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"4" does belong in the infamous "transitional" category as a result, but that transition goes smoothly for her even if parts of that audience may find it rough.

Beyoncé has a new album out but you know that already—she’s Beyoncé. Stars come and go, but Beyoncé is positioned to remain popular for the rest of her life. As hard she’s worked to get where she is and as effortlessly as she seems like she’ll stay there, she’s still an artist with an audience and decisions to make about how to manage it. 4 does belong in the infamous “transitional” category as a result, but that transition goes smoothly for her even if parts of that audience may find it rough.

After opening with a slow-paced vocal display, Beyoncé seems poised to explode with energy, but instead continues with several more ballads and love songs. By the halfway mark, the closest thing to “upbeat” comes in the form of “Party,” a light two-stepper with André 3000 and Kanye West that doesn’t quite have the impact that you might expect from this trio of heavyweights. Things pick up again towards the close with “Countdown”—a video-ready number built on a cute Boyz II Men sample—but the decided mode here is “adult contemporary.”

Luckily, though most of 4’s brief track-list is comprised of power-ballads; Beyoncé is better equipped than most to handle that weight. “Best Thing I Never Had” sounds a bit like a jewelry commercial, but should go over well with its intended audience. Meanwhile, “Rather Die Young” is 4’s best foray into grown-up music, channeling Anita Baker-era R&B before Beyoncé pays tribute to Luther over sunny-day synths and finger snaps on “Love on Top.”

There’s something for everyone on 4 but Beyoncé’s desire to crowd-please is ultimately what holds the album back. The Oprah set will respond well to the ballads but might be thrown off by the trendy, disorganized lead single “Run the World (Girls).” Fans of “Girls,” however, might be confused to find it all the way at the end of an album that instead starts with “1 + 1,” a passionate love-song that might normally close it.

In short, Beyoncé commands an audience that’s grown too big and diverse to have a singular taste. Ever the crowd-pleaser, she does her best to make sure no one is left out, but can only split herself so many ways while still giving each her all. 4 doesn’t necessarily stand so well by itself, but as part of the Beyoncé experience, there are enough vehicles here to keep her moving. Eventually, an okay song will become a great video and an amazing live performance, so even if every song doesn’t hit home at first, she’ll get them there eventually—she’s Beyoncé.

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  • olczi

    album completely misunderstood production is incredible

  • Matt Sullivan

    It's a decent album.....the production is on point, but the lyrics aren't all that. YEA B! LOL

  • Datrell 'Date' Ward


  • perfectlilangel

    I love beyonce and her songs... in reality think about it girls do run the world.. if we really wanted something ... make a bet that we can get it.. but the fact is all yall are on here dissing beyonce.. saying she aint doing nothing for humanity or sum ish... well look at yourself ... wtf are you doing for humanity.... she is actually making a way for the women especially black women to make a way in this world... notice how she';s the 1st black female celebrity to tour across the world.. smh... get a life... if you don't like then why say anything at all....

  • Matt 'n Eric

    Eric of Matt 'n Eric reviews this album at

  • whatisitreally

    that the number of dicks she can take at one time?

  • obamarocks

    Everyboidy go to Youtube. Beyonce and Nicky Minaj are on a remix of her leading single Run the World girls. This guy name Fyuchur produced it. Its Hot!!! Both of their fans love it

  • Anthony Smith

    I thought this was a Hip Hop website? Who gives a shit about Beyonce and her obvious need to feel as superior as her over-rated husband. Pffft girls run the world.

  • Kizman

    LOL this album is shit, it aint rap

  • guess who i am

    world is goin crazy...-.- girls dont run no shit

  • Unknown

    Might as well have done a review for Lloyd's album DX, at least it has some more rap features than this. But of course, Beyonce has to be mentioned because she's a pop goddess. smh

  • MeMyself&Eye

    idk why yall even rating this bitches trash.

