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Tha Carter IV is a marked improvement from "Rebirth" and "I Am Not A Human Being," but Wayne has and hopefully still can do much better.

Depending on how you want to gauge it, we’re witnessing the fourth incarnation of Lil Wayne. First there was the borderline kiddie-rapper. Then there was the circa 2005 version, who made many listeners begrudgingly admit that Wayne suddenly started rhyming his ass off. And of course, there was superstar Weezy—endorser of Auto-tune, impregnator of Pop culture vixens and a man prone to the occasional drug-addled haze, a faux Rock album, and still rhyming his ass off if he felt like it. Through each version, even Lil Wayne’s detractors have secretly hoped for that complete, signature album where he reconciled the superior lyrical abilities found on his earlier mixtapes with the chart success he’s found on his last few solo outings. Unfortunately, Tha Carter IV is not that album. The fact that most of us have spent a week debating what the fallout will be from Wayne’s Jay-Z diss on “It’s Good” instead of the album's wins was probably a bad omen.

None of this is to say Wayne’s most recent offering in the “Carter” series won’t wind up as the country’s number one album, and potentially spawn a handful of hit singles. If some of Wayne’s peers had made this album, they’d be looking at their creative high water mark. But after lyrically standing toe-to-toe with the likes of Andre 3000, Jay-Z and demolishing other artist’s best singles via his mixtapes, the stakes and expectations have been raised for Wayne. This time around, he occasionally pushes the envelope with “How To Hate” and the Bruno Mars assisted “Mirror.” The latter is a concept track—a rarity from Wayne these days—and the former finds the Weezy and T-Pain duo flipping the script and lamenting over women that have done them wrong.

That’s not to say some of these conceptual risks don’t fall flat on their face. The incredibly popular yet atrocious “How To Love,” finds Wayne exploring one of the few genres he hasn’t tried to crossover into yet—acoustic soul. He’s surprisingly on key as a vocalist, successfully ditching the Auto-tune crutch he used on “Lollipop.” But the Kenny Chesney vibe and corny concept of reforming one of the chicks he just asked to “jump up on that dick and do a full split” a few songs before rings hollow. If you’re not a die-hard Weezy fan, you may constantly find yourself trying to reconcile that opinion with the fact that “How To Love” is the eighth most popular song in the country.

Drake and Wayne confirm that they do indeed have enough chemistry to pull off a joint album with “She Will,” but they both revisit old territory as opposed to taking any risks or offering any substance. Weezy recycles his metaphor about life and/or karma being some type of female twice within the opening 45 seconds; then he makes one of his many references to cunilingus, all while continually patting himself on the back for pedestrian bars and punchlines.

On what is Lil Wayne’s ninth studio album, there’s very little of the spontaneity you would expect from someone whose calling card is non-written, unrehearsed, free-associative rhymes. The double-time and drawn out cadences he experimented with back on “Fuck Wit Me Now” or even as recent as “Money On My Mind” have been abandoned for a staccato flow accented by the ever-popular hashtag rap. Thematically, Tha Carter IV is sequenced better than any of its predecessors except for Tha Carter II. The sonic backdrops from Bangladesh, Detail and Polow Da Don compliment each other well without getting monotonous. But you won’t find any surprises like “Shooter” or “Let The Beat Build.”

Granted, you don’t buy a Lil Wayne album hoping for spiritual enlightenment, but even previous moments like “Tie My Hands” are conspicuously absent. At the very least, Wayne earns cool points for having a who’s who of Hip Hop royalty rhyme his interlude and massive “Outro” posse cut without actually joining in on the fun. It’s a flippant move, but the pairing of Tech N9ne and Andre 3000, is nearly worth the purchase price alone. In the end, it’s almost symbolic because the Wayne who once rhymed hammock with sandwich and previously held court with these top-tier emcees isn’t here this time around.


  • Anonymous

    Trash once again from this clown.

  • Anonymous

    i often wonder why one of the shittiest emcees on the planet is considered the best. then i have a conversation with a weezy fan and i remember.

  • James

    I'm a real big fan of lil wayne's 2004-2007 mixtapes and Carter I-III but this is garbage.

  • James

    I'm a real big fan of lil wayne's 2004-2007 mixtapes and Carter I-III but this is garbage. It fucking sucks bad

  • James

    This album is garbage compared to the 2004-2007 mixtapes + Tha Carter 1-3. Too many guest artists, and not enough thought put into it at all. Drink syrup.

  • Young

    Tha Carter IV is not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a good way for the world to get reaquainted with Weezey.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I know i'm gonna have very much haters for this comment but, FUCK LIL WAYNE he just a bad ass rapper. If easy or pac would hear this, they would turn around in there graves.. lil' wayne should still be flippin' burgers @ mac donalds, faggot ass rapper This ain't no rap, shame on all the 15-year kids that listen lil wayne and all of this ymcmb shit, you should listen Big, the best flowin' rapper of all times, or Pac, the best lyrical rapper of all times. shame on you guys.

  • haroon

    disappointing from weezy.still the best rapper alive!

  • hiphopson

    i like this album man, it serves its purpose

  • Anonymous

    just listen to the 2 songs he doesnt rap on cus those are by far the 2 best tracks..isnt that sad

  • jessica

    Lol fuck Wayne 2.7 rating haha! Tech N9ne allll tha way with a 4.8 rating!

  • yehyeh

    i gave it 1 star because you can't go any lower

  • Chris Smith

    Seriously wtf the carter 3 and 4 were huge pieces of shit. I am a huge little wayne fan His mixtapes usually have 1-5 really good songs though.

  • Anonymous

    i waited three years for this :/

  • Anonymous

    Very weak album! I'm cryin about!

  • YMCMBMMGBWS2.0MathRocKoch-A-Lot


  • Seed

    The definition of wack rap.

  • Quese

    Should gave it a star but ill give it two this guy gets worse everytime i hear something new wayne is soooooo overrated and terrible his garbage worst album of the year

  • pesci

    stronger,harder and better

  • nazzar

    das ist ein hartes zeug,

  • Lenny

    What I'm not getting is how people are JUST NOW finally saying things about how Wayne is falling off when I been saying them for years. Wayne repeats himself way too much, on Tha Garbage IV he started off a line with "life's a bitch..." or "fuck the world..." about 200 times through the whole album. He just keep using similes and metaphors with EVERY line, which means he sacrifices a complete thought for a damn punchline. Now Tha Garbage IV comes out and people are saying these things and I'm more like "It took yall this long to figure that out?"

    • Anonymous

      Amen brother....i loved him for years when he had the hunger, tried tellin people no one gave a shit! He started gettin' weak after he hit the mixtapes hard then everyones on his dick. kids comin up to me like "you know lil wayne? you like lollipop?" get the fuck out my face

  • Wayne


  • Anonymous

    we go see dere shows n concerts buy their ablums rappers ake money off of us jus to b n videos showcasein dey bling aleast put out sum music dat nt always about teh same shitt until den this ablum nt gud

  • Anonymous

    it didnt suck jus the fact it sound lik every shitt he makes weed girls money jewelry lik nobdii wants keep hearin ppl bragging on their money

  • Anonymous

    this was nt gud like ppl suld b a shame of dem selves listenin to shidd dat dnt make sense

  • Anonymous

    best album he ever had!

  • ymcmb$$$$$$$$$$$$

    hes the best rapper alive

  • ymcmb$$$$$$$$$$$$

    fuck all yall hatin ass bitches this albulm was bad albulm yet

    • Anonymous

      someone explain to me why hes still being hailed by some fools or teenagers as the best rapper??? i really dont get it..i used to like wayne a bit back when tha cater 2 dropped since then its all gotten worse yet but hes gotten bigger..makes me really lose faith in rap..funny how the best 2 tracks he doesnt even rap on them wtf is that about...thank god for alot of real rappers dropping real lyrical shit in 2011 cus this album straight up no hating for all you idiots is a 2.5 out of 5



  • Anonymous

    all the song on his mixtapes..... lame

  • Corey EstradaSwagg Garner

    Album is ok but he'll never top tha Carter II . . . . sorry

  • Viictor

    best album out there!!

  • jo

    I've loved Weezy since the 90's and this album wasn't what I expected. Plenty of great songs, but room for much improvement on others. Still the best rapper alive, but I think he's set the bar so high with his tapes and previous Carters!

  • Lewis Bolton

    I really don't understand why everyone hates this album. I'm an Englishman and my main love of music is Avant-Garde Jazz or anything with a bit of substance. This album blew my mind. This is the album that got me interested in Lil Wayne, He is a Poetic Genius plus the beats are Dark as Fuck. I think in years to come, people will look back on this in a different and more positive light.

    • Anonymous

      dont ever rate or come to this site again ..sorry man but im a true hip hop head and this album is as weak as it gets..the best two songs he doesnt even rap on them its awful

  • Prophet

    This was disappointing as hell! What kills me most is how that whole crew think this is Classic shit! It disappointed because Wayne sounded uninspired and limited. P***y, D**k, Muthaf***a, and the letter F was in every other line thoroughout the entire album. Reminds me of 500 degreez with a little better production. Not hate, just not good, point blank!

  • fuck yal

    album blew ass, only the feats. were the good parts

  • Vencire Damones

    Best album of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i downloaded this album for free i was so appalled i deleted it off my computer lmbo

  • ImConfused

    How does your God son become your real son?

  • shadyaftermath

    who ever buys this album needs to seriously get their ears tested.

  • Deron Vegaz

    sounds like the hiphopdx writers is sucking the lollipop!

  • iskuly

    Now watch the throne that was garbage Apart from The Joy which was Dope as Fuck 1 good track, C4 has atlasest 4 or 5 good tracks

  • iskuly

    peeps are being overly harsh the joint was good not sick but a decent joint

  • Anonymous


  • Jason Williams

    Lets be honest here people 12-19 year olds aren't the only reason Wayne is selling like this. I think its the female demo age 18-35 who helped him just as much. I know more chicks who got this dude album then guys or young people. So, if there is a problem with any particular demo its the fact that the majority of females who buy Hip-Hop will By Lil Wayne quicker then most of our favorite rappers. Not a Wayne fan but can't hate on him for making this dough. Congrats to him. Shao vs Wu-Tang best album of 2011 so far

  • Jason Mayala

    A few good beats, nice hooks from other rappers. However horrible repetitive lyrics/easy metaphors along with a mimic of Drake in Wayne's R&B flop "How to Love" make this album pretty awful overall.

  • terrance

    I love it wayne keeps going up up and away

  • Keith

    Just for the haters out there that giving it a 1.. If any of yal niggas would just listen to the album instead of hatin on it cuz its Wayne yal might understand music.. Get off of other niggas dick and just rate the music.. Damn man!

