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To put in perspective what "Blaq Poet Society" is, it's almost easier to say what it is not.

Now at nearly the exact halfway point of 2011, it’s clear that Queens Hip Hop is back stronger than ever. With major buzz surrounding the recently freed Prodigy and his resulting book and new music, as well as Nas showing that he still has it on his most recent single “Nasty,” complete with a proper Funkmaster Flex bomb dropping, one had to wonder what the borough of Queens was going to come up with next. Hoping to add to the high caliber music coming from his neighborhood lately is Blaq Poet, with Blaq Poet Society, co-produced by Stu Bangas and Vanderslice.

To put in perspective what Blaq Poet Society is, it’s almost easier to say what it is not. It isn’t friendly. It isn’t welcoming. It’s not easy listening. It’s not something that will ever be heard on the radio. Nor does it give the impression that it wanted to ever be any of those things. In a nutshell, it’s menacing “I’m better, meaner, and more dangerous than you” raps over slap-you-in-the-face beats. Features are plentiful yet not overshadowing of the main act, and include underground notables Vinnie Paz, Reef the Lost Cauze, Apathy, Celph Titled, and more. Also worthy of noting is the presence of fellow product of Queensbridge Capone on the standout “Life of a Hustler,” produced by Vanderslice. As Blaq Poet goes in about the struggles in the hood and the problems that drive hustlers to do what they do, Capone proves his fluency as a salesman as he rhymes, “I’m a hustler, I could sell the World Trade, I could sell a bald head nigga a low fade.” The track seems slightly more heartfelt than others on Blaq Poet Society, and though still maintaining a darkness, Vanderslice’s beat doesn’t sound like the soundtrack to a listener going out and shanking somebody. Not to say that’s a bad (albeit morally unacceptable) feeling to get from music, but with every song on the album fitting that description, a break from it is welcome.

Blaq Poet’s lyrics and delivery are solid and the production from both Vanderslice and the Guns-N-Butter member Stu Bangas are equally as strong, but the biggest downside to Blaq Poet Society is probably monotony. More varying sounds and lyrical style could have been employed to show not only Blaq Poet’s versatility, but that of Stu Bangas and Vanderslice as well. Also interesting was the inclusion of “Daytime Shootouts” featuring Jaysaun and Chief Kamachi, and then the remix to that track, “Nighttime Shootouts” featuring Apathy and Celph Titled. In the same manner that Massachusetts emcee M-Dot did on Run MPC with the track “Be Easy,” this opens the door to a harshly critical debate of “who did it better?” There’s nothing like a little healthy competition, though.

It won’t make any “album of the year” lists, but Blaq Poet Society is worth at least one listen. For those that thrive off grimy lyrics, emcee braggadocio, and production worthy of being the soundtrack to a horror flick, Blaq Poet’s latest will be a welcome addition to their music libraries. For anyone else, one listen will probably be enough.

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  • Red357404

    Yo that's crazy one time listen poet is a beast

  • J

    Blaq Poet is fire on anything he touches recently! damn!

  • across your face 408

    Voted a "5" but a solid 4.5. Definitely anything Blaq Po touches is fire. This albums production can't even touch the Blaqprint (how can you compare to Primo though?) However, I feel he has grown lyrically on this album and this is the definition of hardcore gangster rap. Sleeper pick for Album of the year 2011. I wish they put the Bushmasters remix with Roc Marciano on this CD though (The Reigning 2010 MVP with "Marcberg" that is!)

  • Finally new Poet

    Who are these stagnant producers? Wheres Fuking Premier

  • Comet Madmen

    ya niggaz better listen this ALBUM is straight FIIIIIRRREEE. HIPHOP

  • Juxy

    This has to be considered a top 3 album of the year with Shaolin v Wu and Random Axe and maybe Covert Coup. Beats and Poets hungry on this album. Salute the vet

  • j c zire stoke city u.k

    Fuckin love it.B.P> kills it,although I do miss Primo,what goes on there?Also love the New York ripper shit on the sleeve and video big up Lucio Fulci R.I.P.(never thought i would be making that statement on a hiphop site that was not about a Necro beat,wow mad times)

  • Dopeness!!

    BP is a beast for real. Still prefer this nigga on Preem beats tho



  • seemorebodies

    Banging record! joint is off the hook man! Shout to Stu Bangas and Vanderslice! Yall killing it on the production tip!

  • Johnny

    Stu bangas and blaq poet is a deadly combo! 5 stars!

  • Darren Z

    RIP KL **screwball for life***

  • Darren Z

    RIP KL **screwball for life**

  • Lateb

    I'm grateful to be on this project. As far as me not knowing poet who the fuck cares anyways ? I let my work speak for itself period and I'm way fatter than Dick Tracy hahaha. Brutal Music 2011 thanks for listening.

  • Vanderslice

    To the reviewer who mentioned Shootouts being the same idea leading to a harsh debate of who did it better.. Name one person outside of Boston who has ever heard of M Dot? Who's listening to "Run MPC" I've never heard it.. no one has. Your shameless agenda driven review is drivel. Sorry theres not enough estrogen in the music for you. Go listen to some Talib Kweli and paint your toe nails.. I hope you get fired.

