Ace Hood - Blood Sweat & Tears

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There isn't a whole lot that can be said about "Blood, Sweat & Tears." The problem isn't that it's cliche it's the execution.

"At only 23 years old, DJ Khaled’s flagship artist Ace Hood is impressively now on his third album, Blood, Sweat and Tears. With fewer featured emcees than previous projects, the St. Lucie product has set out to prove that he is ready to wave the Def Jam/We the Best banner on his own.

“King of the Streets” is the hard-hitting opener to the album, complete with stabbing synths, T-Pain, and tough-talk. The Tupac references are eye-roll-worthy, but the cut is energetic and sets the tone for the record. “Go N’ Get It” plods along as Ace talks about the trials and tribulations of a hustler, and “ErrryThang” is essentially more of the same. By the time “Hustle Hard” rolls around, the listener will wonder whether the formula for the album was Lex Luger offering up 17 slight variations of the same beat and packaging them all as individual songs.

"Body 2 Body" is almost a reprieve with its smoother sound, but with lines like “Was that Chanel 5? Very sexy fragrance / Are those your real eyes? Can tell you’re partially Asian,” no one will have cause to press rewind. “Memory Lane” is notably better, as Ace reminisces about a fallen friend: “I put that on my life, that’s my motherfucking dogs / Anyone want problems, that’s the nigga I would call / Just know that he would come running with that shit to clear them all / …Felt like we done done it all / Then one day in the studio, was when I got the call / It was ’09 when I lost my dog / And still to this day the tears continue to fall.”

“Letter to My Ex’s” is also a little more engaging, as Ace recalls past relationships with a touch of humor and bitterness. Things quickly take a turn back for the worse, though, as “Beautiful” is just a disaster; saccharine and insincere. Mercifully, “Lord Knows” is introspective and moody with morose guitar providing an appropriate background for the Flordia emcee’s scratchy, strained delivery.

Though it’s a mystery to why any album needs two remixes, “Go N’ Get It Remix” is a bright spot on an album with so few, as Beanie Sigel, Busta Rhymes, Pusha T (note the Consequence jab), and Styles P stand out with their superior lyricism and presence on the mic. Although Sigel and Pusha punctuate this point, it is particularly the Dungeon Dragon that highlights the light years’ difference in ability between Ace Hood and the rest.

There isn’t a whole lot that can be said about Blood, Sweat & Tears. The problem isn’t that it’s cliché – it’s the execution. By and large, this is the same thing that you’d get with Rick Ross, except Ross’ releases have better production, and the Bawse is a much more engaging presence on the mic. So the real question is: what does Ace Hood do that makes it worthwhile for the listener to spend their time or money on his album? After giving Blood a spin, you still might not have the answer.


  • Danii

    ace hood at 23 year old is more successful any young 23 yr old artist

  • Chris Smith

    Great album and beats the lyrics could use a little work but the beats more than make up for it. Find someone to come up with some more articulate lyrics ace. Love the album though one of my favorite this year. I have never even heard of ace hood.

  • Michael Aviles

    2and a half stars wtf! This is his best album yet! Debuted at 8 on billboard 200. Ace has a killa flow and hes actually a good lyricist even though he doesnt show it as much on his albums. Check out his mixtapes. Ace is one of the only rappers still talkin bout real shit. Not just fuckin bitches and makin money. He could still improve a little but ur crazy if u think hes garbage. This has got to be the biggest piece of shit review ive ever seen. Ace's Beautiful was actually pretty gud. But they think its shit cuz its from ace. Other bigger name rappers are allowed to make the same type of songs without getting criticized like this.

  • Jama Abakar

    Ace Hood,Blood, Sweat & Tear. is the rap album of the you. because there is No body talking or speaking real anymore but Ace Hood

  • tola

    one of the realest albums ive heard this year,ACE came straight from the heart wit this classic, but give the dude a break. and i dont know how u get off comparing it to something officer ricky would do!?WTF?

  • Anonymous

    weak shit that hurt my ears

  • Brandon

    This review dumb! This album go super hard with a killa flow. Ya'll sleeping on Ace Hood!

