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While one-time foe Young Jeezy elevated his trap rap to stadium status, Gucci's music stays hovering unsatisfactorily between the street and star levels.

Here are some awesome facts about Gucci Mane that you can learn from the songs on his latest mixtape, "Trap Back:" He's currently considering moving his bed into his kitchen ("Chicken Room"); he doesn't like using his bank card, instead preferring to use his "Face Card" (which presumably means he's gotten his Visa card number and expiry date tattooed on his cheek); and he absolutely does not like egg-nog ("North Pole" ). With one canny eye on the upcoming Valentine's Day, he also reveals on "Brick Fair" that he's really upset that he's going to "die a bachelor" (moving that bed into the kitchen might have something to do with this one). So, then, a fantastically ridiculous series of rapped factoids. Unfortunately - and you knew there was a kicker coming - the 19 tracks that make up "Trap Back" fail to entertain like those isolated lyrics. Instead, the project reinforces the limits of Gucci's trap rap spiel and leaves the suspicion that his popularity has already peaked.

At his best, Gucci cuts something of a ridiculous rap figure - this buffoonish persona is a virtue when he's dropping over-the-top crack rap boasts and flaunting his wealth. So when he spits over a sample of the Tetris theme song on the 2Chainz-featured "Get It Back," his lines hit home at their cartoonish best; there's a marriage of light-heartedness between the beat and the words. But elsewhere the production errs on the wannabe menacing side, which only serves to highlight the limits of Gucci's raps and has him babbling on like Mike Jones's more famous cousin.

While his one-time foe Young Jeezy has elevated his trap rap template to stadium status, Gucci's music stays hovering unsatisfactorily between the street and star levels. Sure, "Trap Back" is a free mixtape and it's more palatable than his maligned hook-up with V-Nasty, "BAYTL" - but it far from heralds the rejuvenation of Gucci.

DX Consensus: "Just a Mixtape"

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  • SWIM Records

    Listen, here's the thing. This is a mixtape for people who like trap music. I personally thought this was one of gucci's best releases to date. The production is superb and Gucci plays to his strengths. It is unfair to try and review this in a way where you're comparing it to anything but trap music, because trap music is kind of a genre to itself. in the sense that you either hate it or love it. if you dont like it, dont listen to it. This is a totally unfair review. Like i said, if you dont relate to stuff said in his music, you're gonna hate it. 5 out of 5, this is a free mixtape that you will be able to bump in your car over and over.

  • letitiatambi

    Whomever wrote this sound stupid that trap go hard as helll we know wat you talking bout period Gucci mane i love you

  • Jamie

    I don't even know why I clicked on this but in regards to the first paragraph, a face card is a $100 bill, well according to Big L anyway.

  • TP Carter

    I totally disagree with the author's review of Trap Back. Given my 25+ years of listening to the different genres of rap music-Gucci, Holiday Season, and the solid guest appearances by various artists make Trap Back a winner. Keep it coming Gucci!

  • junge black

    I thought Gucci was garbage before I heard this tape this is definitely the best of Gucci mane whoever reviewed this is the lame of the decade all u got to say about this site is that as I stand charmillionaire tops the highest rated editor albums chart step it up dx hip hop bricksquad

  • daprince

    not bad....ive heard worse from him...actually better than his last album

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  • BURR

    Hhdx is some haters and haters gon hate but big gucci shittin on niggas and knows how to make those street bangers. He needs to step his flow up more consistently but this his best tape in a while. burrrrrr

  • Kingkavo

    What a bullshit review this was!! Why you hating on gucci? Who's dick are you riding to make a review like that for such a great mixtape.... All I know this mixtape Is choc full of bass bangin anthems and it's classic... Go back and put your cudi cd in coz that's obviously the only style you listen to... We need more reviewers on dx that appreciate all styles. If you want cause a scene system bangers? Then gucci your mane! Big love from aus gucc BUR! BUR!

  • Hip Hop Guru

    This should be an album! These are some of the best lyrics I've heard in the last 15 years! On the same level as Illmatic and Reasonable Doubt! Wow! These editors here wouldnt know quality lyricism if it smacked them on the forehead! True masterpiece here!

  • Tony

    Gucci's lyrics in his last two mixtapes are crazy , i feel like he gets better everyday .This is one of his top three mixtapes ever IMO . if you ont like Gucci you must be a Drake fan an Drake is only for fags and women.

  • Anonymous

    gucci mane has changed music, his flow and style are amazing. speaks like a true white man. lemonade!

  • gun di liro

    Are we that hurting for music that most of the mixtapes on here also fall under album reviews on this site?

