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With this small window of exceptional versatility exhibited, the biggest issue with the mixtape is that it's frankly too much and too little at the same time.

While Rick Ross may not have released a solo project in 2011, his appeal is arguably at a career apex thanks to a series of high-profile guest spots (“I’m On One,” “Lord Knows,” “John”) and a revamped Maybach Music Group roster that is steadily coming to fruition. "Rich Forever" doesn’t necessarily hinder Ross' momentum for the oft-delayed God Forgives, I Don’t, but it also doesn’t establish a convincing tone that the album is as flawless as the Bawse would have us believe.

This isn’t to say "Rich Forever" is void of any gems. Teaming up with Nas on “Triple Beam Dreams,” the two emcees recollect earlier days of corner life over vivid production from J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. The title-track offers a more pensive yet triumphant Rozay, and with the addition of John Legend’s piercing soulful vocals bringing the record full circle, there’s a clear indication that Ross and Legend have found lightning in a bottle with their collaborations. Ross then plays the right role on Kelly Rowland-assisted “Mine Games,” while “Keys To The Crib” appropriately enlists a colorful wall of sound that The Inkredibles have been lacing Ross with since Deeper Than Rap.

With this small window of exceptional versatility exhibited, the biggest issue with the mixtape is that it’s frankly too much and too little at the same time. 19 tracks is a lot to burn through, and with Ross lyrically fixated on the power of the dollar (hence the title), "Rich Forever" reverts back to an arduous dose of rubber band stacks and ambitious dealings that seemingly blend together. Pick and choose your favorite production out of “King Of Diamonds,” “I Swear To God” and “MMG Untouchable”; the results are all the same, and the listener walks away none the wiser. His lyrical dexterity comes to screeching halt on “Yella Diamonds” when every one of his bars ends with the same noun. Take them out, and he’s literally just snarling over a sinister beat.

In other instances, it's almost as if Ross is discarding records for the sake of keeping his industry buddies in good spirits. No better example of this comes on “New Bugatti,” where an inevitable train wreck accelerated by Diddy’s gaudy rhymes (“Fuck a chick all in the shower like I’m trying to drown / Turn my back just like a king I’ll let her wipe me down”) takes a turn for the worse. Similarly, “Off The Boat” is saturated with the type of negligent, simple-minded methodology that would make Waka Flocka blush, and “Ring Ring” fails right from the first note of Future’s deplorable hook. Blunder after blunder, you get the feeling one too many records were created during the process of his new album.

To Ross’ credit, "Rich Forever" is the epitome of what a mixtape can be; a project created to gauge feedback prior to a major release and adjust accordingly. It’s something he did with the Albert Anastasia EP in 2010, which paid dividends for Teflon Don through “B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast)” . There are a handful of records here that could have a similar impact for God Forgives, I Don’t. However, in an era where artists have transformed mixtapes into celebrated relics, the replay value for "Rich Forever" won’t last much longer than a few months.

DX Consensus: "Just a Mixtape"

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  • MusicFan

    Stay Scheeemmmminnn....

  • Anonymous

    all his shit sounds the same

  • Lungisa

    I really like Roozay's lyrics on this mixtape.he brings back the potential that most MC's in the game right now don't have. Big up's.on a scale of 1-10.I'll give it a 10.MMG.

  • Ace2CWB

    A slept on tape for anyone passing over it... felt like an album to me. Check this out though... go to PLNDR and use Repcode: Ace2CWB

  • Ace2CWB

    A slept on tape for anyone passing over it... felt like an album to me. Check this out though... http://www.plndr.com/plndr/MembersOnly/Login.aspx?r=1738866 Repcode: Ace2CWB for 10% off every purchase on PLNDR and 20% off 1st purchase on Karmaloop, 10% every purchase after. http://www.karmaloop.com/index-new.aspx?rcode

  • timEX

    the fuck is up with the recycled beats...

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  • Fuck Robo

    So speaking from the shoes of a nigga who's been to jail, jail not holding bitch nigga this nigga is trash. A majority of these wanna be tough, Ra-Ra niggas is plush teddy bears. The real niggas who recognize real don't honor niggas talking kilos, gun play, and bullshit. And real niggas gone call bitch niggas out all day like you Robo. I would like to meet you so I can body you. But instead Ima give you a gem of that real shit. Artist: Sean Born. Track: Quartermaine. And Hip Hop DX didn't review this album cause they bitch too.

