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It's been a long time, but Sean has finally truly arrived, and he's got the goods to stay around for a while.

Big Sean has been using the slogan “finally famous” for years, but now it's more of a reality than ever. After a slow burn of a career that began when he signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music in 2007, the Detroit native has garnered a nationwide fan base boosted by ubiquitous online videos, hectic touring and an appearance on the BET Hip Hop Awards. If his official debut is any indication, Sean won't be letting his fame go to waste.

At its best, Finally Famous conveys how Big Sean's charismatic talents have evolved through his mixtapes. Establishing chemistry with producer No I.D., he uses a set of melodic, lively soundbeds to boast his skills and chronicle his ascension to the limelight. The stellar “Don't Tell Me You Love Me” sees Sean struggling to cut a good girl loose, and “So Much More” weathers criticism while chasing his dreams with lines like, “They want to see me dead, but I gave 'em dedication.” “Memories Pt. 2” reworks a mixtape highlight by adding a new soundbed and a John Legend chorus to verses about valuing the lows just as much as the highs. Singles “I Do It” and “My Last” showcase Sean's signature bravado and punchlines, and “Dance (A$$)” narrowly escapes formulaic territory by injecting enough personality, comedy and verbal gymnastics to ably complement Da Internz' pounding, dance-ready bassline. He also sounds at home with previous collaborators Wiz Khalifa and Chiddy Bang on the aptly-titled “High.”

At other points of the album, star power makes it easy to lose track of Sean's individuality. “Get It” and “Livin This Life” feature solid, cohesive 16s from Sean, but the cameos and/or production by Pharrell and The-Dream are the most memorable parts of the songs. “Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay” shows chemistry between Sean and Kanye, but their verses are forgettable amongst Roscoe Dash's catchy hook and the infectious backdrop. Fortunately, each of those songs are still enjoyable enough to avoid the skip button. The lone misstep is the uber-poppy “Don't Wait For Me,” which dilutes Sean and Lupe Fiasco's normally potent rhymes into watery placeholders for its beat and chorus.

The deluxe edition of Finally Famous is punctuated by four bonus tracks that would've fared even better on the official version of the album, especially the Dwele-assisted “Celebrity” and the soulful “What Goes Around.” Regardless, the final product is a solid debut that shows enough of Sean's skill and personality to keep listeners stay tuned, with the room for growth for higher expectations next time around. It's been a long time, but Sean has finally truly arrived, and he's got the goods to stay around for a while.

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  • Anonymous

    still bumpin this shit

  • MusicFan

    Finally Famous OVer Everything....BOY!

  • Big Sean - Finally Famous

    1. Intro (Produced by Jeff Bhasker) 2. I Do It (Produced by No I.D.) 3. My Last feat. Chris Brown (Produced by No I.D.) 4. Don't Tell Me You Love Me (Produced by No I.D.) 5. Wait for Me feat. Lupe Fiasco (Produced by No I.D.) 6. Marvin & Chardonnay feat. Kanye West & KiD CuDi (Produced by Kanye West, co. No I.D., add. Mike Dean) 7. Dance (A$$) (Produced by Hit-Boy) 8. Get It (DT) feat. Pharrell (Produced by The Neptunes) 9. Memories (Part II) feat. John Legend (Produced by No I.D.) 10. High feat. Wiz Khalifa & Lil Wayne (Produced by Noah "40" Shebib) 11. Live this Life feat. The-Dream (Produced by No I.D.) 12. So Much More (Produced by No I.D.) 13. What Goes Around (Produced by No I.D.) 14. Celebrity feat. Dwele (Produced Kanye West) 15. My House (Produced by Boi-1da, add. Arthur McArthur) 16. 100 Keys feat. Rick Ross & Pusha T (Produced by The Neptunes) ^^ What it would take to deserve a 4/5 rating... ^^

  • Jaymalls

    Dope album... Sean did his thing but No ID really tied everything together and made it an actual "album." rappers now-of-day rarely make albums!

  • Anonymous

    i thought it was alright, not cause of sean, cause there's alot of catchy tunes on this album, all and all, i never listen to this commercial shit, but this is okay.

  • Damaun

    Best album. From just a skit to reality. Finally Famous, is Big Sean in 16 tracks.

  • Quese

    I actually reall like fm alot more than drakes and wales album i dont think people really give sean praise for his album but its pretty damn good from top to bottom

  • TheON

    Good debut. Great production. Really catchy.

  • Wyatt

    Thank you for providing tracks on the review. Now I truly know how wack it is. 1/5 is being generous.

  • Tha Gee

    Feelings Gone With Tha Weatha You Cry At Home Alone Cause You Cant Find Someone Betta No Chances Of Gettin Back Togetha Neva Eva, I Aint Lien Shawty Im Just Bein Cleva, If I Would Of Known She Was A Hoe I Woulda Been First One TO Sella Got Hoes Stacked Bigger Then Godzilla She Dream Of Me At Night But Not Selena Eryone Done Seena Eryone Done Been Ina Where Tha Real Girls That Can Keep It Realla_"Gee" Thats Jus A Lil Taste Yal Hit Me Up I Swear Yal Will Like My Shit.

  • kevin

    its allllllright.his flow is good, but who is he? he raps about good food and money and women. cool. hes just like everyone else

  • Kid Flashh

    Niggas got some crazy ass flow !

  • carAnthony

    Debut album??? It's amazing!

  • Toni

    GREAT album. From a DEBUT artist too ?! You have to give dude his props, this is one solid ass album. Def one of the nest this year.

  • Anonymous

    how can this get the same rating as BME and watch the throne... smfh

  • kris

    people gon always hate big sean is 1 of the best rappers out right now sum people been in da game 4 years and still aint touching big sean lyricaly he do sound like drake but they both got hit records and amazing albums if u dont like dis to quote big sean "you can suck a di** matter ov fact you can suck 100 di**s no homo pause that" I DO IT BOI!!!

  • ICE

    Big Sean "DO IT", up here in Canada we respect artists that take hiphop to the next level. Big Sean is a lyrical genius.

  • Boss


  • Coaster Geist

    this album was boring each song had at least 2 gd lines tho but the ideas were 2 repetitive


    fuck outta here with this wack shit

  • BDK

    how do people like dis wack ass nigga? 1/5

  • Anonymous

    Everybody sounds the same...

  • Jason

    More BS Sprite commercial sounding rap. Annoying metaphors about the money you have and the girls galore!!! Fuck that trendy shit. this country needs to hear stuff with a message again to get us to unite and stand up for whats right. You got yours now what about the million other realer muthafuckas on the planet. the ones with something to say!!!

