “Hold up, I ain’t tryin’ to stunt, man / But the Yeezys jumped over the Jump Man / Went from most hated to the champion god flow / I guess that’s a feeling only me and LeBron know / I’m living three dreams / Biggie Smalls, Doctor King’s, Rodney King’s… / Picture working so hard and you can’t cut through / That could mess up your whole life like a uncle that touched you.” ‘Ye is guilty of occasionally forcing an absurd simile here and there, and is certainly guilty of being self-aggrandizing. Both critiques ring true for that particular verse.

The only thing particularly interesting about “Cold” is that DJ Khaled is listed as a feature, adding further to his mysterious legacy of being the most credited-for-doing-nothing personality in Hip Hop history. Mase surprisingly delivers a strong verse on “Higher,” which takes its cues from Timbaland in sampling a baby’s cries. The album ends on a particularly bad stretch, as “Creepers” is an aimless mess courtesy of Kid Cudi, and “Bliss” and “I Don’t Like (Remix)” sound completely out of place.

Fans expecting to hear more of a traditional Kanye sound (whatever that is) on Cruel Summer need look elsewhere. With cuts like “Higher” and “Mercy,” the album is much heavier than your typical West fare—and it makes sense. Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz, and CyHi Da Prynce are featured on multiple cuts, even though Kanye has access to Common (one appearance) and Mos Def, who doesn’t make an appearance. This isn’t to say that those artists should’ve been included more; it simply points out the type of aesthetic this album was intended to capture. Cruel Summer is heavy and brash, and in that sense, it succeeds. G.O.O.D. Music’s first outing successfully showcases the collective’s talents, but it’s ultimately an underachieving and uneven effort.


  • konexile

    Underrated classic imo, 4.5/5

  • los

    i thought the only decent songs in the album were the singles they put out..

  • Random

    Pretty good album i liked it

  • monsterkt

    where is q-tip and hudson?????

  • Npmusicman

    Word! I thought "To the World" was a dope track and kellz did his thing! I actually like cruel summer a lot. It's something I've listened to a lot. I'm just disappointed common wasn't on more, and where was Q-Tip? I guess it was supposed to show newer artists and help guys like big Sean and pusha t get more exposure? But then why is 2chainz on more songs than most of the other GOOD music roster?!?!

  • Rock

    Big letdown, worse than any solo Kanye album

  • Rocky

    F@ck the dumb ish...RKellys hook is the dopest part of the track. with the exception of a 2or3 songs its a compete album. To the world is proll my favorite track outside Mercy and Clique

  • Anonymous

    The Morning - great song!

  • Mw619

    I'll give it an 8/10 but ill say this if your looking to hear any one outher thean kanye pass on it Because he's on all the good songs but I don't think that's an bad thing

  • Anonymous

    Good Music>YMCMB and MMG...With Kanye as the Leader The World is there's. Good Music makes me laugh at YMCMB because G.O.O.D. has lyricists not Rappers that rap for high school listeners. As Far as MMG, Rick Ross is doing his thing but nobody else on label impresses me really.

  • deemac

    So many haters, it is what it is. Me? I enjoy kanye's music.

  • Anonymous

    8/10.........nice show case of the artist on Good Music...... Good Music is 10x better than Laughterhouse

  • Anonymous

    ...this is a G.O.O.D. Music album. Please stop blaming Kanye. And out of the RocNation, YMCMB, And MMG Compilation albums, Cruel Summer is definitely the best.

  • o-nycely

    since kanye's MBDTF album in 2010 I have been a huge fan of his work since. the addition of pusha-t was the most crucial addition to the g.o.o.d music family by far. yyyeah!

  • DPtheEMCEE

    I actually thought the album was really G.O.O.D. !!! In the fact, this collective of artist has the ability to create music of all characteristics. I thought Creepers & Bliss were tracks that exposed that. Lyricism within the group outside of Ye' exist in CyHi & Pusha and to give their new producers an opporunity to shine as well. Just as WTT, this album is just a feel good joint that wasn't intended to be the greatest album known to man but simply bring some dope music to the table.

  • Alex Lezhenkin

    I personally loved the compilation. I didn't like "Higher" and "Bliss" at first, but they've grown on me. 9/10

  • KD

    There were a couple of decent tracks on here,with New God Flow being the best of the bunch,but it was mostly terrible.

  • Tim B. Cile

    "Bliss" sucked. The beat sounds like it was made for an NES game and should have died there, Teyana Taylor's part was awful, and John Legend couldn't even save it at the end. I don't know why this song was ever made, probably just to make me angry.

    • Fuck your opinion

      Who said it was made to please you, you fucking cunt.

    • Anonymous

      Not every song is going to be dope. Personally, I liked Bliss and the whole cd. How often can you buy a Cd and like more than 4 songs now days? I think Nas' Life is Good CD is a Classic, his best work since Illmatic actually...I will be honest, Im not from the hood or a big city. So,I am not into 'hood rap' cuz i can't relate to that,it's not me. At the same time I do not like radio rap because most of the time lyrically it's fundamental really.

  • Anonymous

    ALBUM OF DA YEAR! _____________________________

    • Anonymous

      lol I dunno Nas Life is Good was an instant Classic but Cruel Summer is a start to a new Era. Kanye is now better than Jay-z when it goes by what they have done in last 3 years. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy>Blueprint3

  • @TBarz365

    I Agree With Pretty Much Everything This Review Said. Except I Think Kanye Went Hard On EVERY Track. He Failed To Mention "Sin City" Which Is Personally One Of My Favorites (Next To Clique & New God Flow). This Album Didn't Reach Expectations, But Its Still A Good Listen.

  • w h o k n o w s

    swag rap all over this bullshit.. extremely underwhelming & probably one of the biggest letdowns this year 2/5

  • Optimus Rhyme

    this album is awful

  • ...

    I'm not really fond of the album so I took away some tracks I didn't like and replaced them with tracks from the GOOD Friday series I really liked. 01. To the World (Kanye West & R. Kelly) 02. Clique (Kanye West, Jay-Z & Big Sean) 03. Good Friday (Kanye West, Common, Pusha T, KiD CuDi, Big Sean & Charlie Wilson) 04. Mercy (Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz) 05. New God Flow (Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz) 06. Christian Dior Denim Flow (Kanye West, KiD CuDi, Pusha T, John Legend, Lloyd Banks & Ryan Leslie) 07. The Morning (Raekwon, Pusha T, Common, 2 Chainz, CyHi the Prynce, KiD CuDi & D'banj) 08. Don't Stop! (Kanye West, Pharrell & Lupe Fiasco) 09. Higher (The-Dream, Pusha T, Mase & Cocaine 80s) 10. Don't Look Down (Kanye West, Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco & Big Sean) 11. Sin City (John Legend, Travis Scott, Teyana Taylor, CyHi the Prynce & Malik Yusef) 12. The One (Kanye West, Big Sean, 2 Chainz & Marsha Ambrosius) 13. Creepers (KiD CuDi) 14. Christmas In Harlem (Kanye West, Cam'ron, Jim Jones, Vado, CyHi the Prynce, Pusha T, Musiq Soulchild, Teyana Taylor & Big Sean)

  • Anonymous


  • Laz

    Sorry guys I'm a fucking dumbass for that last post, I have no idea what good music, or classic hip hop is. Laz

  • Anonymous

    shoulda been a mixtape. this should have been called "kanye and friends", or "SeanYe Chainz" someone take away the bread, these niggas was soo much better when they was hungry.

