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Few mainstream emcees can be subtle when addressing race, and Glover isn't one of them yet. That works both for and against throughout "Camp."

Nearly 17 years ago, an agitated Notorious B.I.G. quipped, “Ain’t no other kings in this Rap game they siblings / Nothing but my children…” For the most part, those bars still ring true as the majority of Hip Hop’s aspiring heirs to the throne—Jay-Z, Nas, 50 Cent, Rick Ross—have used the template of the prodigious drug dealer convinced to reluctantly start a Hip Hop career. Now, in a similar turn, the post-2004 ascendancy of Kanye West has the market oversaturated with young and marketable yet pensive rappers like J. Cole, B.o.B and Kid Cudi that are embraced by the block, the burbs and the charts.

It’s within this pantheon of commercially viable, emotionally driven, Misfit Rap that Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) adds the title of emcee to his growing list of credits as an actor, stand up comic and writer. After some buzzworthy mixtapes, Glover uses his proper debut, Camp, to both embrace his fellow misfits (be they racial, socioeconomic or otherwise) and offer a more cohesive vehicle to showcase his rhyming chops. Glover addresses race, specifically the black experience, early and often. The problem with talking about race in Hip Hop is that few artists outside of the Native Tongues collective have mastered the art of subtlety. Glover hasn’t yet either, and that works both for and against him on Camp.

To his credit, Childish Gambino deftly mines his upbringing to offer jarring cultural commentary currently lacking from most of mainstream Hip Hop’s landscape. You can always count on dead prez or Immortal Technique to address this kind of subject matter. But Gambino finds his niche by appealing to a mainstream crowd and being sensitive yet palatable...if you’re into that sort of thing. When he kicks off “Outside” by talking about his mother getting robbed while working at a fried chicken restaurant so he could attend a better school, you may have to ask, “Oh shit, is this really Troy from ‘Community?’”

When Glover isn’t throwing a lifeline to outcasts everywhere, he’s offering the standard, B-Boy braggadocio—something he’s surprisingly good at. He manipulates internal rhyme patterns, cadence and syllables like an emcee that actually enjoys putting words together. And that makes sense, considering he used to push his pen as a writer for NBC’s “30 Rock.” Given the heavy dose of self-deprecation and his flair for the theatrical, he actually has more in common with Eminem than another actor-turned-rapper like Drake. True to its title, there are moments on the album that are down right campy. These include the outro, which is a spoken-word piece using camp as theme to explain the Childish Gambino approach to Hip Hop.

Ultimately, some of Camp’s assets double as the album’s flaws. While too many of the new, sensitive mixtape titans confuse depth with rhyming about how they feel about having feelings, Glover has some great subject matter and pairs it with a superior delivery. But he often hurts his own cause because the album’s glaring flaw is that Glover paints with palette that’s limited to two choices—hashtag shit talking and autobiographic rhymes. At certain spots you hope for a middle ground between Glover pouring out his soul and talking about and face-fucking backpacking critics. There are times, when the production is a bit too synth-pop, but given his target demographic, one wouldn’t expect Glover to load up on Lex Luger beats. Like many from Hip Hop’s current under-25 class, Golden Era vets will be turned off by the emotional over sharing. Camp can easily compete with Take Care or Cole World: The Sideline Story on the angst-o-meter.

While the album doesn’t necessarily reinvent the wheel, those with mainstream sensibilities that like metaphor-heavy rhymes with a strong dose of social commentary will be pleasantly surprised. Glover’s debut mirrors its creator by offering a mix of depth, humor topical pop culture fare.



  • WealthyBigPenis

    Gambino is a mastermind, and this is by far his best album to date. Lyrically he can compete with anyone right now. Listen to You See Me and youll understand.

  • Garret

    I wouldn't actually give this album five stars, but 4.5. Almost flawless.

  • Shady 2.0

    wow the reviewer fucked up 4/5

  • James

    The best album I have heard in a long time. I can't get over how amazing it is.

  • ADubb

    no time to right more than...ya'll is stupid. this is dope.


