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"Take Care" is largely built out of the same materials as "Thank Me Later" and the album is overall more about refining his formula than expanding it.

Be honest—you don’t actually care what anyone else thinks about Drake, do you? Maybe you love Drake, maybe you hate him, but you’ve already heard every variation of the argument and have no interest in reconsidering your opinion. What you really want from Drake is more proof that you’re right, either in the form of an album so amazing that it silences his detractors or so terrible that it makes fools out of his fans. In reality, Take Care is neither of those things, and if the debates do eventually settle, it sure won’t be because of this album.

Take Care is largely built out of the same materials as Thank Me Later, and the album is overall more about refining his formula than expanding it. All the things you love about Drake are still there—melodic raps, under-water beats, sadness—so even when he does stray a little outside the lines, the majority of what you hear will be what you expected. Standout “Crew Love” and "The Ride" (both featuring Drake’s pal The Weeknd) breaks out of the typical hip-pop structures and adds some new colors to Drake’s palette, but most other tracks stick closely to the script.

The tracklist is mostly composed of instantly familiar would-be hits. “Make Me Proud” with Nicki Minaj isn’t quite as exciting as it might have been in 2009 (or as their previous Drake album cut "Up All Night" ), but the combination still adds up to a success. “HYFR” similarly finds Lil Wayne “Lil Wayning” his way through the song, and Andre 3000 steals another show on “The Real Her.” That said, the Rihanna-assisted title track is a new stylistic take on that pairing, but it’s also the album’s lowest point.

Since Take Care is so similar to Thank Me Later in terms of texture and tone, Drake’s well-defined identity will read as repetition for some. “Marvin’s Room” is a little smarter than “Karaoke,” but they don’t sound like they belong on different albums. “Doing It Wrong” features an impressive cameo in the form of Stevie Wonder but, defying all logic, it’s still kind of just another Drake song with a harmonica solo thrown over the bridge. 

“We’ll Be Fine” sounds a lot like “Underground Kings” and both sound like “Miss Me.” Having Noah “40” Shebib oversee every track helps keep things cohesive, but he seems to approach every track from one of only three or four angles. As the album goes on, Drake’s emotional outpourings start to feel one-dimensional, perhaps partially due to the production’s limited range. 

Whether you wanted a classic or a bomb, you’ll walk away knowing that you were right, but not definitively enough to prove anything. While Take Care could be much better in some theoretical ways, it isn’t bad in any objective way either. Some will see it on the shelf and think “ooh, another Drake album” and others will lament the release of “ugh, another Drake album.” Either way, Take Care definitely guarantees at least one thing: there will be another Drake album.


  • Peace God

    Barter 6 gets higher ratings than this, really?

  • Joesiah

    A Classic album in 2000's ? Definetly take care is an absolute Classic .

  • Anonymous

    Ehhh Drake just doesn't do it for me. He's too whiney and emotional and he's just not that good of a rapper. But the females like him so I guess that's what we've come to.

  • Anonymous

    Whoever wrote this review is a fucking idiot. Underground Kingz, Marvin Room, Cameras, Headlines conventional? Are u smoking crack? Hiphopdx fire this idiot.

  • MusicFan

    Had to grow on me....ALOT!

  • Randy Brooklyn

    Yoooo this shit bangs my niggazz. 5/5

  • softhas

    Ayo, this shit was soft.

  • will

    I loved take care alot more than carter 4. That was terrible

  • Jalil

    One of the best albums of the year

  • Young

    Take Care is another entry in Drake'S rise to the throne. That being said, Take Care is not a masterpiece like past works, but it does it's job: presenting mostly good songs while leaving room for improvement. Pun intended.

  • ryan guisness

    By not taking a stance, the writer (Alex Thornton) just appears as a coward. He is clearly fears writing his opinion of the album for who knows what reason, maybe because it's a Drake album. "Either way, Take Care definitely guarantees at least one thing: there will be another Drake album." That's the dumbest and most obvious statement I can think of to end the article with, especially considering that this was certainly one of the more relevant hip-hop albums of the year. Not usually a hater but that was ridiculous haha

  • DrewDown91

    This album is classic. Not perfect and not as good as So Far Gone but still classic. Birdman wtf you can't rap even when you rap but a fumbled verse would have been better than that rant on We'll Be Fine. Drake doesn't make music for dudes who don't get pussy so if you been fucking the same girl all through the 010's then you're prolly a hater.

  • emanv7

    I give drake credit cause hes so pressured with making his music, cause who doesnt know drake? Hes expected to make a good rap LP while putting a few tracks on the radio, so i wouldnt sweat drake, even though so far gone was his best work .

  • Anonymous

    i love you gies u gies would be a perfect couple..........

  • nibs

    the new generation ...drake ! ymcmb

  • khalil

    probally the worst review of an album ive ever read

  • Anonymous

    With Kendrick Lamar, so dope

  • Anonymous

    Im going to Drakes club paradise tour in Frankfurt!! YMCMB

  • Mike Wyatt | @entelleckt

    2 out of 5 Thank Me Later > Take Care The best parts of Take Care were the Lord Knows instrumental and Kendrick Lamar's Buried Alive interlude.

  • J

    nice to listen to when your ripped

  • Anonymous

    3 out of 5. strictly for the bitches

  • Brian

    how about we just give every album a 5...kinda like how every kid that plays little league baseball gets a trophy. seriously...yall (hiphopdx users) need fucking help...i'm not sure what kind of help yall need but i would probably start by giving ya a bullet in the head.

  • Lou Phillips

    classic touches all aspects

  • nigga

    this shit was soft as hell drakea ain't no ghostface but it was still ight

  • Anonymous

    ave stick to rnb drizzy ur not hard ur a bubblegum rapper

  • Weez

    Best album of 2011, and best rap album in years. 5 stars straight up.

    • Mike Wyatt | @entelleckt


    • Anonymous

      u must be on drugs this shit isnt even rap..my god wtf is good with some of people..im not hating but this is no where no best of 2011 n best of the past 5years??! that must be a joke or u must be a 12 year old girl whos never heard rap before..real hip hop head rating this is 3 out of 5..its a better R&B album then it is rap album

  • gil

    5 Facebook HipHop 2011 Polls: Best New Artist, Best Artist, Best Album, Best song, Best Crew.. Vote & leave opinion please : https://www.facebook.com/?sk=question&id=325739857453062 https://www.facebook.com/?sk=question&id=325739760786405 https://www.facebook.com/?sk=question&id=325740027453045 https://www.facebook.com/?sk=question&id=326569740703407 https://www.facebook.com/?sk=question&id=325739650786416

  • KidWithKlass

    This album has TONS of replay value. I've had it and bumped it since the leak, and I'm am not sick of it yet(I also purchased the album). There is a song for every mood. The album exudes a good variety of sounds and flows because of Drake's eclectic music taste, and also the particular production on each record. I'm a huge, unbiased, Hip-Hop fan. I believe Take Care deserves 5 stars. I haven't listened to an album this many times since College Dropout, Marshall Mathers LP, and Carter II. Peoples Biggest Gripe with Drake I see is that he is too emotional and he sings. If you look at an estimated 80% of Hip-Hop top hits right now they have an R&B singer to do the chorus or vocals, and nobody says anything. ex; Wale & Miguel or Jerimih, J.Cole & Trey Songs, Eminem & Rihanna or Bruno Mars, Wiz & T-Pain/Lily Allan, Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj, Ace Hood & Chris Brown, Ludacris & Chris Brown, Lil Wayne & Kelly Rowland, etc. Drake a lot of his songs himself or at least writes them. I actually prefer Drake for the chorus over almost all R&B singers.

    • Jayrockski

      Dude you need to clean your ears out with a sweater wrapped around Raekwon's microphone, because you've been throwing absolute stank trash in them. I'll bet two fitty your top ten matches my 10 year old sisters...wait a minute...is that you Nicole?

    • Lhea Starr

      and I wasnt talking to the Anonymous person above me I was replying to KidWithKlass

    • Lhea Starr

      FINALLY a True Hip Hop Fan...Someone that actually knows music & know what their talking about!!! 90% of the people on here are the EPITOME of the haters J.Cole talk about on "Villematic" "Sitting around in your Middle Class homes hating on the lastest song"...#YeShrugg juss keeping it Andre3000!!!

    • Anonymous

      the killer thing is you listen greats...CD,C2,MM. but the drake album is some trash. plain and simple. if thats ur flavor cool, but dont rock greats...

  • DumbBaby

    Average r&b singer, above average rapper, great lyricist = pretty fucking good album. ps check my beats..

  • liquid swords

    This is terrible when you hear what the roots is putting out then listen to this its just shit, wot kind of man can listen to this emotional prick

  • Ramon

    I'm a person that hates YM, however this album by Drake although not a great album, is very solid. Drake has shown alot of progression and the production on this project creates a moody atmosphere that fits Drake. If this is coming from some underground artist, I guarantee we won't be getting the same responses from some people. 4/5

  • Anonymous

    young money = gay money

  • Anonymous

    Highly disappointed drake talkin bout killin ppl in a r&b song come on man be yourself & stick to rappin.....he didn't have a theme & in his rap songs he basically jus tellin us how much he's da shit when nobody cares....da r&b tracks made it a decent album

  • jg

    i would love for Drake to come out with a classic, or at least semi-classic album like all of Kanyes outside 808s. He def has the potential to do so but he need to pick a lane. You def aint gonna craft a classic Rnb or Quiest Storm album Drizzy, leave that to RKelly and Ray J, but if you stick to rapping and hone your skills on the mic i believe you can do it. Take Care is horrible if you were expecting a rap album. If you can put aside genre and just judge it on quality content...average

    • A.H

      and not to mention the meanings behind a lot of the songs in 808s just make them that much better

    • ^^^

      Im just repaying no hate or no disrespect intended but I think Kanye West 808 is a classic, if u actually listen to every song and how they were structured and produce, I think you can tell how much hard work went into it

  • Mohammed

    This is a quite good album. Better than Thank Me Later for sure. He found his sound. This is def not a straight Hip Hop album tho but it's good music nonetheless. 4 stars..

  • VOR

    What happened to us guys? We've been fooled into thinking this is hip hop. I've been kind of fading in my love for hip hop music lately. I happened to come across some old Pharcyde and Tribe. This was hip hop. What the fuck is this stuff now? Don't get me wrong, Drake has some good catchy beats but this is a R & B guy that raps, not visa versa.


    great album.best song on the album its so many good songs but check out doing it wrong--

  • Anonymous

    this shit is w.e mostly singing .funny how most of fake hip hop fans who know nothing about real rappers or lyrics can say this is a great album..drake is better then some dudes but theres a whole lot better then him

  • Darrylito

    the production of lord knows in great

  • Anonymous

    Liked how he wanted to change things up but I didn't think it would be this bad, money wasted and don't waste yours too He should've stocked to rapping

  • Knuckles

    Why can't people just call this what it truly is: A piece of shit album. I mean damn... take some ownership in calling these artists out when they make bull.

    • Anonymous

      agreed this shit is w.e 3 out of 5

    • Anonymous

      agreed ..everyone gets called a hater when we are all here cus we love hip hop and give our opinions on it.plain and simple never thought drake was awful or anything but this albums is 2.5 out of 5 hell this shit is mostly r&b anyway ..sad though that drakes selling more then about 50 rappers i can name that are way better then him but then again most those buying are females

  • Simon Magus

    music for everyone with estrogen

  • rb

    Wheelchair Jimmy's dick sucking amber cole fans need to all stand in a room and get firebombed or some shit. dont even hate the dude/girl but his fans are serious bieber level bitches, saying one thing about the oreo and they act like you liked their puppy or some shit

  • Matt Sullivan

    Great album....its not as flashy as Thank me Later, but it's def. a 4/5 for me easily. Drake keep doing ya thang

  • Jeremy Concepcion

    Drizzy is the best, Love his latest Album.

  • skafrica

    Im just saying, he could do better

  • Anonymous

    Too much singing..., not my type of album!

  • Nick Diaz

    I really enjoyed the album, its an album i can leave on track one and let it play all the way through.... not to many albums like that anymore...


    he's the new LL COOL J. LOL

    • oskamadison

      @ Wolfhsac Uh, no... While I respect what Drake does (repetitive as it may be), are you tellin' me that if, say J. Cole, ever decided to call Drake out, Drake has a "Jack the Ripper" in him to balance out all the singing (which LL never did)?

