Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

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Even more so than with most albums, how listeners feel about "Roman Reloaded" will be heavily influenced by what context they place Nicki Minaj in as an artist.

Nicki Minaj often refers to herself as a “Barbie,” and in addition to the glamorous outfits and inhuman physical proportions, she lives up to the nickname well with her ever-changing roster of personalities. Everyone has their favorite version of The Nicki Doll—the round-the-way girl from the mixtapes, the psychotic monster from the Kanye track, the Technicolor pop diva—but unfortunately, the accessories for each model don’t seem to be interchangeable. The new audience that came with Pink Friday doesn’t want the same thing that the old audience does, and while she seems to be trying a little harder to split the difference on Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, the clawed gloves just don’t fit in Nicki’s Dream House.

Although she vehemently claims not to care about the mixed reception to her first album on Roman Reloaded’s title track, Nicki front-loads her second album with the rap-tracks that many thought were lacking from her first. “I Am Your Leader” (featuring Cam’ron and Rick Ross, both playing to win) is a much-needed reminder of what made Nicki appealing to begin with—a fun streak of pink across an otherwise dark landscape. Also worth checking for is “Champion,” where an uncharacteristically restrained Nicki recruits Nas, Drake and Young Jeezy for a good ol’ fashioned “we made it” jam. On the other side of the spectrum, “Beez in the Trap” (with 2 Chainz) is considerably more playful, but it still works by stopping short of outright silliness.

When things do get silly, however, they get very silly. Opener “Roman Holiday” is another chapter in the tale of Nicki’s male alter ego, but the song makes about as much sense as the character does (none). “Come on a Cone” further proves that rapping more isn’t necessarily the answer: it starts out well enough, but devolves into over-the-top histrionics quickly. There’s a thin line between the rap tracks that work and those that don’t—the beats for five or six of them are completely interchangeable—but ultimately, there’s not quite enough of the good to appease those who would consider the rest of the album bad.

Meanwhile, that “rest of the album” is likely to spark the same debates that surrounded the first Pink Friday. “Starships” is perfectly designed for the increasingly popular House-inspired Dance Pop scene. So is “Pound the Alarm.” And “Whip It.” And “Automatic.” And almost everything else. That’s not to say that these songs are bad, but the fact of the matter is that even by the loosest definitions, Nicki Minaj is not making Hip Hop music. If you count yourself among the group who was disappointed by Pink Friday, you’ll be just as disappointed by two-thirds of Roman Reloaded.

Even more so than with most albums, how listeners feel about Roman Reloaded will be heavily influenced by what context they place Nicki Minaj in as an artist. If you’re looking for a Dance Pop album, this is actually a pretty good one, especially compared to other artists in the genre. If you’re looking for good Hip Hop, however, look elsewhere because there’s very little of it here. Pop Star Nicki is still going strong so her fans should have nothing to worry about, but those of us who started collecting with the original line should probably just find a new hobby—Mixtape Nicki has been discontinued.


  • Anonym

    Best album in the whole wide world!

  • chase

    This album has all types of music and can be played anywhere

  • AJ Brown

    The Best Album ever! She pop and Rap i like this.

  • angelique frans


  • cheswin philander

    best album of 2012 hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Timmy Carter

    Anyone who thinks this album is good and/or believes Nicki Minaj is the Greatesst Female Rapper ever needs to go to their backyard with a noose or a gun...Just kill urself for not makin sense. This album overall is pop with 1 HIPHOP track that made the billboard...too much hype...overrated...its a POP Album....If u dont like I said...Kick Rocks n Kill Yourselves...U want real Hip-Hop??? Jay-z Kanye Eminem Luda Nas...Female Emcees died off when Missy left..Case Closed...

  • Kyle


  • Gayla McCarthy

    This cd was crazy yes Beez in the trap was a hit but, what does it mean?? The cd went from rap to pop in a heartbeat.It needs to be like Pink Friday only more harder..not hard then soft then what the hell is this..Overall NICKI MINAJ IS THE BEST HANDS DOWN..Keep up the good work just keep going from here..Good or bad the cd will be interesting to most people even me.

  • Shawn

    Love this album!!!!!

  • The Dreamer/The Believer

    this is an abomination to music...

  • Jonathan Nichols

    Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded is a dissapointment overall, but it has some good points, like Hov Lane and Starships as well as the title track.

  • anthony carrington

    Nicki is da baddest she is good at pop rap and dance and r& cant top her pink friday roman reloaded is beast

  • Benjamin

    doesnt get any better than this!

  • TTeal85



    whoa, people thought this was good? and it got a 3? crack must be selling good these days

  • arlene

    i love most of her songs on her new album

  • Leena

    Best album of this year !!

  • moonman

    Do the math, she represented hiphop on her first album and went double platinum, she crossed over to this pop shit and won't even go gold maybe! Stick to making music for the real fans that buy your shit Nicki! The sad thing is that once you go pop, you can't come back to hiphop.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, Nicki this week already dropped down to 30,000 copies and shit, this aint got a prayer of going platinum

  • Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn


  • Anonymous

    stylez514... please Wu-Tang didn't need to be super pop and there Sophomore release sold 5 mil. That's the problem with these fools now they all wanna be pop artist thinking it will make them bigger but in the end they gain fair weather fans that won't be around for their next album

  • stylez514


    • my ears hurt

      stop yelling!