    Why 3 stars?? wtf the album is mad lyrical and creative!! Maybe the reviewer had a bad hair day. Now where is that M.O.P. review

  • Mike Wyatt | @entelleckt

    The first harmonies of Outside hit you and you know you are in for something different. The opening bars, I used to dream every night, now I never dream at all. Im hoping that its cause Im living everything I want, set the tone for the song and album. An acoustic drum set, piano, choir and more paint a lush soundscape an incredible soundscape that works in perfect synergy with CGs lyrics. If you have any dual nature or double standard in your culture you will relate to this song. You gotta love the triumphant horns in Firefly. The horns setup the transition from introspection and reflection to bravado. CG tells the story of his ongoing rise from both sides. He knows you know hes on fire and getting hotter which leads perfectly into the next song. If you heard Freaks & Geeks, which you should have by now, turn that concept up to 13 and you get Bonfire. Matter of fact, its just like CG said, he made the track and murdered it #CaseyAnthony. Juxtaposition, analogies, metaphors, similes, pop culture references, and pretty much every other thing you learned in high school English but probably forgot make the verses syck on multiple levels. Coming down briefly from the high octane dopeness of Bonfire, the simple introductory drum loop primes you for a movie like experience with All the Shine. Strings and horns you usually find in a theatrical score take you into Donalds world as he tells how he fits (or doesnt fit) into the world of the hip-hop and the music industry. Flowing out of All the Shine perfectly, Letter Home is equivalent to the All of the Lights interlude in MBDTF. Blurring the line between acoustic and electronica, Heartbeat is what it feels like Drake has been trying to do with Take Care. Past relationships, the accompanying fallout, the good guy complex and an ending that has to be heard to fully comprehend make this another great track. Stop what youre doing and listen to the stream of Backpackers right now. If you have any type of love for diversity in music, especially within hip-hop youll love this song. If you know Black isnt defined by BET youll love this song. Strings. Dopeness. Noncontrived lyrics. Dopeness. The complex pseudo love affair with someone you feel is too right for you. Dopeness. Youll be pulled into this song and place your own experience into L.E.S. Hold You Down is an ill dissertation of Black micro inequities and the perceived limits of culture written on top of a string heavy masterpiece. You need to hear this song. It challenges you to break free of whatever outside constraints placed on you. Imagine a lullaby with fat urban drums. Then place latent retaliation against the foolishness we face in adulthood on top of it. Thats what Kids (Keep Up) is. You See Me is best described as a one-man mash up of Otis and Niggas in Paris. Sunrise belongs in an alternate reality. This song was on Neos iPod. Cultural revolution. That Power is pure audio dope. Game. Set. Match. Childish Gambino is here. The spoken word piece at the end wraps everything up nicely. I havent felt this way about an album since N.E.R.D.s In Search Of Every song ebbs and flows based on the message being conveyed. If you have an open mind for good music you will love CAMP.

  • Chras

    You guys are way to judgemental. What is wrong with hip hop fans these days. The album was a good listen and something different from what has been dropped lately. I'm absolutely sick of shit I can't relate too, thug, gangster, gun totem bullshit. When did hip hop become about that? You ask me, the pure emotion and spirit of what it is to be Hip Hop began and ended with Tribe, IMO. Just chill the fuck out, if it ain't for you, then peace the fuck out. Gambino fan all day. 5/5

  • Guillaume

    4* Solid album, original between hip-hop and soul. Make me think of an Hodgy Beats voice/flow on an 808's production/beats.

  • Anonymous

    How do you guys get over his annoying voice?

  • Anonymous

    amasing music viideo lyrics did not have alot to do with it...

  • alexmacwilliam

    I think Glover delivers a solid debut. I would have liked to hear some more diversity lyrically, but he could compete with a drake or wayne any day of the week.

  • Anonymous

    you people make me sick, because the guy can sing automatically makes it a pop album, none of you are secure with your own sexuality's to listen to men sing, especially women. When Hallie Williams sang the hook on Airplanes everyone immediately labeled it pop despite the message of the song, the music and the lyrical ability of the rapper. People said the same thing about Stan by Eminem until over time is became considered one of the greatest songs of all time. I listen to all types of music, I like Rakim, KRS One, Wu-Tang, Big Daddy Kane, 2Pac, Bone Thugs In Harmony, Eminem, and Jay-Z. I also appreciate other genres, I like music from Cher, Billy Joel, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Hallie Williams, Metallica, Adele, Weezer, and Nirvana. You people need to open your minds before labeling something "pop", pop is Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, Flo Rida, (new) Lil Wayne, Will i Am, and Drake. Childish Gambino happens to be a talented rapper who can actually sing his ass off, the song Heartbeat may be a pop song because of the techno beat and the upbeat lyrics but the song Kids(Keep Up) is a beautiful song. Give the man credit when its due, Camp is a great album, the brothers over at Dead End Hip Hop seem to agree with me, check out there review, I'm a straight man and I approve this message