  • Brian White

    Love this album, sure I've heard half of it before, but an album that is impressive are the ones that stand the test of the time and I guarantee I'll be bumping this shit in ten years and saying Kanye you's the shit boy.

  • Laz

    phatest cd i heard in a while-str8 good musci classic hip hop Laz

  • bizzalls

    This album fuckin sucks. Kanye, I thought you were supposed to be a good producer? What happened to you man?

  • mbongeni

    besides the fact that 5 songs had been out for a while, this album is amazing i do not know why the rating is so low? the i don't like remix should have been left out...but this album is banging!

    • Anonymous

      The review is kinda spot on. The last three tracks feel like filler. if 3/12 are filler... 3.5 stars is around right.

  • stolen cd's are the best

    i listening this album everyday it's very good album, definitely must steal it from shop coz i want original.

  • Anonymous

    The first 7 tracks make this 3 1/2 stars. Check that. The R Kelly song was kinda lame, but overall, it's decent.

  • Anthony

    I love all the beats and basically great album besides the fact that most of the songs were already released so maybe there should've been a couple more tracks? & like someone said....no Mos Def or Q-Tip?!

  • nanofcb

    it was nice. 4 stars for me.

  • Anonymous

    album of da year togetha with Life is Good. and if u don't agree with me u all can suck dick and eat ass.

  • ebeniniki

    Only Pusha & Common deserves some credit. So... Straihgt garbege. Bullshit lyrics, wack beats. As always... Fuck Kanye West and his clowns. This is not Hip-Hop.

  • ebeninki

    Only Pusha & Common deserves some credit. So... Straihgt garbege. Bullshit lyrics, wack beats. As always... Fuck Kanye West and his clowns.

  • Jesus Piece

    um i just downloaded GARA PRT 1 and it blows this shit out tha water.....just sayin. This cd was ok but what the fuck you expect when 5 of the songs have been out for 5 minutes they are all better then that esp kanye...

  • Anonymous

    not impressed with this album. The only great track is The Morning

  • frederik

    top 3 this year. and waiting for Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 of lupe!

  • NG

    I think this is the one of the best album of the year...

  • stefan_00

    I love this album more than having front row seats at this seasons Galliano fashion show ! The album cover is so awe inspiring ... Good Music from Kanye as always

  • Anonymous

    The album is banging but as a compilation. This is some shit. It really doesn't it showcase the artist of the label like it should. Kanye's on majority of the songs. He should of took a step back and let his team do they thing.

  • bizzalls

    Kanye!! You stupid fuckin moron! Why in the FUCK do you have 2 fuckin Chainz on the album multiple times? Second of all, you don't have Mos Def or Q-Tip on the album? But 2 Chainz? How the fuck is 2 Chainz gonna be on the same track as Raekwon????? WTF!

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    I'm giving this album "no rating" as it's hard to define. The album is somewhere in between genius and pusing the envelope way too far. Note to Kanye....In the future just keep it simple.

  • DJ Booth

    That Cruel Summer is ultimately disappointing is one of the biggest compliments I could possibly pay Kanye West. For almost a decade now Mr. West has trained us to think of his albums as landmarks, not simply albums, and hes succeeded. Graduation didn't just sell well, it changed the course of hip-hop. 808s & Heartbreak wasn't just an experimental album, it pioneered the merger of hip-hop and pop (hip-pop) thats now so ubiquitous. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy redefined what it was possible for a hip-hop album to sound like, and for all its shortcomings, Watch The Throne didn't just influence mainstream hip-hop culture, it was mainstream hip-hop culture. Kanye Wests albums dont just exceed expectations, they give us more than we could even imagine expecting. So Cruel Summer, the album was supposed to cement the best crew in the game reputation that G.O.O.D. Music had been building, feels remarkably ordinary and pedestrian. Certainly a large part of the Kanye shrug look I'm sure I had on my face for much of Cruel Summer can be attributed to familiarity. Half of the albums 12 tracks had already seen the light of day, in some cases for months, but the simple truth is that the previously unheard tracks just aren't exciting enough to erase a lingering feeling of status. Its as if your girlfriend text you in the morning promising a special night, you spent the day at work fantasizing about new risqu lingerie, and then you arrived home to find her in the same bustier you've seen her in for years. Its still a good thing, but its no fantasy, and you were hoping for a fantasy. Cruel Summer is at its best when it sticks closest to the keep it simple foundation Yeezy laid down on Watch the Throne. Throw down an addictive beat, grab some dope emcees, and let the boasting begin. While approximately 47 billion listens to Mercy still havent made me like the tracks momentum killing, EMD-esque breakdown in the middle, theres no denying its head nodding-appeal. The same holds true for The Throne (plus Big Sean) reunion Clique, the increasingly controversial I Dont Like (Remix), Kanyes solo effort Theraflu Too Damn Cold Cold and New God Flow, which now comes complete with a verse from Ghostface Killah thats the highlight of the album, at least as far as I'm concerned. As for everything else, Cruel Summers first track, To The World, aims at epic but misses, badly. There might be some people out there who enjoy listening to R. Kelly doing his best imitation of an auto-tuned seal while Yeezy recycles the same Beverly Hills Cop/Baby Boy reference Big Sean first dropped on See Me Now, but I'm not one of them. In the Morning is solid, its hard to go wrong with back-to-back verses from Raekwon, Common and Pusha T, but the track never really picks up momentum and The Chefs opening verse feels miles away by the time the track finally ends. Similarly, both Sin City and Higher come across more like attempts to pad the guest feature list and include the entire G.O.O.D. roster then tracks built for maximum impact. Either legendary perfectionist Kanye West just wasn't feeling particularly perfect when making Cruel Summer, or he had bigger things on his mind. If so, those bigger things were probably attached to Kim Kardashian. Because we live in a world where grown men screaming at each other about hypothetical spots scenarios passes for entertainment, I'm sure many will read this as some form of G.O.O.D. Music hate. Far from it theres no debating that Kanye has assembled a collection of talent that, at the very least, can run with anyone. But only the most stanish of G.O.O.D. fans could feel that this album this was the coronation, the unassailable declaration that G.O.O.D. cant even be touched, that it was intended to be. Now that I've suckered you into reading almost 700 words, lets close thing off with the abridged version of the Cruel Summer album review. No one can take over a track like Kanye when he feels like it, Pusha T is vicious, Big Sean is getting better by the minute, Kid Cudi is Kid Cudi, 2 Chainz is 2 Chainz and Common and John Legend are essentially absent. While everyone else is solid, there are no epiphanies, no that artist is the next to blow! moment that particularly deserves mention. Teyana Taylor, CyHi, Dbanj and the rest may someday achieve true solo success, but we wont look back at Cruel Summer as the album that put them on. There, I think that pretty much sums it all up. Actually, there might be one way to sum up Cruel Summer even more succinctly... *Kanye Shrug*

  • yomama


  • BrowSuga

    Lets be serious this is a Kayne Album. He selected the beats and arranged it becaue who else in that clique would be able to do it and who would have given Cudi a song too himself? Which one of them cold have gotten Ghost,Rea and Mase to agree to do the album? The album is decent at best. I hear the production and in most cases it is better than the lyrics. Earth to Kayne stop feeling yourself so much and write some lyrics. I gave it a 3 for the 3 songs I liked on the album.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick lamar is going to have the best album this year i hope this album was not goooood

  • Anonymous

    this album is not good

  • Trump

    People keep asking about Mos and Q-tip. They are beyond doing an Album like this. The Album is above average considering what is out there. I think Kanye put this out because he wanted it to be the begining of solo projects yet to come from the GOOD music label. Remember this is not a Kanye West Album, its a compilation. Most compilation aren't as good as this one.