  • sixpac

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    • sixpac

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  • sixpac

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  • dope

    People need to get out the past and quit hating. He makes great music. Who cares if he was a C.O, he needed to take of his family and I respect that. The only thing that I don't respect is that he lied about it at first. But I do live in florida and watched him grow from a local rapper to a mainstream rapper and before he was famous he really did do most of the things he raps about. Some of its exaggerated but he really did sell drugs, he just was a CO at the same time to make extra money. This nigga got like 7 kids in carol city from different moms. Sorry for the long ass essay but thats just how I feel about all the hate he gets.

  • Robbo

    Two things: 1. Nobody gives a fuck anymore that he was a C.O. He makes good music and that's all that matters. Hate to break it to you herbs, but if not being authentic is a dealbreaker for you with rappers, you'd have to expunge people like Ice Cube from your collection too (grew up in middle class family in decent neighborhood iirc). 2. Any of you calling this wack must not have ears. Seriously, what boring, limp dick shit are you listening to instead?

  • Anonymous

    Man I think Ricky should just stop rapping and just manage MMG or maybe not put out solo projects. In my opinion he isn't a good emcee at ALL. And to top it off he lied bout being in law enforcement...i understand you gotta provide for your family, but every day hes hustlin right? Where was the hustle bak then? I guess for him it was working as an officer. So i can't respect an C.O turned gangster rapper who compares himself to biggie. Its all old news but still relevant in my eyes. Defiantly low rating, songs weren't very good.

    • Brandon

      Another bad CO argument. He was 19 when was a CO. He could have sold dope during his time as a CO, got dope into the prison. He could have sold dope afterwards. He couldn't have sold anything. Who fcking cares!

  • Robbo

    "His lyrical dexterity comes to screeching halt on Yella Diamonds when every one of his bars ends with the same noun." Um, have you never heard of internal rhyming? The last word (n***a) is not the word being rhymed, stupid.

  • mr. tibbs

    This so called mixtape is really God Forgives and I don't in case you goofys haven't caught on. Ricky's new album sucked ass so much that he decided to release this shit to you clowns as a fucking mixtape. Don't believe me check for a release date for that shit. And it was a smart move, no need to make niggas pay $16 for this shit in Target. It amazes me that the clown reviwing this didn't have the balls to rate it but thats because this review is brought and paid for by Maybach bitch niggas. Ross, fuck em!! Wale, eat a dick!!! My radio is sick, is there a doctor in the house? Go to undergroundhiphop.com to escape this Wayne, Drake, Ross, commercial crap. & What!!!!!

    • Robbo

      Yeah, this was my POV when I was 24. Then...I grew up. I do enjoy the fact that you think it's an either/or approach, ie, either you can enjoy commercial rap like Ross or underground rap, but not both. What a flawed premise. I listen to both underground rap and Ross, it's not impossible. You just get off on being more "undie" than other people...sincerely doubt you really give a shit about the music as much as your perceived "realness". Fuck you.

  • Anonymous

    BAWSE!! dont let tha devil EEEEEINN

  • Anonymous

    In July 2008, The Smoking Gun produced details linking Ross' social security number to an eighteen month stint as a correctional officer at the South Florida Reception Center, along with a photograph purporting to be Ross in his correctional officer uniform. Ross initially denied that the photograph was of him; after overwhelming evidence of his past came into the public's eye, Ross later admitted that he did work as a correctional officer in Florida during the early 90's. In a 2008 interview with AllHipHop.com, "Freeway" Ricky Ross, claimed offense that Roberts used his name and identity when he learned that The Smoking Gun posted documents revealing Roberts' previous employment as a Florida correctional officer. Rick Ross is the Milli Vanilli of hip hop.


    g-unit groupies slobber mean dick.semen and spit slurping sluts.

  • Rozay

    Im not gone stare, Im eatting fries,.....I gotta whopper in the car, uuuuuhhh..........I gotta whopper in the car,uuuuuhhh........I gotta whopper in the car.......uuuuuuhhh

  • HipHop's Back

    this shit is garbage as fuck, tired of this repetitive ass, planet of tha ape lookin nigga, hoes, keys, cars, and dry snitchin on niggas u watched...0/4 at best

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    im gettin it im pushin it ugh whupp whuup

  • Anonymous

    we know rappers theat sold drugs ok no big deal but this guy act like he owns a port with boat loads of coke.when you hear other rappers talking about cutting crack and baggin it up to get food money and money to keep the lights on.this guy making major deals in brazil shippin keys overseas? haha really?when you that deep in the game you dont talk about shit like that and if he was he definitely would not be a rapper.ahah

  • Flyaco

    Try rappin about the truth, music comes from the heart not the mind, so if your gunna keep writing movies scripts, your in the wrong business & your not Big Meech give it up! Stop trying to be someone your not & try being yourself!

