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At times tasteful and other times tasteless, "Pluto" demonstrates a bravado that knows no shame.

Hip Hop has had its fair share of novelty acts, and Future appears to be the latest flavor to emerge into the public eye. Born and bred in Decatur, Georgia, the rapper has developed a penchant for transparent lyricism, and his debut album Pluto carries out this theme.

While Auto-Tune is heard all over the Drake-assisted single “Tony Montana,” it isn’t necessarily a crutch for Future, with use of the voice modifying application primarily assigned for hook purposes. However, in the instances in which he does incorporate it into his verses, the results are just a few shades away from absurd. Searching for his space-age counterpart, “Astronaut Chick” comes off as a discordant performance of elementary rhymes and stale metaphors. “Turn On The Lights” shares similar sentiment, with his voice becoming inaudible throughout the record. Add in a puzzling dedication to Pimp C (“Long Live The Pimp”) and a self-congratulatory record (“You Deserve It”), and one may surmise that Future is in fact from Pluto, because clearly his thoughts are not on a human level.

Things hit rock bottom on “Magic,” where Future’s plethora of nonsensical rhymes would get the side eye from the worst weed-carrying rapper:

“Excuse me but my lingo crazy / See these diamonds, ain’t none of them fuggazi / Two bad bitches want to fuck me the greatest / Aye young G in a brand new Mercedes / Turn out the lot, I’mma do a 180 / For the haters I’mma go ahead and do a 360 / Drinking on the Sprite, got lean all in it / I’m an astronaut nigga, better trust my pimpin’.”

Even with its many, many missteps, there are a few positives to take away from Pluto. Whether it’s the hard body beat of “Same Damn Time” or the hazy glow found on “I’m Trippin,” the album boasts an admirable selection of production courtesy of Mike Will, Nard & B and Sonny Digital. “Parachute,” “Homicide” and the aforementioned “I’m Trippin” also find success from the featured artists. In that respect, Future should get credit for possessing the often-overlooked ability of a chemistry radar, as well as a keen ear for beats.

At times tasteful and other times tasteless, Pluto demonstrates a bravado that knows no shame. Time will tell whether Future’s cheeky style is simply a passing faze or a trend that others will carry a torch for. Here’s to hoping few will.


  • Anonymous

    this guy is pretty much just making retard noises into autotune (something lil wayne did 4 years ago)over the same recycled beat

  • jd

    AutoTuned to death. Worst Rapper alive since the worst rapper retired...oh, wait, that's Rick Ross.

  • Daddy

    Future is just more new garbage on the pile of shit hip hop has become. A redundant and withering genre of music that once thrived off of competition and creativity. Future is the Down-syndrome love child of Lil Wayne and T-pain.... Hipsters are drawn to him and today's casual music listener and how can you blame them? They have have nothing else worthy of claiming as their own.....

  • cu ti

    This album talks money,bitches, trappin. And beautiful southern bass thumping beats. What more can you ask for in a gangsta rap album? This album is solid. Very enjoyable listen. Haters are idiots.

  • chris

    Love this album. Finally listened to it after it was released months ago lol. But I enjoyed it.

  • Chris Watson

    phantom club in Raleigh future had tha place turnt up!!!!!!! this album should be number one honestly but its his first young nigga goin hardddddddd

  • Nuboy

    This fool is absolutely and without a doubt indicative of the reason why I think God is pro-choice. No, seriously, did you actually LISTEN to this album? No, really, I'm being serious here. I think Vanilla Ice is refreshing compared to this because at least his songs made some sense and at least you didn't need subtitles just to understand what he was saying. This guy makes me want to take a screwdriver to my head to punish myself for even having the unfortunate convenience of even LISTENING to this nonsense in the first place. Future is like the booger hanging from your nose. Sure, flicking it away into obscurity seems like the logical choice but getting it with a paper cloth and discarding seems like the more reasonable decision. His rapping skills are about as relevant as a pile of finger nail clippings. He looks like a malnourished Predator from the movies, speaks a foreign language much like the aforementioned Predators and sounds like a dying space kitten thanks to the death of all hip-hop aka "Auto-Tune."

  • asher1985

    love this album! such an enjoyable listen, trust me...forget what this writer says, the album is awesome.

