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Approximately eight years after releasing his last charting effort, Rule returns with "Pain is Love 2," hoping to rekindle the acclaim he once had.

Some feel Ja Rule’s reign as part of Hip Hop’s upper echelon went down in the flames of a vicious feud with 50 Cent. Other factors may have contributed to his decline in popularity, but amidst much talked about turmoil in the early 2000s, Ja faded from the charts (last releasing a charting album in 2004). Seemingly forgotten by some within that time is the fact that Rule accumulated multiple Platinum and Gold plaques both at home and abroad over the years. Approximately eight years after releasing his last charting effort, Rule returns with Pain is Love 2, hoping to rekindle the acclaim he once had.

“The world was so cold,” are the first words on the album. A scorned Ja Rule appears from the jump - a refreshing take on his perspective. “This is not what I envisioned when I started rapping,” he then shares on the Queen inspired “Real Life Fantasy,” before rejecting material wealth. “None of that matters when the mirror shatters. All I see is pieces of me scattered.” Pain is Love 2 benefits from this candor, which is echoed on “Parachute.” Leah Siegal’s haunting vocals add to Rule’s determined delivery. “My world is anew. I put that on the cross. Give thanks to the Lord, the legend of the fall,” he rhymes with his trademark growling flow. Siegal continues to contribute to the album on “Pray,” allowing Rule to discuss his literal trials and tribulations. While those tracks showcase his viewpoint well, “SuperStar” and “Black Vodka” prove he is still catchy with hooks, capable of juxtaposing his roaring rhymes with a melodic signing in between.

Although the album shines in those moments, Rule can still be criticized for some of the same things he was slammed for in the past. Although “Black Vodka” is catchy, it is eerily reminiscent of hits Ja had approximately 10 years ago. This may have some saying he hasn’t progressed enough with time. Later, “Strange Days” suffers from an erroneous beat and Auto-Tuned vocals in Rule’s verses. Later, the Pop-friendly “To the Top” and the bland “Believe” are forgettable, overshadowed by the rest of the LP.

Pain is Love 2 acts as an update on where Ja Rule has traveled in life in recent years and it is an honest look at how he views those travels. His self-awareness and honesty bring a fresh take. This insight comes with a darker tone that could have been delivered in a more cohesive manner. However, by trying to add something for everyone, Rule lost some of that consistency. While it is no perfect return, Pain is Love 2 is a reminder of why Rule was once atop the Hip Hop sphere. Now the question is if he can ever truly return to the top.


  • Anonymous

    ja rule its me built gods eyes i see it in nuture when the sun is up i know your all good with ashanti tell ashanti to say if she remembers o baby don,t fuck around o baby tell her to tell me that in the nexts life i don,t give a fuck who goes with her in the next life jesus chooing son love u ja rule she can say what ever she want now because i will let it slid but in the next life justice will be done in the next life this is the real world but when the world comes to an end there a place call hell let me what that power that see in my eyes in nuture when i die i will come back from the dead i will take every woman , man and child life yes it is true bullets can hurt me now will im alive but i die it can,t do shit the goverment does not beleave it now but when the rock hits earth yes i will be part of it i will be scared but i die leader of heaven jesus son the choosing son who is built in gods eyes the power the goverment can hurt me as flesh but not as spirit yes legend is true

  • ladynesh


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Pain is love 2 should win an award for the song Pray for the day so touching album has atleast 5 hits on it

  • carAnthony

    Too much pop, but his lyrics are on-point. 3/5

  • Anonymous

    i have absolutely no respect for Ja rule, he became a dickhead for some reason, thinkin' he was all tough, when really all he is is a pop rapper.

  • Chris

    This album is the best Ja Rule album since Pain is Love. Reunited with 7 Aurelius, Ja steps in not to reclaim the throne he once held but tell a bit of his life to his die hard fans. This album was made for his fans since he went to prison right after finishing recording for it. If you doubt Ja Rule because of his last efforts, you should give PIL 2 a chance.

  • Dim

    All in all I think this was a solid effort from Rule, can't say there's any song I'd really skip on it, the album has a really solid few opening tracks that I love as well.

  • Anonymous

    fantastic album,disapointed with the spun a web joint the original version was way better..hot production from 700, should have released to the top that song, that song is real radio friendly

  • Will

    This album is amazing !!! Looking forward to his next album and his tour when he comes out !!!

  • Melanine

    I think Rule lived up to expectation,,,he's been 8 years outta the game and still knows how to slide em pen,,,i give it an 8 outta 10,,,,the Rule is Back for sure

  • jackson

    album is actually good if he has nas r game on superstar that would have been dope... if he had few big name collabs more people would be buying this album over all 8/10

  • sky112

    this is a hit album

  • jj

    good album better than what i thought it would be superstar joint is dope

  • bob1111

    I think this album is actually gr8! Its different to all da other music out nowadays and thats wat makes it standout! There are defo some bangers on here like 'Real life fantasy' , 'Parachute' , 'To The Top' but again u get them deep tracks like 'Pray 4 The Day' , 'Spun A Web' , 'Never Had Time'. Then u got the radio records like 'Strange days' , 'Black Vodka' , 'Drown' and then the hard records 'Believe' 'Superstar'. Ja Rule made a good album , haters can hate but this is a gd record.