  • Justin

    this mixtape go straight ham..this review on the mixtape go straight bologna

  • Anonymous

    This is the first Gucci Mane mixtape I have ever listened to. This shit BANGS! His flow is nice and matches the beat selection. He's dedicated to his grind. I don't sell coke but i can relate to focus and hard work. I got this in the car right now. As a mixtape this is **** to me.

  • gucci mane

  • Anonymous

    i dont listen to dboy music often, but hiphopdx got it wrong. this is a good mixtape at the least

  • sdfdf

    why do old whiteheads review mixtapes lol gucci nice

  • mahi

    Gucci on his grind burr

  • JaceX

    To each his own but I thought this mixtape was awesome.

  • ryan

    This his best mixtape in a long time

  • DL Dub

    It's funny all the complaints about how the reviewer doesnt know what he's talkin about when these numbers are clearly showing this mix tape barely makes a 2.8 meaning that alot of people find this below mediocre. Sure we dont expect lyricism out of "Gucci Mane" but we do at least expect growth. Even Too Short had "The Ghetto" and Gucci aint even got that. The niggas garbage, and apparently that's what niggas like; ignorant garbage. I take my trap music with a grain of salt, and at least a hint of variety in the lyrics. Gucci Mane is in the caliber of "rappers" like Rocco, Plies, and of course his cousin Waka. All hype, no skill. Niggas eat that shit up like red velvet cake

  • Anonymous

    HipHopDX, RapRadar, NewMusicCartel and AllHipHop are my favorite sites visiting them daily since '08. Gucci is washed up too much wack shit dropping killed your career. I'm just being honest. Peace!

  • trevor

    Trap Back is actually pretty good. The reviewer has no clue what he's talking about.

  • Tre

    Who is this dummy giving a review. Trap Back is real good.You can really just let the tracks play through without skipping. This could have just been an album. Rap is rap. Who the hell want everybody to rap the same. I don't want gucci to rap like no damn Jayz or jeezy. If you ask me yall the ones thats wack and gargbage. This albume goes hard and it's what the real people like unlike you corn balls.

  • Jordan

    dx your trippin! This shit bangs its not made for the lyrical heads out there go listen to some mos def or somethin...but unless you've fucked wit gucci before u simply must not get it

  • Hay Jay


  • Barry & Dipti Benjamin

    Wack lyrics, wack beats = Wack Rapper!

  • SiriusTheStar

    This is a terrible review by someone who doesn't have a clue what Gucci is even talking about. I see that's what most of the posts are saying so instead of wasting my time where I see HipHopDX didn't in hiring editors, I will continue bangin this TRAP BACK!!! GUCCI!!

  • HipHopSince88

    Btw HipHopDX Doesent Really No What's Goin On In The Game. There Just Bassing It Off There Opinions. Gucci Already Has Over 200,000 Downloads on DatPiff So I Call That A Comeback. There Just Haters. No One Cares What They Say.

  • HipHopSince88

    Gucci Mane Is One Of The Realist In The Rap Game Dead Or Alive! I guess people are too blind they can't see that. There too Rapped Up Mainstream Pop/ HipHop Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Wiz Khalifa, & Mac Miller! Wake Up! It's 2012 and Gucci Mane Going Nowhere!

  • mr tibbs

    Hip Hop DX what is you guys problem? You guys are so bored that you post garbage ass mixtape articles in new release? You guys figured out that Beyonce review was pushing it? You guys need to step your game up. Now I could dog gucci because anyone with common sense know this nigga garbage. Any one with a pulse know that this ice cream tattoo on face ass nigga need help. Ima knock the platform that pushes this shit. Its not music, its not.

  • Real Words

    I only listened to the tracks that you all provided here. Straight trash. People actually listen to this nonsense? SMH. This ain't music, its just noise.

  • FU_hipsters

    Trap Back is good. If you don't like it...dl some hip hopper flowing over a 2 measure piano sample...with no chorus...we need gangster ass trap shit...and this is it.

  • fgvdsfa

    the restof u r crazy

  • doja

    No idea what you dudes are smoking on over there... if you don't think that North Pole is a five star banger, I'm not sure what your deal least 5 solid tracks on there (Quiet, Walking Lick, Get It Back, North Pole, Okay With Me)

  • Anonymous

    trap back is amazing, but you only get to know that if you listen to it yourself anyways

  • Anonymous

    Hiphop dx hires haters. The writer of this review will always sit the side talking about the stars who are actually making it happen. To the editor: Eat a d*ck"

  • ugh

    If it's just a mixtape, why not review some of the good indie shit coming out?