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By album's end you're hoping for Bobby to finally come back to earth, but to no avail does this occur.

B.o.B. has never been the one to shy away from discovering new musical horizons, and that approach has largely been beneficial to his career thus far. Unfortunately, this same inkling for “different” has proven costly for Strange Clouds, a perplexing project that expands on the popular aesthetics of the new mainstream rather than honing in on what has made him a successful and likewise respected artist from Decatur, Georgia.

To be fair, B.o.B. turning his ambitions toward a more Pop-oriented album is one that many Rap artists have done, whether it be personal choice or label insistence. However, the course in which he pursues this venture falls far short of what would be appropriate for someone in his position. The most obvious example, “Both Of Us,” highlights an inspirational record that based on tone and execution would make more sense on a Taylor Swift album as her hook becomes the focal point of the song. The album’s recent single, “So Good,” also submerges itself into charismatic Top 40 territory. Void of any real purpose aside from singing along to the chorus, it’s arguably one chord away from Kidz Bop Vol. 22. Disappointment comes full circle on (no pun intended) “Circles,” a lollipop record that makes you wonder whether B.o.B. is even willing to acknowledge the fans that embraced him on the mixtape Cloud 9.

His focus seemingly abandoning the notion of Rap, noteworthy tracks such as the lyrically-potent “Play For Keeps” and the compelling “Bombs Away” get overlooked for “Out Of My Mind.” Here we find Bobby Ray playing in Nicki Minaj’s dreamland, with rhymes like “I don’t need this song, I don’t need this speaker / ‘Cause a nigga bring the noise like an Onomatopoeia / Leave him in the dust, all he sees is my Adidas / Na na na na boo boo, wouldn’t want to be ya” cascading against a zany synth beat that could give you an audible seizure. Other guest-assisted tracks like “Never Let You Go” and “Castles” spread B.o.B.’s message too thin, and by album’s end you’re hoping for Bobby to finally come back to earth, but to no avail does this occur.

B.o.B. has been adamant about his latest album being created organically, yet that doesn’t justify the lack of cohesion or quality found on Strange Clouds. There’s no doubt that B.o.B. possesses the natural ability to create remarkable records; whether he chose to use those talents sufficiently is the biggest concern here and going forward.



  • e

    What are you talking about? This is a great album, Bob's been trying to tell us all he has No Genre for a while now so don't go giving it a 2.5 cause it sounds "Pop". Appreciate music.

  • Anonymous

    Why does the album have to be rated on a hip hop/rap biased the music is great. Its good music and a good album period whether you call it hip hop or pop its music and its good music at that very quality album

  • Posted

    Sound like pop music. I like only one song - Never Let You Go

  • 777

    Usually not a pop rap fan, but I actually really liked this album. Very well done.

  • Phoenix

    DX needs to be more open to Pop, this album's catchy as f***. I know that when it first came out I was blaring it for a good 3 months non stop. Almost every song had replay value

  • ChrisBlackOhio

    Of course they gave it a bad review. Don't listen to this bullshit. Notice how they didn't even mention the track with MORGAN FREEMAN. The album's incredible, coming from someone who's listened to bob for a few years already

  • JayICook79

    B.o.B where is the STRANGE clouds remix with tech n9ne!! Play for keeps,Bombs Away,Where are you the best songs everything else is sounds too cheesy. B.o.b is a talented artist though.

  • jimmy

    underrated album, generally great lyrics and beats, and B.o.B certainly raps with meaning

  • Anonymous

    i agree with the reviewer. I loved his first album, but this is just average

  • dania

    this album is really good

  • Anonymous

    youtube Green Nation MaFi G2

  • Xeno

    So DX, you think this is a 2.5 but Pitbull and DJ Khaled was a 3.5? Seems legit...

  • carAnthony

    Strange Clouds sucks 2/5

  • Danny

    BOB is 1 of the nicest how dare u people give this album low ranks

  • Slruim

    Was really confused when I listened to it, I couldn't whether it was a Hip-Hop album or a Katy Perry album. And I've listened to both........