  • Killa

    its gonna be wack i thought the dude was dead n 50 didnt end nothin ha.. em shut is ass up hahahahaha

  • Sandra

    I like it! p.s Are you targeting Japanese market? I Officially did promotions for Ace Hood and DJ Infamous "We The Best" Japan Tour. I have more than 20,000 Japanese followers. If you are producer, artiste, DJ, dancer, or records/production company and need my promotions, check this out. (*Copy & Paste this link, and delete the unnecessary 2 spaces) ht tp://bi t.ly/zXEFnw

  • Dee

    Point blank eat a dick for breakfast tomorrow. The record is dope the nigga lock up so no promo run u dumb bitch

  • Point Blank

    Okay, here's the deal. I'm a fan of his past hits, especially his feature with Jay-Z. But PIL 2 is a hard swallow. The production is all over the place, mind you 7 is a GREAT producer. He did better tracks for Last Train 2 Paris. Ja, has always had one of the illest voices and dope lyrics in his hay day, but this album just falls flat. I respect his efforts, but let's be honest, it's nothing new in hip-pop. Die hard fans will eat shit if he packages it. But the sale numbers don't lie, and the 50 cent beef is a far cry for blame, hell 50's music has fallen way off as his "B" movies. The only thing 50 got is business savvy, just like Diddy, but as artist they need to evolve. Bottom line, there are a host of incredible, unknown music producers he could have tapped into, look anywhere on the internet. What he needed was an unknown producer and no 'YES' men, your the greatest Ja, can I wipe your azz in the studio. If he couldn't score a hit working with 7, he gotta go back to the drawing board and clean house. Surround yourself with fresh talent and get out of whatteva bubble you've been living in. Listen to better music, study, study, study, study your craft. Never have one producer solely produce all of your music, that's insane. Lastly, you have to evolve, move forward in every aspect of life in order to create something everlasting. Don't let the negative in your past dictate your life. With all sincerity, I wish him the best of luck with his next album!

  • Anonymous

    In most cases, sales determine whether you see another album or not. But wait. You love everything, therefore sales shouldn't be counted anymore. Forget money. Let's all live off your optimism.

  • Leonardo Maya

    Ja is still true hip hop that beef with 50 was won in the street, 50 critisized ja for being commercial...he was making money and 50 knew that thats why he is more commercial than ja ever was. Unfortunately Ja was pushed out of mainstream but his music is still legit its still good music not garbage like a lot of hip hop is now.

  • Anonymous

    hip hop is wack now

  • robjk79

    had a listen,this is by far ja's best album since venni vetti vecci,best tracks for me are real life fantasy,parachute,spun a web and black vodka...The RULE is back.

  • thanos

    who the hell listens to this clown anymore obvously herbs who dont no what tru hiphop is ja rule is gangsta version of mc hammer yeaa hammer sold 30 million too. fuck fame song is wack he's only saying F$CK FAME BCUZ HE LOST IT when MF doom droppin

  • Anonymous

    if u not bangin' ja new shit u krazy dawg got another classic this album really stands out from the rest they he was dead but like pac he's back shittin' on em pick ya face up.

  • Dee

    Man fuck y'all niggas this real music Bruh been on his shit y'all niggas late. All this bubble yum shit on radio no mo real rnb no mo rock music to mo PAC like shit no mo real hustle Biggie shit man the whole world is full of lames bitch niggas. 5stars for pill2 one luv 700

  • UGK4Life

    I was totally shocked when i heard this album. I know Rule was always known for his lady jams, but you would never know this is the Ja Rule I grew up hearing on the radio. Was never a fan of Ja, but this is his best album ever. He sounded really desperate (unlike his balling perspective we've come to envy in the past, which was why we rooted for 50 in the beginning) which has shown a hunger in him (more similair to DMX), and the production is fire! Only weak songs were Black Vodka (feeeaauhl Meh?), Spun a Web, and Who Do You Believe In. All the other songs 4 stars and up. Keep it up Ja, next album might recieve some money from me... the first i've ever done for you man. A hater turned fan in the making....

  • mbongeni

    minus all the soft songs....this was a solid album...i was prepared to hate lol.feel really sorry about the sales smh...ja rule a legend!

