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Legendary Weapons won't do any additional damage to the Wu legacy, but fans waiting for a true return to the 36 Chambers are going to have to keep waiting.

Classic material aside, Wu-Tang Clan’s most important contribution to Hip Hop History may have been creating a branding model that brought the genre to a corporate audience. Any rapper with a clothing line, liquor or sneaker should thank Wu-Tang and the money they led to the industry, but simultaneously, any fan who’s ever bought these products has surely learned what happens when an artist just slaps his name on something for the money. Sadly, Wu-Tang has been an innovator in that field as well—enter, Legendary Weapons.

In reality, the crew isn’t “back” so much as up to their old tricks, and Legendary Weapons is a group album only in the sense that there are a lot of people on it. Most of the original nine stop by to pay their respects, though only having one or two of them on a track at a time diminishes the power of the big posse cuts that the group was once known for.

Ghostface contributes the most to the album overall, teaming up with Sean Price on “Laced Cheeba” and AZ and M.O.P. on the title track . Raekwon and Method Man provide their star power to a track a piece as well, but by the time “225 Rounds” rolls around (with U-God, Cappadonna & RZA), the album starts to feel like a collection of guest verses with no real center.

On the production side, things once again fall into familiar territory for second-tier Wu—middle-of-the-road approximations of the traditional RZA aethetic blended in with snippets of kung-fu dialogue. The opener (“Start the Show” ) stands out a bit due to its higher energy, but it’s still ultimately unmemorable. After that, there’s relatively little to differentiate one song from the next other than the emcees themselves, a difficult task considering how few lines most of then have.

It may be tempting to support the greater good and give Legendary Weapons the same pass that’s been given to dozens of similar releases over the years, but this is Wu-Tang Clan—these artists have set a standard that is not being lived up to. We’ve seen more than enough evidence that these emcees and producers are still very capable of making great music, so it’s unfortunate that they weren’t able to put more time into this latest effort. Legendary Weapons won’t do any additional damage to the Wu legacy, but fans waiting for a true return to the 36 Chambers are going to have to keep waiting.


  • Talon x Williams

    Great Album, not every Wu-Tang Clan effort is gonna be "Wu- Tang forever" I think fans and critics are getting caught up in the past an not appreciating whats here. Rugged & raw, The black diamonds, 225 rounds ft. Bronze Nazareth, to me along with the production are the highlig,hts of the Album

  • Anonymous

    This album is the shit,

  • SDK


  • ILLGreco167

    "How can Hip Hop be dead, if Wu-tang is FOREVER!?!"

  • ftp

    First of all, it isn't a god damn wu-tang clan album, it's most of the wu-tang members and affiliates who has collabed.. And why do everybody hate on this? sure some verses aren't that amazing but most of the beats are tight and killa sin is a comeback that ive been waiting for..!

  • John Rosebush

    Did anyone else find it suspicious that Method Man name dropped the smurfs on "diesel fuel"? A bit too close to the movies release date to be a coincident...

  • Tony Starks

    I think the review is a bit tough. No ish it's not 36 chambers. No Wu fan expected it to be. It's a wu affiliates album that was meant to break up the monotonous BS that is now called hip hop. It's better than 90% of the junk that's released, and it's just a half ass joint that was thrown together. So, while it is nowhere near Wu-Tangs best, it wasn't supposed to be, it isn't really a Wu-Tang album, and it speaks volumes that a half ass record like this is better than most. I don't know if we'll ever hear another true Wu album, but we damn sure we'll continue to hear dope ass solo projects that are completely untouchable by most of today's artists. Ghost and Rae will stay strong, and if that Liquid Swords 2 drops....WOWWWWWWWWWWW.

  • Drake Da Dragon Masta

    Its different but the dope production and raw feel keeps this project bangin in ur chamber...this editor dont know what he's effin talkin about...

  • Drake Da Dragon Masta

    Man this is shit is dope!!! If heads been lovin Wu shit since Massacre, And Apollo Kids rechoice this is on the same caliber...Lets face it, Wu's been different since Ol Dirtys departure, but lately its projects like these that keep that oven burnin with flames, raise your swords!!!