  • Anonymous

    fuck this wannabe rapper whack ass MC hah he got a kid voice cocksucker

  • Micskills

    HOES , MONEY AND CLOTHES THEN WHAT MAN ? - NAS Life is a bitch "

  • peanuttz

    get another album - this one sux. bought and regretted. at least listen in before considering.

  • TanyaMorgan

    i dont understand why everybody is hating on the guys lyrics. even when he spits about cash and hoes, his rhymes are clever and his punches are sick-reminds me of a good lil' wayne, it doesn't matter what he raps about, hes a good writer and the attitude is there. Still too much pop to my taste but at least the production is Great so a very good album to me, almost a 4.

  • Tanya Morgan

    i dont understand why everybody is hating on the guys lyrics. even when he spits about cash and hoes, his rhymes are clever and his punches are sick. reminds me of a good lil' wayne, it doesn't matter what he raps about, hes a good writer and the attitude is there. Still too much pop to my taste but at least the production is Great so a very good album to me, almost a 4.

  • Tanya Morgan

    i dont understand why everybody is hating on the guys lyrics. even when he spits about pointless things his rhymes are on clever and his punches are sick. reminds me of a good lil' wayne, it doesn't matter what he raps about, hes a good writer and the attitude is there. Still too much pop to my taste but at least the production is GREAT so a very good album to me, almost a 4.

  • Maxwell Harkness

    Jesus... i've never seen a rapper so bad get this much acclaim since... well... Drake. Fuck this clown.

  • kennedyyy

    wuvvv thisssssssssss

  • Anonymous

    albums got amazing production, bad lyrics, but big seans flow is interesting, like he is able to make a verse catchy and stuck in your head, which rarely happens

  • Andre Cooper

    Average album at best has some dope beats and so-so rhymes. No id put in some work and big sean does have sone bangers but overall nothing i ain't heard before.3/5

  • Anonymous

    you can it its mainstream and all that other pop shit, but you cant say when it comes on your head nods

  • drake

    Disgraceful rating.

  • gmart

    amazing album. haters gon hate. prob the people who are on wayne's balls

    • frandaman

      juve or bg!!! lolololol theres a relevant comparison.. just a bunch of douches flapping their fucking lips for nothing.. all you gays..

    • peanuttz

      wayne sux too, he had some bright moments but could never stand up to juve or even b.g.

  • saint

    I don't even wanna think about the time No I.D: wasetd making these wack ass beats... And why these editors talking about Sean lyrical skill? what lyrics???

    • yousuck dick~

      your stupid faget bitch fucking lil wayne loving lil b album copping gucci mane concert going to ass loser

  • FOH-_-

    this album was bullshit the same cookie cutter rapper who has a limited range of lyrical skill of hoes money and clothes and yet your prasing him

  • jt

    same ol same ol nothing special rappers wanna sing to much smh

  • Royall

    Little generous of a rating but a few tracks I really liked. Good debuet for big Sean, album will defiantly sell

  • Anonymous

    Great debut. Fuck you haters.

  • Anonymous

    Solid debut album

  • Paris

    LMAO 4 stars ?? While spitta got 3 ? Could you just tell me which tracks deserve these rates ?? Only songs with Kanye west and gay brown were audible. Sucker site or what??

  • ssssssssssssss

    original?i mean when this club shit gonna be its own genre.remember when gangsta shit was on the radio and tv.when thought provoking rap wasnt underground rap.tired of the same o' same o' shit.stale ass gimmicks.4 stars? and #section80 is rated the same?retarded

  • Tyson Bret France

    so ....wait. ya'll gave grieves 3 1/2 and gave this bullshit 4?


    #SECTION80....thats hiphop..thats rap..not this watered down dog shit...album of the year,grammy winning, kendrick lamar.fuck homo rappers


    this album is too gay for me . not down with the homo rappers . 1 star outta 5

  • Caseeno Van Go

    sound like a bunch of fuckin females on here..homo thugs haha

  • Caseeno Van Go

    i swear i hate hatin ass niggas..all yall pussies who rightin somethin negative yall just haters yo..if u werent u wouldnt comment in the first place..smh..bitch ass niggas like yall would get stomped out in chicago..that album is one of the best this year..and he keep shit real with dope lame ass dance songs..and he worked hard to get where he is..what r yall doin besides commentin?..wheres yall work?..respect it..

  • man

    good album by sean feel bad cause i downloaded it free i just started like 1month ago only downloaded like 9 if no good i will delete. but im 30years old been buyin cd's since 16 years old got almost 2,000 n my mean time for youngins to put it down like i did for hiphop. i deserve free albums. well i go to hell will see. hope not

  • aarontodavis

    solid albulm..definetly had more pop/commercial records than expected but overall is was good Best tracks : 100 keys, My Last (overplayed tho but i heard it like february and knew it was a banger), Memories pt. 2 my rating: 3/5

  • Darius Huggins

    I won't call it a classic but it is pretty damn good. He not the best from Detroit but he dropped a dope album. He surprised me with his work. I give it a 3.5 overall.

  • Art Neira

    Damn I do It!!!!! That shit go In especially when I'm fresh up out my bed and turn my jams on!



  • Unknown

    Sean is like what Fab & Drake's lovechild would be. He's not a bad rapper, but he's doing nothing that hasn't been done before.

  • clasic

    classic album. lyrically reminds me of a younger g rap except better

  • D Dotta

    For a First album, this has to be one of the best I've heard in recent memory. No its not a Classic but there are some shining moments like, "Memories Part III" & "Marvin & Chardonay." But what I like best is all the songs sound like Big Sean songs. he has a unique style & sound and that isn't lost in his debut effort. PLUS, there isn't a slew of pointless features. I'd say dude is on his way...Boiii!

  • ___________________

    mixtape sean> album sean

  • KCMO

    Homeboy has some solid punches.. but his flow is all kinds of fucked. So choppy its almost unlistenable

  • Burgundie

    Every song on this album is a hit.

  • ShowTime NY

    I hear some cool flows and Great production..Im a give this a try..Um I mean Ill Dl load it and see what it do. Dudes Manager is the Man.. U right bout that hommie.. Id have to listen to this in the whip before I can say it's great engineering but Yeah that defintely helps an artist in ways the layman/avg listener doesnt understand.

  • Jay

    Album is a classic without the lyrics! It's amazing what a hot engineer and a strong marketing team can do for no talent rappers.



