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For an artist who has been lauded as an originator, Sorry 4 the Wait sees Wayne sounding more like his contemporaries than himself.

After a year and some change of waiting for a new Weezy project, Lil Wayne drops Sorry 4 the Wait, a mixtape that acts as a precursor to Tha Carter IV. It feels like a Mayweather tune up fight: a lot of anticipation but sees a fighter/rapper who merely goes through the motions.

From the jump, “Tunechi’s Back” fails to separate itself from any of the Meek Mill remixes. Wayne takes a smash hit and sounds more Ross than Weezy. It’s sadly a trait that plagues the mixtape. For an artist who has been lauded as an originator, Sorry 4 the Wait sees Wayne sounding more like his contemporaries than himself. Without a smash on the project, Sorry 4 the Wait fails to live up to the expectations that the No Ceilings series created.  

The lack of unique remixes and a massive amount of sex punchlines sees Wayne missing more punches than he lands (See "Marvin’s Room" or "Gucci Gucci" ). The albums biggest appeal is that Wayne admits that he hasn’t embraced a sober life. On “Rolling” he says “I’m talking big money, I’m talking heavyweight, I cut down on the syrup, Now I’m in better shape,” and throughout the album he mentions pills, patron and other lifestyle choices that he swore off. If the lack of sobriety doesn’t grab your interest a Jay-Z line, “gotta kill witnesses 'cause Free's beard stickin out” from “What We Do” finds its way on "Grove St. Party" in the way of “Gotta kill witnesses 'cause Baby's car red." While some may argue that it isn’t a blatant jack, at best it feels lazy.

Sorry 4 the Wait feels like an underwhelming tune up fight for a pound for pound champion. Whereas the mixtape circuit once was where Weezy attempted to back up his claim of being the best rapper alive, it is now a place that sees anything but his best work. He makes a point of saying Sorry 4 the Wait on nearly every track, and while the tape may suffice some fans, August 29th can't come quick enough. With a lackluster offering on Sorry 4 the Wait, Tha Carter IV now carries the burden of deciding his career trajectory.

DX Consensus: "Just a Mixtape"

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  • Gregg

    Lol the fuck you niggas smoking? Sorry for the wait was way better than no ceilings and tha carter 4. His flow is crazy and if you couldn't relate to the punchlines then that sounds like a personal problem. Like people saying Tupac sucked because they live in the suburbs and never experienced his problems. Tupac is good and Weezy is good in another way. Tupac had depth with words, Weezy is more how he says it then what he actually says and is less deep, but his delivery is one of the best. You people are hypocrites though anyways, dude on drugs you tell him to sober up he sobers up and you want him back on drugs. He raps about materialistic shit and having fun and you want a conscious rapper. He becomes conscious and you say he is boring or get offended.

  • Anonymous

    its fucked up 2 say but dude actually needs drugs 2 make great song relapse 4 da sake's of ur career

  • Louis Fdda Guthrie

    lil b has a better rating waha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Louis Fdda Guthrie

    as if now

  • Louis Fdda Guthrie

    wiggidy x2 waq

  • Chris

    I give it a 4 star only because this mixtape wasnt suppose to come out really its only cause the carter 4 kept getting pushed back but anyway it dident live up to my expectations and ive never said that about a wayne project hes my favorite rapper hes the best so I guess he was just playin around on this mixtape my fav track is "sorry for the wait but I know how big carter 4 is and I know wayne and he doesnt play on his albums this album for is his defining moment I can't wait.

  • WeezySucksD!ck

    my ears are bleeding.


    This is wiggity wiggity wack son . lil wayne please stop rapping . your rhymes are so lame and garbage .

  • lil wayne swallows

    lil wayne swallows

  • Luis Flores

    this mixtape is garbage. wayne outdid himself on no ceilings. dont think he'll be able to make a better mixtape than that one

  • vanillagorilla

    Another garbage release what a surprise from the bloodsucking leech that is Weezy. "If I don't like it I don't like it that don't mean I'm hating" Pack Fm. You think ppl that peep this site would appreciate real ish more.

  • Anonymous

    lil wayne is shit



  • Boss

    Any niggaz think he is fuckin wit eminem lyrically GTFO that nigga can be nice but eminem destroys him drake is a beast and royce da 5'9 is fuckin nasty wit it to fuck wayne kissin dudes n shit fuck outta here

  • wezzzy

    5 starts fuck haters

  • jason

    5 stars. Anybody hatin on this can die slowly of AIDS while I laugh at you.

  • Mu

    I downloaded this mixtape a few weeks ago, but I only bumped it for like the first few days... very little replay value. I'm hoping this is all part of a grand scheme to drop a mediocre mixtape then blow us away with an incredible album.