    • Realist

      Stylez, you are an idoit. i cannot believe you put mature and nikki in the same sentence. if you honestly think that her music is maturing then you need to go back to listenin to the wu tang clan and here what real music is. nikki has got to be the fakest artist in the game. the shit she puts out is horrible. lil wayne is nothin but a sellout. you connot say that wayne is real or that he is a good artist. he tries to do too much. and makin a female version of himself says alot about him. your such an idiot i couldn't even read your whole comment. nikki should be real, the bitch is a butch lesbian but give her enough money and she'll do whatever you want.... sell out.. i hope you read this and realize that your just as bad as the people the ruined hip hop... BUM

    • Anonymous

      STFU faggot ass bitch. Everything you said is a bunch of bullshit.

  • gully

    Was NEVER a big Nicki fan but if she stayed in her lane she wouldnt be falling off n she thinks she can shit on hip hop and stay relevant doing pop but wen a chick like Lola Monroe or a vet like Eve starts makin noise her spot as raps only female is gonna change n she's gonna have to start spittin again to stay relevant... idk sum artist do it for respect others for the money... if she juss wants money she should stick to pop!

  • Anonymous

    Great review. I haven't even copped the album yet and I already believe you, from listening to her last album.

  • Ani

    i was expecting more out of this. i miss the "old" nicki.

  • gblaze112

    Really!!?? she wants us to take her seriouly as an MC with a weak pop album like this? Worse than the first album!!!

  • Simon Williamson

    I love every track on this album ;)

  • TdotFromDaBronx

    More of a pop album than a hip hop album but enjoyed the few hip hop tracks she did have although she got killed by most of her features.

  • TRock

    garbage. 0/5 but I have to rate it and hiphopdx won't allow 0/5 ratings.

  • hrhm

    I think DX reached a bit here. 2, 2.5/5...

    • FUUKDX

      Y'all acting like DX aint working for the media. They always give mainstream albums and albums with lots of backing behind them good ratings, even if they're trash. If it got Drake on it, automatic 4.5 even if it's shit. They lost my credibility, which is why I only check this site for releases and don't read shit from them anymore. This album is probably a 1/5 but who cares? DX dick rides whatever they get paid to dick ride, it's politics...

  • william

    Haven't listened to it yet

  • Anonymous

    Complete utter garbage

  • ETK

    Nicki Minaj album reviews = 250+ comments, 3/4 of em being haters foaming at the mouth Nicki Minaj/YMCMB articles = 150+ comments, 3/4 of em being haters foaming at the mouth an actual good rapper's mixtape/album = 30/40 comments tops, 100 on a good day you wanna know the problem with hip-hop? this is. haters too fuckin busy hatin'.

    • Anonymous

      you right ETK. Niggas always say "I ain't hating if I don't like it I just don't like it" no nigga if you don't like it you don't buy it or you state your opinion when asked about it. The hating comes in when you go out your way to track an artist you already know you don't like go listen to their song with closed ears and then leave a 3 page letter talking about everything but the song thats some hater shit, meanwhile your at home doing absolutely but blogging bout how you don't like so and so. If Hip-Hop is dead, the fans killed it

    • Charlie

      ...And what if people just dont like her music? That doesn't automatically mean they're haters does it?

  • B91

    this shit was junk...i want a refund. this hoethinks she is lady gaga or something.

  • Anonymous

    DX 2012 = pussywhipped

  • nah

    DX reared its ugly head on this one.

  • Alf Capone

    didnt even know this piece of shit came out yet

  • Skuuuu

    Maybe between 220,000 - 230,000

  • Skuuuu


  • shaminizzle

    wayyy too pop, she def goin be losin her hip hop fans like me if she keep this up. cause even on her rap songs she just used that lazy slow flowwhere she barely tried. if she at least sped up like she usually do on the rap tracks i'd let the pop slide but idk this wasnt the business. tec and chamill albumns were wayy shorter but wayy better

  • Anonymous

    Kill yourself nicki

  • fuck young money

    this cunt needs to swallow razorblades and die.

  • Brilliant Bet

    album's not bad, my favourite songs are Champion (maybe because of the featurings), Marilyn Monroe (J.R. Rotem made a perfect beat), maybe Sex in the Lounge, Cam'ron and Rick Ross track and also Kane Beatz produced track... I'm looking forward to the third album, maybe it will be better :)

  • Tribal Wisdom

    Nicki Minaj is completely ignorant and drawing a downfall to growth on the ancient race, she is trying too hard to fit in and be accepted as a white individual rather than understanding that she stems from the most powerful world progressing ancient race. Instead of advancing and adapting we are now at a point where we've entered a swag-era where ignorant non-white children have no recognition of what greatness they come from and are blinded to the power we all have.. Instead its ideal to copy the styles of suburban white kids and consider it SWAG. Nicki transitioned from an MC on mix tapes to a pop entertainer that is being idolized by powerful minds and warped into mindless followers. way to go Ms Minaj.. before you go to sleep think of what it was like growing up on the block and idolizing over the MCs that motivated you to get where you are.. Do you think the children think of you the same way?

    • Anonymous

      Okay, Malcolm X, calm down. It's just a damn album. Why not just say you don't like it and be on your way?

    • DL Dub

      I saw this guy type this exact same shit on another article. Now you I KNOW you have zero credibilty and are no different than all these attention seeking trolls out here. Switch up your flow what you tryin to kick knowledge?