  • Anonymous

    listen thank the godz 4 ghost without him wu would b a memory legendary weapons is better than most bull$hit out there

  • donteffwidme

    DX dropped the ball on this ...shit's tough...

  • Anonymous

    I don't understand Wu-Tang fans who like this.

  • Anonymous


  • krysis

    People have to understand that this isnt a wu tang clan Album. It's a collaborative album of wu affiliates just like wu-box or soundtracks from the shaolin temple. They advertise the main members names to get hype but at the end they only have very few apperances and the rest just a bunch of underground cats with similar styles and flows. The truth is this is more of a Theodore unit album rather than a wutang album. It felt like it was just a bunch of ghostface and trife diesel tracks. It doesn't do much good to have most of the original members on the album if they have very few verses scattered throughout the album ( with the exeption of ghost) and not even on the same tracks together. Whatever the case the album should be rated for what it is not for what the reviewer wanted it to be. Honestly most of the beats on the album are just dark grimy and totally awesome had me noddin my head and kept pressin the rewind button. Lyrically everybody on the album shines and the flows are aggressive typical new York underground. The use of Kung Fu samples was cool in the beginning when 36 chambers was poppin but now it seems producers are over using them trying to recapture the feeling and It doesn't feel honest anymore. Over all I havnt been able to stop listening since I bought it so that's always a good sign. Solid 4

  • Anonymous

    This is beyond dope!

  • anonymous

    This album is good don't get me wrong but its literally the same thing they been putting out since they came out. This definitely doesn't deserve a 4.34. At least Watch the Throne was something different.

    • Anonymous

      No shit, you don't know shit. Almost every Clan album had a different sound, even the solo ones.

    • ezee

      that watch the throne was over hyped the only song on there bump worthy was otis that album sounds like microwave dinner shit, coming from them but then again they aim to please everyone and end up wit shit in the end never living up to their potential. but this wu album if it ain't broke don't fix it

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  • ezee

    i think there building up to something they came from 8 diagrams then their dispute over that then chamber music and shaolin vs wu tang theses got to be something in the back burner these got to be drops

  • Nuno Andrade

    thank HIP HOP for this wu tang brothers and co......

  • NapoleoN

    ALEX THORNTON u such a hater !!!!!!!!!

  • Eric M. Clarke

    oh and wait until Aug 23rd when Apathy drops....that's gonna be some bomb shit!

  • Eric M. Clarke

    And I ain't hating on Jay and Kanye...i like them...was anticipating Watch Throne but was highly disappointed. real hip hop heads should cop this, Jean Grae and the Pete Rock and Snif-N-Wessun. Those shits don't disappoint!

  • Eric M. Clarke

    Yo I listened to this album once and couldn't stop noddin' my head the whole time. I can;'t say that about one tune on Watch the Throne.... 3 stars is wrong.

    • Eric Walker

      Indeed. For having been supervised by Kanye, I was surprised at how canned and cheap Watch The Throne felt.

  • ugh

    So overrated, but WAY BETTER THAN BIG SEAN.

  • eyesandteeth

    This is a very good album, but honestly, I am feelin' that new 'Black Gold' more. The new Wu-Tang and Jimi Hendrix collab! Don't sleep on it! -> http://beatsandblood.blogspot.com/2011/08/wu-tang-clan-jimi-hendrix-is-black-gold.html

  • stalinag

    This album dope, yall need to stop hatin!

  • James Taylor

    am loving this album, the whole thing blends so well n the beats r stright fire....love it when they invite real mcs on there cds n they all hold there own....the wu movement is real hip hop

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Wait a minute...I'm just getting an opportunity to listen to this album. Someone at DX totally dropped the ball on this rating. Legendary Weapons is very dope. The production is crazy and the lyrics are a nice compliment. It's easy 4 stars but actually closer to 4.5 stars. No way in hell this album should be rated less than 4.