    • I DID


  • dirty k

    And Yu Ppl sure have a lot to say about it 2 say it's so weak of a album well Yu bought it

  • dirty k

    President Carter knocked em off dat throne

  • Don Kody

  • DollarBillUK

    Very much agree witht this review. Weezy can come out with some incredible lyrics. But repeating himself and then coming out with some ridiculously stupid lines really go against him. Until he actually focuses on what he's saying, I don't consider him a top 5 alive rapper. Don't take this as hating cause I'm not, I love listening to Weezy, just wish he'd think a bit more about substance.

  • Jay

    This album is the weakest out of all the carters. too many slow songs where he rappin so slow he might as well be singing r&b. He need more songs like megaman and 6 foot 7 foot where he really rapping. Either spit or get of the mic. later for all them slow ryhmes where five words is a bar. i still mess with wayne tho, he can get back on point next album

    • Jason Williams

      Your comment is on point right here Bro. The way Wayne spit at the very end of President Carter, I wish he'd flow like that more often. He actually said something of substance within those 4-8 bars. And Megaman is the best song on there, he should bring it like on that track imo

  • Destroy and rebuild

    in all honesty this album is no more than a 2/5.

  • JT


  • Chad Bernard

    Ok lets be real the album is terrible. Little wayne is and has always been way overrated. The only person that compared him to the greats was him until he kept on begging to be mentioned with Jay z and big no one else did. So lets leave the guys who have proven bodies of work to back up their greatness out of this like Jigga, Nas, kayne,Eminem etc. Lets just talk about rappers who haven't gone platinum that are miles ahead of wanyne. Not in sales but in skills. All of these artist can be found on this site. skyzoo kills him, sean price kills him, talib kweli, common, saigon, j.cole, elzhi,royce 5'9", and I could go on and on cause I haven't even really touched guys in groups. Straight talk most of the people that think wanyne is great were born in mid to early 90's. The boy didn't get signed cause he was great he got signed cause he is baby's son. He was never great he is never gonna be great he should be glad he signed drake and can make money of him cause in a few years he will be nobody special.

    • Samuel Snead

      ya I don'y understand how he got so huge, i understand why he is famous but and he has some decent material over his career but to be this monster he is, its just hip hop became so pop that it became un-cool i geuss

  • EzMane

    HonestlY Da Album Sucks!!! I'm a Wayne fan but Weezy is slacking in Da Carter IV, worst of Da Carter Album series hands down, to much repetion of the same ol' stupid ish, only reason it went platinum in the 1st two weeks is beacuase of the popularity and hype he has, biggest disappointment of the year

  • t.fare

    Those in denial would ride Wayne dick and be quick to call what you sayin is hating . But I would definitely have to agree with your statement. Wayne seriously needs to stop his kid corner rapping. Nothing he says is impressive at all.

  • solelo

    Muthafucka lookin like a dayum Bean pie graduate on his album cover. Anybody ever just READ his lyrics?!? Da fuck boy don't make no sense at all. Wayne is trash no matter how you cut it. And all yall brainwashed garbage pale head ass pussies are seriously in denial for thinkin otherwise. The rating speak for itself. Fuck corporate controlled commercial rap.

  • s-dog

    Bigger flop than The Godfather 3......

  • MBTM

    Lil wayne is a pussy faggot non talented cocksucker who gets pounded in the ass by bird man while he crys and uses his tears as lube for when he jacks off drake while Nikki Minaj sticks a lollipop up her pussy and Lil wayne crys again because he is not a human being then he gets knocked out by a 6 foot or 7 foot guy named john so he teaches wayne How to love by dressing him as a prom queen making his bedrock setting him on fire then picking him up and droping him on his head

  • bruno

    good, but C2 is the best Cd ever of Weezy.

  • Idkdb

    Too bad his album his number one in the country...

  • Hit Addict

    Fuck all your stink ass comments. If you knew what real quality music was about,you would recognize that the Carter4 is Top Quality Shit! Wayne has taken it to the next level, you just don't have the intellect to RECOGNIZE! Keep fucking the Game Weezy!

    • Jason Williams

      I co-sign what Emily said

    • Emily

      Lil Wayne is a talented artist...he just shows his lack of talent with this album...It was repetitive of everything else previous that he has done. There is no denying his talent, but it did not show on this album. period.

    • Hit Addict

      If you consider 'intellect' to be a big word,you must have a limited vocab. Nearly every rapper claims to be the best rapper alive while in his zone and fucking the game, its just part of what they do. Dick this, and dick that, its obvious that you either lacking or wanting some. Fuckin Hater.

    • Anonymous

      intellect??? quit using big words to try to sound smart. u dont know dick about intelligent music listen to the underground where there is real music. he claims to be BEST RAPPER ALIVE but ik a million rappers that would rap circles around him. ur just a dick ryder like everyone else

  • Nas 4 life

    This album sucked... really bad.


    If this album is the state of hip hop, we are in trouble...sounds like he got his lines from a fortune cookie. The Red Album was better than this.

  • gerald boy

    hlw wizzy boy u knw wht man u r my best raper in de world man nd ur squard young money incuding nicki minaj,drake,emminem,rick ross nd tyga thy r all my best rappers 2 bt they dnt defeat u wayne man keep up ur gud work man wsh u d best god bless u sho frm d african boy 2 u wayne

  • lizard77

    Wow Weezy getting this much hate now alot of sales but alot of bad reviews. I guess weeny needs Gillie da kid to ghost write his music again.

  • Jordan Cheatom


  • Opposite

    Sucks, whats happened to hip hop?


  • kenneth

    love the carter4, nd fuck wat the haters say

  • legindary

    excellent review DX. I'm a wayne fan but was horribly disappointed and borderline offended that he would taint the 'Carter' series with this crap. It's not even that it isn't a good has it's moments..but the rhymes are pedestrian..and he's OFF drugs..and his content has gotten WORSE. That's a very scary concept to me and could be the beginning of weezy's end. Hash tag you lost it bro

  • Martin Smazil

    i wish i'd never listen to this, i'm scarred for life

  • Wayne and YM are Ass

    Young Money are frauds for real. Drake is so fake, he was on Phonte and Elzhi's dick during his Room for Improvement and Comeback Season days, now he talking about wayne's the greatest. C'mon Son you know Phonte is 10x times better than wayne's wack ass. Nicki Minaj had an average girl butt and was gutter, now she on some barbie shit with a fake ass.Wayne know he's still jocking Jay, stupid nigga got a tatto of Jay's song on him. Fuck outta of here wayne

  • Pedro Fraire

    I rather listen to Dilan, Cus he spit hot fire



  • Lil Wack

    One of the worst rappers alive! They confirmed that Baby bought a lot of copies to boost record sales for the Carter 4. Young Money is a joke.



  • bisquic

    The good, there are some tracks without little wayne. the bad, theres a whole lotta tracks WITH little wayne

  • v

    People actually buy albums?

  • Tha IntimiHater

    Tha Garbage VI is ass. Only reason it sold was cause people nowadays dont listen to lyrics anymore. Lyricism is making a comeback so theses rappers with no dept and concept are going to get buried. Respect to Nas,Big,Pac,Jay-Z,Eminem,Ice Cube. Lil Wayne could have done so much better that this nonsense.

  • Anonymous

    I put things in my butt while listening to this album, it feels GOOOOOOOOdddd.

  • DeWayne

    I like to kiss my male friend on the lips & call him daddy, I also tatooed him on my arm, oh & my favorite thing to say is Billy F Johhny, the F stands for Fucks, does any of this make me Gay?

  • Anonymous



    becuz they remind them of asian men with little dicks . and corny ways . WACK ALBUM

  • MBTM

    Why Asian girls go for white men (MOST of the time) is a complex issue; but I think there are a few basic reasons for why this is so common (these are only my opinions except for the stats). One is, men from wealthier, more powerful nations and races will snatch up women from weaker races and nations. For example, in America, more Native American women married white men, rather than the other way around. From a biological and socioeconomic standpoint, women go for money and security. Another thing is, most East Asian women don’t have a strong cultural pride as Hispanic, black, Middle Eastern, and Indian/Pakistani women do. I see Indians/Pakistanis and Hispanics proudly speaking their languages to each other all over college campuses. But Asians, meh, I guess the international students do, but the ones born here don’t do it as much, like the girl in the video who said “when my ex speaks Mandarin, he sounds very gay to me.” Most East Asian women love white culture and desperately want to be a part of it. Asian culture is very patriachal and puts alot of pressure on Asian women to be sweet, humble, submissive (especially around their controlling husbands, fathers, and meddling Mothers-in law), beautiful (aka: look as caucasion as possible), highly educated, an expert chef, and constantly pregnant with boys. Marrying a white man and rejecting Asian guys is a way of rejecting a culture that rejected them first and is a way of finally escaping an oppressive culture and easily assimilating into the liberty, loving majority. White, western raised men, grew up in a culture that (at least nowadays) looked upon women as equals and have been courting/dating longer than Asian cultures have (Asian cultures have only recently started shedding arranged marriages) thus they are generally better with women and relationships. They know how to not be too shy around girls or (as is the case with Indian/Pakistani guys) seem too desperate and needy either. Asian women (having been raised in an oppressive society) are experts in being gentle, humble, and submissive. This highly feminine sweetness can be very appealing to white men who are surrounded by white women who (because of the feminist movement and modern cultural views) in a sense have forgotten how to be women and aggresively demand equality in marriage rather selflessly serve their husbands as Asian women are trained to do. 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  • Anonymous

    horrible piece of work.

  • Lilworm

    eh...the album is ok skipping through alot of the songs...thats not a good thing lol...

  • Anonymous

    9. Lil Wayne Apologizes To Jay-Z For Saying He Was Better Than Him Date: February 2007 What Happened: Responding to Jay-Z coming out of retirement in a December 2006 interview with Complex, Lil Wayne addressed Jay-Z saying, “It's not your house anymore, and I'm better than you." But Wayne soon backtracked a February 2007 interview with XXL: ““I wanna apologize to Jay and his family and friends, because I was asked that question and they put it in there like I was just feeling like, ‘Oh, you know what, nigga? I’m better than Jay!’ They came at me like, ‘So you say you’re the best. Can you say that you’re better than everybody? Would you say you’re better than Jay?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, nigga, I’m better than everybody!’ But I’d like to throw that apology out there ’cause of whatever trouble I caused, I ain’t want that to happen.” Complex Says: First they love you, then they hate you, then four years later they threaten to kidnap your wife for ransom. Postedjust now | Reply »

  • Wayne's a Joke

    Wayne can forget about legacy with this wack ass album, he'll be classed with nelly,jarule and 50 cent soon. This nigga's album has a 75% drop in it's second week. Nobody buying this shitty ass album but non-hip hop fans.

