1982 (Statik Selektah x Termanology) - 2012

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Listeners will be hard-pressed to find much of anything that tarnishes "2012."

While it’s a stretch to place Statik Selektah and Termanology in the annals of Hip Hop history alongside the most celebrated emcee/producer pairings, it’s not at all an exaggeration to say that the pair has consistently delivered some of the best golden-era music in modern times. Operating once again under the moniker “1982,” Statik and Term provide the latest entry in their collaborative series, 2012.

“Lights Down” provides a window into Term’s as he reflects about everything from conditions of his neighborhood to the path he’s traveled in the Rap game. “…In and outta labels all the time / Had to change up my ideas, had to switch up my design / Went from dreams of being major to the independent grind / When you come to think about it, man I’m doing just fine / ‘Cause I’m on that YouTube and I’m on that iPod / Of that girl in the front row screamin’ ‘my god.’” Such even-keeled self-analysis shows that Termanology isn’t your run-of-the-mill constant shit-talker. The self-reflection allows listeners to relate to Term and gives the album more depth.

“Up Every Night” is some of the best feel-good Hip Hop recorded in recent memory. With a bit of self-deprecation, Term touches on his weed and alcohol habits, house parties, and the fairer sex. Statik Selektah’s choice vocal samples here are immaculate, and the keys at the end add a nice element of Funk. “Hard To Forget” finds Termanology mixing nostalgia with resentment, as he recalls old times marred by betrayal from snakes in the grass. “Time Travelin” is a delight, with slinky keys, wet percussion, and a distant whining synth paving the way for Term’s wistful subject matter. “Make It Out Alive” features militant drums and triumphant piano keys that serve as a perfect complement for Freddie Gibbs and Crooked I as they join in to deliver fearless rhymes. “Right Now” overplays the “chipmunk soul” card, but it’s the exception, not the rule. For the most part, Statik laces the project quite nicely for Term’s brand of meat-and-potatoes-hop.

Aside from strong performances courtesy of Term and Statik, the duo’s selection of guests deserves much praise. “Happy Days” looks dubious on paper, with Mac Miller and Bun B on the cut, but it turns out to be a pleasant surprise. Mac sets aside the party raps and drops one of his most thoughtful verses (has his flow ever sounded that smooth?), and Bun delivers in kind. The lone exception is Roc Marciano, whose drug talk doesn’t really fall in line with Term and Havoc’s rhymes about ambition. He delivers a fine verse in the abstract, but straying from the direction of the track is puzzling. This misstep aside, each emcee chosen has a distinctive voice and personality, with their presence helping to optimize the effectiveness of cuts on which they’re featured. There is as much attention given to the guest list as the beat selection—there’s no feature for the sake of a feature (something that has given many a project a sloppy, thrown-together vibe), giving the album a completely cohesive feel.

Listeners will be hard-pressed to find much of anything that tarnishes 2012. Statik Selektah and Termanology clearly operate as a unified front for the duration of the album. It’s just as well that the duo simply titled their album 2012, as they’ve crafted one of the year’s better and memorable releases, while simultaneously reaching a personal best.



  • James

    Very under-rated, just wish hip-hop fans were more aware of how tight the production is and how well the lyrics are written. Deserves far more exposure, a lot of hard work put in!

  • anon

    Great stuf, dont know how people can hate on this

  • Thunderchildd

    It's ironic; I think that people who hate on this album were probably born after 1982. If you were born before 1982 you are more likely to have appreciation for fly shit like this.

  • Jo El

    great album so far (6 tracks deep). what did stat and term do to generate so much hate? puzzling...these comments are up there with a Souljaboy single or something... Strange world. Definitely copping this...

  • FOH Brigade

    It's Pride Month, right? Good for these guys. You be YOU.

  • Dr Phibes

    Statik comes correct again. He's very prolific buth the quality speaks for itself. Term rounds out the package with some tight verses!

  • mdkeren2

    BELOW on every new video article and basically any new piece of content

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous



    11 people gave it a perfect five


    5 STARS BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!


    @Anonymous:Dude you should just get your own website and then you can go on there and give people your bullshit opinion(which no one wants anyway)and maybe the other 3 fuckin idiots that agree with you will follow!

  • tjack23

    this is the best hip hop album of the year n in a many years. statik selektah is one of the dopest producers out n has been for many years !

  • Anonymous

    Statik has his moments, but Termanology is god damn horrible.

  • novelweapons

    Statik's beats are probably not to everyone's tastes, but just because the drums don't hit like Apocalypse Now and a lot of hus samples are dusty funk and soul doesn't mean he's a wack producer. The album is on the lighter side tone-wise, but Term's fleet, acrobatic flow and Statik's chill golden-era beats fit like hand in glove in this is one of the most cohesive, refreshing albums of the year. Plus how are you going to hate on Statik for being prolific? Dude is grinding, with remarkable consistancy.

    • Fidel Manson

      ^^ If that's your definition of trash, then i don't wanna imagine what your definition of good beats must be. Gotta love these so-called hip-hop experts...

    • HAHA

      You're probably Statik Selektah himself. Or you don't know what good beats are. These beats are trash.

  • buckeyewu

    I love it when these two collab. This album is no exception.

  • Alteez

    I don't seriously know how anyone can hate on this album; I think it's at least a 4, possibly a 4.5. Why do people hate on Stat's beats so much? Dude is a better producer than 90% of the industry; he's able to adapt to the feel of any emcee. I was a big fan of 1982, and I love 2012. This shit bangs, and it's a feel good album for the summer.

  • Oldschoold

    This album has crazy lyrics and dope beats. Let this ride from beginning to end. Dope album!

