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Without constantly conjuring up an air of controversy about their moves, Odd Future can sound decidedly dull.

You should skip to the final track on Odd Future's The OF Tape Vol. 2 to reach the project's climax. That moment, of course, is Earl Sweatshirt's rhyming return to the collective Odd Future fold on "Oldie," he cracks the hazy, hypnotic beat shortly after the seven minute mark, and blesses it with a subdued but intelligent performance. Lately, the hullabaloo about Earl's return has dwarfed the Odd Future hype machine, and Earl's shadow has cast doubt on the appeal of Tyler, the Creator's tykes now that their persona of menace has been blunted. The OF Tape Vol. 2 fails to help their cause: Without constantly conjuring up an air of controversy about their moves, Odd Future can sound decidedly dull.

The 17 tracks that precede "Oldie" are a hodgepodge of styles and line-ups; they're random in an ineffective way, with crew members seemingly shoe-horned together and the songs rolled out with little thought as to how the mixtape-slash-album plays as a whole. (The segue between Hodgy Beats and Tyler's industrial and abrasive "P" into Frank Ocean's largely a cappella "Snow White" is either ill-judged or simply annoying.) When Odd Future were first picked up by the mainstream, this sort of thing wasn't a problem. By positioning and promoting themselves as public and industry menaces they ensured that the focus was on the shenanigans and the back stories, not the music. But now they've settled into their role in the pop culture firmament (they have an Adult Swim show!) that aura of excitement has been extinguished, leaving their music bare and too often lackluster and flaccid.

Earl's verse on "Oldie" has rightly caught the headlines, but there's a nugget in Tyler's rap on the same song that's more telling of Odd Future's current plight. He sounds sincere when he raps, "This is for the niggas in the suburbs/ And the white kids with nigga friends that say the n-word/ And the ones who got called weird, fag, bitch, nerd/ 'Cause you was into jazz, kitty cats, and Steven Spielberg." But just like Odd Future themselves, there's little weird or outsider about Tyler's demographical characters. Odd Future have mined the online hype machine quite excellently to get to this point in their career - now they need to concentrate on proving their musical worth the old-fashioned way.


  • Anonymous

    I For One Found Most Tracks On The Album To Be Substantial Hi NY (Ned Flander Ya Know Forest Green Analog 2 Snow White Rella P Sam We Got Bitches Oldie

  • sheataylor94

    Fuck YOU all OF THE FUCK UP

  • X

    6/5. in reality: 5/5 way better than that retarded Nicki Minaj album and Strange Clouds.

  • Andre

    Yall with these negative comments just mad yall aint makin money.

  • David Richardson

    Goes Hard

  • Jessica

    gnar, idgaf completely amazing.

  • g

    I love odd future but u r rite they are lacking the musical appeal tht I once loved. I still wnt deny tht dey r my favorites. Bit if u REAL RAP CHECK OUT HOPSIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!UNBELIEVABLE HE IS GREAT

  • nate

    Tyler,the creator,domo genesis,hodgy beats, and earl sweatshirt are the only good rappers in the group.

  • Anonymous

    Odd Future is the shit. Some people can't understand cause its not made for you or they just have a bad taste in music

  • Anonymous

    they dont sound hungry any more

  • TdotFromDaBronx

    Never understood the hype over this group Tyler does what Eminem has always done and the rest of the group is not impressive at all but they go along with the beats that sound the same besides Frank Ocean I have yet to see potential or what the hype is about.

    • Aki

      Amen to that, funny how quickly people forget. Lyrically, slim shady LP and marshall mathers LP were fire, Tyler simply cannot spit. OF appeals only to those kids who missed out on early Eminem material because of their fascination with obscene and upfront lyrics.

  • gtfo

    leave hiphop alone for god sake

  • B91

    HORRIBLE. full of ignorant, lazy raps. they need to go crawl into a cave and die. where's the REAL music now a days??? the only good artist in the group is Frank Ocean.

  • arun

    fuck you all, there are some good songs on there, just need to give them time

  • shaminizzle

    expected much more from this album, maybe cause i'm a big tyler the creator fan and he didnt take over this like he shouldve. idk they just dont seem to care, seem like they recorded in basement when they could have used perfect quality. idk yo just wasnt as good as i hoped stil pretty entertaining wit the videos tho

  • Sliggs

    I fux with OF sometimes, but they got some really weak songs too

  • loili

    weak lyricism, production, presence. just bad

  • lko

    terrible. early earl. rest of group wack

  • lki

    they are an immature and annoying group

  • Anonymous

    this was better then diggys and niki shit

    • Anonymous

      diggy shit was flames this was wack compared to it.. ermm yea prob better than nicki shit though.

  • marneyzj

    I love the energy these guys bring. Check their tour videos, looks wild! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQjbnVpnNXQ&list=UUvvMe-A4FbvtMk-V_vE9PpQ&index=1&feature=plcp

  • Adecmr

    The OF Tape Vol 2 is soo amazing! http://bit.ly/FRxZB8

  • J

    Don't like tyler and hodgy as much in this album like I do in Goblin (even though Rella was a sick video), but this album was better then their first odd future at least the second half was, Domo and Left Brain were my favorite and their's more Odd Future that I'll continue to listen too I also like that they put Forest Green in this album again too. (2nd best song next to 67 in the first OF album) Also a great album to blaze too.

  • Shelby

    I'd give this album a 5. This group is bringing chaos into the music industry--spicing it up a bit. I respect them. Their US tour videos shows how they connect with their fans and just how insane this group is

    • J'Highness

      Oops, meant to say "Left Brain and Tyler".