  • Killa Bee

    Yo dis mixtape is wacker the wacka flocka. Lil wayne is nothing without gillie da kid ghost written

  • Angel Xavier De Peña


  • Issac Bullard

    Mixtape was alrite....but this just proves that lil wayne is behind drake when it comes to lyrics

    • Mu

      That statement would have been absurd a few years ago, but sadly it is very true now. Drake is better lyrically at this point.

  • Junior

    ima wayne fan but this shit is super wack but dedication 3 was hes worst tape tho lol.

  • Aaron

    Who the F**K is GooseTFI??

  • MB:Specialist

    Mixtape was lackluster, alot of people commenting below have weird taste, Big Sean over Fabolous?? Canibus and Eminem would kill all those dudes on your, your ass better stay anonymous.

  • monsterking sr

    lookin hip hop

  • monsterking sr

    yu to good 4 ya generation

  • tonystorm590

    i'm not interested in a mixtape with freestyles i'm waitin for tha carter IV we know lil wayne has lyrics already

  • juan Rivera

    this was iight but he only made it cuz he was...sorry 4 the wait... well the carter 4 is gonna be way better

  • Ryan Minkoff

    The review says it all.

  • juiceman17

    had a lot of potential, he used some nice beats to freestyle with, dude just came up a little short (for his standards) but as far as the industries' standards go, its a pretty sold mixtape. I hope this is just a warm up for C4

  • Anonymous

    He fell off. I hope he did this on purpose or didn't have the time to go in like he usually does. I personally think it's impossible to not be good like you used to. I know he has the skill, he just doesn't try as hard anymore. I mean just look at the length of these songs. 2:30 tops maybe? No Ceilings had songs above 4 minutes. This may show shortage of time or that he just didn't feel like giving his all. Either way we need to get him to be a hard worker again.

  • tin703

    Fuck wat u gotta say nigga...

  • jason

    it ok i'll wait for the carter 4

  • biggangsta

    dis hoe pretty live not better dan no cielings but yet again who will ever make a mixtape better dan no cielings

  • momma

    momma i made it i got dat benzzzzzzzzzzz sitting on 22's

  • Anonymous

    it's so funny reading these comments that Lil Wayne "Fell Off" He's still killing other artists on their own track, such as Hustle Hard Remix

  • look@itmyway

    Lil Wayne fell off and its funny to see all the wayne stans talk like C4 is Going to be something great let's see every track that wayne has done post prison has been garbage he got murked by everyone on look at me now even the biggest wayne fans say they haven't been feeling his shit lately I've listened to no ceiling I use to get hi all the time and that was one of my preferred mixtapes to listen to when I was blazed but how can you defend Wayne when every I mean every Wayne fan says mixtape weezy is better everyone knows that he wouldnt be considered the rapper he is today if it wasnt for his mixtapes he claims to be the best rapper well jay-z made the blueprints in a week and in a week the only thing wayne can make is this shit then yall niggas want to say its only a mixtape it shouldnt matter what he says on it cuz it was given to his fans for free well if it wasnt for his mixtapes then he woulldnt be who he is and if you like your favorite rapper to give you half assed work then thats you I'd prefer to listen to J.Cole and have him work hard on a mixtape and be pleased with it and C4 is going to suck his last two albums were garbage let's see INAHB was suppose to be leftover tracks and this mixtape is suppose to be a preview and with all his recent work you can tell C4 is goin to be garbage

  • Abbbba

    Lil wayne best rapper???? Never. Best rapper alive is definetely Jay-z, kanye,J cole, eminem, Nas and eminem in dat order.

