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Ultimately, Odd Future fans can rest assured that Goblin upholds the crew's extremely divisive status: listeners are either going to love it or hate it.

Editor's Note: The original posted rating on this album was a site error. Tyler, the Creator's Goblin was rated as a 4 out of 5. Apologies for the error.

Hype is a tricky variable for burgeoning Hip Hop artists. While many outright flounder at game time due to misguided content or shiesty label execs, others are simply crushed by the overwhelming musical feats expected of them by rabid fans. In a very real sense, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All’s frontman Tyler, the Creator finds himself at the crux of this dilemma with his studio debut Goblin.

It’s difficult to separate Goblin’s potential from the success of its 2009 predecessor Bastard; with Hip Hop consumers so distressed over the new vanguard of artists “misrepresenting” the genre, critics are inevitably going to draw lines in the sand over Odd Future’s legitimacy. Unfortunately for detractors, however, Goblin won’t give them the satisfaction of seeing OFWGKTA fail. While Goblin doesn’t live up to the fever-pitch hysteria that the group generated over the past year, Tyler’s ferocious rhymes and richly layered production make the album as exciting a listen as it is polarizing.

Goblin picks up where Bastard left off, as Tyler continues to duke it out with his therapist. Yet while Bastard maintained a certain sonic reserve that kept it grounded, Goblin spirals out of control into rebellious perversity. While Tyler, the Creator’s never been known to shy away from lyrical excess, Goblin revels in its absurd extremes and strives to put its listeners in a state of calculated discomfort. Tracks like “Radicals,” “Tron Cat” and “Sandwitches” lash out with anarchic discordance that put the listener on edge. Even the more subdued songs like “She” with Frank Ocean and the brilliant “Yonkers” embody Tyler’s middle-fingers-up attitude, as he twists perverted tales of stalking girls and “stabbing Bruno Mars in his goddamn esophagus” into anathematic odes to unbridled individualism. OFWGKTA’s fuck-all attitude may disassociate some listeners looking for friendly fare, but for those hell-bent on deconstruction and sonic disorder, Goblin will come as a sigh of relief.

While Goblin’s chaotic moments make it an exceedingly fun thrill ride, it’s the album’s more introspective moments that expose Tyler’s true gift as an emcee. The songs “Goblin,” “Nightmare” and quintessential album capstone “Golden” perfectly capture Tyler’s manic tendencies, as his innermost thoughts and emotions spill out with unimpeachable conviction. In addition, “Her” is a brutally honest confession from a hopeless romantic. While the track may be a bit too emotional for listeners wanting to hear Tyler scream, “Kill people, burn shit, fuck school,” it’s a breath of fresh air on an album populated with rape, murder and cartoonish degeneration.

Tyler also reaffirms his uncanny prowess as a producer, crafting jarring off-kilter cuts that blend the hardnosed aesthetics of Lex Luger with the venomously carefree antics of punk rock. “Tron Cat” is a panicked exercise in expertly assembled discordance, complete with growling bass, screeching 16-bit synths and repeated snare hits that kick the song’s energy into overdrive. Once again, however, Tyler’s subtler moments are what make the album really shine. The lead single “Yonkers,” in addition to cuts like “Nightmare,” “Golden” and the space age instrumental joint “Au79,” find Tyler stripping his production to its bare elements, with the former track employing a simple grating noise juxtaposed with melodic piano key shifts that the song a sense of musical gravitas yet to be achieved by many established Hip Hop producers.

Goblin is hardly a masterpiece, however. The project suffers from a few dull moments the reveal that Tyler and company still have room to grow. Despite their fun rambunctious qualities, “Transylvania” and “Bitch Suck Dick” do little to add to the album’s frantic tone, while “Fish” plods along rehashing the same crazed-rapist persona that Tyler exhausted on the earlier half of the LP. Perhaps the strangest shortcoming on the album is “Analog,” which sticks out like a sore thumb with its pop-oriented production and hokey song content.