    • dockevoc

      i could randomly grab 12 songs released by every artist who recorded a song over the last year and come up with a better album than this

  • BB4Play

    What the Hell Kanye ?

  • Big Ton

    Nice album. It has hits. Could have used one more conscious track to round it out and solidify this group of its entertaining as well as lyrical dominance and potential

  • Billboard

    It's not that Kanye West ever stops working, because he doesn't; it's that when he's released new music it's as if he's been gone for a minute. Each release is an event. Even 'Ye's G.O.O.D. Friday songs -- which were released by 'Ye himself as appetizers for "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" -- not only kept fans within the confinement of their bedroom walls, ready to press "Download" on Friday nights, but satisfied the hunger of fans that other artists' singles could not. One of Kanye West's best albums, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," was released three months after he and Jay-Z were three songs deep into their collaborative album, "Watch the Throne." Meanwhile, 'Ye has apparently been calling artists to Hawaii to work on joints for his sixth studio album. It's as if he has something to prove with each project, to himself. Kanye West has excelled and unraveled, simultaneously, with each project. We have high expectations because of the indisputable evolution in his discography. He tops himself each time because he has to. So in comes "Cruel Summer," one of the summer's most anticipated albums (apparently it's summer until 'Ye says it isn't). The G.O.O.D. Music posse album is a mixed bag full of vigorous singles and minute made, mailed-in verses, tied with a red ribbon by Kanye. You would think nowadays, where popular music has two separate lanes -- one for singles artists and one for album artists -- "Cruel Summer" would appease the masses. Unfortunately for Kanye, we uphold his work to different standards that he himself exceeds. And although we don't want to admit that "Cruel Summer" is a Kanye album, it most certainly is. Kanye chronicles his day-to-day without a feasible amount of confessionals; lyrical depth and ambitious, born-again soundscapes are lacking. It's rare to hear Kanye be the Kanye we've long expected to come forth: impassioned, shameless and vulnerable. Instead of floundering to place the pieces of a puzzle together in a new form, like a mad scientist, he lets them lie without hysteria and fury. Excluding the legendary Ghostface Killah, who rejuvenates "New God Flow," and Pusha T's wrath, the G.O.O.D. Music artists don't shine bright enough. The lack of cleverness, including Ye's , could be forgiven if rattles of enthusiasm and joy resonated through out the album, but they don't. There's more people in the playpen, yet we'd rather reminisce on the intimate bromance that sweeps through "Watch the Throne." Although it doesn't exist within the top 5 bracket of 'Ye's projects, "Cruel Summer" holds heavier weight than recently released posse albums including Maybach Music Group's 'Self Made' albums -- and let's not even mention YMCMB. Check out a track-by-track breakdown of G.O.O.D. Music's 'Cruel Summer' album. 1. "To The World" (feat. Kanye West and R. Kelly): The presence of R.Kelly on a rap song, let alone opening a rap album, is viciously beautiful -- beautiful enough to smooth the wrongs caused by Kellz and Kanye's trite rhymes. "R. Kelly and the God of rap shittin' on ya/ Holy crap," 'Ye ends his rhyme. Teyana Taylor misses the opportunity to close the song with any vocal prowess. 2. "Clique" (feat. Jay-Z, Big Sean, Jay-Z & Kanye West): The set's latest single opens with the smooth vocals of singer/songwriter James Fauntleroy, from Cocaine 80s before Hit-Boy's signature bass-heavy soundscapes arrive. As the beat builds then quickly stays still until the addictive hook, Big Sean and Jay-Z focus on the obvious while 'Ye gives us a sneak peak into his life: white people and the ladies he holds closest. 4. "New God Flow" (Pusha T, Kanye West & Ghostface Killah): Pusha T opens the boastful second single with brash vengeance. 'Ye comes in on the sample heavy-track ("Synthetic Substitution," "Mighty Healthy," "Sermon Fragment," "Bodas de Sangue"), giving us a handful of quoteable gems. But "New God Flow" belongs to Ghostface, who enters close to the end of the song to refuel the magic of his own legacy. 5. "The Morning" (D'Banji, Raekwon, Common, CyHi the Prynce, Kid Cudi, Pusha T): D'Banj's yelps of threats surprisingly give hope to "The Morning." It isn't until after Raekwon spits his rhyme that G.O.O.D. Music plays friendly with the monotonous Kanye West/Jeff Bhasker/Travi$ Scott co-produced beat. 6. "Cold" (feat. Kanye West & DJ Khaled): The "Cruel Summer" street single teases us with obnoxious, honest rhymes from 'Ye, and allows us to wrongfully believe it'd be in abundance. DJ Khaled's presence is a mystery, as he doesn't rhyme (of course) or have his hands in production. 7. "Higher" (feat. The-Dream, Pusha-T, Ma$e & Cocaine 80s): Aside from the singles, Hit-Boy's seductive "Higher" is one of the strongest cuts. The-Dream sets the mood with his Auto-Tuned, breathy crooning on a topic he knows well: dinero and dimes. Ma$e comes back to impress. 8. "Sin City" (feat. Travi$ Scott, Teyana Taylor, CyHi the Prynce, Malik Yusef, John Legend): "Higher" seamlessly transitions to the Tommy Brown and Travi$ Scott-produced "Sin City." The dark, eerie synthesized soundscapes are the highlight of the song, as the vocal insertions fail at breaking the monotony. 9. "The One" (Kanye West, Big Sean, 2 Chainz & Marsha Ambrosius): Although the rapper brings in his signature snare drums and 808s for one of the few songs he, himself, produced, "The One" is good but not great. Marsha Ambrosius' vocals, sweeter at any other time, are unrecognizable. Big Sean and 2 Chainz spit mediocre rhymes, while 'Ye teases with an inch of lyrical depth, ironically rapping, "cause everything around me got me underwhelmed." 10. "Creepers" (feat. Kid Cudi): Kid Cudi rides the Dan Black-produced "Creepers" as if it was made for him; shifting into pitches and words of arrogance to showcase a complimentary relationship, sonically and lyrically. 11. "Bliss" (feat. John Legend & Teyana Taylor): Teyana Taylor's beautifully brash voice finally illuminates in the electric-guitar heavy, Hudson Mohawke-produced "Bliss." John Legend's smooth crooning, on the other hand, doesn't go hand in hand with the blending, zippy soundscapes. 12. "I Don't Like" (feat. Pusha T, Kanye West, Big Sean, Chief Keef, Jadakiss): "Cruel Summer" closes on an audacious note, both with punch lines and hard-hitting bass courtesy of Young Chop but refined by Kanye. The remix to Chief Keef's "I Don't Like" assisted the original to peak at No. 20 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

  • dockevoc

    MBDTF is prob my favorite album of the last couple years and I still bump WTT so I was hoping to hear some of that type of sonic boom on this and just didn't get it. Maybe it'll grow on me but as of right now I'm pretty disappointed.