  • dis is wat i wanted to spit .guess not

    No Ceilings.. O-o-ok, I got this chrome on this Bugatti I'm strong in this Bugatti Two V8's ain't no such thing as driving calm in this Bugatti Bitch I'm bad, I'm worse I pass the purp', Don't fuck with me 'cause right now I'm higher than Captain Kirk, I swear I be the sickest nigga, you can ask the nurse And if you throw it in the bag, I bet I'll snatch her purse OK I spazz, I curse You last, I'm first I'm on yo' ass, like dirt Behind that cash, get murked I'm talkin' big shit nigga, join my hit list nigga What's the matter? Check ur bladder I'm the shit piss nigga Shoot the witness, nigga Whole court in the streets And convict this nigga Old dickless nigga Man im runnin' with the blucka Young Money muthafucka You think we won't do our thang.. Well ain't it sunny in the summer? And we coming for the commas And whoever among us And you know Imma bust my ass until my crew very humongous I said T.I hold ya head And Mack hold ya head Wish I could but I can't say some other names 'cause of the Feds Until my bloods, cold red Man you know how we play it And if it cost to be the boss, oh well I guess I gotta pay it I'm a New Orleans nigga, I don't take no shit Take the brain off the whip now it don't make no sense Stunt hard on these bitches I ain't promised tomorrow Not when they kicking it with me like no mo' garciaparra Flute rollin' killer plants, like the tool shop of horror And we roll them bitches thick, make 'em look like Toccara Man I'm too much for these niggas, and three much for these hoes [ From: ] Whe World is in my hands, and I keep my hands closed I love my baby mommas, they get my highest honor Gotta take care of them kids, man I know you heard Obama And I live on an island, Atlantic in my backyard I just tell my pilot to land it in my backyard Quarter back shot gun, you don't get any sack yards Bitch I ball hard, breakin' all the back boards Pretty boy Floyd step up I will crack yours And even at the White House we pull up at the back doors Walk around like im thirty feet tall Tiger Woods all these hoes tryna birdy these balls In the Porche 911 like emergency calls Man i just be chillin', I'm cool like Lou Rawls Young Money in the building, I'm puttin' up new walls Nigga take your Mrs. Officer and set some new laws My flow is like rubbin' two logs Young Moula we the new shit and new draws Now get off my dick, I ain't fucking witcha Watch me shoot to the bank, I'm a money pistol Weezy beat the beat up like Sonny Liston Red bone do me good, then her friend or sista I mean her bitch, she never met her best friend or sister I leave that pussy Microsoft like Windows Vista Young toochie, pop that coochie for a goon, hoe Bullet in your boy memory, now you act like you don't know Eastside who i do it fo', Eagle Street right by the store Katrina wiped the city out but couldn't fuck wit Holly Grove Lost some real niggas I knew from a long time ago But Heaven or Hell, I'm hopin' that they be where Imma go Take a nigga gale and make her come give me a private show Still long hair, don't care, like a Navajo I'm the hardest shit go in your ass and search I smash this verse, so I swag and surf No Ceilings Ahah

  • Anonymous

    Remember Da Drought 3 Dedication 1 & 2 Prefix & Suffix Lil Wayne Fell Off

  • Ecoveli

    Just gotta ticket for throwing this trash out of my car window smh! Damn!

  • Alex Zaccaro

    did he just make a whole mix tape and use the same lines in every song? yeah i think he did... talentLESS

  • Anonymous

    lil wayne is the best rapper alive

  • Anonymous

    This mixtape only confirms that Rick Ross is the best rapper alive Rick Ross Kanye West Drake Lil Wayne Wale Big Sean J.Cole Kendrick Lamar Dom Kennedy Fabolous Meek Mill Tyga Lupe Fiasco Wiz Khalifa In that Order

    • imsohiphop

      ur an idiot

    • Dumbass

      Lupe would eat all of those whack rappers. You're a joke.

    • LordLamickTheEmperor

      Ross is in no way the best rapper alive... He makes good quality music and that's something undeniable. Only thing that saved dude from Officer Ricky was the quality of the music. But the list is wack. You have Drake as the 3rd best rapper alive? You listened to thank me later? Sit in a room with no exits and loop that shit over then keep saying he the 3rd best rapper alive... kmt. And I'm ignoring the fact that your list pretty much shouts out 'THISDUDEDON'TLISTENTOMUCHHIPHOP' since you've not only missed out living legends, but underground royalty as well... But just for the list. Cole, Lupe, Kendrick Kamar and Kanye eating Ross. Ross aint dropped a classic yet, Ye dropped 2/5, arguably 3/5 classics. And J. Cole's mixtapes eating rosses albums.

  • D Young

    He's just giving you something slight so you can wonder what the album goin' sound like even more. Smart man

  • Anonymous

    And ppl still give this 5 stars as if its so good it should be an album or something....

  • Samuel Adams

    still whack lil wayne drake 50 all these commercialized shit you faggots listen to ruined hip hop the shit is so gay

  • General Monk Monk

    This is a comment section where your free to express how you feel. It gives the artist a chance and music listeners a chance to share thoughts and constructively pin point pros and cons of artwork. I love open forums and I respect anyone in music simply because it's a dream that someone made to reality. No ceilings was crazy, this mixtape makes me wonder what will his album sound like. I truthfully could listen to Carter III all the way through. That was a bad ass album.

  • JJ

    Damn he sucks so bad lol


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  • oluwagream

    Y'all are being unrealistic. Wayne did this album in 3 days and you still argue that he's not d best rapper alive?! Y'all are dumbass niggas mehn.. All the songs on the mixtape are dope mehn! It's just that one way or the other, fools( including hiphopdx) find ways of saying shits about this nigga, but hey, the mixtape is on the 'most discussed' tag! Even albums dont stand the should all be happy that he has given you 12 crazy new track to listen to for a month! No one does better #respect...i dont see anything bad in talking about what you do everyday in your tracks huh! #hiphop

  • Kennedy

    Lil Wayne is the best. People must be deaf to his mixtape it's fucking amazing. real shit. dudddde fer real.

  • Anonymous

    I hate lil wayne, I just wanted to see the review this bullshit got... I'm happy with hiphopdx for once haha! why would anyone who is interested in good lyrics listen to this clown? this dude is leading all you suckaz down the wrong path with his bullshit infested music! people these days are amazed at lines like "ra ra like a dungeon dragon!" like what tha fuck! what has hip hop come to these days? like the late great Big L said... I Dont Understand It!