  • Darius Huggins

    Didn't blow me away, OK @ best. I give it a 3.

  • Mark

    DAMN, first time on this website, and it has lost its credibility already...

  • ?????


  • redd

    Beyonce shitted. 1+1 is the shit. R&B record of the year. If you don't like this record you're retarded

  • redd

    Beyonce shitted. 1+1 is the R&B record of the year. If you don't like this album you & your mother are retarded hoes.

  • Anonymous

    Dont get me wrong i believe in equality for guys and girls but at the end of the day its a fuckin man's world

  • Darius Huggins

    I can't wait to hear the album to judge for myself. People should stop being so closed minded to the reviews. Probably most of the people trashing the album may never even listened to every track on it.

  • sha the general (NYC)

    Alex thornton did this review. THANKS ALEX- YOUR CONTRIBUTION WILL... do nothing but make dx look worse and further rip off hip hop peoples who support this site. but its not your fault alex its those weirdos at DX that use you and think its O.K. peace Alex Thornton

  • gutter man

    the truth is beyonce has the connections and money to make shit happen and dx even is influenced and also always has other stories about non-hip hop groups. but in reality beyonce is a pawn in the gane, she is not special and her minimal talent has little healing effect on humanity. she is a tool, who wants money, prestige- a ladder climbing manglomaniac egotistical psuedo goddess.- false idol. and cam'ron kills jay-z!

  • Mike Kalil

    Man. It's just an album review. It's posted here because it appeals to some of its readers. Those who aren't interested can just not click the link that says "Beyonce - 4."

    • Nate Vazquez

      lol...Mike you couldnt have said that better....them dudes actin like its a crime for a r&b album review...I mean keep in mine she is married to one of hip hop most dominant mogels....and shes calaberated wit tons of hiphop artist...dama yall niggas actin like they reviewd a Garth Brooks album

    • trooth

      gutter man you the epitome of a dumb nigga. go take ur ignorant ass off the internet and go back to work at mcdonalds. nigga you smell like french fries

    • Mike Kalil

      And I may be a cornball, but at least I'm using my real face and name here, gutter man.

    • Mike Kalil

      Calm down. How am I a whiner? You're the one who's taking time out of your life to whine about a stupid album review. I don't care about Beyonce myself and will never buy this album despite the positive write-up, but there are obviously enough readers interested to justify a review. And this review probably generated more traffic than any other one this week, and HipHopDX does have bills to pay.

    • Luke from 2 live crew

      not true lil man. because that link should have been a hip hop or rap album ya mainstream watered down clone. i cant beleive how many people have bought into the lies. and the younger generations are a problem cause the got all the technology, but no knowledge or respect. certainly no real understanding or wisdom(in general). unplug your blackberries and cell phones you robots and fuckin go CAMPING-drink beer there fuck girls and swim naked-no homo.

    • gutter man

      fuck you mike- ya little cornball whiner. beyonce gets to be on dx but other r&b cats dont??/ cause there not all lubed up with cash money?? a socalled hip hop site needs to come correct or CHANGE ITS MUTHA FUCKIN NAME. hip hop is not rap or pop this site should really be called rap/hip-hop/popDX hip hop is sacred- dont use the term if your not really representing the culture ya fuckin goofey clones ... oh yeah- fuck you mike!

  • what the fuck

    wheres the 0 star option??

  • what the fuck

    what the fuck is this...

  • Powerphi

    A lot of hate is going down on this thread. This is a really good album, worthy of comment on a hip-hop website. Anyone disinterested should just keep it moving, because there are plenty of hip-hop heads who follow Beyonce.


    Beyonce is sexy!! Nuff said.

  • buckeyewu

    I know they occasionally do R&B reviews on here so I'm not shocked that this album is on here. Doesnt mean I'm going to listen to it. It certainly does stand out being between Blaq Poet and Smif N Wessuns review. LMAO!!! Hip hop is the bread and Beyonce is the bread to this sandwich.