  • upstateNY

    overall i thought this was a great album front to back

  • Rob

    Bob, like outkast belongs to warner bros. Records. The only one of the three that even lets an artist be creative on an album. Bob's use of holophonic recording in out of my mind is an innovative new way to record vocals. He did go pop on his this album but check his Mixtape E.P.I.C. for his rap

  • Alllo There

    Awesome album, yall tripping

  • yes

    awesome album, ya'll tripping


    Legend of the fall-offs. Enjoy Pop Rap fame with Flo Rida. This review is spot on.

  • Joe

    I agree 100% with the review. B.o.B is more successful in the pop-rap genre than Wiz Khalifa or Lil Wayne have been, but every song I was expecting him to go off on a verse or to show his great lyrical talents...but it never really showed up. Bombs Away and Where are You were probably my 2 favorite tracks, and so good was fine for a top 40 radio hit. But the rest of the album was sort of forgettable. Sorry Bobby :/

  • vincent

    this is a great album if u like art

  • TheGetUp

    This review is a demonstration of unnecissarily biased journalism. It's clear that the author dislikes rap with a pop element ( la Drake). This is more about genre-bashing than it is about assessing the quality of the music. What's the point of an author with a genre bias reviewing an album by B.o.B, Drake, or Wiz Khalifa? It will be the same outcome every time. Stop bashing the genre and write articles that assess lyrical and production quality. A much better review can be found on rapreviews.com

  • you dont need to know

    I thought it was a great album .... Bombs Away was by far the best track. Both of Us So Good and Where Are You were probably next in line. Honestly he is one of the most talented artists out there I think he has some of the sickest bars in the whole music industry and his flow is crazy sick and this album was a great example of all of that

  • Anonymous

    A talented guy making terrible cookie cutter bubblegum pop rap music

  • bobby ray

    Just like Bob said, he's got haterz everywhere he goes...hes probly one of the most talented music artists in the industry today, and hes got people hatin on him all over this site. the dude has always been more of a poppy mainstream rapper, but that doesnt mean its bad; its amazing. and instead of being a piece of shit worthless rapper like most of them today who only talk about making money, having sex, and takin drugs, buying shit, etc, bobby ray rapped about things that fans could relate to and he tried to build a bridge for the fans to understand him even more. all the talk about how he goes ham in the mixtapes isnt exactly true. he's got some dope stuff on em, but hes always been more than just a rapper. all you have to do is listen to songs off some of his mixtapes like no man's land and this boat, to get that. overall, he brought something different to the table in his soph album and was able to combine his talents in the best way possible. afterall, isnt it about him and what he wants to do. obviously this is what he has wanted to do all along. if not, he wouldnt have learned how to play guitar and piano, and bass, and celo, etc. he shouldnt have to change his ways to make u haters happy

  • Anonymous

    I understand that we all view music in our on way. At some point in your life some of you need to realize that every album an artist make should be better then the last one. B.o.B is growing as an artist and scariest thing about him is, he's just getting started!!!!

  • lloyd

    the first track is fucking dope tho

  • b.o.b.o.b

    All we do is pour it up all night DRANKS OUT...

  • styger

    this album is great man.!

  • bobbyray

    I dont know why people are hating on this album. Bob goes hard in a lot of songs, and every one of them has a way of gettin stuck in my head. Yeah he does go away from his mainstream style in his mixtapes just to shut you stupid people up. If you'd listen to the lyrics in his songs ud understand it. B.o.b is the man. He's got the most creativity of any rapper right now

  • ETK

    I have real trouble believing Nicki's attempt at an album had a higher rating than this... somebody be trippin

  • Anonymous

    I hate most reviews on this site, but this one hit home for me, this album BLOWS. Not cause its mainstream, just because its poorly put together, and has no substance what so ever. However, theres a couple good songs though

  • H.Kohr

    Clearly the reviewer is simply not qualified to write about music. Please go home and do your homework first. Of course the lp is mainstream but it's well done. 3.5 or 4 stars. It lacks a bit at the end. But the first songs are just great.