  • Anonymous

    Kinda disappointed. Finally famous vol.3 was a work of art, this is not Big Sean's best work at all

  • Anonymous

    not bad just has more of a mixtape feel then an album IMO. And it is pretty commercial.

  • Ian Macd

    really hhdx? a 4/5? this is pop for the most part... production is mostly good but the rhymes are nice and original only at times! c'mon... your gonna rank random axe & monumental the same as this moderately good album? this sounds like drake and half the mainstream artists out there today.. where's the originality? and where's the real DETROIT sound at? i'd give this 2.5 but the production bumps it to a 3 for me.... you guy at hip hop dx are very disappointing sometimes smh..

  • Chris

    Nice beats. Not many filler tracks. Nice rhymes. Not to much I can say bad about the album. I'll be listening to this for a while. 4 outta 5.

  • Tyrion Lannister Twofeathers

    not for hood niggas for hard workin swaggerites

  • Andrew Anderson

    The Beats are great but the Flow is elementary.

  • Bob

    Production is amazing... 4/5

  • Marcus_Aurelius84

    Flows boring and not too distant from what everybody makes today. "Pop bottles,VIP in the club, yadayadayada". He won't be around for too much longer. Production is the continued bastardization of the inbred children "Hip hop" and "RnB" have been making for some time now. Thank you Teddy Riley and Diddy. You ruined two genres of music.

  • thatrealshit

    nothin impressed me that much, the production far outshines the lyricism and flow on this album

  • princess

    Love it! FFOE! Solid first album.

  • Lukas Shwing Miranda

    I absolutely love this album finally famous over everything!

  • William Munnerlyn

    I really enjoyed listening to the album. this is the kind of album tht u can dance to, smoke to, ride to, and just think to. G.O.O.D Job Sean!!!

  • Augieloc

    good album just needs more substance

  • LaPicturesque

    In no way revolutionary, but I think it's a decent start to a hopefully-long career. His lyrics are solid, but I'm questioning the existence of him as a rapper. He isn't rapping about anything substantial; he's just saying a bunch of witty one-liners.

  • Ryan Jay Whitelaw

    Lol. Big Sean should not get rated the same as any Eminem album. This guy is shit in comparison.

  • Lol

    This album makes me wanna throw on some skinny jeans and jerk or some shit smh

  • John

    This shit is fucking ridiculous. No Kanye intended. How the fuck is this album 4 out of 5 stars. I don't mind Big Sean but this is bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    Good way to start a mainstream career. Love the album!

  • dark man x

    who are these people saying this is a classic album. and album of the year. take the dick out of your ear. Had higher expectations for this, pretty disappointed

  • Shawn Williams

    Best album of the year!!

  • Eddie Huerta

    Love this album FFOE Boi

  • Sean Logsdon

    Very good debut album

  • Brandon

    Aye! @real nigga shit.... Go suck a pimple covered dick. Boi

  • Brandon

    Some of you guys can really hate, ffoe and he still get paid, so ya'll can hate but he still makes more stacks then you.lmao

    • Anonymous

      Whats making money got to do with good music. No one is saying he ain't got a pocket of cash, they saying the music is trash.

  • Roberto


  • mamba

    the coolest and best nigga out there wit 50 cent lol


    corny rapper . weak album

  • Anonymous

    Drake the 2nd. Average pop rap.

  • KennyRyu

    They love you when you are doing mixtapes. You get signed to a label and release the debut, then all of a sudden haters wanna hate. Major label debuts ARE NOT gonna sound the same as mixtapes. Appreciate both for what they are. I will be checking for this on Tuesday.

  • Erick Espinal

    Incredible album

  • High Man Stories

    man last week i got some head from this fat bitch trish she live in 3A right next to jimmys way before he got that fresh cut buzz,so me and my goons we ride up on dat ass raw dawg na'mean head first,aquaman all over the place,next week this bitch come knockin on mah door like bitch nikka were the cash at where the stash at,like i got yo baby in mah belly like whaaaaaaa bitch u krazy i jizzed in yo mouth hoe na'mean aint no baby of mine,so sucka ass nikka gotta go on maury now

  • ha the truth comes out

    hiphopdx is owned by the interscope/ illuminati corp

  • Anonymous

    To be fair most of his songs sound exactly like every other popular rapper out. So I kind of understand the "hate"

  • brandon

    god damn. I went thru and checked on all of Big Seans songs from this album that were previously posted on DX and every song had a high rating, but now his album comes out, and yall decide to start hatin? I swear to god people on this site think a nigga is dope as hell before he makes it big, then he blows up and everybody hates him, a la Wayne, Drake, Wiz, and now Big Sean. Yall are lame as fuck. Album is dope as fuck.

    • This guy^

      And you sound like a dirty porch monkey whose daddy left him at the age of 1 because he didn't love you lmfao go bump some more Waka you ghetto moon cricket.

    • Katyah$

      brandon: word "realnigga shit" lifes ruff on you so you gotta take it out on ppl you dont know , really dats shits sad

    • real nigga shit

      yeah cuz your name is brandon and you are white and rich and daddy just got you that new mercedes


    weak album , good production weak rhymes , weak flow

  • zeubi

    what the fuck ?? When the album is supposed to come out ?? I cant even find it on internet.

  • Matt Sullivan

    I was lookin through the comments and thinkin it was gonna suck. But this nigga is pretty talented. The beats are hot too. Big Sean is my age so I can relate to growin up listenin to Yeezy and Clipse etc.

  • WASasDAsa

    has this come ot yet where can i find it?

  • Anonymous

    ok album but im waitin on my man wales next solo album he be spittin right now

  • Anonymous

    I like it besides one or two CD is a very decent release

  • Famous

    If you dont think this is the album of the Summer so far you need to stfu and go put back in your N'SYNC album you stupid haters.

    • Marcus_Aurelius84

      I'm surprised you pulled a Nsync reference out of your ass when I'm pretty sure that's what inspired the sound of this album. Clean your ears out kid this is just as much pop trash as they ever made.

  • Anonymous

    i honestly think people hate on a rapper cus he is successful. when drake came out everybody was on his dick now people hate him.i even hear more people talk shit about wale.big sean is mainstream but is easily one of the better rappers that u hear on the radio. he got a nice flow,punchlines, and creativity. he jus comes off as a bit of a clown sometimes.i hope people dont do the same shit to j cole when his album drop

  • im just saying

    Coles album BETTER not be as shitty as this one lol

  • romando

    how could any one say this album is garbage or even disapointing this album exceeded my expations and is easily the hip hop album of the summer or even year.. finnaly famous boi!

