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Interestingly enough, "Blue Slide Park" doesn't do anything to damage Mac's current status in the game, but it also doesn't do much to raise it.

Mac Miller’s rise to notoriety has been impressive. Even though Blue Slide Park is going down as his debut album, Miller’s already one of the culture’s most anticipated up and coming emcees. Spring boarding off mixtape success, Miller has catapulted to a world where fame, criticism and praise are all at his doorstep. In dropping this album, many are questioning if he can withstand the pressure bestowed upon him or if he will cave. Interestingly enough, Blue Slide Park doesn’t do anything to damage Mac's current status in the game, but it also doesn’t do much to raise it.

As an emcee, Mac Miller comes off as an ambitious upstart who does a good job with tools at his disposal. His flow often stands out, as exemplified on “Man in the Hat.” Matching this infectious flow with calculated multisyllabic patterns and a charismatic confidence, he is able to showcase a strong presence behind the microphone, as heard on the title track (“Who you know that’s iller than Mac Miller and company? It’s like a planted money seeds right underneath the fuckin’ tree”). On the other hand, it can sometimes feel as though he isn’t equipped with all the proper tools to finish the job. This is heard when Miller uses cringe worthy lines like, “We just trying to go bananas like it’s Donkey Kong.” When he is focused (“Missed Calls”), Mac is able to channel his talents with success but his subject matter is often scattered and nonspecific, as exemplified with the dull sounds of “Loitering” and “My Team.” Mac also has a knack to cook up infectious hooks like “Under the Weather” and “Up All Night” but sometimes this can take a downturn. For instance, the chorus for “Frick Park Market” is eerily familiar to his recent hit “Donald Trump” and the hooks for the aforementioned “Loitering” and “My Team” are uninspired and repetitive. All of this reveals that while Miller has shown that he’s a capable emcee, he is still incapable of holding down a full album lyrically.

Musically, Miller enlisted I.D. Labs, Ritz Reynolds and Clams Casino, among others, to produce this disc. I.D. Labs took on production for most of the album, producing the old school flavor of “Party on 5th Ave” with sample nods to DJ Mark the 45 King’s “The 900 Number” and DJ Kool’s “Let Me Clear My Throat.” I.D Labs also pieced “Of the Soul’s” smooth, mellow vibe together before creating the up-tempo Rock-inspired sound for “Up All Night.” I.D. Labs go on to show more versatility with “Under the Weather,” complimenting Mac’s fun loving spirit, flow and chorus.

Great young artists seek an album that will help them break into the elite table. Unfortunately, this album will not do this for Mac Miller. This is not to say he won’t make it in the near future In fact, Blue Slide Park only further proves that Miller has great potential. However, it does not show enough lyrical maturity or artistic development to elevate his position in the game. As noted, Mac Miller’s rise has been impressive and now he’s got the difficult task of proving he can still grow from here.


  • nanofcb

    I don't understand all the hate, that being said, the only song I liked is donald trump, great party song.

  • Lenore Cianci

    Add me on !

  • Dusty B

    READ "CHRIS MONEY" comment below: EXACTLY HOW I FEEl, hahaaha! ain't wasting my time on this clown WHACK MILLER anymore.. ALL U DUMB YOUNG KIDS NEED TO MATURE AND WISEN UP, this fool ain't shit, him and some of you continue to DISGRACE HIP-HOP/RAP music! Along with Fat Ass CO Rick ross, his lame posse of maybach bitches, wakaflaka, lol, gaaaaabage! Check out REAL stuff, HOPSIN, RIPTYDE, KMK, TECH, KINGSPADE, ETC.... chris money: lol he sucks at rapping. and he is not fly hes a little bitch, looks like a fucking racoon. constantly dancing all corny in his videos and shit and cheesing, shows how dumb todays rap game is. any lame white kid with zero swagger can try to sound intelligent on a track and get a record deal. dude is lame. ugly as fuck and just plain is one of the worst rappers alive. wait scratch that dude isnt a rapper - hes a pop artist.