    • Anonymous

      yeah man. ATCQ. Niggas that don't know shit should stfu.

    • fuck anonymous

      nigga, you ain't a fan of hiphop if you don't know where the 'rah rah like a dungeon dragon' line originated from. Check out A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario in case your ignorant dumbass wants a lesson in old school hiphop. bitchass motherfucker

  • Christian Hasley

    this mixtape is horrible, the punchlines are lazy and the whole style that garnished him the "best rapper alive" title is nowhere to be found, sub-par by far, will not be buying The Carter IV even though i have the other 3 on my iphone, good enough doesnt cut it for an a grade lyricist

  • ZacH

    wtf is he talking about its acually good

  • Tank

    This mixtape suck, but I bet the album is gonna be pretty good. I'm not a fan either.

  • ilexx

    I think this is a great fucking review... everybody crying about hate is just being dumb. I am a Wayne fan and have been for years and this mixtape SUCKS! My friends and I have discussed it and u cant go from calling yourself "the best rapper alive" and then years later put out some half ass shit. The mixtape is average at best, it doesnt compare to No Ceilings and thats the point. What everybody is missing is that Drought 3 was a stand out mixtape of his and when he decided to make an original mixtape with No Ceilings ppl wanted it to live up to Drought 3 and it DID! Thats why ppl keep comparing Sorry 4 The Wait to No Ceilings because thats where the bar is for Wayne since he dropping Rebirth and I Am Not A Human Being....... but Wayne failed to have any impressive lines on this mixtape and NO stand out tracks. Thats a fail and as a fan I have no problem giving him a 2/5 for this bullshit tape..

    • Anonymous

      Always disliked Wayne for his absolutely horrible delivery and nonexistant flow. The review is good. I give him the benefit of the doubt lyrically but everything I've heard from him has sucked lyrically aswell, apart from his verse on Look At Me Now, and the verses on 6 ft 7 ft.

    • kf

      i agree too....he dont got any standout tracks....i alwayse been a fan of him since hot boyz but on this mixtape there isnt one hot banger smh....thats not like him....funny thing was he was complainin about beats too...mabe he not tryin smh

    • #4sols2daflow

      I completely agree, I have been a wayne fan from 500 degreez and squad up, and the money wayne gets the bigger is image gets the worse him music get's and yes im disappointed. My brother and I talk about it all the time and he seems to thing that he's just chillin that he has no one to fear. which is true when it comes to money lol. but rappers drake is smashing, yeah I said tit drake is killin them. My nigga hot spitta is killin them and wayne is a produced of curren$y life at 30,000 feet showed e that. I just hope that carter 4 is something like 1 or 2, him being hungry to spit. Wayne raps need to grow up lol. sorry 4 the mixtape shoulf have beent he name. but hope he will get it together. I'm ready to here if he has evolved yet.

  • Anonymous

    damn people are really writing novels just to get their point across.. this shit is something new than what they play on the radio everyday so its good enough for me

    • Anonymous

      Thats the thing. There shouldn't be such thing as its just good enough in music. Thats how southern music gets by. Shits gotta stop

  • Dustin

    Look at it like this..if you dont like country are you gonna listen to it??..hell no! And your sure as hell not gonna review it. This site should be only reviews from people that listen to wayne and what they think of this album. Not you panzees that say shit over the internet to make your dick bigger that the three inches it already is. I believe he is successful...he started young and just look where hes at now..the top! Through his own hard work.

    • Anonymous

      Hard work does not get you to the mainstream I hate to tell you. It involves being heavily promoted and autotuning your choruses generally. Wayne has the worst delivery and 2nd worst flow in hip hop history (soulja boy is even worse in that area) and some of the laziest lyrics ever (Although I will admit I've heard 3 verses that were actually pretty good.) Terrible freestyler, lacks creativity, etc... He's not talented. He even had ghostwriters for alot of his stuff....

    • ilexx

      I am sorry but if u cant see the stupidity in your comment then I dont know what to say... If u dont listen to country then u shouldnt be reviewing it BUT this is Hip Hop and I am sure the reviewer listens to Hip Hop so he is entitled to review it. It doesnt matter if Wayne is somebody he listens to or not. U cant make the average FAN review a piece of work because they are gonna have problems being objective... Therefore u let somebody who appreciates Hip Hop as a culture and is a journalist/writer review the work...... They did and they basically said everything I felt..... It SUCKS! lol

  • Michael Straight

    u should really get out and party more bro everyone i chill with likes almost all the songs on the mix tape bad review man

