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Looking to make a convincing splash across the pond, Tempah offers up a hearty sample of talent and charisma with the aptly-titled debut album Disc-Overy.

While 22-year-old British act Patrick Okogwu has found considerable success in his home country, the budding artist better known as Tinie Tempah is well aware of the difficulties making it big stateside. Looking to make a convincing splash across the pond, Tempah offers up a hearty sample of talent and charisma with the aptly-titled debut album Disc-Overy.

Right from the beginning it’s evident that Tempah wants to break away from the normal sounds and styles found on the radio, with “Simply Unforgettable” chiseling an effective blend of dub step, grime and Hip Hop right into our eardrums. Strangely enough, this unique aim is immediately erased when Tempah buddies up with Wiz Khalifa on “Til I’m Gone.” Backed by the accessible pop production of Stargate, Tinie sounds more conventional in delivery and lyricism, trading in his usual flare for a moderate performance.

To his credit though, the impressive moments on Disc-Overy are far from short, with “Wonderman” (featuring UK turned U.S. phenomenon Ellie Goulding) putting Leslie Levine’s theory into motion (“Bored of being nameless, boring of feeling awkward / When you walk up in the mall and can’t afford a pair of trainers / Imagine when it changes / Imagine satisfaction when you make it”) and “Snap” showing off his creative side. On the latter track, Tempah blazes through his nostalgic memory bank over a reggae-influenced backdrop, reminiscing about family gatherings and teenage flings. Short but sweet, “Snap” delivers feel-good vibe that many listeners can relate to.

With an emphasis on girls and glamour, Tempah’s lack of adept lyricism and content becomes the biggest hindrance on Disc-Overy. Tracks like “Frisky” and “Miami 2 Ibiza” may initially play by with enough vivacity to start a dance party; however these boisterous cuts scarcely hold replay value. Other records like “Written In The Stars” and “Love Suicide” find Tempah taking a backseat to lesser known hook writers, with his words subsequently losing significance by song’s end. “Let Go” shows a more serious Tempah begrudging the tiresome hours spent upholding his rock star lifestyle, however the performance sounds less convincing considering the amount of time on the album he boasts about clothes, popping bottles and the "$100,000 he’ll sprinkle."

Disc-Overy reveals an artist who has the creative aptitude to back up his eclectic style. However, the overall execution on his first go-round is stuck somewhere between barrenly entertaining and monotonous, a result of his attempt to stand out by fitting in. With that said, Tinie Tempah will certainly be a young artist to watch for in the future.

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  • Young

    Tinie Tempah has made an impression on the country, but must hone his skills a lot more. Overall, good album.

  • Tahir Hussain

    Pshh, you need to listen to Lowkey. I hope you guys review 'Soundtrack To The Struggle', out Oct 16th. More than half the album is already available but as a complete package it will be one of the best albums from a UK artist. Tinie is pop-rap but for real hip hop, you need to pick up Lowkey.

  • dutchye

    really good album. u say lil wayne i say TINIE TEMPAH

  • JowKa KarDD

    What a shitty rapper, don't listen to Tinie Tempah, hes complete trash. Listen to REAL UK rappers/groups like Lowkey, Rhyme Asylum, Jehst, Klashnekoff, Akala, Kashmere, Reain, e.t.c. The fact that guys like Tinie Tempah, N-Dubz and Chipmunk get loads of money and promotion yet real UK emcees don't proves that real rap isn't wanted on any commercial radio station.

  • Anonymous

    Do your thing Tinie

  • Lauren

    Tinie is such an amazing artist! Disc-Overy is my favorite new album of the year!

  • Gregor Scott

    you guys do realise this has been out for months in the UK? Just because it was finally released in the US doesn't mean it only deserves a review now...

    • Santa

      it DOES when it's the US release of the album. There are several new/different tracks. Quit your bitching

  • AxeMurder

    Would buy this garbage only for the SHM track, which I have had the DUB version of for nearly a year...FUCK HIM

  • Bangs

    I like the track and Tinie Tempah has flow. He can only get better.

  • Beyuu

    I've never commented on this site before but you london guys are not repping, Tinie is commercial UK rapper sorta like how drake is over there. If you want real rap, listen to kano, klashnekoff, sway, wretch32 before he found fame, devlin just to name a few. Tinie is decent but he doesnt represent the grime/hip-hop scene over here.

  • Cindy Brooke Sullivan

    I truly think "Disc-Overy" is a 5 star worthy album. Tinie is such a sensational artist, and I think that he will find huge success here in the states. I really can't wait to see how he follows up this album. Should be good!