    • Anonymous

      Tribal wisdom you need to get a life son have a beer get some friends do somethinhg because you have spent way to much time thinking and typing a load of shit

    • Tribal Wisdom

      Consider Nickis album cover and point to me how I am incorrect, please drop some knowledge on me. Blind sheep like you are ignorant I understand that but you're not a deaf sheep so go open your mind and when music is on I want you not to hear the music but LISTEN. Once you start noticing what's going on around you, maybe you will be confident enough in your own wisdom to approach me not under an anonymous bitter response ( that you clearly took personally such as drake fitting the shoe to commons diss), maybe then you can challenge me under a title and atleast have some respect for showing integrity in what comes out of your mouth. If you take what I say personally because your thought process is so weak minded expect some void shifts in the way you're cerebral is wired Because with me I will conspire to rearrange some wires in your cortex Soul search in your eyes and distnegrate your non existent third eye vortex because I'm a cold blooded knowledge eating serpent! Peace to the Artisans and Fam Hostile energies to the sleepers n creepers! TribeDub.0ne

    • Anonymous

      1. You got way too much time on your hands. 2. Did Nicki hurt your feelings?? 3. Suck a big fat dick.

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone else think Nas's sounds extremely bored on Champion? It seemed like he just gave her a throw away verse. What gets me about Minaj is her English accent, which actually sucks. People make her think its funny and original to speak in an English accent as a rapper and in reality its just really poor. Besides that shes not that bad of a rapper.

  • Anonymous

    Pick a Genre and stick with it... This is hip hop... We got a little bit of everything mixed in this bitch but she's going too far from the block. You wanna be remembered as a pop sensation or a legendary emcee?

  • None

    She don't want to be stuck in a box! How many MC's can make a pop song hot? We already know she can rap she trying to grow as an artist, business women, entertainer not just a rapper.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, it's just that with the pop audience, they love to put you up real high and drop you really hard and fast. In about three years, a new female rapper will take her place and "mixtape Nicki" will return.

  • Anonymous

    not a rap album she need to make a good mix cd that displays her persnality. singing and rapping not a song dedicated to either. do a poppy song rap in it. ur the feature. do rap song sing the hook. duh. she be all over the place

  • STAN


  • mr. tibbs

    Nitty Scott!!! Nitty Scott!!! Nitty Scott!!! Nitty Scott!!! Nitty Scott!!! Nitty Scott!!! Nitty Scott will burn a hole in Nicki Manaj. Nicki is the worst female mc to ever grab a mic. I mean damn world if this re-release goes platinum Im going hard on Young Funny for the rest of the year. Now I see why Kim hates this chick. She isn't talented at all and if I was a female mc I would be going in on her too. Nitty Scott!!!! Nicki I hope you die in a plane crash. God took Alliyah can satan snatch this chick up and do the conscience 5% who hate commercial music a favor. Yall just don't understand Nicki is the spawn of evil in the music industry. Nicki & Wayne are the worse rappers alive. Period.

  • Anonymous

    She rap better than some of these dudes u highly speak of

  • Anonymous

    Nothing is wrong with the rap songs on here there all good ,people be hating just hate can't even rap themselves

  • My Thoughts

    I have previewed every song on the album, and this album gets a 2.5. The part I feel she failed at is the rapping, the latter part of the album was a success for its intended audience, she for sure put more effort in her dance songs then she did in her "rap" songs. Every song aimed for the urban crowd that had features sounded like a song that her feat would make, and the "rap" songs without feat sounded like a joke and are hardly listenable. Now the pop/dance songs on the album are actually pretty catchy from a dance/pop perspective the songs are like a mashup of Katy Perry and Kesha, which means billboard success, Which is her goal

  • smh

    first off fuck yall hatin niggas second this is how bitches should rap and sing. alot of dopeness and sexiness here. third if Big was alive i bet he would be proud because she perfected what he wanted that bitch to do and they both from brooklyn besides she's a bitch, wtf did u expect

    • iz

      Most female rappers nowadayz can't rap to save their life...

    • Speakin tha Truth

      Your referral to female artists as bitches makes your intelligence shine. You clearly don't have a clue about what you speak of. Dopest female rapper = Bahamadia

  • Cinderella

    I've actually listened to this entire album.Start to finish and honestly, i cant take the last half.The "hip hop" portion of it is good.SLIGHTLY reminds me of the old nicki.But the pop portion of the album,she could have kept to herself.I like eight sounds out of 23.She is wayy too involved with trying to please her pop audience she has forgotten about her fans that were with her during Beam Me Up Scotty. Very disappointed with Nicki. Doing the same shit Wayne was doing with the "rock star" shit.

  • Powerphi

    Let's face it - the shelf-life for female rappers is very limited. It's tough to criticize this chick for extending her career by crossing over to pop. If she's looking to be the black Lady Ga Ga, so be it. Bottom line, she's cashing in, and why be mad when she's doing what's best for her career. This album should actually do well as there are several songs with potential for big singles. If this is not hip-hard enough for you, go listen to something that is and leave this chick alone to her own bag of tricks.



  • Anonymous

    The album is a disappointment, lotta POP songs even though there are rap songs. As a pink friday fan I am disappointed very much, It looks like nicki is enjoying her fame rather than trying to keep it.