  • JayEveryth4ng

    2/5. big disappointment, i am a BoB fan, a big one, and im starting to really truly believe that he is a mixtape rapper, his tapes blow both his albums out of the water, come on BoB you are better than this poppy bullshit

    • ETK

      lol this is who he is nigga.. if you're a "fan" so to speak, you better learn quick cause he's doin a rock album next

  • Anonymous

    Who ever reviewed this...y'all are terrrrrrible man, this review doesnt say SHIT about the album!! Did you even listen? Or just go through snippets and guess how the song would be from the hook? 4/5 at least

  • Young King

    WTF!? musically this album is coo.. nothing super special but good atleast 4/5

  • vd

    this reviewer is the same clown that gave Lupe Fiasco's Lasers a 2.5 star rating last year. I can't take this review seriously. Basically if you're mainstream, you'll get a poor review here on this site


    So anybody thats not rapping about drugs or clubs is a pop artist. People and reviewer please the album at worst is a 3.5, most of you cant or wont expand your horizon for music. Most of you believe that HIPHOP is all about hustle or drugs but you dead wrong, dead wrong. The album is not classic but its a damn good album. You pick the Nikki song to hate on, interesting.

    • ETK

      you're another example for a dumbass, so hip-hop ain't never supposed to push the barriers? then y'all wondering why hip-hop is dead, y'all digging the shovel. asshats

    • Anonymous

      its very simple everyone. Hip hop is rapping to a Beat not to be confused with singing in melody. if you're singing as much as you are rapping and the beats are more suited for top 40 pop artist then your no longer hip hop.

    • ETK

      and niggas like you are the reason why hip-hop is in such the pothole it's in. because of you stick-up-the-ass niggas trying to define what real hip-hop is. real hip-hop is subjective you pleb. sayin what an album "MUST HAVE" is the root of all fuckin problems, and I'm not saying what YMCMB or MMG does is acceptable either.. but open-mindedness goes a long way. here, B.o.B is doing pop shit but he raps well and we all know it. that's at least a good portion of it done, and that's why you have MCs like Eminem co-signing the album. but if we have to go thru YOUR definition of what a real hip-hop album must be... then we're in for a fuckin long ride. thanks for exposing yourself you close-minded simpleton. here's an advice, if this shit ain't for you.. go deal elsewhere

    • Shaoilin style

      Look here lil nigga let me school ya on something... For a "rap" album to be classified as REAL hip hop there are certain things it must posses. It must have great instrumentals, smart, witty, thought provoking lyrics that flow smoothly. Plus a theme or at least something to make the album sound as a whole and not a collection of random songs. Everything from features to style matter. And most importantly the subjects he chooses to rap about. A album won't be hip hop simply because it is talking about selling drugs and shooting people, many artists are respected and admired for showcasing skills outside of this typical topic, examples tailib kweli and common. You probably are just a 15 yr old white girl talking out of your ass. Thanks for exposing yourself as one by defending niki minaj and supporting this cake ass album bitch ass nigga

  • Nick

    So this album is worse than Nicki Minaj's according to this rating?? HAHA

  • DDDD

    Great album!!! TeamBoB!

  • Anonymous

    Worst Review For An Album I've Seen In A Long Time! This Review Does Not Do The Album Justice at all.

  • Anonymous

    That song So good , is a pop song . and it gets me depressed as fuck . i dont know what it is about that song . weak album anyways though

  • Big Jones

    What does this clown ever rap about? His voice is annoying too!

  • g

    Very harsh review for a guy who's actually supremely talented in a musical sense. He will probably make better albums than this in the future. Still think the 3000 feature should've been on the album.