    • J'Highness

      I'm a big fan of what they represent. Their music isn't mostly great, but I love what Tyler and Frank has done. I've noticed all the other members have played a role too.(Left Brain and Domo got some dope beats) So, I didn't expect much from this album, I wasn't even waiting for it to drop. But I listened to it and liked some of it. I love Frank Ocean, but he wasn't a factor on this joint. And I always thought Earl was super nice, and after listening to "Oldie", he's nicer than I thought.

  • eric

    can't stand the fact that these faggots are compared to wu tang. fuck that shit. bunch of retards rapping about retorted shit. but i guess it's suitable for all the mindless tv raised retards that make up the new generation. whack ass fuck!!!


    I'm 28 years old. I grew up in the 90's listening to Wu-Tang Clan, a Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Onyx, The BeatNuts, Nas, Big Pun, Heiroglyphics etc. Basically Real HipHop. I like what Odd Future represents and I think Bastard, Radical and Earl were amazing mixtapes. Earl and Tyler are worth listening to. The rest of the crew doesn't hold up. I understand that in order for them to succeed they need to expand and build a brand. But like the article says, they need to prove themselves lyrically. As a collective, they suck, but Tyler and Earl are amazing compared to the rest of their generation. Hopefully as time goes on they grow musically. Everybody sucks when they're starting out. Give it some time.

  • Pissed OFF

    This Tape was Straight FIRE! fuck you faggots GOLF WANG! "Now i'm the loud shot volume style foul mouth fucker that your young teenage kid likes to bow down." Fuck ALL of you when you all start praising OF's Shit.

  • Anonymous

    nice fucking tape. ppl lame its a good 3.5 everybody got more money. hard to get a collective going with all the new shit they got going on. so dont expect a good group album look forward to hodgy with alchemist look forward to a new tyler album a mike g album domo album and of course earls album this summer is gonna be nuts just watch

  • innanet

    If you gave this a 5 you're a damn fool. I was looking forward to this and i'm really disappointed, as were a whole lot other people. "Oldie" was the only redeeming point. The production was wack, verses were tired and boring, I hope they can put out something better next time. 1/5

  • Arielle

    check out odd future posting footage of their tour as they go! here they are in boulder http://bit.ly/wmp1UE

  • Anonymous

    this album is boring ass fuck like wu tang my ass

  • swaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag

    album is a odd futre faill

  • your mother pussy

    odd futre are gona be over soon one hit wounders swag

    • lmao

      sold out shows world wide,winning MTV awards,tv show,features,co-signs from new school and old school emcees/rappers (most likely a couple of your favs),the biggest haters(your people),huge fan-base,top 5 on the charts for sellin 40k first week independently says ur wrong as hell

  • Mack

    Is hip hop journalism returning??

  • Rachel

    OF Tape Vol. 2 is epic so far haha I never know what to expect with Odd Future. Even when they were in Minneapolis they were crazy awesome! http://bit.ly/zFJ6VL

  • Betty

    I wanna this one! p.s Are you targeting Japanese market? I Officially did promotions for Ace Hood and DJ Infamous "We The Best" Japan Tour. I have more than 20,000 Japanese followers. If you are producer, artiste, DJ, dancer, or records/production company and need my promotions, check this out. (*Copy & Paste this link, and delete the unnecessary 2 spaces) ht tp://bi t.ly/zXEFnw

  • Person

    fuc k phillip mlynar. he gave this a 2.5 and the people gave it a 3.45 and they sold 40k. so if this shitty album sold 40k then he just madddddd as fuc k


    fuck phillip mlynar. he gave this a 2.5 and the people gave it a 3.45 and they sold 40k. so if this shitty album sold 40k then he just madddddd as fuck

  • Kahn

    *Black...but me being the hip hop head that I am who owns many classics and who buys underground releases when they come out like a nerd i can unbiasedly say Earl is dope lol

  • Kahn

    Only nice ones are Earl and Frank Ocean. Like people dont realize Earl is dope as fuck but they categorize him with the rest of them. They all can be good too if they stopped trying so hard to be unique...but no they are not the calibur of Hippy or the Outdoorsmen..or Slaughterhouse

  • bmocon13

    In general, I think it's a strong album. The production value is much higher than their previous releases, and across the entire group the quality of their rapping has gotten much better. Plus they play a great live show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYI2I7gRIxk

  • WTF



    FUCK PHILLIP MLYNAR THE WRITER OF THIS FUCKING ARTICLE NIGGAS. THE PEOPLE SPOKE GAVE THIS A 3.42....almost double the 2.5 that Mlynar gave. Fuck Mlynar. FUCK NIGGERS- Love A White Boy No Racist

  • mjhardhitta

    Is it me or does it seem like Frank Ocean doesnt fit in with this crew

    • bkstylz

      Have you ever heard Frank's ignorant ass? He fits right in.

    • Anonymous

      you guys dont know what ur talking about Frank and the Internet DO fit in with OF that is why THEY ARE THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    • RacksMajor

      Actually, you are right....but that is why it works. Just like the internet, syd, matt martians, dont go with OF. But a lot of people are bitch niggas because it is obvious this album was Hodgy, Tyler, and Domo dominated, so it doesn't mean all of their albums will be like this.

  • yes!

    been waiting for this. 1/5

  • Anonymous

    ive listened to this album 100 times and still havnt got bored. fuck hip hopdx and there gay ass reviews. if you like it cool, but not then cool. but fuck these websites

  • Anonymous

    did this troll really give this album 2.5/5?? ?? hiphop dx is getting worse and worse

  • lol

    who the fvck is Phillip Mlynar anyways?

  • mike

    album was dope this review sucks ass



  • Fossie

    @my little Icy Boi ...you are fuckin retarded!!I cannot believe your fuckin bullshitttalk!gtfoh punkass muthafuckin idiot!

  • So Icy Boi!

