REKS x Statik Selektah - Straight No Chaser

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This latest project finds REKS in impeccable form as maturity, ability and timing have all crossed paths for a Hip Hop voice that warrants the microphone.

Personal setbacks may have delayed REKS’ emergence as an emcee with exemplary skills, yet it’s clear on Straight, No Chaser that the Lawrence, Massachusetts lyricist has finally hit his stride. Backed by full production from Statik Selektah, with whom he shares an extensive history, this latest project finds REKS in impeccable form as maturity, ability and timing have all crossed paths for a Hip Hop voice that warrants the microphone.

While Statik has been the subject of many rapper-producer projects in the past (Termanology, Saigon, Freddie Gibbs, and Action Bronson to name a few), none match the chemistry felt on Straight, No Chaser. The veteran beat smith rarely oversteps his role with sampled-based cuts that mediate the mood, allowing REKS ample space to forge his lyrical narratives. Such is the case on “Sit/Think/Drink,” a melancholic record that highlights the ills of his community. Sitting back with a pen and a fifth of Hennessy, REKS declares, “Writing poems, thinking back, what was Langston on / When civil rights wasn’t given to our color tone / Pigmentation still be placing us in Section 8 homes / The leaders have left, the efforts is gone.” Then on “Chasin,’” the pressing drums reverberate REKS’ fight for survival tale, bringing the listener along with.

Kept to a minimum, the featured guests blend right into REKS’ agenda including the back-and-forth musings of “Riggs & Murtaugh” with Action Bronson, as well as his collaboration with Slaine. Built on aggressive production from Statik, the title track brings out the best in the two rappers, with Slaine arguably seizing the win. It comes as a surprise then when the trio found on “Such A Showoff” doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain, with a usually spry Termanology settling on flimsy metaphors. Showoff brethren JFK and Kali also turn in less-than-stellar verses, as a menacing beat from Statik unfortunately goes wasted.  

A familiar strength from last years’ release, REKS delivers a handful of topical, personal tracks in “Regrets” and “Parenthood” that would make his Best Of compilation come retirement. On the former record, a reminiscent Corey Christie assesses his life over a soulful melody, displaying a sense of pride that is discernible in his lyrics. “Parenthood” takes a more indirect approach, with REKS discussing the misery that comes with being a parentless child. A father himself, REKS admirably tackles the issue with a pristine view that few of his peers could replicate.

As the title suggests, Straight, No Chaser delivers REKS’ story without a filter and the results certainly won’t go unnoticed. With two outstanding albums in consecutive years, REKS has positioned himself as a go-to lyricist for today’s audience that still craves a message in the music.


  • Anonymous

    This is great stuff. Reks never disappoints. These Lil Wayne fans will never know anything about this.

  • Wayne

    I'll go with a 3.5 star rating for this album, dropping it from the original 4 stars I gave. It's a very good album, but it doesn't hold much replay value like the album he dropped last year.

  • Anonymous

    Reks is so fucking ammazing. And Statik outdid himself on this one!!!

  • YaDontStop92

    people sayin this album aint that good are fuckin crazy, this album is the shit, reks doesnt know how to make an average album. and people need to stop comparin this to his last album, they are different. GTA 4 wasnt as good as san andreas but u dont see me postin negative reviews on, its still sick.

  • paul banks

    this album was straight fire. Reks is always on point. and Statik Selektah came through big time.

  • starky love

    yo i need help. I got ten bucks on itunes should i cop this or that apollo brown & oc album?

    • Wasted Space

      I'd say to get the Apollo Brown and OC joint, but they're both very different styles, listen to a couple of songs on youtube and see which sound you dig more.

    • ianism

      tough choice. they're both great i'd go for Trophies though. that being said, R.A.P. Music is a cut above the rest at the moment

  • A4L

    Best Album this year so far! 4,5/5 Don't think it'll be topped this year

  • mattc25

    I meant to say I agree that Statik has become to be very stale by putting out quantity over quality.

  • mattc25

    damn 12 people voted a perfect 5. Okay sure.

  • mattc25

    Like others have said I think Statik hasn't really stale....but I disagree with the people complaining about the lyrical content. I think Reks still did well as Action Bronson....but that beat is so awful. Then the Slaine track has some dope verses on it by both.

  • Yeah

    Reks is one of the best mc's this point i think its safe to say so

  • jack johnson

    This definitely isn't a four star album and most people who've reviewed this and the comments agree I think the main problem with the album is Reks flow, it sounds like he flows to the wrong tempo to all the beats, sometimes like he's trying to go too fast unnecessarily. and Statik always does the same thing with his beats, always with the speed up vocal samples etc

  • verbz

    REKS 2011 album >>>

  • nah kid

    All his older albums are way better. DX got this one wrong.