  • Anonymous

    This sounds like every other top 40 record out there. That's settling. If he tried something new I would give him credit. The Strange Clouds song is absolute trash. Cee-Lo is more than just a rapper and actually tried things with his music. Mos Def tried with his too. This was just a cash in album.

  • George

    awesome, except for the taylor swift song

  • firealarm

    I'm super disappointed in DX for this article. B.o.B isn't JUST a rapper. He's an artist and he's always stuck to that and not been put in a small box like you want to do. The album was excellent.

  • MHWhite

    Sorry Dx, don't agree with you. This is just a well done album. It's not a "LEGIT" rap album, but he does spit a few sick verses. It's just refreshing to see an ARTIST. Not just some douchebag who talks about money, cars, bitches and blow over a shitty repeating beat. Good work B.o.B. You killed it.

  • AyoAyo

    This album is the worst album of all the albums.

  • HH analyst

    Fans gotta be real on dis one. Majority of Drake fans(or ppl who thought he had some talent)felt dat Take Care was too soft and more "hip-pop" than actual hip-hop. I look at B.o.B da same way. Yea, u may have been mainstream ur whole career(dats wat fans keep saying so we cnt act like he's changed) but where's da hip-hop? Ur from da south but there's no Southern style beats on his albulm either. It's jus too much singing,easy melodies & strings/synths...Hip-hop doesnt need an albulm dat is more hip-pop than hip-hop. We need albulms(mainstream or underground) dat atleast have a good balance of mainstream records and hip-hop records. There's jus no balance here.

    • ETK

      why are you talkin about what you NEED? if you don't find what you need here, go get it elsewhere! fuck... hip-hop is doing fine with cats like B.o.B, you're the close-minded one

  • yeaahhh

    You give B.o.B this BULLSHIT review because it's not a conventional hip-hop album?? Are you kidding me?? This album is great and he makes great music...he NEVER claimed to be a straight up rapper...he's too talented for that. It could be some people out there who sees this incorrect review and decide to pass on the album. Dude is a REAL artist!

  • nahhhhh

    B.o.B. fell off. He's smart, but this ain't Hip Hop, y'all.

  • Josh

    This review is fucking stupid. This album is very good, way more diverse than his first album. Uh, yeah, it's poppy, but B.o.b has ALWAYS been poppy. This isn't a new fucking thing. This album has some of the best lyrics that a mainstream rap album has seen for quite some time. But no, just because Taylor Swift is on a song, and it's meant to appeal to a large audience, that automatically makes it watered down and bad. Fucking idiots, you're missing out on a great album.

    • TJ902

      Agree 100% I'm all for grimey street hip hop, I love that shit, but this album is fire I've been playin it for a couple days straight now. I'm not crazy about the Taylor Swift song but girls will love it. I enjoy the album and I'm not a hip pop fan, but I wasn't expecting it not to be a catchy mainstream friendly album. And he's spittin some hot shit on here.

  • Anonymous

    This really isn't rap music, but i guess it's okay, b.o.b's mixtapes are waaaay better though

  • Nolan

    This Review is 100% spot on! I had the same exact thoughts when I was listening, there is a some good stuff on the album, but it's lost in a Sellout, in my opinion. I wish he would have put as much effort into the lyrics as he did into the hooks and features. This is made for the mainstream, made for Radio. And I'm sorry to see another supreme talent like B.o.B get wasted!

    • Louis In Sac

      The Editors are a Joke this is the best Disc I've heard in awhile and I go back to the Sugar Hill Gang. It's funny you call BOB a sell out? When the reality is that every Rapper in the game has SOLD OUT the black people that are influenced by the music .. It's pathetic to listen to a song on the radio, buy it and then realize the levels of vulgarity and overt sexuality that permiates the effort .. B.O.B shows on this disc that you can have the dancable tracks with out "all that bull crap you can't listen to with a different race or generation present. Have some pride in your community .. I for one expect better from the youth ... Mr. Editor you do our community no favors when you give praise to the "street hustlers" and pan those that have actually invested in ther craft ( Playing keys and strings reading music .. etc.. ) As for you mr. Commenter .... I would guess that you grew up with out your bio logical father in the home and most likely saw your mom deal with many many men ..Most of whom I'm assuming "hustled for a living" as opposed to getting up and going into an office. I can tell because you have the wrong Idea about what Rap is and has always been from the begining. I feel sorry for you I really do .