  • jdnd

    i honestly think this is a really good album even though this has had mixed reviews from critics. this is one of my favourite albums this year. 4.5/5

  • johnny

    Den er jo fucking dope!

  • Anonymous

    wack miller is gay as fuck

  • kevin

    Honestly one of my favorite albums! I apreciate all types of music especialy rap but mac differentiates himself from other generic rappers such as wayne. i have been listening to mac for a really long time and its crazy to see his upward proggression

  • TIM


  • Ilija

    people don't like him just because he's not "gangsta rap" mac miller is the shit! I challenge any main stream rapper, weezy, jay-z, 50, T.I to make a rap song with not killing, cars aka whips, bitches, hoes, glocks, blocks, bloods or crips.

  • intoxkmarx

    Yall Steady Haten But This Album still Hit Number One On the Billboard Charts, so Everybody STFU, Get A Life

  • madelinemily

    i love mac and the album. dont hate on him. youre prolly just jealous because it AMAZINGGG.

  • Anonymous

    This album sucks...

  • lauren

    ..What's wrong with all of you people? Mac Miller doesn't give a shit if you hate on his music. He raps because he likes to rap, he smokes weed because he likes to smoke weed. He can get away with putting himself into his music,he has millions of fans AND he's making bank. Mac Miller is fly as hell, if you disagree...who cares, he is still going to be famous for doing what he does best.

    • chris money

      lol he sucks at rapping. and he is not fly hes a little bitch, looks like a fucking racoon. constantly dancing all corny in his videos and shit and cheesing, shows how dumb todays rap game is. any lame white kid with zero swagger can try to sound intelligent on a track and get a record deal. dude is lame. ugly as fuck and just plain is one of the worst rappers alive. wait scratch that dude isnt a rapper - hes a pop artist.

    • Anonymous

      Which is crappy music.

  • LugzNig@

    I dont know why I even tried listenin to this..kid is a "no one" just a bunch of young ass potheads who think he can rap good..SMFH ALBUM SUCKS!

  • DJam313


  • Trav

    2 Thumbs WAY DOWN.. Mac Miller makes Hip Hop look real bad.

  • SMFH

    WOW! Shaking My Fuckin' Head This shit is so fuckin lame! Blue Slide Park = FAIL That is all...

  • jg

    i love Mac, but the thing with this album is that its great for the first couple of listens and then gets old quick. A lot of the songs kind of had the same sound like the Jcole alum. Or maybe it was just that I left BSP on repeat for too many hours??

  • Anonymous

    what is this album lo lllllllllll

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Great album.

  • VOR

    TRUTH ALERT: If he was black all of you would be slobbin his balls.

  • Bull -ish

    Terrible. Just terrible. No one cares about Mac Miller or Donald Trump. Try to rap multi-syllable and talk about things other than money and your "tough" grindin' lifestyle lacin' up your new shoes and walkin' around the suburbs of Philly. This is some LAME ass shit. That's all.

  • Mrs.Prez

    Eh, I like select songs on his mixtapes and I mean he does have some potential. Just can't mess with this one. I support dude though!

  • Anonymous

    3.5?? Nahhh At Least a 2. Cole World was miles ahead of this and got a 3.5...Even drake was better than this and got a 3.5

    • jg

      Cole World mas a mediocre and forgettable album. Take Care had like 15 tracks of elevator music. Blue Slide Park goes back to the roots of hiphop, which are RAPPING on the mic and having fun with what you do. Mac has some consious records like diamonds and gold, but for the most part he raps about what he knows and it works. One of the best releases of the year

  • Anonymous

    I tried listening to him. I tried to go in with no expectations but I cant listen to this kid. He doesnt have it.

  • carlitosway

    2 stars for effort

  • carlitosway

    this album was borderline wack for real . 3.5 stars ? no way

  • Justin Skuba Cirami

    if you like mac miller you will LOVE The King's Offspring!

  • bloodgang

    mac defines hip hop. hes bringing 90s hip hop back. ill beats smooth rhymes. AND HES RUNNING SHIT INDEPENDENTLY

  • francis basco

    better than take care

  • stop the insanity

    If you like Mac Miller cool. You're entitled to like what you like. No one is taking that away from you. But please don't classify this as hip hop. Put it under the pop section.