  • gooch burr burr

    its aight not better than the last one though. 3 stars

  • only three for the wu

    its a wu tang album NOT a wu tang clan album, dipshits

  • only three for the wu

    yall are buggin out givin this shit 3 stars this album had some of the dopest features a wu album has ever had, sean p, roc marciano, az, mop, action bronson, termanolgy, ect. THIS IS REAL HIP HOP!!!! not that bullshit dj khaled garbage yall rated, fuckin sellout website, keep shit real son 5 stars

  • 805

    It is a solid effort. I think it was just something to keep the momentum going as Liquid Swords 2 is just around the corner. This is not a Wu Tang Clan album.. but it is that Wu sound and the Rebel INS shined here.

  • Anonymous

    Alot of fuckin moron little wayne fans on here. Album is fuckin dope, and the beats are good too. Real Hip Hop





  • Luizinho

    Great album. The Wu is still strong in 2011. Keep it coming!

  • Curtis

    Some of you guys are just as clueless as the reviewer(the cover merely says "Wu Tang," while the reviewer treats it as the Wu Tang Clan) There is no live band on this album. The band from Chamber Music did NOT return. Did I mention these beats are wack?

  • _______________

    hiphopdx is trippin, this got a lower rating than dj khaled's crappy album

  • Powerphi

    This is a solid album - basically Wu, and a few friends. I'm dissapointed that GZA and Masta Killa don't appear. It's nice to hear Killa Sin and Bronze Naz. The beats are solid throughout, which only gives higher credence to the quality of production on 8 Diagrams. 4/5

  • DR Jam

    I'm biased for Wu. 5/5

  • DR Jam

    I buy Wu stuff because it's Wu, so I'll probably enjoy some elements in this album that others may pass up. Some people keep living in the past, like J-z said, "if you want their old stuff, buy their old stuff."

  • inosanto

    Yo this is one dope album.The Clan still doing it!

  • KravenZ

    Damn! I luv this CD! Nice to hear new tracks with Killa Sin! Missed him! 5/5

  • Anonymous

    In fact I'ma rate it 5 just they still bring good hip-hop to the table, in 2011.

  • Anonymous

    I think it is a great album, matter of fact a standout album of 2011 until now. It's 4-4.5/5 depending on your preferences, but this can't be rated below 4/5.

  • jeremy

    can we please get a hip hop head reviewing this please? fucking sick album im seeing the wu in 7 days, bring the ruckass

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Wrong, is 5 stars, is Wu-Tang!

  • Sunil Eddie Schauffler

    You tellin me that DJ Khaled and Pitbull are better hip hop then this??? That is fuckin crazy. I agree with a lot of what the review said, but it is at least a 3.5

  • liljayseph92

    i cant believe pitbulls planet pit got a higher rating than this. it makes me sick

  • Lu Chin Chen

    This album is dope, 5 star hip hop. If you can't see that,either a) your standards are waaay too high, b) you were never a Wu-Tang fan from jump, or c) You were born in the 90's. That's a live band playing instruments making them sound like legit muddy samples, better than most so-called producers sample of records. Wu-Tang is the best collective unit ever formed and this release adds to that legacy. P.S. AZ beeeeeasted this too.

  • Anonymous

    Damn!This album deserved a fair review, not this kind of shit!

  • Wutang36chamberfist

    Shame on this reviewer no metion of killa sin ripping this shit apart man, straight up this is a 4 yo best rhymes a heard in a long time fukn ghostface been rockin that black n yellow before wiz khalifa its a killah bee colour scheme SHAME ON A HHDX lost all respect for yall go promote faggots like lil wayne n the drake aubrey lahma lookin like bitch

  • gozomo33

    and also great guest verses. actually IMO both these albums were better than 8 diagrams...

  • gozomo33

    this and chamber music were both damn sick for not even being official albums. its got karate flick samples, dope interludes, and more. this reviewer must like 'wack'-a flocka.

  • Luizinho

    Great banger! The Wu keeps coming 17 years later!