  • Anonymous

    niggas in cali haha dont fuck with game after he said he was the best from the west plain and simple xzibit will eat him and wayne alive

    • Anonymous

      YO DAWG!! we heard you liked xzibit.. so we put an xzibit inside your mouth so you can suck xzibit while you suck xzibit!!

  • Anonymous

    its alright, didnt blow me away

  • Mario

    This is a major disappointment :( I truly believe that T.I held back his King Uncaged because he wanted Wayne to drop first (besides the obvious) but man did Wayne let us all down with this donkey shit... The best track was the interlude with Tech N9ne and 3 Stacks... AND HE WASN'T ON IT! (WTF?)

  • Anonymous


  • Biggie Smalls Ghost

    Album Is Shit And So Are ALL His Fans

  • Anonymous

    lil wayne has alwayz been a master in hip hop!!! believe it or not n go suck a dick if u aint wit it!!! YMCB bytch

  • Anonymous


  • Mystery Brown

    I'm just going to say this, having heard the hype: When the general consensus of the population who listened to this album and decided that THE best track of your is the one track you are not on, that says VOLUMES. That speaks more towards Weezie's "growth" as an artist who's trying to master his craft, and apparently failing at it. Apparently, this doesn't matter, cause the album did what it was supposed to do: sell to 12 to 19-year-old females and mega thirsty guys chasing them. By the way: Nas's verse on the Outro>>>>>>everything Wayne put down on this junk.


    His worst album by far . probally one of the worst album flops ever as far as the music and rhymes go .

  • Anonymous

    punch line after punch line..same ol mixtape rhymes..solid album but he in the back of the pack this year R.E.D. and WTT MUCH BETTER!..good for him selling but he also got 9 albums..more than half are shit..

  • H13

    Same old rhymes, just a different album. Only song with real meaning is Mirror with Bruno Mars. Every other track is cutting-room floor material compared to his first two in the Carter series

  • Anonymous

    Garbage but what else did you expect??

  • Jed

    This is a good review but if you wanna read a better got over to and read the review by Two Twits Talking Shit... and for the guy below me, if you have to listen to an album 20 times to force yourself to like you prolly shouldnt be listening to it.

  • Anonymous

    what gets me is people won't acknowledge this is wayne against two super stars and he's holding his own. Nobody can deny that. I personally had to listen to WTT about 20 times to force myself to feel it like most of you probably did. Lil Wayne takes more chances with his beats, material, etc. on c4 than WTT. Now it doesn't matter about the numbers of records he sells? Even Jay (some of your idols) said Men/Women lie, numbers don't. Also, using autotune after trying to kill it because his voice just didn't work was jay being a hypocrite.

    • UndaDogg

      Besides The-Dream possibly using auto tune on No Church in the Wild, how was Jay being a hypocrite? He didn't use it. Plus numbers don't lie, but it also doesn't dictate which album was better. WTT may not have sold as much even as it did go platinum but it is the better album by far.

    • WTT

      Your a fucking idiot and you must be deaf to believe "wayne takes more chances with beats"? LMFAO, how much cum has been squirted in your ears to make you believe what your hearing is "good material" WTT shits down C4's throat

    • Anonymous

      Are you fucking kidding me? Wayne takes more chances with beats? Have you heard either C4 or WTT?

  • Anonymous

    Wayne just didn't have that spark, R.E.D album is the best hip-hop album out there, I am not basing shit on sales, I care about that, I am care about the actual album and it's message

  • Jamal-King

    One star for this bullshit.

  • mike

    yo i feel bad for the featured artist who didnt get to hear the album till it dropped. hyping up the album and shit thanking weezy for a classic lmao all them niggas look stupid now.

  • dadude

    Not as good as C2 and almost as good as C3 but not bad wish it was like 5 tracks longer though

  • Moneygrab

    When you do a album consisting of only punchlines,metaphors and puns, your bound to say a lot of wack shit. Exactly why Carter 4 fell hella short.

  • lets be real

    the album is good point blank. haters gonna hate no matter what wayne puts out, if it was really garbage why would so many ppl be buying it???

    • Jay

      Dude his name is lil wayne, thats why ppl bought it. It s what he did in the past why ppl still follow him. He didnt deliver on this one.

    • JCelo

      Yo cracker the weapon ,u wrong fag I like Wayne but this album is not the album of the year ,the Red album is dope but u probaly to busy blowing Wayne u fuckin cracker!

    • JCelo

      Let's keep it real Carter 4 Sucks,yes its gonna be platinuum but that's not cause its good it for the fact his marketing demographic is White teens who don't know shit bout hiphop, I like Wayne but this album is not better than Red album or Waynes Carter 3!

    • being real

      so many people bought the album because lil wayne fans by his shit no matter what it sounds like. hell yeah haters hate wayne no matter what but you cats that like him would cosign his shit if he farted in the mic. you know if you never heard of lil wayne and this was dude's debut album you'd be laughing at it.

  • Ethan Surls

    RED blows this shit out of the water

  • the weapon

    best album of the year, hands down, no discussions. no one is spittin like this dude. and this website loses credibility for givin the red album a better review than the carter iv. RI-DAMN-DICOULOUS!!

    • TY

      I cant understand you bra, take Weezy's dick out of your mouth before you write a review!! This is not the album of the year, it is very good, but not great. The problem with Lil Wayne is that too many people think that he's better than he is, and as many people think that he's garbage. the truth is that Lil Wayne is a good rapper and tha carter 4 is a good album. not the best, not the worst, just good.

  • Osagz Osagie Alonge

    I told y'all Lil Wayne can't rap. LOL! Carter III was a fluke. Let's just wait for that collabo album with Drake.

  • kingrichard1

    mane y'all fans/critics r wayyyyy 2 critical of every song n hip hop,its jus muzik!!!!!!!! but i understand wen u pay yo hard earned cash & it doesn't live up 2 da level it said it wood,da carter 4 shud b compared 2 all other lil wayne albums & jay & kanye accordingly & substance is wateva da artist & fan wit a open mind call it,everybody dnt wnt a damn lecture wen dey listen 2 muzik....

    • Anonymous

      I hate when people say "its just music". Who are u to dictate what someone else should be passionate about? What do u like to do? Play video games? Basketball? How do you think someone like Scott Van Pelt would react to a statement like "Its just Basketball"? Smh...

  • yournotgoodatall

    Tha Carter 4 = wackest album i ever heard real talk . It is sooooo garbage who ever bought this album , you got hustled for your money . 1.5 stars

    • Anonymous

      agreed. no where near the wackest. Not even the weakest in his catalouge. Its just an average album from a supposedly not so average rapper.

    • kingrichard1

      u musta only heard a handful of hip hop cd's 2 say dat,it has sum flaws as 100% of albums ever made do but da "wackest" lol

  • adadad

    I downloaded this album when it leaked, and i was disappointed. for a second i thought it wasnt the real album and i had downloaded some bullshit. I thought the songs would at least be as good as "She Will", which I didn't think was that good. I planned on buying it when it came out...not any more. i'm starting to dislike YM now, more of a G.O.O.D Music and J. Cole person. But hopefully Drake and Tyga doesn't disappoint

  • C-Mo Money

    Ha isnt it funny how polarized people are abot Lil Wayne? Lol, either u think he's 100% trash or he's so good nobody can tell u different. Im more in the center, but lets face it this album was mediocre at best. Not to hate on Weezy but C4 was pretty weak 2.5/5

    • WTT

      @true, how about you fucking listen to the album first before you start dickriding what anybody is saying, i dont care if your agreeing or not, llisten to the album, and until then, no one cares "if you agree with the comment" @whatafuckingKOOK

    • true

      I actually agree with a comment. I don't understand this all or nothing attitude. Haven't heard the Carter 4, and don't plan to, but I'm sure its not as bad as some of these guys make it out to be

  • Trey

    I can't believe people are praising Watch the Throne Album. These old ass niggas making songs called HAM and Lift Off is garbage along with Who gon stop me and that Jungle shit on "Murder to excellence" and Why I love sound like some shit from the 80's. If Jay-Z hate autotune so much why does he have Frank Ocean autotunning on "No Church in the Wild" So you guys can bash Wayne's album all u want, but dont praise Watch the Throne like its a classic because that shit is garbage. Wayne keep making the hits, I rather listen to How to Love than fucking Otis.

    • UndaDogg

      hahaha, the nerve of this clown...

    • Your Confused

      You rather listen to how the love than Otis??? You must be young white girl who is clueless about true hip hop. OTis is the hardest track on Watch The Throne. How to love is not hip hop, it's some taylor swift type a pop ballad. So in other words you rather listen to pop than true hip hop. Then why are you commenting on hiphopdx then? You should be commenting on spin or rollingstion. By the way Frank Ocean doesn't use auto-tune on No Church in The Wild, that's The Dream singing that part.

    • Matt Sullivan

      Jay and Kanye are on a higher level than Lil Weezy

    • Anonymous

      Look tool,1) its obvious you have a horrible taste in music just by your last sentence. 2)Wayne keep making hits? So does that mean Jay-z doesn't make hits? Cause last time i checked Jay-Z has more solo hits than wayne and they're much better lyrically. 3) No watch the throne isnt classic but its def better than carter 4 anybody can tell u that,cause theirs def a lot more rapping in that album

  • Almar

    Agree With The Reviewer for once, The album is Capital G GARBAGE!!! How To Love?, She Will? Mirror?, C'MON MAN!!!! 1.Watch The Throne 2.R.E.D...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................5,000,000. Anything By Rebecca Black 5,001,000. Tha Carter 4

  • Alexx ThreeSixty The-Producer Byrd

    3 years of push backs & we get this? I Am Not a Human Being was better. This was a medicore album.

  • thatrealshit

    still stuns me that retards hail this piece of trash as the best artist in hip hop. hopefully this album proved that statement to be completely false

  • Anonymous

    I just saw that video up there... Shit is hard as fuck!!!!

  • Taliban

    He fell all the way off... kinda like he did on the skateboard. WTF happened to this dude?

  • Matt Sullivan

    It's ok, but Wayne should be ashamed of himself as this album is no better than his last one.

  • Lil Wayne is gay

    1 star for whackness.

  • Anonymous

    I just want wayne to take a risk. Rebirth was more gimmick than risk. He needs to really reinvent himself. Dude hasnt improved in 6 years! THis album would have been classic in 05 or sumthin but its 2011. This sound is dated. At least Kanye and Jay are trying to do somethin different weather u like WTT or not..