  • NONO

    Rick Ross is a great lyricist...Just because you don't like what he raps about, does not mean that he is not lyrical about it.I give this mixtape a 4.

  • Anonymous

    Same Ross same shit over and over,,no lyrical ability at all ..the stupid rap fans keeping this guy alive

  • Derp

    Terrible mixtape, it's almost as bad as FuckDaCityUp... Fat overrated sack of shit

  • Anonymous

    Wack, same lyrics about coke weed and money and HTF can we relate to rich forever most of us are broke.

    • Anonymous

      Really? I hate rick ross but u have urself to blame for being broke. Get an education and stop whining on the internet. Stupid broke ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    I dont understand for the life of me how a nigga whom has never touched platinum and all he do is feature other artist on his songs get so much publicity.Many say he won the 50 beef but both his albums since the beef havent even gone Gold.This nigga flow stays the same and he taps about the same shit over and over.Overrated!

  • So Icy Boi!

    album of da year. Rozay killed Jeezy & 50. swag 5/5

  • Anonymous

    very good mixtape exceptional.

  • Anonymous

    more comments than votes this fat fuck is done


    peep out this new video hotter then lava!!http://youtu.be/D_Y8NOLrfuo

  • carAnthony

    Wack shit... sorry Rozay!

  • Anonymous

    Pretty wack mixtape, but i waiting on God Forgives I Don't. 2/5

  • Brandon

    This is a great mixtape. I love Ross' flow, I love the track Rich Forever. He improve every time.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    "Just a Mixtape?" Maybe so, but after completeley obliterating TM 103 and rendering it unrelevant, i would say this is mroe than "just a mixtape."

    • u assclown

      i'd expect a comment to come from a rooty poo like u...but 2 say this fuckin frisbee obliterated tm103 is llike...well who gives a shit wat u think especially if u like this hot trash, this is jus trash a mixtape has shit folks like, this is jus debauchery

  • Real Talk

    Fuck this fat fake cunt! Shuts the door on real badmen then proclaims to be 1 These P.Os Screws what ever you want to call em Telling another man what time he has to get up what time he can eat what time he can sleep! in my eyes he was cunt hair away from being 5 O! fuck him and his fake arse music and peeps compare him to Biggie......That comparison is as fake as him RIP BIGGIE X

  • Anonymous

    100% pure garbage mixtape. Soulless, meaningless, and just plain whack lyrics.

  • Jay C Ford

    I jus read some comments from some fake ass hip hop heads. about Rozay's mixtape " Rich Forever " seems to me thats these dickeatin haters are tryin to discredited this mixtape which is better than 85% of the albums that come out today...If u gonna criticize Rozay for anything concerning his music....His lyrics are the last thing to be criticize... Mixtape name is called "RICH FOREVER " so I understand your agitation with him talkin about dope dealing ..cars cothes & hoes But what do u suggest he talk about ? Maybe selling I pads.. selling software... selling Nsurance LOL. GET A GRIP & JUST NJOY THE MUSIC ASSHOLES...smfh

    • idiot

      how bout relavant shit he actually did, being a c/o means u hear bout all tha drug stories folks bitched about n prison...his whole life is a diary of wat other motherfuckers did, not him..u probably one of them blind by tha media, satnta clause, easter bunny believing dick heads huh?? and to say he shit is better than 85% of albums out, wow u really need 2 get tha fuck out n listen 2 real music, my 5 yr old daughter has a better fuckin vocab and subject matter than he'll evr have, shit she might teach yo cousin fuckin ass a thing or 2

  • NAS

    I'm checking for this dude in 2012. Who does a promo like this??? http://youtu.be/n1SC-aAtpk4 and this http://youtu.be/oK0LIM_1j4w

  • darcwonn

    It's run of the mill Rick Ross fare. You got a few stand out tracks. Mainly, though, its the beats that deserve the most attention.