    • dj nemesis

      y wud u call it pop? its ill beats,raw flow,and dude spittin bout what he knows best...

    • jg

      how is Mac not hiphop? He just gets on the mic and fuckin spits. He doesnt enlist RnB bitches to sing his hooks he spits them. He tells haters to suck his dick at the beginning and end of every track. Tell me nigga, how is he not hiphop?



  • Young E

    Im not even that much of a fan but this is good shit mayne. 4/5

  • redo

    wowww all i see is niggas hating on the kid cuz he aint from the hood? He spits fire, owns his owns publishing, has creative beats, and even tho he has a big name right now he didnt jump for famous geust appearances to boost sales. And he got sales. He gives his fans what they want and obv its workin so keep hating you crabass niggas

  • jg

    MAc Miller is the voice of the new generation! This is true hiphop this shit bumps

  • Anonymous

    ALBUM IS SO FUCKING BAD check out shit like Stankonia, ATLiens, Marshall Mathers LP, The Chronic 2001 Album & shit from, the 90's Mac Miller is ruining this game

  • Anonymous

    listen i listen to KRS One, 2Pac, Eminem, Mobb Deep, and Outkast, But I also appreciate other forms of music. I listen to Led Zeppelin, Blink 182, Weezer, and for some weird reason I even like a few NSYNC songs. To me its all about what sounds rite and to me Mac Miller is a mix of Punk, Hip-Hop, and Pop. He's an independent artist that's making the music he wants, so hes not selling out and to me personally I enjoy the album. It maybe be poppy but its far from Lil Wayne, Drake, Pitbull, Usher poppy material. Its a Suberb kids album that likes Blink 182 and Rap. To me its a sold album for what hes trying to do, hes trying to make that type of album. Stop hating on the album and saying hes garbage just because its not your type of music. Show respect for all forms of music before your judge. In that sense I've come to enjoy Odd Future and Backstreet Boys songs. But I still dislike Country, I've tried, its just there accents and subject matter is unintelligent, but fuck it, I'm not from the South, I can't relate.

    • Makaveli The Don Lives On

      Yeah i agree with you, i got this album, its not so bad, its different from from mainstream rap, it has some pop in it, but as for 19 year old independent artist, he is doing alright. Some songs are fine and i def enjoy them more than what lil wayne, ross , drake and other motherfuckers produce right now. Give white guy some credit daumm

    • Ryan

      glad there's someone with some sense other than people who are automatically gonna hate on the white kid who raps about partying

  • soulintent

    Some haters here Blue slide park is dope as fuck. I used to hate Mac Miller but he grew on me over time.

  • quese

    hiphopdx is toooo generous when it comes to these reviews mack miller is wack period not hating

  • really?

    144,000 sales of shit

  • go_gurrrrrry

    the beats are mediocre. but fuck itunes and everyone who downloaded this shit. its not rap or hip hop way to mainstream people who purchased this album should get a refund. all of his rhymes are simplistic and are nowhere near the pros in the game....Jayz,Techn9ne ect.

  • eddy

    I give it one star for effort.

  • eddy

    I expected more from mac. So many people in my school say he's good but I can't stand him. I really think he could have tried harder. This is my opinion but I don't think he was made for the rap game. I really don't think he can handle it. I respect that he is new and so popular but I don't think that's going to last long.

  • bee

    i respect him as a rapper he does have some flow but i dont think its right people are elevating him higher just because he is a minority in his field. rap is rap and if he deserves the same grade as drake and J FREAKING COLE hip hop is dead or this website is. all his beats are hot i lovedd missed calls but the bad thing is it sounds exactly like wiz to me and that may be why i like it and thats not good... the reason those former artists are awesome along w/ ye and jay is because they have a distinct voice and style and most of his stuff on it is too similar to someone who is already hot for this style ....however i saw his individuality in loitering and appreciated was nicee...his rhymes arent very creative alotta repetitive lines too...kinda annoying.. but again his beats are awesome... hole in the pocket shoulda been a song,,, did i mention his beats rockkkkk???