    • musichead

      Michael Jackson is not just "Pop" as you're stating. He's pop as in The King of Popular Culture but to put him in a group with Britney Spears, Selena Gomez...etc WTF?....You tryna talk about knowing a thing or two about music but you don't even know the artistic merit of Michael Jackson. You can't even put him in a genre, really because his music transcends it.

    • Anonymous

      lol, all i ment was i listen to all types of music, it doesnt matter if a straight guy can like a cher song, thats all im saying. its just about what sounds good to you as well as sticking to what makes that genre of music its own.

    • Smoke DHZ

      you had me until 'Cher'

  • Ramon

    Solid album, could have been a classic if not for three tracks that made me cringe:Heartbeat, Fire Fly, and Kids(Keep Up)

  • Art Y-Rap West

    Great, just fucking great.

  • Antonio Rodrigo

    i love donald but honestly this is his weakest effort. beats and rhymes. he talks about saving hip hop and produce realness but this is all just a bunch of pop rap. i get it. its his first album on a label but homie if ur gonna be real be real with that shit and know that this is some wack shit. not hip hop. pure grade bitch made pop rap. i love donald though. he;s one of my favorite comedians and he can spit some serious bars, but nigga put out that fire you were puttin out with culdesac.

    • Meh

      What? Lyrically, production-wise...even message-wise...this album puts Culdesac to shame. What made Camp pop rap? :/ I'm actually really curious.

  • anonymous

    Say what you want about Don Glover as rapper, but this line is pretty ill "Im chilling in the Islands lookin for Earl like Toejam"

    • Anonymous

      its also referencing the video game called ToeJam and Earl. So its a double meaning punchline making it a creative well thought out humorous Hip-Hop line, making it "good" despite your opinions on it.

    • Anonymous

      I guess you don't know the relevance of it, hes talking about Earl the rapper from Odd Future. Earl got sent away by his mother to the Caiman Islands. The line is referencing that.

    • Antonio Rodrigo

      thats a terrible line.

  • mr. tibbs

    One of my favorite characters on Community but I wasn't trying to hear dude rap. After this album I respect your rhymes dude, impressive, and thoughtful. I get it, great album. 4 stars.

  • ysmymy

    CG is a 5* rapper, fuck these 3* for Camp review !

  • Joel Cunningham

    Wow. So glad I'm apart of the new generation. Fuck referencing Biggie that dude is dead. This is the new shit. Gambino is a mastermind. If you ain't with it you irrelevant. I hope this site keeps CG out their mouth. They got no right to speak on him anymore.

    • guerilla jones

      any dummie that honestly thinks because an artist is dead or a part of another generation makes them unnecessary is someone that will never appreciate music today tomorrow or any other time ,thats the type of person that you never ask their opinion on ANYTHING,the weather,art,directions to the airport,anything.Im assuming dude only has one cd in his collection anyway,of one genre of music,and it doesnt matter what it is,im sure it stinks.

    • m

      You simply don't know real hip hop. I feel bad for any poor soul who actually buys into the shit this asshole is trying to say. This is quite possibly the worst rap album Ive heard in the past decade.

  • nicolas08

    Emotional sharing? What emotional sharing? Because there are an overwhelming amount of cringe-worthy lines about complete nonsense. (Are there Asians girl here, minority report; the LSU molest you rhyme.) And this man is 28, not under 25 which makes him bragging about scoring college girls at least semi-ridiculous. Not to mention he sort of missed the boat on the whole 'I'm different because I'm black, I rap, and I don't sell drugs/listen to indie rock'. Great. So does every rapper these days. Big Boi is hanging out with Little Dragon in the studio, B.o.B. is a legit star, Kid Cudi has been there done that. So what's the big deal here? None of this is new, the lyrics are too often cringe worthy and are so ADD in subject matter that I feel like I'm listening to a terrible word association game played by a high schooler.