  • Missy Elliot

    Garbage....pure garbage. Im very disapointed in you Nicki. I actually took the time to listen to all of it and I just cant get into it. Your 1st album is much better and your REAL fans know it...SMH

  • Pegasus Flow

    Throw it into the muddled middle with the rest of it.

  • hmmm

    Eh, 2.75 for me. Y'all hatin' (readers)

  • firealarm

    the ads plastered all over the website for this album now explain the over-generous rating for this POS album.

  • ImTravi

    I dont think the album is just as I thought it would be. I will admit that the rap songs are ABCish, but the pop shit is kinda hot. sad but true


    Half of you thats complaining have not heard the album and 98% of you downloaded the album for free, to show how much you hate her.


    Half of you thats complaining have not heard the album and 98% of downloaded the album for free, to show how much you hate her.

  • lovejones1989

    wack.... that is all

  • Know The Ledge

    Typical expected Hip Pop Album from Nicki and YMCMB. Baby wants that Gaga money so this is the end product,Nicki. You cant change it. Its too late. I dislike this as much as any hip hop fan but it is what it is. Even so the album was a lil disappointing but Typical Hip Hop Head arent her target audience anymore ,Pop fans love her worldwide. But then again,They didnt at one point love MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice too before they turned on them. This too will eventually pass and people will eventually see the truth in her music...she was so talented at first,What a waste now.

    • Powerphi

      To call her a "waste" is basically stating that she no longer serves any purpose in hip-hop, which is a valid argument. However, she's moving up in the musical industry through pop genre. So to that end, she is becoming more successful as an artist. She may well say that remaining exclusively within the hip-hop world is a waste of her overall talent. Also, she did release some rap tracks on this album, so it's not like she completely turned her back.

  • Anonymous

    I like it&i can list a million reason why,but most closed minded people wouldn't understand so i wont even explain.

  • Anonymous

    It's hilarious how narrow a view these reviewers have. So if NM doesn't rap every second, or on every track, then suddenly it's not hip hop, but if Outkast was doing it, then they'd be proclaiming five stars and calling it a classic. The sign of an artist (rap or otherwise) is to eventually be thought of as an entertainer. It seems NM's main problem is trying too hard. She could get away with the dance/techno stuff if then she didn't launch into her weird as fuck alter ego, which just confuses listeners, and makes them not appreciate her music. The flip side is you know what you're getting if you buy her CD.

  • nat

    fucking horrible, are you serious dx

  • Onika

    I hope plehboi Birdmano buy enough CD's

  • Anonymous

    The reviews on this website are a joke. Im supposed to believe this just a hair worse than Drake's Take Care. Cmon gimme a break

  • Trollinger

    utter trash, awful album

  • Swag

    I would love to lick the bottom of Nicki's feet.

  • noahc313

    HHDX thanks for this nikki minaj album review I think we all could have guessed what the album would sound like. Now hurry the eff up with Obie Trice already

  • John-Boy

    This album sounds like one big April fools joke.

  • nigga slice

    homie u be speaking the truth

  • J.R.

    it's a fair review, isn't as good as it could be, better than i thought it would be, not as bad as it could have been. really i'm not sure on nicki as an artist though... you cant b sing stupid hoe one minute and then turn up to te kids choice awards to sing starshi (censored), she needs to stop trying to cover the entire market, buy a thesaurus, stop sucking Birdman's balls, and choose the artist she wants to be...

  • Anonymous

    LOL, HHDX had to give it at least a 3 star rating, otherwise they wouldnt have gotten paid for that banner on the front page that says "Click here to buy Roman Reloaded on Itunes" This site could write a book on selling out Delete this if you want, wont change the truth

  • Derrick Selasie

    This site has nothing positive to offer hiphopd.. yall be hating on the whole YMCMB movement so fuck what u think.. The Album is 7Star.. for real..

    • Anonymous

      7 stars? What, not 10 zillion stars? You sound like you work for her street team.

    • Pegasus Flow

      BAHAHAHAHHA i love how you said "for real" like it validates your opinion. Clowns like you make me laugh so hard, I piss myself. YMCMB isn't a movement playa, it's just another group trying to get their money up any way they can. Stay ignorant. #CunninLynguists.

    • david

      you are an utter joke go listen to a rapper who doesn't use a third grade vocabulary

    • Anonymous

      nigga shut the fuck up, lmao 7 star....any nigga that heard the album would know your a YMCMB dick riding faggot ass lame

  • Anonymous

    okay its pop album but a bad pop album lady gaga of katy perry are 10 times better

  • lordl

    Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass

  • James

    All y'all insecure bitches crying on a comment section because of a female album are fuckin hoes son. Y'all hoe ass niggas don't buy CDs but download shit. Y'all forgot music is business and everybody wants to make money. Fuck all u broke ass losers crying cause a black woman is making money. If u don't like her music, why checking for her. Go support ur favorite rapper and make em relevant. I wish I could kill all y'all little bitches

    • Pegasus Flow

      @James, shut the fuck you whiny ass bitch. You wish you could all of us? Fuck outta here, if you had the chance to wet someone, you shit yourself before you pulled the trigger. Hence why you had to come on here and defend someone you don't even know. Keep it moving homie, you aint shit just like this bitch. Faggot ass crying ass little wanna be gangsta bitch. WEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • James

      You ho ass niggas kill me. Do I care for the album? NO! But I will never talk bad about no body I don't know personally unless they affect me in some kind of way. How in the hell does it affect ur life? Y'all niggas r finicky as fuck. Bunch of insecure bitches crying over lil gotdamn shits. Go jump off a cliff u bastards

    • John-Boy

      You did all that raving and the fact remains that this album is garbage as fuck. We come on here to talk shit about the album because as hiphop fans its our fucking right to do so. If you can't stand to hear from people with a different view than you have, you might want to stay away from the internet. Now, go ride down the street bumpin Starship if you want. Smushy ass nigga.