  • Mu

    2.5/5... This mixtape is just average and for someone of Wayne's caliber, average = failure. Nevermind the fact that he did it in a few days. As an artist, you have a responsibility to put out quality because everything to release is a part of your legacy. I didn't like this mixtape, but I can't say I expected anything great either. Based on what we've heard from him recently, Wayne just sounds like he thinks he can step in the booth and nothing but hot shit will be the result. I'm definitely not a hater, I have every Wayne album and almost every mixtape. To all the people who think Wayne can do no wrong, people like me express our displeasure with him because we've heard flashes of greatness from him in the past and we want to root for him, but he just hasn't been able (or willing) to sustain it. Maybe he should actually start writing rhymes cuz his punchlines are lazy and predictable, and he's not even trying to be creative with wordplay or rhyme schemes. If Carter IV sucks, it will be official that he's fallen off. I HOPE thats not the case p.s. Fail for HipHopDX for not rating. They clearly don't think this is any good, but didn't want to piss off Wayne and his label

    • Anonymous

      They did rate it on a mixtape scale with the rating of just a mixtape.

    • Dustin

      I respect your opinion bro. Everything you said was true. And I respect that you actually know your wayne before you go postin comments on here. Great artist...not to great album. But we got the carter four comin up soon. Hope its a great one! Knowing him it should be!

  • Anonymous

    wayne is the best poprapper ever better than hammer and vanilla ice

  • 845 boi

    idc if its jus a mixtape, fuck wayne real talk. imo mixtapes are better than albums cuz mixtapes u can do what u want, albums its all what the labels want. for example look at cassidy, jada they mixtapes are sick, and albmus mediocre for the most part.and for good measure lil wayne fake as hell and only good album is tha carter 2..which was ghost writtenby gillie da kid. fuck birdmans retarded bitchass and fuck ALL youngmoney some are iight but i lose all respect once u join them. look at meek mill hes fuckin ill and now since he signed wit ross he changin smh and fuck you dickriders idc if im a hater u bitch. real rappers who are ALL real and live what they rap bout and are actually good: Ar-Ab/NH/Kaboom/Freddie Gibbs/Vinnie Paz/Big Lou/Cassidy/Homicide Stizz/Garci/Jakk Frost/French Montana/Max B/Willie The Kid/Saigon/Ransom/Young Hot......LOOK UP ON DATPIFF YALL WELCOME YOU BITCHASS FAGGOTS

  • Dustin

    Alright well first of all I gotta say not waynes best album but its his living. He raps to support his kids. And if you dont like his music then dont listen to him! Its that easy...stoo wastin your time on wayne sites and youtube channels when all you gonna do is hate. With the time you spend hatin on could be find new music that you actually like. Damn. Hes succesful and you know it. He made this in three days. Lets see you do that...then you might be ablebto talk

    • Anonymous

      Or cuz the dudes aren't that well known... And alot of underground fans like Eminem (some just like his older stuff) and Jay-Z (most just like his older stuff). That and underground fans usually get the albums and don't need YouTube (note I didnt say buy although I do buy them) Mainstream fans seem to follow their artists as much so they'd hear their new stuff on Youtube/the radio and go buy/download the single.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, you people really don't have a clue. Check out Kendrick Lamars Scetion 80. HiiiPower!

    • Anonymous

      Thats the internet way man These clown ass dudes sit around online and talk more about the music they dont like then the music they do Go to Youtube and view a Canibus or Chino XL video and it only has like 20K views Why??? Because there fans are to busy having there period all over the Eminem, Jay-Z & Lil Wayne channels

  • Anonymous

    c'mon weezy, we know you can do better than this. Give us something on the level of Dedication, Dedication 2, Drought 3 and No Ceilings.

  • HatersHate

    Let the haters hate they just dont like that there favorite rapper aint doin like tunechi i can admit it wasnt no ceilings cuz no ceilings was CRACK but dis fuego tho real rap if yall hate so much y yall listen get wit it or get lost YMCMB..............

  • josie

    mmyeah I'm disappointed in wayne. He's better then this. Don't know why he even put this garbage out

  • zulu

    i'm a fan of weezy but this is not the level he is capable of. being truthful, pure garbage. bring back that carter 1 and 2 quality!

  • Brisk

    I think this is fire.. nuff said bout it.

  • K-Lam

    This shit was embarrassing....this is coming from the same dude who made Tha Carter 2

  • T.G.O.D.

    I don't give a shit what haters say, Wayne went in. Fuck it I'm done.

  • Fucking Haters

    All yall dumb niggas hatin on a brutha fk out niggers u culdnt beat him so why u hate?

    • HaterTown

      your right, i couldnt beat him cuz i dont rap. that doesnt change my opinion though. I'm gonna overuse the word "hate" like all u weezy groupies. Why u hating on the heads that dont have ur opinion? Don't hate on me cuz I think weezy is wack. All the haters need to get off weezy dick and stop hating on real hip hop. U listen to weezy cuz the industry hates on the real and promotes cats like weezle. Grab a six pack of hatorade and quench that hate. HiiiPower!

  • ZachTaylorGang

    For a quick decsion and he made some of these track in one day... this goes in. dope metaphors and he murdered everyones beat.