  • Mwoullard

    worst album ever. i cant even descibe it its so bad. WHAT DO PPL SEE IN FUTURE

  • GoGo Gadget

    It's funny how so many of these down South cats be defending their rappers, no matter how wack they are. I can see why they would defend Gucci Mane or 2Chainz, I like them both, or even Waka Flocka, but you cannot defend this sorryness. He cannot rhyme, has no structure in his songs; clearly he's from Pluto, cuz he aint from earth. That album was some of the worst, crappiest, shittiest, poorly written, poorly devised, cancerous, obnoxious piece of shit record I have ever had the mispleasure of hearing! (And believe me, I didnt know who this fool was until I listening to this for the first time, read the review, and thought he couldn't be this bad. Oh my God.

  • forereal

    i wish i understood what hes saying

  • mdkeren2

    BELOW on every new video article and basically any new piece of content

  • Dirty south


    • Space Man

      Future go hard every city in Mississippi bumping this niqqa.I wonder y trappers never come down here tho wat they must be aged because the know it don't he no more southern then Mississippi haha. Future u outtta space I'm in another demension

    • Anonymous

      no this is trash let it go

  • Studied Music & English

    people need to stop comparing these artists to "common" "talib" etc ( which i listen to )BUT They are N0T in the same lane or on the same intellectual plane , so of course Future wouldnt compare. He is def. N0T the best rapper , but Future made me a fan on " Streetz is Callin" mixtape where he put real shit in there . I think industry "dumbed" his music down more because he was a little better on the mixtapes than the Studio album ... & some of his " lingo " is street talk . Im not from the "hood" but certain things you can understand are from his city & the streets ... Back off ...

  • Anonymous


  • TrakBoy

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  • TrakBoy

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    Ima astronaut nigga better CHUUUUCH my pimpin... u dont kno shit

  • Azup

    Just what we need another wack annoying rapper for the radio.

  • no way

    Who gave this clown a deal?

  • Anonymous

    hip hop started in the streets and will end there .. i like nas just like the next man but if im in the club or wit alot of ''young people'' meaning 90's babies im bangin future or 2 chainz ... i believe rap is to be judged off the feeling it makes not like an english paper .. he makes music that feels good to alot of people and some people who listen to it on they computer speakers by them selves in the aptartment will never understand what i mean . but this album goes hard ..ps.. talib is a great mc but its over for that breed of mc its about entertaining people remember ???

  • Anonymous

    this album is horrible, future sounds like a cockroach when hes rapping

  • Anonymous

    Hes from pluto , pluto doesnt exist anymore LMAO man rappers these days make me laugh weak album

    • YoungPluto

      Course Pluto exists, just not as a planet anymore. Not only is you a hater, you a stupid hater. Must suck being that dumb and jealous. Future be killn it!

  • asher1985

    can anybody say guilty pleasure?

  • hell zel

    nobody is fucking with common or de la soul like some of you lame niggas. georgia fucks with him. we support our artist, thats why georgia and the rest of the south run this music shit.

    • ANoNy012

      I agree with u Hell zel! I love Future & i do agree that we(the south) do have better music & other people who aren't from the south might disagree and think that they have better music where they're from and that's alright too because we probably think they have some pretty shitty music too. They might have artists who got better lyrics but we got artists who make songs that we can play in the club & get turned up to!

    • Anonymous

      hell zel is just another ignorant Southern nigga who thinks Southern hip-hop is the best. nigga kill yourself for all of that bullshit you just said.

    • hell zel


    • hell zel

      i never said the lyrics weren't good nor did i say i was giving him "the check" nor did my tone come off as if i think he was garbage, pay attention to what i typed. what it boils down too is yall can't relate. not saying im out here selling dope but yall dont understand the lingo. and until yall understand the lingo in his raps yall are gonna be confused forever. GET THE FUCK OUTTA THE 90's! slaughterhouse, murs, talib kweli, brother ali...as lyrical as they wanna be, the fact that they are corny is inevitbale. being lame is a curse you could never undo. so my suggestion to all the golden-era dick riding homo's, is to get with the new. and to set the record straight nobody in GA fucks with Roscoe or Soulja, but we do fuck with Jeezy, Luda, Tip, Killer Mike, Pastor Troy, Gucci, Waka, Slim Dunkin R.I.P., Alley Boy, Trouble, Yung Ralph, Rocko, Travis Porter, Camoflauge R.I.P, Field Mob, 3 Stacks, Tity Boi, oh yeah Future.

    • niknak

      @hell zel, well that's just sad. Why do you like Future's music if you don't think the lyrics are good? Like, I understand that he makes it just for "the check," but why are you giving him "the check"? It sounds like you don't think he deserves it if he's putting out garbage music.