    • Anonymous

      lmao w/ this bitch doin all she can to look "whiter", coon niggas like you will defend her.....put the gun in the ya mouth nigga and pull the trigga

    • Tiburon

      She's black? I couldn't tell... looks, acts and sounds like a white bitch to me.

  • Anonymous

    ahahahhaahah trash


    Already on Itunes the girl album is number one in 5 different countries. How many countries is your album number one in.

    • Anonymous

      @David it don't matter if we don't have an album. We buy the music so we have the right to show our discontent if we don't like it.

    • Nelly

      Sup yall this ya boy Nelly hrre. My 2nd album Nellyville was number 1 in 35 countries (gold or platinum) so that alone tells me that this albums trash...dirrrty trash as any body herre would agree. I feel bad frre them female emcees cuz now they gotta top this BS....Its Country Grammar boyzzz...deuces!

    • Anonymous

      shit will flop like titties nigga, just wait....its only been 1st day...word of mouth will cause it to crash and burn

    • Anonymous

      none but then again I don't have a marketing budget behind it or the producers she has. I also don't have co signs from drake and lil Wayne. Give anyone the resources she has and they will put it too better use.

  • sunzQb

    LOVE how we all hating on this shit coz thats what it is SHIT.we nida stop giving props for no good reason make these ppl push to make better music.

  • Anonymous

    1 is the most popular ranking. Lmfao

  • Anonymous

    She made a pop album, get over it, obviously she isnt concerned over what Hip Hop heads care, she's after that Lady Gaga money, so be it I would never listen to her shit but I dont see the point in crying about it either A musician went after the audience that buys the most records instead of trying to please an audience that doesnt buy shit, who'da thunk it?? YM been about that pop money since Wayne put out the cornball "li li li lick the lolliiiippoooppp" shit, ya'll actin surprised over here, lol, GTFOH, buisness as usual for them

  • Mike

    I like the album... but then, I'm into a lot of music--not just hip hop. Maybe y'all hate the thing 'cause all you listen to is the same ol'. If that's the case, she's a lot more original than anyone is admitting!

    • Anonymous

      I listen to alot of diffrent music as well Hip Hop, Rock, Soul, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Ambient, Electronica,raggae, etcetc ..... But Bubblegum Pop isnt a genre I listen to, which is what this is, Bubblegum pop music...... Britney Spears, Katy Perry type shit No thanks

  • rex

    if biggie was still alive, minaj would be a Hooters girl

    • Anonymous

      nah, w/ that ass my nigga she'd be a porno star.....makin all them faces would be priceless in a gang bang scene

  • Anonymous

    i just dont understand DX rating system.. the review was written well and all but how does it get 3 stars then? cole world was 3.5 stars, are you telling me thats a fair comparison? smh

    • KJ

      Thats the problem with 5 point raitings....theres not much between a 3.0 n a 3.5, but put it on a 10 pt scale and its a 6 and 7...with 5 point scales, usually albums much better than others still get grouped close together because of how small and broad each point covers...thats why I prefer things out of 10. so I could give this album a 4 and j.Coles an 8

    • Anonymous

      hiphopdx don't get $$ if they actually give it the true rating........this shit is a 2/5 or 2.5/5 at best

    • Stugga

      I see your point

  • problemz/problema

    This was a terrible album and the fact she turned her back on Hip-Hop and NY tells you all you need to know about her and the direction her career is heading in..There's 3 minutes left on her 15 minutes of fame..

  • Anonymous

    I just cant get into this shit. I actually tried to listen to it but just cringed. She is truly a gimmick and they only last so long. When she falls, she is gonna fall hard and Baby aint gonna pick up the pieces...Swag.

  • boss

    i think if an artist is having a good time doing there thing then let them. But i am definetly on the hip hop side.

  • Matt da masta

    HHDX actually got it right. The 1st half is good....the 2nd half is too popish for its own good. She should of mixed the songs around some more....I give it 3/5 but no more than that

  • El B

    My thoughts exactly. Nice review....I still love Nicki though. She's still dope as an MC. That's evident. But I cant rock with this one.

  • what?

    this piece of shit deserves 2 stars at best

  • Tevin Harris

    this album makes every emotion come to fuition

  • jaymo

    She's gorgeous, and I like the album. Its not supposed to be a mix tape, a pop album, or whatever other label wants to put on it. She's just making music and being creative, and she just keeps growing as an artist. Just so happens she is also going to sell a lot of this record too.

    • Anonymous

      lmao niggas got me rollin over here. You see a cute face w/ tits and ass sellin you garbage ass music and not giving a fuck bout her core fan base....and niggas defend her right of shitting on

    • illone

      the name of this site is HIPHOPdx. nothing more to say.