  • j8ailey

    Personally I think that this album is below par and a great disappointment, especially when considering the hype that has surrounded it. That being said, he fits perfectly into the market he is intended for and it clearly works for a lot of people. Good luck to the guy!

  • Johnathan Tucker

    I like it but he is missing something! He reminds me of Drake a little

  • Terrence 162 Sackett St brooklyn

    100 keys wit rick ross & pusha t is my ishhh. the entire album go hard cept for one or two but this the album of the summa maybe even the year.

  • Anonymous

    Big Sean > Guilty Simpson, but NO I.D. CAME WEAK TO ME ON THIS 3.5

    • Anonymous

      also drake has stated numerous times he stole his style from big sean, you new age hipsters aka backpackers for the new generation kill da fuk outta not getting ya facts strait first

    • Anonymous

      Guilty Simpson is an overrated piece of shyt thats just happens to be friends with Dilla, Black Milk and Madlib which why people know him in the 1st place. Son wouldn't fall in my top 100 or 200 emcees. He sucks, name me one guilty simpson song thats incrediable. How he better than Big Sean when Sean's mixtapes strait killing any of Guilty's albums. I fast foward the Random Axe verses to hear Sean Price. Just because you underground don't make u good. I love Pete Rock, he's my favorite producer but his new album with Smif-N-Wessun sucks balls. I go into things very unbiased but Big Sean is better than Guilty Simpson and btw wtf type of name is Guilty Simpson? Chuck English is the best rapper from detroit at the moment Eminem fell off because he raps about being the depressed 85% of the time now, and how is that so when u can swim in your money. And Royce 5'9' is a good rapper with lots to say but he's just nopt speacial just very adequete. Black Milk was okay but when he stop sampling he was exposed a bit on the rhyme side, because a ill beat could disguise flaws. Now there i've sd my peice!

    • Marcus_Aurelius84

      Yet you make statements like that. Big Sean has to be the worst of Detroit. He's a Drake clone and needs to be aborted. Big Sean does not belong being played with the fore mentioned artists. I believe a lot of cats have talent but they are getting watered down by the industry.

    • Anonymous

      no my collection is full nas, gangstarr, jeru the damaja, Pete Rock, The Roots, KRS-One & R0c-A-Fella, please come again, like I sd previous Guilty has wated Madlib's, Dilla's and Black Milk's beats for years

    • KillaRas

      Stale and no charisma? You mean pop appeal? Miss me with that bullshit! Bet your collection has mass Blackeyed pea & Gaga jawnts.

    • Anonymous

      Guilty is stale and has no charisma

    • Knuckles

      Nigga go sit your ass down with such a stupid statement. Big Sean can't hold anything to Guilt. Stupid nigga.

  • Marcus

    This guy don't get enough recognition. He by far has the dopest punchlines and flows... his creativity is off the charts. Finally famous... congnrats Sean.

  • Roy

    I do it, boiiiiiiii! my boy big sean is killing the game! b-i, b-i, b**ch i do it to death

  • Michael

    Best album of 2011 so far. Big Sean has amazing creativity, the way he switches flows is crazy. He may come out as corny at times but he still has some of the best lines. "i got that mad d**k, you know it always nut up it got an attitude, no wonder why it stuck up"

  • JaMael

    Big Sean is Finally Famous! Boiiiii. "I do it" "My last" "Don't tell me you love me" "Dance (A$$)" "Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay" "Memories (Part II)" "High" "Celebrity" & "100 keys" go ham! His word play, and punch lines are the best in the game as of right now. This man got more flows than anyone out there.

  • Thermos

    I've only heard the singles, but I'm not really seeing what puts Sean apart as an artist. What does he bring to the table that's really different from Wale, J Cole, or Drake?

  • Hello

    First Listen through I thought the album was a miss then I really listened and it got better and this is one of the best albums of 2011 so far can't lie and why people hating now because he FINALLY FAMOUS he finally got exposure the way everyone gets it get a singer on a track and get a good beat and catch hook so what Good for you Big Sean, it's not like he can't rap because he can just sayin'

  • Chris

    loved big seans mixtapes. Did not like this album at all. wtf did kanye do to him

  • reallly??

    4 stars for this but 3.5 for g raps album? idk i just find big seans music corny and annoying...i prob like tylers shit over this lol

  • dr phil

    Alreay cant wait for his next album supposed to have NAS and COMMON! hopefuly he got eLZhi or Royce or Black Milk on it some how

  • Del

    One of the best of 2011.

  • dr phil

    I remember Sean was considered "REAL HIP HOP" now people are hatin because he's getting some exposure. Now its on to the next rapper thats gonna blow up and yous are gonna say he sucks smh

  • dr phil

    One of the best albums of '11 alreay SWAG. "Leader of the new school, Reporting from the PA, these niggas call me cuz but idk why b/c we cant relate" - Big Sean i doooo it

  • Vanno Davis

    ok i wasnt really feeling the album but after the show last night i hype for it


    Production is dope but to me this guy sounds alot like Drake. Same flow same way of spittin. I am not hatin but he justt sounds the same to me.

  • Xeros

    Lol at all these hating girls catching feelings just because a nigga gets 4 stars?! Big Sean put out a good album. You think G.O.O.D. Music is gonna put out garbage?? Kanye is smarter than that.

  • Robert Smith

    i got luv for big sean cause he is from my city but i got to be real i'm not feeling his album

  • Gerard

    You'll give 'Hell: The Sequel' and 'Finally Famous' a 4. Something not right here, I can't take you'll reviews seriously now HipHopDX.

  • chicagocrucialconflict

    the production is good , his flow is nothing special at all , his rhymes are kinda weak too . Production - 5 Flow - 2 Rhymes - 2 Substance - 2


    not my type of style . might be good to those people who like the softer hip hop music . a bit to poppy and mainstream for me . 3 stars

  • Bo P

    SONG-BY-SONG Album Review of Finally Famous: The Album -

    • J.T.

      I swear THIS should be the review for this album. Honest and he gives credit where credit is due and he offers criticism and room for improvement. Big Sean and this album doesn't suck, its just not a 4

    • Astute

      Would you like to come work for my new publication?

  • Anonymous

    Fuck all you internet critics. Go do something with your lives. Always a war with people who think they know hip hop and the ones that don't. Hip Hop. . .I'm tired of H.E.R. because of her stupid ass fans.