    ODD FUTURE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nas, 2pac, Biggie, Eminem, Jay-Z, Eazy-E, Mos Def, Rakim, KRS-1, Talib Kweli, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, MF DOOM, Ice Cube, AZ, etc.... swag

  • Amanda

    really loving the new album. if you're a fan, you should check out videos from the group on the road too. "oldie" is probably my favorite OF song

  • G-funny

    I like odd future hated this tape.

  • SunzQB

    odd future for the odd few...whos that white kid on the cover??

  • swagmancrhis


  • Anonymous

    OF Fan(s?) are out in full force. Lol. These bitch made kids really cant handle the truth. R.I.P. Odd Future.

  • Anonymous

    Why do OF fans get so pissed off when people think otherwise about them? lol wtf, you guys act like you're part of the group or some shit

    • lyrics from tyler about fuck boys like anonymous 3

      "Oh that's a triple three six, isn't he a devil worshiper? Cause I'm too fucking ignorant to do some research?" -Tyler, The Creator

    • Anonymous

      well lets see all they talk about 666 this and that. talk shit about others but there to cowardly to say it to there face yeah i understand these pussy's just fine

    • Anonymous

      because people say the dumbest shit about em.99% of people that rag on them have never really herd them they just fear what they dont understand

  • Anonymous

    I have to say i respect this review alot, definately will bring alot of the hype humans off my favorite shit. but needless to say, there are a lot of bangers on this album that i fucking rock on the daily, cause im a downass fan. good album in my opinion, i can see a few flaws and how their crazyass hype might not fit the "mainstream album listener-audience" or whatever. but yeah man, OF. haha

  • yo


  • yo

    Im outta dis bitch...LIKE PHILLIP MLYNAR

  • mjhardhitta

    The problem with odd future is that the crew is full of random niggas who dont rap. When you decide to put these same random niggas on tracks the result is a garbage album.

  • Phil

    Lets see if these fucks will censor and delete the Anti-Mlynar posts? BTW my real name is Phil, and I like Mlynar's insightful posts, I also like Drake, and voted for Obama.

  • wtf?


  • Sandra Fluke

    I am all for being a prostitute with taxpayer money, but fuck Phillip Mlynar.

  • Ron Paul

    Vote for me......and fuck Phillip Mlynar.

  • Wiz Khalifa

    This review is approved by me, Wiz Khalifa. Fuck Domo Genesis, and that bitch ass stanky pussy nigga Philip Mlynar.


    Funniest Phillip Mlynar reference will win our contest. Stay tuned.

  • Ace

    This Shit Is Fuckin Surreal. I Would Have To Side With The Mlynar Hater Below. Swag Me The............


    yo its pac, im coming back to life, just to kill Mlynar.


    YO NIGGAZ WASSUP ITS LIL B THE BASED GOD. MY NEXT SWAG SONG WILL BE CALLED "Ima Philip Mlynar these niggas, give em bad reviews"

  • Phillip Mlynar

    Hey guys, I do not understand all of the hype. I made a review, clearly in behalf of me, not DX. And learn to spell my fucking name. I am one of the most prominent bloggers since fucking 2dopeboyz.

  • Lil Zane


  • Vladimir

    What the fuck is a Phillip Mlynar? Is that the rapper real name of the rap singer sended to Samoa island where big samoa sumos rape because momma no like the drugs and music....you no...the asher roth that likey da eat da applesauce. Fuck Phillip Mlynar...he no better than nas.

  • Internet Protocol

    You know DX just has to look at the IP address and they will realize you are the same poster......stupid fucks.....I'ma go listen to watch the throne. VvvvvVv

  • Drake

    Fuck Phillip Mlynar. Listen to Macks Payne!!!!!!!! ADD ON FB

  • Drake

    Well guys, look, i'm starvin fo attenchion, im a liar and i ride Tek 9ena dick like my name was phillip mlynar

  • safasfasf

    5/5 for OF, 0/5 for Mlynar



  • Heve Starvey


  • Steve Harvey

    FUCK PHILLIP MLYNAR ! The people spoke and gave this a 3.3. Do the fucking math MLYNAR. You gave this shit a 2.5.

  • deuce

    Bucnh of dumb ignorant Suburban Area kids...SMH these cats was about to get they asz whooped by CHRIS BROWNS posse of all people.





  • yo

    Jesse Fairfax needs to re-write. Now that dude is legit.

  • Anonymous

    How can anybody look that ugly ass ginger kid on the cover and not get the urge to punch someone in the face??

  • Chad618

    Its actually a good album though..

  • Swag


  • Prof. X

    Their style reminds of what would happen if D12 lived in the Valley in LA and Tyler = a less lyrical black Eminem (their styles are similar but Em is just a beast). Niggas really be getting butt hurt on here though I bet all these dudes rap better than all of yall so if you like the tape like it if you hate it at least say why...not just suck my dick and you're a faggot, thats exactly whats wrong with rap fans yall niggas hate on groups yet yall niggas listen to all they shit just to hate it...if someone is wack dnt even listen to em...even if you hatin and listening til their shit you still doin them a favor


    1/5 nuff said

  • Anonymous

    yep no one is paying attention to their bullshit anymore and realize the music fucking blows. cept Hodgy he;s pretty good

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous


  • fabian

    I bet half of you guys on here are a bunch of Young Money Fans and if they had some Drake are some nicki or some tyga you fags who run to buy this fucking album FUCK YOUNG MONEY OF BITCH

    • Anonymous

      no.YMCMB dick rides the fuck out of OFWGKTA


      for real? don't OF co-sigh young money and just because people hate OF they must be young money fans? i think someone has sand in there vagina because this shit tape sucked

  • Bad Kid

    That was a terrible review. The album is about 3 stars worth, but that was a shit article


      oh look its a bad kid i bet his parents wash his mouth out with soap and sends him to "the corner" when he/she try's to be like the OF losers better behave or you will get the BELT