  • Lizzy Rey

    I disagree with this review. Ace is a decent rapper event brillant on some songs. Go N get it et Walk it are good songs. He is young but have a great potential. I'm sure he will be one of the best out in some years. He's learning. And he got the potential. Good flow but lyrically instable. Experience will give him a constance in his lyrics and more personality.

  • kingseanington Detroit HIP HOP

  • Ismail Izzyoda Holmes

    I been on ace hood since his first album he been spittin hot shit at my age he still got a long way to go till he through his pain is on the track if u aint go through shit then u aint on this nigga ACE HOOD

  • FBB

    Ace hood is the shit every fuckin songis straight fire. its only nobody lets him feature on his album only his album has features. top 5 songs not even that popular this ni**a here get em up dont get caught slippin get money trigga finga tell me if you dont like these songs. so i can reply with moron

  • Anonymous

    I luv Gongetit, and lord knows, but seriously his voice is nothing special, his flow is nothing special, his look is nothing special..even his name ace hood is a bit shocked this guy got 3 albums out already..I dont think he will have any out for a while..they need another angle to market this dude, and he needs to improve on a shit load of stuff...luv gongetit, but even the vid, he has a white tshirt and a plain blue cap on..everything abotu him is just a bit plain and normal..too normal..

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I really enjoyed this album, Ace hood is only young and still learning, he will learn from the mistakes he made on this album and will release a better album next time, But it deserves a higher rating then 2 and a half stars, at least a 3.

  • Tibedo

    What up To all rappers shut up with ya shuttin up And keep your shirt on, at least a button up Yuck, is they rhymers or strippin males? Outta work jerks since they shut down Chippendale's -MF Doom

  • Gregor Scott

    wasn't great. Ruthless may have actually been better. All I can say about this album was that it was bland, dull and repetitive.

  • the_bfears

    i disagree it was at least 3 stars.

  • Izayah Marqi Thomas


  • ga

    this nigga put 2same songs on one album damn 2 stars for this play it once and straight to the recyle bin shit leave dat pussy soft like windows vista

  • Anonymous

    no one is checking for ace hood! thats why he has features on every decent song with his name on it.

  • no way jose

    File under: rappers who suck.

  • ThisGuy585

    There has always been something about this guy I've liked, but he needs to step it up and live up to the potential I truly believe he has. And I know I don't need to say it, but 'Go N' Get It' and 'Hustle Hard' are THE SAME FUCKING SONGS

  • Diligence

    Ace Hood has still got potential to "GO N GET IT"! HE JUS NEEDS MANAGEMENT AND DIRECTION!

  • Jason

    I completely disagree. He is only 23 hes making his way into the game. He put everything into this album & it paid off. He debuted at Number 8 On The Billboard 200. Which is impressive to be in the Top 10, because his last albums dont compare to this album. He is on his way & i think hes doing a GREAT job with everything. Yeah it couldve been a little better. But really this was a impressive album with a great sound to it & sounds that i still have on repeat. and who ever is the jackass that gave it a 1.. KILL YOUR SELVES. GET OVER YOU SELVES. this the closest i think anybody in hip-hop will get to Gangsta Rap ever again after it ended in with 50 Cent. So i give a big applause to Ace Hood, for doing an excellent job on this album.

    • Jason

      Exactly. Ace Is Progressing Just Give It Sometime...

    • LilQuincy

      You're right man. This album deserves more. Yes, Ace is not very good lyricist but he has a top notch flow and some bangin beats except the lex luger type garbage at the beginning. Ace Hood is still young and has the potential to get better. So thanks to Ace for a good listen. I hope he continue to improve his lyrics and next album will be even better.

  • Xbox Is Better!

    nothing blood, sweat and tears! he gain money from DJ Khaled, so he didn't had 2 work 4 it. F*cking fake, no-one can tip Eminem and most people don't even realise eminem is that good...

  • Anonymous

    wow i thought it was at least a 3 1/2

  • Anonymous

    damn 2.5 wow we the worst