    • Brendon

      have. I live in NY and I'm sure a lot of others have heard of him to. Since him and Virtuosoare fond of eachother and he won Boston rapper of the year award beating esoteric he came ine 2nd or 3rd I think. Pretty sure 3rd. And he's also featured on snowgoons album which I'm SURE you've heard of them. So M Dot i very respected and you shouldn't judge a god emcee till you listen to him. When you look him up on youtube watch out for the other m dot he's beyond garbage Look for the white one not hispanic.

  • Tonie617

    I just wanna make sumthin very clear. This shit by Blaq poet bangs. Dude is a monster. But I have heard of every artist featured except "leteeb"/ Just to be clear that is Vanderslice or stu bangas mc they added. Poet duznt know this dick tracy looking clown

  • Poet Fan

    Been following Poets music since Screwball days. Dope MC

  • Sam Adams Lives

    Stu bangers and Vanderslice are 2 fat fuck white geeks who dont leave there cribs and worship hood music. #Quit

  • Jon Hatton

    This Cee yoU Next Time" should have her review pass revoked...Stu we ridin for u in Boston homie..this cd is a 4-4.5..every beat is hitting...keep doing your thing bro..Jon

  • Timothy Watson

    When you put Poet with the creative geniuses that are Stu Bangas and Vanderslice what you get is an Instant Classic that will go down in the books as one of the greatest hip hop albums of 2011!!

  • Quips

    3 stars....really??? the cd deserves 4 stars atleast...Bushmaster Music, Hood Talk and both Shootouts are shittin on a lot of "hardcore rap" out this year and in recent memory..smh at this reviewer...DX need to fix this section...word

  • damn

    i cant believe he used that cover, its from an old movie the new york ripper, me and my boys used the same pic on a mixtape we did last year, fuckin crazy

  • Kenzo

    3/5? my ass this album is pure raw street hip-hop. Blaq Poet is one of the realest MC's that I know who can spit that gutter and grimy shit. All of the tracks were bangin!! Stu Bangas and Vanderslice concoct a classic right here.

  • Brisco Daly

    It's the best lp of the year IMO. The song w Paz on it is the hardest song and beat I heard so far in 2011. Poet and Stu and Vanderslice keep banging salute

  • Anonymous

    I was expecting more from this album! I think Blaq Poet needed better production, the production sounded real simple and lame! I was lookin forward to hearing Vanderslice beats cause I heard 1 he made for ------------- and it was amazin! I aint telling who he made it for cause I dont like sharing who I listen to :)

  • za

    You looking for mainstream sexy rap, this aint for you!

  • ricky bobby

    Eight bucks, sure... but make sure you have Tha Blaqprint first, or Screwball albums.

  • Shame

    So is it worth buying or nah?

  • Haha!

    I just realized a female reviewed this album, that's hilarious! BUT, big ups to her, because this review is pretty gotdamn on point! I agree man, this album was a big letdown for me, man. Yo, man, EVERY beat sounds almost exactly the same!! And I LOVE grimy, hard shit, it's my favorite! Like for real, These dudes aren't GREAT producers, they're GOOD producers. I was really hoping the beats would be iller, they're more average to me. I feel like Alchemist did this sound over 10 years ago. I dont know man, too many producers nowadays are average. I think that's a big part of why hip hop ain't like it used to be..

  • Anonymous

    Aww man again and again... Fucking dx reviews... I gave it 4.5 stars. One of the greatest/hardest albums of the year.

  • Brisco Daly

    Really...3 stars?? FOH...I guess this album was tailored to me personally..but I would've gave it 4 or 3.5....Im giving it a five to counter her 3 stars...This album isnt made for a female's sorry stick to listening to some corn soft shit..too much wrong to point out w this review..ill leave it at im diggin the album it is a tad one dimensional but what it DOES do is better than most shit im personally hearing these days..1

    • Datnigga

      Yo, I LOVE hardbody beats, grimy shit. But come on man, most of the beats sound waayyy too similar. Cohesiveness doesn't mean make the same beat evrytime. Decent album though

  • loose bruce

    I personally agree with the critics comment about the menacing aspect of the album which is what I was looking for (and also expected) I think the album is perfect for people who love hardbody murder rap as opposed to chain slinging rim shining ass slapping "braggadocio" (a word these critics use constantly to sound intellectual) regardless I think the album is dope and a breath of fresh air

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Man... if I didn't read all of the comments, I wouldn't have gotten my answer for "Why is this review sounding like this dude is acting like a lil bitch?" Eh... This is a solid LP. It's classic Blaq Po/Screwball ish. It's hard (nh). It's grimey. It's go outside and pistol whip someone. It's a banger. Is this better than the Blaqprint? No. But it's not damned bad either. I mean The Blaqprint is Preemo, gatdamnit. This LP serves it's purpose. The review section is getting very borderline to being ass. Have people properly review these albums who dwelve into the artist without bias. Cause these ratings are getting more and more mad inconsistent.