  • thatdudefromdc

    odd future is just ok...but yo why the fuck isn't hiphopdx hosting Nightmare on e street by fat trel I know it just came out today but its way too sick and hes doesn't get enough credit STOP FAKIN DX

  • Anonymous

    This album if you even call it that sucks balls how could you pass this along to make money? keep giving out low quality shit and watch your label drop your sorry ass and hiphopdx was right in calling it dull because it is DULL like the cover 1/5

    • willy

      oh, you agree with the article? you must be an avid hip hop fan stuck in 2005


      you see what i mean @fsdg how old are you 12,16 or 32 did you read what you said before you posted you cant think of something better? and that what happens when you let your brain go to mush from listening poor childish DULL sounds (yeah i said sounds because this is not music)

    • fsdg

      yu like dick in yur moms asshole, while yur fucking a golpher in its ass. Fucking cunt.

  • Jim

    Only highlight was Oldie...i recommend that to anyone its actually really hip hop..and earl murders it.

  • Jay

    Best album of the decade! Way better than Illmatic!





  • BigWo0orm45

    HHDX is either hit or miss with the reviews. This was a pretty good album. Hodgy and Domo def kept things interesting. And Earl on Oldie was str8 love. Idk why DX gave it such a low rating but it was def a good album. Better than Bastard and Goblin by far.

  • Anonymous

    Troll Rap all stars vol. 2 Got I miss music before the internet, when it took more then Youtube views to establish a buzz



  • DAA

    Oldie, analog 2 and snow white were good

  • Miles

    I really enjoyed the album. maybe thATs just my opinion. but at the same time half of the songs on the cd were cuts from their uncoming solo cds. stuff they didn't want. And TEXAS has no life. If u don't like them why are u on everyone's post



  • lloyd

    this album was bad man

  • DX is about the editors opinions

    This is it, I'm leaving HihopDX

  • Anonymous

    I think you better go listen again. Hodgy is rapping circles around 98% of the game.

  • Anonymous

    Let me get this straight. You give Cudi a 4 and call him a genius for using worn out boring melodies with a voice that sounds like an emo kid screaming with his throat slit. That's a genius at work. But this tape which actually knocks and has some bangers like the two videos already released with original beats is boring. No wonder no one takes your reviews seriously.



  • Anonymous

    If you dont understand how to properly review an album, why would you even try? Focus more on the music, rather than the order. And dont complain just because its not shock value anymore. HHDX set this shit up foreal. Picked a hater to review it, instead of someone who would actually do their job right. Phillip is a fag, the order he put this review in doesnt make any coehesive sense, i kinda didnt even read it, i just saw that it didnt look like it was put together well, without paying attention to the substance, so fuck him, and his mom.

  • Anonymous

    fuck the haters, GOLF WANG

  • Wow.

    Hip Hop DX you blow dick. and "Snow White" and "White" are two different songs. Whoever wrote this is a close-minded fuck who really didn't give the album a chance. Quit trying to be like Fox News, HHDX. You guys are pathetic. But I'm not worried about it because this is the same site that constantly uploaded Niggas in Paris remixes over and over thinking they were oh so dope. You guys are wack. And if you don't like this comment, it doesn't matter, fuck what you think, suck my long ass dick.....who's gonna be the anonymous faggot that tells me how wrong i am because they hate OF? And how much OF sucks dick...lame fuck..If you have OF so much, why the hell are you reading an article about OF? haha stupid lame fucks. OF is dope, and no matter how much you hate them, they still have fans, they still have clothing lines, they still have a TV show. Bash them all you want. FUCK IT, BASH THIS COMMENT ALL YOU WANT. DO IT. THEY'RE STILL FUCKIN RAD NIGGA..HAHAHAHAHA FUCK YEAH, ODD FUTURE BITCH.

  • Anonymous

    That whole crew is fucked , Tyler is talented but gives himself a bad rep and that earl kid is serious for 17


    Download Odd Future "The OF Tape Vol. 2" http://hiphopmayhem.com/music/new-tracks/odd-future-the-of-tape-vol-2.html



  • Jon

    lol 2.5 hhdx is some fuckin fags

  • B-ri

    so much better than 2.5...

  • Frank

    yo, why are yall motherfucker so extra its music. if you like it you like it, if you dont you dont simple as that. yall argue like yall know these niggas, i grew up on wu-tang and love them to death i like odd future too but who the fuck cares whos better and whos on whos dick just sit back and enjoy the fucking music.

  • Guillaume_SHM

    I'm a huge OF fan, but this tape let me hungry. Too much Hodgy on it, the production is average, some songs have just no interest ... But there is some good tracks like Forest Green, Rella, P. And the album ends on Oldie, with the first Earl's verses since he dissapeared. He spits some hot shit, nice to see him again.

  • mac WEASEL


  • murdock

    I didnt listen to it yet but they do sound dull alot to me.I like them though this new track with the video is kinda dope it reminds me of some old boot camp style video with fab five but with lyrics and delivery that are not up to par yet.maybe they will get there maybe not but they still need some practice

  • Anonymous

    Better Review than I thought...I will give it a 1.. I wish you could rate it a negative 1....yawnnnnnnnn and shrugs puts in my Big Krit 4 eva n day mixtape

  • Anonymous

    Wu tang had substance, depth, and an original sound to there movement. Those were the days of hardcore raw rap. These punks talk about weed, clothes, and being playfully hardcore. Lame. No message in there movement other then "swag". Gtfoh ofwgbs. At least j Cole is honest and has a female fanbase, all these dudes are mad homophobic but yet ride eachothers dicks and cross dress. Hmmmm.... Makes you wonder. Keep polluting your brains w this noise and pretendin your hip hop. Hip hop is not for everyone and anyone, you either know your history or you don't. This is swag fag rap.