  • R.C.

    a lot of ya'll are hating seriously dude got a nice flow. his beat selection is can't say ur not feeling the title track. he's rapping about what he knows and i think he's pretty good at it. fresh album.

  • Grady

    shiiit, man! what you talkin' about? He's only 19, he's still so, so young!

  • mac da best

    Mac is something different in hip hop. He obviously isn't for everybody and this CD's popularity is really a true testament to his fans loyalty. He didn't make this to change opinions of all his haters out there. This is for the fans that enjoy what he does.

    • eddy

      @Lol I so agree and your reply made me laugh.

    • Lol

      Thats cause mac miller isnt hiphop. u could never compare him with nas, 2pac, outkast, wu-tang, eminem...or even the other tier guys like trick daddy, 50 cent, young jeezy, ludacris, etc. This kid is a joke, and so r u. u live in the suburbs, ur parents are married, you have to worry about which party is cooler to go to this weekend... c'mon kid, be real.

  • Wack Miller

    Im from the suburbs, I smoke, I drink, I like bitches... please kiddo. Average every day shit i live it. i want to hear about someone who made it from nothing to something. this kid is a waste of his parent's pre-paid college fund $$ they put away for him.

    • Ryan

      so if someone doesn't go through tough times or obstacles in their life they're not allowed to rap?

    • eddy

      Kinda how I feel, so far that's how I see it. I listen to people that deal with real shit in their lives. Mac just wasn't made for this.

  • Carly

    This album is the shit. No other words said.

  • Anonymous

    if you like Mac Miller please don't call yourself a hip hop fan or anything else other than "lost"

  • Zach

    It was a great album if your actually from Pittsburgh it's a 1000 times better

  • Suckit

    Leave the RWW (rapping while white) to eminem and Yelawolf. Mac Miller needs to find a new profession.

  • Pacer

    Mac Miller clearly said this album was made for him & for his fans/current fan base. Love it or hate it. Its #1 on iTunes so everything else means dick. He didnt get a major fan base overnight. He's worked hard for that for the props he's got. The album catered for a certain demographic & it achieved what it set out to do. I'm sure he's follow up will be beast.

  • Anonymous


  • Messi

    I've never been a fan of mac, but I thought he had a few decent songs... But this album sucks.

  • ali

    this corny wack rapper got the same album grade as cole world and take care??? HIPHOPDX SUCKS!!!

  • So Icy Boi!

    Mac Miller is da best rappa alive. he mo creative den Feminem. lmao. swag 5/5

  • John Edwards

    Here's my short take on the album.

  • goldeneranostalgia

    face it , this album is a flop music and rhyme wise . his rhymes get annoying as hell on this cd . and the songs sound weak from 1 to 10 beats - 3 rhymes - 4 Substance - 3 flow - 3

  • Alex Olmos

    @hello123 since when is the race of a rapper matter anymore? Half of some of the famous rappers are half-white, and there's other rappers like Eminem, Yelawolf, and so on. It's about them being a true lyricist.

  • Alex Olmos

    @Sam Ritz: really a true classic? haha you need to really have true faith in this album to call it a classic. I got nothing against Mac Miller, I listen to some of his songs, but seriously this album sucked except for a certain few. Saying Ambitious was not focused, listen to the lyrics and tell me it isn't focused. J. Cole's album was too self serious? I don't know about you but rap has mostly always been about that. Sorry, but Mac Miller blew this one but he can do better.

  • Anonymous

    im going to marry mac

  • Sam Ritz

    for me at least, a mac miller fan, this album far exceeded expections. this is the best album of the year, if your name is not kanye or jay z. Comparing to other debut albums, its not self serious and clogged like j cole's, or single driven and shallow like big seans. Even comparing it to Ambition, it has much more focus(ironically) and is more cohesive from a sound perspective. its original and remarkably creative(i mean, he has true hip hop songs, punk and sitar) and to me at least, evokes Outkast. With the exception of Smile back, every track is on point. I think this is a true classic.