  • Anonymous

    from drugkingpin to cars he cant fit it this guy raps about it all

  • meh

    off the boat is the worse song i have heard in a longtime

  • Anonymous

    im a fan but this mixtape was trash and it was a lazy effort.this WAS the album dont be stupid they doing the album over now.

  • Anonymous

    the review was on point with what the real heads was saying about this mixtape.

  • Blaque

    I look at it like this... He complains that the same 4 beats are recycled on this mixtape. Thats a true statement, it does all kinda run together as far as sound. But maybe he was looking for a particular sound and kept going through similar beats till he found what he was looking for, once you have that the rest you can just throw out. It makes sense to me. It's free music, is it all sounds the same just take the 4 FREE songs you do like and play that shit. I don't think he was trying to make a classic, just some throw away shit to keep peoples attention til the album drops. Not a big fan of his, but fake or not, he is damn smart for taking a persona and selling it likie this. Who remembers when he was just Trick Daddy's hype man. Take it to da house! lol

  • Luzh

    The only rapper to release 4 straight albums where each one was better than the last. His mixtape game is no different. This is his best yet. That MMG Untouchable is exactly that...untouchable. Stay Scheming is sick and Drake out does Common on the remix. Triple Beam Dream is crazy...and the list goes on. At 19 tracks it is a bit too long but this is easily the best of 2012 so far (Sorry TI).



  • Anonymous

    Uhh did you just imply that Rick Ross had lyrical dexterity? Not saying you shouldn't like him for what he is, but we don't have to pretend he's anything special when it comes to rhyming.

  • Anonymous

    Ross is Assed out lettin every Other rapper get there dix wet lol... Dirty South Right !?

  • jtoo

    mix of great beats and rhymes

  • owen trexler

    and this is rap you morons it has never been the most versatile of music try jazz is versatile. we keep coming back cause we want to keep hearing this flame.

  • owen trexler

    it don,t matter if ross dont live the shit neither did biggy they just tellin stories all yall fuck nigs eat a dick this tape is flame.

  • owen trexler

    you need to stop reviewing mixtapes you guys dont know what the fuck you are talking about.seriously

  • tmacky

    Ross is just killin the game. Ross is so far ahead of 50 cent. He puts out more hits than wayne.THE MIXTAPES IS JUST SICK. Bonus he killed jeezy on this mixtape.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, there assessment was kind right, to many whatever tracks, but answer me this WHY THE FUCK is Hiphop dx reviewing mixtapes when they can't even review hot cds that came out this year. Like who are the editors of this website dickriders or just hypocritical lazy bitches. Its annoying, do they say "lets review Ross is mixtape but we wont review any other mixtape or even most hip hop CD that come out this year". Get to work you shitty gossip columnists.

    • Anonymous

      And the mixtape was hot, niggas are fucking with this all day in the streets, who gives a fuck about a review on it. ITS A FUCKING MIXTAPE.

  • Weez

    Great Mixtape, Can't wait for the album.



  • Andy

    "Niggaz that dont rhyme right... seen to many movies" - Tupac Shakur , Fuck Rick Ross

  • kali

    It aint an album dumbass,read the article.

  • kali

    Im screaming Fuck em.Y'all haters can eat a dick.Rozayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Anonymous

    What a fucking Gay fake fat fuck, He's repping GFFF Fo Life!

  • Joris

    Ik vind deze mixtape persoonlijk zeer goed, ik hou van Ross zijn muziek. Hij is de grootste inspiratie in mijn leven! MMG, we rich forever!

    • Joris

      Ik ben geen Hollander, ik ben een Belg.

    • lekker man

      en jij denkt dat hier alleen maar nederlanders op deze site zitte? o.0 btw i don't like this mixtape alot its kinda average maybe even below average i do like the drake and nas cut tho i give it a 3

  • thafranchise

    62 posts from bloggers on the net is not enought people to tell rather the mixtape is fire or not. When I'm in the streets I can tell that alot of people are fucking with the tape.I'm hearing alot of cars bumping this shit around the city.

    • Anonymous

      This is fake it till you make it music. You can always tell a fake mofo by what they listen to.

    • Jermaine

      You sound like a nerd!Like who uses queerest!!!?Just call him gay or a fag. I know your parents dont let you listen to rap music. You have to hide your cd's at your friends house. Mommy and Daddy dont allow you to listen to that type of music. You made my point!!Internet bloggers dont determine whats hot in the streets.!lol

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha, noone bumps this gay shit, Dick Floss is about the queerest fag there is besides Drake.