  • stop hatin'

    Amazing album and I'm mostly hiphophead

  • tibedo

    I'm tired of crying about these bullshit reviews. WTF is this shit? Is this Hip-Hop DX or Cosmo?

  • done

    Tat's it, I'm officially done with this fucking site. Fuck DX.

  • Ryan MacQueston

    HipHopDX gave this album... (not just a review but) a 4 of 5... the same rating as Smif-n-Wessun's new album... is this a fucking joke?

  • obamarocks

    Everybody go to Youtube. Beyonce and Nicky Minaj are on a remix of her leading single Run the World Girls together. This guy name Fyuchur produced it. Its Hot!! Both of their fans love it


    So this is what hip hop is becoming nowadays. Rythem n Bullshit AN art form dictated by transsexual whore models. No wonder there are skinny jean clones and dudes finding their way outta the closet. And this album gets the same rating as Monumental, Random Axe ,Apollo Kids ...etc I cannot even be pissed its hilarious

  • Anonymous

    Hey i didn't knew that Beyonce is hiphop. i thought she was r n b????

  • she aint a G

    a beyonce album .....................get the fuck u lucky all the other hip hop sites are garbage (except nahright) or id never come here again

  • Roland Muskelly

    If This site is not gonna rep for another R&B artist like y'all Beyonce with rating her shit, you just showed your bias as well as a sellout status for even going there because we all know y'all got paid to do it. 

  • J

    DX you are rapidly losing any of the respect you ever had. Stop promoting this annoying, sexist bullshit and get back to hip hop. You're on your last legs.

  • ugh

    Ugh. I do not care at all. Where's the Freddie Foxxx x Statik Selektah review?

  • Kanye East

    Horrible album

  • Anonymous


  • LordLamickTheEmperor

    Funny how hip-hop heads feel they can rate this album any better. It's a slightly favourable review, but seriously, give credit where credits due, this is one of her best, if not the best, pieces of work. And not that she makes classic 5/5 albums, but she makes good music.


      the way you defend her album is almost like the make up guys talk at American's next Top


      lol yo dude are you tryin to be funny or something? anyway its working wtf are you talkin about this site aint RnBdx... there is enough rnb bullshit that gets all the attention and radio play. Why dont dx go and review a John Mayer album while they are at it lol

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    This album is terrible

  • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

    Beyonce ain't Hip Hop....She's Pop.

  • Phil Wilson

    Any guys that like Beyonce's music need to check themselves. Why is this on here?

  • Anonymous

    wow 4 stars for a Beyonce album?!?!?! and its a pop album obviously your web-site has no integrity, objectivity or consistency how can you promote yourselves as a hip hop site when you guys consistently sell out every chance you get all the hate and flack you get is well deserved what a joke and mockery you people have made of yourselves. A more fitting name for this web site would be...pop dx, bubble gum dx, source-wanna-be-dx, POSER DX, in bed with the industry dx....i am just sickened by you people.


      This is hip hop dx dude, whats next they be reviewin Bon Jovi lol. Beyonce aint hip hop you clown

    • LordLamickTheEmperor

      You've obviously got no objectivity since you clearly have a hatred for pop music, and that it can't be good at all. And I'm not defending pop.

  • Xeno

    I don't think this album is bad. It's just the fact that this isn't rap but pop which males me rate it a 1/5. We are on HIPHOPdx!

  • NDO

    Beyonce is great at what she does. Make irritating music.

  • CP

    Is this HipHop DX? WTF is she doin on here

  • Scott Yu

    party is the only track i fuck with rest of em ehhhhhhh

  • Anonymous


  • Sean O'Loughlin

    Deserves 5 xs. Best album she has ever made. Vocals are on points as with Bey they always are. Beats go fucking hard. The album in my opinion is overwhelming, definitely not under. I mean come on, it's Beyonce...