    • 7.

      Wu-Tang was on Odd Future's dick though!!!LMAO hahahahahahahahaha

    • Anonymous

      1.everyone Stop bringin up Wu-Tang 2.Odd Future makes some hardcore raw rap shit.you would know if you actually listened. 3.nigga Wu-Tang talked about Weed and Clothes too.you would know if you weren't a poser and listened to Wu 4.Wu had no message either.whats ur point? 5."At least j Cole is honest and has a female fanbase" if you think Odd Future are not honest about how they feel on something then you got it twisted.especially if you think females are not a part of the OF fan base. 6.where is your proof they are homophobic?

    • bkstylz

      Not true at all. Have you listened to any of Tyler's albums?? He bares his soul on those Bastard and Goblin. There is more to these guys than just money, weed and swag.

  • Anonymous

    fucken niggers just want attention #yolo

  • ClaudeJulien

    I mean, the reviewer tried to criticize the way they formatted their album concept instead of actually tanigibily reviewing what it is...who does that? He made one criticism, and that's the order of the songs, which is SO MINOR anyways...WTT had New Day and That's My Bitch back to back, with that pink panther sounding interlude playing (to act as some metaphorical theme music of switching between their real roots and superficial rap). If you have actual criticism of the music, let's hear it, that's the point of a review. Instead he takes the easy way out of calling it boring, and being upset it wasn't a cohesive album...not kidding it isn't cohesiver...it's GROUPS of artists within a group who all have different sounds. It was meant to get the lesser known groups (The Jet Age of Tomorrow, The Internet, Mellowhype to a lesser extent) and rappers (Domo, Mike G) some spotlight alongside Tyler. The three most talented artists (Frank, Tyler, and Earl) were the three most underrepresented, and the most improved artists (Domo & Hodgy) are finally proving their worth. All the complaining was about how they relied on shock value, yet they finally put out a pure music release, and they get bashed for it. Ironic, huh? This is a flawed album, but it was supposed to be. It was a showcase of talent, and they succeeded in that. Everyone knows about Tyler and Frank by now, and everyone knows Earl's potential. What I didn't know is Left Brain is a pretty dope producer, Hodgy is one of the most improved rappers in the game, and Domo is capable of warranting a full album soon.

    • WOLF GANG!

      people that only favor Earl or Frank are the new Yonkers fans!!!!!LMAO

    • Just Music?

      Na i don't "Dig" Earl but he has the best flow in the group. Frank Ocean is good too. Just my opinion.

    • LMAO

      ^he tried to sound all deep.talkin bout he studies it.but the only member he digs is Earl.

    • Just Music?

      Just music? When i look at a song i study every detail within. I take it as more of a lesson and/or inspiration. So for me and i'm sure many others it is like school. Not a huge fan of OF, but starting to warm up to Earl.

    • Anonymous

      its fucking music.not a school.either you like it or you dont

    • bkstylz

      I agree with this 90%. I am not sure how much Hodgy has improved though. I guess his flow is better but lyrically, he is still saying random stuff to make a rhyme. Not much skill in that. But I will say he did nothing to detract from the likability of the album

  • Anonymous

    we bang with our knuckles bare Wu-Tang keep it fresh like tupperware

  • Pegasus Flow

    Every review, it's the same story. People hate on it and then the dick riders tell them how stupid they are and that they don't know hip hop. Then tell them to go listen to Lil Wayne or Drake. Music is subjective and it only matters how it makes YOU feel. The fan boys need to stop attacking people when they shit on your beloved artists. If you were really confident in their sound and talent, you wouldn't have to justify it to some anonymous clown. However, it is funny to watch you bicker back and forth so carry on.

  • shuttaman

    I mean look the reviewer is clearly a old ass loser. Fuck yall hip hop elitist faggots, this the new sound yall old faggots still tryna advance its all over now TAKE IT LIKE A FUCKIN MAN BITCH

  • Anonymous

    WHO cares about these Satanic Clowns!!!!!!!!!

  • This is all pop music

    I got to agree overall with their opinion because they're sound is dull and the quality of the music that I've heard sounds cheap sort of like lil waynes lyrics when he goes off on one and starts talking trash, there's no real thought or heart gone into it, no soul!

  • bkstylz

    I disagree with this review, I don't think this is a great album, but there are a few decent cuts on here. Some of the crew members are pretty wack but I won't judge the group based on them. We all know Hodgy, Domo, Tyler & Earl are the guys who will make or break OF. I saw growth in Domo's lyrical ability, Hodgy is Hodgy (I can't understand what he is talking about), Tyler didn't disappoint on his beats or rhymes and Earl is dope as ever. I would give this album a 3.5 out 5 on the strength there are 7-8 solid cuts on this album which is more than I can say about a lot of them.

  • Anonymous

    these dudes are trying to make a movement like wu tang did but are failing miserably. No longevity. They are targeting a good market of kids, who think that because they can "relate" to these lames who put on a decent front of being hip hip, they too can form a fake ass identity of being hip hop. Simple as that. Get on some real shit that will inspire you to do better and give you real game on how to break bitches off. K.R.I.T, curren$y, Kendrick Lamar, jay electronica, j Cole. Hodgy beats is fresh doe.