Ultimately, Odd Future fans can rest assured that Goblin upholds the crew’s extremely divisive status: listeners are either going to love it or hate it. But at the end of the day, there’s little use in complaining about how the project isn’t quite as exhilarating as its previous companion piece. Tyler, the Creator still achieves an engrossing dystopian vision of Hip Hop that refuses to compromise to what fans and industry critics demand of him.

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  • olczi

    I don't even know how to vote :o

  • IAmControverse

    I really am feelin Odd Future, especially Tyler, The Creator. I think people give him WAAAAY too little credit (although some of his guests should actually put a least a little drop of sweat into their "lyrics"). Still I really love the theme of "Goblin" because in a way, I can relate (not the rape and murder or none of that). I mean in that Tyler gets frustrated and angry at himself and the whole world and really needs someone to talk to, and in the end, he really helps himself. I know I probably sound mad corny right now, but I really love this record. His lyrics are funny and on point, the storyline is funny (especially when he kills his friends), and the ending is superb. Tyler really deserves a lot of credit for his hard work.

  • Odd future sucks dick lick em all


  • Anonymous

    fuck hopsin he can suck a dick and die

  • Anonymous

    fuck hopsin he can suck a dick

  • greatwhite

    rap is about lyrical content, I wanted to like this as a fan of horrorcore but tyler just doesn't always get the job done for me on this one, some alright tracks, his fan boys are a bit too hardcore too, make me not like him at all

  • Anonymous

    Not hip hop here's why, a rubric for a no samples used album: Melodies and chord proggession: 5/5 Ability to create Atmospheric synths: 4/5 Additional instruments appeal to underlying framework: 0/5 Climatic hooks: 0/5 Bass: 3/5 Drum framework: 2/5 (rarely uses drums and you call this hip hop!) Drum sounds: 2/5 Use of percussion sounds in a complimentary way(to create a smooth/funky/krunk rhythm) fashion: 1/5 P.S. This falls under the genre garbage. From someone who listens to more than just hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    1 word = OVERRATED! Some good horrorcore, but not great. This album is just not as good as people say it is. Also.... HOPSIN > TYLER!

  • Brendon

    Worst cd I've ever heard. Hopsin is way better than this fucked up kid. Tyler your the creator of shitty music and eating cockroaches. This isn't even rap. Wanye is better than Tyler and Wayne is losing starting to suck more and more.

  • Matt Sullivan

    It's more laughable than anything.....I cant see myself bumpin this shit....kinda wack to me. He's not a good lyricist. Come on people...this album is too weird for its own good

  • Alex

    The saviour of rap. Hopsin's good but Tyler's better.

  • rap fan

    Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better! Hopsin is so much better!

    • Abeer DreamVillain Khan

      thank you my nigga finally someone whos not retarded and listen to a guy who likes to have threesomes with pregnant women

  • Dewayne Darmanie

    this guy tried to hard on this album and the demon thing is all to gimmicky what so original about this you guys act like you never heard horrorcore rap b4 better than that fellaz

  • music lovr

    come on guys i dnt understand y so many people r sayin this is garbage its not its pretty straight but its not for everyone an im pretty sure tyler knows that but in the end it doesnt matter wat u say ur irrlevant cus this dude has got himself a big occult type following of fanboys an die hards thats gunna keep buyin his shit

  • demo

    well i gave it a a chance in ....its wack this guys no good smh omg just cuz he sound difrent dosent mean he is ...i mean wow never again

  • Cameron

    Candiate for album of the year.

  • Doobs Taylor'd Pegram

    1 word: Swag.

  • Cristian Mayen

    Dope album!!!

  • Jukka Seppälä

    tyler has his own style once again. i LIKED bastard maybe more but still sick. he is directing his own videos and produces by himself. Its good work. But gotta admit Hopsin is dope too.

  • Anonymous

    The wolves I know you heard of us we murders and young enough to get the fuckin priest to come an d flirt with us

  • Anonymous

    Man dis is da shit... fuk yall critics

  • 22




  • Burgundie

    Tyler, The Creator gets bashed a lot because of his lyrics about God and religion. That shouldn't matter when it comes to his music. He is the best and most unique rapper in the game

  • Guest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8r8377zGew&feature=related We Killin It - Barton Block

  • Anonymous

    This shit is fuckin corny. I dont feel all the strange music hip hop thats been comin out lately. Only dude thats nice in the game is J Cole. Best underground group are the roots.