  • sean p

    give it a listen hav 2 say was well impressed that prachute joint is hot over all solid album

  • Meezy

    Birdman and Lil Wayne needs to sign Rule to Cash Money/YMCMB (Uh Oh, Anyone?), That's one way his career could be reborn. Great Album and It's sad it sold 3200 in its first week. Uh Oh Anyone

    • IAmControverse

      I was actually thinking the same thing. Their signing everybody else, why not Ja? And think about it...Ja Rule, Mystikal and Busta Rhymes? GREATNESS


    if u are a hater 4 real plz hate this new JA ALBUM BCOZ its so damn good its the best 4 all hip hop fans,ilove it and im nt dissapointed with the sales its just tht few ppl who knws real rap in our days, MPIRE 4 LIFE

  • Josh

    This album is pretty sweet I thought. Was talking to a friend about it the other day and although I like both Ja Rule and 50 Cent I think I prefer Ja's songs on the whole. Get Rich or Die Tryin was a dope album came fierce and hungry but after that 50's other albums just seemed lazy to me. An artist should be recognised by their skill not wealth which the line occasionally gets blurred when comparing rappers. Anyway its worth checking out just to get a more introspective view on Ja Rule. Stand out tracks - Real life fantasy, Parachute, Black Vodka.

  • Diploman

    RuLE go get it baby...some of thiz track are some real Hitzzzz

  • Moscow's Finest

    The album not great, but not bad. Middle. Not more

  • Anonymous

    Just brought the album it's a great album

  • JOE JR


  • Anonymous

    Haters goon hate!!! D*ick riding closet fans!!! Rule 4 life!!!

  • DSGB88

    At first I wasn't going to download this album even though it was free. I read everyone's comments so I actually took the time out to download this album. (definitely wasn't going to buy it) Classic? I don't think so. I ain't gonna lie I use to listen to ja but he fell off HARD! I can't get jiggy with this sh!t

    • Dee

      U can't jiggy with it cause u a fuckin faggot will smith ass nigga juggle some nuts in yo mouth hoe ass nigga dsgb88 u fagotts don't knw real music

  • pul

    nobody bumpin dis in LA or ATL, ja fool is FINISHED

    • Anonymous

      do you live in alt or LA so you can say so and do you know evry body there??? i dont think so ....rule is a legend and u are just a hater go and dick ride

  • Anonymous

    people hate 50 cause he came up too fast, or his style is wack the guy got shot in the fuckin mouth thats why he sounds a lil fucked, the man is fuckin genius he turned his royalty checks into fuckins billions, he's doubling and doubling and doubling and doubling 50>>>>ja

  • mbtm

    lol only 3000 copies sold 1st week, RIP ja fool

    • Anthony

      only 3000 copies sold, yet I bet there were 10's of thousands of albums downloaded including yourself who took the time to listen to it. Sales don;t mean shit either, it's the music that coiunts, and just becuase he isn't "popular" anymore doesnt mean anything. It contians great production, and a lot of standout classic tracks. A greta flowiing album from a rapper digging his way up from an 8 year grave in hiphop. Considering th times, current state of hiphop, it's a great album for a veteran artist

  • Anonymous

    keep up the support y'all.

  • Demeyez

    This album is the best I have heard in years! real music!! meaningful shit! get on the PIL2~~

  • Anonymous

    haters come dime a dozen & when u got haters it means u doing something right so what if ja only sold 3200 he still got love nice album i got it blasting all through new orleans

  • LB

    its funny how he rates the album 3,5 and the people here rates at 4,37(the most rated album to the users), i guess you should pay atention to what the people saying, and we all now that we need ja. To me, the best hip hop cd out there. 5*

  • Dee

    All 3000 fans go buy 2 mo cd's of pil2 help this brother bring back ja hiphop needs this kid if u real spend the money. Ross needs to cut a check and sign ja. Master p holla at ja

  • Dee

    Not 30milli sold altogether he has 90million sold with all albums since 99 this nigga was the Justin biieber 50only got 1soild album the 1st one get rich off another niggas swag I think that was the title of his cd nigga been floppin ever since dre drop this nigga chck fo it

  • Dee

    All u bitch ass niggas on here talkin like y'all fuck wit ja go buy 2copies each if you a real fuckin fan stop the bullshit. Bruh still in this bitch oh yeah wait until my nigga touchdown we got something fo ya . Go buy 2mo and support this real shit. Fuck the kids the corny this shit for 30 and up spend $20 for 2albums if u real my nigga. Pil2 is super dope fuck y'all haters

  • Anonymous

    There are only a handfull of rappers that can boast of selling 30 + million records... Ja is one of them. This album is for redemption but it is that and more!

  • Anonymous


  • rodger

    album is hot cmon son give the guy some credit just give it a listen and you will be surprised how good it is..

  • JamesG

    .... He needs an award for comeback of the year This is amazing, who would of thought a love singer known for his duets and deep voiced hooks could pull off a pure lyrical album. F**k Fame he knows how amazing it is

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule is a LEGEND no questions. The quality of music he makes in the mind state of a man facing incarceration is INCREDIBLE!!! RULE for life no matter WHAT!

