One of latest viral sensations amongst suburbanites and the college circuit is Aer, a duo aiming to rule the summer with a sound that attempts new ground combining Rap and the familiarity of acoustic Pop. Arriving on the heels of the flirty courting anthem “Like The Way” and the egotistical “Floats My Boat,” The Bright Side is Aer’s carefree fun debut album dedicated to the highlights of younger adulthood.

The Bright Side
is a play on words, as David von Mering and Carter Schultz hail from Brighton, Massachusetts making music that takes a lighthearted approach to life. Most comparable to the relaxed routine of LFO alongside a slight nod to Sublime’s Reggae leanings, Aer appeals to frat houses and other places associated with kids living on easy street. As their sensibilities ensure a wide audience, “Go” proclaims, “Mathletes, track meets, artsy girls all bumping this song/Fuck your clique, if you think this shit wont stick you happen to be wrong.” The mellow vibe of “Medina” and the homage to Reggae on “It’s A New Day” evidently accompany the topic material of “If You Want (Trees)” (as the group likens themselves to small time drug dealers) and the jubilant “Huh? What? Why you gotta ruin my buzz?” chant of “Kush In My Pockets.”

While overall a reminder of less worries that come with youth, Aer’s rare earnest moments like “On The Low” are hard to take serious due to a lack of originality, repetitive melodies, and untrained singing that can be overlooked in factoring their broad demographic. Any debate on whether or not they contribute substance is overshadowed by a present frenzy, as The Bright Side is packed with feel good vibes that could possibly find the laid back David and Carter giving voices to campus students from all over this Fall.