Snoop Dogg - Stoners EP

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With this curious EP release, Snoop has committed the more heinous sin of confusing being relaxed with turning lazy. Someone wake him up for next time.

"Put your drink down, grab your coats and roll with me/ We going to the palace where I lay my head/ 17 room house with the mink bed/ You really rolling with a player who files his nails and takes care of his hair." That's Snoop Dogg spitting on the first song to his ten track 420 EP ode, "1st We Blaze It Up." He delivers his words of upwards mobility and personal pimp hygiene with a smidgen of conviction, but they are the same sort of cliched boasts we've heard Snoop regurgitate since coming on the scene in the early-'90s. The rest of Stoners EP does little other than suggest that Snoop isn't so much in the middle of a Hip Hop mid-life crisis as enjoying the leisure parts of his rap riches while demonstrating an utterly half-assed approach to the artistry side of his talent.

As Stoner's EP - ahem - unrolls, it becomes apparent that part of the problem with much of the post-Dr. Dre Snoop is that he's too comfortable playing up to his friendly weed ambassador image. This is a man whose endorsements include a line of hot-dogs (reputedly a foot-long, no less!); his image is not remotely threatening to the mainstream. But, for those who care more about the music Snoop makes than his Pop culture sideshow, part of his early appeal was the menace in his voice and lyrics - this was a man who was facing a murder trial during the release of his debut album and who announced himself talking about taking out undercover cops.

Since then though, Snoop has willingly repositioned himself as a limp Cheech and Chong caricature. Which is a shame, as his intermittent club bangers show that he's still one of the most charismatic rappers out there. So by as early as the fourth track of Stoners EP, he's already been relegated in the credits to a bit-part player ("Make It Hot" by Tha Dogg Pound merely "features" Snoop), while three of the last four songs are credited to his new cohorts The Hustle Boyz, Ndastree, and Chris Starr - and we're not talking first wave Death Row calibre of cronies here. (Although there's a strong chance you won't even make it that far, giving up as you suffer through the earlier "It's Gettin' Harder (Interlude)" which features Snoop repeating "It's gettin' harder to fuck your friends" over a beat that sounds like someone was paid to produce a Best Buy ad.)

Weed-based rap music doesn't always have to be languid and laid back, like much of the production on Stoners EP. After all, rappers like Curren$y and Action Bronson are creating some of the hypest rap music out there while parading around with a joint permanently dangling from his lips. But with this curious EP release, Snoop has committed the more heinous sin of confusing being relaxed with turning lazy. Someone wake him up for next time.



  • mdkeren2

    BELOW on every new video article and basically any new piece of content

  • Anonymous

    Dude he can rap about alot of different things , theres alot going on in the world today , depression , homelessness , disease , people getting killed and losing familys , politics , racism ,december 21 2012 shit , NASA AND E.T'S , GOD , EVIL , ETC RAP ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE SNOOP . YOUR MAKING YOURSELF LOOK BAD

  • Daz Dilli

    Whoever cosigned this lost

  • J

    correction you can't get your hustle on

  • J

    correction can't get your hustle on

  • J

    Oh yeah, other than Game, all these other new west coast rappers have failed to carry on the legacy of the west coast hip hop.

  • J

    Snoop is still better than 95% of these crab ass rappers out there. Snoop has consistently came out with good albums. The writer of this story is mad ignorant, Snoop has been highly successful post Dr Dre. The writer was probably in preschool when doggystyle came out, and just gets his opinion from what other people tell him. For all you dumbass motherfuckers who still want him to be dark as he was on Doggystyle, get a fucking clue. He is 40 years old now and has a family. He isn't some young buck banging in the streets anymore. He would just be a dumbass still trying to present himself as a gangbanger at 40 years old with tons of money and a family. Snoop never sold out, he just showed all y'all motherfuckers how to hustle. And y'all just hating because you can get your hustle on.

  • arghhhh

    Highest falloff ever?

  • Anonymous

    Snoop fell off along time ago in my opinion its like he doesnt care anymore , rapping about weed is super played out and boring . wtf is in this dudes head . I guess the weed has affected his brain alot . stop smoking snoop , and that goes for wiz khalifa too , he is a one dimensional rapper .

  • nina

    keeping up with all that going down keep up amen

  • 1love

    snoop should be like Dr.Dre release an album every decade...cause this shit is whack.

  • rockinwitit

    Snoop is a guys are taking this wow too serious, its called stoners and you could tell he's just having fun making music at this point..get over it...its called stoners for a reason..smoke one and listen...when his album drops I'm sure he will take it serious..u gotta love young kids need to respect a legend and old g...he's banking more then 90% of rappers and is relevent with hits on the radio every year..who's been relevent for this long? Don't worry ill wait...

  • Fuck Snoop's New Album

    Niggas is right this album is GARBAGE!!!

  • SNoopy

    Takes a true 24/7 Pothead, Green Rolling, OIL Chiefer, To APPRECIATE THIS. Fucking love it. By the way this an EP Done for him not you, me, or anyone else. Rep it Snoopy.

  • Neighborhood Playa

    IDK about you guys and the article's author but "1st we Blaze" is pretty bumpin... and im not high...

  • Greg

    I feel like all the people who are saying snoop isn't a legend, never grew up listening to him, or never cared about his message in the first place, it's mostly just a bunch of kids who are hearing what he is putting out now compared to then, and it is sad people don't respect him for who he is, he is a legend and if you don't think so, by all means try your best at rewriting the history books... All that being said this new snoop definitely sucks


    River water trash bad. Snoop letting himself fall off.

  • Anonymous

    snoop is a legend lot of respect for him and a lot of love for him as a icon of the culture but hes been dropping bricks lately more bricks than kobe this season

    • Shut your Mouth

      Your an idiot, Kobe is in a battle with kevin durant for the scoring title this year, dont talk NBA unless u know some shit, dumbass

    • Anonymous

      @ Anonymous: lol a legend???? He made one good album and the rest is just garbage.

  • richo

    snoop has always been weak,his music lacks depth, its always the same half ass predictable subject matter and cliched concepts. Retire, the New Crop of West coast Emcees are much better to listen to than this old writers block clown

  • Anonymous

    Breathe it in is good, but everything else on this ep is pretty lackluster from snoop.

  • firealarm

    With all the money Snoop makes from everything apart from music its no wonder he doesn't put any effort into the music. But honestly he should just retire if he doesn't have the flare for rap anymore. We don't like hearing this terrible music from one of the former best rappers of the 90's.

  • a

    this guy is terrible , he thinks he can 'get away' with terrible music just because he is established name in this industry

  • Tclems Da Rap Genius

    *sigh* This is another fine example of why Snoop IS the single greatest sell out in all of hip hop history. As finely stated by the HipHopDX writer of this article; Snoop's debut album was dark and mysterious, subjects ranged from killing cops and ways to die. Everyone else that has listened to Snoop, EXCLUDING himself realizes that his debut album "Doggystyle" was one of the greatest tapes released to this date. Sadly, like many artists now a days, sell out their beliefs and ideals "Sell their soul to the devil" and evolve into a mainstream character. And Snoop decided to hault in making good, *or even listenable music...

  • MattCMR

    Think what you want about this new Snoop EP, but his track with Willie Nelson that just dropped is pretty dope. no pun intended.

  • Anonymous

    from toprapper to poprapper making songs with katy perry and willy nelson. fuck you snoop. snoop is only concerned about his money and not the music anymore

  • no way

    This shit sucks. Snoop has gotten progressively worse since Blue Carpet Treatment