  • Ramon

    This album was honestly great at times, however dragged on too long. I felt if he would've cut down certain songs and condensed the album, cut on rapping how fucking great, the album could've been amazing. Drake is not a great lyricist but i feel the production on this album fits an artist like Drake. Unfortunately, he failed in delivering a consistent message

  • Comptonsmostwantedonetimegaffled

    not my type of style , but females like this dude dont know why really .

  • James Barnes

    Nice reveiw i had his first album and i liked it. I'mma get his second album from this reveiw it sounds like another excellent album.

  • Anonymous

    better than thank me later

  • Luzh

    An ambitious, uncompromising and uncensored account of Drake RIGHT NOW.

  • Asad Mustafa

    This album is the best album in terms of mixing together catchy hooks, singing, and rapping. It is also has the real experience a lot of people go through and that's what Drake was going for. Album of the year 5/5.

  • Angelo

    Truly awesome and really meaningful. One can relate to one's own life situations. Soon to be legend drizzy drake.

  • Chayce Tisdale

    Album of the year

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    so in 2011 watered down R&B/Pop is categorized as hip-hop? Hip-Hop is truly dead

    • Anonymous

      Its classic......for gay fish.

    • jg

      first listen i was sorely disappointed. Then I listened again, and again, and again. To be honest Take Care isnt truly a hiphop album, its certainly has a combination of quiet storm kinda tunes. But its good music nonetheless, and anyone who can step outside the realm of strictly rap music can appreciate that. 4/5

  • Rocco

    The album is cool. It's a truth album...talking about real stuff in his life and I can relate. Drake makes music for dudes that get some.

    • anon

      don't give excuses 4 smthing dats fucked. call it like it is, shit z shit, no matter wat angle u look at it

    • Anonymous

      Agreed you deal with females and relationship shit Drakes your artist. Not mine though, cause I don't have problems like his. In general the cd is ok, but Its good for one full day of listening then I'm giving it to my girl. 3/5 DON'T LISTEN TO IT WHILE DRIVING!! It is soooooo boriiiiiinngggg lol

    • Im At Work And Bored

      Actually Drake makes music for dudes who actually like to carry their girlfriends purses and cry watching Dr Phil

  • hip hop is wine

    the best song in the album has to be "lord knows" not exactly what i expected from the album, reminds me of when kanye dropped 808's and heartbreak album everybody said that he fell of and blah blah blah... i dont think drake fell of and the next album should be a banger.

    • mark

      I couldn't agree more... and it was the best because it was the only song produced by a sweet ass producer Just Blaze

  • eLz

    Drakes music is and probly forever will be "Mood Music" for the most part. Some of his songs fit the mold more than others. What i mean is you have to be in a certain mood to listen to his songs. Not saying his music isnt good. I like Drake myself but I have to be in a "Drake mood" to listen to his music. Otherwise your gonna get annoyed with his shit. But if you are in the mood you can appreciate what he's doing and actually listen to him then youll be like this shit is alright. I kno ppl will say "oh every rapper is like that". True everyone has their fav rapper and other rappers they listen to as well. But what guy you ever meet say he strictly bang with Drake or he's their main rapper? No one! He make rnB/hiphop albums and songs. He aint never gonna be considered the greatest doing that shit and thats the truth. I aint knockin it cuz thats his "thing" but people are gonna get tired of that slow talk shit that he calls singing. Add that to the fact his rnB tracks have some of the most basic and bland lyrics. Totally pop music. Fucked up thing is he really is one of the best rappers of the new generation but a lotta ppl arent gonna admit that. Id give the album. 3 1/2 stars cuz I only can legit listen to prolly 4-5 songs.

    • BoG

      Agreed. i'm tire of him talkin about how he the best rapper in the game. Meanwhile his album is 75% rnB. Theres only like 3-4 rapping tracks. The rest is hybrid or pure rnB soul.

  • skinnydude89

    Take Care was just music with a mood that i can't get into by myself.

  • Makaveli The Don Lives On

    Heard the album, pretty bad.. actually just liked 2 songs and only cuz of the beat... all the songs are the same.. boring material!

  • louiblacc 60

    all this young money is the same first of all what u expect from artist that r young nothing to talk about only what they c no subtance an sorry ut drakes has a good concept of rap history but dosent have his own to create spoil kids dont no what a struggle is and cant relate to that average listener so sticc to wht u no and thats clubbin n women

  • louiblacc 60

    all this young money is the same first of all what u expect from artist that r young nothing to talk about only what they c no subtance an sorry ut drakes has a good concept of rap history but dosent have his own to create spoil kids dont no what a struggle is and cant relate to that average listener so sticc to wht u no and thats clubbin n women

  • rudyboy

    Nice.. Knew from the first talks of this album that it would be more of an r&b sound than anything else. I heard tracks that solitify his place as an elite artist, because his music is cultivated through life experiences. If your not a Drake fan that's cool, nobody told you to be, so keep bumping your whoo!!! rahhh!!! rahhh!!! I'm a killa, rahhhr rahhh!!

  • Brandon

    If anybody heard Drake talk about Take Care upon its realease, you would know it wasn't meant to have bangers, head banggers or anything like that. He said it wasn't 17 "she will's" or 17 " im on ones". His goal was to make somthing like so far gone, and he did exactly that. It was exactly what he was going for. Anybody who thinks Hip Hop is just rap and not r&b should be frowned upon, it has always been a form of hip hop. Sure there was more interludes then Rap but that was expected. Enough said.

  • s20

    BORRRRRRRRRRING AS HELL like every other YMCMB matterial ! Radioactive >>>>>>>>>>>> Take care + Carter IV

  • LOL

    YELAWOLF Radio >>>>> Take care. Take care isn't anything new its just recycled music. Album is weak as hell.

  • Lilworm

    sorry but this album was damn boring!! he said he didn't like thank me later but he's doing the same sht in take care! tml had more bangers but damn drake stop singing!!!

  • Jersey Finest Kings

    #HeFLOWS&ryhmeslike #HeFlows&RhymesLikeCiara

  • Dushilino

    The Best Album This Year

  • Billy Wing

    bang it over and over not as much spitting as id like to hear from him but its hard

  • jg

    Originally I thought this album sucked, and as a TO nigga I was rooting for Drizzy. But after 2-3 listens it grows on you. Its def not A HIPHOP album that you bump to in the whip or during a workout. But if you are rating it as background music to chill to like Kem/Alicia Keys, then it is def a solid project. That said Drake kinda screwed ppl over by dropping hiphop singles adn cheating us into thinking he's an MC. Thanks god for free music, I'd be fuckin pissed if i bought this CD

  • Dalton Judge

    This is a disappointment...especially for a Dreezy fan like me who's been banging this dude since Room For Improvement and Comeback Season...Thank Me Later was ok not great but with this CD its almost as if he's digressing....i just hope he stops the path his down and go back to the old Drake...I don't like this one at all!!!

  • bisquic

    How come when people say someone makes bad music they are automatically labeled as a hater? So I'm a hater if I say Souja Boy makes the worst quality music I have ever heard and is a complete asshole for trying to diss the military and then apologizing later through his publicist? If thats hating then so be it lol and this album was just plain not good.

  • randy

    this album is beyond amazing

  • jay

    ive listened to this cd about three times and i skip the same 6 tracks over and over.

  • Orlando Jay Brutus

    I wonder if I should check it out .it seems geared towards the ladies. Especially when all I see is his metaphors post on alotta of my female friends on fb and other social media Lol

  • Bryant Austin

    every song is soo good

  • unknown

    you either hate drake or love him. i'm in the middle. i think he's a hit or miss artist. all he needs to do is make more "Lord Knows", "HYFR" and an OCCASIONAL "Marvin's Room" and that hate will be cut in half.

  • Jay Brock

    I don't like him singing on every damn thang. Nigga go back to your roots on what got u in the game!!!

  • AlgiersBoy

    y'all hatin on this man for doing something different he spits and harmonizes. its not singing cause he never hits different notes. but he's lyrical

    • 316 Ways

      underground rappers might not make drakes money, so in that sense they got nothing on him, but there are plenty of dudes that run would run circles around him. I'm not hating on the cat, I just don't like his music. Underground rappers that sell a fraction of his albums still make a good living. Drake won't last too long and his albums wont be listened to in a few years. Murs 316 Ways.

    • realkid

      haters are losers, straight up. still dont get why people who hate him so much (or so they claim) listen to all his music, watch and read all his interviews...drake always generates the most posts...clearly he has peoples interest...over 700, 000 1st week sales, lol your fav underground rapper aint got shit on drizzy

    • Anonymous

      You just described having no range, also known as being a mediocre vocalist. Drake is just a regurgitated Nelly, get over it.

  • Anonymous

    Drake likes Penises & hairy buttcheeks. You all are homosexuals if you support this Queer, that is all for now fags.

  • Lhea Starr

    Take Care album is a Just Coolin and Laid back kind of Album. Drake has some Legends featuring on his alum, i.e. Stevie Wonder. For Stevie to ft on a Hip-Hop record is not likely, but Drake made something that seemed impossible to the world; he made it Possible!!! So Loving this "Take Care" album

    • Anonymous

      Haven't heard this album yet. Just had to point out that Busta had stevie on 'been through the storm' in his album "the big bang" 5 years ago...just sayin

  • The MG

    I had my doubts about this album, but after listening to it in full, it really exceeded my expectations. Great work from Drake, WAY better than TML. My favorite has to be Lord Knows. Just Blaze crafted an amazing beat and Drake spit one of his best verses in a while. Other good songs are Shot for Me, Headlines, Crew Love, Underground Kings, Cameras, Doing It Wrong (Stevie on harmonica at the end) and The Ride. We'll Be Fine and The Real Her would've been better if Birdman and Wayne were omitted. I found their parts unnecessary. Take Care was kind of a filler track and Practice had me laughing. Make Me Proud was good until Nicki Minaj came and ruined it. But overall, a very good effort from Drake. He sounds more confident and focused than he was on TML, and he's really grown as an artist. 4/5

  • BEeezys

    i may be more biased to drake because i been listening to him since 2007, but this is some good shit if you like his style, if you dont then you dont simple really..2nd best album of the year for me after section.80....cole, drake and kendrick did their thing and are great future artists, makes a difference from when we though soulja and gucci would be phew!

  • Kevin

    I don't like pop in my hip hop

    • @David

      there is no such thing as "real" hip hop, just different types of hiphop. things change dude, this aint 95 anymore, things will always change. this generation wont like what the new generation will be bumpin in the next 10 years, and the generation after that wont like what the next generation will like, and so on and so forth....get over it.....these underground guys aint even poppin, lol makin no money and its because no one wants to listen to jeru the damaja and who ever else....even j cole tryin to cross over....get over it.

    • Anonymous

      I have to say that I agree woth you David Peralta, but I do not enjoy your picture. You forgot to mention that Drake has ALOT of support from the Gay community, they fucking love him.

    • David Peralta

      Wayne is killing the kid game. Keep it clear Lhea Starr! Wayne is not killing the hood, Wayne is not killing real hiphop fans. Hip-hop is now become a massive marketing gimmick like pop music. Drake is the new version of what hip-hop has become and Wayne was around for a long time and no one was felling him back in the day but now with all that marketing, even Wayne can be mainstream. Guys like Drake wont kill hip-hop but they will make it unbearable for 5 years at most. Guys like him don't last long in hip-hop.

    • Lhea Starr

      You dont like Pop in your Hip-Hop?? I mean whats the world without change? Wayne does it all the time and he is KILLIN the game I mean change w/ no benefit is ignorance, bt change with profits exceeded is Genius..respect his tactic with this one. Respect him as an artist..have an open mind and really take an un biased listen, Im sure you will grow to love it...Be open to change because Life without change =Failure!!!

  • Madness

    3 good tracks (Crew Love, Shot for Me & Underground Kings). Liked the start of make mw proud until the chorus.