    • Tibedo

      I wear my backpack proudly for 25 years. Hip-Hop is not commercial music or that shit on the radio. So yeah when Soldier Boy ass rappers are getting props over true hip hop artist yeah Ima complain because they aint talking bout nuttin but the typical criteria of music that makes it commercial. Yeah No ID did the beats but he gotta eat. So I cant declare his album hip-hop because of the production. And the production wasnt bad but the content, the horrible flow make this album suck.

    • Anonymous

      well shit let dat bitch breath (jay z voice)

  • Anonymous

    No I.D. produced majority of the album for a reason.

  • mookie

    nice to know hip hop dx can be bought. this is where the same stuff the source was doing back when benzino and made men were getting 4 mics. hip hop dx will die out soon enough if this continues. bet on it.

    • unbiasedtowardsmusic

      all you need to shut the fuck up. This album was as dope as fuck. You internet haters have no fuckin life. Actually listen to the album, fucking critic. Thats what all of you are

  • hammer

    how much money did kanye kick out for 4 stars? its so fuckin obv, every review yall do is way off the mark, shits a joke

  • Hiphopdxstaff

    To all Hip Hop fans who stopped pass our website please be sure to check out one of the CRAZIEST songs that got the world going crazy . ( HIPHOPDX ) The Gift-Smell Like Money If you love Hip Hop Click below please.

  • Brandon

    Wow, I cant believe how much hate this album is getting. Its dope music, I really dont know where the hate is coming from. Is it the flow? cuz no one flows like Sean right now, his flow is original and dope. Is it his rhymes? "I need a crib, a big estate. I need a boat and that need a lake, I need some salmon, that need a plate. I need a chef so I feed my safe". No he isnt saying much, but dudes got punchlines for days. Reminds me of a more mainstream-friendly Fabo. If your here sayin songs like High, So Much More, What Goes Around, I Do It, or Wait for Me are wack, then you dont know good music. The whole album is great but those were the standouts to me. EVERY instrumental is nice as fuck too. No ID went IN.

    • Justin Potts

      100% agreed...

    • brandon

      100% with you dude.I can appreciate and enjoy all different types of hip hop for what they are, whether its club, underground, backpack, mainstream..I enjoy it all. Its about GOOD music.

    • Anonymous

      Word. People don't have to take everything so seriously, I can appreciate underground and mainstream rappers. Not every rapper needs to declare himself as the next hero. It's entertainment, just enjoy some good music.

  • DonJulianTheDickJesus

    This is not a good look 4 HipHop or Country Western!

  • Tibedo

    4 stars? Really? Fuck you William Ketchum the fucking 3rd. Your killing Hip-Hop William. This review sucks a really small one. BALLS!!!!!!!

  • LordLamickTheEmperor

    HHDX you so generous with these ratings, I'd give the album a 3/5. I think we in a stage now where 3/5 is a bad rating, it's not, that's good and that's all this album is, it has it's high points but they aren't that many and there are some low points lyrically and flow wise.

  • Jean Menard

    Yea he has the potential to be the nex fabolous. Real talk.

    • PrickJames

      ...and I hate fabolous!!!! Was on the fence about illegally DL-ing this, so thanks for the info.

  • Garrett Perkins

    First off what Lupe says to the media is what he can say. It's America people! freedom of speech. This is why people need to learn there history. If you don't like a album or the artist in it. Stop crying about it and don't buy it.

  • Morgan kanopka

    Big sean cd is one of thosr cds where you should listen all the way threw without skipping a track, Love his song with lupa fiasco!


  • anonymous

    I mean look at the artist they listed in this article alone: Wiz Khalifa = HOT GARBAGE, this nigga flow is TERRIBLE Chiddy Bang = WTF kind of name is that. Chiddy Bang... for real??? The name alone is GAY!! The only niggas talked about in this article with talent are Kanye (and hes a fuckin undercover brother...SCARFS??? for real Kanye??Faggotatron) and Lupe, but this nigga be saying some dumb shit to the media... I fucking give up!!!!

    • swelly

      chiddy bang is actually really great lol. dont judge a book by its cover. get their album, aug 23rd, SWELLY LIFE.

    • YUH

      Really? Have you ever even listened to Chiddy Bang? Go go get their mixtapes, they're all free. dumbass.

  • anonymous

    Hip Hop is supposed to evolve, not digress. These muahfuckas making it hard for the real artists. Kind of like all the deadbeat dads make it hard for the good ones! So many saturated weak ass weed rolling rappers talking about bullshit, that when one that comes thru with some real flow, they are slept on!

  • anonymous

    This nigga is a fuckin faggot!! Weak corny ass voice. I do it!! GTFOH wit dat bullshit. The only reason why My Last is hot is due to Chris Brown on the hook. Other than that.. its hot garbage!!


    Heres the thing with this album. It's good, but not in the Hip-Hop sense. It's more fun to listen to and kinda pop but that doesnt make it gay or shitty. Sean has some good lyrics and some not so good ones i.e. "thong on my groin make it go boing". But overall i think its solid. Not a 4 star though. 3.5.

    • ultraMAN

      not just hiphopdx, but other websites that have gave this album a review have been pretty positive reviews, its definitely a solid album, actually big seans debut album is better than drakes 'Thank me later' debut...

  • wack

    cmon son dude is wackk

  • pokemon

    His flow is weak, album is lame. only 2/3 good tracks which im bored of.

  • Whooliano

    Honestly, i never saw the dealy-o with this dude. When i first heard of him, he sounded like a typical Young Money drone except this one has some clever lines (although the corny/terrible ones outweigh the good/clever ones but still). As for the album, i didn't expect anything from it but it's not as bad as i thought it would be. It's okay i guess. Pusha T and Mos Def should be next! Or Cyhi as well...

  • elwisse

    its just a good album to listen to for maybe 2 weeks or one month , then it will be forgotten by everybody i can assure you ! its like 80% of albums coming out those days, it has an expiring date lol

  • elwisse

    y'all have to admit he have a reallly bad flow, a annoying voice ...! the production is good, and so are the feat. but four stars is toooo high , how can u even compare that album to Royce and Emimen, to Random Axe, to Techn9ne.

  • Jay.

    God you guys are dumb, calling it gay and pop because he's not talking about pistol whipping you in his chevy. Musically the album is VERY strong, as an MC he's not great no, but if you can put together music this well then it doesn't matter so much, very similar to what 50 used to do. The production is brilliat and so are the guest spots. 4 stars is about right.

    • chris

      and i'm yellin fuck em all wit a 100 exclamations, and i'ma be the man til my fuckin expiration. some lines are corny, but fuck if you can name me an artist that hasn't had a bad line. Em... Ye... Lu... Tip... Jay... Nas... Only one i can think of is Big, and that's just cuz the nigga wasn't around long enough. (respect tho, big is my favorite rapper)

    • Portface Ass Fat Killah

      Wordplay is insane! Jokes but the album sounds really good, silly me for thinking that's what music is about.

