Necro - The Murder Murder Kill Kill Double EP

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If nothing else, Necro knows what his fans yearn for, and he delivers.

The name Necro has carried a strong significance in the Hardcore Hip Hop scene since his beginnings well over a decade ago. That strength has grown through Psycho+Logical Records, while Necro has simultaneously strengthened his career in music and moved his art into film. Now, the Brooklyn, New York emcee/producer is releasing his Murder Murder Kill Kill double EP as he and Kool G. Rap prepare to release their collaborative Godfathers LP. With Necro's first single being "Howard Stern," audiences should know what to expect. The pleasant surprise is that while Necro is a master at shocking the masses, this project is much more than that.

There’s more than meets the eye on Murder Murder Kill Kill, even though the title’s sinister vibe is apropos. Personal lyrics always add to his tales of hardship with details that make them come to life. “My pops was in The Six-Day War,” he rhymes on “For the Streets.” “He came to New York with a military mentality, very hardcore.” Fans of Necro’s brand of Hip Hop will enjoy the outlandish claims he makes on “Porno Game Crucifixion” or “Howard Stern,” where he name checks several celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Nicole Scherzinger and Kristen Stewart, among others. His multisyllabic rhyme scheme comes to life on “The Godfathers,” which includes a show-stealing verse from Kool G. Rap. As the two trade bars, it drums up the excitement for their upcoming collaboration. More than anything though, Necro shows that he’s as aggressive as ever behind the mic with his signature growl.

Diversity in the instrumentation creates a helpful flow to the album. Take the smooth sound of the aforementioned “For the Streets,” as a change of pace from the more in-your-face instrumental behind “Gore!” to note the changes that take place here. By adding such a multicultural flip on the beat with the hook, there’s an unexpected depth to the track. Still, hooks can improve at other points, like on “Raw Talent” and “No Concern,” the latter being a spewfest of enough F bombs to add to the controversy surrounding Chick-fil-A as of late. Nevertheless, there’s something to say about Necro's versatile production, exemplified on cuts like “Rabbi Holding Guns” and “Rock the Kazbah.” “Tough Jew” also adds to this, with a great sample to match Necro’s rhymes flawlessly.

If nothing else, Necro knows what his fans yearn for, and he delivers. Murder Murder Kill Kill will be a treat for longtime fans and new ones of his gory style, but it doesn’t do too much to bring in other audiences. In fact, it may be the reason others turn away. Sticking to what has made him successful, this EP is an aggressive body of work, gruesome and full of horror, the only way Necro fans would have it. So while there are some instances where there is more than meets the eye, for the most part Necro truly does bring it like “Howard Stern,” and continues to shock and awe.


  • Ibrar

    Great Album, One of the Best Albums of 2012. Yeahh MotherFucka

  • bizzalls

    Let's face it. Necro can rap AND he can make good beats. This is only an EP, not a real album. To the people saying he should rap abot something different, that's his lane, his style, he's never gonna switch it up, that wouldnt make sense.

  • Brizz

    As usual hes on point with the beats, the content is what it is with necro, maybe a little more introspective at times now but not nearly what im hoping for. But he shouldnt change for anyones sake but his own and when you put on a necro album you know wuz up. Love his beats to death and thats why i give all his projects a good listen. 3.5

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ anybody who is over 16 and still likes the way Necro raps. Lyrically, he comes off like an overgrown 12 year old with the graphic sex & violence stuff that makes it seem likes is over compensating for the Sex Life & Tough Guy persona that he doesnt have in real life. I've seen dude's twitter account, he's annoying in real life as well so thats no surprise, he be like "HEY GUYS I JUST TOOK A SMELLY SHIT DERP!!!!" SMH Only way to judge this guy is on the beats, and in that area this shit rides, alot of these beats sound kinda old to me tho, at least half the album, like "Schizophrenia" and the first track sound like they were leftovers from that hot streak he had producing all those albums top to bottom for ill bill, q unique & them. I'll give it a 3/5 I guess Beats = 3/5, decent but he's done alot better Rhymes = 3/5 , technically rhyming words together he's straight outside of the lisp that grates on your nerves after a while Content = LOL

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^ I have more respect for people who make mediocre pop music with skanks then people who rap like overgrown 12 year olds at 36, lol How can anybody really defend this guy, he's like that cousin that you pray doesnt come to your wedding and humiliate you in front of your wifes family. Guy is 36 talking bout "I RAPE YOUR PUSSY CAUSE I'M A JEWISH GAGSTA DERPIDY DERP DERP DERP!!!" lol, fuck outta here with this guy, like seriously Necro is the biggest waste of beats in history. His production all day is crazy but he has the kind of content I would have come up with at 10 years old the first time I got a hard dick, its not even scary or "Brutal" as he likes to say, its juvenile & pathetic. That middle school kid who has to try and be as disgusting as possible to get other kids to pay attention to him, remember him??..... Necro is him all grown up And somebody should track your IP address and "Jay & Silent Bob" you for comparing this guy to fuckin steven spielberg, lol

    • Doubl Negative

      Necro's still preaching to the converted with this new record, but he's matured slightly as several tracks on here revel in Jewish pride and the songs where he raps about duking Hitler come across as hip-hop's version of Spilelberg's Munich and Inglourious Basterds. Got more respect for cats like this than faggots like Eminem and B.o.b. who make records with pop skanks.

  • Mike

    I got interested in Necro back when he first started. It must've been the late 90s. I've had a passive interest in him since - Death Rap was solid, Push It to the Limit, too - but, honestly, he needs to start exploring different material. Every one of his songs is about the same exact thing: How he's going to kill you. It's cool that he's thought of so many rhymes detailing ways he could murder, but it's getting old and so is he. (He's closer to 40 than 30). I'm not saying he should back off rapping about killing people, but why not try to elevate the genre a little more? Maybe a concept album about the life of a serial killer or an Italian giallo movie plot? Anything.

    • yoblob

      now that would be awesome, I can imagine necro pulling that off. As much as I like his beats there's only so many times you can rap about murder before it gets boring.

  • Doubl Negative

    Cool LP, but it's only gonna appeal to Necro fans. That's not such a bad thing, I've got more respect for an artist like Necro that doesn't deviate and change his sound to placate middle-American (white teenage girls, gays, soccer moms) and still make records for his loyal, core fan base, unlike a lot of mainstream rappers. Nas can learn a lot from him.

  • stevens

    dope!! if you dont like this your a fag

  • Anonymous

    necro gone backwards die album much better lol


    This is by far his worst album i think hes gettn too JEWISH with his shiit which can only mean he wants more money what a fuckin JEW

  • Anonymous

    Necro follows me on twitter



  • Jack Merridew

    not his best work but still good and better than your average rapper and to the lame fuck beneath me you better shut the fuck up cause mostly of the garbage music we hear at radio is done by some retard niggas : nikki minaj, lil wayne, drake, beyonce, etc etc

  • Rick Ross

    WTF is this cornball even talking about? Only white broken trash can enjoy it.

  • Super Coven

    Necro is the fakest, corniest muthafucka ALIVE

  • Goretex

    Ill Bill is the only Braunstein I can mess with anymore.

  • paul

    This album or EP is better than what i expected. Necro never cease to amaze me. "Rock The Kazbah" is my favorite joint.