  • Groll

    why the fuck is everybody on Ja rules nuts? the niggas career is ova 50 destroyed this nigga 10 years ago

  • Khalil

    I say tracks 1-9 are the main album, and Creepers, Bliss, and Don't Like are bonus cuts. 1-9 have cohesion which can't be said for too many posse cuts. I would've loved more Common, and definitely some Yasiin Bey and Q-Tip, it was a decent effort. Creepers is good for CuDi fans and Bliss is dope giving that old school 90s R&B feel. The album may not be the best, but it showed that G.O.O.D. Music is flushed with lyrical and production talent.

  • Anonymous

    New digital version dropping later

  • sun_god7

    Pretending that the best tracks were not released in the last year - the album is a 4/5.

  • Anonymous

    A little birdie said Def Jam is cooking up a "deluxe" package for U.S. iTunes which is why it hasn't gone live yet on the store. Could turn out to be just a rumor and just technical difficulties

  • Power

    Solid album 3.5 seems ok.

  • .o.

    this album stinks. verses suck. beats suck. songs are overproduced and just not very good. teyana taylor is a joke. no talent. and the bitch is hideous. big tits and a smashed grill. anybody thats sweating that broad needs to get some loving from a decent looking chick. serious case of the uglies. GOOD music roster is a joke. kanye lost his mind. he's dancing around the house living the reality life with his loose GF dropping wack compilations. ghostface killah is the only good thing about this weak ass album. pusha t will never drop a solo. he's a loser. he's been in the game for almost 20 years, he's a worker. keep working.

  • Murda

    damn,fuk this gay ass "Cruel Summer" gay shit!! Kanye, y'all aint shit!! if Ja Rule didnt gotta go to jail, you'll gotta pay homage and kneel to Ja!! fuk nikkaz!! JA STILL OWNS THIS SHIT!! IT'S MURRDDAAAAA!!!

  • Anonymous

    First half of the album is very good, everything after Cold is passable. 3.5 is fair.

  • sqb

    Time our music took a intellectual path its the age.control system shits on this polished piece of what you donkeys call music .mercy what ?

  • ThaBlackGodX

    Yall bitches are fucking pathetic. There's nothing out within the last year and a half or maybe even longer that's fuckin with this. Well besides Control System. Only passable cut is I Don't Like. "Oh I'm so disappointment with the album". Shut the fuck up pussies. Yall are just making excuses to make yourself feel better because you've stolen from these artists and have no plans on purchasing it. Same with whomever wrote this bullshit review there isn't any mentions of some great music that's on the album they just know they ain't paying for the shit either. If the review was 4.5/5 or higher like it should be then I bet less of yall would have came with these bs ass comments. It just gave yall the perfect excuse to stockpile a bunch of shit to rationalize why you're not gonna pay for it. Fucking pathetic I'm gonna go to best buy after school and cop a few copies. I might even shoot a bootlegger!Goddamnit.

    • Anonymous

      Control System and the pseudo-intellectual who made it can suck my dick.

    • John-Boy

      I purchase all my albums and I can easily say that this album is garbage as fuck. I paid money for this album cause I expected high quality from Kanye and boy was I ''DISAPPOINTED''. If you like then go ahead and bump it. I will not.

    • Anonymous

      there's no way you have a respectable life when you cry on the internet like this homo did above. the album sucks and anybody that likes it has some gay in them. cruel summer.

    • Arson Wells

      So... you stole the album like everybody else, decided you like it, and allegedly plan to buy not one but multiple copies of the CD? Cool. But somebody else "acquires" the album early the same way you did, decides they don't like it, and doesn't intend spend money on something they don't plan to listen to again. This apparently makes them a pussy, a bitch, and pathetic. The problem with this is that the only person rationalizing is you. You're attempting to justify your own thievery by stating that you're purchasing more than one copy. You elitist fuck.

    • Delaware

      COSIGN THIS FUCKING COMMENT great to see fans still alive. Salute my dude

  • Anonymous

    G.O.O.D Music forever

  • Anonymous

    Yall bitches are fucking pathetic. There's nothing out within the last year and a half or maybe even longer that's fuckin with this. Well besides Control System. Only passable cut is I Don't Like. "Oh I'm so disappointment with the album". Shut the fuck up pussies. Yall are just making excuses to make yourself feel better because you've stolen from these artists and have no plans on purchasing it. Same with whomever wrote this bullshit review there isn't any mentions of some great music that's on the album they just know they ain't paying for the shit either. If the review was 4.5/5 or higher like it should be then I bet less of yall would have came with these bs ass comments. It just gave yall the perfect excuse to stockpile a bunch of shit to rationalize why you're not gonna pay for it. Fucking pathetic I'm gonna go to best buy after school and cop a few copies. I might even shoot a bootlegger!

  • Zero

    Looking back at everything Kanye West dropped - from The College Dropout to Watch The Throne - this one is definitelly the weakest. Than again first it's not a Kanye West album and second it's still better than 90% of the crap you hear. It's a good 3.5 - 4.

  • Anonymous

    album was mediocre, hiphopdx making shitty album reviews as usual

  • dante

    Pretty average. I wish Mos Def had made an appearance.

  • Anonymous

    R. Kelly makes the first song. What are ya'll on?

  • TheDUke

    R.Kelly went to far, kanye killed the song though. The song with Ma$e is good. All the singles were good. The One was good too. The album was not as good as I was expecting, but still better than 95% of the crap out there.

  • phuckyall

    This here is a little weak, not very G.O.O.D. 3/5

  • Ross

    Disappointed with the album

  • Blvck g0d 5%

    this album is waaaay too soft and corny for me..just sayin, there's like 3 songs on it that i can fuck with, other than that its ass cheeks..

  • Anonymous

    "R. Kelly absolutely butchers an otherwise promising cut in To the World, with a needlessly Auto-Tuned and incredibly obnoxious hook." LMAO when i heard that snippet of this track i was thinkin the same shit like 'damn..rkelly fuckin up on this one'

  • N/A

    Common one of the dopest Emcee's of all time is only on one track. Then you have Q Tip who's one of the most slept on Emcee's of all time and he's not feat on the album nor did he do any Production #GTFOHWTBS Mr West. Why is Q Tip part of the G.O.O.D. Music Family if he's not gonna be featured on the album? Good album but it's not great I still say Nas's "Life is Good" will be album of the year. Best track on the album is the "New God Flow" extended version where Ghostface gets to spit as well. Kim has Kanye all sprung and the Brotha isn't thinking right if he had some sense he would of even dropped a "Mercy" Remix feat Jay Z,Q Tip, Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli & GLC. This album was suppose to be the hypest thing of the Summer and I was so disapointed in it. Mr West you need to get back to making the type of Hip Hop you made on "The College drop out"

    • carAnthony

      Co-sign my bruh... Absolutely!!! I was believing in features from Yasiin & Q-Tip, and also something from Talib, Lupe or Nas! That Cruel Summer show Mainstream way of G.O.O.D. Music, but not dat fuckin' classic G.O.O.D. Music I was believing in it. Fuckin' loss for hip-hop!

    • casper21

      I couldn't agree more, especially the part about his going back to College Dropout days, I thought I was the only one who wants to see that Kanye reemerge.

    • Tom

      I feel the same way, agree with everything you said. Common's only on one song, and nothing from Mos Def, Q-Tip, or Talib? I was hoping for a possible verse from Lupe, too. Meanwhile, multiple 2 Chainz tracks and a remix for a Chief fucking Keef song? This was not the G.O.O.D. album that I was expecting.