  • Bmorebodier

    No hate in my blood, but the dude has proven he a fake wanna be gangster time and time again. I would love to grab him by his scrawny ass neck and watch his feet dangle above the ground. Edmonson vill all day u fake lame

    • Anonymous

      LOL, Yeah, there's no hate in your blood You just wanna beat the shit out of a man you never met

  • JO

    iight fam he is not HIGH, thats where his best shit comes from, the weed mane. He can't smoke thats why he talkin bout pills and drinking liquor. A sober wayne equals The Block is Hot, a really high wayne equals NO CEILINGS, THE DROUGHT IS OVER series.....cmon son, he sucks sober

    • Abel Ruiz

      IMO, a sober wayne should mean a better wayne. i dont listen to dudes music since about 2007-8 because i realized he isn't that good. only rapper i can honestly say was better on drugs is Eminem.

  • Bmorebodier

    I love how y'all still listen and support this pop hero. He a certified fake blood....y'all must be like 18 or some shit to find Wayne real. He def can spit and lyrics every now n then r on point but I cannot and will not cosign his fraudulent fake ass. Y'all need to open yal eyes cuz. Wayne def wouldn't be caught in bmore poppin that fake shit. He a pussy and a video on YouTube shows him getting punked by some crips. Hahaha. Shit is classic bitch move shit. Hahaha

  • Joe

    For something he did in a couple of days, its really good

  • WeezyTunechi

    Weezy F Baby good work! YMCMB!

  • whateva

    Not his best work definitely, hope C4 will be better than this. Yet, I don't get all this complaining, he gave it to us for free, if you don't like it just don't listen to it. None of these tracks are album worthy but we got them for free so stop complaining.

  • Almar

    Im Not a weezy hater but this mixtape is garbage.

  • StaxX


  • Anonymous

    This mixtape isnt nothing but pure garbage can believe people listen to this guy !

  • White man

    I agreed with review, but the reviewer should have had some balls and rated the tape 2/5. It's obvious these sites are getting paid for reviews.

  • YungFucker

    Wayne raps like he got a fuckn flu but stl ppl love his sh!t ai!

  • Jose Vasquez

    Nothing but horrible flow, weak metaphors, and repeated lines.

  • Jerz Inevitable Success Davis


  • Grady F Smith Jr

    he's the best

  • godMeta

    Seems to me that wayne has run out of subject matter. Greatest Rapper Alive Award goes to Jay-Z!


    mixtape hot to me just lil b verse is wack ass hell 3 6 mafia been rapping about hiting lines of coke for years

  • Anonymous

    for years been telling peeps this waste of a brain called wayne is wack... finally, the people are waking up and seeing how really lame, stupid and retarded he is. Anyone that says otherwise must not only be dumb but also deaf.

  • Anonymous


    • Ian Macd

      illmatic88 you're part of the same category as these youngins if you are saying there isn't any timeless, classic material these days. and i agree with anon2. . Nas is way overrated.. completely fell off. do your research man, contemporary rap is just as great as its always been if you disregard the mainstream.. but who THAT IS SERIOUS about hiphop listens to the radio nowadays anyways? who that is SERIOUS about hiphop watches BET .... hip hop is not dead! YOU MUST LEARN

    • jimmybond

      @Anonymous #2...26 years old shouldn't make me “ol school”. I very much agree with you that not all new artists are bad and not all older rappers are good, but this is exactly what Illmatic88 is speaking on. It's a matter of awareness for the history of the game. Honestly, in the 90s and early 00s we didn't have such easy access to hip-hop websites, torrent/download sites, Youtube, etc. If someone said such-and-such was dope you went out and bought the album hoping it was as good as they said it was. We had word of mouth and relied on radio shows like Tony Touch, Mr. Cee, and Funkmaster Flex (before he became a social butterfly/car guy), mix-tapes from DJ Clue, Kid Capri, Kay Slay, DJ Swift, Doo Wop, Big Kap, etc., and magazines like The Source. NOWADAYS it’s easy to get any song or cd from any year. I take advantage of it, you should too… Also, Kendrick Lamar is a raw artist with a lot of potential, hopefully he finds a label home that allows him to mature properly. Really, Wayne lucked out with the support cast he had. Baby, Mannie Fresh, as a member of the Hot Boys, etc. He started with them and didn't really gain national success until, what, The Carter in 2004. I'm guessing he worked his ass for those 7 or 8 years. New rappers need these type of mentors that will help them, as is life.

    • Anonymous

      stfu you ol school mo'fo's lol lil wayne's wack but not all new school artists are wack just like not all ol school artists are da shit, Nas is overrated. Listen to this youngin from LA Kendrick Lamar, he's dope.