    • GTFOH

      Man that shit made me laugh reading it!!! groin groin ... boing. What da fuk? LOL. Are you kidding me? Elmo ass shit. I'm not a rapper, but I bet I could come with a better metaphor than that weak ass shit! I can hear his corny ass voice saying too! No talent dork!

    • Anonymous

      its not gay and pop because he doesnt rap about his pistol and his chevy its gay because he raps corny ass shit like "she put that thong on my groin groin and make it go boing"



  • Chester Rivas

    Every genre of music must evolve. I have grown up on hip from the moment I could talk. Hip-hop has been tarnished for too long by violent male posturing negativity. Big Sean is that new fresh of breath air. Why fuck off when you can fuck on? And still get paid. He's out to get diddy percent. How can money be evil if it could buy your mom a house. Respect to B. I. G. Original flow and verbal mastery.

  • Mash

    So biased! Damn William! I guess it's not what you know but who you know. William made sure he was in a good place. I guess it's that Michigan love huh Will.. You tried to write it up so eloquently too! The press Sean was getting on this site wasn't astounding and left many people wondering why. Sean sneezed and it was new to DX. No where else in the blogsphere was he getting that much love. Biased as all hell.

  • chris

    hahaha fuck all the haters. I used to hate on Big Sean a lot, then i listened to him more, his appearances on the Good Friday songs and his singles made me start to pay even more attention, and this album really proves how far dude's come. LISTEN. I know you guys like "harder" hip hop and think that this music sucks because it's "soft"... get the fuck over yourselves. you're sitting behind your computer and talking thug, bout how gay the dude is and shit... seriously, gtfoh. it's hating ass bitches like you that are ruining the world. dueces

  • marco313


  • Anonymous

    u niggas gay: worst album debut ever. this shit is worse than b.o.b.'s joint. the fuck is this pop, homo-erotic, bull shit? if you like this guy or his music... you gay. And you know how i know you're gay? you defend this gay ass dude and his music. disgusting. pull ya pants up boy, ya gettin fucked.

    • Jay.

      The fact you're so affraid of anything un-masculine shows you're not very comfortable with your sexuality, you want to know what I think? I think you're gay.

    • anom

      aint nothing gayer than that last line you typed, FAGGOT

  • Anonymous


  • Scott Yu

    good production NO ID

  • RJ Ratna

    Finally Famous Boi

  • Jordan Robert St Julien

    i feel he could have went a lil harder but still good nonetheless... i give it a 3.5

  • Swindy

    This is on the same level as the random axe CD.....Come on. This review has all these comments, but nobody is speaking on the random axe CD.PShhh.

  • Woochie

    Big Sean>J.Cole be mad niggas lol

  • Anonymous

    Yo Big Sean is a good punchline rapper, but he is still isn't there yet. I've yet to see the dude rap about topics that aren't the usual. Looking at this review, that honorable 4/5 doesn't look 100% warranted by the review itself. The only up-and-coming rappers who look fresh and promising right now are J. Cole and Jay Electronica (though he sounds more like a veteran).

  • BHBEnt

    Yeahh Boiii.....Best freshman album in a while...

  • BHBEnt

    I fuxx w/ it.....gonna have to cop it.....check the site

  • Nah

    this kids a fuckin disgrace to G.O.O.D music. GET SOME TALENT, SEAN. BOI BOI BOI I DOOIT I DOOIT STFU

  • stewart Stricklin.


  • Odeisel

    Planet Ill has another perspective 3/5

  • u niggas gay

    worst album debut ever. this shit is worse than b.o.b.'s joint. the fuck is this pop, homo-erotic, bull shit? if you like this guy or his music... you gay. And you know how i know you're gay? you defend this gay ass dude and his music. disgusting. pull ya pants up boy, ya gettin fucked.

  • Anonymous

    His rhymes dont even deserve a star? You must go braindead when listening to his songs. Big Sean pioneered a new original flow, always brings punchlines second to only eminem, and has diverse enough subject matter to avoid the weed rap and bitches rap categories. The beats are more of a weakness to me, and their still good. I kinda wished he kept with his old style beats which i think better showcase his exceptional flowing ability, but over all this is still a strong effort.

  • Akay

    Downloaded it after hearing the Lupe track and all I can say is this is complete fucking trash ! HiphopDX have gone fucking mad! 4/5???? gtfo next please..........

  • aarontodavis

    after a 1st listen to dis albulm, i thought it was good..what goes around should've been on tracklist whether than I do it or dance(ass). He's definetly becoming one of Detroits biggest rappers outside of Em ofcourse. Dis is albulm is very commercial but overall, its a decent cd.

  • MR. 100

    trash flow, good production = 1 star. if i want to hear beats, i'll buy the instrumental album.

  • herbsaac

    would give it 2 stars.. nothin spectac.. but the only reason i give it 3 stars and the reason for 2 of those 3 stars is because of NO I.D. making almost all the beats.. His rhymes are barely worth a star.. Sounds teh same.. Then he raps about coke.. I want real drug gealers/gangsters/people from the hood telling me tales of drugs and shit.. not some crack head looking mofo(see him with out his shirt on) who would rather make songs for girls because it sells than make songs for the streets because it IS HARDER to go that route and make a name out yourself(all rappers go the easy route nowadays) Thank you and good night..(i speak only in truths)

  • payne

    For real im not a hater but Hiphopdx must be getting paid or something cuz this is nowhere close to classic and they gave it a 4 star rating.. hmmm

  • ilLuminati


  • BMont

    I definitely enjoyed listening to the album and plan on making the purchase. The album is a great display of Big Sean and his personality. He didn't try to completely focus on making a "popular" album and made something where he could be his self.


    all u up and coming rapping niggaz out there if this trash nigga can make it and get 4 stars(thanks to the illuminati connection) then all of you can too.

  • 1star

    garbage sell out album from a garbage sell out rapper throwing up the 666 ,this coon aint detroit ,we real out cheya trick trick,eminem,d12,black milk,royce 5'9,ezi, is detroit not this soft pinky wearing skinny jean wearing skinny faggot

  • trooth

    okay i just listened to the songs on this page...and from what i hear it sounds real pop ish.... i kinda like his style but it seems like he's a poor mans kayne west. overall i think i'll pass on this album.

  • youngvito79

    I'm from Detroit and I also think this album is super garbage...