  • HipHopDX


  • Andre Allen

    Am I the only one who felt 2 Chainz stepped up his game on this album? No hes not Nas or Talib or anything but compare his rhymes on Based on a T.R.U to his rhymes on this album. Its like Ye sat him down and was like " liesten dude, for some reason your hot right now but get your shit together and dont embarrass us with rhymes like pussy so clean I could go to church in it. What the fuck does that even mean. Why would you go to church in someones pussy?? Tighten up your rhymes"

    • Zero

      Nah, I think you're right. I exptected to always get the urgent feeling of hitting "mute" but than he was much better than I expected. Than again, I'd always choose a Cyhi The Prynce verse over a 2 Chainz one and I'm still disappointed that 2 Chainz got so many appearences compared to others.

    • you idiot

      soooo, you only wear clean clothes when you go to church?

    • D

      You go to church in clean clothing.. there's no way you're stupid enough to not get that line

    • Anonymous

      2 Chainz "stepping up" his rhymes is still not note worthy. Might as well be a Gucci Mane feature.

  • Anonymous


  • j

    gotta admit khaled is responsible for bringing out todays miami hip hop

  • Tha Handyman

    I actually liked To the World. Too much 2 Chainz, and Cheif Queef appearing on the album is disrespectful to hip-hop

  • Duke

    i was done with this review after this motherfucker said "Clique" was outstanding. what should have been an easy track these 3 should have murdered turns out to be some piece of shit that 2chainz coulda done better on. and he's a fucking retard.

  • Anonymous

    it was just ok, not even as good as watch the throne, and that wasnt great

  • Anonymous

    the only good thing of this album was RAEKWONS verse

  • Anonymous

    Average lyrics ..good beats..ok album nothing great

  • Anonymous

    hating on bliss... fuck you review fakkit

  • dontgiveaf

    fuck your review bitch

  • Anonymous

    I have to admit "Birthday" by Kanye and 2 Chainz bumps like a motherfucker.

  • Heat

    MMG, Good Music, Jay Z, Wayne keep the speakers happy. No I don't want to listen to your boring rapper.

  • Anonymous

    Didn't read the review, this shit is NICE. Been listening to it since last week. GFID is also on deck.

  • FIRE

    Kanye is brilliant. You slow motherfuckers with NO rythm, no swag, and stuck in the past can't hang.

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Yawl nerds trying your best to defend that horrible SH album by crapping on this REAL MUSIC album. ALL the singles are already hits and the album is heat.

  • Anonymous

    Big Sean and 2 Chainz singlehandedly fucked this CD up lol.

  • Anonymous


  • nate

    terrible review, forgot to mention Sin City, didn't talk about absence of Q-Tip, didn't talk about how kanye is constantly re-inventing the game

  • Anonymous

    you faggots voting on an album you didnt even buy



  • Anonymous

    all these compilation albums have flopped hard as fuck. Only hope left is Kendrick and TDE.

  • Anonymous

    MMG self made 2 was way better than this!!!

  • allah da creator

    Why did I remove it

  • Hidden By Leaves

    The version I DL'd off of soulseek didn't include the Ghostface god flow. With that being said I am deleting the entire shit off my ipod and pc now.

  • hate

    I think this album sucks because it just sucks. The production and song concept is lacking. I know it's a compilation album, but it sounds overproduced. Too much experimentation without substance.

  • Youngindy21

    Cruel Summer was just okay to me. It wasn't all that great. There is too much Big Sean and Pusha T and not enough Kid Cudi, Mr Hudson and Common and No Mos Def/Yassin Bey. Plus it didn't help that we heard most of the songs on the album before the album was released. I gotta agree with everybody else in that I probably won't be listening to this album a lot.

    • The Future

      I totally agree with your points. It's not that the album is bad but it's not great. The production was over the top but again lacked the substance within the conent. I say this all the time Kanye makes great production for lyricist such as Mos Def, Nas, Common, Joe Budden would kill but instead has Big Sean, Pusha or 2 CHainz on it that don't talk about anything. Another big problem I have with Kanye is the same problem I had with his MBDTF album. We heard half this album prior to it's release which lowers the excitement of the album, especially with it only being 12 tracks!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Big Sean's Detroit sounds better than Cruel Summer.

  • Joe

    It's a compilation album. Calm down. And it's the best compilation album in a long time. Name 3 compilation albums that you'll play 1 year or two after the release? exactly, they rarely ever have that kind of appeal. GOOD music isnt a group for a reason. It's better than the young money trash compilation and the Maybach Music compilation, that for sure.

    • Anonymous

      Tech n9ne - welcome 2 strangeland, Tech n9ne - Gates Mixed Plate, Tech n9ne - MLK Misery Loves Kompany....3 BAD ASS COMPILATIONS FOR YOU ASS

  • Anonymous

    will you be listening to "Clique", "Don't Like", "Cold", "Mercy", "Creepers" or "To The World", 5 years from now ? heck ... is there even one song on the album that has long lasting appeal ?

  • Hiphophead9

    i meant the album's trash not the review

  • heyheyhey

    This review is garbage. Sure the CD is shorter than anyone would have liked but there's only one not so good track. I was skeptical of the r kelly track when I saw the feature but its by far the best song. Production is some of the best I've heard. Songs arent your typical verse-chorus-verse-chorus.. which makes it unique. Best compilation CD out there. Any kanye fan won't be disappointed. Don't let this fool tell you otherwise 5/5

    • Anonymous

      what album were you listening to? this album was all over the place, songs were basically all singles and most tracks he placed there just because

    • Anonymous

      a lot of Kanye fans are disappointed. This is the worst thing to come from Kanye's direction.

  • Anonymous

    Ja was asked to be on the album, but he said he'd rather serve time.

  • hector

    Its a tough album. Everyone show cases their talent on this one. G.O.O.D Music !

  • Trash

    It's Kanye West's GOOD Music, but this album is trash. Let's be honest. It's sounds overproduced with too many different melodies and bridges on one songs. New God Flow, Mercy, Too Cold are the only "Hip Hop" sounding tracks. The other tracks are on some Drake sounding vibe. I guess that what selling these days. The Drake and Watch The Throne sound.

  • Yeezy Himself

    Real talk, S/O to yeezy for being different, trying somethin new, being experimental. I love his old shit just like everyone else, but what u so called "fans" fail to realize is the College Dropout vibe will not sell today like it did then. Kanye got bills to pay and a Through the Wire Part 2 is not gonna keep the lights on. Do you yeezy, i support everything you do. even if i disagree with a nigga or two you signed, i got mad respect and i believe you know what you doin.

    • bizzalls

      Yeezy Himself, you must be a complete retard. Kanye's got bills to pay???? What the fuck are you talkin about? Kanye is rich as fuck you retard! Another thing, whatever Kanye puts out is gonna sell! If he went back to his old sound it would sell just as much, you idiot. Hahahaha, "kanye's got bills to pay..." what a jackass.

    • Hmm

      You right that's it good to experiment, but he's beats are starting to sound overproduced. Too much shit going on one song. And I definitely understand he's got to pay bills cus he is going for a different demographic, the young, flashy, rich kids who are new to his sound. because l doubt these new fans would like College Dropout or Late Registration. They probably lik his last album and Watch The Throne.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I'm tired of all these projects being released with a tiny amount of songs. To make matters worse, they release half the songs too early.

