Amy Winehouse - Lioness: Hidden Treasures

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"Lioness: Hidden Treasures" gives fans another chance to experience Amy's trademark vocals and wonder what could have been.

It’s easy to forget that Amy Winehouse is no longer here. All one has to do is turn to her albums, or search YouTube for countless performances and undiscovered B-sides, to erase that July afternoon when news broke of her passing. Lioness: Hidden Treasures, a collection of previously unreleased recordings and alternate versions of some of Amy’s beloved hits, gives fans another chance to experience her trademark vocals and wonder what could have been. Although not as polished as her previous studio albums, the producers and artists who knew her best keep her legacy going strong.

Amy’s voice floats over the reggae melody of the album opener, “Our Day Will Come,” and her whimsy wipes away the sadness listeners might anticipate. But Amy is still no stranger to the blues on “Between The Cheats.” The track nods Billie Holiday stunningly not only with Amy’s husky brand of soul, but in every line she croons: “I’d take a thousand lumps for my love.”

She shines on the album highlight, “Will You Still Love Me,” a brilliant rendition of a jazz standard that’s been recorded by legends like Smokey Robinson and Carole King. The track finds Amy at her best— delivering vulnerability, wit, and edge, with a natural mastery of soul that just can’t be taught. Nas provides a verse on the Salaam Remi-produced “Like Smoke.” Escobar, her good friend and the muse of her song “Mr. Jones,” spits about current events like the recession, but the track’s vibe is vintage Amy. Modern drum patterns and Amy’s old-school scatting make for a great cover of the bossa nova classic “The Girl From Ipanema.” The track’s only fault is that it’s much too short.

The original version of “Tears Dry On Their Own,” one of Back To Black’s hits that hooked fans 2006, also appears. Listeners are instantly reminded of her sass: “I should just be my own friend. Not f*ck myself in the head with stupid men.”

Before her death, Amy spoke about putting together a dream band with The Roots’ Questlove and saxophone player Soweto Kinch. If they had a chance to share a stage, “Halftime” would have been their go-to song for impromptu jam sessions. This time she’s not singing an ex-flame. It’s her love song to music: “Rhythm floods my heart, the melody it fills my soul. The tune tears me apart, and it swallows me whole.”

Hidden Treasures closes with Amy’s cover of the late soul singer Donny Hathaway’s “Song For You,” and makes for a poignant a swan song. Hathaway was another troubled artist who found solace in music when the noise of the world was too overwhelming. Amy weighs in before the track fades: “Like Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathway… he couldn’t contain himself, he had something in him you know.” 

Artists with legacies that stretch far beyond lives cut so short, never get to appreciate their talent the way the rest of the world does. For much too short a time, Amy offered listeners the vintage visceral soul that poured out of her. Lioness: Hidden Treasures preserves the gift of a true diamond in the rough. 


  • loco73

    RIP Amy...gone too damn soon! While this is not a complete album and some of the cuts can be found in her previous still a fitting tribute to what could have been...

  • jg

    this album was only good because Amy Winehouse had such a great talent and eye for quality even her incomplete cuts were great. Its not a complete album but its a must have for collectors of soul music

  • Brookaveli

    Does anyone know when Nas and Amy met? If the first verse of "I Can" wasn't about Amy Winehouse at the time it was written, she sure lived her life like her goal was to make those lyrics come to life.

  • Anonymous

    Not her best, but a great final goodbye regardless R.I.P

  • no way jose

    Never a fan, sorry.

  • Brian

    Unfortunately not in the same calibre as Back to Black. A mish-mash of mostly old stuff.


    That voice is pure soul, I love here Jazzy tracks even more. She had that old school soul, they dont make those kind of song anymore. Amy R.I.P.

  • youngvito79

    Love and miss you girl...

  • California

    Not that it matters, I suppose, but the lyrics are "I'd take a thousand THUMPS for my love." Amy used to use the phrase, "take a thump," a lot. "Lumps" doesn't even make sense.

  • Jan Robin

    Since Feb 2007 I have been a diehard Amy fan. Amy's passing still brings a tear to the eye and she will forever be embedded in my mind, body and soul. It is uplifting that so many who only heard of the negative lifestyle are finally realizing the amazing icon we lost.

  • bitch

    and don't forget Chemical Brothers on throwback thursdays! they did a record with Q-Tip so that's hip-hop LOL

  • sun_god7

    Amy's was the best soul female since Mary J. Blige's "My Life" and Jill Scott's first album. But - I give this collection 3/5 stars. It's good - but not her best. Felt like listening to stuff meant to stay vaulted until and still in draft form. Nothing felt complete. Especially that Donny Hathaway track. 3 stars for nostalgia.

  • Quiet Dog Bit Hard

    I had a feeling this was gonna be a slapped together, quick release. I think I was right. I love Amy more than any other female artist, her voice was incredible and she had such personal and emotional connection through her music, but this release just feels like cuts that failed to make their respective albums and lackluster mixes that just left me empty. I hope there is plenty more unheard Amy vocals that will get the effort and attention they deserve. RIP

  • Anonymous

    London's voice. RIP - I'll be bangiing this. BTW - this album is basiccally all prod Saaleem Remi - the non-commerical shit that got left off back to black!

  • ELjay

    @ Anonymous ur the dumbass, really

  • ELjay

    @ what???? Yo moron, this isn't pop music and u compare Amy W. with britney spears? Are u fckin retarded? This is soulmusic, motown, these are the roots of hiphopmusic u shitbag. Listen a bit 2 Ella Fitzgerald or Louis Armstrong, but hey, what can u know 'bout music when ur 12? I don't blame u being that young, i blame u commenting without thinking.

  • mr. tibbs

    I love me some Amy Winehouse (RIP) but hate this thrown together, pittyful excuse for a remix CD, rehashed bullshit with no new material. Yeah they wanted to capitalize off her death by throwing some crap like this out there but they're killing her legacy with this representation. Stop it, 1 star.

  • what????

    Ay this is a hiphop site though... Are you gonna review Britneys Spears new album too? Dont discriminate Hiphopdx has been losing a lot of credibility lately. Rip to amy winehouse tho

    • EddieMurrrphy

      it did have an emcee feature. that qualifies it. thats why you see mary j blige and rihanna in the sales and shit.

    • jg

      amy winehouse is nowhere near britney spears. Shes not pop, u cant even call her RnB. Her sound is pure soul, the music that black people pioneered and she was the last modern soul artist. So no shes not hiphop but im glad to see DX paying homage to the roots of black musical culture.

  • hellno

    did the person rating it 1 star do it cuz its not hip hop? they have issues

  • zilch mcgilch

    I expected a 4.

  • Anonymous

    Since when is this hiphop? Because she worked with Nas isnt a reason to write a review on this site. Hiphopdx are really a bunch of dumbasses