    • Mike Wyatt | @entelleckt

      "Not to mention he sort of missed the boat on the whole 'I'm different because I'm black, I rap, and I don't sell drugs/listen to indie rock'. Great. So does every rapper these days." What are you talking about? You named 3 artists with an innovative sound. Mike Wyatt | @entelleckt Artist/Producer

    • naoshad

      thank you; you summed up my feelings exactly. now im gona go back n fuck a bitch to pass the time *pause*

  • KJ

    Donald Glover has it figured out. Do what you love to do and be good at it. How? By expressing yourself (Anyone forget that old hip-hop motto?) The "Kid" can do everything. Why? Because he has done everything and has succeeded. He sings, he's a lyricist, he acts, and he's a great comedian. He has a certain presence. You can't help but like the guy overall. He touched issues deeply personal to him and I respect that as one artist to another. I think music is about expressing your thoughts and he does this pretty well. I also think he is self-aware at the fact that he shouldn't constantly talk about racial matters so he DOES switch it up. Good review, but a 3.5? Nah i'd give it a 4.2. Ha! I've been jamming it for a month now. However none of these songs will become a "Classic" and thats ok. Just keep at it.

    • Anonymous

      zero criticism. zero constructiveness. generic compliments that make any album sound like a flawless classic. then throw in some irrelevant accolades that have no relevance to the subject. like how he was the fastest swimmer in high school or how he's also an actor. how does that make his music better? it doesnt...but hey it sure sounds nice. id expect this sort of commentary from either a rapper's mother or a dickrider. and im guessing youre not mrs. gambino

  • mjhardhitta

    At times I dont understand how hiphopdx rates its albums. I bought drake and childish gambino when they came out and camp was a far superior release, yet drake gets a 3.5 and gambino gets a 3. Hiphopdx is starting to lose some credibility with me because they have been rating some really dope albums poorly lately.

    • Anonymous

      get your self-righteous ass out of here. your opinion is not the law of the land nigga. who do you think you are? not everybody has to agree with your opinion or cosign your personal tastes. Not every album has the same standard of review. you're not going to rate a dmx album the same way you rate a mac miller album. they're 2 different artists with different qualities and goals. your problem is youre obsessed with comparing rappers who dont even belong in the same conversation. wtf does drake even have to do with album? why are you so worried about drakes review? how is that pertinent to this album? drake got your SHOOK.

  • Anonymous

    That video is awesome. I gave the album 5/5. It was original, heartfelt and the lyrics were really clever. I bought it at Best Buy for 7.99, if you don't have Camp yet, check out this coupon

  • Anonymous

    This album was way better than GOBLIN.

  • Youngindy21

    Personally, I also think this album deserves a 4/5. This album is very original and is IMO better than Drake's Take Care. Gambino has a surprisingly nice singing voice and his rhymes are pretty good. I respect Gambino because he is very honest about his life on this album and doesn't seem to pretend to be something he is not. I also respect the fact that he is not afraid to talk about social/racial issues although some might find it repetitive. Not everybody will like Gambino but I think everybody should at least give him a chance. I listen to a lot of artist from Lil Wayne to Pharoahe Monch to Wale to Nas to Kid Cudi. So I can appreciate Childish Gambino's for what it is.

  • J

    Clever rhymes, decent beats and a style you wouldn't imagine was his if you saw him interviewed. If the subject matter wasn't so repetitive it would have been album of the year - that title looks to be Krit's in my book. Not as good as Culdesac, but I'd still give it a solid 4/5

  • David Lewis

    Nigga slayed it!

  • twoholla

    This is a message to the naysayers & the Gambino. After reading this review on HiphopDX...I decided to go listen to the whole project. I'm from the Golden Era of Hip Hop...and I must say I like the kid...he's clever, boisterous...there's a small smidgen of Tyler from OddFuture, a lil eminem, the production sounds like what's kinda out right now. His voice & his delivery & image are all new school. With that being said...he does have a style that you will either really like or not like. I remember back in the day before music blogs & what have-you & the internet...MUSIC REVIEWS REALLY MATTERED...There was only the Source Magazine, Rap Sheet (made from the type paper used for newspapers), & just a few others. Now that Hip-Hop has gotten soooo big & diversified...MUSIC REVIEWS don't really matter...what matters is if the emcee has a following. For the people posting on here that don't like Gambino...I totally feel where you're coming from...for the people...who love Gambino...I totally feel you & see where you're coming from as well...Gambino is off-putting but he's also spread the word if you like'em & you don''s all good.