  • gerold

    Honestly it is pretty obvious that this site is bias. The album is underwhelming.

  • Anonymous

    dx eats and sucks pussy

  • Anonymous

    is this hip hop site?

  • Mandy Sandy

    diz album iz da shit! fuck u haterz. beyonce iz da fuckin queen of diz shit and she'z married 2 da hip hop king jay-z! u bitchez can talk shit all u want, but no other woman can top beyonce. dat'z a fact. she gon crush da chartz. give it a 5 to balance da hate. RNGMB BITCH!

  • Angel

    I thought this was a hip hop site??? WTF??

  • sean

    is it an underground artist? 3 stars at most is it an up and coming artist? 3 1/2 stars is it a well known artist expecting good sales? 4 stars

  • Anonymous

    aaliyah ajuvgudcig[



    • guerilla jones

      a conspiracy to?....make you go buy the album?the nerve of people!!come on bro sherm sticks dont make you smarter!!

  • Male Model

    Peice of trash

  • Tyler

    Beyonce looks white on the cover..She is trying to look like a white skinny model from NYC..

  • ahabr

    Weak stuff. She can do so much better

  • Vanno Davis

    the album isnt bad i think it does deserve the 4 or mabey a 3.5

  • Anonymous

    If a zero would register then that is what would give this, instead I have to rate it as a 1, so tired of pop music all over this site.

  • bob

    How many of yall actually listened to the album before rating. I usually don't like her music but if you listen to this album and watch her glastonbury perfomance and still think she has no talent can't sing and can't dance you are being dellusional. Just my opinion.

  • JoeM

    I honestly don't see what's so good about Beyonce. I don't like her music at all... the only thing enjoyable about it is the production. He voice is not pleasing to my ears, neither are her melodies or simple lyrics. The only thing worst than Beyonce was Destiny's child.. I fucking hated that group with a passion. You see Kelly Rowland is killing it on her own.. and somehow Beyonce has managed to be successful despite her terrible music.. yeah yeah she has a bunch of grammy's.. whatever, I can't stand to listen to her music but uh.. she is very successful, can't deny that. I ain't hatin' just statin' my opinion. p.s. that "girls run the world" song is REALLY fucking annoying.

  • annonymous

    This album is great. No question about it. Beyonce is Beyonce, amazing.

  • ps

    Also Nice lyrics in that Video clip song :DDDD, reviewers on that site should be stopped using Heroin and other drugs

  • ps

    CunninLynguists Oneirology 3.5 stars Raekwon Shaolin vs Wu tang 3.5 stars Hail Mary Mallon Are You gonna... 3.5 stars Blaq poet 3.0 stars Greives Together apart 3.5 stars big Sean Finaly Famous 4 stars (WHACK AS HELL) Beyonce 4 4 stars (ARE YOU SERIOUS???) reviews on that website is accurate like hell ...NOT


    How tha fuck did this whack ass album get a higher rating than Caninus' album?

    • HRH

      Easily. Canibus has the character of terrible actor in 90s television, who has been cast out unanimously. He belongs to the waste of a memory.

  • Anonymous

    What a smelly whore, who gives a fuck about r&b, more BS for teenie boppers & women to listen to, fuck outta here!

  • Jeff

    Good..but not her best..or even close.

  • Anonymous

    Get em B!! Fuck the hate. Shes gonna do bigger numbers than your favorite rapper. Hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Max

    I disagree with the following remark. "There’s something for everyone on 4 but Beyoncé’s desire to crowd-please is ultimately what holds the album back." Why do I disagree? Because, Beyoncé currently possesses the platform needed to make a crossover album. I never expect artists of her stature to create an album that caters to my needs only has a extremely hip-hop minded listener. If 4 was created with the purpose of being applied to a very specific group of listeners than the album would hold back the potential for growth as a predominate artist that Beyoncé has. I think that young women and mature women will appreciate her work especially.