  • tian

    What is wrong with you all? Statik is a beast..for all of those who doubt me..check out For the City (MOP and Jadakiss) ..fire...

    • buddy

      Yea buddy! So out of a few hundred beats, Statik produced ONE great beat. (That also sounds just like a Premo beat. Hmmmmm...)

  • bizzalls

    DX, yall are outta yall fuckin minds giving this a 4. This shit is even worse than Reks' album! I think Statik got some sugar in his tank or something now. He went completely soft. Listen to these beats. Sounds like they could be a Disney soundtrack or something. Dude is the COMPLETE DEFINITION of an average producer. And he only gets worse! This album does not have ONE SINGLE banger on it! 2 stars for this fuckface producer.

  • Vernon

    Haters are right. Termanology is such a subway platform rapper. Statik Selektah is a internet producer. This whole style is chump.

  • Chris Newberry

    I completely agree with the reviewer, you would have to be hardpressed to find something wrong with this album, and some of yall are sounding pretty hard pressed to front on this joint. Especially when you compare it to all of the other random garbage that's out there, this is a breath of fresh air

  • Chris Newberry

    I see people on hear dissing these guys for everything except the quality of the music. One dude even called DJ Premier a bum. Not only is that stupid, but to say Statik could teach Premo something about work ethic is fucking retarded. Premo got almost 30yrs of work in the game. Statik don't have half that, and that isnt dissin him, its just the truth. As far as his beats being boring....miss me with that shit. He has that classic, east coast, dj cuttin, chipmunk ol soul flavor goin, and he knows his lane and sticks with it. Shit is perfectly good to me, like eatin waffles. You know what you gonna get, and as long as they are done right, no issues. If you lookin for some synth heavy, 808 shit, then you in the wrong lane completely, jr. That's like going to a whorehouse and expecting a Christian sermon. Anyway, 1982 is the team, I'm coppin and bumpin on my way to work. Have fun yall

  • ASEE

    Havn't heard this record so I'm not giving a star rating, but the REASON I'm not listening to this record is because Statik drops boring ass beats most of the time and Term is one-dimensional as an emcee. On their last 1982 album, the opening track and Radio were the only good cuts on the entire album (great tracks though--credit's due where it's due).

  • PJ

    The 'Such a Showoff' beat off REKS joint has been stuck in my head like 'Know No Good" was stuck in Elroy Preston's! Imma cop it!

  • 1982-2012

    What the fuck is your problem? Album is entirely good. Fucking haters...

  • angered

    Who buys this shit? *crickets*

  • Anonymous

    Statik Needs to go someplace already, his beats are the definition of basic & Simple , not saying he's wack, just boring, it takes a really dope MC to keep me intrested in his shit & Termanology is no Saigon, lol Pass

    • Wasted Space

      Furious did you reply to the wrong dude or something? This guy was being totally fair and not even that harsh.

    • Furious Styles

      We get it ,you do not like Statik and his music. Breathe in Breathe out and let it go my friend.Do not listen to his stuff then ,move on with your life .Personally i like it.

  • Anonymous

    Statik would never get so much hate if he wasn't white.

  • Anonymous

    youtube Green Nation Mafi G2

  • Anonymous

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  • 420alibi

    who wrote this? no feature for sake of a feature but roc marciano is way off topic on his song. hmmmm and how many times is this group gonna get bun b on a song? any buzz is an illusion, u can see it at the shows. for somone w/ a rep for "real hip-hop" there are a couple bad crossover attempts on this cd.

  • Jonathan

    Solid review. Statik and Term, a beautiful collaborative duo.

  • Anonymous

    album is WEAK. statik selektah 5 minute beats are played. take some time and put out a full project thats good. statik has 30 radio shows and 30 albums dropping, and no one cares. no quality control. quantity over quality flood the market and hope it sticks. the action bronson project was good, termanology is boring as shit. annoying too. statik is a dj premier imitator but he works way harder than premier. premier is a lazy bum living off his old legend. statik could teach premier how to live in 2012. statik needs to work on classics like premier though.

    • Wasted Space

      So you dislike Statik because he puts out too much product and as such it's not of the best quality. I disagree but see your point. But then you say Statik works way harder than Primo and Primo's just a lazy bum, I assume because he doesn't put out as much content. What are you even saying, you just totally contradicted yourself, and Primo just dropped that joint with Bumpy Knuckles which has tight production so it's not like he aint working, he just puts more time into his beats - something you were mad about Statik not doing! What?!

    • Anonymous

      As Poorly written as this was, I agree with the general point. Statik beats sound like he threw them together in 5 minutes while he was drunk. Dude needs to worry less about the number of beats he can make in a weak and more about how many good ones he can make

    • Jonathan

      Wow. This dudes a fool! Premo, is weak? What?

  • Anonymous

    Statik is fucking garbage-- a level Termanology aspires to!! Note al ALL rappers using Statik's cheap-ass dosghit beats: you deserve every bit of criticism that comes your way. Have some goddamn standards and stop patronizing this no-talent imitator.

    • BILL

      I agree. Statik fucking sucks, man. The dude's production is fuckin wack.

    • Anonymous

      I don't think you know what patronizing means, man.

    • Anonymous

      Fall back, your argumentation is completely ridiculous. Going by your logic, every single producer would be an imitator. BTW, you're spending a whole lot of time trying to discredit a guy with supposedly no talent.

  • Anonymous

    I feel Statik raps too much about rap itself.

  • No!

    I'm actually disgusted with this review. A 4/5 is a GREAT album, not a passing-album.