  • Mr Mogul

    Sounds too much like Wayne..

  • Brittany

    Gambino spits fire on every track. I can't let go of "camp." I've abandoned all my other artists for the past month. PLUS, I just got a copy for 7.99 GET ON THIS, GET A COPY OF CAMP. YOU'RE MISSING OUT IF NOT.

  • Jaevery McFadden

    This album is the shit...easily 3.5/5 at THE WORST....the rap game needs more originality artist like him! Along with Cole, Wale, Sean, Currne$y, KRIT, Lamar, ETC

  • Gambino Girl


  • Anonymous

    great album, better than take care or tha carter 4.

  • Gambino is a Mastermind

    I didn't expect HipHopDX to understand him..

  • HRH

    the only people who like this guy are video game playing cokeheads in their mid-twenties, who don't get laid

  • skafrica

    gambino is a mastermind



  • Isaac Folch

    I woulda given this album a 4.5 for it's story-telling, theatre-like musicality, ill wordplay, honesty, & fearlessness. It's only flaws to me were weak drums & incomplete rhymes on occasion but he makes up for it my being perfect & creative elsewhere. Yeah he hit some topics more than he needed to, but he never lost my attention & it's nice to see someone who can hit those deeply personal issues without losing lyrical integrity. *stares at Drake* I can understand how rap gurus might feel like he doesn't have a place is the genre or that he hasn't put in the work as an emcee BUT the man has serious skill.... more than most respected emcees these days. Recognize.

  • KrazyJay101

    Childish Gambino is original, can rap, can sing, has flow, and a great artistic side to him. This album is dope!

  • ghh

    Okay, I was one of those bitching about HHDX not reviewing this album. Now they did, I m kinda surprised by the 3 but I won't be bitching about it. I ll just say that I disagree. It's true that he sometimes lacks subtlety in his racial comments, I can agree with that. But then again when the artist is all about telling everything he feels, it s understandable : emotions are not about reason. I would say, give this album a listen, buy it if you like it. It's better than Drake's, better than Big Sean's wack debut, better than J.Cole's. The guy is clever with the pen. Deserved a 4 IMHO.

  • Larry Alvarez


  • bisquic

    WTF IS UP WITH THAT VIDEO-_-Does that song relate to that video at all? Besides the hook talking about a bonfire. Fuck no, and the song has no theme at all while the video does 1 star.

    • bump ugly

      nigga you slow! the story is that the people around the ''bonfire'' are telling the story of childish gambino being hung at ''camp''. everytime the stories told childish gambino has to relive it...hes like a ghost thats why they don't see him and he cant talk to them. damn its like people cant figure out nothing by themselves no more!

  • Mark Anthony Harris

    I understand why the reviewer feels the way they feel. However, I don't agree with the review. Whatever one may feel about Childish Gambino, there are three things you have to remember: 1.) He can rhyme better than most. 2.) He can sing. 3.) He is honest. 4.) His album comes off very well made. Better than a lot of albums that got equal or better reviews. Now, I know the old adage "you shouldn't compare ratings". But if you don't want that, then there should be no ratings at all.

  • everst armstromg

    great album one of best this year

  • Michael Lebron

    this review lost me as soon as it tried to say that nas tried to follow BIGs formula for ____ stupid shit

  • Charles Benvolo Singletary

    How could this album not get a four out of five?

  • MP

    I'd say 3.5/5. To me, a lot of the songs sound like Kanye rip-offs, but with that said, this dude actually can rhyme. He'll get better & more into his own zone musically as he releases more....I'll be checking for him.

  • LebronJamesBond

    Mannn...I was actually waiting for this review to go up and I was certainly expecting it to get shortchanged as far as rating goes. To me this joint is a solid four, and this is coming from me, a "Golden Era" representative that the reviewer alludes to. To be real, I was way surprised by how good this is. First, the reviewer fails to mention that Glover himself produced the WHOLE THING (with the exception of the last track that has questlove bodying the shit out of the drums). That, in itself, is a commendable feat. I like this joint better than Take Care for real, mainly because Glover has a legit singing voice and not this sing-talking bullshit that is passing for R&B. But judging from the Round Table Drake slobfest that was just posted the other day, I'm not surprised this got kinda shitted on even though he's "out Draking" Drake in my opinion. He's definitely being himself, and rhyming about subjects that could be called emo, but it never comes off as corny or bitch made (ie making songs about going through your girl's phone, cmon son). Cop this joint, you won't be disappointed.