    • Anonymous

      when u say sell out your implying he changed. b.o.b been this way since day 1.

  • rezzietherue

    bullshit review...

  • ReaperCro

    This album is very creative. I wonder if owner of this site checks comment section? If so, they may want to go back & re-review this one. B O B brought THUNDER & this reminds me of Em's last effort (Beats/Flow) quit hating! I get it Taylor Swift? But she was probably making a statement she supports rap after Kanye incident. This album deserves a more solid review, end of story!

  • Anonymous

    Ppl are forgetting that this is the type of music bob been making since day 1. Rap mix with pop, as long as its dope lyrics.

  • Anonymous

    They shouldn't be allowed to put out album reviews that the album hasn't even came out to the public yet. Im not even a Bob fan but this is some fucked up shit. I any going to fuck with HHDX anymore if they keep up this bullsht

    • fuck dx

      @ DX Editor: what about good articles? you didnt answere that question. Since the internet the most hiphop news is just bullshit. In the 90's you had real journalist with hiphop knowledge and good and interesting articles. Now they writing about haircuts, fucking skateboards, fuckin games Even if lil wayne farts then DX is writing an article about it.

    • Anonymous

      It's the same with technology genius, they get it early so they can review it. This is practically free advertising for the album, with an editorial attached. I agree with the review. Just because sounds different from what you hear on the radio doesn't qualify it as creative. They just don't focus on it as a rap album. They critique the musical elements. That Strange Clouds song with Lil Wayne is absolute garbage.

    • DX Editor

      Are any of you running a Website/business.. ahh I didn't think so slow your roll. Yes we need advertising to survive, no we don't take money for bias reviews wtf!? In the words of Del... "If you ain't got a trade or skill then SHUT THE HELL UP"

    • Anonymous

      it wasnt at the time...fuckboy

    • Fuck DX

      @ DX Editor: are you really an editor? because then you are a dumbass. How more people be on the site how better for the advertiser because of the adds you make money. but this site is not really professional judging on the articles. I mean most of the articles are bullshit. Fuck stories about lil wayne skateboard or the new haircut from Jadakiss.

    • Huh... what?

      Uh, it's out today. Fuckboy.

    • Anonymous

      Fucking editors trying to act like they are caring for the masses. Its more like whoever pays me more can get a decent review.

    • DX Editor

      Then don't read the website... We are not going to miss you. Hip hop is all encomapassing and has many sub genres. Some we hate some we love.... Deal with it

  • Chris

    this is more of a hip pop album, but have to say that i completely disagree with the review, and with most of the people hating on bobby ray in the comments. yes, he makes more pop music than hip hop, but he still comes correct lyrically throughout. the beats incorporate multiple different types of music, and i think the album actually sounds very cohesive. yes, the choruses are very pop oriented, but if you go back and listen to his early mixtape shit, which was ridiculous, he's always had pop tendencies. and this made for crackers shit? you sound ignorant as fuck bruh. point being - dope album, if you don't like more pop-oriented rap, then don't listen. it's pretty simple. you know what you're getting with a b.o.b album, so i don't know why you expect food & liquor from him when he obviously doesn't WANT to make an album of pure hip hop. enjoy it for what it is. /rant.

  • Anonymous

    who gives a fuck about this made for crackers shit? niggas act like they proved something in rap and don't want to be boxed in. nigga you ain't even provred you can rap yet, how u tryna expand? sellouts

  • TeamRHI

    Album of the year, destroys Carrie Underwood.