  • Anonymous

    Y'all show Rule some love, he has proven he can do this. like he said, "prefer to be different, so gifted, I'm curse, no mystery, I'm first, fuck what he said."

  • KIKI

    I loved him when he was big for his love songs with girl artist. But now i just love his flow and his rhymes. Album of the year:) Btw hes still so sexc

  • 50 the man

    over 3500 comments on ja songs on hhdx, but only 3200 copies sold 1st week LOL

  • BKillen

    Proves how album sales are all about hype and fan base, and nothing about album quality. Maino and Too Short sold more than this album in the first week, which shows how biased Americans are. This album is the best rap album so far of 2012 yet 3200 people bought it! This just shows that people are just hype and radio riders, and have no opinion for themselves. Anyone who thinks they have an actual understanding of quality music needs to listen to the album and tell the world your real thoughts of it. And not be a puss to say the truth just cause everyone hates Ja Rule from the beef. This sites reviews dont even sound like they actually listened to some of the songs.

  • Maple22

    I preordered it from amazon, I love it, its the Rule I've been waiting to hear, raw emotions, pure talent!

  • rule king



    so all 58 of you bought the album? hahahaha

    • Anonymous

      You should listen to it, if your ears aren't infected of course, before you hating. like Rule said, "Haters are suckers."

  • Anonymous

    YOU MAY LIKE IT BUT you damn sure didnt buy it

  • monsta

    Good shit R.U.L.E. Don't complain about what you listening to do something 'bout it. You can make your ears happy again @ www.TheSetBoys.com UGK/SET Records baby! Yeah UGK Records is still alive. Long live Pimp C

  • ilikevideo


  • Anonymous

    Ja, as much as i'm not really a fan of YMCMB, it might b worth considering signing up with them.. that will probably help push sales.. I heard Christina Milian recently signed with them.. i might even start actually likin YMCMB if you sign as well

  • Anonymous

    Ja, please consider making upbeat songs about happy things, love, partying etc.. I'm a big fan, but the reason i'm a big fan is because your previous songs are so upbeat, they make me happy and put me in a good mood.. i'm not really a fan of pitbull but he seems to b makin massive sales because his songs seem to b upbeat for other people and they seem to get happy from his songs

  • B-Dazel

    Review from this Website is absurd, they probably gettin paid to say 3.5/5. This album is amazing best of 2012 by far. Honestly never a huge Ja Rule fan, and i was a huge 50 cent fan! But for my respect to Hip-Hop this album is Hot. For anyone that actually says they know rap talent, they wont be able to deny how good this album really is.

  • Kyle S

    This album is truly amazing from the lyrics to the production. Rule's talent cannot be overlooked, its sad that not enough people have showed PIL2 the attention it deserves. It wont be charted only because of the garbage that radios play these days, if sales and and air play were based on talent alone this album would be as big as everyone of Pitbuls garbage club songs.

  • C-Money

    Ja Rule blows majorly, listening to this CD makes me wanna jump out my car on the freeway!

  • mccreg


  • Anonymous

    i gotta listen to this album still lol, parachute is a hot tho http://www.youtube.com/user/afterninemuzik?feature=mhee

  • maka12

    Who cares how many sold had zero promotion, i aint a big ja rule fan, but this album is hot, prob going to be one of the best albums of the year, every track is good. Only down side the albums short...

  • rex

    lol only 3000 copies sold 1st week, RIP ja fool

  • rob

    idk y rule wasnt #1 with this album man this PIL2 to me is Ja's best album lyrically and musically its ja is spitting the truth go cop it...

  • 1111

    nice I'm glad the album ain't full of autotune and lex luger type beatsmost of the music in the hip hop / rap charts on itunes is just dance music..

  • ChrisPA

    This album is great had to get it off iTunes got buy it if you haven't

  • b real

    i just got this album on itunes couldent find it in stores and i have to say its the best album i have got in a few years both pil albums are close to classic imo i dont think it will sell well because of ja bein in jail and lack of promotion and bein undershipped but i think it will pick up when bv becomes a single thats a hit record!

  • Zach Clarke

    Good review, although I thought "Believe" was a pretty solid track.Check mine out on my website at www.youngandshameless.com or on www.jonlines.com

  • Anonymous

    Who wants to hear Ja Rule? Ja Rule = the fake DMX

  • Mark

    Classic bring back ja haters need two hate that wack shit

  • V

    By the way this album review doesn't do the album justice. i just wish the album was longer

  • V

    ja made a fuckin comeback!!! i been waitin on this since 04. Top 5 dead or alive

  • Red Star

    Believe forgettable ? It's the best fuckin' song on the album ! Amazing album by the way, already being underrated, probably because it's Ja Rule... This is one of the best comebacks in hip hop history and the best of the year (probably will be overshadowed by DMX or Dre, if they drop their albums)

    • Erna

      Rating is Ok, but review is garbage and shame for this website. You just reading and feeling how its obviously inadequate and prejudice. Dx should change a stuff for real!, cause its a matter of year or two, when things will fall down..not first time "Believe" is one of the hardest tracks though. Co'sign 100 prcnt.