  • Jay

    Hipster rap...hes another XV/Big Sean/Cool Kids/Kidz in the Hall/Mickey Factz etc. Real hip hop heads dont wanna hear this shit


      What happened to HIP HOP? So so tired of all these 'hipster' type wannabes (yes WANNABE have-nots) thinking they can rap cause they have clever wordplay or whatever. This shit is F U C K I N G whack! Period. I understand whitepeople and oreos need something to relate to but dont call this bullshit 'hip hop' because you're making a mockery of a TRUE ARTFORM and CULTURE. Get the fuck out of here all of you who support this garbage. Go listen to Weezer you lame shits. You do NOT know what HIP HOP is if your supporting this, seriously.

    • anon

      slaughterhouse? you mean that group with joe buddens' wack ass? fuck outta here.

    • Jay

      If you guys like any of that shit yall must be hipsters. No is what it is,hipster rap. I listen to Elzhi, Black Thought, Pharoahe Monch, Slaughterhouse, Kendrick Lamar, Sean Price, Big Krit, Action Bronson, Currensy, Rasheed chappel etc...REAl Lyricists. That other stuff no offense guys, is for skinny jeans and bright colored snap back wearers who skateboard. Hip hop hipsters.

    • Charles Benvolo Singletary

      Real hip hop heads don't isolate different artists, group them in a category, and dislike them based of that. Don't claim to be one.

    • adam

      Speak for yourself fag, real hip hop heads like all hip hop.

  • K.S.

    Does anybody appreciate lyrics,flows & creativity anymore? if you give this CD a good listen it's dope. For y'all that are dissing it go back to your wack Hip Hop that you're bumping. I know Gucci Mane, Wacka Flocka, Soulja Boy,Birdman & Kreayshawn go listen to that Garbage. There's not too many cats from the new School that I bump because I'm still bumpin my Classics from the 80's and 90's. But I will name a few that are dope from the new School. The Cool Kids, Wale, PAC DIV, Lupe Fiasco, Kidz in that Hall, The Jealous Guys, Yelawolf, Mikey Factz, Drake, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, Asher Roth,Ski Beatz, Mac Miller and Childish Gambino. Congrats on the new album Childish Gambion I know its worth at least 4 Stars do your thing Homie.

  • snap!

    honestly it's a good album people! and he clearly has skills BUT he is repeating the words BLACK and WHITE like 9999999 times and that becomes annoying fast

  • asher1985

    worth at least a four.

  • Why Run Owens

    You can tell that the people who dont like him are the ones that listen to Wacka Flocka, Gucci "FAT MAN" mane....this man is a genius and needs his "F" ALL OF YOU WHO DISAGREE!

  • Amanda

    Loving this album! check it out on sale at best buy- so good:

  • Kanye East

    Kinda feel like it deserves better then a 3, but then again, his style isn't to everyones liking.

  • Anonymous

    Lol HHDX is dumb. Gives the best albums 3s or 3.5s and the worst or average albums get 4s. Somebody hire them some new reviewers

  • OG J Fearing

    Today's hiphop starting to become so redundant.

  • Anonymous

    Wack. Flow sukcs and his voice is annoying

  • Cudder

    whining about a reviewer's rating is the most retarded shit ever... guess what, not everyone thinks the albums you like are dope, if you like the album, listen to it and talk about it to your friends, don't waste your time bitching about how there could've been one more X on that rating scale.. smh

  • Meh

    This shouldn't have been less than a 3.5 for sure.

  • GillyDaFish

    better than a damn 3

  • Ty_61

    lol. This is 3 stars while Drake gets more? Fuck you. Childish Gambino is the most clever rapper right now. 4 stars, 3.5 at least though

  • squiggy

    Fair review/rating. I agree, but find myself defending Donald to my friends.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously a 3? One of the better albums recently for me.