    • hell zel

      nigga you just saying that because you dont go to the clubs around here, you dont know how big of a buzz this nigga really has in the south. and of course niggas dont care what they say on the track, they are getting paid! duh nigga. niggas dont rap for the best lyricist of the year, they rapping for the check! get your mind right. or let me put it into the words of another "ignorant southern fool" J. Cole "Cause either you play the game or watch the game play you/ And be that broke motherfucker talkin bout "I stay true".

    • Honestly

      Yeah go ahead and support the ATL wack MC acts like Future,Waka Flocka, and Roscoe Dash. And you wonder why people dont take us seriously.This is why people think southern MC are just ignorant stupid fools. I understand that everybody has their own lane but damn. This nigga belongs in the slow lane or maybe the median. He needs to spend more time underground so he can be taught how to actually rhyme. He is horrible and Id be ashamed to Cosign on anything that he is on.

  • futuristik

    it's called FREE ASSOCIATIVE u mindless fucking drones yall hip-hop hippies gotta get the fuck outta 1996

    • Anonymous

      I'm from the A the album ok but I support any brother making a honest living so haters get off your ass and make better music instead of judging muthafuckas black people are each others downfall all ways got so much negative shit to say about each other

    • GTFOH!!!!!

      You are probably retarded and collect disability for it so That would explain you misconception on what Hip Hop is. This is Shit Flop not Hip Hop.He really cant rhyme at all and makes no sense. Is that why you like him cause he reminds you of yourself. This guy is the wackest thing outta ATL since The Laffy Taffy

  • Anonymous

    I'd rather be mutilated and fed dog shit for three months straight rather than listen to this shit. I thought it couldn't get any worse than his xxl freestyle...the worst part of it all is that people like this shit.

    • 181818star

      Well go get a dog bowl and I'll let my pit fill it up with shit for you because last time I checked this nigga making money off of what he doing unlike you. Last time I checked they aint paying yo ass for dissin his shit so when you some out with something better then talk but until then stfu aight?.

  • wu4lyf

    But this guy can't rhyme for shit..not even hating! Autotuned fuzzed nonsensical lazy rapping. Who actually LIKES this crap??

  • Daniel

    i like this nigga, i feel what he says, but he aint the smartest/intellectual nigga in the world. His shit bumps, he knows what he's talkin bout, he gettin paid, and just like the review said, HIS THINKIN AND MIND PROCESSIN IS NOT ON HUMAN LEVEL, where the titles pluto and astronaut status become relevant.

    • get real

      an astronaut have degrees in advanced science physics and mathematics and future's dumb ass lyrics dont measure up to any astronaut theme he just another wack ass rapper from gay-tl with hard beats and weak rhymes that retards keep co-signing! krizz kaliko raps and sings way better than future! http://youtu.be/WMvewdbYIVI

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Theres people from ATL that can rap, but he aint one of em. Im from bankhead and trust me, this guy cant rap for nothin, hes just talking slowly and he sounds like a dead cockroach .

  • cyovonie


    • WHAT!!!!!

      You must be tone deaf, I rather listen to Chingy and Jwon do a "Right Thurr" remix with Yung Joc and SouljaBoy then listen to This travesty.


    wack bullshit. -5/5

  • sirslick

    bottom line fam is that this cat can't rhyme.its not about new or old ,north or south,east or west! this cat can't rhyme.anybody that really listens to hip knows this.a lot of people may not like drake because of all the catchy bullshit and the singing.at least he can rhyme though.i am not a drake fan at all BUT AT LEAST HE CAN RHYME.peace

  • malc3cg

    hardest shit out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Azup101

    His voice is so irritating.

  • Rico

    i hope u niggas get paid fa hatin.... cuz fa dis nigga to be so wack as yall say he damn sho gettin paid for it

    • 4real

      Only reason he is getting paid is by association and Consignment, Not because of his talent. This is the labels fault he is around. Here how he got his deal."We running outta artist to promote, find me the wackest act in ATL. We'll put some big names artist on his tracks. We;ll loop his words to make chorus for songs,Yeah Autotune isnt dead yet. Yes We got another sucker....I mean artist" Face it, He is Wack. Only overly drugged teen will buy his shit

  • DrewDown91

    ALBUM SUCKS, Should be named URANUS REPOST. Hilarious. I am not even listening to this shit. #swagswagswag. OFWGKTA.