  • ZzZzzZzzZzZzZ


  • Chad Bernard

    If totally block out this is supposed to be hip hop album and instead realize this album was made to compete with Trey Songz and not Kendrick, Torae, Skyzoo etc you come to one conclusion. Drake made a album to help dudes get in chicks pants no more no less its a straight skins hittin album. This the album you throw on when you wanna play the game like you are puttin on a hip hop album and you just wanna chill with a chick all the while you are tryin to hit it and you are really settin it up for the panty drop.

  • TracerONE

    I'mma be real.. this album makes me feel sleepy.

  • Nico 3

    This is far from John Mayer. Good production. Decent enough flow. The switch from R&B to rap gets a little awkward at times, but in a strange way it works.

  • Anonymous

    drake is lil waynes bottom bitch

  • Anonymous

    12. How To Love - Now I kno yall already heard this shit....I almost skipped reviewin this joint cos I aint really wanna say all the obvious shit you can say bout this shit son. But I might got some shit I gotta get off my chest first lord.... Whoever allowed this nigga to sit down n get his John Mayer on like this needs to get his ass beat down witta sock filled wit batteries son. This shit aint only soft b...its like softness wit techron my nigga. Son...first time I heard this joint it hurt my heart yo. I felt betrayed par. Like it really done came down to this shit b? This the shit yall muthafuckas is rockin wit now yo? Cmon son....where we gon draw line son? This is like listenin to kittens do ballet in slow motion yo. Its like bein showered wit ovaries n bellybuttons son. Its like this muthafucka jus slid on down a rainbow n landed in a big pool of estrogen before he made this shit b. Like this nigga jus pulled up in the drive-thru n ordered the McBitch combo wit extra cheese n a Diet Aveeno. Theres a whole kaleidoscope of homoeroticness happenin rite here son. Drizzy probably crochets mittens to this shit rite here yo. This that shit Drake listens to on his lavender iPod when he usin his flyin umbrella to get from point A to point B son. Rite now...as we speak...theres probably two niggas spoonin on a beach somewhere watchin eagles soar over mountains while they listen to this shit b. This song got a damn uterus son. This like some shit for niggas who rock Spanx b. I thought that when Wiz Khagina made Roll Up he hit us wit the softest shit of the last 5 years yo....like how was niggas gon outdo that shit? But THIS nigga done dropped the atomic bomb of baby thighs on us son. How does a nigga even listen to this shit yo? Im mad I had to hear this shit again at all yo. This nigga croonin wit his eyes closed like he tryna bring all the dolls in his room to life n shit....Nah fuck that shit son....I see a nigga listenin to this shit n Imma run up on him n explode him wit grenades b. I dont care if he drivin in a car wit his kids in it clappin they hands on some Kumbaya shit on they way to church son....I hear a nigga playin this shit in his whip n Imma pull him outta that shit n explode him wit grenades in front a his family b. Word is bond son. Anyways....I dont like this shit b.

    • Lhea Starr

      Thanks for this post!!!! I will definitely be inputing an entry on my Blog today... This post is the EPITOME of the things described by JCole in Villematic.... #OverIt... Dear Drake...You did your thing boo and me and all of my homies appreciate "Take Care" very much!!!

    • Jijuane Bailey

      nigga goin off!!! LOL ROFLMAO!!

    • Word up Big Ghost

      Why you copy and pasting Big Ghost shit yo and then not referencing that shit son? Thats plagiarism dog. You probably gettin bent over right now listening to this shit with your skinny jeans.

  • Anonymous

    Before I wrap this shit up tho I jus wanna say that these little niggas need to stop talkin nonstop bout makin it someday n becomin successful n bein famous n all that nahmean. Niggas thats true to they hearts bout what they do jus make they art however they wanna make it son. The fame n all that is jus the benefits that come along wit stayin true to yaself. Eybody that raps wanna be famous n get money yo. Its been that way since Sugar Hill son. But niggas like Big Sean n that nigga J. Cole followed in the footsteps of that diva nigga Drake n made that shit the subject of half they songs yo. Cmon son. Niggas dont need to hear bout all that bitterness n that "Im bout to get on" shit on half the joints you makin n shit nahmean. Smarten up little niggas.

  • Anonymous


  • alan

    Get off drake dick gay bitch

  • YoungR

    underground classic...

  • YoungR

    Horrible review. You seem salty. 4/5 - This is some nice shit, keep giving it more plays. 5 stars for the review.

  • Anonymous

    drake catchin bodys? BWAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Anonymous

    lil wayne 10mil sold powerful? BWHAHAHAHHAA

  • Anonymous

    Wow Lil Wayne & Ross has gotten powerful. this is basically a Lil Wayne/Ross vs. Jay-z/Kanye. These are the biggest folks in the game right now. The old guard vs. the New Guard. None of them really saying shit. How the fuck hasn't anyone called out Jay Z for co-signing some wack ass pussy rapper like JCole? and the same goes for Lil Wayne for co-signing Drake. But for Jay Z to go out and find a Rockafella Drake in JCole?!? This shit falls on his shoulders. He wanted to hate on the autotune because it didn't fit his voice or delivery. It wasn't for hip hop. Otherwise he would push Jcole and Drake out of the game. Jay isn't hip hop. Neither is wayne or Ross. I like them all, but they are corporate niggas. Don't get it twisted. By far, Phonte owns this style. JCole and Drake are commercial corporate lackies.

    • Anonymous

      @Chad Bernard "if he [J.Cole] leaves production alone and concentrates on the lyrics his next project should be a step forward" I disagree, MC's should have musical input into their songs. Honestly I think one of the main reasons the game is in such a decline is that most of today's rappers are completely ignorant about how to create music that fits their lyrics. I mean it seems like when a rapper is making an album nowadays that the sonic experience is an afterthought because the fans are hyped up over his lyricism, until they hear the album with substandard beats, which makes the lyrics seem more interesting on a printed sheet.

    • Chad Bernard

      I disagree Drake and Cole both started in well. Drakes original work showed potential and so did Coles first couple mixtapes. They have both not produced to the level ppl thought for different reasons. Cole tried to pull a Kayne and rap and produce and spread himself to thin. I think that he still has potential to be a solid artist. Drake fell off because he is in with guys that really can't make him better. I have never thought wayne was good lets be honest wayne got signed cause he is baby's son not cause he was a great MC. To me Cole has potential to better because he is around Jay, Kayne and Jay Electronica. by simple osmosis if listens and learns he should get better and if he leaves production alone and concentrates on the lyrics his next project should be a step forward.

  • Anonymous

    SHITS CRACC!!!!!! Drake is doin his thing Keep it up. BUT never ever ever but Lil wayne on Songs Like The Real Her Cuz it kind of ruined the album by 0.01% but the rest was CRACC

  • Anonymous

    So thats the whole album son...or what Im gon refer to as that cascading waterfall of invisible dicks that sons fans call his music. Swear this nigga got the most forgiving fans on earth tho b. The nigga gets that exotic budgie tatted on his shoulder..."Nah chill...he jus doin him son". The nigga drops a million odes to savin broads..."Ayo chill...son jus tryna live par". The nigga starts rockin sweaters from 1983 Sears catalogs n shows up to awards shows wearin grandmother cardigans made from old sofas..."Nah chill...son jus stayin tru to hisself"...Im sayin b...the nigga could show up at a awards show wearin a unitard n niggas would still be like..."Jus let that nigga do him....he jus doin him son". Yall muthafuckas should be ashamed of yallselves tho....for lettin it come to this shit in the first place namsayin. Yall LET this niggas get to the top like that. Im talkin to niggas who emcee too. Yall done allowed this nigga to come in the door...n now he done opened the floodgates to a million other soft ass muthafuckas jus like him son. Ayo nobody disrespected Father MC n Candyman like that back in the day b. Them niggas was makin careers outta droppin soft ass shit too. Dudes aint try to crush they whole existence or nothin...but niggas aint exactly say "Ayo Father MC n Candyman yall niggas should be showin the rest of us muthafuckas what direction to take Hip Hop in yo...". But I dont even blame Drake b. That nigga SHOULD be able to have his lane. Its all good son. I hate that niggas music n he definitely that corny nigga at the club who pops open a bottle of champagne n then sniffs the cork...but he allowed to follow his dreams b. But yall niggas put that muthafucka on a pedestal. Like I said b...I dont blame Aubrey tho. Drake is what happens when ya son is conceived during a period week namsayin. That nigga was jus conceived on the wrong end of a menstrual cycle yo. These niggas gon always exist bruh. But I aint no follower son. If I dont like some shit...I dont jus rock wit it cos thats what broads be listenin to... n cos I want broads to be feelin me. Thats like sprayin yaself wit perfume jus cos chicks be enjoyin that shit...Yall effeminate ass niggas smarten up. Niggas always callin Drizzy homo tho. Im sayin yo...I dont think thats even the case b. N if it was...I aint judgin the nigga based on none of that yo. I mean...maybe son is kinda homo-esque. But either way par...this niggas masculinity been terminally ill for a hot minute now...that shits been on life support since Thank Me Later dropped b. But Im sure that muthafucka done kicked the bucket forreal wit this album son. If you niggas cop retail versions of this shit dont forget to take the cd in for a yearly pap smear b. Ayo fuck this shit son. Aight peace. By the way yo...Imma give this shit... 1 Zeus Slap outta 5

    • Anonymous

      I aint never really had no problems wit Weezy namsayin. But son is forcin niggas hands yo. We see pictures of son french kissin Baby....niggas pardon that. He allows Nicki Minaj to release music n hop on remixes 5 times a day for the last 2 years...niggas pardon that. He allows wack ass Gudda Gudda to continue to eat....niggas pardon that. Drake............we pardoned that. He even puts out a bullshit ass "rock" album.....n niggas pardoned that too. But when that nigga set foot in the booth to croon a ballad called "How To Love"....n expected niggas to really not take offense to the shit he was doin....ayo Wayne we got problems now son. Somebody needs to go stomp the braids off this niggas head yesterday son. This shit is NOT okay yo. How you gon jus out-soft that nigga Drizzy anyway? I thought yalls was family nahmean. You kno damm well thats ya boys lane. But you even took it further than him. I mean that nigga Aubrey got his own set of feminine tendencies to cope wit but he aint never sat down n sang a whole fruity ass love ballad over some Wyclef bathin in the waters of his idols type guitar chords n shit son. You really went too far nigga. Son you was a animal back in like '04 to '07. Bring back that nigga or some shit son.

  • Anonymous

    18. The Motto (ft Lil Wayne) - So niggas is really still jerkin yo? Son...this shit jus makes me wanna hurt innocent creatures b. I might need to go punt my neighbor's dog across the fuckin block jus to relieve my muthafuckin tension after listenin to this bullshit rite here again son. This shit was like havin herpes in my ears b. You might only live once son...but apparently you can keep makin gay ass music forever if you wanna.

  • Anonymous

    16. Practice - The fuck is this shit b? This nigga turned Back That Azz Up into a ballad? Thats like some shit only a rape nigga coulda imagined son. Anyways b...the message to this muthafuckin joint is basically that all the other niggas that this broad done fucked wit was jus practice for her...for when she would eventually meet Aubrey's beige ass n be able to show him what she done learned namsayin. Again yo...Im sayin...who says shit like that? Wack ass creepy rape type niggas is who b. Niggas who hang out by the pool at night time n scare broads away...like this nigga rite here...

  • Anonymous

    15. Look What You've Done - Im havin Sideline Story flashbacks b. This nigga nearly put me to sleep wit this shit yo...but this shit probably one of the better joints on this muthafucka still. Its like this nigga on a roll now wit back to back joints thats still kinda bitchmade but not as horrible as all the other bitchmade shit on this album nahmean. You could even say that if son jus did more bitchass shit like this instead of the other bitchass shit he do...he would be aight. This shit is so delicate that playin it out loud wit no headphones actually jus made my clothes softer b. But it was definitely a step in the slightly less bitchnigga direction for son.

  • Anonymous

    13. The Real Her (ft Lil Wayne & Andre 3000) - Now its time for this niggas ode to savin strippers. Havin 3 Stacks on this joint dont make this shit any less unacceptable b. But whenever the citizens of Los Hopeless get tired of lettin niggas slip singles down the crack of they asses they jus flash that muthafuckin vagina spotlight up on the clouds n wait for this nigga to slide down a rainbow witta cape on his back n a tote bag full of sweaters he jus finished crocheting to come save they asses son. The boy Drake is fightin on the front lines of the war for keepin broads from takin they clothes off for money b. This nigga saves more hoes before 9 am than most niggas gon save in they whole life namsayin.