  • GUest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8r8377zGew We Killin It - Barton Block

  • Jeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

    When I first listened to Tyler I thought his shit was wack. Then I saw his adult swim skits and decided to try again. I'm so fuckin glad I did. This album is straight fire except for bitch suck dick.

  • Anonymous


  • Mike Meraz

    Beats are amazing though

  • Mike Meraz

    WOLF was really dope..this is pretty good but not nearly as good. I don't think so. This album is kinda ignorant, and the shyt he says is not some shyt I feel comfortable bumping.. 2.5/5 still bettr than all the Chyt on the radio. Peace

  • mixedboi

    these niggas got mad talent give them a fucking chance man thats all im tryna say

  • mixedboi

    deres only 4 to 6 ppl that r gud rite in main stream J.Cole, Wale, Drake, Wiz khalifa when he was underground, eminem, and lil Wayne. the rest of them are shit listin to the fucking lyrics before anyone says shit man. hip hop is basically dead son. sum ppl today just dont kno hip hop today.

    • Lamar Valladares

      wiz is good mainstream?? Did you not listen to i roll up or black and yellow?? c'mon now

    • chris

      maybe dead in the mainstream, but you obviously don't know anything about underground hip hop which is thriving right now.

  • mixed boi

    man fck all of ya hating on ofwgkta. ya niggas stay wit ur fake azz mainstream wit woka flocka and gucci mane and all of that bs we call music today.

    • youre ignorant

      So just because someone hates a terrible rapper it means they listen to mainstream music? Now i know you're slow since you like ofwgkta but please tell me how that makes sense what so ever.

    • Kidd2Dope

      Funny because OFWGKTA LOVE Waka Flocka, alot.

  • Anonymous

    i fucking love ODD FUTURE brah its the best music i heard since i was born

  • Rolfkake

    The beats are awful. Just a stupid media-induced fad, which the editors of this site obviously condone of. User rating says its all - fanboys vote 5 and everyone who loves HIPHOP votes it mediocre at best.

  • Anonymous

    This album is gay. Shame on you for liking gay things.

  • M.O.P4Life

    This clown is a joke. I think he was molested as a child.

  • buttaknivez

    The beats are garbage apart from Yonkers - how can anyone call this pioneering or groundbreaking or even creative? Esham was doing this kinda shit when Tyler was still in his daddy's ball sack. The production is boring - none of the beats are melodic or truly banging. I don't find him inspiring or charismatic - some of his raps are technically on point but really nothing special. As people have said there are MUCH better new emcees out there (Fashawn, J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T, Gibbs etc)

  • Wolfie Johantgen

    If this album is't a creative masterpiece, then you don't know creativity

  • Heavy Mental

    Probably the best album of this year. Best track. Goblin

  • OnSumSht

    BTW sandwitches is the best song!

  • OnSumSht

    Damm this type of musikk trips me out wen im on a comedown

  • Anonymous

    this album got tht sikk sht. WOLF GANG bitchess!!

  • ASEE

    Finally got a chance to listen to this. I went in expecting to hate and couldn't help but feel it. Shit sounds new. If all you listen to is Premo and SHowbiz joints then just forget about it. These dudes are consciously trying to distance themselves from the old school. I give em props for that.

  • Anonymous

    rofl add all you corny rap fans not ready to deal with unique lyrics no cash no chain not the usual gangsta shit its getting a little old


    Nothing special . just a bunch of mumbo jumbo over ok beats . thats it Go listen to Nas - illmatic , mobb deep - infamous , snoop dogg - doggystyle , 2 pac - me against the world , mc eiht - we come strapped , biggie - ready to die , a tribe called quest - low end theory , project pat - mista dont play , bone thugs - east 1999 eternal , rakim - paid in full , comptons most wanted - music to driveby , too short - short dogs in the house , e- 40 - in a major way , kurupt - tha streetz iz a mutha , redman - whut thee album , wu tang clan - 36 chambers , AZ - DOE OR DIE ,

    • chris

      i'd argue that it's regressing, rather than maturing. this is some juvenile, ignorant ass shit. new school artists- Skyzoo, Big Krit, Wale, Cyhi Da Prynce.... all of these artists pay homage to the old school while doing something definitively new and refreshing in hip hop. Without being terribly ignorant to hip hop and it's roots/culture.