    • hotnix12000

      Definitely agree. His older albums are way better. Along Came The Chosen is fuckin ILL. Grey Hairs was great minus the second half of the album filled with shitty Statik Selektah beats. If Grey Hairs was cut off at like track 12 or 13 it would have been perfect.

  • Pages

    Both the production & lyrics are on point definitely a solid album. Timeless ... Dat true DJ/Producer + Emcee feel that has kept hip hop alive in the trenches. Keep doin ya thing fellas da true fans love it. & statik if u don't hv haters u ain't doin something right ur beats are ill. Love is love 1

  • juan

    Diggin it but wished the beat selection was more mixed. I like Statik but he's flooded the game with too much which is a bad move for him.

  • Herewegoagain

    Okay here we go again. Just because somebody gives their honest opinion (which is actuallly pretty accurate) they're "hating." Statik actually does have pretty wack beats. How can yall think the beats on this album are good? Shit is trash! And on top of that, Reks is boring as fuck! It's like he's just rhyming to rhyme. Like he's trying to get it over with.

    • herewegoagain

      Yeah dumb fuck, I did hear Grey Hairs!!! And the best beats on that album are NOT by Statik Selektah, haha! That album has like 10 too many tracks which are all average ass Statik tracks on the second half of the album. Grey Hairs was great minus Selektah!

    • Anonymous

      lmao @ statik having wack beats, you never heard grey hairs, didn't you?

    • Anonymous

      I've heard the snippets from that 1982(Term and Statik) that's gonna be coming out. Sounds dope to me. These dudes don't know what they talking about, probably some groupie ass niggas. Cuz Reks don't sound like every Tom, Dick and Harry on the radio he's wack? To each his own. Good Hip Hop thrives in the underground, always has and always will. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, unfortunately some dudes opinions are influenced by commercialism. Dudes get brainwashed.

    • buckeyewu

      Yeah, Statiks beats are wack, thats why just about every dope young MC from the East Coast is making fucking albums with him. WTF would Strong Arm Steady, MOP, Termanology, Reks, and all these cats fucking with him then? You must have got your taste in hip hop from Soulja Boy or Drake.

  • buckeyewu

    I cant wait to hear this shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jazzmatazz

    Reks always come with the dope bars.

  • flowermissing


  • bizzalls

    Statik Selektah, you fuckin suck. Im sorry, your beats are so garbage. Then the reviewer says, "aggressive beats???" And "menacing". These beats are like elevator music, man. He continues to put out trash beats. I definitely like Reks though. I think his first album is the best. Get rid of Statik.

  • Anonymous

    Reks is so ill. Good review, but Grey Hairs is still his best work.

  • R2die

    Well, glad to see the hommie Rex still ripping the mic..

  • adam_dz

    Just ordered from Amazon. REks been my fav since GREY HAIRS. True, authentic shit. can't wait to hear this!!

  • Anonymous

    Reks is so fucking dope! All of his albums are absolutely amazing, he's the best rapper out there to me.

  • Anonymous

    This is such a dope album, gonna buy it now that I heard it in it's entirety.

  • Anonymous

    Can't wait to cop this one.

  • Tycoon

    Wicked album, great purchase!

  • Anonymous

    hottest shit in the pane

  • Kenzo450

    Reks comes with another classic joint. Fav tracks are Autographs, Sit/Think/Drink, straight no chaser (title track)

  • word the fuck up

    Shout out to dude burnin' gas to support REKS. Cool to hear. I think this 3/5 territory. Last year's R.E.K.S. album is the joint to buy. Statik Selektah production is mediocrity, sorry y'all.


      Exactly. Statik Selektah is so fuckin average it's terrible. He's made like maybe 4 or 5 ill beats in his whole career.

  • YHWH

    I was pissed because living in NH ther are not many places to go to buy CD's(Im old school). I was excited to cop this album that I went Tuesday to FYE and Best Buy and neither had it! I'm like WTF peepz! Luckily I called FYE today and they had two copies.. two copies which were probably still sitting in Tuesdays delivery box when I originally went to get it! I should charge those fuckerz gas money because its a 20 minute ride to the mall from my work and I had to make two trips to get this album! Finally gave it a listen and it was well worth the $8.99 I paid! THIS MAN IS HIP HOPS HIDDEN GEM. He not only has an untouchable flow, he also has a positive message. He embodies hip hop. Any negative comments about this album should be met with a severe bitch slap to the grill-piece! Reks is winning..

  • Jonathan

    4.5! The album was fire aside from a few tracks i could have done with out: "Cancel That" -filler song, kind of pointless, Wais P is redundant. "Such a Show Off" -disappointing, Kali is just not that good, sorry. JFK didn't bring it like he can, neither did Term.