  • Anonymous

    Liked: 1)Wayne's Charisma/ Presence 2)Some of the production 3)Wordplay 4)Intro, megaman, interlude, president carter Disliked: 1)Total lack of concept and continuety 2)Track order 3)How to hate, so special, nightmares of the bottom 4)lack of wayne on the outro and the shyne feature 3.5/5

  • Stunnaaa

    Wayne's flow has gotten too predictable....his flow consists entirely of punchlines and similies. None of them which have anything to do with each other. You will NEVER be able to guess what the name of the song wold be if u had listened to the song without looking at the title. Such a talent that could have made a dent in history. Oh well, not surprised.

  • Fan of REAL music

    I gave this album 2 stars. My reason is because I expected better due to hype, and album delays. Why push back an album if it's no where near as good as Carter 1,2, and 3? Makes no sense. The album isnt trash, just close to it. Cant be considered "Best rapper alive" if the majority of your punchlines either start or end with "Life is like a" or "Life is a"....Stop feeding the people bs

    • Mark Anthony Harris

      You just answered it yourself: because it isn't up to snuff with the rest of his stuff. Push backs usually happen to lack of quality, lack of buzz, or early leaks.

  • Anonymous

    Whack album, only deserves to be in trash can

  • Mike

    Andre Cooper You are the biggest dick rider i have ever seen who tha fuck has tha time to post every single word of another man song Nigga you over ha age of 16.. Oh and dnt compare c4 with WTT Two different styles ye and J werent tryna to make a fukkin classic take it for wht its worth.. a good album Wayne could sell 2 mill in a week and he still wouldnt deserve it "grown ass blood" Nigga yo probation sheet say you cnt fuck wit alcohol,drugs,and anybody with a criminal background unless apporved by tha court Fake azz blood, kiss his "daddy" in tha mouth, leopard skin jeggings?? Weezy died Aug 30, 2011

  • Nuno Andrade

    dope enough for the fans........

  • 10InchDick

    #Note Record sells doesn't define great albums nowadays

  • Red-I

    like i commented on the R.E.D. album's page: Carter 4 is topped by Watch The Throne (barely) & Game's R.E.D. album tops the Roc & Young Money's latest releases. Hope this is the LP, that people will LISTEN 2 and QUIT dick ridin' wayne so much...his highlight years are long gone (I Can't Feel My Face/Dedication/etc..)


    This album has a few bangaz, but the rest is average to weak. not fuckin with the R.E.D ALBUM

  • Lenny

    I cant believe you people actually say Carter 4 is better than Watch the Throne. I guess yall gonna say Soulja Boy and Waka Flocks's next albums blow Illmatic and Reasonable Doubt out the water

    • LOL QQ

      That is a terrible argument billyblakes. People ride the shit out of Wayne too. I enjoyed C4, but it's not "best rapper alive" material at all. Most of Wayne's punchlines are mediocre at best.

    • billyblakes

      It is better depending on who you ask, ain't nobody goin that far to say Flock's album and Soulja Boy album better than classics. C4 was just the better album. Others feel WTT was better but that's just because it's Jay and Kanye. They can make a whole album about dog turds and people will say it's better. People ride Jay and Kanye's dicks just for the fuck of it.

  • Warren Mazengwe

    I gave this album 3 mics cuz it needs a lot of work. He still uses the same ass punchlines, on a lot of song he half asses it. For makin people wait this long for an album but have such mediocre quality, is a discgrace to hip hop. He hasn't improved at all. He's over saturated. I bet people still wanna crown this lame king of hip hop. get the fuck outta here. I hope he does retire after this just like he promised us a month ago. i like my bitches with long hair.

  • unknown

    this album is just as disappointing as C3 and it's gonna go platinum by this or next week? well, at least nicki wasn't on it. i could rant more but what would that do?

  • Anonymous


  • joejoe

    Amazing Weezy Greatest Rapper ever

  • Anonymous

    Jay-z has an empire, Wayne has bitches and homies

  • Jay-Z - Child Abuse


    The Documentary is bound to generate some criticisms, and it should. He continues the awful tradition of when-thugs-love (a la "21 Questions," "Karma"), with "Special." The song is complete with an oh-so-poetic hook "I want you to know you're special." While not particularly bad, the beat on "Where I'm From" does not meet the high standards of the rest of the LP and could have easily been left off. And while it may seem like nitpicking, his constant name-dropping gets on the nerves after a few listens - it just needs to go. I swear he must say Dre's name about 30 times on the album. I'm sure I won't be the only one to say so, but it is hard not to wish a better emcee got blessed with these beats like, say, Ras Kass - especially when you consider the absolute lack of dues The Game has paid to this point. The guy hasn't even been rhyming 2 years, and it isn't like he that good to warrant the instant superstardom. Still, that doesn't change how good this album is. Two weeks into the year and it is easily the best album of 05 - and I wouldn't be all that surprised if it is still being called that 11 months from now. A lot of people are going to be playing The Game.

    • Almar

      The Only Better Album From '05 that i can think of is Common's "Be" and Kanye's "Late Registration" But "The Documentary" Is Classic.

  • wackrappers

    LMAO WACK ASS ALBUM period . lil wayne is the most overhyped and overrated rapper ever . Tha Carter iv is pure garbage . 2 stars .

    • gpacksondeck

      Nope. When you start gettin real money and start selling records you automatically become overrated. Jay, Nas, Pac, Big, Em, Wayne, 50 all these niggaz overrated and they all got haters. Most niggaz that rate this shit automatically giving him 1s and shit just off GP. People love shitting on Wayne haha. Niggaz aint listen to his album they came here to shit on his forehead lol

  • Anonymous

    I think a lot of wat makes C4 weak is the order of the tracks. This album is top heavy. He brings a lot of heat in the begining but it quickly fades. I think this would have made a better tracklist: 1) Intro 2) John 3) 6'7" 4) She Will 5)So Special 6)Megaman 7)Interlude 8) Mirror 9) How to Love 10)Abortion 11)President Carter 12)Blunt Blowin 13)Its Good 14)Outro (add a wayne verse after busta) *I Like the View **How To Hate ***Two Shots

  • Anonymous

    Wow this is really funny: Everybody rates this a 5 because he's a die hard fan or a 1 because he's a hater. What about neutral opinions? This is far from being a failure but far from album of the year too.

  • Kendra Celeste Wilson

    its str8 though.

  • Anonymous

    1. I don't like that "6 foot 7 foot" is on the album. That song is way old... 2. He has a track on there (with T-Pain) that sounds kind of like a mix between "Blame it on the alcohol," and "Can't believe it." not very original... 3. He has a song with Tech Nine and 3stacks and he doesn't rhyme at all... it's an interlude and *I do like it 4. It was nice to hear Nas on the album (he killed it) 5. he has a track where he uses the lyrics straight from a mixtape "freestyle".... I don't like it "Nightmares of the Bottom" 6. I think some of the songs were just "padding" the album... you know, just throwing songs on there to have more tracks I guess...? 7. There are some nice tracks on there (a lot of them have featured artist). 8. Overall, I expected more with all the hype and anticipation, but I still enjoy listening to some of the tracks and I like Wayne. His mixtapes are better than his albums, and I guess half of what I get on the album is on one of his mixtapes lol 9. C4 is a bit much as a play on words for this album.

  • Anonymous

    sales dont mean shit. if dey did den diddy, em, wayne, the gucci dude, the west coast guys, wiz khalifa, soldier boy, etc would b betta than rakim, nas, kool g rap, bdk, etc

  • Harjinder Dhaliwal

    Hot Garbage...

  • Andre Cooper

    Who else need tissue? Haterz go hate.....800k Stick it up your bumhole you ignorant fucks.

    • Tr sucks cock

      fuck you talking bout nigga, Soulja Boy last album bricked nigga. Record sales do mean shit. this nigga Weezy been putting out albums since 17 all went gold or platinum, if he so ass why mu'fuckas keep buying his shit? dumb ass nigga

    • Tr

      Still doesn't make him any good. Sales doesn't mean shit. If sales would equal skills, Soulja Boy would be one of the best rappers in the game. Fuck outta here you ugly motherfucker.

  • Andre Cooper

    im on it ooh im on it im so on it and how ever you want it you can get it tonight hoe and all night hoe i get the beat from (Mistro) A f**kin right hoe i might crazy go on these niggas I dont give a motherf**k run up in a nigga house and shoot his grandmother up what! what I dont give a motherf**k get cha baby kidnapped and ya baby motherf**k it’s tha Carter 3 bitch better put ya supper up Hollygrove i throw it up like im tryna lose my gut F**k is up beat him up like a million uppercuts got a million duffeled up for the f**k of it shit get on my level you cant get on my level you would need a spaceshuttle or a ladder thats forever however im better if now than never dont you ever fix ya lips unless you bout to suck my dick bitch swallow words taste my thoughts and if its too nasty spit it back at me two more inches i’d been in that casket according to the doctor i could of died in traffic bounce right back on them bitches like Magic abra-cadabra im up like Viagra i just do this shit for my click like Adam Sandler I control hip hop and ima keep it on my channel Watch me! Bitch watch me! Bitch watch me! But they cannot see me like Hitler its the New Orleans Nightmare money so old its growin white hair Young Money baby yeah we right here ima make sure we ball till we fall like tears and mama dont cry ya son can handle his I got her out the hood and put her in the hills yeah when i was fourteen I told my mom we will see better days and sure enough i got Miss Cita in a better place when I was fourteen I told my mom we will see better days and sure enough we did exactly what I say i told my girl when you f**k me better f**k me good cause if another girl could she gon f**k me good no sittin at the table if you bringin nothin to it and i get straight to it like its nothin to it yea I got game like Stuart…Scott fresh out the ESPN shop and when sports in the poppin e’ery thang stoppin but you cant fool me i know what you watchin ME! You watch me You watch me Cause I be WEE-ZY must see t.v. C3 nigga thats me and im me im me times three so retreat or suffer defeat im back 3 PEAT C3

  • Bolo

    Carter Was pretty sick! Lil Weezy

  • Andre Cooper

    Need some tissue brah?