  • B.N.Real

    Real talk im from Pittsburgh ive been 2 Fricc n all that shit n 2 keep it real i dont feel mac's shit i respect what he's doin dont get me wrong pittsburgh all day but him and Wiz make the burgh look like its full of Lame mufuccas i respect mac cause he bring the part of the city where hes from n shit so i cant hate on him and i dont even know where Wiz is from out this mafucca but im just waiten on the mafucca 2 rep this shit like i see it u know that street shit like i wanna ride wit wiz and mac's music but i have a hard time relatin 2 they shit n i aint hatin but it seem like they aint never been through no real shit 4real n thats cool dont try 2 b somethin your not but i know niggaz doing real time or gone over this street shit i just wish u would talk on it nah mean bcause u got got the world listenen feel me u aint gotta front like ur somethin ur not just talk on that darfker side of the burgh cause u make it seem like it just one big party down here n thats not the whole tuth nah mean .. but i do wish the best of luck tho it does feel good to see Pittsburgh people up on it.

  • Troll

    Fuck all you guys who think macs shit just because of this album. Go listen to KIDS and say its not fuckin amazing. That being said this album could've been way better

  • hello123

    mac is the best out there.. blue slide park far surpasses take care and ambitions.... hes only getting better....first independent rapper to get as much sales as bsp did since the mid 90s....thats like 15 years....if you say he sucks your stupid unless people buy his cd to wipe their ass...and if thats the case.. WIPE AWAY! hes only getting richer.... hes white of course your gonna hate look at every white rapper they were all hated on more then ANY black rapper before they hit it big.... but its ok MAC has more money then all you haters put fact keep hating bad publicity is still publicity and just the fact that you took the time to comment about him makes him that much more famous :)

    • bee

      you just sound like a mad angry fan. mac miller has no poetic creativity and is not even close in intelligence to wale, and every drake song had could be a single cause they are all hot, these ppl have been doing it for years though and he gets buzz in a year and thinks he's gonna pop out a top album. the sales are from the buzz not the talent and mac is good but hes still learning, i mean he is 19. it has nothing to do with being white. eminem is like the master at this shit, it is what it is



  • MCEihtDayzOf89'

    This is album might be on of the biggest Debut flops in rap history . Not one song on this cd makes me go whooa that was sick . dissapointed 2.5 stars

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.


  • Garret

    frickin mac is the man dude. i never really liked rap or whatever. i'm not into guns and drugs and big butt women, and i'm definitely not comfortable listening to black rappers. my ma and pa know i listen to rap, but they know it's just mac. he just has such a awesome way of saying things. the way he talks about lighting weed up in PIT is just crazy. i used to live in PIT! can you believe that? me and mac used to walk the same strip. now he hangs out with beautiful white chicks, and smokes the finest weeeds. wiz khalifa is more gangsta rap. mac is just laid back really cool white rap. i don't get the comparsion. although admittedly wiz isn't allowed in my home, so i only hear him on the radio. 5 stars keep on going mac you're a better rapper than all these other black boys! it makes them mad!

  • Packie Valdez

    f@%kin' badass!!!!



  • Raiden

    A repost for the Mac Miller fans: The truth is in this day and age we all know there's better white rappers. I'm a huge Celph Titled, Apathy and RA the rugged man fan so when I hear guys like mac I can tell you from the heart that he's corny. That's one of the things that annoys me about mac miller dick riders, they've always got a chip on their shoulders. "Oh its just cause he's white""You're racist". All of those arguments a redundant when you have dope white rappers that don't even get half the shine he gets but can formulate rhymes to a much higher standard.

    • cheesus

      CELPH MUTHAFUCKIN TITLED! hell ya, the grand daddy grenade man would slaughter this fool mac and wiz and every other rapper with spirit pressure alone NIGGA!

    • HoustonTX

      I agree with you but I do respect his hustle. I have performed in front of a crowd before and its not easy. Hell I have tried to write a song and get writers block like a mofo.