  • Anonymous

    smh at the reviewer not knowing this is a continuation of the Wu Tang Chamber Music project from 2009 in which members of the clan team up with like minded MC's over live music guided by the watchful eye of Lil Fame's boom bap sensibilities. shame on you, reviewer. shame on you.

  • P

    2.0 Album is dry and boring; 2.0 for effort. Beats are simplistic and dull. This should not be a album, it should be a mixtape. Wu is defitnely past their prime. This album is garbage.

  • Barry

    It's not a real Wu-album, we know that. Still hot beats, dope rhymes, all we need!

  • Eddy

    3.5 would have been fair, I personally think it's a four, dope production and mostly dope verses, Ghost kills the whole album, he showed why he's the hottest Wu member right now.

  • Anonymous

    This is 4.5/5 easily.Don't know what the reviewer is talking about.

  • latitudefire

    The title track is kinda dope

  • Anonymous

    I like it. I think the WU should incorporate more dope underground artists into their umbrella. The WU just needs to be more incorporated into the product as well. Wu-Tang album just isn't the same without ODB, and we already have a few....... 36 chambers and forever were/are classics like straight up top 10 albums ever, so even above average material is judged at a higher overall level. Lyrically they're on point, sharp as ever.

  • Caucasian Rockwell

    shit bangs to me.

  • Anonymous

    am i the only one that heard the classic verses killa sin was layin down...

    • Vocab

      Jason, Trife already has his own solo album. It's under the name Trife Diesel and called "better late then never". Its dope

    • Jason Williams

      Killa Sin def. ripped it, was good to here him on again. I'm also starting to think Trife needs a full LP to himself. I've heard homey rip like 25 verses and never let me down.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    evry track i've heard so far (halfway through) is super sick

  • Anonymous

    This is a compilation and it still shits on most of this year's releases.

  • djfuckdx

    who the fuck rated this ?....this album is better than chamber music and its maaad dope.....fuck you dx

  • Wyatt LaRocque

    Goodbye HipHopDX, you gave Nicki Minaj's turd a better rating than this instant classic.

  • hiphophead

    whats with the hate for the Wu? they released more classics than anyone else in hip hop!

  • buckeyewu

    Dope album. It almost sounds like the beats are done with live instruments. The appearances are on point with Sean P, Term, and Roc doing their thing. Its another classic EP or LP for the Wu Tang catalog.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, DX sure loves to hate the Clan.First the Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang review, now this, smh.

  • MP

    And just to think, Mellowhype's terrible album got a better review than this.....Ya'll falling off hard Hiphopdx!

  • Curtis

    Even if the review isn't well researched or thought-out, I agree that the Wu put their stamp on a lot of crappy products such as Chamber Music, etc. I haven't heard this yet but I bet it deserves 3 or 3 1/2 stars. Seriously. Where's a new Wu Tang Clan posse album that deserves 4 or 4 1/2 stars? I wish it wasn't so hard to get these assholes into a studio at the same time.

    • Curtis

      Well I listened to it. It's aight. I love the live instrumentation idea but the beats aren't that great. So I pretty much agree with the reviewer. I used to be a huge Wu Tang fan but most of their stuff nowadays is not very good. There's a few good songs on here I like, though. 3 1/2 stars ;)

  • Mr Clean

    Fucking Idiot reviewing this...shit straight fire...im waiting for my import copy to arrive......if u dont give this a 4 and half stars u dont like rap....go laffy mac miller ur swag balls off

  • Articulate1

    This review is straight ass-cheeks! The fag who wrote it was definitely born after '88 and probably thinks Bieber's frisbee is a five star classic...fuck outta here. As previously stated, this is not an official Wu album but a COMPILATION in the vein of Chamber Music (which was dope by the way). This site caters to commercial sellouts and has forgotten that the audience for skillful, hardbody actual Hip-Hop is still enormous...quit embarrassing yourselves DX.

  • cloudyinc

    no mention of Killa Sin's verses? the fuck? wack review. at least a 4 star album.

  • dx gives ZJ's

    Trash...U see the Wu Logo and assume its an album....get ur facts straight

  • Really!