  • Anonymous

    Iv never liked bob, but this isnt that bad, wasnt expecting much but theres some good songs

  • Johnny

    B. est O. xycotton B. aller

  • lil Wayne

    Damn niggah this album is tight. Keep doing it Bobby Ray. But I just want to let you know that once my album "I am Not A Human Being 2" drops everybody will forget about this. But you go hella hard on thes tracks

  • Duke

    this review is terrible. it didnt even talk about the good songs or lyrics, just harped on the bad. yes the beats are pop but it doesnt take away from lyrics. and he does come back in the end bc the last track is "Where are you Bobby Ray" which is a great song. its not like his first album wasnt pop and it sold a lot b/c thats what sales now. that being said this is a step up from his freshman album. but yes there are some sucky tracks. and that taylor swift song is actually good. easily a 3.5

  • Michael Johnson

    B.O.B. has such dope delivery and great flow. So it's no wonder that when you mix that with these swag beats on this album that it sounds so awesome.

  • Rodrick

    B.O.B aint stupid Make a real hip hop album in 2012 = Failure, Poverty & Bad Buisness Thats why he gives the "Real Hip Hop Heads" what they want for free on mixtapes, cause he knows damn well you wouldnt pay for it if he put the price tag on it, lol This album sucks to me but I'm sure the Pop Crowd )AKA The only crowd that still spends money) will eat it up. I would do the same shit in his position

    • OC

      disagree. there's pop bullshit all over his mixtapes too. the pop crowd is teenagers. bobby makes music for children. he is as middle ground as they come

    • Bobby Ray

      And the 2012 most original comment award goes to .....

    • MHWhite

      In the two or so years of reading this site... that's the single most intelligent statement made by anyone (editors and people who comment) alike. Rodrick, well done my man.

    • dca

      This. Bobby Ray makes pop album releases and saves the stuff for the "real hip-hop heads" for the mixtapes. That seems to be his m.o.; can't knock the hustle.

    • brotherteresa


    • Anonymous

      Exactly couldnt have said it better

  • Chris

    Listened to it the first time through and hated it. Listened to it a second time through and loved it. Its different, not like his mixtapes, but definitely meaningful lyrics. This review is awful. Much better than his debut album. Worth listening to.

  • jussomeether

    B.oring O.ld B.itch

  • MarcusD84

    Just because someone crosses genres in their music does not automatically make them interesting and worldly. I understand where he comes from, I'm into a lot of different music. I feel as a hip hop fan, especially from the era of sampling you should be. That doesn't mean "rapping" over a groove that isn't remotely hip hop is a good idea. Like the whole rap rock era. Simply rapping over a rock track is not hot. I understand trying to bring together to genres, but it doesn't work for either style. Maybe over a funky rock groove or using a flipped rock sample yeah. But just mashing the two together bring weak results, then again there is little funk or groove in today's music which makes it all so stale like this album.

  • You Know

    Listened to the opening track, bombs away, and thought maybe he made the type of RAP album he is capable of (even though he unfortunately sings on the chorus). Then the rest of the album came. It still aint bad though. Just wish he would make a real rap album before starting to go off in different directions with his music.

    • Meh

      There's nothing wrong with him singing on the chorus of Bombs Away or any of his songs; it just depends what he sings about. I'd rather have him sing on a chorus as opposed to some of these features...

  • pienman

    won't be copping that

  • Anonymous

    This album is great. Fuck what you heard. Ppl say it ain't hip hop, it's more than hip hop. Nigga went in with the lyrics.

  • Jack Compton

    I liked his feature on All 6's And 7's, that's it.

  • Anonymous

    album is a classic

  • Anonymous

    But i mean BoB is on atlantic records, same as lupe, and we all remember how most of lasers went...

  • Anonymous

    im not even a big bob fan and i actually enjoyed most of this album. Dx is buggin

  • Anonymous

    It's HIP HOP DX. Just because it's good doesn't make it good hip hop. Why don't all the people complaining head on over to popdx.com for the 5* review.

