Tito Lopez - The Hunger Game (Mixtape Review)

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"The Hunger Game" is the latest of an extensive string of releases from Tito Lopez, aiming to elevate his status steps closer to that of a household name.

With Rap having blossomed from the ghettos of New York City into a globalized competition for the hearts and minds of listeners, emcees hailing from varying regions presently draw from an amalgam of formerly dominant influences. Amongst the south's up and comers taking inspiration from vicinities far out of his reach is Mississippi's Tito Lopez, cosigned by the likes of Organized Noize's Rico Wade & Dr. Dre and thrust into spotlight on the heels of the breakout smash single "Mama Proud." The Hunger Game is the latest of an extensive string of releases from Tito, aiming to elevate his status steps closer to that of a household name.

While riding the wave of his state's recent rise, Tito Lopez is unexpectedly dissimilar to Big K.R.I.T. and David Banner as his penchant for intricate wordplay is more common to East Coast spitters prone to romanticizing Hip Hop's Golden Era. The project's apt title reflects his tenacity towards recognition as he rides beats effortlessly with an original voice and command in the booth that shines through on "Try Me," the Gang Starr homage "Mass Appeal 2.0" and the aggressive head nodder "Conversation With Tito." Conveying a dash of variety to his persona, Tito's points of view expand to loving a troubled woman on "Jessica," taking a glance inward to share his troubles with "It's Hard Pt. 2" and catering to country folks with the laid back "Ventilation" designed for slow car riding. These distinguishing moments indicate a diverse charisma as he continually primes himself for glory.

Minor drawbacks arise from less than groundbreaking topic material about his creative grind and its detractors with "No Haters Allowed" and "They Told Me," both strong enough to likely impress listeners despite mundane messages. Though slightly reflective of limited ideas, The Hunger Game is an enjoyable mix of entertainment and higher wisdom from Tito Lopez as he has studied and finely honed the craft of emceeing in staunch determination to further the Crooked Letter State's prosperity.

DX Consensus: "Free Album" (the highest possible praise for a mixtape).

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  • Anonymous

    Glad u said that, u didn't sound like a hater!

  • This mixtape is actually good.

    This mixtape is actually good Tito is a good artist, needs more exposure. 5/5 The southern hip hop, I like.

  • marcellous0316

    Tito is decent. Thats kinda rare southern lyricism u dont hear up here. They wanna hear 2chains and Waka. The south got some spittas its just alil harder to get shine. Check out Will Tesla and Mark battles

  • MoneyMitch228

    I told yall this nigga is the truth!!! Hip Hop in it's rare form!

  • MoneyMitch228

    Tito keep on pushing my nigga..Keep putting on for the city my nigga..Let these niggas know Mississippi got something to say..SALUTE

  • yungd823

    keep doin yo thang my young. This mixtape is nice. You got love out here in sunny southern California.

  • jaralee38

    Great music! Keep up the good work!

  • Tom Hansen

    Content: 3/5 Lyrics: 3.5/5 MC: 4/5 Production: 3.5/5

  • buckeyewu

    Never heard this dude before but i gotta say, this is a pretty dope mixtape. I look forward to hearing more from him. That Black Ice freestyle is dope.

  • Mack

    On my promo today: 100ashes just dropped on datpiffhttp://www.datpiff.com/Mozefire-100Ashes-mixtape this morning check it out. im sure if you think its wack you'll let me know.....but I highly doubt it

  • Mortis

    Tito Santana a no good Mexican like the jose canseco

  • @CJonno90

    I reckon "EP-worthy" but it looks like we have a Tito Lopez bias reviewer which is ok he's just trying to give Tito some shine

  • Pegasus Flow

    3/5 solid but nothing special.

    • tigerpawraw

      I guess I didn't totally agree after all, lol.

    • tigerpawraw

      Totally agree. After about 10 tracks, I found myself regretting having wasted the time to listen. The best track, the joint where he's saying "I give a fuck about the beat", one of the best things about the track WAS the beat, and even that was just another Jocking Dr. Dre joint. Yeah, he's more lyrical then, say, Jeezy, but he's more average than top-tier with it. But hey, that's just my opinion. I can't lie, I only listened to about 10 tracks and shut it off, so if the album suddenly became a classic after track 10, somebody let me know so I can listen to it again. But from what I heard, it was a 2.5 outta 5. The beats were decent at best, painfully mediocre at worst, and I'd describe his rapping in a similar way. Peace

  • Marquise Hudson

    This mix tape was alright. Calling it a free album is kind of over doing it. Tito defiantly got flow,honestly though he is just 'rapping'(free-styling)on most of these tunes. Tito hooks are very mundane and repetitive , he needs to work on that part of his emceeing.Some of these beats on this tape are also very amateur sounding. For example track number 7 'fuck it' sounds horribly mix. This mixtape is by far from being a 'fee album' this is just a mixtape and a rush one at that. 3/5

  • sam

    Really nice mixtape. It suites the game itself. Find out more music and concert updates and reviews at Northwest Concert & Events Blog.

  • toptip

    That Mass Appeal 2.0 is straight garbage, first its a Bite On guru and Solars Guru 7.0 second it sounds like shit. but i am sure if guru was here he would give it a pass. but on da NYC street tip Garbage

    • Anom

      Tito is from Mississippi, he could care less what NYC thinks, people loved Mass Appeal for Mass Appeal, not because it came out of New York. How is this beat not appealing though? Bassline could of been better but it still fits, the bounce is perfect, and sticks to the Mass Appeal feel while switching it up at the same time. Stick to your opinion though, I just see a lotta hate here

    • tigerpawraw

      What the fuck was up with that bassline? I thought the Futuristiks were doing something in the production world, but that shit had me thinking otherwise. And how are you going to remake "Mass Appeal"? Come on man. Judging by the comments on here, Tito's got some fans, but just judging off this mixtape, I'm not seeing it. Maybe he can have a career as Dr. Dre's ghostwriter, but who knows. This was the first project of his that I've heard, so maybe his other shit is way better...

  • cj

    Tito Is doing his thing. I'm really feeling the mixtape... Try Me, They Told Me, Jessica, Fu*k it, and It's Hard are definitely awesome and the freestyles are definitely on point too.

  • daveg

    Tito always comes correct with his music. Don't sleep because he's gonna be around for a while now. Good shit Tito. Keep it going.

  • 4815162342

    "The Hunger Game" is the latest of an extensive string of releases from Tito Lopez, aiming to elevate his status steps closer to that of a household name.

  • Shady 2.0

    Glad for this release just Tito gathering more fans with a solid mixtape as he gets ready to drop his debut solid 4/5

  • yooo

    2012's best new artists, hands down.