  • ItsTheTruth

    'Stay Schemin' could have been one of the hottest songs of the year if it didn't contain French Montana vocals. 'Bottoms Up' 2.28.12

  • Kuto Kende

    fuck ross that fat fuck is wack as hell he still takin shots at jeezy cuz jeezy lived the life he wished he could and raps about mmg has only 2 good ppl on it well maybe one and its meek mills i was gonna say pill but he its signed to mmg like he said in the interview a few days back wale tries soo hard to be nice but he's boring, CTE all day Thug Motivation 101,102, and 103>>>>>>>>>> Ross whole career

    • Anonymous

      yall funny as hell. true shit tho... follow me @4i2

    • X Mizzy

      CTE AAALLLLL DAAAYYYY Jeezy n Gibbs kill ALL MMG artists no competition. Rap is fucked up now if this was the nineties Ross wudve been hung or shot for bein a pig only in this new age of "alternative" do fagets iike ex-CO Fake ass "Rick Ross" build record labels. and the other dudes in MMG aint that bad they pretty good i like wale n meek. But CTE Kill em all

    • Lil' Joe

      Haha, my nigga!

  • Anonymous

    Did anybody else notice he doesn't cut his nails?

  • Anonymous

    When the south gets more than 4 beats wake me.



  • Chris

    better than some guy`s albums for a mixtape

  • yawooh

    horrible mixtape jus cuz of Ross. He cnt rap all he has is dat stupid braggadocious style. No depth or versatility. Wale and Meek Mill need to start ghostwriting for him so he can rap about anything else but money,cars and his fake Drug kingpin references

  • dadukee

    This is not just a mixtape, it's too illy i guess Hip Hopdx are gonna be on drakes dick untill they quit getting checks from him. Fuck outta here sayin that this isn't flames.

  • Anonymous

    I think the rich forever track is a lil sneak to Jeezy if you listen to the words he does come at Jeezy once again

  • Brandon

    This mixtape was damn near perfect! The only thing was Future being autotuned. Rick Ross gets better and better!

    • Anonymous

      It's only like 4 different beats on the mixtape. Perfect for the south. They have been listening to the same 4 beats since LIL John.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      He has great fake it till you make it music. Reminds me of most of the shit that goes down in the club.

    • Anonymous

      Ross doesn't have fans like that. He has peoples "ears". nobody really fucks with him like that, he has good club bangers.

  • Anonymous

    Ahahahahaha, Wow, did he really call this album "Rich Forever", bahahahahaha, what a fucking idiot.

  • G5

    This is by far Rick Ross's worst mixtape. He has maybe 6 dope songs out of the 20 tracks on here. Other than that the rest of it is trash. I hope his album don't sound like this.

  • Azhar

    First off this is not a mixtape, its a street album, In my opinion a mixtape uses recycled hot beats, a street album has all original production... And anyone who knows anything about hiphop, like him or hate him, Ross is a monster when it comes to his beat selection... He continues that tradition with Rich Forever... Holy Ghost, High Definition, Triple Beam Dreams, Party Heart, Stay Schemin, Rich Forever are classic Ross....But the most important thing about Rich Forever is its free music from an artist on top of his game right now, and you gotta love that... 5 stars easily, this is better than most artists albums right now....

  • Michael

    Plenty of the Songs sound different but I played the tape on a stero system and not on a computer so I get a different sound. If you like to hear the difference in soundscapes then do this: Play: Holy Ghost Fuck EM' Rich Forever Triple Beam dreams Mine Games High Definition King of Diamonds Ring Ring Keys to the Crib MMG the World is Ours Party Heart Stay Schemin There you have 12 songs, an albums worth of material with 12 songs that sound nothing alike and there free.

  • face9

    Rossey's story lines are beginning to sound the same. too many songs. Like me sme shit though.

  • tmacky

    I don't understand u dudes on this dope mixtapes.Rick Ross is the best mc n the game and u dudes know it. Some1 said its only a couple of bangers on the mixtapes.My dudes this entire mixtape is fire.Ross should have charged u dudes 4 saying its not a good mixtape.Not only was it a good mixtape but he killed jeezy n the process

    • nigga you smoking work

      dis nigga aint even a mc he a fuckin hip hop artist. a mc freestyle and battle raps like meek millz used 2 rick ross does none of the sort, and he barely can rap and he da feds anyways and yall cosign dis shit.

