Gangrene (Alchemist & Oh No) - Vodka & Ayahuaska

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"Vodka & Ayahuasca" is that gutter shit. Rejoice.

Gangrene is about as disgusting as Hip Hop gets - and that's a high compliment. The second disturbed brainchild (not including Greneberg) of the Alchemist and Oh No, Vodka & Ayahuasca kicks off with a revolting sample of someone puking their guts up before segueing into "Gladiator Shit," a song that's strung around a scuzzy guitar loop that threatens to molest your headphones. 40 minutes later the fantastically dirty session ends with the charmingly-titled "Livers For Sale," which is underscored by a warped-but-sweet sample that brings to mind a beat the Supreme Clientele incarnation of Ghost Deini should be wailing over. Vodka & Ayahuasca is that gutter shit. Rejoice.

The unity of production, raps and sentiment causes this latest installment in the Gangrene series to impress so much. In the past, Oh No's voice has been lost among meandering Madlib production. However, over the twisted, brutalized and at times perverted Alchemist beats here, he finally sounds like an emcee with gusto. And while Alchemist ain't winning any white rapper cipher sessions any time soon, in tandem with Oh No, the duo's raps mesh seamlessly with the music. Likewise, the obligatory featured spots are a snug fit for the vibe of the project - as they take in the gutter gallery roll call of Kool G Rap (on the aforementioned "Gladiator Shit" ), Rap mentalist Prodigy ("Dump Truck" ), and Roc Marciano, who on "Drink Up" might brag about sipping "the martini with the olive," but still threatens to "bust chrome" and leave your "body rotted." It's pure thug poetry. If you're not fucking with that guest list then there's probably a frat rap pizza party with your name on it.

Underground Hip Hop in the right and literal sense of the term, Vodka & Ayahuasca is an uncompromising listen that dwells in the underbelly of an increasingly saccharine rap scene. It's music not afraid to embrace the grubby and grimy side - it brings to mind the idea of two mad rap degenerates holing themselves up in a dank basement and embracing their disturbed inner thoughts. So bump it loud in your headphones, give yourself ear damage, and then laugh maniacally.


  • DMV Dave

    Better than than the first... ALC upped the BPMs on this; me-likes... OH NO is that dude on the MP (Exile a close 2nd) Cap P is sooo f*cking back - too bad HNIC2 sucked. Psychedelic beats go so well with sum herb[5/5].

    • bizzalls

      Man WTF are you talking about, saying HNIC2 sucked?? No it fuckin didn't! Just about every beat on that shit was bangin! HUH?? You know what sucked was "The Return of the Mac" album that Prodigy and Alchemist did a few years ago. That shit fuckin sucked! Alchemist just c'mon son. Step it back the fuck up and make beats like you used to.

  • chacha2369

    hard to listen in one time, some tracks are really annoying.

  • raheem

    Yo i luv this album man.. When i light up my weed i just lay back and listen too this shit! And yo dump truck is sick.. Luv that Prodigy verse!

  • talktalkreal


    • Doubl Negative

      Please could the DX staff divulge which words/terms they define as offensive/unsuitable for this site as I've seen this message crop up quite regularly in the past few days and I believe several of my past missives have also been deleted for dubious tastes, although I don't believe I've ever left an inflammatory comment.

  • Mr Clean

    wat an album copped the LP with the T and all that...keepin that raw shit alive brothers many thanx we still livin...fuck that swag juice drippin fuck shit REAL RAP!

  • Anonymous

    dope album. 4/5 i can bump this from start to finish.

  • bizzalls

    Real fuckin talk, this should have been way better! Alchemist cmon son, these are some of your weakest beats, man! AND STOP RAPPING ALCHEMIST. You're a producer, not a rapper, you sound dumb as shit ! Stick to producing and stop makin average ass beats!

  • DL

    And while Alchemist ain't winning any white rapper cipher sessions any time soon LOL what?!?!?!?

  • So Icy Boi!

    borin music. boring niggas. I cant wait for YMCMB albums. 1/1 just fo da cover

  • Anonymous

    some illuminati shit ( the cover that it)

  • LazyEyedWonder

    Dope album. Oh No & Alc came hard with it. Awesome album on another level. Great sample selection

  • NEKE4206TL

    this needs a 5. I never thought they could top gutter water but this album was far beyond expectations. mad ill. oh no & ALC dope combination.

  • PURE

    You must listen to this.

  • poppa large

    beats were lacking definately. interludes wernt as dope as the first one, but album is dope. subject matter is pretty repetitive.3 stars. first gangrene was 4. some really creative shit on this album though, just about 4 of the beats feel like filler they should gave to some new jacks.

    • bizzalls

      agree man. alchemist should be making way better beats than this. Everyone's saying this shit is amazing, no actually it's not. It's good, not great. BTW, diggin the name. Hope that's referring to Kool Keith.

  • Doubl Negative

    Man, these dudes never let me down. Three straight five-mic hip-hop classics, and their only joint I wasn't fuckin' with was Take Drugs off their first LP. I was always checkin' for Al's beats, but thought his emceein' abilities were less satisfactory. He's found his groove with these Gangrene projects though, and can hold his own next to Oh and the LP's guests. I'm happy to live in a modern hip-hop environment where for every dozen bullshit MG Kelly/Bad Meets Evil there's an excellent release like this. Anyone not fuckin' with these Brothers and other hip-hop of this calibre is moronic and doesn't deserve to call themselves a genuine hip-hop fan. Keep up the good work fellas.

  • McNulty

    Overrated. Weak, weak beats, especially considering how talented ALC and Oh No are behind the boards, I expect better than this crap. Lyrically, its the same generic, uninspired crap that makes most underground releases lame.

    • TigerPawRaw

      @John Wayne Real talk man

    • John Wayne

      @Mudflap: Instead of jumping to the conclusion that McNulty likes Wayne, why didnt you just disagree? The way he put his statement forward, It seems like he knew a thing or to about good underground releases. I for instance do not like cannibal ox but heavily enjoy One Be Lo's stuff. That dont mean I dislike the underground, that just means I put skill over hype.

    • Mudflaps

      Notice how you're the only one saying stupid shit like that? Go back to listening to Waka Flaka and Lil Wayne.

  • word up

    Agree wholeheartedly with this review. This album's dope... Alchemist is still a really meh rapper, but he sounded better at it with this one. Beats are nuts... I wish Roc Marciano was the fulltime group MC.

  • Assassin221

    Damn, I don't get excited about too many new albums but this shit sounds right up my alley. Now if I could just get my hands on some loot...