  • Jiggmostar

    Just when I think Hip Hop won't shit out another bum ass nigga I wrong. This nigga got his name right wit future cuz at this rate we ain't gonna hear niggas rap, but just talk or re-loop a stupid muthafuckin hook ova and ova. "tony Montana"...tony montana...get the fuck outta here

  • Young King

    Strictly new niggas will like this album i mean i will admit "Homicide" and "Permanent Scars" are coo tracks but other than that there's no reason to listen to this dude especially cause you can't tell what the man is sying lol.. like I said though, new niggas will eat it up.

  • ROFL

    Lame recognize Lame, look at all these comments. Whats even lamer is that theyre people who actually like this dude,LOL

  • ATL

    Super Wack,How can any you niggaz support this fool and say he hood.He's Rico Loves son. He practically had a silver spoon in his mouth. He's not a real street nigga. He's a manufactured swag gangster.To the Nigga below me. Im from ATL too but I rather listen to 2chainz and Big Boi than Future. Sure he plays in the clubs cause youre either too high or drunk to really hear it. If youre sober,Its really wack.

    • Anonymous

      Both yall STFU, yall lame just like this wack nigga.

    • Anonymous

      Nigga u ain't from the A. U can't be talking that stupid shit. And when I mean the A, u not from East point, college park or decatur. U a ole suburb nigga I bet. U wouldnt understand the slang and kno he ain't lying about what he rapping. Only street ppl know about having "dope unda they finga nails" and "Mollys". U prolly an import too like luda and claim Atlanta cause u been here a minute. And........ its his cousin, not his son. And its Rico Wade, not Rico Love. Lame nigga be quiet...

  • Anonymous

    Wowee....how u gone review future album and be leaning against it. Damn how did these lame ass niggas who don't know music get to decide what sounds good and what doesn't? Every time an Atlanta nigga hit the big time y'all hate......but y'all niggas eventually give in and get down. Y'all just square as hell. U don't have a lane of ur own and be mad when u see a nigga find his. We swagged out down here and we fearless, that's why y'all niggas hate but slick love how we do shit.

  • Anonymous

    Err body who left these wack ass comments bout dat boy frute....."ain't no way around it" ass niggas. Shawty, listen to it. This Pluto goin in. Play "nevaend" if u got a bitch on the fence, she'll come back. "Fishscale", "You deserve it", "Turn on the lights", y'all don't like any of these? (I know y'all niggas can relate if u frm the hood. Maybe that's why y'all hoe ass niggas don't like it. Y'all ain't no real niggas no way. Go listen to "my name hold weight", on Streetz Calling.) Mursic ain't about how good u sound or how lyrical u are. Its about a feel and do I believe what ur telling me. Home is sincere. Give it a listen..Froocha next.

    • ccwaterbound32

      id rather Soulja Slim than this dude...

    • Anonymous

      Shit ain't for everybody...just is what it is....Maybe if he drop that bullshit autotune off his voice..it would go over better..but that shit just sound terrible..he don't even use it right!!

  • Anonymous

    I bet yo girl or wife like it llh fool dat up north is ova south run da rap game dats y yall so far behind

    • U Make no sense,nigga

      You cant even make sense trying to talk. must be why you like this clown. No Effort in rhyming, No creativity in concept, No Talent for the listeners. He is garbage. He only go this deal cuz he's Rico Love's son. The Tpain shit is dead. Tpain aint even using Autotune that much now.

  • Anonymous

    Yall sum real haters dis dat real life a town sh.. Broke niggas fall back

    • Finish School

      Please got back to school and get an education. Maybe then you might be able to figure out why this is hard to listen to.

  • dave

    Future is purely terrible. Talk about fake rap, you'll be saying," Future,Pluto"

  • Anonymous

    Dungeon Family members son,My Ass. They should have locked this nigga in the basement. Rico get your wack ass son please.

  • b.o.m.b.

    its a permanent scar

  • Anonymous


  • WOW REALLY!!!!!!

    This is THE WACKEST ALBUM since Playing With Fire by Kevin Federline,and "To the Extreme" by Vanilla Ice. This alnum is only slightly better than those listed and I mean slightly and thats bad.

  • Jack

    I was replying to Jay's comment.

  • Jack

    Well Lil B is only playing around when he makes those bullshit songs. This nigga Future is serious. Lol

  • Jay

    Rather listen to Lil B than this bullshit. Real talk.

  • Kevon

    I like his music check out his pics at www.Streetleaguemovement.com future on top right now word

  • terrible

    Worst since Silkk The Shocker.

  • jd

    51/100 2.5/5 not much to say about this album

  • Rookie

    dis album go hard dont care wat nobody say yall niggas stop hatin on dis nigga man an get yall weight up

    • Anonymous

      nobody..is hating...they are just stating if they like it our not...Jesus was hated on....this nigga? JUST SUCKS!!!