  • Anonymous

    5. Take Care - Is this shit house? This shits like some kinda African disco shit b. Nothin wrong witta nigga gettin his international on but sons spittin those cream-filled bars again. Ayo son actually dropped the words "tears all over the pillowcase" namsayin...like I aint even had to make that shit up b. But dont worry ma...Aubrey got his cape on again ...tellin the broads of the world exactly what yall spose to be thinkin n feelin n how "Somebody shouldve told you something...to save you". The moisture levels on this shit got clouds formin over my speakers b.

    • Anonymous

      7. Underground Kings - Imma speak on this speak on this song one time one time Awwwwh. The beat is kinda trill. Yeah the beat is kinda trill Awwwhhhhhhh. But ahh cant take how son raps...no not even a liiiitlebit. Not even a liiiiittlebit. Naw ahh don't really giiiiveashit. Nawwwwww... Cos really ahh dont giveashit. They - keep - tellin - me that - ahh - jus - need - to - learn - to - giiiveashit. Maybe if you was in my shoes youd kno why ahh jus cant giiiiveashit. Ahh think its deliberate. Yeah ahh think its deliberate. This song is too much homosex. Bwoy ahh aint into homosex. This nigga is so homosex....nothin against homosexuawwwwwwwls....But ah dont give a fuck what boobie say. He - might - be - cool - wit - Bun - but - nigga - Aubrey - aint - no -U-G-K.... Nawwww.....cos nigga you be gay. Ah - think- that - the - whole - world - thinkin - you be into bootie play Ahh....Nigga ahh jus think this songiswack...I - wasted - 3 - whole - minutes - of - my - life - nigga...I wannumback Ackhhh

  • Anonymous

    4. Crew Love (ft The Weeknd) - Ayo I been startin to accept that maybe ALL these joints is gon be bitchmade son. Truth is I fucks wit The Weeknd tho b. The music on this shit aint that bad...but it aint really no kinda beat namsayin. But then here come Young Angel talmbout havin "soldiers" n niggas "who came up off the strip" for him n "come up off the hip" for him if he need em to. I mean......jus stop that shit son. Niggas kno ya pedigree b. Like you wasnt the little nigga ridin ponies n doin cartwhels in the backyard livin that upperclass suburban life before you became a Canadian teen soap opera star n shit b. Now you the nigga tuckin napkins in ya shirt while you eat cos you "mobbin like that" n orderin hits on niggas who disrespect you...jus stop it Aubrey. Son said "I think I like who Im becoming..." Im sayin the boy Aubs is startin to feel hisself a little too much b. Anyways son...when I thinks of Crew Love I think bout Beanie Sigel movin J Cole's mentor out his way so he could body the fuck outta a glorious ass beat while Jiggaman in his prime delivers a hook that sticks to ya ribs namsayin. Thats what Im gon always think of son...

  • Anonymous

    1. Over My Dead Body - A forreal....this sounds like the soundtrack to some Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants type shit son. I forget who the broad he got singin the hook on this muthafucka is...but i think its Renee Zellweger or some shit. I feel like Im inside a Barnes & Noble or a Starbucks b... This joint is more light in the ass than the fushigi gravity balls you see in those infomercials at 3 in the mornin son. But yo...how the first words that this nigga got the nerve to utter on this muthafuckin album gon be "I think I killed errybody in the game last year man"? Pardon me son? Word? You mean the same year that Kanye dropped another classic album in...while yo overrated ass uhhh....DID NOT? That year b? You mean the year when niggas predicted you was gon do a milli the first week out n you did 450k instead...n then a few days later Eminem dropped n he did like 750k in HIS first week n kept YOU from gettin back to the top of the charts? The same year that Em n Jigga won all the Grammys YOU was spose to take home? THAT year son? Oh.

    • Anonymous

      6. Marvin's Room/Buried Alive [Interlude] (ft Kendrick Lamar) - Aka the "Player HATER'S Anthem". This nigga jus gon use bein drunk as a green light to talk to a broad while her man aint around n tell her that son aint shit. This is what little marshmallow ass muthafuckas do tho. Word. Now clown ass niggas is gon try n justify this shit as son jus dealin wit real nigga emotions n shit...or like he aint afraid to jus be honest. Nah. Fuck ya real emotions b. Thats like sayin "oh son was jussa little tipsy off them 4 flirtinis he had n so he dropped dime on his mans who was violatin his parole but he was jus dealin wit some real nigga emotions..." Nah yo. Fuck THIS nigga b. But my dude Kendrick Lamar continuin his streak of rockin on other niggas high profile joints n stealin the whole spotlight from em by spittin the illest shit on the album. Problem is that the genius nigga that sequenced these joints tacked the muthafuckin interlude onto the end of this bullshit ass song yo...so you gotta either sit thru this audio progesterone ey'time or fast forward thru the muthafuckin lotion dispensatizing takin place jus to hear that muthafucka son. Im tellin you tho son....this nigga BEEN alignin hisself wit the niggas he most threatened by...the muthafuckas he sees comin for a piece of HIS pie nahmean. Yall jus aint seein it. He wanna keep muthafuckas like The Weeknd under his wing for a reason b. Theres a reason why son had J Coles ass openin for him (pause?) on tour. Theres a reason why son got Kendrick n ASAP Rocky openin for his ass on THIS tour b. These niggas might appreciate what son doin for em...but I see what the insecure shook nigga who be goin thru broads purses while they in the bathroom is doin son. Imma need somebody to edit Aubrey off this track for me tho...

  • Anonymous

    2. Shot For Me - I dont even know what to say b. Like forreal...after hearin this shit...I wouldnt be surprised if this nigga could pollinate a flower wit his fuckin breath son. Im pretty sure that son gets up in the morning n plays his harp for his cats n then slides down the muthafuckin banister in his satin man nightie n has a full glass of breast milk before he goes to the studio n hammers out some pooned out shit like this b. Sons talkin to a broad thru the whole song on some bitter shit n at one point the nigga even says "The way you walk...thats me. The way you talk...thats me. The way you got your hair up...did you forget? Thats me" Son... Thats you? Aight then... But the boy aint done yet yo...at the end of the joint he proposes a toast. This is how that shit go...

  • david

    me and my gay mates love this album thanx drake we love you xoxo

  • Samuel Bowden

    amazing drake :) always amazing

  • DrizzyDrake

    AMAZINGG ALBUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    Not alot of rapping but still delivers, Great Album!!

  • Eli Abdallah

    0/5, this is R&B not hip hop

  • itsskeezfucka

    This is only an album for drake fans . theres only a few songs i like

  • ESPY

    ultimately, I think it's only the genre of hip-hop that would dismiss someone as talented as Drake. I mean I enjoy bumping joints from Wu-Tang, Kendrick, Jay, and Pac just as much as the next guy. But does that mean that I can't listen to Drake every once in a while? I think having Drake adds variety to one's musical palette, what's wrong with that? ESPY, PassedPresent.blogspot.com

    • Chad Bernard

      I think people hit back against him now because he is touted as next great thing. For those who are deep into hip hop the thought of people aspiring to be Drake is like having to go through that whole auto tune phase. Its started off as something new and ok but then got over done.I just think a lot of people do not want the culture to head in the direction he is going.

  • Tupac biootch

    If pac was still her now he would never ride with drake... NAhhh nahh nahhh nahhh nahhhh

  • Powerphi

    I've never been a fan of this dude until now. This is a tight album, singing and all. This dude has created a unique identifiable sound. I respect the man for doing him.

  • anonymous

    No mention of K.Dot's stellar interlude? Explains the whole album right there in that amazing verse! http://rapgenius.com/Drake-buried-alive-interlude-lyrics

  • Chad Bernard

    For all you people who are trying to say that drake is the feelings guy check lyrics to Phonte's " Sendin my love " better than drakes whole album. [Intro: Phonte] Look... You know that so many people be askin me like "Man, how do you do it? How do you stay happy in love?" Ehehe, I think it's really just a state of mind I mean, I know single men that would kill for a home-cooked meal I know, married men that'll kill for a quiet house Haha shit it's just, it's just all depend on your perspective Youknahmean? Ain't nothin' perfect [Phonte] Yo, my mind in another zone, and voice in another tone Arguin about some shit rooted in some other shit Long story short, it was a night that I ain't feel like comin home So I hit the streets, to a couple places I ain't hit for weeks Saw a pretty girl, kissed her cheek - mwah, say magnifique She favored my ex, some harmless flirtin A total diversion, but sometimes that's all A nigga need to get from one day to the next She's placin her bets, and payin respect Next thing, we walkin out and I'm payin the check Aw man.. [Hook: Carlitta Durand] No pretending, baby I'm sending Sending, all my love to you [Phonte] Here she goes again, I can feel her eyes closin in It's like a rigged game, but how the fuck am I supposed to win? The O.G. say, "Cheer up" But wifey wants a scholar and a traveler Hunter and a gatherer, and after I capture her Now I gotta put +MY+ spear up? Man, I don't fear much But the thought of losing her hits me in the tear ducts Too much honesty ahead, get earplugs Something in the way society rears us Commitment wears us, out it tears us, apart And makes us feel we don't need to And that turns into "I don't need you" People want what grandma and granddaddy had But the ain't have options, nigga, we do And we choose, to act foolish Not Jewish, but when you hurt a man, baby he bruise/He-brews Can barely handle one, I don't need two Really don't wanna run, but I need to I need to...Lemme get outta here [Hook 2: Carlitta Durand] No pretending, baby I'm sending Sending, all my love to you No pretending, I am defending Sending, all my love to you [Bridge: Durand] (Phonte) Sending, all my love to you (Oh yeah, yeah) Sending, all my love to you (Yeah, yeah) I am defending (I wanna send it on home) Sending, all my love to you [Outro: Phonte] Lemme just take it on, take it on to the house C'mon, c'mon Tigallo, be strong Be strong, Tigallo! Be strong, just take it home I know she get on your nerves sometimes But man, you got a good woman at home, man Just go home, it-it-it's 'bout 4:30 Ain't nothin open this time of night but legs and hospitals Just go home, just take it on home Martin Luther King did not die for niggas to be trickin off on HOES, nigga Just, just take it home (all my love to you) You the upstanding family manm you got a good thang, man C'mon Tigallo, c'mon Tigallo, be strong Be, be real strong I-I mean nigga, be REAL strong N-Nigga, be STRONG.. ...tss, the fuck?

    • chillin

      I'll stick to my zone then. I listen to everything from Tribe, Wu-Tang, Little Brother, Ice Cube, Brother Ali, Nas, Apathy, The Roots etc., but I also like Drake. Take Care would be up there on favourite albums of the year list. The only albums that I enjoyed more: Kendrick Lamar Section .80, Apollo Brown - Clouds, The Weeknd - House of Balloons, Evidence - Cats & Dogs, The Game- The R.E.D. Album.

    • Chad Bernard

      Anpnymous I cosign chillin Sonically you are in a different zone production wise, and the chronic is not a classic because of Dr Dre lyrics.

    • chillin

      Yeah, I think Take Care is a slightly better listening experience. Emceeing and singing I think Phonte is better, I don't disagree there. I like the soundscape (the pianos, the weeknd's falsetto, stevie's harmonic, Just Blaze's banger which Drake destroy's etc.) slightly better. People consider The Chronic a classic album right? Dre isn't the best lyricist by any stretch of the imagination...it's the soundscape that makes that album classic. In no way am I saying Take Care is classic btw.

    • Anonymous

      WTF?!? Phonte is the real singer/hiphop with foreign exchange and you're talking about drake monotone singing ass, limited topics and rhymes garbage being better than Charity Starts at Home?!? Phonte made an album that is heads and feet above. If Drakes album had just 10% of what Phonte's album, I could probably force myself to listen to it.

    • Chillin

      Phonte is hella underrated as an artist period. As a rapper, dude drops some of the wittiest punchlines in the history of the game. With that said I actually like Take Care more than I like Charity Starts at Home. Not by much mind you. I'm impressed by the fact that the album is so cohesive for an 80min project, with so many different sounds. Much better than Thank Me Later which was totally label driven...Alicia keys opening, those songs produced by Timbaland and Swizz, it was an overly commercial mess.