  • Andre Cooper

    Cash Money Young Money motherfuck the other side They can fuck with us if they want I bring 'em homicide Word to my momma I'm gonna continue bombing 'Til they getting out the game it's like coming out of a coma I'm tryin... but I'm normal when this rap shit get boring All I ask is that you pray for me (Please) And the beat keep crying and I'mma keep beating her Fee I'm fucking her I'm deep in her sleep in her And what happens when the reaper come (huh?) I'm just hoping that he sends that elevator up I made enough I ain't meant shit So while I'm here I'mma take that and take this (nigga!) Breakfast yes let's eat wipe ya mouth when ya finished Then hunt for the lunch and dinner no beginner To the criminal activity fuck with them they rushing in Like Seminoles Indians no bow and arrows Harold Just leaners Cheena just choppers Robert Carter II tell me how is you gon' stop a riot I lock and seal it up the best I could feel it (yeah!) I'm in the lead I can pop a wheelie (got em!) Not for rookies late bloomers stay in the womb (GO!) I'm here muhfucker make room... BOOM! Young Tune the big kahuna It's my ocean baby y'all niggaz is tuna Better now than sooner junior Fly around ya city try and take another tune ya I ain't going nowhere special I won't never leave Shit I'm already a legend if I ever leave Game get rid of me? Not little me Man I got 'em I'mma get 'em B (I got 'em B) I'm hungry like I didn't eat I want it like I didn't see a meal before seventeen What the fuck you niggaz telling me? You pups can't keep up with the pedigree Catch me where the weather be somewhere in the seventies Call myself settling palm trees Promethezine but whats new? Sometimes I can't cut through that rough loop Get fucked so many times 'til it's fuck you (fuck em!) So how you wan' do it baby we can get it All you gotta do is say it and I'm wit it Money and murder you my nigga my jelly preserver I'mma ride baby 'til the judge give me a verdict yeah Hear me or heard me I get it and serve it Cause everytime I did it I hit it and hurt it yeah Now I kill it the mission accomplished The niggaz abolished the bitches astonished [From:] Then they pay homage when did they find it but Now that they know it's a must I remind 'em so They don't forget it I underline it and I'm in the sky when the thunder's crying young'n I been through all that I done done what you saying I put it down when the others was playing When the jungle was open I rolled in with the riders Stole food from the bears and bought it back to the lions Quote unquote with the eighth I'm a gorilla but lighter Wit the eye of a tiger the heart of a fighter yeah Start 'em ignite 'em I walk through fire Watch the flames start multiplying whoo! yeah Alter a nigga nina talk to a nigga Take a chunk outcha body like a shark bit a nigga I'm awkward like Cartwright fuck wit a nigga Shot ugly but my arch right come on dog bark bite Fork in the road I'm always going right Nowadays knowing life ain't no more road lights We can't see but we gon' make it to the finish line It's right there the goal line right behind the scrimmage line Touchdown check the scoreboard gimme mines Semi 9 fit me fine hit a nigga twenty times Damn then one more to the face (BOW!) just So they close the casket like I pay to close the case I'm made straight mafia shit front line Top rank ready to die for my shit and the obvious shit If I talk about my robbery they prolly get rich So fuck 'em I'mma let 'em sit And I ain't ducking cause I'm right here I'm just enough I don't care who at the top of the stairs I'm stepping up See you fucking up the money baby that ain't good business You starting to look like a witness and this is For the gangstas and the bitches the hustlers and the hoes Crossover whatever mainstream know Cause Wayne thinks silent Wayne'll never fold You heard it right here if the game was ever told Lift up ya toes and look under a rug Trust me there's history under all that dust So deep down in the dirty there lies us (who?) Yeah Cash Money Records and I'm still up front Stunna pop a bottle baby peel us a blunt Lets eat and talk about all them niggaz we cut What? You know what? Lets not fuck up our lunch Thats real shit if you ever seen such Chuch Tha Mobb nigga

  • psychorealm

    Waynes album is pretty weak. Has no real material other than the same cheap 1 word punch lines. No real content tho. R.E.D album has a less metaphores but is more suited for listening content.

  • The Don

    lil wayne carter IV not nearly as good as the carter 3 was.

  • JCelo

    Lil wayne kills sales but RED album is a better album to listen to.. Carter IV is def better than watch the throne bs!

    • Myie

      you hhavr to be a fukkin dickriding fakkit if you think c4 is better then WTT you have to be mentally retarted to think this album is better. sh1t crter 4 was a trending topic on how bad it is stupid nygga

    • Anonymous

      Just cuz niggaz don't see shit yo way don't mean they don't know Hip Hop. C4 was just a better album. Ain't no wack song on there. Lift Off, No Church in the Wild & Made in America was garbage. WTT aint touching Red Album either. Niggaz just need to stop kissing Jay ass so much.

    • Warren Mazengwe

      Nigga you trippin. Watch the throne is killin this album. Kanye and Jay-z are lyrically on point on that album. Weezy just sound like Weezy from the Jeffersons. I lnow its just yo opinion but yo must really don't listen to much hip hop if you think Carter 4 is better.

  • Anonymous

    the the worst diss ever

    • Anonymous

      wayne don't dedicate no whole song to a nigga. niggaz been dissin wayne since he started rappin'. he give niggaz a subliminal bar or 2 and keep it movin' on the way to the bank.


    THE STATE OF HIPHOP/RAP HAS REACHED AN ALL TIME LOW...when the general public invests money in artists who only make words rhyme without the presence of coherence and relevance. Look folks...lil weezy is only as artistic as the tight jeans he wears with his ass hanging out which is not very masculine might I add and definitely not "gangster"! Hip hop and the rap genres are suffering bitterly at the hands of individuals who pose as artists. As bad as the economy is, which is why all record sales are suffering, people find cause in buying lil wayne's music only because he is deemed as being popular. There are rappers out such as Eminem, Game, Nas, Scarface, and Jay Z who constanly rip microphones to shreds with their solid skills of coherently telling fascinating stories their reality and how they see the worls as we know it through their rhymes!! This is the very essence of what we came to love about hip hop and the rap game. You need to stop supporting artists who dont take the time to at least bring you nothing but their very best offerings, in terms of music, when they try to convince you to spend your money to make them rich and live in oppulence while the majority of our society lives mediocre at best. All the comments on here that say or imply that lil wayne is the best when it comes to rapping is apparently unaware and misguided as to what real skill sounds like on the microphone!!

  • micah dancy

    lil wayne had a great album im listening to the album now and been bumping it he deserves everything hes getting stop hating

  • Corey

    I actually love the Carter IV, way better than Watch the Throne. If his music so wack why people buy it. Simply put if u put out a bad album no one is going to buy your next album i.e. KRS-1, Slick Rick, Rakim, Freeway, Joel Ortiz, LMAO man what happend to MIMS. If u guys praise these niggas so much why no one else is supporting them? Simply put these niggas are wack nuff...yup Joe Budden wack too Pump Pump Pump it up, LMAO WACK

  • DEsmond Anderson

    it is in there

  • Best Rapper Alive LOL

    I don't give a fuck if the Carter IV does Mc Hammer and Will Smith numbers, it's still garbage. You going to need more than album sales to become king of hip hop. 60. “All about my riches/ My name should be Richard” (From “Blunt Blowin”) 59. “Swagger down pat/ Call my shit Patricia” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”) 58. “All I had to do was put two and two together/ But that just makes four, but not ‘four-ever’” (From “How To Hate”) 57. “Don’t call me ‘sir’/ Call me ‘sir-vivor’” (From: “Nightmares Of The Bottom”) 56. “Some people hang you out to dry/ Like a towel rack” (From “She Will”) 55. “I put up a wall/ And they just wallpaper” (From “Blunt Blowin”) 54. “Weezy F. Baby/ And the ‘F’ ain’t for fear” (From: “Nightmares Of The Bottom”) 53. “You don’t want to start Weezy/ Cause the ‘F’ is for finisher” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”) 52. “Weezy F./ For ‘Fuck you’” (From “How To Hate”) 51. “The ‘F’ is for ‘Fuck yourself’” (From: “Nightmares Of The Bottom”) ​50.”I put it down like my hand’s hurtin’” (From “Blunt Blowin”) 49. “The weed too loud/ Turn up the volume” (From “I Like The View) 48. “The weed loud/ Like a lion’s roar” (From “Intro”) 47. “You know that money talk/ I am the ventriloquist” (From “Megaman”) 46. “Married to the money/ A true love story” (From: “Nightmares Of The Bottom”) 45. “If time is money/ I’m an hour past paid” (From “Blunt Blowin”) 44. “I get money to kill time/ Dead clocks” (From “John”) 43. “I don’t need a watch/The time is now or never” (From “Intro”) 42. “Times have changed/ Well fuck it get a new watch” (From “Blunt Blowin”) 41. “I tried to pay attention/ But attention paid me” (From “She Will”) 40.”How you niggas want to have it your way/ Burger King?” (From “Megaman”) 39. “I’m trying to walk a straight line/ But the line crooked” (From “Abortion”) 38. “I just touched down/ Kicked a motherfucking field goal” (From “It’s Good”) 37. “I’m all about ‘I’/ Give the rest of the vowels back” (From “She Will”) 36. “You faker than some titties/You get titty-fucked” (From “Intro”) 35. “Eat her ’til she cry/ Call that wine and dine” (From “She Will”) 34. “Just sit on my grill/ That’s that tailgate for ya” (From “So Special”) 33. “I make her come first/ Then I follow the leader” (From “So Special”) 32. “Been fuckin the world/ And nigga I ain’t come yet” (From “John”) 31. “I tried to fuck the world/ And couldn’t even get aroused” (From “President Carter”) 30. “You can sit right on my middle finger for the night” (From “How To Hate”) 29. “I get deep in that pussy/ Dig her out, surgery” (From “Megaman”) 28. “I already know that life is deep/ But I still dig her” (From “She Will”) 27. “When the shit get deep/ I’m never afraid to dive” (From “President Carter”) 26. “I talk shit, I hope it matters/ We climax, without the ladder” (From “So Special”) 25. “If real shit is dead/ Then nigga I’m a bastard” (From “President Carter”) 24. “Bullshit for lunch/ Brown bag nigga” (From “President Carter”) 23.”You don’t need a bus pass/ You need to bust your ass” (From “Blunt Blowin”) 22. “Tools on deck/ Home Depot nigga” (From “Megaman”) 21. “Tote tools like mechanics/ Mechanisms” (From “President Carter”) 20. “I’m beneficial/ I’ve been official” (From “President Carter”) 19. “Boy I’m going in/ Like my water broke.” (From “Intro”) 18. “I’ve been at the top for a while/ And I ain’t jumped yet” (From “She Will”) 17. “I’m 100/ Like a fastball” (From “Megaman”) 16. “I say you rappers sweet/ I pay the incidentals” (From “President Carter”) 15. “I’m shooting for the stars/ Astronauts dodge bullets” (From “Abortion”) 14. “Reality’s a bitch/ And I’ma dance with her” (From “President Carter”) 13. “If life is a bitch/ Then mine a gold digger” (From “Megaman”) 12. “All my bitches nasty like a cold dinner” (From “Megaman”) 11. “Two bitches at the same time/ Synchronized swimmers” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”) 10. “Nothing standing in my way/ Like nothing’s my security” (From: “Nightmares Of The Bottom”) 9. “Mind so sharp I fuck around and cut my head off” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”) 8. “I got through that sentence like a subject and a predicate” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”) 7. “I keep some bud/ like Rudy Huxtable” (From “Intro”) 6. “Boy I send them bloods at your ass/ Like a tampon” (From “Megaman”) 5. “I woke up this morning, dick rock hard/ Ashed my blunt in my Grammy award” (From “Abortion”) 4. “We jack son then light up that ‘L’/ Samuel” (From “Megaman”) 3. “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna.” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”) 2. “All hail Weezy/ Call it bad weather” (From “Blunt Blowin”) 1. “Don’t fuck up with Wayne/ ‘Cause when it Waynes it pours.” (From “How To Hate”)

  • topthis

  • topthis

  • topthis

    a good album nothing over the top could have being better but i guess if you a wanye fan you wont be too dissapointed.