  • T

    I didn't even have huge expectations, but I was really disappointed with this. Way too much Big Sean, 2 Chainz etc. and not enough (or any) of Common, Q-Tip, Mos, Hudson etc. I get Kanye is trying to get the lesser established guys attention, but damn. Big Sean on half the tracks is a travesty. And you get an R. Kelly feature and all it is is corniness and "put your middle fingers up"? Disappointing. You gotta do something good with that feature. Cudi's track is awful. I love John Legend, but that track was as average of an R&B song as there is. Cold has no business being on an album like this. So average.

  • kaka tha kaka

    Waiting to be torn apart g.o.o.d music fu.k kanye west and group ha ha ha fu.k Q TIP kanye is bitch nigga. kanye not g.o.o.d kanye is gay nigga

    • Anonymous

      Awww did your mommy not give you enough attention as a child? Go and slit your wrist or something and get drunk and cry about how pathetic your life is. Not a stan just don't like people using such blasphemy. If you don't like it just say so and keep it moving. Simple

  • ikon

    its one thing to have your own opinion, calling it shit or saying its amazing is perfectly fine, but dont fuckin force your opinion on anyone elses, if you think its shit, a next man might think its great, doesnt mean you have to go comment on his shit like "wtf were u listening to? this was garbage!" but anyways, albums good, wasnt good enough to be pushed back an extra month

  • Anonymous

    Music just as every other form of art is subjective. No matter how great something is to someone it can be complete garbage to the person standing next to them. With that being said whoever wrote this doesn't know G.o.o.D. Music

  • Anonymous

    it's a decent album but if u were expecting anything like The Good Friday songs, ur gonna be highly dissappointed. It's a weird mixture songs but songs like The One, To the world, the morning, new god flow really make the album. It no doubt could've been better but atleast Kanye tries to be different.#2.5/5

  • Anonymous

    Simple/Closed-Minded folk won't get it. Artistry at it's finest

    • Anonymous

      You're right concerning the ones that were dropped as singles. As all singles have the purpose of being for the masses(not only small/closed-minded but pple with ADHD also). I should have been more specific. I meant the six songs that weren't released pre-album release.

    • Anonymous

      Nice spin lol. The truth is this album IS for the simple minded. I love seeing people try to defend commercial rap and act like there are some hidden advanced messages in the songs.

  • Anonymous

    You're worried bout the wrong thangs,the wrong thangs. You're worried bout the wrong thangs,the wrong thangs.

  • Chris

    This album is beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    no mention of sin city? that songs fuckin awesome

  • gbladdr

    The album's pretty good. 4 stars. Production and overall sound is top-notch, which is expected from a perfectionist like Kanye. Rae, Ghost, Jay and Mase were welcome guest spots. Most of the tracks have replay value. On the other hand, as expected, Big Sean and 2 Chainz were mediocre. Didn't think 'Don't Like' deserved to be on the album. Also, would've appreciated Mos Def, Q-Tip, and more Common on the album.

  • Cmon Son

    This album was so half hearted. And the person who wrote this review is a moron. Hip Hop Dx is losing credibility.

  • John-Boy

    Can't agree with the reviewer on this one. I'm a huge Kanye fan but I was seriously disappointed by this album. My favorite song is Mercy and thats been out for four months!! This might be weaker than the YMCMB collabO album.

  • Adrian

    hmmm ... I see people making excuses like only old heads hate the album. Well I'm 19 and seriously this was underwhelming as hell. 12 tracks and half of them have already been released weeks in advance. I've heard better produced mixtapes.

  • Anonymous

    If this very same album were to say Young Money on the cover yall would call it garbage. Just call a spade a spade and admit this sucks.

  • don

    okay its no watch the thrown

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    WTF??? DX shits on the R Kelly song? You fucking serious? That joint is hot to death. No need to read the rest of this weirdo's review.

  • no GOOD

    Really dull and boring as a whole...the only song i'd really play is Clique. The rest is just yawn worthy. And yes people I am a Kanye (G.O.O.D Music) fan so i KNOW this album could've been a LOT better. 2/5

  • realtalk82

    The One and The Morning>>>>>>>>>> Why weren't these dope cuts not even mentioned? Okay so i was kinda dissappointed about having hear only a few new tracks but it's better than I first thought. Still could have been waaaay better.

  • Anonymous

    its a subpar album. thats all you can say about it. too bad common, who had the best part of the whole probject, was only allowed to spit 8 bars ugh

  • Anonymous

    DX and all you nerds need to wake up to where Hip-hop is NOW. It's not the 90's anymore and that's a GOOD thing. People who grew up on 90's stuff were tired of it by 2000. Art is always evolving, Hip-hop is NO different. Kanye understands this. Old heads hated 90's rap too. Said NWA was bad. Said Pac was bad. Said P.E. was dangerous.

    • Idiots

      It's not about change, you idiots. It's about the change being wack. Rza changed the game when he came out with Wu tang and people liked it because it was still Hip Hop with a raw sound. When Kanye and Just Blaze came out they changed the game with a soulful sound and people liked it. Kanye is trying to blend Hip Hop and Pop melodies hence his last album and Watch The Throne with is making the production sound overproduced. The chants, the tribal drums can only do so much before they start to be come annoying. Just like when people overplayed the chipmunk sound that RZA started on beats. People stopped doing it. Sometimes the change sounds good and sometimes is just wack.

    • gamblarjones

      Change and evolution are different things. DX gives praise to nearly everything Kanye's ever done, and they appropriately roast a lyrically inferior album with no story-telling, poor braggadocio and endless douchebaggery a better than average album and you lose your shit? Hiphop has evolved. Kanye has evolved. This is Kanye's devolution and I hope he learns from it. Half these clowns don't deserve to carry his jock.

    • ikon

      your speakin the truth man, these nerds are afraid of change. art is evolution, where would we be in life if we were afraid to evolve and step forward

  • Pleeze DX

    SH has a better rating? LOLOLOL!!!!!! Really HHDX? REALLY? Um no.

  • NICE

    I don't EVEN want to hear it from the lames today. This album is hot. AND it's not typical sounding beats or lyrics. Great job Kanye and the others on it.

  • Randy Dockery

    On Repeat All Day

  • Anonymous

    5 stars except maybe one song.

  • Yamz

    It had its moments, but was completely unmemorable

  • trooth

    i thought the best song was the I don't like remix. then new god flow. besides that its solid but not really my taste.

  • Anonymous

    i hated the album gave it a listen twice then deleted it

  • GOOD Music

    I think the GOOD Music roster could be better than what it is get rid of the likes of Big Sean (wack rapper) Mr Hudson (don't get the point of him being on GOOD) 2 Chainz (I know he's not signed but just stop getting him on songs) ... use the likes of Cyhi the Prynce & Mos Def to their full potential and sign the likes of Talib Kweli (would help him be the Talib we all know he can be) Oddisee (dude is dope first class producer dope rapper on top!) Lupe Fiasco (well I mean he should've signed him back in the day) Wale (should've got him before he signed to MMG) replace Teyana Taylor with Estelle. And well I could go on all day but I ain't gonna waste my time with fictional shit, I mean if I got the money Rick Ross get's for rapping about "fictional shit" I could go on all day.

  • yoann

    It's just an GOOD MUSIC album. Nothing more !! Yeezy has reinvented the art of rap...

  • krizz kaliko

    rest in the peace kanye west only waka flocka flame only nicky minaj looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  • Anonymous

    cruel garbage. I have; - money - bitches - bla, bla bla

  • Anonymous

    How can that laughterhouse weed plate have a better rating than this?

  • Anonymous

    the problem is people were expecting a kanye album. truth be told kanye is the only artist on good that is on kanye's level.