    • This Album is Wack As Fuck

      Yeah it go real hard against the wall as I throw this CD against it. This is the wackest album Ive ever heard and Ive listen to SouljaBoy's first album.Its 2006 all over again,Wack niggaz getting they shine on when real nigga get shunned. Take this Bullshit somewhere else please.

  • Earth

    turn this shit off DAWG!!! blowen my high with dis fag music

    • Satan

      I love this album. I used it to torture my lil minions down here in Hell.I've never heard tormented souls scream like this before. Hey Future,you're welcomed to always perform here.

  • Micheal Blackson

    "This is Wack, I cant get Jiggy to this shit"

  • iamhiphop

    This album is horrible. Everything about it sucks. Just another weed plate. 1/5

  • Anonymous

    when i'm high i like this

    • Blazey Blaze

      Im high and this shit is blowing my high. On all days on 4/20. Damn,somebody take this CD and pass me some sticky so I can forget I listen to this nonsense.

  • SLM

    May I say more fire go to Streetleaguemovement.com to see more of these guys videos it's poping word

  • C-Mo Money

    DX trippin, Future has never been a lyrical genius but what yu nerds dnt understand is that alot of his lyrics have double meaning which is what lyricism is dumbasses. Best Songs: Straight Up, Neva End, Im Trippin, Long Live The Pimp, Same Damn Time

  • chillin

    The magic song blows. Most people with down-syndrome have a better flow than Future.

    • M.Barrassed

      I agree,this is what hip hop needs to be missing. This is trash. Lame attempt at rap. Remember Ron Browz and him making an album with just Autotune. I did just like the song he made "Jumping Out The Window"

  • PayHomage

    Cmon son, this review was some bullshit. It's obvious you listened to the CD wit a jaded view from the jump. The only song you really gave credit was the one wit Drake on it. Then you say 'Magic' (the biggest fucking hit to his credit) was the album's lowest point, kinda shit is that? You shouldna did the damn review if you obviously gotta beef wit his music thats some shady ass journalism. Not every rapper is aiming to be a lyrical genius; that's just the way the rap game is now. Future came wit some ill tracks on here ('Straight Up', 'Paradise', 'Truth Gonna Hurt You', 'Parachute'). & those aint even the singles. Respeck the man for sticking to his guns & not selling out like all these other mufuckas outchea doin now (Wiz, Wayne, Nicki, Drake, Wale, etc). Album was a 3.5/5, DX you aint convincin me this album was worse than Carter 4, Rolling Papers, that poo ass Pink Friday or mufuckin Big Sean album. Kill that shady journalism shit.

    • jay

      @payhomage - wow. I actually agree with you. I dont like future, I think he sucks. but, It is a hip hop / Rap thing. Why cant their lane exist? I dont compare Radiohead and Wu-tang albums. 2 different kinds of music.

    • @PayHomage

      c'mon dude. this album is horrible. Everything about this album is garbage; lyrics, production, content, concept, etc. this is a 1/5.

    • PayHomage

      Difference between hip hop & rap silly mufucka. My fave emcees is Nas, Hov, Mos, Wu-Tang & OutKast but cuz they exist it ain't no lane for the Gucci's/Futures/French Montana's? STFU b. Can't judge Pluto or Flockaveli on the same scale as a Illmatic or College Dropout. It's not a hip hop album it's rap. & betta than all the CDs I named above by far. But of course the fuckboi commenters on these boards wouldn't undastand that

    • STFU

      You're retarded,This Album is horrible. He was right with everything he said. Now STFU and go listen to some real Hip Hop

  • Straight Garbage

    One of the Worst Albums this year. They need to boycott this wack shit

  • Anonymous

    I barely made it through the 3rd track before I had to turn this bullshit off. Horrible album

    • EMT

      Thats what the record company that put this shit out was yelling when they realized their building was set on fire by angry customer demanding a refund for this Awful Music.

  • wow

    y even review this if ur just gonna hate. homicide is a sick song so is im trippin. not everyone has to be the same damn hhdx have some taste

    • Anonymous

      Are you deaf? 50 Tyson would even work with this fool.It wont sell more than 3,000(Wood).This is worst album than Tony Yayo's Debut Album. And thats bad.

  • Anonymous

    My God,This is horrible

  • Anonymous

    Epic Fail...No Future for this nigga.

  • Anonymous

    And this is the future of ATlanta?....