  • JoeBen

    The worst review dx has ever given, this album was amazing!

  • Max Berkowitz

    This album is incredible. I can't stop listening to it. Just have it on repeat while sitting in class.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Sadly this is a case of Bobby Ray being different just to be different. Unfortunately his different doesn't make any damn sense this time around. 2 Stars.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    This nigga just reaches too damn far and no one told him to chill the hell out. You are multi-talented. We get it. But at the same token that doesn't give you a free pass to put out an album that just shits on everyone as far as execution and actually sticking to a core and expanding on it. This LP is yet again another sorry money grab. Nothing more, nothing less. Throw him in the mix of Nicki Minaj as a sellout. This really doesn't surprise me cause I saw this coming after his first LP. I didn't care for that one either. I understand displaying talents but when it's all said and done this is hip hop. Quite frankly, it's sad that you have these rap niggas who feel that they have to cross borders and go to the other side in order to get some acclaim or whatever. That thing called fame is a mutha and will have you do some stupid ish. Do you have r and b coming into rock? Do you have rock coming into country? So why in the hell does anyone feel cool with hip hop crossing into pop? The more you let these fake A&R nondescript niggas and owners have their input and take on things the more you sully up shit and make the genre more stupid as far as mainstream goes. No real hip hop nigga gives this shit time of day. It's beyond sad. And for anyone talking about he held TI down when he was locked down...fuck TI. He's been in the business of just making sales over making good music and supporting good music for quite some time. Niggas in ATL don't even rock with or to that nigga anymore. He hasn't made an album worth a shit since King. But hopefully the fans have let B.O.B. know.... come down off of that strange cloud and get to making music worth a shit again and stop this nonsense you're currently doing. At the very least, execute it properly and have some authenticity behind it.

    • Anonymous

      If you want his real hip hop listen to his mixtapes. He puts pop on albums 'cause no rap fan buys music anymore, they just torrent it. Pop fans buy it.

    • Anonymous

      genres cross all the time i dont really understand the point you are making


    Anyone who thinks B.o.B. is entitled to more credit needs to reevaluate what great music is. Props to DX for having the guts to give this album an honest review.

  • Mass Appeal

    2.5-3 is about right.

  • iamhiphop

    This is actually a good album; better than the first album. Edwin is a fucking idiot shitting on this album. There were a couple of songs that weren't good, but the album's pretty solid.

    • CrackPipe

      The fact that you insult someone for not sharing the same views as you only highlights who the real fucking idiot is. Grow up and learn that music is subjective, there is no right or wrong answer. Either people are feeling something or they aren't. No need to get upset over another man's opinion.

  • GTD

    B.O.B raps but in reality he has become less a rapper and more a (successful) major label pop artist/commodity. And a supremely uninteresting one at that. Can't imagine rap fans in 2012 really being concerned about what Bob's doing. He certainly doesn't seem interested in them.

  • TF

    Why ya hating every song on this album is crack. Its from his heart and its real lyrics. If a nigga can listen to Outkast and respect them or Andre 3000 you would love this cd. It has pop tracks but his last cd was the same way smh. This album shows growth and gets a 2 out of 5 ya niggas tripping lol. Everything he comes out with is the same as this album. His mixtapes and his first cd sounds like pop/hip hop but ya can hop on Nicki Minja dick and lil Wayne for pop/rock.My nigga gets a 5 out 5.

  • this review is horseshit

    When B.o.B makes a pop record he gets shit upon by critics but when Drake does it he gets praised. B.o.B shows 10 times more lyrical ability on this album as a pure rapper then drake does in Take Care, which was one of the biggest jokes of an album i have ever heard

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^your name is CrackPipe; nuff said. Stop smoking that shit.

    • CrackPipe

      I have to agree. Most of Drake's music is not for me but Take Care had at least a few songs that I was feeling (The Ride, Lord Knows, Headlines). Not really feeling anything off this Bobby Ray album.