    Once I get on two, hits of X My disk slips and disconnects 'til I walk around this bitch with a twisted neck But still shit on the first bitch who disrespects (c'mon, I'll shit on you!) Over reaction is my only reaction Which only sets off a chain reaction And puts five more zainiac than maniacs in action A rat pack in black jackets who pack ten Nine millimeters, five criminals pulling heaters And spilling liters of blood like swimming pools Shiesty individuals shoot at bitches too {*bullets spray*} A lot of people say misogynistic which is true I don't deny it matter of fact I stand by it So please stand by it before we start up a damn riot If you don't wanna get stampeded then stand quiet Boy, girl, dog, woman, man, child (I'll shit on you!)

  • diz

    First off you are all incredibly unaware of what the actual album holds. Itunes does not have the full album. Do you think YE would RELEASE a track list with a full leak if he didn't have some ridiculous plan? Think of watch the throne all songs completely unexpected except for one "Otis". Go and actually buy the album I promise all of your expectations will be succeeded. GOOD has a plan and it is about to smash the industry. Get your facts straight and pay attention to the news thats right in front of your face. Several artists on GOOD or that participated in the album hence, kendrick and frank ocean will be on the tracklist. Buy the album and shut up.

  • Imma Chill

    slaughter house album fuckin' sucks and it get better rating than this wtf. Fuckin' biased reviewers can suck big dick and eat ass, literally.


    Posse albums are always hard to pull off and I am a big fan of Ye, John Legend, & Jay but this is a 3-3.5 album at most. I have to say I'm disappointed in it. Some good solid tracks but overall nothing I would bump day to day. So far for *Major Label* albums of the year so far go to Life is Good & God Forgives, I Don't.

  • youngvito79

    Are u guys kidding me?? This album is great!! Way better than that garbage Slaughterhouse album.. U little kids don't know real Hip Hop is and are totally ruining it..

  • Anonymous

    im one of the biggest G.O.O.D. Music fans and im disappointed

  • Supreme Dope Dealer

    Very good album.

  • Willmatic

    I've always thought that HipHopDX was a trustworthy for a good review, but this is pretty ignorant. I don't disagree with the score but what hip-hop reviewer is ignorant enough to think that DJ Khaled really doesn't do anything? Read a proper review http://bit.ly/Uc5h4v

  • Anonymous

    ...G.O.O.D. music, literally and figuratively...

  • sever246

    appropriate rating the album is nothing special and I will most likely not listen to it after 2 weeks or so

  • jleVrt

    Not a bad album at all- better than MMG's or YMCMB's, but I expected many more features from GOOD artists, many more tracks, and much more cohesiveness.

  • Bubba

    That R. Kelly track was the only song that stood out for me. His voice was great on that track. This website is just full of assholes who can't review. i know they're just opinions but goddamn. This album was mediocre. I still like it but only for To the World, The morning, and creepers.

  • Bubba

    That R. Kelly track was the only song that stood out for me. His voice was great on that track. This website is just full of assholes who can't review. i know they're just opinions but goddamn. This album was mediocre. I'm still gonna buy it but only for To the World, The morning, and creepers.

  • Anonymous

    all them motherfuckers at good are garbage cept common n yasiin

  • kilobravo

    Not bad...could've had a few more songs. The Kid Cudi song is AWFUL...and I would've liked to here Q-Tip and Mos Def(nka Yasiin Bey)on at least one cut. 3 and a 1/2 out of 5 is a fair rating.

  • Anonymous

    The only thing particularly interesting about Cold is that DJ Khaled is listed as a feature, adding further to his mysterious legacy of being the most credited-for-doing-nothing personality in Hip Hop history. This is so true



  • Anonymous

    the track with r.kelly is solid wtf he talking about

  • Anonymous


    • gamblarjones

      How do you write a review of art without a hint of personality? It's completely subjective. Even in critiquing technical aspects, most of it isn't fact based. The agenda here is far from personal. DX has given Kanye his props on almost everything he's ever done. They're just calling a spade a spade. This album is a huge letdown compared to the standard that he's set. It still got 3.5 stars... that's a 7 out of 10. Quit being such a bitch.

    • Anonymous

      like every commentator who visits this site?

  • Anonymous

    very solid album in my opinion..

  • Anonymous

    you faggots voting on a album you didnt even buy

  • Anonymous

    how did so many of you hear the album already ?

  • kaiko niggazz

    If he is a rapper If he is rich So what gives the album? One hundred percent of the rappers he looks great wealth

  • Jay

    The album has no substance.. No meaning.. Kid Cudi's track doesn't fit in... Teyana Taylor's voice sounds off like her vocals weren't mixed well.. Kanye West now rapes about irrelevant ish.. Can't relate to any of this.. Watch The Throne was way better and I bet they didn't even record together as one unit because the tracks don't even blend well. Very disappointed

  • Anonymous


  • Bpayne

    Yo.. I decided to Give this shit a Chance. a Quality that I decidedly have been giving to albums that I Really know deep down inside that I should not be giving chances too.. hoping maybe some dope shit from the Kanye college days would surface.. I was Very Wrong.. I listened to it once and Grimmaced.. listened to it twice to make sure I didn't miss something Needed.. Realized I didn't and within 2 hours that wack shit got deleted.. peace

  • Mak

    Any review author that still doesn't know that Mos Def changed his name to Yasiin Bey doesn't qualify as a legit opinion to me. Ain't yall supposed to know shit?

  • alhosseinamir

    its just OKAY at best just so so beats and bullshit verses , no content no rap techniques at all even a bit boring (thank god its short) so good that its not getting over hyped by fake reviews (like MBDTF) too bad its gonna sell at least 500k first week

  • Anonymous

    Kanye is my favorite artist but his group album sucks ... no war around it. I'll bump a few songs, even though I had them WEEKS AGO on itunes.

  • Anonymous

    album is average wake up faggots

  • GRBY

    Wayyyy too much Big yawn. Cyhi is boring as well. Pusha killed it tho. Production was fire for the most part.

  • Anonymous

    I cant believe i'm reading album of the year and decade in these threads some people are delusional. I really wanted to like this but yet again bullshit ye verses for 13yr old white kids another cunt bringing skin colour into the mix racist faggot

  • Kaliym

    I actually enjoyed the album thoroughly. I love the production and chemistry between the artists. And I love Kanye's progression over the years, as both a producer and a rapper. Although I feel that Kid Cudi track should've been thrown away (as much as I like his music, it posed no benefit to the work as a whole) and Common should have appeared more, I can't see this album as less than a 4/5 by any means.

    • Jay

      Don't be Stans people. This album is NOT 4 stars 2-3 at best.. I can tell most of you enjoy that radio BS... This album makes no sense. It has no message at all and there is little chemistry as a whole. Kid Cudi won't make any new fans with that track and Lil Sean and 2barz talk about the same crap over and over. Just because you are a fan doesn't mean you have to be a yes man.

    • Amirhossssein

      lol talk about chemistry and think about a song which features Common and 2chainz at the same damn time....... lol

  • Anonymous

    the wu came thru and pulled these guys skirts up on they on album, lmao... agreed

  • Anonymous

    12 tracks is not an album for me but that being said, its pretty decent 6.5/10

  • Big Boss

    Songs have no meanings besides creepers and there is way too much Big Sean and 2chainz

  • Anonymous

    cruel SUMMER is the best There is a great album

  • Michael

    Smh at this bias post. Some bloggers just dont like Ye and his works. All i know is This Cruel Summer is better than MMG's Selfmade 2. Who is running shit today??????? G.O.O.D. Music!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    the wu came thru and pulled these guys skirts up on they on album, lmao...

