Kurupt Presents - The Academy

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Bringing together well-established Hip Hop legends with fresh faces in the scene from coast to coast, The Academy creates some unexpected combinations.

Perhaps the most unifying force in Rap is the posse cut. The joining of lyrical forces over a well-produced instrumental has been satisfying Rap fans for decades. Exercising his executive producer arm, Kurupt decided to bring together dozens of emcees for an album which essentially consists of posse cuts from start to finish. Bringing together well-established Hip Hop legends with fresh faces in the scene from coast to coast, The Academy creates some unexpected combinations.

The only source of predictable consistency comes from the production on the LP, which is handled by Marlon Price and JP Beats of Terminal 3 Productions. The lyrical lineup is where the variation occurs. East meets West on cuts like “Samaryda” featuring Raekwon, Kojoe, and Kurupt. Shady Records meets Duck Down and Wu-Tang on “Let’s Go” featuring Royce da 5’9, Bronze Nazareth, Sean Price, and K-Solo. The latter track stands as one of the album’s stronger offerings, with Royce dropping quasi-comedic metaphors such as, “I’m about to blow like the nose of a deviated septum, leave that ass passed out that means she’ll have an inebriated rectum, and that’s the easy way to check her, and you ain’t gotta like me, just play the record.” Sean Price also assures his audience that “Kid Cudi fans get smacked around still,” accentuating the hardbody remark with his trademark “P!”

Though handled by the same people throughout, the instrumental aspect of the album also shows subtle variations from track to track. While one minute a track sounds like the quintessential underground East Coast neck-breaker of a song, the two beat makers find a way to also suit the needs of the emcees that appear on the album by switching up their sound to a markedly West Coast style on the next. Though the production isn’t the best in the world, it serves its purpose of suiting a wide range of lyrical styles, which surely is no simple task to face. At times, not-so-seamless transitions between verses make it seem a little too obvious that it’s unlikely all of the emcees came together in one studio to create this compilation of songs, but the lyrical value of majority of the verses will trump that minor setback. 

The features alone will make The Academy worth a listen, with names such as Jadakiss, Crooked I, Styles P, Pete Rock, Keith Murray, Canibus, Chino XL, and more serving as reliable indicators of the quality of the album’s bars. The prospect of discovering lesser-known emcees who can match up to the aforementioned names on a track should also lure in true fans of lyricism. And of course, for fans of the ever-classic Rap posse cut, The Academy has enough of those to go around.


  • BigHeadRed

    Album is cool, got some bangers.. These producers are dope. Some of the best emcees on there.

  • garythedrunk

    Nothing compared to the record he made with Quik in 09.

  • krushgroove

    is kurupt tryna make a comeback ? he used to be dope in the 90's . Some underrated albums like Tha streetz is a mutha , Space Boogie album and of course tha dogg food cd

  • suge knight

    badass album, not the best production...but who gives a flying fuck. waitin for HRSMN release though @cloug you sorry jackass... go fuck off in wonderland and listen to techno

  • Deron Vegaz

    how does this album get 3.5 when its all hiphop!? and ya'll call yourself hiphopdx???

  • @RadioRebels

    for great underground Hip Hop, news, talk, and interviews with artist check us out on twitter @RadioRebels We are, Live from the Underground! a lot of dudes on this kinda takes away from one another, but still good collabs

  • doug

    this is one of the sorriest releases ever. who's album is it? 100 rappers spitting throwaway verses for a throwaway project. this should have been a free release. how do you have all these names, and have nobody checking for the album? full of washed up niggas, and niggas i never heard of. whoever behind this album needs to check themselves. why is method man and redman the biggest names on the cover when they don't even kick verses? super cheap release, that someone tried selling as an ambitious, well crafted piece of work. this is a cash grab people. it's a bullshit mixtape i wouldn't spin twice. cheap production, awful cover, and bad intentions. compilations that are thrown together like this, usually happen because ONE MAN is trying to cash in on everybody else's work. i'd like to know who that is. BTW - he's not going to be cashing in. nobody cares about this album, and they should thank me for shitting on it.

    • Anonymous

      how are you supposed to find this trash in a record store? is terminal 3 presents or kurupt presents? who the fuck put this weed plate out. i doubt the rappers featured would cop this trash.

    • BIGED

      go listen to young money then.. u must be under 30. washed up rappers?? raekwon, styles p, kurupt, sean price, youll be alright...let me guess lil waynes performance at the vma was the shit right?? REAL RAP IS BACK ....FUCK WATCH THE THRONE , FUCK YOUNG MONEY... PEACE TO SLAUGHTERHOUSE, TECH N9NE, BROTHA LYNCH, EM ,ALL REAL RAPPERS


      the album is garbage, I was disappointed in it heavily, one time listen max, after that you get sick of it totally

  • Anonymous

    bronze nazareth killed this shit "i never met shady slim but i got 9 m&ms".. nasty line. royce did his thing too. hot track.

  • Scott Yu

    5 for keepin it real HIP HOP

  • Anonymous

    Hhdx smh that royce verse is one of the weakest on the album, how do they not mention mashout? What a joke

  • bodukes

    Dope ish, this album is bangin. Been bumpin it for a week now and keep finding new favorites

  • RTJ00

    This was a dope album! Finally some straight lyrical Hip Hop. Canibus killed his track. This is defiantly worth a listen to if you like hard core street lyricist. Suport real Hip Hop and buy this. Peace

  • N-Sane Muzik!

    Finally! An album with more killer then filler! This shit goes HARD!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jpn cat

    the first japanese cat i heard thata can spit in decent english, wonder how he hooked up wit kurupt. rep rep represent

    • bisquic

      I don't remember what race he is, but Lyrics Born is asian and he has one of my favorite voices in Hip-Hop check Callin' Out its like a throwback funk song...fuckin sick.

  • Gary

    Emailed MP3 song sampler.

  • Mike D

    This album is amazing. Way better then my expectations. Definitely recommended!

  • Daz

    I have waited so many years for Kurupt to make another REAL album, and all we get are these projects. Since 2007... it's just bullshit after bullshit. The only thing worth hearing has been Quik & Kurupt. I'm over all of this stuff.