  • Anonymous

    As a album I don't know, I think 5 tracks are super dope and the rest is filler. I do it, Don't wait for me, Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay, get it, memories pt. 2. Good mainstream album....

  • happycow123

    This album is hot except that stupid ass song Ass it fucked up the groove of the album from 1-6 track i was like hell yea then ass come on i was like wat the fuck but nice album sean man u made it !!

  • Argyle

    I'm just kind of confused as to how an album like Curren$y's "Pilot Talk" gets 3 and Kool G Rap's "Riches, Royalty & Respect" gets 3.5, but this album gets a 4. Wasn't necessarily complete trash, but it deserved lower.

  • Anonymous

    You niggas that are commmenting on here are fucking dumb. NO I.D. produced majority of the album. Do you're fucking research and actually listen to the album before you put out something to say about it dickheads

    • Anonymous

      ^ No you piece of shit. But if No ID majority of the album for Big Sean, it was for a good reason. His content is not all of that but when you speak about Art, this is the average, or a little more

    • castro

      So just because No ID produced the majority of the album that makes up for it getting a 4 out of 5? His production makes up for the lyrical content of the album? That's like saying Diddy getting the best producers and his album getting a 4 out 5 despite him rapping like garbage.

  • Philip Henery

    Someone said this flow is "out of this world". You, sir, are now legally deaf.

  • Anonymous

    what I just don't understand is that people hate on Drake, Wiz, Wayne etc. for only rapping about money, cars, bitches but then they go around and tell me to listen to Big Sean ??? have you niggas actually heard Big Sean ? he's more materialistic then Wayne and Drake COMBINED.

  • Angel Xavier De Peña


  • bevans12323

    Good Music.....

  • Ernest

    Big Sean is the most materialistic bitch made rapper to ever live. I think gays will really enjoy this record, a lot of bitch made melodies, and gay content to abosorb. The gay community is really ecstatic about this release. Gays have the rap game in a choke hold, Kanye, Pusha T, and Big Sean, are porking each other in the name of G.O.O.D. music! Consequence left because he was tired of beef, Pusha T left his brother to church so he could sleep with Kanye! I'm going to wax my eyebrows to Finally Famous after I shop. Ttyl.

  • relax

    Man people on here acting like Big Sean personally wronged them lol. Shut the fuck up and go away you guys aren't gonna stop him with your stupid ass posts.

  • Jeremey Pope

    It's not good but it's not bad. Just average

  • J

    this album is teen pop radio trash. Thanks Big Sean

  • asher1985

    people on the internet are so weird. so just the fact im commenting on this makes me feel a little weird but im gonna go for it! good album, good beats, and big seans flow is just out of this world. if he could have gotten a hit slightly bigger than "my last" i think he would be destined for at least 500,00 sold over all as it is though. im gonna say just over 100,000 sold first week and maybe 300,000- 400,000 over all not bad for a debut and i hope this kid does well and stay around for a while. best track on the album is memories 2

    • Get real

      If a fag like Tyler, the creator can flop with all the promotional push he got. This materialistic bitch made nikka ain't selling nowhere near 100,000 units

  • Hopit

    GOOD Music! Nuff said...

  • J.T.

    Honestly I must say that I went in believing that I would hate this album with a passion. It took me awhile but i must say i think its a 3.7/5. Ive never heard this kid before this album but i think its alright. Its got pretty good production from start to finish. I like the songs that dont have so many features on it. So Much More, What Goes around, dont tell me you love me for example. I like MG&C but more cause i think Kanye put a good verse on that. I see why ppl like the lupe track although im not a fan, ill admit its coo. Dance was the worst thing to me by far. just ignorant hiphop if you ask me. My only complaint about this guy is that he seems to overuse his trademark words like BOI,I Do It, Whoa There etc. I dont like his voice but it does grow on you after a bit. And i wish he talked more about life like on memories and the tracks i said before. ill probably download just half the album and bump that. wont cop it tho. hell be good when he matures and G.O.O.D. Music is the most balanced group in hiphop.

  • Tony

    The most memorable part of "get it" isn't the production or Pharrell it's when Sean goes "The warmer the weather the colder the drink, the colder the weather the warmer the mink, I'm livin life like i found a fuckin check with no ink."

  • Chris

    Dope album. Many good songs. This is only the beginning for Big Sean

  • uhhh

    nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol

  • wouzi




  • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

    Some niggas can't do nothing better but hate, Finally Famous in this bitch, getting money! I Do It! #BOIIIIIII

  • No

    Just take out Sean and put Consequence or Cyhi. Anyone really cept this kid with the voice of a 12 year old on amphetamines.

  • Reality

    It's good. It would be great of they can just take out all of Sean's vocals. This kid is a waste of a great album. Nothing but lame lines either about money, his dick, or girls. How much dick did he suck to get all these better artists? FACE IT. THIS NIGGAS VOICE SOUND LIKE SOME LIL GIRL. BOI BOI BOI I DOOIT I DOOIT. CUT THAT SHIT OUT AND GET SOME GROWN RAPPER VOCALS SEAN. N TALENT WHILE U AT IT

  • Mr Clean


    • 2saint is retarted

      wtf are you talking bout 2 saint aha. lilwayne been round way longer fuckin idiot

    • 2Saint

      Homie Drake and Lil Wayne copied Big Seans style, you don't know this because you only listen to what is played on radio. You just hating and ain't know shit

  • Filps

    Calling an Exile beat poppy is laughable, maybe Big Sean singing makes it sound poppy, but the beat is crazy. There are so many Shallow ass listeners

  • Khaled

    Solid First Album. I only didnt like a few songs (Dance).

  • Brando

    album of 2011 so far. not one bad trac on the album, and "Wait For Me" is a hot track, a little poppy, but it sounds like a radio single so thats what they were goin for. its got substance tho.

    • Anonymous

      Pharoahe Monch's W.A.R. is the album of the year as of right now. This is weak mainstream stuff....

  • Chris

    Album was solid, including the bonus tracks.

  • SquareOne

    I thought it was solid, some really good highs, but a few songs that were eh..the joint with Kanye was a total rip from Drake's TML album, but like the reviewer said there's room for growth. I give it a 3.5

  • Hannya

    Fire!! Congrats and much success to Big Sean. Boi!!

  • Rival X Jordan

    This album is weak. Was looking forward to it. The albums sucks. They gave Kool G Rap a 3.5 and this bullshit 4 stars come on son this is ridiculous.

  • matthew

    Big Sean Is The Future .. I wanna hear him on the Carter IV.