    • Illmatic88

      ^^Jimmybond you hit the nail right on the head man. I'm in med school but I used to be a high school teacher the last 2 years and this new generation does not ahave a damn clue. Most are ignorant and are not even optimistic and curious about what started hip hop, who were the creators of certain styles and who laid the foundation for these new rappers. They are a bunch of SHEEP! Scared to go against popular opinion and always follow what the radio says and what the rapper on 106 and Parks #1 video says. If he says "he is the greatest rapper alive" they will agree! I used to always get kids that argue over Lil Wayne and Kanye being the best rappers and I used to ask them the same questions, like "have you heard of Nas? Wu Tang? AZ? Pete Rock and CL Smooth? Slick Rick? just to name a few and they would look at me like I was from another planet. One time I wore my illmatic shirt to class with the picture of the album cover and the same student that on Lil Waynes nuts asked "why do you have a picture of a black kid on your shirt?" I was like "WHAT???" It's beyond ignorance, its just stupidity and lack of respect. I was 10 when illmatic dropped and all that golden era rap was pure creativity and innovation to the fullest. Every one that was on the radio was dope as hell, EVERYONE! They had their own style and their own story to tell. And then even at my age I would have old timers come to me and say "yeah you don't know nothing about Rakim, KRS, Whodini, the Juice Crew, and instead of saying "who the fuck are those guys" I would actually do my research and check out them because they were before my time and I grew to like a lot of their stuff. I still bump "know the ledge" by Rakim and I can honestly put him in my top 5 and argue why he is there instead of spewing some nonsense like record sales, swag, and all that other BS. The problem these days is that there is no timeless classic material. Back then, you would wait in a record store in a line, get the cd rush to your house and throw it on the stereo and listen to it straight through and at the end you would know if it was a classic, you would just shake your head thinking "damn did this dude just create this? This is crazy!" You hardly press the rewind button on these new records anymore and thats whats wrong...the creativity is gone, the love for the artform is gone. All it is is just a paycheck to these rappers and these kids buy into it like these guys are lyrical genuises. There is no such thing as criticism these days, one hot ringtone makes a whole album hot. Back then you would hear something like "it was written" which is dope as hell and then say "yeah but it aint no illmatic" and that was harsh criticism because back then we would base rappers off their potential and their skills, now its just ringtones and shit. Its a sad state

    • jimmybond

      Although I don't care for your jokes to start the post, you are correct in saying these younger folks really missed out on some real, good hip-hop. It's funny, I was talking to these high school kids about who's hot nowadays and they mentioned names like Big Sean, Mac Miller, Drake, and Lupe as being the "it rappers". I asked them if they knew of artists like KRS-ONE, Keith Murray, Redman, The Roots, Black Moon, 9th Wonder, Blackstar, AZ, GangStarr, CNN, Gravediggaz, Beastie Boys, Canibus, Journalist, Scarface, etc and they said no, never. So I asked if they ever listened to Boot Camp Click, The WU (as a group and individual albums throughout the 90s and 00s), Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, anything from No Limit, anything from Cash Money from the "bling, bling" era, the Clipse, Dogg Pound, or anything from the death row era...again, they said no.....Then it hit me, like J.B. said, "when the new generation think about Jordan, all they remember is when Iverson crossed him". Except nowadays there are maybe two generations between that 90s rap (when things like sitting with the tape recorder next to the radio, joining colombia house to get like 12 CDs for the price of 2 then quitting and doing it again or stealing the newest CDs from Circut City, Best Buy, or Strawberry's were the thing to do). So, to your point, it is unfortunate these younger generations will never get to experience the magnitude of how great hip-hop was back then...My apologies for rambling but it seems like this is a common issue on this site and in rap discussions in general.

    • Anonymous

      I wish you were alive... none of these wankstaz would be on right now. They killed one of the greatest and gave us ignant mofos who don't make any sense at all.

  • Anonymous

    why is Hiphop DX taking this mixtape so seriously ? Wayne said he did it a couple weeks. niggas acting like the album gonna sound like the tape. Take it for what it is, a mixtape full of trunk music.

    • Anonymous

      you're an idiot, stop making excuses for lil wayne. Yea it's a mixtape but considering it's a recording and not say a random freestyle it's VERY wack. I swear Gucci got some mixtapes better than his garbage

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for being the only sensible person...a mixtape is a mixtape u don't spend more than a few hours on it...for just freestyling on other niggas beats i think he killed it

  • Joal Wray

    counting one hundred million dollar checks, IM SURE HE CARES WHAT YALL THINK, and yall all was the ones screaming " FREE WEEZY"

    • Anonymous

      stop cryin pussy.. pull yo fuckin skirt down.. you act like wayne is do daddy or somethin.. is that nigga fuckin you? is he payin yo bills? then why you care so much? all they said was the shit was mediocre.. and it was case closed.

  • jui

    fuck this ugly midget

  • Anonymous

    Sorry 4 the WACKNESS (Mixtape Review)

  • Wtffffffffffff

    How can people like this piece of trash ? I used to listen to Wayne when I didnt listen to lyrics.. my lil brother of 4 years old can think of better punchlines..