  • RR

    Love this album but the mixing/mastering was is absolutely horrible. I don't see how Drake could make such a well thought out, carefully planned, detail-oriented album but then let the mixing/mastering go to shit. Album is so quiet and cold...Instead of being loud and warm. I damn near had to turn it up to full blast in my car just to hear it at a decent level!

  • Anonymous

    Drake talking about his people catching bodies. Guess his boys from Degrassi are killers now...smh

  • G5

    This album caught me off guard because it is flawed in the one area I didn't think Drake was capable of dropping the ball in outside of his rapping skills and that is his beat selection. Some of the beats on here are ass. Like real shit, I don't know how he really approved some of them. Everything else was where it needed to be. Story telling, content, use of different flows. It was all there and fucked up on beat selection. Damn man, IDK. I could be expecting too much but this shit wasn't what I was expecting.

  • BCC4Life

    Yo son, when I clicked on this review, a fuckin rainbow shot out my screen and 2 bunnies scurried across my kitchen. What the fuck? The jeans I'm wearing just turned skinny son, what the fuck is happening? Get me out of here, I need some Boot Camp.

  • Reason

    I usually don't post but the hating is unbelievable. As a hip-hop head and a & r based out of Toronto, I can clearly see most of ya'll are ignorant to what Drake is. Drake blends Rap (not hip-hop) with R&B and shows a sensitive side of a rapper consistently, it's emotional rap or relation rap. Ya'll can't sit there and say you've never gone through what he did on Marvin's Room, it's just ya'll wanna front like you haven't. Stop hating and see his work for what it is, he's created a new lane with his style, show respect

    • Chad Bernard

      This emo rap stuff I think is a cop out no disrespect. If you noticed I posted lyrics to Phonte's song "sendin my love" that song is emotional but the quality is much higher than Drake's. Phonte's album is one my fav albums of the year and there is emotion all over that. I am not saying the album is the worst album its like a 2.5-3 out of 5. To me if he wants to sing then sing like Phonte did with Foreign Exchange, or sing your hooks, or have a track on your album that where you sing. However in between that give me some quality MCing too. You missed my point it is not that he hasn't worked with top artists in the past. I am saying more and more he is moving away from that. Phonte and 9th wonder are guys that are like idols in his eyes.You are telling me that he got "busy" and forgot about Phonte and when he found out about 9th he couldnt pick up a phone. Young money is a very weak crew and he can't help but deteriorate being there had he signed with say Roc nation or duck down or something like that and been around real MC's like Cole, Jay Electronica, skyzoo, etc he would be a better artist today. The sales this was't directed at you just hear ppl saying stuff about it all the time so I wanted to put that out there.

    • Reason

      No one has blended both genres the way he has (r&b and rap) and I stick by my argument of people hating on his sensitive side, its all over the reviews, he's been labeled as this moody, over dramatic mc when really he's just expressing how he is, he's your prototypical nice guy, he's a humble dude and that's not through hearsay that's through a personal experience and he constantly reflects that in his music, that's why he's been labeled as "emo-rap" numerous times. As far as where he is now, I can't disagree with you anymore, Take Care sounds like a 2012 version of So Far Gone which is one of my favorite tapes of all-time, the whole body of work flows thoroughly, minus Birdman's unnecessary and Cameras (The Good Ones Go is smooth as hell), its a solid listen, I list Cole and Wale as better MC's then Drake BUT he put out a better body of work, mind you, it's no Section.80 (Album of the Year), it's a great commercial release. As far as you're "theory" on Drake not wanting to jump on joints with iconic Hip-Hop artists, I can tell you didn't notice 3 Stacks was on Take Care? Or even Jay-Z on Thank Me Later? Or even hoping on Cole's Friday Night Lights for In The Morning? And the reason 9th didn't get a beat on Take Care is because he was instructed to go through an a & r and 9th doesn't roll like that, he sits down with the artists and goes over beats. When did I even bring sales into my statement? One of my favorite MC's pushed only 163,000 in his first week and my other favorite MC's album, which is the best thus far of 2011 was only released digitally...

    • Chad Bernard

      That is a weak argument. I am from Tdot too and to say that he is trying to create some new genre is a lie i think. Drake was hugely influenced by phonte he admits it. If you search on this site he fav albums of all time are all true hip hop albums he just can't produce on that level. Please stop making it sound like drake is only guy who talks about his feelings, all true artist talk about there real life experiences. Drakes progression has gone away from being a true hip hop artist or rap artist if you prefer. He has moved to doing what he knows will sell to the most people. This not the same guy who wrote best i ever had or did tracks with elzhi, phonte and eminem. The artist he is now would not dare go on tracks with that level of MC. Do really think it was an accident that he didn't get on Phonte's album? Or that the producers like 9th wonder who he has been dying to work with didn't make the album? the writing is on the wall if you want to see it. And I am no hater I have been listening from the beginning. The newer the stuff the less I see an artist true to his craft. Sales don't equal quality they equal money.

  • Truth

    Best album this year and I aint even heard all of the songs in full yet. I'm about to go cop it when I get a chance. I give a 4.5/5. You can tell he put hard work into the album. Good production, good lyrics, quality songs. This is a full album with more than 5 songs you actually listen to entirely and feel, which is rare now and days. Shouts to drake. Take Care.

  • Bigg Jigg

    It is what it is. It's Hip Pop, which is not a bad thing if it's done right. Drake is not ying yang twins n shit. I like the album. I do like good hip pop music. I'm also a Black Milk, Kendrick Lamar listener too and tend to sway toward shit like that, but Drake ain't thoro ass dude so he gotta go in the lane that suit him best and true to him.

  • TheRuler

    Action_Bronson_and_Statik_Selektah-Well-Done-2011 here ya go some real hip hop! lets see what this site reviews it. this is why hip hop is dead. drakes fans are girls and dudes with nut hugger pants on. As long as BET and nyc Dj's take money to play music! drake and lil wayne will only get pushed

  • Sneek93

    this ablum was a great album it does the job of music

  • suaveovaerythin

    this ablum is a gotta like it or not but i cant hit the next button on ne song

  • banks


  • the guy

    Terrible review. How about actually putting effort into it? Wasn't even a Drake fan before this but I can easily say it's uup there with the best of the year. Yeah, it's easy and fun to hate, but in the end more rewarding to appreciate.

  • TheRuler

    This is a Hiphop site not a rnb site. All he does is sing. all his songs sound the same. Raekwon, Nas, Biggie, Snoop, Dr dre albums were classic albums and hiphop. Lil wayne, drake, j cole, jay and kayne all crap albums. so when you guys review compare to the greatest HIPHOP albums of all time. new rnb rap rappers do not and will never be even close

    • David Peralta

      Im cool with most of what your saying but Jay and Kayne with help from eminem, slaughterhouse, mos def, 50 cent, MOP, Busta, Luda, and a few more are saving hiphop from being completely dead. Wayne, Drake, and Rick Ross are the guys killing hiphop.

  • John doe

    one of the best albums ive ever heard

  • MC Ren

    Drake can sing all he wants, but he got popular because he was a rapper who could sing. Now he is just singing. Chris brown had more rapping on his album... and he is an r&b singer!...This is how this album sounds, 95% drake singing, 4% some other bums singing, 1% rapping.

  • Ganjarelli

    Not feelin it at all. Gave Drake another chance and it's the same shit to me. 2.5 at best and that's generous/not being a troll.

  • johndoe

    Drake rapping is just horrible. All those over-emotional, "i'm a deep nigga" type tracks are just pathetic. Top that off with a garbage flow, boring beats and his constant "uhhh" on tracks and you get where this is going. 1.5*

  • iPityYou

    Straight ass. Phonte's album > this nigga's whole discography.

  • ezduzit2011

    this review sucks it really seems kinda lazy like they really didnt listen to it the cd is not a classic but its pretty good def something to ride 2 and he has some in depth story telling through out it production is great 4.5

  • Jeremy ThequietGuy Orr

    Its alright.. I actually think it did show growth and a lil maturity from "TML". The story-telling was the one thing I felt he was missing and the joint about his moms was a jump in that direction. There was still some fillers but overall it was slightly better than "TML" IMO..but he's young and has plenty time to grow thru age and wisdom in the game.

  • RnBhater

    Necro said it best.. "I like drake the singer, not the rapper"

  • parma

    i think its rely good < i can feel what he saying and it relates to my lifee , beats could off been better thoo

  • tim

    this is probably the worst review i have ever read.not because it gave the album such a low rating but because it just chats total bs.take care is very different to thank me later for a start.the album is very solid and deserves a 4 at least imo.much better than cole world or ambition.it shows how good the album is if the user rating is 3.58 because this site is full of drake haters who normally rate everything a 1!

  • BeastModeOnEm

    Point blank...if you don't like this album, you cannot relate, or are somebody that wants to act emotionless lol...every song has a different message...listen to the music, don't just hear it. If you really think this album sucks, go listen to Lil B...#youarebasic P.S....this article is dumb as hell

  • Traviud

    However Drake may be defiling hip-hop, my main issue with this record is how joyless and dull it feels. Excellent production, but I really don't see how this could fly live. It's headphone music by a man with a droning, monotone flow. A few great tracks here for sure, but I don't hear much passion behind this. Can't even compare this to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, where Yeezy sounded like he was having a great time butchering his critics and himself. I don't know what the hell this is, but I don't really want to stare into Drake's navel, personally.

  • Zach Doebler

    This Album from front to back is amazing. Im tired of ppl saying how ohh Drake rap more rap more. Hes not just a rapper hes an artist. Almost no one can do what he can do. Also I love that hes honest with his music no fronts. Face it Drake is a beast. Best rapper no, but a hell of a song writer and he still can rap better than most ppl

  • Chad Bernard

    Look quality is quality when it comes to an album. I may not like like The Game for instance but you cant say he doesn't have any skills. The problem with Drake is that he is slowly but surely alienating the audience that got him his acclaim. Hey if dude wants to sing his own hooks sing them. If you wanna talk about your insecurities that's fine.But make a hip hop album or tell people your going a different way(r&b). Also people shouldn't use the emotional angle as an excuse for him putting out a poor album. Phonte's album had all kinds emotional things happening and there was nothing soft about it. A true artist is able to bring all the elements that got him to where he is and add to his fan base without losing his core fans. I am from Toronto and I know the people who have followed him from when nobody knew who he was til now and they definitely feel he has fallen off. His biggest mistake was signing with young money. There is no guidance on how to be an artist its about the money. Who is there to mentor him to say that this is shit and just cause it will sell doesn't mean we should put it out. I hate comparing albums but j.cole's album fell down cause he tried to do to much producing and rapping and it is still way better than this. I can respect j.cole trying that and it not workin out the way people hoped, more than Drake who on his second album still has reached the level of his mixtape. Which is still his best album.

  • Danuka Priyal

    Drizzy have done it again..... the album is more that just great. if you have the album downloaded before its official release date . . . . its worth to buy the actual thing.

  • Chillin

    I disagree with the reviewer, it doesn't sound anything like Thank Me Later which is part of the reason why the album is damn good. Solid album: 4.5/5

  • Anonymous

    reminds me of justin timberlake

  • Jeremy Anaya

    Why are people hating on this? I think this is great stuff. People need to wrap their minds around different types of hip hop. And it seems to me that there are some hip hop hipsters who believe it's wrong to listen to mainstream rap like kanye, jay, and j cole. WAKE UP. It's still music. Just listen to it because honestly, what you say is not gonna change someone else's mentality about what they like.

  • Anonymous

    they have not said anything about how much this album is gonna sell.watch next week they gonna say he did 700k in a week and you know that will be some bullshit.

  • lol

    3.5-3.8 rating is good.. nothing special at all

  • Jerrell James

    The album review sucks. some of the remarks weren't necessary. Whether you like the R&B'ish side of Drake you gotta respect his improvement. I like the album.

  • David Peralta

    Truly the beginning of the end for Drake abd Cash Money.

    • BoldSpice

      Nigga u trippin. You know how many times cats done said that shit. It's over for that wack motherfucker J. Cole and maybe Game. That last album didn't sell for shit.

  • David Peralta

    He has some okay R&B tracks but I'm sorry I wasn't feeling it. Some of the beats are hot. I would rank this in the top 30 for the year.