    • juni

      Yoooo Dats what i said...how dat track forgettable?? idk it seems to me the industry be tryin to keep him down and out.....smfh u cant keep talent like dat down for 2 long

  • jg

    gave it a full listen. sounds like a rock/pop album. shit is garbage

  • c red



    It don't matter what these websites review it as. In the end the people who actually hear what Ja Rule sees will give you the rating he deserves. Honestly 5 stars is underated alone.

  • R.A.W.

    You got people rating an album off samples? Talking about he should of brought up more topics about the fall from fame and it needs more of a story to it???Like for real the first thing 700 said was you can't just listen to the singles he put out, you have to really listen from start to finish. If your illiterate then thats the reason why you wouldnt know the difference between this classic and the average albums that come out these days. Fuck FAME

  • Anonymous

    Best album of 2012

  • stenkata

    Great album. I Really enjoy this music. Pray 4 The Day is the best song for me.


    Download the full album Here: http://hiphopmayhem.com/music/new-tracks/ja-rule-pain-is-love-2.html

  • erna

    It's decent album,ok for comeback, but obviously far from classics.In my opinion Ja tryied to air out spin records, at the same time, do conffesions of all that blsht gimmicks he have experienced in the past. He just burned out, loosing common subject. Also I miss diversity. The word classic doesnt mean how many top records you will have on the album. Top doesnt mean depth and meaning. Top isn't timeless. In most times. My fav songs "Believe" its really raw, this reminisce me his first album and even earlier steps onwards big recognition. Hungry Others "spun a web" bout other side and cost of stardom, "Real life fantasy" amazing beat and hook, just perfect. "Black vodka" and "Strange days". Just aight ;) I would give strong 3,5/5





  • Robert J. Jackson

    My honest opinion from beginning to end the album is tight.

  • Nigga Slappa

    Ja did it with this album. Shit goes super hard.

    • rex

      lol bro, u have no life, respondin to all the anti-ja comments, this album is POP TRASH, dmx and jada the only real mc's keepin it real on dat street shit

  • lowprofile3

    pil2 > carter 4 and relapse sales dont mean shit

  • Andrew's review

    listened to a few samples yesterday - PIL2 is decent but a bit vacuous. It could have done with 3 or 4 additional tracks and a more story-like feel, which would make the commercial aspirations look less desperate and almost have 'licence' to be there... Ja deserves credit for making an album that mirrors his current situation but only a handful of the tracks offer any sort of real effervescence or ebb and flow. The production is current and mostly on point - chugging beats, copius synths, autotune spots etc. - but Ja sounds tired (physically and mentally spent rather than fed up) and doesn't elaborate on his fall from grace or explore the pitfalls of fame as much as you feel he could. He's always utilised his husky, singsong delivery and savvy with the females to power his way through other clichs efficiently, and although PIL2 is relatively new ground thematically, it sounds a bit stale... Having said all that, there's definitely some promise in there and if you're a fan of Ja Rule I'd encourage you to at least give it a listen. He get's too hard a time of it with hip-hop fans and if he's ever needed support - it's now. gets 3/5

    • juni

      what HOV say do u actually listen to the album or do u skim thru it?? smh @ andrew fool

    • jibbs

      He is still going to release a B-Side of the album very soon. For more details check the top of this website www.mpire-online.com for 7Aurelius 2012 Interview.Give the guy kudos though cos pple hate this guy so much like as if he f**ked all of your girlfriends.

    • Eimz

      And you got all that from a few samples??

  • street fred

    butt love is pain 2 HOLLA

  • IAmControverse

    10/5 This is a beautiful album. 700's incredible production and Ja's insightful lyrics, along with Leah Siegal, Somong, etc., makes this album QUALITY. THIS IS REAL FRICKIN MUSIC. Ja Rule not only still has his lyrical gift, he has gotten even better after all of his trials and tribulations. You cannot say Ja is a serious lyricist without having a clear bias (I doubt half of the bad reviews are from people who have heard the album). I seriously hope Ja will continue to get more attention for work like this and will continue to put out work like this because THIS is when he is at his best. BEST SONGS: PRAY 4 THE DAY and SUPERSTAR

  • kartunes

    alll i got to say is listen to the lyrics!!!!he on that real tip

  • kartunes

    ja rule one of the realest muhfucckers left in the game!!! underrated!!!! but hey its better to be underrated than overrated anyday!!! ja rule keep them hits coming!!!