    • Anonymous

      tru, i never thought to look at it that way bro respect of spreadin some knowledge, still dont agree about the Curren$y thing though

    • Anonymous

      no nigga.i know lots of people of the darker skin variety including myself that like OFWGKTA.thats just like that stupid ass "all black folks like watermelon" saying.and what does it matter if you or ur fans are not from the ghetto?thats like me sayin FUCK TUPAC ALL HIS FANS ARE A BUNCH OF HOODRATS AND LOW LIFE BLACK DUDES WHO ARE ALWAYS IN THE PEN FOR RAPE AND MURDER!lol like really?every teen hood or burb rebels its natural.tyler gives plenty of food for thought you just never herd the tracks because ur heads too far up ur ass.no he really doesn't lol.if its not weed hes talking about its a sports car or money

    • Anonymous

      there fan bas eis a bunch of white suburban kids tryin to rebel they'll grow outta OF n be like what the fuck was I listening to, n on the real Curren$y maybe a weed rapper but he's giving more food for thought then anybody in OF with maybe the exception of Hodgy and Earl

    • Anonymous

      they are moving up and have a HUGE fanbase but ur saying they are failing?!?!what the fuck type sense does that make? "decent front of being hip hip"...no front at all.hip-hop is a culture ment for everyone of any style.curren$y is a weed rapper so no food for thought in his music at all.J.Cole talks about nothing but the opposite sex too much like we get it he likes women.the whole crew fresh doe

  • Anonymous

    they are the tebow of rap

  • Anonymous

    Garbage mc's indeed. Even the square in the camp jacket says he's only rapping to make money, go get a fuckin day job nigga. Disgrace to the game all just to make some change from the hip hop stans. Hodgy beats is the only one I see with potential. Rap about some conscious shit and make it twisted if your gonna do it at all.

  • Anonymous

    these illmatic ass niggas who won't listen to odd future just cause it doesn't sound like nas or some shit .. failures at life . they make the music they want . and it just happens to be dope ..

  • DJ Premier

    lol @ these hispters and their fans talking about EARL > ILLMATIC Are you fucking crazy, somebody will get smacked up in this bitch if i ever hear that shit again

    • mark

      the people that arque Earl and 17 over nas at that age are 14 year old kids that are jumping on a statemnent that Tyler made and 99% of them havnt heard a single track from ill.

  • the guy

    i dont give fuck what no onesays.. thse kids aint that bad.... just different...... plus tyler ripped that shit at the end. hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first time i hear him spit some real shit..

    • nick

      if thats the first time you heard tyler spit something real you dont listen to OF, his first cd Bastard was basically about him not having his father around and Goblin was all about not having Earl around.

  • Germanigguh

    They're pretty dope...tyler makes very interesting beats and some of them (Tyler, Hodgy, Earl) really got lyrical potential...stopt hatin', those guys are original, all you haters: go and listen to you random trap-rappers lol

  • pandemicz

    Loved it. Album is amazing, but, yes, it's not for everyone.

  • Still Swag

    2.5 DX really Doms, White and Oldie all were gems but the Hodgy Assault on the album totally gets over looked and his progression as an artist. DX all niggas failed on this review big time. oh and PHILLIP MLYNAR you just a hating ass bitch, fuck you critics, eat a dick. GOLF WANG!

  • Anonymous

    everybody hates OF it's ok fags stick to listening to lil wayne and drake unfair weak review all you hip hop heads care about is earl i like him but there are more people in the group

    • Anonymous

      so just because you listen to outkast you think ur a true hip-hop head?smh.listenin to Outkast and callin everything thats new and different wack does not make you a hip-hop head you poser. Diggy flopped thats a horrible example.nigga Hodgey got bars!outkast could make a album of nothing but fart noises and you fake hip-hop head nazi's would call it a classic lol.

    • Anonymous

      dont call yourself a hip hop head you said Hodgey has verses as nice as Andre and Big Boi on ATLiens you don't know shit about hip hop, a tru hip hop head doesnt give a fuck about sales Diggy had pretty solid first week of sales that mean he a good mc?

    • WTF

      " I dont want OF to be clone I dont respect new artists that do there own thing that actually got lyrical talent" WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW HATER ALERRRRRRRRRRRRRRT!! ok stop dick riding Kendrick.people on this site always cry about how much they hate Odd Future and then get on some rant about how they dont sound like Big KRIT or Kendrick Lamar or J.Cole so they are wack.fuckin stupid.stop suckin those niggaz dicks!J.Cole's debut didn't outsell OF Tape Vol. 2.goes to show that ur golden boy emcee's are not all they are cracked up to be.big krit has all these dick riders but i bet his debut wont sell cuz his fans are poser hip-hop heads

    • Anonymous

      nigga big boi's B.o.B. verse compared to Hodgey's Oldie verse...dont dick ride outkast like everyone else on some wana-be hip-hop head poser/follower tip i dont fuck wit that bricksquad shit so fuck off with that assumption.

    • Anonymous

      what little validity you had as a hiphop head left with that comment, Hodgey verse as good if not better then Andre or Big Boi? Nigga please if you actually think hodgey is as good as Andre let alone Big Boi i dont wanna hear your opinion cause your stupid n don't know shit about hip hop n lyricism keep listenin to your Gucci and OJ n telling yourself these guys got dope lyrics. I dont want OF to be clone I dont respect new artists that do there own thing that actually got lyrical talent, like Kendrick or Tanya Morgan there not jackin anyone's style but got serious content

    • Anonymous

      ur right dude...it makes them better for the fact that those "legendary" "real hip-hop" "top lyricists" "the greats" blah blah blah...are on the dick! i have ATLiens muhfucka!whats ur point?just because they dont sound like outkast clones they are wack??that sounds lame. any Hodgey verse is just as good if not better than any Big Boi or Andre verse.dont place something vintage in hip-hop on top just because its old.