  • blazer2704

    EPIC ALBUM!! Fuck All You Haters

  • Anonymous

    THE BEST ALBUMS: 1) Jay-Z and Kanye - Watch the Throne 2) Saigon - Greatest Story Never Told 3) J Cole - Cole World: Sideline Story 4) Kendrick Lamar - Section.80 5) Drake - Take Care .... 124) Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV Thats how Imma rank the albums that have released thus far. Comment if you gotta.

  • The 90's

    This new 'pop hop' movement is straight fruity. They are trying to feminize Black and Hispanic men by constantly promoting these metrosexual, feminine rappers. The new generation of kids are mostly tech-savy, self absorbed softies. Like that movie, Demolition Man.

  • mr tibbs

    If u like r&b and hearing about love issues with a bunch of autotune hooks then this album is for u. If u liked his first album, or hip hop for that matter then stay away from this trash. First the Carter 4 was trash now Drake drops the ball. Young Money click is garbage bottom line.

  • DHM1

    Don't agree with some of the points mentioned in this review. The album is different and an improvement over thank me later. If you have related to his music in the past you will like it, if you haven't, GTFO and stop hating on good music just because it isn't to your taste. Go out and support this album if you like it. OVOXO/COLEWORLD.

  • Big Steez

    Ayo some of the songs are aight son. Headlines, Lord Knows, and Make Me Proud were fire. But yo, the rest of the album is like one long song yo. I cant fucks wit that.

  • wes

    i give it more. maybe a 4.5. yeah some will find it boring but those who love the rnb drake style will eat this up.

  • Hef

    This is some what music is about...from the heart and soul. He's just doin his thing, stop the hate and actually listen to the lyrics. Hell of an artist.

  • dzfbz

    wasnt feeling it one bit

  • John b

    Album is straight fire anyone that doesn't l,e it should kick rocks

  • Be Luke

    I thought the album was boring different beat but the same lyrics for every song. I wish he would rap more cause this was close to r & b cd so 3.5 is a good rating for medioore album r & b album

  • Anonymous

    The thing is i wouldn't put this album as a Hip-Hop album i put it towards an R&B album,for a Hip-Hop it's not what people consider "TRUE HIP-HOP" But it's a great none the less...but not a hip-hop album

    • Jeremy Anaya

      you're probably the most correct of all these comments. Everyone must have some type of diversity to their hip hop. Drake is both R&B and hip hop. Don't say you didn't know that. It was obvious. It's a smooth album.

  • FollowTheLeader

    Album is dope. From start to finish. This review is terrible. Saying the song Take Care feat rihanna is the low point of the album? Its a great song and guaranteed to be a hit. Saying "UGK" and "we'll be fine" sound like "Miss me"? Its not even close in comparison, at all. Drake did his thing on this one. Stop being so damn critical with music and just enjoy it. This is one of the top albums of the year. Drake keepin YM alive. Take Care SHITS on Carter IV, that album was poo. Best Albums this year.... Watch the Throne Cole World Take Care Ambition Read it and weep Haters

    • Anonymous

      Apparently we have a diff idea of commercial cus cole world, ambition and wtt def all commercial as hell. Those are only the best albums of the year if ur list has to be charted.

    • Travion Coker

      Cole World, Cole was spitting true shit. Far from commercial. Wale had bout 2 commercial songs. Watch The Throne is like the only legit commercial tape. But damn, when a nigga drop a album from a major label, y'all slap commercial across the album before playing it.

    • Anonymous

      Watch the Throne.. Take Care.. Cole World.. Ambition.. LMAO.. best of the year? What a coincidence they're all commercial. Section 80 Charity Starts At Home The Wonder Years

  • Bill$

    ok album 1st album was better.

  • Anonymous

    wow this album gonna flop hard

  • TaiJuan Gales

    Not worth the money honestly. I'm a fan of his music but this was not really a good album. I expected more. Spotify.com is your friend...

  • Bobo

    That first paragraph is the most accurate part of this review. The last is the second most accurate. The rest is opinion and we all know what to do with those. On some real shit I can't imagine being upset that somebody is famous and able to take care of their loved ones. If you don't like the music fine, just don't click his links and move on with life.

  • Chad Bernard

    Drake is what the radio wants and most record execs. The last thing that the most people want is smart intelligent hip hop they want pure fluff and what are they calling it now emo-rap. Real artist like all justus league, fashawn, elzhi, torae and on and on will never get play cause the powers that be do not want that kind of rap out there, they want Drake so thats all you will hear.

  • this is shit

    this has is is not hip-hop this is R&B gay bullshit



  • Anonymous

    Most of the people on this site are poeple who listen to that underground hip hop so most of you are going to hate Drake's R&B/Hip Hop style. Yall can't face the fact that hip hop is going to be about rap/singing now. The fact that alot of new rappers rap monotone is because they know that melody is more appealing to the ear than having no melody. Yall stuck in the old ways. Thats why rappers like Drake,Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, Wale etc. Are winning because they are adapting to what hip hop has evolved into. So rappers are going to have to be melodic now. Can't win with just using a looped sample anymore with no melody in your songs vocal wise.

    • Anonymous

      I'd rather stay stuck in my old ways then conform to this whole queer hop trend because everyone else is doing it And eventually this fad of Emo rybaby rap will fade and summin else will come along, same way as Shiny Suits, Hammer Pants & Grills all went the way of the dinosaur, so will this cornball shit I'll wait it out

    • Anonymous

      BEEEEP!!! Wrong answer. Kanye, Nicki, do not rap in a monotone voice and are more enjoyable to listen to (though Nicki's lyrics are wack, she's cute at least and sometimes make a hardcore banger). Who wants to hear monotone all day...its like Chinese torture.

  • Anonymous

    Why do niggas criticize or try to down play drake but always seem to talk about everything he does. Y'all all talk shit but yall listen to everyone of this nigga songs or buy his albums. Dx rated this album wrong it aint the best album ever but it deserves a 4 and up rating. No matter What though this album is going platinum. Now thats What i WINNINNNNG

    • Anonymous

      It's hard not to talk about him. His music and the hype for his music is omnipresent (and this also applies to Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, etc). I don't listen to the radio but I still know way too many of his songs cause they get played in stores, etc

  • HAA

    Most of this album was his auto tune singing and then the rest was him trying to rap. He had good beats but drake and everyone in YM is overrated.

  • Joshua McCann

    thats where the blogs get it fucked up. if its not pure hip hop then yall dont show the album any love. fuck yo opinion dog this is good MUSIC period. if you listen to other genres as far as rock, techno, r&b, soul etc how could you not fuck with this?

  • james

    Stop hatin bitches cause any of you can even sing or rap. The album is pretty good, not a classic.

  • Tyrannical T

    I swore I would never fuck with Drake because of that teeny bopper show, but I'll admit he makes a cohesive album. It might be repetitive in regards to the feel of his first offering, but he's still one of the best in his lane

  • EscobarSessionHasReturned

    This time he Toke Care of his album. If you really try to listen to this album, and not judge the album by the album-cover and hate the album by the fact that it's drake's, you'll get surprised. I'm not even a fan of the dude, math'er fact my favourite album are albums like Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt etc. but this dude really went hard.

  • GhostfaceKillah

    Read my shit nahsaying http://bigghostnahmean.blogspot.com/

  • Anonymous

    Mac Miller's album goes harder then this and i'm not even a fan of dude. It's not all bad though but this shit is pretty weak. What happened to Drake saying he's going to concentrate on rapping. And we get it your sad and your dealing with fame, but jesus try talking about something else. Least there was some real hip-hop released this year, just not this album.

  • taly

    i hope nobody actually considers Drake as an emcee 'cos if that's the case I'll have to find a different word to call guys like Kendrick Lamar & Skyzoo. Wack album

    • LOL

      co-sign.. I've got no problem with Drake.. I've just got problem with fans who call his music hip hop and him an emcee..

  • NorthDollasTX

    this niggah make music for the SKINNY JEAN movement ... he would be the equivalent to Father MC from back in the gap ... baby soft ass niggah. phucking nerds trying to act like they MACKING...

  • Anonymous

    why is everybody hating on drake? He is just a gay rapper. He cant help it that he is gay

  • GT

    I agree 100% with DONT MATTER... This is an album you could put on when you're with your lady. If it's abot new hip-hop albums, peep Comm's new shit.

  • Justice Baiden

    His mixtape i going to be cold---->> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgCgophLLJI&feature=youtube_gdata

  • foursix

    and i thought the first album was the worst he could do.

  • Dont Matter

    Good album for the ladies. Otherwise, little dissappointed.

  • Anonymous

    this shit is horrible by this degrassi junior high faggot

    • Anonymous

      shyt is probably horrible by degrassi standards too. This is some shyt I couldn't even throw away. I would put it under my car tire and run it over a few times to make sure nobody found it and could listen to it. Shyts low.


    drake can't sing live drake can't rap live softest rapper ever makes femcees look raw production sucks content sucks lyrics suck he looks like a burly gay man on the cover sipping sperm from his goblet 0/5 stars taylor swift is harder than drake

  • Take Heed

    Take Heed....This album sucks...Its like Drake didn't even try. He took the leftovers from Thank Me Later. I was a Drizzy fan till this came out. You fell off.

  • Andre Jennings

    Smart/well-crafted review. I completely agree. And I neither love nor hate Drake. On the fence, I am, I suppose...

  • Anonymous

    Chris Brown sings better than Drake, is more dynamic in his styles, etc. Look at me Now kills any song on this album (and JColes for that matter). The fuck boys being out-shined by an R&B kid who's doing their style says it all...gtfoh with this bullshit. complete garbage.

  • Anonymous

    so far these young faggots are fuking up the game...this shyt is garbage...Wale production saved his album.. What's up with these monotone sound MFs. Stop singing Drake. You're monotone. you sing and rap monotone. Wale changed his style and raps lazy tongued and monotone. sounds like a mush mouth. When Jay Z sounds more excited then there's a real problem. Jay has a talking style but its not as boring and has swag. Cole World was a peace of shyt that i couldn't listen two more than twice. The Carter IV, WTT and R.E.D. are much better than these garbage as albums. Real hip hop like Saigon, Monch, are better than those. Torae, Rapper Pooh being slept for these garbage albums? Hell i can't rate the best of the best. I would have to rate, what's not the worst of the worst. Wake up. in the league of worst albums (C-IV, WTT, RED are much better though i still believe CIV is better) - Wale better than Cole World better than this crappy album. When even Dre 3000 can't save a song, then you know there's a problem.

    • trackman

      u crazy,carter 4? red album? garbage ass albums. The game cant rap to save hs life! lil wayne is nusery rhyming faggot!

    • Reality

      I cosign that. Its bad when the so called new school rappers are destroying the legacy of hip hop with this crap.Its bad when Jay-Z is one of the hardest nigga out.Drake, J Cole, Wale are garbage...I went back to listen to the old school stuff because of how bad the music is now.

    • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

      I second everything you said bruh. I agree with you completely. 2011 is the year of highly anticipated, garbage rap albums.

  • Anonymous

    cole world bitch!!

  • Take Notes

    Just copped this off itunes,.. dunno , he go hard on "the Ride" and that Ross joint , but other than that i aint gettting that intense feeling from Drake,. i cant see him performing this live and keeping the crowd amp'd , WTT in Toronto for me and that is some crazy stadium music , Drake "Take Notes" then Take Care.

  • Marcus White

    Over all great work. Check my blog for my full review http://markiethegenius.tumblr.com/

  • Anonymous

    why if its an underground rapper like skyzoo or torae it gets 4 or 5

    • BAWSE

      I here what youre saying..I appreciate hip-hop culture. But I just think people also idealize the past. They busted Drake becuase of reading his BB On Flex but plenty of so-called legends have done the same and had pre-written or memorized freestyles, pretending to bust some new stuff. They did this back-in-the-day all the time. No big deal. We cant get carried away with idealizing the past. They're getting on Drake like NY used to get on the South when it started but now, everyone loves Outkast (ATL), TI but alot of it doesnt relate back to NYC tradition of hip-hop becuase its Southern and kind of country (not street). I even had a very hard time excepting Southern hip-hop at first but good music is good music. Anyways, point is Drake aint hated for his music, he is hated for something he supposedly represents but I think its a false target because he music is actually quality - hes making good real music. Its ironic that the big complaint is that Drake is "phony" but his lyrics are super-real. Hold that up against Dr. Dre, for instance, who has admitted that his lyrics are just for "entertainment". The guy has probably never even felt the grip of an AK-47. (Dont get me wrong - love Dr. Dre).