  • barry

    This shows that Hip Hop is dying. Poor beats and lyrics. Lil Wayne will probably sell a couple of million even though this is a poor album.

  • Kaan Özel

    Whack as album . 1 star

  • WhyWereDisapointed

    The reason why everyone is making a big deal about this is becuz Wayne failed our generation. Jay-Z, Nas, and Em did their part to move the genre forward, just as Big and Pac did before them, and as Rakim, Slick Rick, Krs, and Kane did before them. Wayne is by far the most popular rapper of this gen. With that power he can do great things, but he chose to spit on it. Kanye is the only rapper from this gen dropping that real shit. Luckily, the next generation looks pretty promising with guys like Cole, Kendrick, Cudi, J. Electronica, Curren$y, and even Drake putting out quality material.

    • wolfpack324

      people like whatever they wanna like. people support his albums. if that's the case then Birdman would be buying all his albums since Tha Block Is Hot and he'd be broke as fuck. Explain why these niggaz still around after all this time then? Hatin ass niggaz smh

  • Jarod Williams

    Of course this was not his best album. I agree young money and cash money bought north of 500,000 units to boost sales. The only way this album could have actually made some REAL money and noise is if he had taken the songs from his mixtape "Sorry 4 the Wait" and put them on instead of the tracks on "Tha Carter IV".

    • Anonymous

      nah bro. people actually buyin dis. im like d only guy who aint got dis bitchshit. ery1 b hatin on shit b4 it drops den dey b goin out n buyin shit. ima b lik yall sum bitch niggaz to cosign dat gay azz muhfukka but dey aint wanna listen. baby bought at least 200k doe. ima give dat album 1 star only cuz of dat interlude n outro

    • Anonymous

      one person ain't buying all them damn albums. yall so blind to the fact that lil wayne has millions of fans. he got loyal fans still with him since he was a hot boy wit juve and them

    • Anonymous

      Cosign I know Baby bought back 500,000 units and wayne fans know it to.

  • Actually...

    How to Love is one of the best tracks on C4. Its the ONLY song that has a real concept lol. Everything else is just a punchline fest with no purpose.

  • NotBad

    This album is actually not BAD, its just AVERAGE. Minus "How to Hate", "So Special" and the played out singles "6'7", "John", and "How to Love", its actually pretty dope. VERY limited subject matter (One of the least substantive albums from a rapper on waynes level ive heard), but Waynes flow and wordplay are on point. The production, though typical, is pretty crisp. 3.5/5

  • Hip Pop Killed Hip Hop

    Damn 870-900k his first week, these kids just put the nail in the coffin for Hip Hop. RIP Hip Hop and Die Hip Pop I still know for a fact that young money and cash money bought 550,000 units of the Carter IV to pump up sales, so rest of the idiots (wayne stans) would go buy and think it's great cause it's selling. IT's con game Baby and Slim is doing on the public.

    • Anonymous

      eminem killed hip hop wid his misogynistic rhymes n da fact dat he wanted to see ery1 dead. (his 1st albums excludin infinite were great doe). but i guess it aint his fault alwayz been dyin since da west coast dayz (minus pac).

    • hip hop must live!

      I feel you man you should check out this kid hes pretty good

    • wolfpack324

      Dude you wack as fuck. Dirty South killed Hip Hop? no. You shut yo stupid ass up wit dat bullshit. You must be from the East Coast. So real niggaz like Scarface and UGK killed hip hop? Outkast? 3 Stacks? Get a fuckin life.

    • TEXAS


    • Anonymous

      Jay-Z didn't kill it dude. Dirty South killed hip hop idiot. Biggie was bragging about materialistic shit in his raps also, so I guess he kilt it and Slick Rick dude shut up

    • Anonymous

      Hip Hop been dead since Jay-Z killed it with his stupid brag rapping and materialistic one dimensional rhyme patterns. Hip Hop been dead for years.

  • Realism

    Damn what happen to hip hop that we're reduced down to lil wayne and young money. Honestly this is some sad shit

  • Sikander Kahlon

    it was not that bad. but not on wayne's level

  • Rick Ross

    Wayne Can SUCK MA DICK

  • TopDog

    You know your a wackass rapper when a news outlet compile a list of your wackest lines. These kids are straight up brainwashed by media hype machines and radio and MTV. They'll snap out of there "wayne's the greatest" spell one of these days.

  • LMAO

    Top 60 Worst Lil Wayne Lines on his new album Tha Carter IV August 31, 2011 by ︻╦╤─ Haha someone made a list to show people how horrible this nigga is at rapping 60. “All about my riches/ My name should be Richard” (From “Blunt Blowin”) 59. “Swagger down pat/ Call my sh*t Patricia” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”) 58. “All I had to do was put two and two together/ But that just makes four, but not ‘four-ever’” (From “How To Hate”) 57. “Don’t call me ‘sir’/ Call me ‘sir-vivor’” (From: “Nightmares Of The Bottom”) 56. “Some people hang you out to dry/ Like a towel rack” (From “She Will”) 55. “I put up a wall/ And they just wallpaper” (From “Blunt Blowin”) 54. “Weezy F. Baby/ And the ‘F’ ain’t for fear” (From: “Nightmares Of The Bottom”) 53. “You don’t want to start Weezy/ Cause the ‘F’ is for finisher” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”) 52. “Weezy F./ For ‘fu*k you’” (From “How To Hate”) 51. “The ‘F’ is for ‘fu*k yourself’” (From: “Nightmares Of The Bottom”) ​50.”I put it down like my hand’s hurtin’” (From “Blunt Blowin”) 49. “The weed too loud/ Turn up the volume” (From “I Like The View) 48. “The weed loud/ Like a lion’s roar” (From “Intro”) 47. “You know that money talk/ I am the ventriloquist” (From “Megaman”) 46. “Married to the money/ A true love story” (From: “Nightmares Of The Bottom”) 45. “If time is money/ I’m an hour past paid” (From “Blunt Blowin”) 44. “I get money to kill time/ Dead clocks” (From “John”) 43. “I don’t need a watch/The time is now or never” (From “Intro”) 42. “Times have changed/ Well fu*k it get a new watch” (From “Blunt Blowin”) 41. “I tried to pay attention/ But attention paid me” (From “She Will”) 40.”How you niggas want to have it your way/ Burger King?” (From “Megaman”) 39. “I’m trying to walk a straight line/ But the line crooked” (From “Abortion”) 38. “I just touched down/ Kicked a motherfu*king field goal” (From “It’s Good”) 37. “I’m all about ‘I’/ Give the rest of the vowels back” (From “She Will”) 36. “You faker than some titties/You get titty-fu*ked” (From “Intro”) 35. “Eat her ’til she cry/ Call that wine and dine” (From “She Will”) 34. “Just sit on my grill/ That’s that tailgate for ya” (From “So Special”) 33. “I make her come first/ Then I follow the leader” (From “So Special”) 32. “Been fu*kin the world/ And nigga I ain’t come yet” (From “John”) 31. “I tried to fu*k the world/ And couldn’t even get aroused” (From “President Carter”) 30. “You can sit right on my middle finger for the night” (From “How To Hate”) 29. “I get deep in that pus*y/ Dig her out, surgery” (From “Megaman”) 28. “I already know that life is deep/ But I still dig her” (From “She Will”) 27. “When the sh*t get deep/ I’m never afraid to dive” (From “President Carter”) 26. “I talk sh*t, I hope it matters/ We climax, without the ladder” (From “So Special”) 25. “If real sh*t is dead/ Then nigga I’m a bastard” (From “President Carter”) 24. “Bullsh*t for lunch/ Brown bag nigga” (From “President Carter”) 23.”You don’t need a bus pass/ You need to bust your ass” (From “Blunt Blowin”) 22. “Tools on deck/ Home Depot nigga” (From “Megaman”) 21. “Tote tools like mechanics/ Mechanisms” (From “President Carter”) 20. “I’m beneficial/ I’ve been official” (From “President Carter”) 19. “Boy I’m going in/ Like my water broke.” (From “Intro”) 18. “I’ve been at the top for a while/ And I ain’t jumped yet” (From “She Will”) 17. “I’m 100/ Like a fastball” (From “Megaman”) 16. “I say you rappers sweet/ I pay the incidentals” (From “President Carter”) 15. “I’m shooting for the stars/ Astronauts dodge bullets” (From “Abortion”) 14. “Reality’s a bi*ch/ And I’ma dance with her” (From “President Carter”) 13. “If life is a bi*ch/ Then mine a gold digger” (From “Megaman”) 12. “All my bi*ches nasty like a cold dinner” (From “Megaman”) 11. “Two bi*ches at the same time/ Synchronized swimmers” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”) 10. “Nothing standing in my way/ Like nothing’s my security” (From: “Nightmares Of The Bottom”) 9. “Mind so sharp I fu*k around and cut my head off” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”) 8. “I got through that sentence like a subject and a predicate” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”) 7. “I keep some bud/ like Rudy Huxtable” (From “Intro”) 6. “Boy I send them bloods at your ass/ Like a tampon” (From “Megaman”) 5. “I woke up this morning, dick rock hard/ Ashed my blunt in my Grammy award” (From “Abortion”) 4. “We jack son then light up that ‘L’/ Samuel” (From “Megaman”) 3. “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna.” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”) 2. “All hail Weezy/ Call it bad weather” (From “Blunt Blowin”) 1. “Don’t fu*k up with Wayne/ ‘Cause when it Waynes it pours.” (From “How To Hate”)

  • Nedu

    Album is great considering the way the hip hop industry is cant satisfy everyone i think he found a perfect balance... lyrics where good like weezy said "remember me and forget the bullshit" listen objectively

  • Kaveh Emami

    you got a problem with I, well I will fix them, cataracts!!! LIL WAYNE BEST RAPPER ALIVE! FUCK THE HATERS! YMCMB MAKING THE MOST MONEY SO FUCK OFF!

    • Anonymous

      get off his dick niggaz damn. a nigga can't nothing positive about a rapper without pussy boyz actin like bitches that got a leave a negative comment. man fuck yall Weezy doin his thing.