  • kartunes

    Love this album!!! QUALITY MUSIC!!!!!!!

  • frank

    SUPERSTAR IS THE BEST SONG OF 2012 cant get enough of the song! JA I WISH U ALL THE BEST HOMEY!! hope when u get out u make a hittt ass banger!1

  • Young King

    Wait.. so this bullshit album gets a 3.5 an ya''l give maino's new album a 3.. smh ok.

  • jamz

    DMX was the realist nigga in the hip-hop industry unlike ja rule's bitch ass who went in 50n cent's recording studio tirned off lights and swingin knifes and shit DMX and 50 cent Don't like that nigga all three of them from new york but 2 out of the 3 are real niggas and would live up to what they say.

  • The Hood

    How much respect does ja have in the hood ? NONE. Ja is a soft ass nigga. He came in the game with wack shit and he left the game as a bitch. He waited years to come back because he was still healing from the ass whooping 50 gave him. What 50 been doing ? And what's ja been doing ...... Enough said Ja was equivalent to lil Wayne when he first drop. ... But some of you nigglets were still sucking on your mommie titties to remember that.

  • Andre Cooper

    lol @ people sayin ja is better than fif, GRODT and POTD are better than ANY of ja's albums plus ja has never made a song as lyrical as Many Men oh btw dont mention venni vetti vecci, that had shit beats and only sold records coz of holla holla

    • Nigga Slappa

      50 and lyrical don't belong in the same sentence unless you got not in between the two. Plus bringing up 10 year old songs not gon prove your point when you comparing it to a 1 week old song. Dumb azz.

  • Anonymous

    i didn't even know this shit was coming out if it wasn't for this site. It's has no word of mouth on any other hip hop site but a couple of the tracks sound dope.

  • Matt

    What has Ja Rule ever done in the past 6 years for any of you to be wanting to hold hands and come together in unity in the name of him? And if you say "Always On Time", I will fucking visit Ja in prison myself and put some Black Eyed Peas up in his Fergie. Dickriders.

  • gegalopez


  • Anonymous

    Apparently this guy who wrote this review doesn't know good hiphop music. Someone smack him upside the head! This Album is classic! Period. Y'all stop with that old news, 50 is garbage and y'all know it. Hiphop is base on originality, Ja owns that lane and has proven it again and again. You should be very ashamed to hate on this man.

  • Kay

    I Loved it. OMG parachute...what a track!!! Realness from start to finish. Talk about hard truth!!!...lol

  • Dee

    Who is this dumb ass guy that wrote this shit he need to be fired ASAP big dummy. Plus all u ja haters eat a dick since u ate 50 up. Dat 50 stands for 5 0 and wat is 5 0 the mf police hell dre fired buddy wit dat wack shit he rappin. Dre fucks wit rosary u hater need to read an get dem dicks out yo ass homie. Fire this soft ass dude dat wrote dis shit up even he a hater. U don't like come to pine hills in Orlando sucker AR-15 on deck.

    • thanos

      u can eat one naw yeaah probally eating ja's with side of nutsax ja's a trash rymer learn about sum real hiphop dee=z nuts

  • rabie

    This album is dope! Get it!

  • Gerard

    Ja Rule came through with this PL2

  • Haides

    Super good album! Ja always makes classic music!

  • Anonymous

    Classic ... All songs are dope. 5 Stars

  • 50 the hero

    50 - shot 9 times, still rapping Ja - one punch = career over and stuck in jail

  • Tiv

    Ok let's face it, Ja Rule back in the day had a few good songs, but come on dude just admit that your shit ain't sellin. I still believe 50 is a better rapper, performer and business man than Ja.

  • REX

    LOL this album FLOPPED harder than Games RED album flop, only sold over 500 copies, hahahahha, ja fool is finished

  • niko

    pil2 is dope.. and its BLACK vodka not pure vodka. prey for the day and parachute: classics

  • Anonymous

    We all know you wish you were trapped in Ja's cell. Then the title Pain is Love would take on a whole new meaning for ya.

  • Anonymous

    and what's funny, it took this nigga to get blackballed for most of you 'hiphop heads' to feel him. straight up clowns, yall some bohemian lames. if this album was on billboard with number 1 singles yall would call it garbage regardless. god i wish you two faced hypocrites die a painful death.

  • ray786

    Superb album filled with melodies and honest creative songs. 5 stars!!

  • Ismail

    ANDRES VASQUEZ is not a fan of Ja Rule Obviously... couldnt even get the title of the songs right, so yu know damn well he aint listen to it

  • Ismail

    Best Album Out Right Now! Hatters stfu an open ya earz and listen to this good music! 5/5

  • Anonymous

    Great way to bounce back. Gonna have to change his name to Ja Rebound!

