Kurupt - Kurupt Presents: Penagon Rydaz

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"Penagon Rydaz" is an extension of Kurupt's work ethic, but presents the age old argument of quality over quantity.

Credit Kurupt, if for nothing else, with maintaining a presence in the music scene. From gathering an impressive array of artists on The Academy to finally getting the HRSMN project really going, one of the few artists that survived the fall of Death Row Records is still putting in considerable work. Penagon Rydaz is an extension of that work ethic, but presents the age old argument of quality over quantity.

With “Gotti,” Kurupt sets a no-nonsense tone for the album, utilizing his snarling delivery to lay claim to his stake in West Coast Hip Hop history: “Turn into what you was born to be indeed / Big dogs, up against these ticks and fleas / One footprint, big as King Kong / Greatest West Coast rapper they actually ever known / With the exception of Big Snoop, Cube, I’m alone / Sittin’ on the motherfucking throne … / I shapeshift my bones, create my own zone / Penagon, everytime, two to your dome.” While it’s not a lyrical massacre by any means, the conviction with which Young Gotti spits—something of a rarity in his repertoire over the past decade and a half—will make the listener take note.

“Massacre Central” is Exhibit A that this album is best relegated to the headphones, as Dame Grease comes off the milk carton to deliver a sinister beat complete with dramatic choir notes and a very light minor guitar loop that really adds nuance to the sound. Unfortunately, all subtle shades of sound go out the window with the cookie-cutter “I’m Out Here,” which is as cliché in execution as it is in title.

“Take it Off” truly deserves its very own paragraph, and in a good way. DJ Quik blesses this insanely funky track, which displays the rapport that that Quik and Gotti showed on Blaqkout. It’s a mix of Funk, Disco, and energy that shows, clearly, that this old Dogg Pound Gang member has learned a few new tricks. It’s easy to see Snoop rocking over a cut like this, but Kurupt really surprises with this one. It’s easily the album’s highlight, and definitely deserves some spins on the airwaves or at the club.

The album’s lighthearted tone quickly dissipates with “Real G’s Stand Up,” as Y.A.—a group signed to Kurupt’s label—shines over menacing percussion and otherworldly synths. Sure, the subject matter is a tired retread, but Y.A.’s members have distinct voices that could potentially help them carve out a place in the Cali Hip Hop scene. The same, though, can’t be said for all of Kurupt’s artists. “Distance” is, for lack of a better word, absurd. Is Trini Savah a rapper? Is she singer? Is she both? It’s not clear, but what is clear is she isn’t competent at either. This track almost evokes memories of T-Baby’s “It’s So Cold in the D” (for those uninformed, do yourself a favor and YouTube that classic).

While Kurupt’s compilation project Penagon Rydaz isn’t as bad as some other West Coast offerings that have come out in recent years (Cali Iz Active, anyone?), it doesn’t escape the “thrown-together” feeling that so many of these projects have. Kurupt only sounds inspired on half of the album, and he’s the one who’s supposed to be carrying it. The production is inconsistent, and really won’t inspire the listener to give it multiple spins. Put it this way: why would you listen to this over Blaqkuot, or something from Death Row’s heyday?


  • anonymous

    agree with your presentation

  • jeremy

    Hey Kurupt, retire maybe? At least stop throwing your name on bullshit. You did that more than any other rapper. Remember Roscoe and Gail Gotti? Ugh.

  • Fish

    this statement about quality and quantity seems to pop up every time Daz or Kurupt releases anything. I fully agree that they both just churn out as many albums as they can. And i agree that these albums are generally average or worse. BUT, put on any of their albums and i guarantee ul find it better to listen to than 75% of the albums out there at the minute.

  • Kendrick D. Jones

    NEW MUSIC! Badseed @OGE_Seed #OGE http://omg.ly/i3Fg KURUPT NEED TO F**K W/ BAD SEED ON SOME TRACKS!

  • VOR

    As a big west coast fan, it's sad to see these guys that built the 90's west coast movement fade into oblivion. It's like watching a boxer not knowing when to quit.

  • MCEihtcomptonsmostwanted

    blaqout was weak . stop making it more than it was . kurupt use to be dope . tha streetz is a mutha . space boogie etc this album is kinda weak too

  • Terrance M Gooden

    i'll bet this album isnt that bad...this website is just another branch of the source magazine...i think kurupt is a nice mc. and if givien the proper chance to shine, he will shit on a lotta so-called mc's today...and while a lot of you cats on here that's always screaming that bullshit, "you're old", or, "your time is done'... needs to cut that shit out! cause the truth is, a lot of these so called older rappers are WAY better than the crop of bullshit that's out now...(rick ross, nikki manaj anyone?)....anyway, you dont see r and b artists screaming that shit or rockers either. my point is, no matter what type of hiphop it is, SUPPORT IT!!! cause if not, it will truly die!...and, you do have your right to your on opinion too...peace!

  • jason

    i like kurupt and quik but whats up with the music? Quik had 6 yrs to work on the book of david and the beats were ancient. take it off was funky so how did that not make the album? kurupt and daz need to just get together and do another DPG album!!!

  • Gabriel Rodrigues


  • Kaan Özel


  • Fossie

    Fuck all you guys!You really don´t know what the fuck you are talkin about!!kurupt is better than 90%of mcs today !Go listen to soldier(lol) boy gay weezy ,gay- z ,kanye loius vitton and all this overrated conspiracy commercial bullshit!!!like ICE CUBE said"FUCK ALL YA!!!

  • Anonymous

    I said it before and i say it again, Kurupt was never a dope MC, Wack

  • Anonymous

    horrible album. please kurupt your time is done. to be honest your time was already done in 1998.

  • Out Town

    Kurupt throws his name on anything for a check. It worked 10 years ago and before, but now we just know better. Takes away from people who deserve it. You wanna hear Kurupt recently? That DJ Quik and Kurupt album. Fuck this other shit, for real.