    • gamma11

      it isnt so much as maturing as regressing into a childhood/highschool like state that is irreversable because the music industry is ruled by those tho music matters most to... highschoolers and college students... those of us outside that realm have other things... ya know like bills, children, spouses and work... least pac and them knew what work was... this fucking NIGGER probably has never done a day of work in his life... prolly just sitting around waiting for someone to hand him a meal ticket...

    • Co - Sign

      ^Rightly said nigga

    • Who Givez a FUCK

      yeah all that shits cool.... but erm... we 11 years into the NEW century... as good as these oldies are... they will remain OLDIES as long as each and everyday passes... Odd Future aint the best, but its a sign that Hip Hop is evolving, LAST century was the time of the gangsta... this new hip hop is maturing from that type of stuff...

  • tebow

    you people are some close minded and have no taste in good music. i mean calling it garbage music is beyond ignorance. everyone has their own openion and all but come on with that. OFWGKTA

  • YakStar


  • Uno

    4 stars - Maybe 3 1/2 stars if I could give it. This album is decent but does not live up to the hype and Bastard is just so much better. You had slammers on "Bastard". This is a more of an average Odd Future release, it should have been better than Bastard.



  • aight

    OK, last time I checked it was 2011, not 1996. Hi-hop ain't what it was and that's good. We can't do the same shit over & over again for 20 yrs. You ever heard about "CREATIVITY". You'r favorite MCs changed rap music too, compare early Run-DMC and Shook Ones Pt. 2. Now we got this. The 90's are gone. This is the future. The Odd Future. Peace



  • Anonymous


  • alfytitos

    I really liked most of this album. Allthough some songs were just stupid his main line of songs were really good and creative. Tyler has good word play and his psycho flow is something differnet and in a few songs he sounds alot like old em. This album was simply put a breath of fresh air from hip hop nowadays. I would personally rate it a 3.5 because alot of songs were just weak but it deserves a 4 for its genre


    Fresh crazy creative concept album LOL 5/5.

  • Rory Patterson

    Is it just me, or does Tyler say the same nasty things over and over again just with different words? Cool video though...

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Great Album! 4.5 Stars Yonkers = 2011 Best Hip-Hop Video

  • Mu

    These dudes are talented as hell. A lot of yall will miss out on Tyler and OF by focusing on their crazy lyrics and songs and not focusing enough on the wordplay and rhyme schemes. A lot of yall made the same mistake with Eminem... don't make the same mistake twice.

    • Mu

      Here we go again... Everytime another rapper is simply mentioned in a comment, niggas start thinking comparisons have to be made. My point wasn't to say that Tyler is as good as Em, but that people often focus too much on content and not enough on actual talent. Tyler can straight out RAP better than most of these BS up-and-coming rappers.

    • g-zus

      "And there's a million of us just like me who cuss like me; who just don't give a fuck like me who dress like me; walk, talk and act like me and just might be the next best thing but not quite me!" He's not in Em's category. Even If I find him talented.

  • Guest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXKOM6LaHZw We Killin It- Barton Block

  • G-zus

    I think it s one of the few times users-rating is lower than editors-rating.



    • Torrey Depina

      Love Doom but hes been lazy since 06.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. I never understood why hip hop fans aren't able to appreciate more artists. It's like they listen to the same rapper over and over again. Diverse taste >>>>.

    • Mu

      Why do we always gotta make so many damn comparisons in hip-hop?! If you think DOOM is better, thats fine. That doesn't mean Tyler can't be dope as well.