  • Anonymous

    they're blackballin this nigga. the game is shameful nowadays.

  • small boy

    remeber ja ja when your getting it in the ass in jail Pain Is Love Remember that

  • Dan

    lol ja hasnt made a hit song for over 6yrs and yall act as if he's a legend, the ja stans are worse than the 50 stans now

    • Anonymous

      Nobosy makes a hit song anymore. Artist make music, and labels indirectly pay to have songs "promoted". Ja's label is too small to buy airtime.

  • Jack

    Unbelievable! You can't deny talent!

  • Anonymous

    Peopel who have never bought ja rules album only know the singles. he put on some songs for the streets too.

  • Pure Vodka???

    How does a credible reviewer mess up song titles in the review? Seriously? Its black vodka, not vodka. Andres Vasquez did a really poor, unprofessional job with this one.

    • RedX

      Agree with you, the review was not very professional. If I had to rate the album, I'll give it 4/5. Some aspects of it seemed rushed, but then again, Ja Rule only had three months to record it and I feel he did a very good job in doing so. I believe only few rappers can make songs as good in such little time. He clearly did not have the luxury of recording some 30 songs and chose the best 13 for the album. Song for song, this album is actually one of the best I have heard.

  • Anonymous

    its a nice album like about 6 tracks on it mpire no hating niggas keep it real its a cool disc

  • mak1

    Who the fuck is the reviewer , you should listen to album before you review it, you said believe was bland yet 2 weeks ago you said it was hot?. Am no ja rule fan i prefer 50cent but this album is fire def 4outta 5 not a bad song on there,. Will be one of best abums of the year...

  • Anonymous

    man, even the g-unit stans have been silence by this album. can't lie to yourselfs anymore huh? if fact, if 50 came out with this album, you woudl be calling it a classic. i think ja should call his next album "After You Self Desructed." LOL

    • JIBBS

      God bless you man. Matured write up, simple but heavier than mayweather's punch. lol

    • big poppa pump 2

      im gonna call my new album ''how i fucked this guys mum and bitch slapped him and her EP''

    • big poppa pump

      i fucked your mum and the slut liked it u shut up u dont know hip pain is love 2 sucked just like how ur sucking ja jas dinky doodle if u reply back im gonna bitch slap u like i did to ur mummys ass

  • Rulee

    album is st8 fire, Ja's back

  • Anonymous

    besides straight up calling Ja a pussy what did 50 do to win the beef? Ja Rule murked his own career by putting out horrible singles and ramming it down our throats through payola on the radio. He had a few decent collabs with Ashanti then 12 more just awful songs and everybody turned on him, 50 just got lucky by bringing back a grittier sound.

  • Bawse

    Solid Album but his best work has 2b R.U.L.E. if u dont have it go pick'm both up asap

  • Anonymous

    Get real. No way an album with zero big name collabo's should or will get 4 stars. 3 1/2 is actually right on. Definately a step up from R.U.L.E. Still missing that 1 break out hit though.

  • S

    The Best RAP album that has been out in the last few years. A proper honest deep album. Hope ja can come back to the top! 5/5

  • Iles Homens

    Truly a great album

  • Luis

    its kind of funny how more than half of the people comments here, are saying that this album is "dope", i even saw on thisis50.com, that the album was "amazing!", and this person are saying this is album is 4.33? Yall people are the reason hip hop now is the trash that we got now... To me this album is 5* no matter what you try to sell to the people, this is better than 150% music we listening now.

  • 101

    If you can't get half the fucking facts straight why are even at liberty to write this review? Fucking Idiot...

  • doja

    How did you fuck up the name of the song "Black Vodka" twice in the same review? Fuck man...let me know if you guys need a literate reviewer.. I'm sure I could help out.

  • jim

    far better than the 3.5/5 score.

  • Haides

    Its still MURDAAAA!!!! hiphop aint dead enough... Bring back ja!!!!

  • Lord Holmes

    "pure Vodka"..seriously??? u should prolly listen to the album before u review it, atleast have the CD cover next to u son...c'mon son of the week moment. album is dope...only song i dont like is believe...lyrics r tight just dont like the beat....Superstar is on of the greatest songs all time!

  • adamantiumstar

    the reviewer obviously don't know the fuck he is talking bout.... Would be cool if once in a while for a ja rule review we had real professionals writing and not guys like that.... this album is better than 99% of all the garbage that's comin out in that era..... Better listen to this shit and admit the album is pure fire...

  • funk'n'smooth

    masterpiece....'nuff said

  • billie

    Don't really like ja rule but this album i fucking hot, probably the best album I heard in last 5 years, every song is tight, well done ja rule am could be a fan now. Best tracks , to the top, superstar, pray,parachute,parachute,black vodka..

  • 1love


  • Anonymous

    I don't really fuck with Rule but I hate to see a nigga go from the top to not even being able to get his shit released.Hes like Tracy McGrady of rap.