    @Alex Thornton, Have u heard of the Wu Chronicles & Chamber Music? Those were Wu compilations & not official albums. Do your homework before u write a shitty @$$ review. This is way better than what's out there...

  • Anonymous

    DX reviews are a joke

  • eRaqBMORE

    What Soulja boy Stan wrote this shit! This hiphopdx not fucking mtv.com or bet.com or some other bullshit! Y'all must not really understand what this hiphop shit is all about [Premo voice]! Def don't understand Wu! This is better than Chamber Music (which is one of the best Wu albums of modern times!) was! If you love clasSick Wu! You better go out and buy this album! Yes, the physical copy and then take it to rock the bells in NY Sept 3rd to get it signed by the Clan! See you there VIP style!

  • lazarusdagreat

    This album is at least 4 mics, come on real hip\hop know whats up. this cd is better that chamber music, although missing Masta, and ODB a very solid wu album -im pumpin it loud so if u dont know you just lost son Laz

  • Powerphi

    All-in-all not feeling this album, and this review isn't all that bad. It should be noted, however, that there are only eight charter members of the Wu. Cappadonna is not an original member.

  • Vocab

    lmao. yeah im not one to usually comment on reviews, but this article was terrible. It seems pretty obvious that whoever reviewed it didnt do their homework. They simply saw the Wu logo and immediately went in on how the "new Wu-Tang" album isnt as good as 36 chambers. C'mon DX, you guys are much better then this. This joint is in the same vein as Chamber music and Wu Meets the Indy Culture and should be reviewed as such, not as a full Wu-Tang album.

  • The-Influence

    This is easily one of the WORST REVIEWS ever! I don't normally comment on reviews, but this reviewer is completely out of touch. First and foremost, this is NOT a Wu-Tang(as a group) album. This is like Chamber Music, which is a compilation featuring other artists. Trying to compare it to '36 Chambers' is asinine. Two suggestions, have a better knowledge of the history, and most importantly, understand what you are actually reviewing.

  • calibeatbox420

    DX.....U been going through my stash???Must be puffin some bomb to throw this shitty review up on your site.......WORSE REVIEW EVER....I CALL SHINANIGANS

  • brizz

    worst. review. ever.


    This gets a 3 yet that pathetic Big Sean album gets a 4...I use to respect this site but to quote the Million Dollor Man "Everyone Has A Price"

  • Justin Officaljnyce Bonilla

    And another thing, this shits on Chamber Music, that shit was garbage. That shit is a 3. This shit is a bangin ass 5. Moar stars bitches

  • hahaha

    thx, i needed a good laugh

  • Justin Officaljnyce Bonilla

    OMFG. HipHopdx can suck ten dicks, this whole fucking album fuckin knock. Yall are some retards. Classic Wu shit and its not even half of dem on here. Fucking squares dont know hip hop anymore. Tried to give it 10 stars ho.

  • Anonymous

    what the f hiphopdx and how that ignorant is going to compare wutang whit young money jaa what a joke ,, i think that he is only 13 or 14 years old wutang legendary weapons 4 stars

  • Buck Nasty

    solid stuff, the review is totally off the point - YOU SHOULD FIRE THIS GUY AS OF NOW at least 4 star rating, probably a 4,5

  • jason

    This has a low rating because Wu-Tang is TRASH! A bunch of old ass niggas trying to act hard. LOL. Where is the swag? NONEXISTENT! The rating is wrong. It should be LOWER. Young Money is the best rap group ever. Much more versatile than these farts with basic bars.

    • Anyone

      well what tony said pretty much sums my thoughts up added that you are obviously an INCREDIBLY stupid individual - keep listening to young money, you're gonna be living the dream too one day haha

    • Tony Gonzalez

      wtf are u talking about, u support young money then u support the death of hip hop, these gods are the reason why hip hop is where its at now, all those young money cunts are doing is crippling the genre and converting it into pop, this album wasnt as good as wu nation or 36 chambers and i acknowledge that but if u think YM is better then fuck ur stupid

  • Anonymous

    Even Chamber Music was rated by you guys 4.5/5 and this album shows more cohesion than CM.Even if you take tracks individually and this is still on par with CM.No one understands you anymore DX.