  • Charles Weis

    Not a bad album, I didn't like Mac before I listened to this album, 'n this didn't turn me into a big fan but I will be checking this kid's future projects. DX got it right, 3.5 is a good rating.

  • Jay Aye Eph

    Not that bad. Its not the best. But i'd rather listen to it than anything on the radio right now... thats the truth.

  • Charles ExSavior

    The "only 19" argument is weak, and so is this album. Nas dropped Illmatic at 18-19 and Rakim dropped Paid In Full when he was 19. Not everyone is destined for greatness at a young age simple and plain and this guy was more hype (Donald Trump's hype and all) than being critically acclaimed.

    • Champion

      You hit the nail on the head. What will his fans say when hes 35 and hes still rapping like a corny motherfucker.

  • Tony montanna

    like one of his mixtapes

  • Anonymous

    decent album better hear him rap then those faggots from young gay money

  • @Sourheadban420

    Hot Trash. tell me how this down syndrome mug selling out shows again? only cause hes a cracker that rides with wiz gay azz 0.5/5

  • b

    Mac fan. Album was pretty good, but given the fact that he was given tons of creative freedom by releasing his album indie, I was expecting/hoping for a little more. The best word I have to describe the album is "immature", but then again he's 19 so can't hate on that really... KIDS > BSP

  • jared

    I guess I hyped myself up too much and it's like getting a big box on Christmas and finding a small toy inside.. I've been a big fan of Mac for over 2 years now and I have every single song and mixtape.. When you hype yourself up off of what is working don't change it! I understand u wanna grow as an artist but i feel like he pulled a wiz and tried to appeal to the mainstream. Hopefully he goes back to his roots . High life and KIDS kill it for me. Even some stuff off BDE and jukebox is sick.. I've been telling people about this kid for a while now and bsp doesn't represent him as good as he is. It's not bad but not his best stuff and this is coming from a long time fan and I'm even going to his show on sat so I'm not a h8er ! Im not a big fan of rappers trying to sing on every verse only drake can pull that off. I want to hear music that makes me feel good and want to Vibe to And bsp didnt do that for me. A couple songs were ok. I'm sure we will see more of him and better work in the future. Congrats on the success Mac u deserved it and u can't knock his hustle . Most kids aren't doing shit with their lives at 19 so u can't hate on that! Self made! self paid! #livefree #mostdope #thumbsup

  • ThaGodDJ

    What's the problem? This is solid music.

  • ZOOB

    Its hilarious how everyones hatin on mac, truth is i can guarantee 90% of the people here hatin on him cant rap worth shit. Stop hatin on the guy hes doin what he loves while you are all stuck workin your shitty ass job asking people if they would like to supersize their meals.

    • Anonymous

      I hope he's writing you a check. Lol. Your probably sitting in your trailer on your windows 95 pc, using lamps, while the guy working in mcdonalds can actually pay his light bill.

  • garythedrunk

    DANGEROUSLY CORNY! Never heard this kid spit one hot line ever, ever, ever.

  • Brent BLuv Schultz

    Wow, people are hating hard on this album. I was impressed with how good it is, and throw in the fact that he is only 19 and its even more impressive. If you consider yourself a true hip hop head and you think Mac cant spit, your hating!

    • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

      Nas dropped Illmatic, arguably the best album of all time, at 19. Snoop came out at 19. So stop using that lame ass excuse, get to know hip-hop history, LL came out at 16. Dude is wack, regardless of his age.

  • I hate Wack Rappers

    That average user rating is about as fair as It gets and maybe the purist representation of what the album is like. You cant rap like a corny motherfucker and expect It to pass. Its all nice and dandy to sell well but is the music dope? No.

  • Anonymous

    This is an extremely fair review. Im a big Mac fan and can recognize its unfair to say hes at the same level with the best. But its also unfair to say he cant be. He's only 19. He makes great music that cant be compared to any other artist. It's gonna take alot to take the next step to get more true hip hop fans on his side, and if anyone can do it Mac can.