  • buckeyewu

    This is better than I thought it would be but I can only give it a 3/5. Maybe I've grown tired of Ja. He got some dope production for this album which helps but I'm just not feeling it. I'd say there are 6 tracks that I like.

  • marcus

    Rule definitely came back hard with this joint - easily his best writing to date

  • Cwigg

    ....the production is super tight. 7Aurelius seriously underated. Probably more geared for rnb or pop....but hot music is hot music.

  • Flow

    Rule's the fucking best..!

  • Anonymous

    5 stars ...... awesome

  • Anonymous

    'Rule can still be criticized for some of the same things he was slammed for in the past. Although Pure Vodka is catchy, it is eerily reminiscent of hits Ja had approximately 10 years ago. This may have some saying he hasnt progressed enough with time.'

    • Anonymous

      Who cares if he hasn't 'progressed' or 'changed'? In fact, I am a massive fan of Ja's older songs and I think he has 'changed', and while I think pil2 sounds pretty awesome, I much prefer Ja's older style. Even the artwork of the cd is much different than his older cds (again i much prefer his older style). I would love for Ja to go back to his old style. However, that is just my personal opinion and may not be the best option for Ja's success (i don't know what style others would prefer, especially his fans.)

  • Anonymous

    Fuck the haters and FUCK DX your reviewers dont know shit end of

  • Anonymous

    i gotta stop sleepin on this album lol, imma listen to it soon tho http://www.youtube.com/user/afterninemuzik?feature=mhee

  • Anonymous

    Dude sucks now just like he always did 50 Sucks too before any of you get confused and think I'm a G unit fan, it possible to not like either of them

    • Stylze

      If you never heard the album then you cant say shit, Don't open your hating ass mouth on a keyboard I never understood how a hater has time to even read something about a person he don't like, its called no life "I'm on my stairway to heaven,Dear heavenly father/The devil told me not even heaven is better then stardom/Gotta fuckin applaud him, had me fooled for a minute/Like so many others these cameras done turned into photos/I see them flashing lights,but really whats the motive/Been motivated all my life, couldnt wait for this moment....."

    • georgel

      Yeah sure buddy, there might be two classic hip hop albums that come out this year and you think this is one of them. the guy has never been great lyrically. this album wont sell more than 200k copies not that sales matter.

  • Rancid Timepiece

    Awesome album. Very introspective and poignant look at Ja's life and thoughts. Very personal and expertly produced. Best album of the year.

  • ThisGuy585

    A couple issues with this review: 1- there is no song on this album called "Pure Vodka." Yea, we all know what you're referring to, but that's a FAIL 2- Should I assume that the guy from DX who hyped up how amazing "Believe" is is not the same guy who reviewed the album, referring to that song as "bland." You guys need to hire some new writers, and or a new editor smh

  • Anonymous

    best album love it

  • Eklipz'77

    Most listenable and cohesive Ja album to date.

    • ErrorFile

      This is true. The album has pretty good songs: 'Real Life Fantasy', 'Parachute', 'Superstar', 'Black Vodka' (kinda good), 'Drown', 'Pray 4 The Day', 'Believe' AND 'Spun A Web'. Other songs are straight garbage. Surprisingly good album by Ja.

  • Anonymous

    cd is greattttttt fuck all you haterrrss

  • John-Boy

    Sorry but Ja Rule has already been replaced by someone who is gayer, more commercialized,weaker, and more cracked out than he could ever be. His name, is Lil Wayne.

    • Anonymous

      theres no such thing as replacement in hip hop. theres room for everyone. stop trying to be an elitist. plus ja has been doing this since the 90's so your statement doesnt make sense.

  • Anonymous

    5 !! Missed this kind of music. Very Nice.

  • Eimz

    Personally I loved the album, this is a very fair review. I actually loved strange days to be honest, only criticism is that it's a little short but there's not one track that i'd skip.

  • Anonymous

    never seen any hip hop artist fall off the face of the earth that fast. I didn't hear anything of the album and I don't plan to, I'll give it a 5 just for sympathy.

  • ripthejacker

    I would give the album a 5...maybe a 4 1/2 just cos its a bit short...but other than that its a great album. no hate.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    nice shit homie, keep it up black vodka is a smash

  • Anonymous

    BIG 10!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>JA WEED PLATE

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    best album of the year so far , and I used to fuckin hate ja rule

  • KL58

    This is better than ANYTHING 50 has released since like 05. Who really fell off? Good review.

  • True

    Hottest album or the year so far.

  • 50 cent

    lol what is this nigga doing back in the game before i drop an album?

  • Abe504

    I never understood why he got so much hate, 50 cent is Ja Rule part II, if anything both of them gave birth to Drake.

  • Anonymous

    this album is fire!!! it is even better than the first pain is love imo