  • kr

    awsome album,british hiphop better then us hiphop,except for bishop lamont

  • lloyd st-erin

    ok first off i need to make sure thjis gets throught so ill type in CAPS.... I AM FROM THE UK, LONDON TO BE EXACT AND 'TINY TEMPAH' IS NOT RESPECTED BY ANYONE APART FROM 10 YEAR OLD GIRLS OVER HERE. UNHEARD OF IN THE UK HIPHOP SCENE, UNHEARD OF IN THE UK GRIME SCENE (which is pretty shit anyway in my opinion) UNRESPECTED IN ANY 'HOOD' BUT EXTREMELY POPULER IN EARLY MORNING KIDS TV SHOWS, i think that says it all. please disregard any of these shitty english write off's that actually go out of their way to make shit corperate advertisement 'hip hop' this is not what we listen to and strictly assigned to prime time radio cheese!

    • Adam

      This guy is pretty much on the money. He's a pop artist akin to say, a Flo-Rida, over here. Not really hip-hop in the slightest. More a case of a guy rapping over pop music and dance music.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent Album. Full Of Energy

  • Anonymous

    fake pop shit and fuck the south nice triangle album cover means i suck ilumnati dick plz make me famous what a fake gay-z

  • Anonymous

    nise triangal kiss ass for the ilumnati

  • Shawn

    dare I say he even has potential? Written in the Stars is by far the best song and that song is all hook and beats. A couple other enjoyable tracks like "Snap", "Illusion" and Frisky but the rest is mediocre.

  • It's me bitches!

    Tinie Tempah and Dizzee Rascal as British rappers are much better than 70% of US rappers - they are much more talented than Bawse, Birdman, Tony Yayo, Fat Joe and other fools...Europe Hip-hop 4 life!

    • Anonymous

      dizzie and tinnie are waaaaaaaaaaay worse than fat joe lol 90% of mcs played on the radio in the uk are worse than 60% of US rappers

    • SeánieG

      70%? no way! You named the worst rappers in the US haha! Dizzee Rascal is good enough but im still not convinced about Tinnie Tempah. And you mean UK hiphop not Europe hiphop! And im not English but i am a European

  • ShowTime Ny

    Im laughin at you blokes.... Both those Mcees u listed sound decent but Akala is doper from what I just saw real quick. Akala sounds better than what I heard from Tinie so far. Tempah can flo his ass off tho and has energy. Wretch rhyme pattern sound like Jay sprinkles with some other techniques. Mind u I only listened to punctuation. Whats dope about Akalas music site he has what looks like a blog about health. Written in a style done by the author who wrote nutricide. Which I use to have on my myspace page. remember that thing called myspace. lol So I dig the direction of his music. Mind u I only listened to for songs. I bet they dont play him on the major radio station in Uk. Am I right? The biggest thing I notticed yall like to memorize ure shit b4 U get in the booth aye! I probaly got 10, 000 verses on paper and about 2 memorized. All my shit is spit off paper unless I write it w no pen. Yall got me intrested in what else is out there so please insult more of your country men. oh and If ure curious about what I do look for the album Im waiting on one more song to get mastered. Aint nothing on my page fucking with that but u can see what Im doing to keep my self buisy. soundclick.com/ShambaMenelek

    • ayooo

      yoooooooooooooooo your fucking is so horrible honestly thats hit is sooooo fucking wack lmaooooo if you pay for studio time you are odddd stressed....them bars and hooks are #weakkkkkk !

  • simply the best

    good shit. I can bump this in the whip or the club.

  • Anonymous

    british hip-hop sucks big fucking time !!!

    • JowKa KarDD

      Tinie Tempah isn't a british hip-hop artist, hes a british pop artist. Secondly, listen to Poison Penmanship by Rhyme Asylum. Now shut the fuck up.

  • no way

    UK's B.o.B. In other words, gay.

    • brando

      BoB gay? GTFO. hes gay cuz hes somethin fresh in hip-hop? hes got a nice fresh delivery and spits about real content, not typical, "money guns, hoes, swag" bullshit. BoB is one of the realest artists in the game today AND he produces a lot of his own beats, not even from a computer. The dude actually knows how to play instruments. Im sorry but dudes who hate on BoB do not know real music, cuz thats exactly what BoB is. And Tinie is not nearly as nice as BoB, but he got some nice shit. album was decent. good US debut.

  • Jordan

    Tinie's on some gimmick shit listen to his old shit see how hes switched it up to try and crossover if you want some real UK hip hop check this Akala out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Swy1Mp3lXg0

    • Bill The Great

      Much respects to rampzini who knows nothing about music in his own country. Wretch 32? gtfo son.

    • TheGreatRampzini

      I'm tired of hearing about "real UK Hip Hop" Akala fucking sucks as do 99% of all british rappers and I'm from London. The one good one lyrically is Wretch 32 and he's on some next shit nowadays.

  • Jay

    Love this album, Tinie killed it