  • DaGnrl

    omg drake supa gay on this clip power 105 wit charlamagne da god

  • Anonymous

    shitty ass music but ill still fuck the hell outta her

  • Sam

    chill out atleast get it free at so you can still support her

  • wouzi

    doodoo garbage ass album

  • Swag

    I would love to lick the bottom of Nicki's feet.

  • real-man

    I luv dis site but honestyly, if u guys did a listening session oon this albulm (or it was jus 1 person) and then decided it was worthy of a 3/5 star rating, ALL OF U GUYS SHOULD BE FIRED EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY..U guys are contributing to dis "horrible hip-hop era" by endorsing this bullshit and giving it a fair rating. This is really a 1 star albulm but at max, u can give it a 2. I h8 when ppl complain about the state of Hip-hop but then endorse music they know that sux. If we all want change in quality(which I hope we should), let's start calling out these wack ass albulms & being honest. P.S.: Srry for da long vent but dis rating jus ruined my day smh

  • ASEE

    DX: based on the review, why did you give this 3 stars? are you afraid to give it less? this site needs to use the whole spectrum of the rating system more often.

  • bisquic

    Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks.

  • Anonymous

    I love it. Hiphop DX gives it a solid rating and all of us just shit on it. What A Joke of a record.

  • man

    at least give it 2.5, like Odd Future. I hate odd Future, but seriously Nicki's album isn't much better.

  • ninon

    i wonder who da fuck will buy this garbage fo real??

  • firealarm

    3/5??? Are you serious??? Terrible album and it gets an average rating..

  • bkstylz

    I am officially done fucking with this review section. This gets 3 stars but the OF mixtape gets 2.5???? I've been noticing some suspect reviews on this site, but this is the last straw!!! This is one of the worst albums I've heard in a while. Fuck you DX for your lack of understanding hip hop

  • Anonymous

    My son started to cry when he heard this shit. Dam my ears are bleeding!! 1/5 really poor

  • Overrated

    this bitch is trash and she always will be

  • Holly Crap!


  • Anonymous

    I hate artist who blur the line between rap and pop or even techno. The more mainstream they get with there single the more exceptable their shitty rap gets. Artists like Nicki are pushing hip hop into a dark corner...

  • hot world

    I will purchase it. I love Female rappers and she is winning

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ So was Condalisa Rice and how much respect to people have for her??

    • Anonymous

      Stop hating your own and support female rap! MC Lyte, Remy Ma, Yo-Yo and other get Lip Service but M0therfuckers don't buy their music. Nicki is a Black Woman making her money. Salute that B!tch

    • Rugaa

      she ass. that cd is for the crackers who dont know any better.

  • Sam Snead

    O boy now I gotta here this on the radio all summer, if I chose to listen to urban radio instead of cd's and sports talk.smh. Will the insanity stop ever?

  • Zjaz

    You gotta be kidding me. 3/5 ??? This album deserve a 1 !! Or at maximum a little 2...

  • Carnage

    This album is trash 4 so many reasons 1. It's miss labeled this pop not rap 2. There's no doubt this girl is talented but she makes money catering to 13 yrs old

  • Fuck You!!!

    This So Icy Boi! troll is SOO FUCKING ANNOYING!!! I swear if I knew who you were, I'd tie your bitch ass up & make you watch me fuck the shit outta your mom while I yell out SWAG! SWAG! SWAG!! & after I'm done, I'll fucking kill you, you stupid fucking piece of shit. Fuck Your Life!! You don't deserve to live!!!!


    she is the best woman rapper ever

  • Anonymous


  • Abe Froman

    I'm glad I was young in the 90's when hip-hop was at it's best. I'm too old for this bullshit and I'm only 38....that's saying something.

  • RMAC


  • RMAC

    This site is garbage now......this wuz WAY BETTER than pink friday (i kno it aint't saying much) and the 1st 7 tracks (when she is mostly rapping) were better than anything on "take care" and "carter 4"....everything else is that techno/pop/poor R&B shit I expected.....this gimmick of being a a crazy bitch is getting old.......but when she wuz wuznt great but still entertaining......"DICK N UR FACE.....PUT MY DICK N UR FACE" LOL

  • this is dumb

    "Even more so than with most albums, how listeners feel about Roman Reloaded will be heavily influenced by what context they place Nicki Minaj in as an artist. If youre looking for a Dance Pop album, this is actually a pretty good one, especially compared to other artists in the genre. If youre looking for good Hip Hop, however, look elsewhere because theres very little of it here." I dont get it. You are a "HIPHOP" website and in the whole review you pretty much dog the album. Then give it a 3/5? no one cares abuot the dance pop side of it. If we did we would be on getting there review. IF your going to rate the album on this website then rate it on the hip hop aspect of the album. Not the R&B or Pop or Rock side of it. this is by far one of the worst reviews i have ever seen

  • Mike

    I feel like the album couldve been done very differently after she gained the attention of world she couldve incorporated more of her older rawer style instead of mass appeal

  • So Icy Boi!

    9999999999/10 Roman Reloaded iz my favorite album of tha year. this album iz better then All Eyez On Me, Life After Death, The Marshall Mathers LP, The Chronic 2001, The Blueprint, The Collage Dropiut, Section 80, etc.... swag

  • theweapon

    hate to admit it, but this album as a whole is one of the worst I've ever heard. Thought you were better than this Nicki!!