    • Hotness

      I have the drive/but they don't want it to ride out/Drunk Driver! Do you see how stupid that sounds? But wait lil wayne stans would probably say, O that shit was HOT! He's the "best rapper alive and of all time". lol Lil wayne is a joke and so is rap now.


      As always here's the problem what does the money he make have to do with the fact that his lyrics are wack??? The sad thing is these dudes who think these simple as lyrics are dope just show the world their intelligence level. SMH!!

    • Listen Kiddo

      LMAO WOW that's HOT dude! Get out of here with those nursery humpty dumpty mother goose rhymes. The should of put that on the list of the wackest bars. How old are you buy they way I'm guessing 13-16.

  • andy

    this album wasnt garbage...people either dickride wayne or hate him...just listen to the product with an open mind..shit not bad, couple of tracks seemed like filler tho..and I really like the intro, interlude, and outro...i give it 3/5..would have been 3.5 if he left out 'how to love'

  • Hustla dreams

    Come on we all know baby bought about 600,000 copies of the Carter 4. Let's see what this garbage does it's second week

  • nigga with ears

    album was fucking trash. just as bad as his vma's outfit if not worse.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    I gotta retract on my previos rating. I'm giving this album 4.5 stars. I had to play it a few times but this album is hard as shit. It's better than Carter III.

  • hahaha

    I think it was worth the money but it wasn't what I expected

  • Anonymous

    Roc-A-Fella, students of the game, we passed the classes Nobody could read you dudes like we do Don't let 'em gas you like Jigga is ass and won't clap you Trust me on this one - I'll detach you Mind from spirit, body from soul They'll have to hold a mass, put your body in a hole No, you're not on my level get your brakes tweaked I sold what ya whole album sold in my first week You guys don't want it with Hov' Ask GAME, he don't want it with Hov', nooooo! I know you missin all the - FAAAAAAAME! But along with celebrity comes bout seventy shots to your brain Nigga; you a - LAAAAAAAME! Youse the fag model for HURRICANE,ads Went from,THE GAME to L.A.'s trash Had a spark when you started but now you're just garbage Fell from top ten to not mentioned at all to your MENTORS VERSE's on "DRUG TEST" was better than yours Matter fact you had the worst flow on the whole fuckin song but I know - the sun don't shine, then son don't shine That's why your - LAAAAAAAME! - career come to a end There's only so long fake thugs can pretend Nigga; you ain't live it you witnessed it from your folks pad You scribbled in your notepad and created your life smarten up "GAME" Four albums in ten years nigga? I could divide That's one every let's say two, two of them shits was due One was - NAHHH, the other was "the documentry" That's a one hot album every ten year average And that's so - LAAAAAAAME! Nigga switch up your flow Your shit is garbage, but you try and kick knowledge? (Get the fuck outta here) You niggaz gon' learn to respect the king Don't be the next contestant on that Summer Jam screen Because you know who (who) did you know what (what) with you know who (yeah) but just keep that between me and you for now A wise man told me don't argue with fools Cause people from a distance can't tell who is who So stop with that childish shit, nigga I'm grown Please leave it alone - don't throw rocks at the throne Do not bark up that tree, that tree will fall on you I don't know why your advisors ain't forewarn you Please, not Jay, he's, not for play I don't slack a minute, all that thug rappin and gimmicks I will end it, all that yappin be finished You are not deep, you made your bed now sleep Don't make me expose to them folks that don't know you Nigga I know you well, all the stolen jew-els Twinkletoes have a "CHANGE OF HEART" You can't fuck with me - go play somewhere, I'm busy And for "lil wayne" throwin shots at Jigga You only get half a bar - fuck fuck yo nigga R.O.C., we runnin this rap shit ME and YEEZY, we runnin this rap shit J.COLE, we run this rap shit Get zipped up in plastic when it happens that's it

    • Anonymous

      1. "No beef with Jay" "one blood" 2. "Got a hook from Faith, no verse from Jay I guess on Westside Story he thought I spit in his face" "Westside Story" 3. "Dre told me he ain't doin "Detox," this his only run Ma$e comin back, and Hovi done" "No more fun and games" 4 "It's "Me & My Girlfriend" like 2Pac and them Jay-Z and Beyonce, or Bobby and Whitney "Special" 5. "Rap critics politickin, wanna know the outcome "Ready to Die" "Reasonable Doubt" and "Doggystyle" in one "Dreams" 6. "Make the club R.O.C. without Timberland boots "Higher" 7."I was gassed up, Murder Inc., Roc-A-Fella passed up" 8. "It took me a little while but I am now understandin Jay ****ed up in the first round when he picked olowankandi" "Memp Bleek Iz" 9. "Oh, that boy colder than Hova unless he sober" "300 Bars" 10. "And ain't nobody tryin to take Beyonce from Jay But I know a ***** named Superhead he ****ed back in the day" Wouldnt Get Far" 11."Took you to award shows, there go Jay right there" "One Night" 12."Bangin "The Black Album," track #1 she like that Jay ****, that's her favorite'' "Around The World" 13. "Behind the back to Nas he alley oop to Jigga" "Why U hate The Game" 14. "Niqqas show me love in the hood like i was HOV down Flushing" "State Yo Name" 15. "The day Jay retire I'ma park next to the throne, in a Maybach on gold wires, yeah "Hands On The Pump" 16. "Cuz he know Jay-Z departed And these other rap labels know don't feed they artists Talkin blueprint **** you got three garages Gettin money off Roc like little E and carter" 17. "And 2Pac was in jail the day you called to hit him up I wouldn't be outside 40/40 bumpin 'Jigga What'" 18."I'm the king, and you better respect it All I need is Beyonce, and a Roc-a-fella necklace" 19. "I'm the golden boy, and I'm making Hova noise Got the whole world clapping, just like the Nolia Boys" 20. "I told 'em bomp, slow down baby Got to get this **** firm like Foxy, NaS and AZ She said '**** you,pay me So I left her in AZ That's what I get for letting her listen to my Jay-Z" 21. "*****, I'm number one, motherfukka bar none Who else kick knowlegde outside of Hova and the God Son" 22. "U gon make me/ make Jay lose his cool" "Feel It In The Air" 23. "Too much West coast dikc lickn, remember Jay-Z? "1-800-Homicide" 24. "No Em, no Dre, I'm the hottest since Jay" "Get Up" 25. "Cause I'm the man behind the Roc like Kanye West" 26."A pimp like 50, the niqqa to leave you broke ma 6 in the mornin, you stretchin on the sofa singin ain't no niqqa like Foxy Brown and Hova" "Compton to Fillmoe" 27. "I'm runnin the ROC, not Jay, Dame Dash of Hoffa" "Jackin 4 Beats" 28. "Who the fuk holdin me? i was just waitin 'til HOVA leave wit my eyes on the thrown that belong to me" "Round Here Freestyle" 29. "yeah its me and young cass til hov come back" "Aim Ya Gunz" 30. "Throw Jay-z in the pot, mix em with ren or O.J on the rocks, mix em with gin whatchu got? the westcoast riding again" "82 Days" 31. "i found out it was a hard knock life without asking Jay" "Duck Down" 32. "Fake king of new york, U aint Jay z" "soundscan" 33. "Me, Em and 50 racin' this rap siht is basic I followed that Jay siht" "We Aint" 34. "The kings comin', no I'm not Jay-Z" "One Blood Remix" 35. "Not the rap martyr, or the second rap Carter" "for My gangstaz" 36. "niqqa I'm about a dollar, what the fuk is 50 Cent? When Jay said it, I didn't know what it meant" "100 Bars" 37. "used to push that rock like Jay Hov" "Red Bandana" 38. "then this marcy-project niqqa came and stole the crown" "Im a soldier" 39. "But Kanye and Hova killed it without a doubt" "Just a lil Bit freestyle" 40. "Who had the hottest chick in the game, wearin they chain Mr. H to the Izzo, Nas and Hurricane" "too Much" 41. " cuz ain't nobody movin units but Jay, pimp Juice and Us" - Down 4 my *****s freestyle 43. "I used to have visions of retiring like Jigga" "Du Rags 44. "He in a vest with a hoodrat from Marcy with a tattoo of Jay-Z name on her chest" "Its So Hard" 45. "Im classic like Detox & Blueprint 2" "Get Yo Money" 46."Yall thought it was over when Hova retired" "Get Yo Money" 47. "Make the world feel like the niqqas before 2pac Shakur Christopher Wallace & Shawn Corey" "Dont Push Me..." 48. "... He aint teach Jigga how to rhyme" "Juice freestyle" 49. "Im going to same place Jay-z went Fredrico & Pico" "100 Bars" 50. "Hov retired but Compton still pushin Roc" "On & On" 51. "I came to see chicks shake they ass like Beyonce so let me be Hov 4 a min." 52. "All I gotta do is hit her wit a Jay-Z line like u deserve to be my sunshine" 53. "Biggie Smalls is the illest so is pac Jay retired i wonder if nas gon drop" "Unbeliveable freestyle" 54. "i kno they sayin y u gotta mention Jay" "State Yo Name" 55. "First Jay & Beyonce then Nas & Kelis" "A Week Ago Part 2" 56."u 36 And U Still Rappin Uhh, Im 26 And Homie So Iz Da Dubz" "one Blood" 57."So I reconciled my differences like he did with Jigga" Game on 'Hustlers' 58. "Im ready to die Without a reasonable doubt" "The Documentary" 59. "In '99 i studied +The Chronic+ inside out, a Doggystyle for breakfast, lunch was Reasonable Doubt " "im A Soldier freestyle" 60. "Shouldnt been influenced by Calvin Broadus, Nasir Jones & Shawn Corey" "Pain In My Life Remix" 61. Yo Jay what it do niqqa, i done rocked enough fellas,to be u niqqa,i got the 40/40,they my 2 jigga's" Tell me that whack fuck ain't on Jay's dick.

    • The first guy is a dirkriding faggot

      Wow, I hope jay z pays you money for all that dick sucking you do

    • Jonny 'jaydub' Wilde


    • Anonymous

      he got you on rage in front of your monitor like people can hear you with those big letters ROFL

    • ROFL


  • ssk

    this aint all worth the hype....i bet baby is the one buying most of the copies considering he didnt pay for the $8 million whip

  • Cody Howell

    Who is Lil Wayne?

  • Anonymous

    give it up with the jay-z wayne comparisons..listen to who you want to listen to and quit hatin on everyone else

  • sleem

    lil wayne is hot no doubt about it, so just quick hating and give the guy the credit he deserve or even don't that doesn't matter. and go get yours and make it to the top if u think that's easy assholes.

  • hahaword

    Lol real shit. And let's not forget about the money! You would think a guy who raps about money for an ENTIRE album and who named his label after money would be the richest rapper ever. Guess it doesnt work like that cuz Jay is worth at least 5 times what wayne is. Hov outclasses this lil nigga in every way, lmao.