    • Anonymous

      I don't give a fuck if Wu-Tang Supports them n Nas has recorded shit with them (which i dont know if I've herd that), doesnt make them as good as wu-tang, doesnt make em as good as nas, the fact that you would even consider these fools in the same class shows your lack of hip hop knowledge go listen to ATLiens n tell me that theres even one verse on the entire OF album that is even close to the worst verse on ATLiens

    • WG

      typical.just like every other poser naming old cats but yet dont own any of the material. and you think there is nothing wrong with those artists?you think Odd Future should be the main ones lynched but those artists aren't exactly perfect. Wu-Tang was on Odd Future's dick when Tyler dropped Yonkers Nas has recorded a few records with Odd Future. Common talks about the same jazzy up lift ppl shit that everyone from his time talked about as well. no1 listens to Sha Stimuli. Big KRIT still isn't past his rookie stage regardless all the co-sign's and ppl on his dick who most likely won't even buy his album but claim to be a krit fan. J.Cole is not what he used to be.Mr. Nice Watch is a perfect example of where he's guna go which means hes guna be another oh look at me i got bitchs and im ballin type rapper. Blu is boring as fuck Live!!and his music isn't that great either. Fashawn has no fans at all.

    • Anonymous

      ^ for sure if this mans thinks OF has dope lyrics n beats you know he's bumpin that ignorant shit

    • Germanigguh

      OJ da juiceman, gucci and eli porter are his favorites lol

    • Anonymous

      obviously the classics like Wu-Tang, Nas, Common and Outkast, but modern stuff Kendrick Lamar, Sha Stimuli, Big K.R.I.T., Honors English, J. Cole and anything produced by Exile so Blu and Fashawn all those artists are way better lyrically n Big K.R.I.T's beats > OF beats

    • Anonymous

      then what do you listen to that has dope beats and such awesome lyrics?

    • Anonymous

      I forgot bout Frank OCean he's dope he's probably guna be the only one who has a career still in 2 years

    • Anonymous

      I'm embarrassed to listen to this shit tape in public, the beats aren't dope the lyrics aren't tight you just look like a faggot white kid who thinks he's tough cause he's listen to some tough sounding rap

    • Anonymous

      if you think those guys are dope you need to listen to some better hip hop bro this whole album is shit

    • WG

      Taco isn't even a rapper why would you use him as an example.dude literally only has like 3 verses under his belt.DOMO is actually a beast!i remember when him and hodgey ripped that Who Dat beat. NO!Tyler,Hodgey and Earl are not the only good ones you faggot.Domo Genesis,Mike G,Jack Mushroom,Frank Ocean,The Internet

    • Anonymous

      bro the group sucks Taco is a terrible rapper Domino is just a shitty stoner rapper, don't get me wrong I like some stoner rappers Curren$y is dope but Domino is nothing special, outside of tyler, Hodgy and earl they all suck

  • Tommy

    Haters man. Props to Tyler for producing most of this album

  • lame

    These guys are incredibly overrated, i liked them when they first came out a year ago, but over the months it became obvious they just wanted attention, and to me there whole "shock rap" isn't nearly as appealing as when Eminem was doing it in his prime years. These guys have an incredibly boring sound and flow, and aren't nearly as likeable as an Eminem. These guys are a bunch of clowns, and honestly it's obvious there on there 14th minute of fame and pretty soon will be forgotten. Only one of these dudes i like is Earl, rest are annoying and stupid.

  • Mr. Wallace

    That rating was too low IMO, I never really liked OF, only Tyler's guest spots. This tape changed my wind, these dudes are dope.

  • Psycho Maestro

    These faggots cant rap. Get off their dicks you little teeny bopper bitches. You fucking think they're good because MTV says they are? Fucking please. GARBAGE MCs.

  • Yamz

    I'm not the biggest Odd Future supported in the world, but this review is some hating shit

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    2.5 Stars no doubt. Odd Future is taking the wrong approach to this music thing. I would consult but hell my services are not free of charge lol. But at least they did create some mainstream buzz which is plus when considering how many acts never get this far.

  • Anonymous

    When I saw Philips article on instrumental hip hop I could have slapped him but after seeing this, I have nothing but props. After all It will only take a couple more bad albums/reviews and extremely poor sales to get rid of this garbage that is odd future.

  • DrebinSlevin

    A short review, and all they had to say was, "its not as controversial". Never mind that the production has greatly improved on this album. Sometimes HHDX really has no clue.

  • a

    psshhh, gimmick ass 'rappers' , their music sounds like s hit

  • Anonymous

    Is this not technically a mixtape? Why will you give this ratings but not stuff like 4eva N A Day?

  • aaaad

    dull ? lol, album is crazy, full of styles.

  • buckeyewu

    Finally someone comes out with a different style and the whole world hates em. Go figure.

    • HAHAHa

      they don't listen to Wu-Tang so no there is no Wu-tang rip or influence.i love *HOW* any rapper that speaks on dark subjects in a lyrical way automatically get compared to Eminem.you realize Em is not the only or first emcee to rap about bizarre topics rite?so get the fuck out with the Em shit. yes because ppl like you they will be remembered in 10 years.dont just predict someone's career just because you and the band of haters don't like it for dumb reasons.

    • Anonymous

      they don't listen to Wu-Tang so no there is no Wu-tang rip or influence.i love any rapper that speaks on dark subjects in a lyrical way automatically get compared to Eminem.you realize Em is not the only or first emcee to rap about bizarre topics rite?so get the fuck out with the Em shit. yes because ppl like you they will be remembered in 10 years.dont just predict someone's career just because you and the band of haters don't like it for dumb reasons.

    • lames

      They forsure dont rip off wu-tang, just because they all have they own style and are a group and dont want to work with mainstream f**k boi artists doesnt mean they took any ones style. and for eminem, tyler, earl, and hodgy have always been influenced by the MMLP but in my opinion they still dont sound like em, if you looking for someone whos biting eminem hop on hopsins dick

    • Anonymous

      dude they're a rip of Wu-Tang and Eminem there not original only difference is Wu-Tang and Eminem will be remembered in 10 years doubt you can say that about OF

    • ?

      i see a few lames just talkin shit but not stating any facts on how they are not original

    • Anonymous

      Different style? Fool please! Fuck outta here with that differnt style shit, RuPaul has a different style!