  • Nikki Sux

    Ok and with that, let's stop the coverage of her on "Hip-Hop" DX...Straight Garbage Music!!!

  • Mr.Cooper

    All young money haters report in now.....

  • The One

    Pure craptastic wackness. If you have a penis and listen to this, I feel for you. YMCMB all day, everyday, til you're okay with being gay. Hollerin' like a bitch screamin OKAAAAAY.

  • Anonymous

    YMCMB always trying to turn their acts into pop stars/ rocks stars.

  • Anonymous

    i can say only one thing: u stupid hoe

  • Truth

    This album is not good dance pop. It's very very sh-tty dance pop. Just because a rap artist is making dance pop, does not mean it's good. The worst Lady Gaga song is better than any Nicki Minaj pop song.

  • jay

    nicki minaj album is amazinq i love it i could listen to it every sigle day i love nicki minaj # jay money

  • Anonymous

    the question is will this pop stuff keep her hot cus beyonce fell off it only works for some id rather have the streets then the corp guys and in 5 years will she relivent i think not what yall think

  • Anonymous

    y'all reviewing this pop shit when obies album just dropped.......... shame on u dx shame on u ..... when u do get round to it id give it a 4/5

  • Anonymous

    she is wack she not hungery anymore at all she is eating good once you get the 2st check its a wrap you go commercial but all in all she has tilant its what she does with it on waynes camp its all anout singles look at the cater 1 carter 2 dedication 2 then carter 3 all 3 differnt waynes carter 2 being the one of the best rap albumshis last real album now he is a skater/ ganstar lol wow

  • haha

    Even more so than with most albums, how listeners feel about Roman Reloaded will be heavily influenced by what context they place Nicki Minaj in as an artist. If youre looking for a Dance Pop album, this is actually a pretty good one, especially compared to other artists in the genre. If youre looking for good Hip Hop, however, look elsewhere because theres very little of it here. Pop Star Nicki is still going strong so her fans should have nothing to worry about, but those of us who started collecting with the original line should probably just find a new hobbyMixtape Nicki has been discontinued.

  • haha

    50 knew what he was doing when he put paris on the unit now its gonna be back to that real female rap not this barbie bullshit


      50 really, all 50 do is take every artist and try and mold them in his (ja rule) style. Artist named Governor first album was great got with 50 and now his songs sound like 50 and this and R&B dude. 50 has made some phucked up albums also.

  • wow

    her 15 min was up when she dropped that stupid hoe


      The song she has with big sean just went double plat..and the starship song is or was number one. I dont like neither songs but the truth is the truth. She has a long 15 minutes.

  • wow


  • Chris Allen

    Overall I could careless about how the album sells, it does bother me that her smug ass thinks she is gonna sell 5 million total, but if you think about it the CD is the perfect formula to do that. Cater to pop fan, cater to dance fans, cater hip hop fan, but honest the mix seems forced and over the top. Im not the biggest Nicki fan but I like how she spit on Champion. All in all I won't waste my money buying this CD and from what Ive listened to Im not impressed. But for anyone whose mad she's not doing a pure hip hop joint, I don't blame you, but what it comes down to is money. Pop/dance fans buy singles and records, hip-hop fan in general just download shit. Not racial or stereotypical, Im black so don't take it the wrong way, but you know statistically unless your a Nicki fiend you aint buying her records in stores thats why she caters more towards her pop fans.

  • Queen2012

    Overall im fillin most of the songs...5* Nicki

  • Queen2012

    Come back to hip hop n rnb n rap nicki not a hater of pop but i do miss the old nicki (BEAM ME UP SCOTTY) classic...

  • Anonymous

    garbage, this has nothing to do with rapmusic.

  • MN2012

    Damn ppl aint got no lives sittin on here like its facebook or sum shit bashin nicki. she doin the thang and she still finna prolly make more then a milli off this .(( PINK FRIDAY MAN SHE JUS SHITTED ON EM)) like the trash bag commercial say dnt get mad get glad stop hatin step ur shit up if anybdy on her dick its the lovely haters. DO YA THANG NICKI MINAJ.

  • Rob

    fuck this! where the hell is the dj premier and freddie foxxx review at

    • Anonymous

      DX takes months to review albums that actual rap fans will like....too much focus on this bubblegum shit for the ladies and the pop fans...premier will get reviewed after everrrrythign else has been cuz DX is fuckin WACK

    • sam uk

      innit... priorities are fucked



  • racism

    who's the white chick on the cover?

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    The review is accurate to some degree but I'm willing to give the album 4 stars. She probably would have been better off with releasing a double album to clearly separate the two sounds (One geared more towards rap and the other pop). My only other complaint is that the beats sound very similar throughout the album. The pop tracks sound similar and the rap tracks have that same sound and flow. Overall, it's a good album for her core audience as Nicki Minaj is a pop artist at this point. That isn't necessarily a bad thing.

  • Cash Money Killaz

    Oh and fuck Nas for collaborating with this fake bitch

    • Anonymous

      Usually I don't use the word "hater" but that comment make you sound like one. Hating on someone else because he recorded a song with someone you hate.

  • Cash Money Killaz

    This is the worst hiphop album ever oops i meant pop album ever. She has no lyrics, no flow and im getting sick of this fake Lady Gaga Suppoprt real hiphop and no crap by Cash Money

  • Burmy

    REMEMBER: Even in this YMCMB era, "400 Degreez" remains the best-selling Cash Money Records album of all-time. FREE BG FREE TURK REJUVENATED DROPS MAY 1!