  • Jake

    The tape sucked compared to no ceilings, it should have been called "sorry 4 listening".

  • Anonymous

    I liked No Ceilings better compared to Sorry 4 The Wait. Maybe it's the instrumentals, maybe it's the lyrics. Either way, Wayne can still bring the heat, it just all depends on the track

  • Anonymous

    I dont know who reviewd this mixtape but you should be fired not only are the beats he choose for this tape aggresive... His sound is aggressive and confident as well... Wayne hasn't ever been at this level... Every song on hear is great... Bottomline when yur on top everyone's out to get you... Reviewer .... U think he use to many sex lines but... On marvins room he starts by sayin.. "ima oj simpson that pussy" thats not only clever but, hilarious at the same time... Hip hop is an art... Respect the kraft...

    • The MH

      You're a fucking simp if you believe that was a clever line.

    • Royce59_SIC

      dickriding at its finest... but ur rite waynes never been on this level... cuz hes never been so god awful b4

    • Lol

      He doesn't even have nice metaphors. The MAJORITY of devices he uses are similes. "Ima oj simpson that pussy" is hardly clever. I'm sorry, but it's just not. It's ridiculous how you're trying to make him sound better than mediocre...

    • Anonymous

      yeah yeah his got nice metaphors that's all

  • Jason Williams

    Its ok, def not No Ceilings. Wasn't planning on buying his album any way but I like to see dudes winning, so I hope he can keep his spot near the top of the game.

  • Wesley Lee Bynum

    Great review. Sorry for the wait was a let down..

  • LumpBeats

    I agree with the review on the real. I'm old as hayell (32, lol) but I'll admit I was happy to download this the other morning. Good thing I put some of those new Kendrick Lamar tracks and some other ish on the cd cuz this ish was kinda booty. Fk te co-sign on the Kreashawn btch and the Lil B dude too... I woulda rather waited for the Carter IV than to hear this mediocrity

  • bored desk job haver

    Only about 3 tracks worth listening to.

  • WeezyBaby

    Good tape but worse than expected, the Best Rapper Alive could have done much better than this. And what the hell is Lil B doing there? His part is horrible.

  • Anonymous

    lil wayne is a great rapper but not the best look up crooked I..

  • Paul David

    A Really weak mixtape. Anyone calling it otherwise is a Wayne stan...real shit.

  • Timothy Green

    Great work by Weezy to keep us patient until the Carter IV comes out. SFTW is a good mixtape kind of a reminder of who the best rapper alive is. On the No Ceilings level. I love it.

  • jacob mayo

    lil wayne is the best rapper alive...real one can get on his level

  • Luis Rosario

    BEST RAPPER ALIVE real talk


    BASEDGOD was the highlight of this tape. FVCK Lil Wayne and YM

  • Anonymous

    just another bullshit wayne tape

  • Elijah DjArsonist Grizzard

    great mixtape, f*ck all haters

  • sorry

    this mixtape was too live, yal got them bitch ears thats y. he punked em boys on all they songs jus lettin kno they cant fuk wit em

  • toolisto

    How about you review a fuckin album like Trae Tha Truth Street King instead of bulshitting with mixtapes. No hatin on Lil Wayne, just do your job!

  • Anonymous

    wack ass pop rapper

  • Dustin

    To add to that. If you didnt read tunes lastest interview he explains his raps. He says he raps about whats on his mind. So you get a differnt story evey song. Thats why you cant go back to his old albums and be like "hey why isnt this like that tape". Besides that dumb to do anyway. no two albums are gonna be alike.

  • Dustin

    I completely disagree with this review. Everybody holds wayne to his last work to his new work. This tape isnt no ceilings, its a competly difffernt project. Its like no ceilings but its not the same plot. No ceilings was a 21 song mixtape that weezy took his time to create and picked big name songs.S$TW was made in about a week and it is still better than anybody elses work out there now. On no ceilings he focused on sex and such things. On S4TW he focused more on his killer, murder side. To be honest i like that side of wayne. When wayne raps about murder you can picture every word he says. like in rollin' "my gat bang, your hat hang, i ride off with mack maine" Then he jumps on adele's rollin' in the deep?! that song was pure fire. no other rapper would of touched that song but tune held it down! this mixtape was not no d2 or d3(because those are his best works) but this is a very good mixtape to hold us over for a few more weeks. If the title doesnt explain it tune is "sorry 4 the wait" carter 4 on the way.

  • John Mullins

    I agree with the review. mixtape was pretty weak. now i'm questioning the carter 4. really hope it isn't wack too

  • Mike Sokolowski

    best mixtape evermade.

    • envy

      I completely disagree. This is his worst mixtape. As the review stated, his best work appeared when he was trying to prove something, like the Sqad Up mixtapes, Prefix, Suffix, Dedication series, etc. This mixtape sounds tired and forced.