  • Duke

    no way is this album a 3.5 it's a 2.5 at best. has 3 good Mac Miller type songs and another decent one. not sure what he was doin when he made this but it doesn't reflect his abilities. I'm a big fan of the kid and this was a major disappointment to me. as much hype as I gave him, it makes me look dumb to the people who have heard it that I tried to convince that he could actually spit. he can do way better.

  • Otis Thelonius

    I effs w/Mac. And Mac ain't no slouch. Get w/It

  • Anonymous

    i think this site needs more stars in the ratings. Like 10 stars, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. That way the ratings will be more accurate. There has been a lot of complaining about album/mix tape reviews on here and something needs to be done about it

  • Apocolypto

    PAYOLA IN WORK PAYOFF SPECIAL MONEY SENT MONEY SPENT the game is bought! rap fans lost! mac miller gets gassed on websites gets critical acclaim AND sells records THAT'S IT! SHOW's OVER! mac miller is the biggest infiltrator/abomination rap has ever offered. thank eminem, racist rap fans, payola, and sellouts. 0/5 WORST WHITE RAPPER EVER mc lyte would obliterate dude and beat him up

    • Raiden

      Lol this comment goes HAM! The truth is in this day and age we all know there's better white rappers. I'm a huge Celph Titled, Apathy and RA the rugged man fan so when I hear guys like mac I can tell you from the heart that he's corny. That's one of the things that annoys me about mac miller dick riders, they've always got a chip on their shoulders. "Oh its just cause he's white""You're racist". All of those arguments a redundant when you have dope white rappers that don't even get half the shine he gets but can formulate rhymes to a much higher standard.

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck have the rest of you done with you lives give the guy credit

  • Joey

    So, according to HipHopDX this album is as good as Cole World: The Sideline Story. Only white high school kids like Mac Miller and his non-lyrical pop music. The hip-hop industry has been ruined ever since 2Pac and Biggie died. If Lil Wayne, Drake, and Mac Miller are considered the best in the industry by the average person, then hip-hop is dead. It's a good thing that J. Cole is starting to get really famous, cause he's the only hope for hip-hop now.

  • asher1985

    you guys don't buy music anyway, and probably haven't even listened to the album. way better and more fun then cole world. im voting 5 because they guy stayed independent when any major would have signed him and for that he has my respect

  • eh


  • heather

    Amazing almbum! It is fun, energetic and everything we love about Mac!

  • lol

    mac is decent but unrelateable.



  • jimmy


  • jimmy

    Agree w everyone. A 3.5 is high 4 your review. Make up your mind!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Same as Cole's album.. Lower the Seans, Almost equal to Wale's. SMH

  • This is some bullshit.

    This site needs to get a grip Its like a 2 or a 3 at best. Anything over 3 means the site is on mac miller managements payroll.

  • Anonymous

    You're kidding right? Based on your ratings this is equal to Cole World? You guys are smoking crack when you rate this shit. If you want to listen to an album full of nice beats with a white kid screaming "haters on my dick fuck that I smoke weed coming up in the game, I'M ILL MOST DOPE" on EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. with NO change in substance, buy Blue Slide Park.... terrible, 1/5

  • Anonymous

    I've always said that we need more music for people whose biggest dilemma was whether they should play lacrosse or squash at prep school. Thank Mac Miller!

    • R.Pgh

      I'm not a huge Mac fan but you're way off on that prep school shit. I'm from Pittsburgh and this kid went to Taylor Allderdice, the biggest urban city school in Pittsburgh. Wiz Khalifa went there too, that's where Taylor Gang came from. I agree that he has limited subject matter though, but he's 19 years old. At 19 I didn't do much more than get high and chase girls...which is pretty much what every song of his is about.

  • Derek Sparks

    One of the best, shut your fuckin mouths, and eat glue

  • VERN

    Production was way better than expected. 3.5 is how I feel.

  • hmmm

    After reading the review I thought the album was definitely going to get a rating lower than 3.5// Inconsistent at best.

  • Vinny Patron

    im starting a website called macmiller

  • Rafael Gonzalez

    This shit was corny as hell....what's up with this website? 3 1/2? yea ok

  • thunder

    wasnt particularly impressed, easily forgotten