    • Anonymous

      Hov should outclass him nigga he fuckin 42 years old. He better be worth more than Wayne, SMH. Wayne only 28, Geesh.

    • Hahaword

      Aint nobody say Wayne dont deserve credit. Hes the hottest (not the best) out right now, no doubt about that. But that doesnt make him better than Jay-Z or any other legend in this game which is a point you stans have been trying to make lately. No hate. Overall Jay-Z >>>>>Lil Wayne on the all times list. It just is what it is. Deal with it. Dont ever reach for that comparison again.

    • sleem

      shot the fuck up mahn...wayne deserve a lot of credit. go get yours asshole

  • Jay-Z VS Lil Wayne???

    STop it with the Lil Wayne Jay-Z comparisons. Just stop it. It's like comparing LeBron to Jordan. Just plain ignorant. C4 is Wayne's 9th album. BP3 was Hov's 11TH. Counting collaboration albums like Watch The Throne and Best Of Both Worlds, Jay-Z has 15 albums, 12 of which are #1's. C4 will be Wayne's 4th #1. Jay-Z sold 31 million records in the US ALONE, with his Highest selling album (Vol. 2) selling 8 mill worldwide. Wayne has only sold 8 million TOTAL, with highest selling (C3) moving 3 mill. Jay-Z has 4 #1 singles. Wayne has 2. At metacritic, which is a site that averages the ratings of all album reviews from publications like Rolling Stone and XXL, Jay-Z has an overall score of 75/100, one of the highest for a rapper; with his highest rated album (The Blueprint) receiving an 88/100, indicating "universal acclaim". Lil Wayne has a score of 62/100, not bad but not Hov. His highest rated album (Tha Carter III) received an 82/100. The only the Wayne has more of than Jay-Z are mixtapes, tatoos, and fairweather fans that love him now but will be no where to be found 10 years from now. Is Lil Wayne better than Jay-Z right now? Depends on who you ask. Is Lil Wayne better overall? NOT A CHANCE. Its still up for debate weather Jay-Z is the best to ever do it or not, but Wayne is no where near this mans legacy. PERIOD. This album gets a 3/5 from me btw. Average.

    • lottiemac

      KOBE will fuck MJ up on the court. Get of Jordan balls dumb ass niggaz. Kobe broke mad Jordan records. Weezy over Jay in every swoop niggaz hahahahaha

    • Anonymous

      Ha! That Nigga said Jordan overated. That is fucking hilarious and plain damn stupid all in one failed swoop.

    • WTF

      Kobe better than Jordan??? LMAO You lost your argument right there

    • lottiemac

      LeBron to Jordan? More like Kobe to Jordan and Kobe better. Jordan overrated. Where you been B? Weezy done had countless number one singles and he more relevant than Jay-Z. How is it this nigga Weezy could drop the Carter 3 and it go platinum first week? Then, 3 fucking years later the follow up, the Carter 4 is projected to sell 900,000? Who the fuck doin shit like that in Hip Hop? NO ONE. Yo statements was ignorant itself B. Face it, Weezy been hot on a national scale since Carter 2 and on a global scale since Carter 3. And he only 28 years old. This nigga surpasses Jay-Z.

    • pimptologist

      man fuck both them niggaz, simpletons feed into that stupid bullshit and been doin that for years. Jay-Z is a one dimensional rapper that don't rap about nothin but bullshit. Lil Wayne model his whole career off Jay and now look. JAY-Z KILLED HIPHOP. He the reason all niggaz wanna rap about is drugs and money. That shit is garbage. That's why neither one of em could fuck with 2Pac. Them niggaz ain't that versatile when they spit B. SMH.

  • JY

    I've spun WTT, I've spun RED, I've spun C4 and the only one I can listen to from first track to last is RED. It has a coherence that the other 2 albums lack (they aint whack but they just don't have the same listenability). People hate on Game for his features. Wayne got plenty of those on C4. WTT was made by 2 dudes. So people stop hating. All these albums are keeping hip hop alive. I know you're not thinking the New Boyz or Kreayshawn are doing that. come on now

  • nard24

    C4. Great Album.Culdv Been Better. But My N*gga Went In On em. YMCMB

  • Nico 3

    Teflon Don? That shit sucked.

    • Anonymous

      It was big all over including in your research...i said commercial albums and i classify both C4 and WTT as commercial. Ross has people singing they thing their big I think i'm Mc a spinoff of I'm not a star used by Lil Wayne in 'John' to having Shyne start rapping like him to Some guy playing off of I'm MC Hammer with 'Call me T.I.'...the proof is right there...

  • Anonymous

    Both WTT and C4 are good albums - WTT closer to being just OK, but they aren't blueprints on excellence in creating an album for any of the stars. WTT fails miserably when compared to Nas/Marley colab album. Lil Wayne's fails compared to Rick Ross's Teflon Don Album. I still see Telfon Don (i know people hate Ross but it is what it is) as the sickest Album so far out of these commercial joints.

    • Anonymous

      I figured it out...the WTT album drags when all they've talked about haters and their money and lavish lifestyle and then on the last 2 out of 3 tracks, they try to be conscious?!? i don't mind them trying something new, but made the album drag because it seemed like filler because they didn't sequence or set the listener up for anything conscious. And Jay sounds so out of place. He cares about money, not social issues, but i don't mind himself doing something new, just set it up where it doesn't seem like they were thrown on just to complete the album.

  • lol

    I cant believe people still take reviews here seriously, they gave Encore a higher rating than Relapse i mean cmon...

    • False

      Nah buddy, Encore was dope...just too many fillers 1. Evil Deeds 2. Yellow Brick Road 3. Toy Soilders 4. MOSH 5. Puke 6. We As Americans 7. Never Enough 8. Ass Like That 9. Mocking Bird 10.Spend Some Time 11.Curtains Down 12.One Shot Two Shot 13.Rain Man Reviews: Dx=3.5/5 Rolling Stone=4/5 Blender=4/5 Uncut=5/5 Village Voice=9/10 MSN=9/10 USA Today=3.5/4 Encore is far from a mediocre.....Just too many fillers like, My first Single, Big Weenie, Crazy in love, etc, etc ! Feel me ?

  • This not even bootlegg material

    I'm so glad I downloaded this shit for free, because if I had spend my hard-earned money like the some the idiots on here, i would get my money back for this nonsense.

  • muktarssk

    dis is what i expected...An album full of gangster nursery rhymes that dont send any message 2/5

  • jay

    listened too it a couple times aint a bad album... too much haters on here smh

    • Anonymous

      it's hate when you trying to shit on the nigga wit bullshit comments and not back it up in a coherent and articulate manner. you'z a hater saying C4 garbage or he wack as fuck w/o givin valid reasons.


      Why if someone does like a album, song or artist is it "hate" nowadays??? By y'all dudes logic if I got out to eat and don't care for he meal, I'm hating??? This term hate only came on the scene as a way for wack artist to hide their lack of talent...

  • ladubbel

    for all the crack talk I actually expected this album to be worse..i was pleasantly surprised!! its not bad the production, HOWEVER for a kid who claims to be amongst hip hop lyrical royalty, he cud have done better lyrically..JUST like Jay and Kanye on watch the throne..if thats how you define the best hip hop has to offer then hip hop is dead..cos that album was just ok...I guess for sum of yall it pays to ride dick but WTT is not a classic, neither is this album.. I give it a four..hell id give it a 4 JUST for the interlude and outro alone..

    • Anonymous

      agreed 100%. both albums are good albums - WTT closer to being just OK, but they aren't blueprints on excellence in creating an album for any of the stars. WTT fails especially when compared to Nas/Marley colab album. Lil Wayne's album is what it is, but is it the best? I still see Telfon Don (i know people hate Ross but it is what it is) as the sickest Album so far out of these commercial joints.

  • Kaan Özel

    Wackest album in history

  • CC5

    worst album too many lil wayne dick licking, he hot and all but man. its so fucking overrated man and plus album sales dont make it the best album of the year. Illmatic, Chronic, Doggystyle, Blueprint, all the other classic albums never did big first week numbers like C4 so thats my point bitchessss!!

    • wolfpack324

      listened to it enough, verdict still stands: C4>>>>>WTT, Weezy killed two birds wit one stone, two niggaz with 1 album. He a beast. C4 Classic get over yourself.

    • Please again wolfpack

      Watch The Throne spoke on topics that most rich and successful black folks are scared to touch upon. Did you actual listen to the album? They rap about nonsense of black on black crime, religion or lacktherof and warning black men in the community to take care of there children and raise them right.They also talked about the downside to fame and success. Go listen to the album again,this time pay close attention.

    • wolfpack324

      Jay is not the best to ever do it. You basing that off that bullshit ass album him and Kanye dropped. 2Pac is miles ahead of this nigga. Most of the albums these niggaz rappin bout bullshit: flyin to paris, glamour, glitz, brag rapping, money, this shit ain't nothin new. Where's the message in that?

    • Anonymous

      that's funny everyone says Jay has been relevant for many years...throw that argument out the window. Wayne has made a lot of albums (more than Jay), which means he should be old news now, but he stays popular and keeps his demand. Stop jocking on jayz. you can't deny this.

    • Please WolfPack

      Jay-Z deserves his stans for how consistent and relevant he's been in the game. Lil wayne hasn't accomplished a fraction yet of what Jay's done in game. Watch The Throne has a message behind it that's why majority say it's way better than C4. Yeah Hov is on the greatest to ever do it and it shouldn't be no denying that.

    • wolfpack324

      on the contrary, too many lil wayne haters. jay-z so fucking overrated people stay licking his nuts. he not the best rapper alive. c4>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>wtt

  • thagreat45

    c4 what i expected it to be.

  • Anonymous

    oh forgot to rate. make this 93.

  • Anonymous

    5 star album. CLASSIC. Straight and simple.

  • Alex Spacee

    it's ight but most of the songs have been heard nothing new but how to hate not even that good of a show

  • Nico 3

    I'd give the album 4 stars just for 6 foot 7, The Tech Nine Interlude, John & President Carter. Predictably, the rest of the album doesn't quite match up. It's not a classic, but it's not a dud either.

  • Jarrett David Grimes

    Average. Didn't make me any more of a fan or any less. Tha Block Is Hot - 3.5/5 Lights Out - 3/5 500 Degreez - 3/5 Tha Carter - 4.5/5 Tha Carter II - 5/5 Tha Carter III - 4.5/5 Rebirth - 2.5/5 I Am Not A Human Being - 3/5 Tha Carter IV - 3.5 Dude is 9 albums in. I'm for quality over quantity. He needs another classic to cement his position.