    • Jon

      BAWSE When i said "when i look at them" it had nothing to do with image i mean what they stand for as a whole. The image is the problem here because we are more concerned nowadays with the image more than the music. What i mean is that the majority of todays artists dont represent hip-hop culture, they represent themselves. Believe me i know everything about Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul... those are two of the groups i grew up listening to. For me this has nothing to do with being tough and from the streets. I spent two years in jail and i hate listening to all that shot em up music. My problem with hip-hop today is that artists dont respect the art of music. To them its just a way to get money. You dont see many mainstream artists freestyling on radio shows or participating in cyphers like it was back in the day. I dont want todays music to sound like it did back then i just want the love and respect for the culture and for the art of rhyming and sampling music to come back.

    • BAWSE

      Jon, Id argue that is exactly the problem: as you say "When you look at them". Thats what is really being elavuated - image, not music. I dont watch videos. Drake haters (not saying you are one) are obsessed with the way Drake looks - his pretty boy looks, his sweaters etc. Who gives a shit. They never evaluate him by his music. This is alot of that "rich kid/ light-skin is soft" mentality that is hating on him (ie. jealousy). I am not really sure how anyone can take an honest listen to "Take Care" and not admit this has some great hip-hop joints on it and that it is just quality music. "Look What Youve Done", "Lord Knows" and "The Ride" are all in the same vien as traditional hip-hop. Those three tracks alone are probably superior to 80% of hip-hop out this year. To me, the Drake hate is just a plain misconception of music. Im old enough to know that in New York when groups like Tribe Called Quest started they were laughed at by alot of street guys because they were considered weirdos with their African gear. De La Soul were laughed at as soft hippies. West Coast stuff in New York was considered garbage in NYC by alot of people - they were hated man. Biggie / Puffy too were considered "not real hip-hop". They hated all that G-Funk stuff and the R&B infusion. Drake is the new target. I find its not my friends who grew up around the culture in New York that disparage Drake, ironically, its actually my little cousins who are little enthusiasts from the suburbs that are far removed from understanding anything about street culture. They think they are hard. What does that mean? They cant relate to Drake because they dont get laid? Dissect the lyrics. Drake is just spitting real lyrics anyone can relate to. If Tyler the Creator can make a better album I wouldnt see it as any different. Its all the same shit. I garuntee if Drake was a rough-looking dude from the Bronx, this debate wouldnt even happen.

    • Jon

      I am all for expanding the hip-hop sound but i agree with anonymous. Hip-hop is expanding daily just look at artists like MeLo-X, Afta-1, and Theophilus London. The problem here is that we are allowing people who dont represent the hip-hop culture to be named leaders of hip-hop. Hip-hop was created by the people and made for the people but it is now being turned into a business and we are loosing the cuture. The same thing happened to Jazz. I think Drake and Lil Wayne and Rick Ross are all great rappers but when i look at them i dont see Hip-Hop. I see money hungry, self centered celebrities. Just because you rap doesn't make you a hip-hop artist. I have a broad tatse in music from hip-hop to soul to rock to house but when the artistry is taken out of the music im sorry but i can't support it.

    • BAWSE

      I always say this to my friends who are frustrated with hip-hop -Dont listen to the radio. Ive been listening to hiphop for 20+ years. In my EXP, the best stuff has never been on the radio (except maybe Hot 97) far back as I remember. Landmark artists like Black Moon/Pharacyde were only on college radio in other cities, if anything at all. In 93-94, moving a gold album was amazing. The radio always had pop music on. Thats ok to me, anyways, becuase some pop music is good. Motown was good. Aretha Franklin was good. I had a friend who always hated Jay-Z becuase he heard "Bonnie and Clyde" with Beyonce. I was like "dude, listen to the albums" - forget the radio. Radio has always been for pop music so an artist is going to have some pop records to move units. So what? Thats just the game. At the end of the day, Jay-Z will be remembered for "PSA" or "99 Problems" more than any radio record he ever made. Who remembers "Jigga, My Nigga". Thats over. My friend digs Jay-Z now because he digged and found the street stuff. At the end of the day, that stronger stuff has the staying power - the pop music gets the short attention span people (ie. the girls). I love the grimey hip-hop I grew up on but Im open to any new interpretations of this music - it will survive it and just divide into different groups like rock. I mean, alot of hip-hop started out with a techno/house/electro sound which was really clean at the time. No need to limit this music IMO

    • Anonymous

      The problem is that hip-hop is turning into pop. Its not evolving naturally its being forced into a little box that is created by the industry. I dont mind Drake at all but when i turn on the radio and all i hear is punchline rap and the same ten artists it bothers me. Hip-hop is a huge genre of music with many different lanes but we are only being fed a small piece of the pie. You should be able to turn on your radio and hear drake and lil wayne followed by some classic boom-bap and some conscious records. Grimy samples is a staple in hip-hop history and will always be around because without sampling there would never have been hip-hop. Hip-hop needs to and will evolve but we have to let it happen naturally and not let rich business men who know nothing about the culture dictate what hip-hop should like.

    • BAWSE

      Becuase hiphopdx is obsessed with maintaining the grimey sample based New York sound for which they are obsessed with and incapable of evolving from that. They have a blind allegiance to De La Soul/RZA's denigration that R&B is Rap and BS. They have dreams that one day, there will be another Illmatic or Midnight Maruaders and it will top the charts like the 93-94 era. Its the equivalent of a 13 year old who cant think for themselves because they are blinded by the false misperception of how they view their idols. The irony is Wu-Tang, Tribe and De La all probably dig Drake records because as an artist they can appreciate talent in a much more complex way than HipHopDX can. Drake actually recalls the old soul records which RZA used as the basis to create the Wu-Tang sound. Hip-hop will not grow without accepting new interpretations. Rock and Roll did so in the face of plenty of angry loser purists birthing Heavy Metal, Punk, Thrash and Alternative. If we dont let hip-hop grow, it will be stuck with a bunch of boring Ghostface wannabes repping the ghetto when they live in Long Island. It will turn into grunge music or disco. Stuck with a certain sound. People who think they are hard and hip-hop for dissing Drake are idiots. We would still be listening to the Fat Boys if they ruled the world.

    • GT

      Sounds like you are contradicting yourself. But good to know that you recognize we are on a bonafide hip-hop site.

    • GT

      You must be on the wrong site. This is a hip-hop site. You probably want to go to that hip-pop site, AHH.

    • Anonymous

      Because they are better artists and put together projects. This is hiphopdx not popdx

  • Neffite Davis

    A great Album!!!!!!! No its not for the hiphop purist, or whoever love street shit!! But who enjoy good music well this is what this is!!!!! Great Music and he deserve whatever awards and props he get!!!!!!!!!!

    • ayfruitcake

      You need to calm down fam. You a soft ass ma'fucka. You on your bubble bath music swag. Chill with the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just Blaze

    horrible album fail of the year

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    It's definitely 4 stars. The Weeknd is really dope and someone should get that kid a deal fast. My only complaint is that there are too many songs and should have been around 12 or 13 tracks. Overall, the album shows growth and Drake doing his Drake thing. Too many people want Drake to be something he's not or conform to some rap industry standard. He's an artist....Not just a rapper. Crew Love and the Motto are on fire.

  • dude

    Best of the year so far (together with WTT)

  • Blake Ulrey

    The perfect album

  • Carl Monde

    lmfao this review was discredited the moment you said it was similar to thank me later. and the fact that you did not mention the so far gone style of sound makes this review bad also. i wish they would get unbiased critics to review peoples music. drake fans who review it will over hype it a little and people who hardly listen to his music will write the same bullshit you are. it's obvious your not a fan but you also don't listen to his music enough to give a proper review.

    • YO??

      But you are biased yourself though. Its not like you would be qualified to review this either. It obvious you got a hard on for Drake. You be on your bubble bath music swag, you pussy ass nigga.

  • kps

    Horrible review btw. Maybe a bit too much rnb on this record, but songs like crew love and TRH, Buried Alive are amazing, original and something i've never heard before. I thought he said that this record was supposed to be more rap, like Lord Knows. Only tracks 2, 16 and 17 suck imo.

  • jg

    dont get me wrong, this album is not excellent by any means, but it def grows on you after 3-4 listens. There is no standout track and you have to kind of listen through the whole thing. Not the kind of music you can just put on shuffle

  • Home Of Philly

    decent album.. This is up there with So Far Gone


    First off, this BS about Biggie and 2pac is nuts. Biggie / Puffy and 2Pac were dissed for the same R$B infusion that Drake has by the so-called purists. Also, both had suicidal depressing joints despite their success (just like Drake). Hell, Biggie had a huge R&B-fused hit "Mo Money, Mo problems" which lamented the same. 2pac's "Me Against the World" actually sounds alot like "Take Care". One of 2Pac's biggest hits was with Jodeci and at least, half of his songs were directed at women, just like Drake. If 2pac and Biggie, they would scrambling to do tracks with Drake. Get over it. The reason Drake is inspired so much hate is mostly because he is (a)light skin and has those "pretty boyish looks" (b) he grew up upper-middle class. Take away those factors and I garuntee, none of the hate would be so vehement. There would be hate because he's changing the game but it wouldnt be intense. The point is everything is being judged about him ACCEPT HIS MUSIC. This is because it is not arguable the music is quality, even if you hate it - you have to admit it. The arrangements and productions alone are miles ahead of Wale and some of these other albums listed as higher ranking. Drake's music probably comes closest to Marvin Gaye and 2pac. Thats an objective opinion. All the greats were ridiculed in their prime - including NWA, Biggie, Eminem and 2PAC. When you change the game, the traditionalists will be saying "It aint hip-hop, its something else". All this, only proves the inevitable - Take Care is a game-changer which only lends more credence to the idea that it is a classic. All the big great albums that change hip-hop are usually very decisive like this. (It because the haters know its good, just cant admit it - just read this review - its a hater hating to admit the album is good).

    • @BAWSE

      everything you just said is a lie.

    • BAWSE

      2PAC had plenty of R&B tinged songs with R&B choruses. He directed alot of his music to women. I bet if Tupac could sing, he would. His approach was denigrated by the purists at the time. Now, that sound has been simply been accepted. Biggie had the same issue and was dissed by everyone for destroying hip-hop when he came out. He was dissed blatantly big-time by OGC /Jeru/ The Roots. Both Biggie and 2pac also had "soft" songs which dealt with their emotional turmoil - this is what made them superior MCs period. When these guys died, they became martyrs and criticism was muted. The same happened to Michael Jackson who much more ridiculed than Drake ever was. But everyone knows Michael Jackson is now an indisputable legend. Drake aint on that level so lets not get carried away but you little kids couldnt even begin to understand the level of hip-hop knowledge I have. The difference between you and me is I LISTEN to hip-hop. I dont join cliques or read tabloid. Most Drake hate is directed at his image, NOT HIS MUSIC.

    • GT

      Bawse wrote "Take Care is a game-changer which only lends more credence to the idea that it is a classic." Buddy, you lost your marbles. The kids music is good, but it isn't no shit I'll be putting when I ride with my boys blowing smoke. And with a name like Bawse, you must be on that Rick Rawse shi..... Must be why you would claim Take Care as a classic.

    • Stringer

      Tupac didn't act like he was a r&b singer dumbass faggots, you two go suck drake off some more. Dickriders

    • Respect

      Real Talk! people hate the greats but they all rapped with RnB artists and on RnB tracks.. the list goes on , Nas ft Lauryn hill, Jay-z/usher neyo etc etc,Kanye/john legend. Drake aint different ,. 4.5 stars 5 for his flow and creativity.