  • Anonymous

    I cant believe i'm reading album of the year and decade in these threads some people are delusional. I really wanted to like this but yet again bullshit ye verses for 13yr old white kids

  • Anonymous

    I guess the author of this article completely missed the point. This is a GOOD Music Complilation album not a Kanye album. With that said I think 3.5 is based off of the 'over the roof' expectation. I think the album deserves a 4.

  • Dale

    This album is fire. The only weak point is I Dont Like. Everything else is amazing. I think 3.5 is too low, I would give it at least 4

  • HipHopGuru

    I have to admit this review was on point....but im not sure if the score should be that low.....4/5 for me.....it was just as good as Watch the THrone overall. The worst song is I Dont like REmix actually. I cant wait for Kwest's next solo album. It should be a good one

  • Locke

    THIS! so glad yasin is no where near this, he's on a higher plateau than these dudes..wouldnt want these guys influencing his creative direction right now, he's on some dilla and madlib shit (the real good music) Although too bad Common got sucked in.

  • Anonymous

    so glad yasin is no where near this, he's on a higher plateau than these dudes..wouldnt want these guys influencing his creative direction right now, he's on some dilla and madlib shit (the real good music)

  • Trent

    Force feeding the sheeple.. cool that shit, Kanye.

  • Steffan _00

    Album is better than having front row seats at this months Galliano fashion show * Only poor people do not like this album ...If you love fashion,art,new concepts you will love this -- 5* for the sublime album cover alone

    • Amirhossssein

      lol yeah hiphop IS fashion im pretty sure DJ Kool herc was thinkin about fashion when he was starting this shit did u know Kanye is designing women shoes?? that shit is embarrassing as fuck

    • bruno-french

      Hip Hop is fashion ...If you do not like Good Music -Fashion ..Then this is why your life is so grey and boring P.S i live in the south Of France --Basement is for hired help !

    • H.Kohr

      what the fuck has fashion to do with music. fashion is for faggots. leave hiphop alone.

    • Anonymous

      Or homosexual white teenagers such as yourself who pretend they have money, while blogging from their mothers basement. :)

  • yeah...

    this album is still good, everybody just overhyped themselves, by thinking every bit of info was correct, shit Malik was the worst info giver ever; Mos def features, 18 tracks, etc. Bliss is actually a dope song DX, you retards, but I can agree that I Don't Like shouldn't be on there, the cover of Coldplay's Paradise should've been there to finish it out or something. This is probably one of the most sloppiest album releases because of all of the misinformation; 3 changed release dates, fake Deluxe editions, Malik Yusef's bullshit tweets, and 12 tracks (with 5 songs already heard), but I'm still going to buy it.

  • triPAUD

    the whole first paragraph isn't very correct at all.

  • 2-K

    Album is good but not Great Could've been better

  • Amirhossssein

    faaaaaaaaaaaail try again kanye had a G.O.O.D laugh while listening to it just soft beats and random bullshit verses(excluding Pusha and Common) lol even pusha wasnt that great on this album Dropout> Registration> Graduation > MBDTF > WTT> Cruel Summer kanye's been falling ever since he started this shit lol thats funny

  • Kanye West Is The Best Rapper

    Cool Summer will go down as the best album of the decade. The cover art alone is revelutionary. Kanye West is a musical creative genius. He separates himself from the rest because his music is art. Biggie only had 2 albums, nas has never been double platinum, Jay-Z is illuminati, and 2pac was overrated. This is why Kanye West is the best rapper. And he's dating Kloe Kardashian, he really has it all. He's the modern day Da Vinci, and his album cover is his 'Mona Lisa'. He's improved a lot since My Dark Twisted Beautiful Fantasy. This album is a masterpiece.

    • HiiiPoWeR

      Nope, it's just trolling.

    • Amirhossssein

      lol kanye ??? best rapper?? he's a "good" artist he can make beats i give him that but he is average at best in rapping so definitely he is not best rapper this cover art (like WTT's) is just a failed act in trying to be "Classic" and shit this album is one of the worst hiphop releases of the year (if u can put this in the hip hop category) lol if jay is illu then def kanye is a ball sucking and ass licking one and son go read some reviews for this album and u'll find out that even media can not defend this piece of shit and do your researches before opening that big fuckin mouth , Biggie's last abum is near Diamond (which kanye will never achieve in a million years of being called genius and shit by the media) and kanye's most selling album is his first (and only great album) which is just triple plat kanye is rapping about money and power and bitches , and u think people can relate to that shit ? maybe if he rapped about not being able to buy gas for a ride or not having a house or shit like that , then people could relate to

    • gamblarjones

      That has to be some of the dumbest shit ever spewed on this site.

    • bruno-french

      Yes i agree he is modern day Bob Dylan/Bob Marley -- He rap about stuff everyone can relate to he is the best rapper ever::: PERIOD

  • ETK

    too much Titty Boi, too much Medium Sean, Pusha T I can live with... NOT ENOUGH COMMON. NOT ENOUGH MOS DEF.. really tho, where the fuck is he 3 stars

  • bruno-french

    This is one of the best albums of the past 2 years ... I love the way this album feels so European with the tecno & house beats -- 5*

  • Anonymous

    swag fashion money bitches thats the album FAILL G.O.O.O.D MUSICK MORE LIKE F.A.K.E MUSIC 3 ok songs

  • Ennyday

    I like this album,dont know what's wrong about you guys

    • HiiiPoWeR

      It's all about opinion if YOU like the album great, you won't be the only. But in a lot of other people's opinions it falls short of what it could be.

  • Anonymous

    this album is not that good to much hype for nothing i think cruel summer movie sucked too thats why its not real eased

  • The Professional

    Is this album really worth buying honestly?


    This review of the album is terrible. I am a fan of Dx but this review has a total disregard for the music and the way this album flows. Kanye made and album that I think musically is great and deserves 4/5. The tracks are taken to a different level because of the music and production used. This album could have been a mess...a total waste. I think Kanye putting the music with the artist in the way that he has needs to be taken into account with the review. It seems that we are starting to be "to" critical of what he might be saying and not considering the entire package. I think this album should make your "On second thought" end of the year review. This album is awesome...don't hate on it because you think you have to. -Over and Out

    • iknowbetterthanyou

      lol bro u cant even talk Eng properly and you're sayin that DX got it wrong? this album is hot and puuuuuuure garbage just mainstream repetitive bullshit, musically it cant even be branded a "Hiphop" album its a 2/5 for me though that 2 is just because of new god flow and some of Pusha's verses anjavascript:void(null)d Common's verse(which unfortunately was the shortest verse of the album) rest is just pure garbage

  • Anonymous

    This sounds like Watch The Throne Part 2...It's not bad...But not that great either. I just wish it had more substance...I'm tired of hearing about swag and fashion and bullshit from Kanye...He came into the game talking about real ass topics on that first album... Now he just name drops fashion designers on every other song and tries to come up with weird punchlines.

  • firealarm

    good for what it is. It's a compilation album I didn't expect it to be on par with Ye's solo efforts.

  • Aboudi Basma

    7 great songs out of 12 is quite amazing regarding the whole album was made in just 3 months, people should take that into consideration. kanye is a genius.