  • Philip Carpenter-Powell

    Sean really hasn't had much substance since UKNOWBIGSEAN, I thought he'd turn it around for this album. I haven't heard it yet, but people seem like they suddenly hate this guy. Idk why.


  • Munshine

    This album stinks and it further shows why HipHopDX is a joke of a site when it comes to ratings. 4 stars? please. At what point does cars, haters, and bitches get old? That swag talk is played out. i live in the hood without a pot to piss in.

  • Haluk Cenikli

    this album is a 4 or 4 half. Dont understand yo haters. Get some good speakers, or some good worthy headphones, instead og listening to the music thru some crappy equipment, it will fuk any music or album up.


    no thanks cant ride to this shit

  • Crash

    It was alright.3 mics. Wasnt nothing i can put in rotation but the youngins dont know any better so they"ll love it. Thats how low the bar is in hiphop so i really didnt expect much.....

  • todd bridges

    co-sign drect, but cons was better than kanye. which is why he didn't get that push..big sean is willing to play second good music will promote that

  • Uncle Ruckus

    Best tracks were: Don't Tell Me You Love Me, Wait For Me, Memories Pt. 2, and So Much More. Most of this album is just average. 4 stars is a little much.

  • Drect Moody

    Big Sean for Consequence has to be one of the stupidest trade-offs in rap..for one, cons is wayyyy more lyrical and a way better beat selector..this album is a pass for me

    • rideonemjixxer

      I think they dropped the ball on Con cause him and Ye sound too much alike, and then people would know that Con ghost wrote for Ye back in the day. its fucked up.He gets left in the background.

  • D90

    this dude is so overrated its ridiculous... all he really talks bout is money bitches nd his "swag" nd shit wit sum mediocre bars that get super hyped... idk wat any1 seen in big sean he wack 2 me

  • Anonymous

    album cover looks like he a cologne bottle model or something, some gay shit for sure

  • Arman Mahmoudi

    I wasnt as impressed with this album as the reviewer was. Although i was impressed with tracks like "I Do it", "Dance" , "my House" alot.... and the Pharell featured "Get it", JOhn legend featured "Memories" pt 2, 100 keys with rick ross & pusha t.. and thought "so Much More" was a dope track.. but really the track with Lupe, the track with Chris brown and the track with Kanye West are not my cup of tea, way too soft, i dont like this direction that big sean went in wit deez tracks. Don't tell me you love me is a horrible track, while "high" with Wiz Khalifa and Chiddy bang has some cool bars but the singing just made it way too poppy, and the hook, seriously sounds like some chucky cheese rap... overall.. ill be knockin alot of these tracks for awhile... but theres no way i would rate this album a 4/5.. more like a 3/5... and although its prolly int he top 15 or 20 releases of the year... it doesnt make my top 10...

  • Clint Barton

    I dig it. cool album

  • Sounbites

    sick album been following Big Sean since the first mixtape

  • Detroit!

    Personally Don't Wait for Me was the highlight of a very good album for me.

  • Cheddar Bob

    album fucking sucks. one star

  • Anonymous

    its a solid debut. still waitin on that j. cole album tho.

  • Anonymous

    You niggas that are commmenting on here are fucking dumb. NO I.D. produced majority of the album. SMH do you're fucking research and actually listen to the album before you put out something to say about it dickheads

  • iLLmatic

    Can't give it more then 3...

  • Anonymous

    fuck this guy, i wonder how many times he says "do it" or "boii" on this album?

  • ricky

    I would have rather had a Consequence album. This guy has never impressed me and I have no intention of supporting this shit. G.O.O.D. Music stopped at Cudi.

  • mac_1963ace

    Ma Mans it da truth

  • Uh HUH

    just so y'all know. big sean is a gay rapper. big sean fucks with men. for real. ask his high school friends. why do you think he's so close to kanye? and just so y'all know, kanye is bisexual. rap is going into scary territory, because society is scary. the gay movement is unstoppable, a rolling force no one can stop. film, music, real life, gays are taking over. congrats ti big sean, a bisexual rapper can be successful, as kanye has shown. sean is following in his big brothers footsteps. the neptunes were the first big gay producers in rap. now look at the amount of bisexual rappers out, hip hop is by far the gayest genre of music currently out. reminds me of the disco scene, before it died. i thought this album was okay, but i can't vibe to homosexual undertones.

    • Uh HUH

      The REAL Uh HUH speaking again. Honestly i think the boys in the skinny jeans are sexy as hell and I have a hard time not getting a hard on for those rainbow shirt ; )

    • dont worry bout it

      Mr.Cee prolly does where skinny jeans with purple shirts! He is a slanted bama. So I get your Point Uh HUH and I can agree and see what your saying...but its art and entertainment they ran it for years the gays that is.

    • Phil Dalmida

      Ummmmmm Mr. Cee was found out to be gay, has been, in hip hop for years, and doesn't wear skinny much for your point...My point is, just because someone dresses differently, doesn't mean anything, unless ur wearing a shirt that says "I love cock" lol...

    • Uh HUH

      this is the real Uh HUH speaking. i'm comfortable in my sexuality, i just find it strange that young men are gravitating towards bisexuals for their fill of hip hop music in 2011. it's puzzling. brian andrew, like most gays, is defensive of his people, i want no problems with the gay movement. they have the power to wipe me off the face of the earth. country music stars don't dress like fruits. hip hop has gone gay, look at how the youth is dressing. kids are dodging prison in the hood, wearing skinny jeans and rainbow colors. the black experience has changed greatly since homosexuality has become more accepted. it's cool if you want to grow up to be like big sean, and be a famous rap star, with your pick of attractive men and women. imagine if you were asleep for 10 years, and woke up to this. shocking stuff.

    • Anonymous

      lol that homo brian andrew smith is sticking up for homos in hip-hop

    • dadounet91

      WTF??? This man is on drug! WTF again? I never seen nothing like this before!

    • Uh HUH

      I know dude I'm just incredibly insecure with my own sexuality so i get nervous when the fags start having bigger influences on society cause I think ill be easily swayed by them.

    • ricky

      LOL. Undertones = the DJ Clue mustache ?

    • jd4

      dude... this has to be the most ignorant comment I've ever seen.

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      sounds like someone is secretly closted if they are able to find all these homosexual undertones that do not exist.

  • foxflame2003

    What does this guy really bring to the table? More chains on his neck and unwarranted self-gratification.... Pass. 2/5

  • muktar

    G.O.O.D album, he's finally famous

  • Mr. Harris

    G.o.o.d Album, can't be mad!!