  • wouzi


  • HRH

    I'm down with her, as Beyoncè is a vocal leader, yet this album is missing progress. Beyoncè has shown a lack of soul here. But I must say, that track Party feat. Andre is impressive, with Kanye spittin over his production, nothing but what was needed, as they are a deadly combination. 2-5 stars

  • homer422

    WHY THE HELL IS Beyonce's ALBUM GETTING REVIEWED AT ALL!? This is a hip hop news site, a knock-off of latter day Mariah Carey (when she stopped doing ballads and started whispering through her songs) should be irrelevant here. And her being black shouldn't be an excuse for her shitty r&b to slip through. Also r&b and hip hop aren't related genres musically. They may be culturally, but so is ROCK, BLUES, REGGAE, and PUNK. All of the mentioned genres all have significant contributions from both blacks and whites and are tied to hip hop just as strongly as r&b. So for this site to justify its decision for reviewing a non-hip hop album is to either: a)Review all genres that are intertwined with African American culture (which happens to be almost all of them) b)Take down this review and never ever review an r&b singer (or non-hip hop act) ever again, even if he or she is the second coming of Stevie Wonder. I for one love Janelle Monae's music, but I'd rather not have her sophomore album reviewed here.

    • homer422

      @Anonymous#1 There is no correlation between R&B and Hip hop. If you had any idea about either genre then you'd know that R&B predates Hip Hop by DECADES. So it wasn't influenced by hip hop. It's the other way around, however Hip Hop incorporates its influences from ALL genres of music, not just R&B. Actually the only R&B that was influenced by Hip Hop is New Jack Swing. And what really burns your argument even more is that the old school MC's fought tooth and nail with the New Jack Swing-R&B singers for years to get on Urban radio. So much for kinship. And one more thing, real R&B requires the use of instruments with melody, not synth-pop beats. Real R&B= Stevie Wonder using multiple instruments...and doing it blind nonetheless! Bubble Gum Pop= Beyonce singing badly over uncreative synth-pop beats. And don't tell me that it's okay for R&B to use studio beats over live instrumental beats because IT'S NOT. R&B is a form of pop that usually has a big enough budget to afford instruments. Hip Hop on the other hand uses samples to compose music because the artists usually have/had too little money to even afford instruments in the first place. That's why Beyonce is a shitty bubble gum pop singer, not R&B. She's too fucking lazy and talentless to compose music from scratch (and sing for that matter) so she has producers give her the types of beats that were invented and meant to be used in a culture born from the wake of poverty known as HIP HOP! To say that Beyonce's music has any relation to Hip Hop is a bastardization of the culture.

    • Anonymous

      No actually he's right, real hiphop heads don't give 2 fucks about dumb ass Beyonce, she is fucking annoying, so run along to r&bdx pussy nigga.

    • Anonymous

      Suck a goddamn Gorilla dick you dumb fuck!! You act like R&B aint got any Hip-Hop influences. THATS why its being reviewed on this site. Ignorant ass bafoons!!

  • WTF?

    This is a hiphop site. Why was this album reviewed?

  • Cláudio Matos

    let´s be honest...this album ain't nothingo compared to all her past albums..she should write more....this album flops to me...even though she will do good number...

  • Jack Merridew

    worst artist ever she can't sing she yells plus she always act like a bitch in her videos no self estim call me a hater because I hate this bitch

    • Cold Cuts

      Nope. This isn't "hating". Beyonce' is the epitome of industry creation and self grandeurizing till the public eats it up. If anyone can tell me why this shit is even on here to begin...I'll be glad.

    • Moe Cash

      I don't think you're a hater, and I co-sign. Thought I was the only one who felt this way. She is too over-rated for NOTHING. There are many much more talented singers than B. Total sell out too: she went from singing 'Nasty Girls put your clothes on' to becoming the Nasty Girl herself. And that ain't hatin', it's called Being On Point! And why the FRRRUCK is she on HipHopDX anyways?