  • Anonymous

    best homo album ever!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    this faggot music gotta stop. can somebody beat this dude the fuck up

  • harry

    best hip hop album ever so happy there is no homophonic lyrics is on rotation at the gay bar in manchester peace ya'll

  • gay and proud

    amazing album i hope george michael and drizzy baby do a song together

  • Anonymous

    this was a well written article, and all the people bickering here are just proving the main point: you either like drake or hate him and usually its for the same reason.. the fact that gets me though is that this is rated the same as j.cole.. is this a rap website? coz put the verses against eachother and j cole wins easily.. that should count for something

  • jr88

    only 4 cuts i liked on this album the rest are either ad or you have to be in a special mood to feel it

  • Samuel Bowden

    tbh amazing :)

  • James

    Honestly, your a drizzy fan, or you aren't. He's more R&B than rap anyways...

  • Eli Abdallah

    if 2pac and biggie were still alive, this fool would still be on the degrassi high show, and YM would be workin at KFC

    • yb

      Eli Abdallah stop hatein dont get madd cuz u aint rappen or singing fucking loser. . . . fck of sum were

    • Anonymous

      them two legend arent alive no more, u guys gotta let it go, music is growing everyday, do u think biggi and pac would still be rapping gangster songs? i doubt it, if u dnt like drake fine, i dont mind him. let it go bro

  • Anonymous

    uhmm besides the fact that underground kings sounds nothing like miss me....this was just a badly written review. it sounded pretty biased and just not written well overall....notice how he completely failed to mention the most "hiphopdx friendly" track on the album "lord knows". not saying this as some disgruntled drake fan but as a guy that just read this review and could see this wasnt written objectively *shrugs*

  • Anonymous

    Andre should be ahamed of himself.

  • Matthew Riptide Palmer

    I thought the album was strong and well put together; it's in a similar vein as TML, but it's a good improvement. It's definitely more mellow than TML for one, but it's more musical as well. There's simply too many aspects to Take Care for me to write it all here. Honestly, I love HipHopDX and I agree with some of these points, but more depth in the reviews would be appreciated. The review for Cole World: The Sideline Story disappointed me as well: neither of these albums are only worth 3.5/5.0. Peace.

  • Tumisang Dale Rankopo

    This was supposed to be a review of Take Care and it turned into a review of HipHopDx editors lol. I think this album was at least 4/5

  • itsKgosi!

    Ummm the review is right, there is not much here that makes you say.....wow this is a new Drake album. This album could have easily been disk 2 of "Thank me later". Mainly because 40 didnt take his production to new heights, he stayed in his range. What would have benefited Drake was to split the production work between 3 more producers and more Boi-1da beats. Maybe some beats from TOOMP, ID Labs, NO ID, just to give listeners a different taste. And also he should have tried different ways of doing hooks. But i agree Crew love is highlight track

  • Rob

    Shit is dope. I'll be bangin this shit for as long as Thank Me later was in rotation. This review is gonna end up like J.Cole "oh it deserved a better rating" SHUT UP, it's the reviewers opinion....get over it

    • Stringer

      Bang this out if your ride with your windows down, you will be able to pick up any faggot you want. You 2 dick munchers

    • Anonymous

      co sign. what are you people so upset about really. because he didnt enjoy it as much as you? because he enjoyed it more than you? grow up... my god.

  • HipHopHead

    I keep telling yall its Ballad Rap.

  • adnanojd

    dx's reviews make no sense, u tellin me this & Cole world is on the same level? c'mon! 3 at best, j. cole 4.5 at least.

  • rapfan

    i think they skimped a bit on the review. I feel like the hiphopdx editors dont really like crossover artists ...they keep tryng to put drake in certian boxes instead of recognizin that the dude make his own brand of emotional and sometimes corny music. but thats him..and he does it well. DX has a code for a perfect album and they compare everything to that code IMO. out of all the reviews DX gave the worst rating...every other site gave 7.5-9/10. dissapointing, but hey..atleast it beat C4.

  • ya

    ps it's not hip-hop, it's Drake. fuggin deal with it, shit. he's just doing what he wants to do you don't have to listen to it or buy the album or nothin.

  • cheek

    "take care" is not the lowest point on the album, it's a cool track. that's all

  • matt

    also this is terribly written

  • buckeyewu

    aiighhhht, sorry about the rant. I'm sure this Drake album is good. I checked out a couple tracks and the music is dope. (its still an R&B album/not hip hop)

  • Frederick Wright

    Personally I think the album is better than the first similar yes but definitely deeper than 1st

    • bizzle_dan

      Dude these guys gave Thank Me Later a 4/5 and gave this a 3.5/5. This shit is alot better than his first album. It's deeper and it flows better. This site is way off bra. And its because they have different ppl doing each review, which makes no sense if u ask me. This album is a 4/5 at worst. I meean they gave Mac Miller, a rapper who can spit, but raps about basically nothing, a 3.5. So their saying Blue Slide Park is on the same level as Cole World & Take Care...Hell No!!!

  • matt

    also u guys just got it wrong....take care expands on drake's abilities from thank me later but the album has really proven him to be an artist who is creating his own sound in hip-hop. he has an incredible ear for production and has improved in just about every aspect on take care.

  • buckeyewu

    you R&B ,tight skinny jean wearing bitches should be ashamed for listening to this shit. calling it hip hop. im speechless. yall listen to music thats intended for females and romance. im not going to hate on this R&B album cause im sure its dope music but yall are sad if you think this is hip hop. Go get some Apathy, UGK, Jay Rock, Slaine, Slaughterhouse, The Roots,and Doppelgangaz, and Big KRIT if you want some hip hop.

  • matt

    did yall actually rate ambition above take care? wow

  • bizzle_dan

    First off, if u dont like somebodies music why come on to his.her album review, read it them take time to right shit about the artest. WHY? I am a 20 year old and I like this album very very much. My favorite rappers of all time are Jay-Z &Biggie Smalls. I aint no casual rap listener and I am not no 13 year old little girl who likes rnb. Some of my all-time fav albums are Illmatic, Ready to Die and Resonable Doubt.I say that to say this, I know rap and this is a good ass album. Hip HopDX lost alot of respect from me for this review. This album is a 4.5/5 for my opinion. They called "Crew Love," which I like alot, a standout. I mean what happen to "Lord Know's", "Look what you've Done" and "Underground Kings"? If u ask me the only low point of the album was having Birdman talk at the end of "We'll be Fine." The production is top notch and every feature is on-point. HipHopDX seam to have a man crush on Andre 3000 if you ask me. I mean they always seam to covet his features, even though they are dope, but how u could mention his verse over Kendrick Lamar's? Too me Kendrick had the second best verse on the album next to drake's Lord Knows verse. This album is very cohesive and for an album 16 songs it has little-to-no filler. I like Drake because he is real and he doesnt have an image to uphold. Who said a rapper had to be hard or gangsta to be considered Hip Hop? I enjoy verity. I admit lyrically Drake hasnt improved much, but that doesnt take away for the Album: My 5 best album's of the Year: 1. Take Care 2. Watch the Throne 3. Section .80 4. Cole World: The Sideline Story 5. Ambition

  • tommi@gmail.com

    this is drake..this is his sound, this is what he does. this is the sound that introduced him to the public. why does he have to expand on it? and so fast? jada kiss sounds just like he did yrs ago..nice...but he hasnt switched up his sound.. thats what i view as hypocritical bc most rappers have a signature sound and stick to the same overall topics..even the ones considered to be great like nas and jay. why does drake need to change or expand? not saying its a bad thing to do that but this is the dudes 2nd album. drake raps and sings, mostly about women and fame..he not from the hood. it would be fake to try and rep that. maybe he not into politics or whatever. his detractors are called haters bc your favorite artsts can do the same shyt for yrs (50) and call it keeping it real and you bite but bc you dont like what this guy does he needs to switch it up or expand when in reality he already did. not too many rappers sing and rap and didnt sound all the way corny doin it 300 comments. someone secretly likes drake..

  • Anonymous

    This review is CRAP!!!!!!! ALEX THORNTON you have embrassed yourself.....never ever write another review...The album is much better that you say it is....Do you have something against Drake?

  • Anonymous

    This review is kinda bullshit, the album is way better than they make it out to be.

  • Anonymous

    Haven't listened to the album yet so I was hoping this review could help me know what to expect, but this was the worst review I ever read. You sir have failed

  • Bad, Bad Review

    This is the best hip-hop album I've ever heard, I'm so confused with this review. "Take Care" is one of the best songs i've heard this year, not the lowest point on the album... We'll be Fine, Underground Kings, and Miss Me don't sound anything alike!

  • ilstu

    wow...this alex thornton guy must not have listened to take care at all because it sounds absolutely nothing like thank me later, underground kings and we'll be fine don't sound alike and neither sound like miss me, and he didn't even mention lord knows in the review which was possibly the best song on the album. This site always has the worst album reviews

  • Its ok

    From the leaks that ive heard, it fills the void between now and the last album. Lord Knows and The Ride are the only cuts that make an impact. I would just say that aubrey man, this album could use things like stories, opinions, views, and just less singing for everybody man, just quit singing so much.

  • Lupe Espinoza

    TOP 4 from Take Care 1. Headlines 2. Make Me Proud ft. Nicki Minaj 3. Underground Kings 4. Marvin's Room

  • mbtm

    if 2pac was alive he would drop hit em up PART 2, and destroy weezy and drake

    • Anonymous

      pretty sure stillmatics a classic. God's son is a great album. didnt love it was written but hes had some great albums.

    • Anonymous

      WTF...you haven't heard Nas' catalog? Even his bad albums were only considered bad because he went Nas Esco gangsta instead of continuing with the over ya head illmatic, but the rhymes on those Esco album were still good. His skills didn't drop off, just his content. Listen to every Nas album since stillmatic especially the Untitled album...you're out of your mind saying Nas hasn't put out fiyah since illmatic.

    • Anonymous

      nas is overrated. phenomenal MC but he is way overrated....yes i know he made illmatic.....its been 15 years and failed to make an album anywhere near as good.....people need to get over it.

    • Anonymous

      Are you fucking serious right now? If 2pac was still alive he'd have fallen off, he'd have a reality show on E!, and no one would consider him a GOAT. Jay-Z>2Pac Nas>2Pac Kanye>2Pac Every dude in the wu tang clan > 2Pac Eminem > 2Pac Andre 3K >2Pac Big Boi > 2Pac People need to get off 2pacs dick. Most overrated rapper of all time. I rarely find myself with an urge to pop in All Eyez on Me. The rappers he even influenced are shit heads like Young Jeezy. Kanye and Jay-z and Outkast and Nas and Big L are the rappers who have been influential in recent years.

  • Adam Nowak

    Strong album, relevant and well-thought out. Just don't like the song with Nicki, it sounds fake. Otherwise I like that he's carving out his own sound and this transitions well from his Young Money sound to more OVOXO.

  • Anonymous

    I think its limiting to the album to classify it as hip hop because that just dissapoints fans who want a rap album. Drakes something different and if you dont like its probably cause youre expecting more rapping. This review is shit though the album is nothing like thak me later.

  • Anonymous

    Critics are praising this trash. Metacritic critics are all giving it 4.5/5. lol. One called it the finest hip hop/rap album...Hahahahah. How the fuck is the hip hop ?

  • Chad Bernard

    I was a drake fan not sure if I am anymore I feel like he was better before he got a deal. I mean I am cool with dudes talking about feelings and stuff but it how you do it. The guy doesnt even sound the same its like his voice has gone up a octave or he had a cold. I feel like he cant decide between going straight r&b and staying with hop hop. To me he is a poor poor mans Phonte who he admits was big influence he is just not nearly as good.

  • Anonymous

    this album aint crack its nyquil it will help you get some zzzz's

  • jfraz

    worst review i ever read in my life, the opinions of this album is far from accurate, this album deserves 4 or 5 stars and sounds nothing like his last album and it shows that he clearly evolved and actually had a story to tell like wtf

  • swishaman

    i love music no matter if it has a message or not feel me. what bothers me is that you so called "hip-hop" fans are so fuckin close minded. Not everyone wants to make hard gangsta shoot em up shit all the damn time. that is why they have other branches of hip-hop. you have gangsta rap, alternative rap, horrorcore, pop-rap,concious rap, etc. and i hate when someone doesnt like a certain artist, they get on the person who likes that artist. how are you going to knock someone for liking someone damn. btw i think take care is a good album. swishaman out!!!

  • Anonymous

    nobody really wants game on a track with them its just that interscope checks dont bounce ahahah.