  • Anonymous

    Would Love to Fuck her.

  • stupidhoe

    bahahahahahahahahaha, what a stupid hoe.

  • Fat Skank

    worst album ive heard in so long downloaded it listened to it and will be deleting it asap. Not in any way shape or form a hip hop album taylor fuckin swift comes harder than this shit


    If you dont like her music drop an album or jump off a cliff, at least she's doing something with her life and getting paid for it, the more the haters hate the more money she makes, ain't that a b!+c# lol

    • Anonymous

      If its garbage its garbage face the shit. "At least she's doing something with her life and making money" lol sounds like you mad at the poor review she got. Maybe she need to do something with her life she's actually talented with like be a stripper or porn star music aint it for this broad.

  • SW


  • AngryBlonde

    lmao you little haters! Just like The king EMINEM said "if I was black, I would've sold half," ain't that the damn truth???? Angry blonde for life ;-) Nicki Minaj is great hop off her dick haters

    • Anonymous

      WTF are you talking about? How is that line related to Nicki Minaj or this album?

    • Anonymous

      yea, you a fuckin dumb fuck #dickriders like you make me sick

    • Anonymous

      you obviously miswunderstood the meaning of that line and tok it way out of context.if you actually take your head out of your ass and listen to white america em is saying if he was black he would have sold half as much because the white people who support him now would not support him because of the color of his skin... not because black people are haters. you fucking idiot.

  • Anonymous

    U post a review for this shit before Obie's Bottoms Up!? Perhaps judgement of this crap record is decided a lot easier. Obie takes a few listens.

  • Anonymous

    Nicki just doing what she needs to do to get paid


    SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM.............



  • Anonymous

    Straight garbage. Nas should be ashamed of himself.

  • nickrazor2000

    "nikki minaj is not making hip hop music" as quoted by hip hop dx. end of story.

  • Lol

    lol who's this white ho? Oh, wait, that's an african-american, rapping woman? I couldn't tell.

    • luferndes

      And this, my friends, is why racism is still quite alive. Who cares if she's white or black? Does that effect her music? I bet if a white guy said "lol who's this black ho? Oh, wait, that's a caucasian rapping woman? I couldn't tell." you'd be shitting your pants in rage. Rate the music, not the person.

  • Stupid Slut

    Talentless whore and yet this will sell millions.

  • Anonymous

    Review is exactly like i felt listenin to it.

  • bimbo

    This bimbo tries so hard to be like a Madonna, or just be some sort of larger then life pop star, and she fails horrible, no one is buying this wierd ass multiple personality thing that she keeps shoving down everyones throat. She sucks, so does Drake and so do all these other pop starts that have pretty much made hip hop vanish before our eyes


      Before you blame Drake for HIPHOPs demise, lets start with PUFFY, and all the bull he did to HIPHOP. Lets also mention a lot of the Dj's that took cash to play a lot of garbage music. B.E.T surely has fault. Most of you, if they not talking about drugs or killing then the artist is soft or gay, so you too take blame.

  • McCody

    this is stupid why does she get an album revirew the day her album drops but i have yet to see a review for Mayday whos album dropped last week SMH hiphopdx get your priorities straight


      you must be part of their group, I went to youtube to listen to them and their wordplay was predictable.

  • Anonymous

    *Breaks out the popcorn and sits back* This is going to be fun HHDX'ers!


    Whats shameful its a bunch of dudes sitting on here dissing nikki, as if she shitted in your mouth. If you dont like her why do all yall continuously click on the link to post bad crap about her. You dingbats dont understand the more you click on the link the more they will post stuff about her because you showed some type of interest. You do sound like a bunch of bitter bitches from her old neighborhood, you have to calm down and move on. The album is going platinum no matter what name you call her. In other words its a least a million other folk who never get on here to bitch but will buy her album. Life to precious to tell someone to kill themselves over a album purchase, grow up a little.

    • Anonymous

      DavidATLHIPHOP said a whole lot of truth and in typical fashion you dumbass respond with gay jokes. you niggas click on young money story more than the artist your claim you love. that's why young monoey is on top and that's why they will stay on top. gotta love the irony you hate them so much that you must follow their every move to give them the publicity they need to stay on top

    • bad kid

      So you clicked on this cause you like Nikki? What a fag, nope my bad you are probably a bitch.


      A bunch of internet bitches, damn shame. If you dont like her why click on the link. Yall cats sad.

    • Bad Kid

      Who the fuck are you? My dad? Quit cryin about nikki. she sucks, sorry pops, get over it. She may go platinum but i aint buyin it so i can diss her all i want.

  • ali

    nicki minaj is the worst artist of all time

  • dumptruk

    i hope the illumanati sacrifice this mind controlled slave real soon!!!!!

  • ysma

    Come on a cone, is so explicite. this album is def not for barbiz. Wanna pervert ur lil girls, give 'em Nicki's ish!

  • Andrew M.

    More talentless garbage that will sell millions, unfortunately.

  • Anonymous

    if u buy this shit, kill yourself.

  • Anonymous

    It's Pop as fux, Like after the 4th track err'thing else is techno. Shes a Pop Star who can rap. I guess Birdman wants to milk the money side of her. She's gonna get a lot of bread of this album I can tell ya