  • Daflyest1

    Its a few bangers but overall too many songs sound the same.Very disapointing

  • gsonii

    It's okay unless you are tired of his fake dope dealer raps.

  • Anonymous

    Mixtape was pretty solid !! Free tracks !!!with that level of quality cant hate

  • Chraingst

    I love this mixtape. F*ck em is my anthem!!!

  • eurika

    I wish the author of this review had known better, giving a mixtape the same treatment as an album is the problem here and let me be clear; Rossy is about to put out an album not long from now, as a preview or a sample of general opinion he puts out a mixtape which is always a collection a material (which quite often is not coherent). In my opinion this mixtape was on point, where i come from the streets is feeling it and reacting positively, from a analytic point, of course this is not the best of rick ross but the point still remain, an album and a mixtape has 2 different objectives.

  • AZ

    other than Nas verse, this album was hot garbage

  • JR88

    didnt it like it...thats not because i think he is lame for trying to be gangster when he is a former cop but its because this dude gets murked on every track by someone!!.... commons voice- YOU CLING ON A NIGGA LIKE A BITCH THATS 18....LOL

  • Dee

    Shit got a few bangers that could be on a real album.... Tape better than a few albums that you brought.... 5 stars stupid niggas

  • Anonymous

    Shit is free... Got several bangers... 5 star!

  • hiphopson

    you didnt even mention the beginning of the tape, Holy Ghost and High Definition are phenomenal tracks

  • Anonymous

    Don't get rap music mixed up with hip hop. This is really good rap music, trap music specifically. If you judging this mixtape like hip hop then you are doing it wrong.

  • gooooOO

    Cosign skafrica best mixtape of 2012, this mixtape/album needs to be heard from start to finish before you can judge it..

  • skafrica

    Best mixtape of 2012

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    out of all the 'Lyrical" gems on this mixtape..of course the first track of you would speak of is the one with Nas..fucouttahere..the first track is a Monster and this review is totally out of line with how the streets received this mixtape...

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross needs to give his fans some credit. No one with a half a brain cell believes he used to be some sort of Miami drug kingpin Rick Ross doesnt seem to understand this though. Hes gotten to the point where he is still in denial in spite of incredible evidence that says that he was never a drug kingpin The fans have forgiven him yet he lies to them and talk to them like they are dumb

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ Don't drop that bomb on the like that Mario. They can't handle the truth lol

    • doja28

      The thing is that I don't give a fuck. If the shit bangs, it bangs. I would rather listen to someone "in character" than the 1000s of dweebs out there that think that they're lame ass lives make for good lyrics.

    • Mario

      The Mixtape was made for the Streets primarily and the streets have embraced it. Suburban whites who don't have the street IQ to know the difference between a C.O. and a policeman are still heartbroken that Ross doesnt know Pablo Escobar and that JayZ didn't lose 92 Bricks. The Streets and people who listen to music for entertainment don't concern themselves with weather or not Dr Dre was ever a "Gangsta" or if Pusha T ever sold kilograms or if Snoop ever lived off the earnings of a prostitute....we listen to rap-music for the sound of the instruments and the slickness of the poetry. Suburban whites listen to our music so they can live out a "Ghetto" fantasy through the lives of our rappers which is why they focus so much on what they perceive as real/fake or fabricated/authenticated...our music is their only means of getting a street education so they actually attempt to believe song lyrics are supposed to be biographical criminal confessions. I think they should stick to listening to Emenim rap about serial killing or discuss how "fraudulent" it was for Emenim to make racist rap songs and then try to sue the Source Magazine o keep them away from the public.

  • Anonymous

    In other instances, it's almost as if Ross is discarding records for the sake of keeping his industry buddies in good spirits.

  • kl

    Ross Blows! www.reverbnation.com/2hoursaftermidnight This sh*t cray

  • Micah

    think dx got it right, just a step below or right on the same level as ti tape, 3 stars. some very good tracks then some horrible ones as well

  • s'okay

    Massive letdown. Raekwon has the only better-than-average high profile tape so far in 2012.

    • Anonymous

      This is trap music homie, the fact that even comparing this shit to Raekwon shows that you have no idea how to evaluate hip hop records for what they are.