    • Anonymous

      ^^you're joking right?

    • Anonymous

      I am not a huge fan of Drake and I can absolutely say that B.O.B. is much more talented overall IMO. Having said that, Take Care was better than this. Not much, but still better.

  • tlacent

    everybody think just because a person puts out a couple of hip hop songs that he is automatically hip hop. B.o.B even said he is not a rapper. this is a very decent album that he put out. and just because yall dont like it dont make the album a bad album. this shows his versatility in the music making process.

  • Fuck This

    Garbage. Stupid pop shit.

    • Anonymous

      Listen to his mixtapes. Pop fans buy music, hip hop fans torrent free music. Thats why his albums are pop

  • gerritw6

    disappointing to see a guy with so much lyrical prowess go the pop route....more power to him, he'll probably make bank off this. but its still tough to watch, i miss the hunger on the mixtapes.

  • CrackPipe

    B.O.B., like Kid Cudi, is a talented dude and when he focuses on doing hip-hop, shit is beautiful. Unfortunately, he sometimes strays from what he does best and it usually doesn't work out like on this album right here. I can appreciate someone being unique or trying out new things, experimenting with new sounds and genres but on this record, it just falls flat and makes it seem like Bobby Ray is trying too hard. He said recently that he wants to do a rock album next which would be a huge mistake. This guy needs to focus on what got him here and give the fans what they want.

  • Andre

    HAHA, yea it was very pop orientated, but since this album is being classified as a Hip/Hop-Rap album, it will be judged as that. As far is Hip/Hop is concerened this album is wack it deserved a 2 at best. that half a point was a pity point from HHDX.

  • sever246

    Disagree with this review everyone knew this album was going to be pop oriented but having said that it was still a solid album. B.o.B's music still is more unique than almost any other artist out there. I'd give it a 3.5 out of 5

    • CrackPipe

      It's also a shame when one of the better young hip-hop artists in the game spends more time trying to reach out to other genres instead of feeding the fans that got him where he's at. No doubt B.O.B. is talented as fuck but he shines brightest when he's doing hip-hop so he needs to stick to that if he wants to stay relevant and sell records.

    • Jake

      When you have talents like he does (the ability to rap, sing, play guitar and piano) and can be an artist instead of just a rapper, it would be a shame if you didn't express that talent

    • Lex

      Just because he's making different music, that doesn't mean it's good. Why artists think they can sing and rap and play instruments at the same time ? Stick to your music man. We know you got good flow, nice play with words. So - do some fuckin' hip hop already! This is album is garbage!

  • Blake

    Sounds About Right. I am letdown, but can't say I'm surprised.

  • skafrica

    I heard singles like "Play The Guitar" and I thought Strange Clouds would definitely be better than the first album, this is infinitely worse than that album. The best song on the album is the joint with Taylor Swift...and that has nothing to do with him. He should take a couple years off before the next album, stuff like this is polluting the culture.

    • Anonymous

      As far as I'm concerned, there's no such thing as "polluting the culture". You can listen to your shit and I can listen to my shit, there's a place for soft pop-rap like this. Do we all love it? Nope. But to say that he's polluting the entire culture of hip-hop is absolute horseshit. Those of us who want to maintain the old culture will ignore this kind of music and move on. There's a place in the industry for every pop star, whether it be BoB, Nicki Minaj, or Lady Gaga, and there's a place for hip-hop purists that want to listen to old Nas records and Enter the Wu-Tang.

    • MarcusD84

      Livefromtheunderground please change yor name because there is nothing underground about you you fake stan. Yes polluting the culture with this mainstream pandering and quite frankly condescending bullshit. It's not about just smarter music, it's about better music. This pepsi cola bullshit ain't cuttin' it.

    • livefromtheunderground

      polluting the culture? go back into your self righteous cave and listen to your precious arty music you snobby piece of shit, some people like music like this, don't like it? dont listen to it, its pretty simple actually