    • -___-

      how are they not??no crew in hip-hop is like them at all

    • Anonymous

      You must be 15 if you think OF is original...

  • Good.

    these dudes suck. seriously the only people that I actually give a fuck about are Frank Ocean and Hodgy, everybody else there sucks ass, including Earl.

    • Holy SHIT!

      seriously, WG? I'm not going to read all of that shit. If I wanted to read that much, I would rather go over to my shelf and grab a fucking book, written by someone isn't giant douche. Get a life faggot.

    • @WG

      where do you live pussy?:) and nice to see BAD made up another fake faggotty name. Odd Future is gay.

    • BAD

      oh and how the fuck would you know that he kicks it with Lil Wayne on a constant basis without being a fan(in denial)?

    • WG

      im mad?but u came here just to rant about how much you hate a group of people you don't know.so ur just guna assume im a teenager cuz i listen to odd future?so i bet you think all black folk love watermelon too huh lmao.there you go with the analyze word again.there is no analyzing,im not a fuckin computer, i simply read ur stupid comment and replied.i comment back for positive anti-hater reasons.you just come back to talk shit like a lamer. ".yet you had a conversation with yourself saying you won this arguement when you really lost."that really wasn't me but ok lol ya know its not impossible that someone thought i was right and you are a lame ass hater.like i said haters automatically lose." Keep telling yourself that im a fan because i know the names of songs or what they do because according to you theres only one hiphop site to get news from."LMAO you never stop with the dumb shit.you just put yourself on blast.you know song names and what they do and apparently you go to other sites and read up on them and bash them because inside you really like odd future? b.o.b....dumb ass Tyler fired the first shot.hopsin disses everyone and never gets responses cuz its a desperate attempt for promotion lol so he doesn't matter.he is cool with justin beiber oh no we must kill him now lmao you hate tyler because he is cool with justin beiber?do you also hate females because they like justin beiber?lmao wait.dont answer that. " He also says mainstream rappers and then collaborates with Game and says he talks to lil wayne on a constant basis"...he also says WHAT ABOUT mainstream rappers?nothing.hates underground rappers though.cuz he likes games music.because he likes lil waynes music.a bitch made crew doesn't start riot's,sell 50k first week sales,no.5 on charts,get arrested all the time,say what the fuck they want and do what the fuck they want,sell out shows,punch on muhfuckaz that talk shit to em.if you call that bitch made then you got it twisted.Frank and Hodgey would beat ur ass so it would be pointless the rule them as your favs lol you forget Tyler basically gave them a successful career, you better recognize dude.really if you wana keep tellin urself that i was just talking to myself then go ahead and throw a party about it i dont care lol.lmao dude you are in denial bad!!went down in flames....HAHAHAHAHAHA your fuckin dumb.if i have perfect facts and comebacks to every dumb one you said how is it im the one goin down in flames? sad is you coming to the article just to talk shit and be a hater.but you would never call me that to my face though pussy. :)

    • hahaha

      Yeah apparently i lost when the only one getting mad is you, you butthurt teenage bitch. You say i have no life then you analyze everything i say, then you say i have no life again because i came back to the first page to write a comment...yet you did tue same thing....then again i apparently i dont have a life because i made up two fake people on purpose....yet you had a conversation with yourself saying you won this arguement when you really lost. Keep telling yourself that im a fan because i know the names of songs or what they do because according to you theres only one hiphop site to get news from. You like a dude who wont diss rappers (b.o.b and hopsin) but disses a r&b singer (bruno mars) but he also thinks justin beiber is his dog. He also says mainstream rappers and then collaborates with Game and says he talks to lil wayne on a constant basis. You listen to a bitch made dude with a bitch ass crew that has no skill besides Frank and Hodgy. You can say you won and make up another fake name to say you did but you know you went down in flames with this argument, mainly because youre a sad hypocritical bitch.

    • BAD

      LMAO yo corny ass is feelin some type of way.he came all the way back to the page and wrote multiple comments just talkin shit.for what?is this guna be the biggest accomplishment of ur life or something? "then he analyzes every sentence and has the audacity to say he has a life?"that shows no indication that i have no life it simply means i can read lol but ur "You wait almost a day before you could think of a comeback, which is also fail" is still fuckin hilarious though.you really waited all day for me to get back to argue with yo hatin ass.you can't say anything without being to automatic lamer.it's cool because we know someone like you would never call me a dumb bitch to my face. this is where you go wrong "Now go listen to the same dude who likes Justin Beiber but thinks Bruno Mars is a homo."how the fuck would you know that without being a fan??!!??see you always fuck up by saying the dumbest shit for your last sentence.FIND A NEW WAY TO BE A LIFELESS HATER!

    • hahaha

      see it's as easy as that dumb bitch, you can make up all the fake names you want to back you up, it's not hard to see through your 15 year old tactics. Now go listen to the same dude who likes Justin Beiber but thinks Bruno Mars is a homo.

    • Tyler, The Creator

      yeah BAD, you're a fag for real. You're a fan but kill yourself. We don't need fags...I mean fans like you.

    • Anonymous for real

      yeah um BAD is a fag.

    • BAD

      yeah i know i won a long time ago lmao but he apparently wants to get hoed again tomorrow but it would be pointless for the kid to say anything.he has nothing. he failed by being a hatin ass fag in the first place. everyone knows haters are the lowest of the low.no how witty they think the insults are as they giggle behind the keyboard thinkin what they said was funny and clever.lol for all we know he will actually listen to Odd Future now and stop denying his love for them

    • hahaha

      this dumb nigga made up a fake name to back him up? hahaha pathetic. And then he analyzes every sentence and has the audacity to say he has a life? hahaha.

    • Anonymous

      yeah um BAD won^