  • Anonymous

    And if I wanted to listen something like 36 Chambers, then I'd listen to 36 Chambers.Every album has its place, they can't all be the same.That would be boring don't you think dear reviewer?

  • Anonymous

    This is a bullshit review.I mean come, that piece of shit album that Khaled put gets 3.5/5??? Well the user ratings clearly show that HHDX editors have long lost touch with reality.How else can you explain the difference between the users rating and HHDX ratings? Khaled's album is rated 2 by users and gets 3.5 by the reviewer, this gets a 3, but the users clearly rate it slightly above 4.Apart from "Only the Rugged Survive" I can't name no other wack track. Start the Show, Black Diamonds, Laced Cheeba, Diesel Fluid, Legendary Weapons, Drunk Tongue, Meteor Hammer were all dope as fuck.Plus all the tracks blend well together.It's a COMPILATION that clearly shows the versatility of the Clan's discography.Keep bashing quality hip-hop music DX.

    • Whatnot

      I'd say HHDX lost credibility only about YEARS AGO so not a real surprise for me when i see the ridiculous score. The album is really good and deserves at least a 4, if you haven't done it go and get it and support quality music

  • Honestly

    This review/critique is awful. Do your homework. This was a Live band/instrument produced, compilation meant to feature veteran NY emcees paired with wu members, and the follow-up to chamber music. The rhymes are hard, and the sound is cohesive and menacing. Overall a solid "album".

  • Crystal

    It's not a Clan album, it's a compilation album. And the album is dope as fuck, can't understand how you give this 3 stars. Compared to 36 Chambers, yeah, but compared to TODAYS hip-hop standard? Easily worth a 4+ rating. Fuck this shit.

  • jayknoit

    how the fuck is dj khaled's album of collective gayness going to get a 3.5 and this a 3?? I really want to know how go about rating albums

  • Anonymous

    This album was ill an plus it aint a official wu tang album!!

  • Salaam

    Clearly "Alex Thornton" has no idea what a compilation album is...

  • 718rob

    Huge letdown. But DX giving Big Sean a 4 still upsets me when I see shit like this...

  • lucy

    is cool but for me the last great clan album was ironflag

  • chris

    Tisk tisk, fire your reviewers and get REAL Hip Hop fans. Not a wu album dumbass, its a comp album.

  • jake

    this album sucks ass


    Wu Tang Forever! Whoever wrote this review clearly doesn't have a clue about the WU. The saga continues. . .


    Wu Tang Forever! Whoever wrote this review clearly doesn't have a clue about the WU.

  • great album

    This review is, content-wise, garbage. No mention of the lyrical talent on show here, no comment of the absolutely banging beats. This is obviously not a standard Wu album, it's an album in the same vein as Chamber Music. But honestly, the album is tremendously well produced and the lyrics are FIRE. It's a testament to the influence, charisma and continued authority of the Wu-Tang Clan that Trife, Action Bronson, Termanology, AZ, MOP and Sean Price come off so hard either because they were schooled and mentored by the Wu or inspired/respect it to the fullest. Same goes for production duties. Buy this; if you love sick lyrics and head knocking beats you won't be disappointed.


    Totally disagree with this review. It aint a official Clan album so dont compare it to 36 chambers, go do your research kid. Its more like Wu and friends type of shit, cant believe the comments this dude who wrote the review gives. Its like he is on a whole other page Its solid... 4 stars

  • Evan

    yeah this album was nice. idk what this dude was hearing

  • cole world

    the album was sik as fuuuuuk, literally every track was nice.

  • Nada

    " They Live and We Sleep, You Starve and They Eat !!! " †TheyLiveandWeSleep.com†

  • Anonymous

    "The album starts to feel like a collection of guest verses with no real center." What? This is a compilation album dude! Not a wu tang album decent shit and nothing special.