  • Ayeenow

    2 producers, one cohesive sound...that push you down the stairs music. Poet as a lyricist is pretty one dimensional straight forward street shit, the guests help break up the monotony of Poet's voice...this is that NY gritty shit that has been missing for years. It's not for everyone...but QB seems to be missing that gutter signature sound these days and this is as close as its been in a minute. The album could use a few brighter moments on the production side to break up the sinister vibe but this is a good introduction into the capabilities of Stu Bangas and Vanderslice, who I look forward to hearing more from. Shit bangs

  • Describez

    Woulda been sick with Krumb & MDot on it as mentioned

    • Hahaha

      Stu, u fuckin suck too. Go siit ur average ass down somewhere.

    • reallyyy

      Imma a supporter of Dot, and I get those facebook messages everyday also lol. Basically all I am saying is, there is no need to be slamming someone who has nothing to do with the review. If the writer mentioned him, good for him. He can't control that. As far as being awful, thats an opinion you can have as well, but tearing someone else down doesn't look good, especially if its a fellow artist in the same city. If an MC sucks than its better left un-said, cuz the music will speak for itself. I don't think he sux, and obviously these sites don't either. Thats just one man's opinion. I get his Europe tour videos posted on my wall everyday, so he must be doing something right. Fuck this internet typing, I'm going to bed lol

    • Stu Bangas

      i "would do that" cause this dude has no reason to be in the same review, sentence, league, etc as Blaq Poet. The man is a legend and M Dot is awful. Describez is def either M Dot himself or one of his homies who I see promoting his music on my Fb every fuckin day till I finally hid em. I could care less if he's from Boston..means nothing to me..other than that I got no real problem w this review everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    • reallyyy

      Your gonna talk shit about one of Boston's Own? Why would u do that. Not a good look, makes u look petty.

    • Stu Bangas

      FUCK NO...M Dot is wack as FUCK...Krumb is nasty tho..thats just how it is

  • bob d

    That video... does anybody know what movie that's from? I wanna see

  • The.Watcher

    Ugh, goddamn this sucks. Dude has no spitting talent whatsoever, no rhyme-schemes, nothing to say and the beats are hella repetitive. Fuck this album. 1/5

    • sssssssssss

      the watcher?i know your didnt get that from The Chronic.cuz the watcher was super lyrical right?this nigga wasnt even born when doggystyle came out..nuff said

    • Rachel

      kid your a faggot. Really?! No rhyme scheme, repetitive beat open your ears! You sound like such a hater!

  • ROB

    Dope album. Sick beats and Poet spits. Haven't heard an album like this in a while...

  • Goober

    ALBUM OF THE YEAR. I said it. I don't know what this reviewer is talking about. This album murders straight through. If anything Stu and Vanderslice's production makes Blaq poet appeal to a much broader audience not to mention the guest appearances. This is an album of bangers. Who can't appreciate that? Cats going hard on every track. Album of the year.

  • P

    this shit is ruff, hard, grimey shit. every beat bumps, every verse is dope. there are no filler tracks. it has a consistent sound quality, not monotony. this is a very dope alvbum. do not sleep on this.

  • Joey

    WHY IS A FEMALE REVIEWING BLAQ POET RECORDS? DX review section is a HUGE weakness. love the site, but y'all consistently fuck niggas up when it comes to reviewing albums. Some kid is gonna read this, thinking the album is OK, when it's hard as nails. it's not something i'd put on for my lady though, know what i mean? anyway i love the album, little short, but every beat is gutter and blaq po spits those street tales with authority. SCREWBALL legend, rap legend, one of the most slept on ever. between this and the blaqprint, poet is killing em. favorite track = blood pool if you love QB hip hop, like mobb deep, nas, tragedy, CNN, BUY this album. incredible. hard beats hard lyrics. can't beat it.

    • ViciousTrampe

      So a female cant listen to hard hitting hip hop? I know chicks who is way more hip hop then most dudes claim to be, stop using that as an excuse for you not agreeing with the review. Everyone has an opinion, no one is right!

  • tsiouLT


  • Comet Madmen

    New york stand up

  • Comet Madmen

    Yo this album is so east coast and a great hiphop record. Listen and judge wisely. Stu Banga & Vanderslice have great production on here BLAQ POET SOCIETY. NEW. YORK SUMMER BANGER

  • Texnourgos


  • le sous marin

    Monster album and monster Beats by Brutal music !!!! full album is hardcore rap !!

  • Bobby Esko

    Shit was hard.... The Vanderslice/Capone joint was worth it alone.... over dere

  • qbgc

    one of the hardest albums out dis year lol at dis broad comparing it to that queer m dot smh

  • bruno mars

    Blaqprint was a way more sonically interesting album. This is still good though.

  • the listener

    album of the year if you love hardcore hip hop shit. It's sooo mean