  • jaketheshape

    besides his production skills, tyler is just doing detroit acid rap/wicked shit/horrorcore. KING GORDY would lyrically murder him on the mic, while offending people worse. dont belive me listen to Gordy or follow him on twitter and look at the shit he says compared to tyler. @KingGordy. tyler is just re-packaging esham and King Gordy for a younger generation. without production skills, hes just another shock rapper doin whats already been done better. he cant even get on esham's level production wise. he says hes not horrorcore, but really he's making safer, more marketable horrorcore.

  • Wolf Haley

    The people who say the album sucks probably didn't even listen to the whole album. In all honesty people say they don't like something because they don't understand it. "Listen deeper than the music before you put it in a box"

  • Adrian Bravo

    This album speaks talent. You either like it or not but either way it made you all say something on here. It made you comment made you listen to the music. If your speak the truth and say this is "wack" or "garbage" then theres a much simple solution for yoou which is to not comment at all or not listen either...seriously hating on a person's art makes you sound like that jealous fat kid in class who always bitched because he wasnt as smart as his class partner. At 19 he has done what a lot of you have dreamed of. This album is a story which a lot of you are to unaware to realize a following to BASTARD he tells stories and if your'e simple as close minded as to stick to demented hip hop faggetry hen by all mean go for it. However this album is quality in a whole new genre which is authenticity and storytelling. Please get out if you are just about to write a hate comment as well because honestly deep down you also know how much ignorance there is in that all well. Album was great. And equally excited for "Wolf".

  • Daud Aron Ahmad Cohen

    2011 - is theirs, and that's all folks.

  • David

    Overrated. I'm not saying it's bad, but it's criminally overrated. I could easily name 200-300 hip-hop albums from the 2000's that are better than this. 2.5/5.

  • Pep Da Mastr

    Tyler is the shit!!!

  • ness

    Great review! ... " Goblin spirals out of control into rebellious perversity"... had to pull out the dictionary on that one.. thanks hhdx

  • Beats & Bullets

    Beats & Bullets : Soundtrack To A Shootout| Now @ iTunes - http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/beats-bullets-soundtrack-to/id435386394 Beats & Bullets : Soundtrack To A Shootout is a project designed as an instrumental sound score to a shootout cinema/street scene. Features all-star Digi Crates Records producers Kyo Itachi (France), King AL (Sweden), Miedlev (Sweden), Tape Roc (Sweden) and DJ Kryptonite (UK), as well as Roc Marciano of Fat Beats/Decon contributing his production to the project.

  • Anonymous

    I once thought that Tyler The Creator was cool and that I could relate to him, but recently has become very stuck up and snobby on Twitter. He was never known to be one with class, but there's no reason to be such an asshole. I just think he should be more grateful, y'know?

    • Mu

      Hip-hop artists are not trying to be our friends, they want us to listen to their music. Disregard his Twitter feed and just listen...

    • Anonymous

      yeah, but the cool less snobby tyler comes out on tracks like "goblin" and "nightmare"

  • Chris Thomas Johnson

    I love this album! #SWAG!!

  • Dexter Caffee

    number 1 rap album.....good shit

  • lmaooooooooo

    "catch me in the addick taken photos of my dads dick" GTFOHWODF trasssssssssssssssshhh

    • Mu

      We've reached a bad point as fans when we take what rappers say in songs literally. I seriously doubt he wants to take a pic of his dad's dick. Where was the outrage when Biggie said "When I first met you I admit my first thoughts was a trip, you look so good, I'd suck on your daddy's dick"? It's ART!

  • Alex Hayford

    Hip Hop fans have got to be some of the most haterous, retarded fans on the planet. Evidence of this can be found above and below this post.

    • ur right

      Ur 100% right cuz we're protecting wat we love the most and refuse to let garbage take the place of quality music...so we're haters if ur music is wack...fuck ur life and we hope u die for even attemptin to put out that wack shit...that being said i kinda like odd future.

  • Jsteady243

    ...and its not comparable to ANYTHING...not Doom. Not Shady. Not Tech. Not Non-Phixon. Don't compare...just listen.

    • rain

      you can compare his style to doom and em. when I heard bastard that's exactly what I was thinking and still do, but it's still unique though.

  • Jsteady243

    Earl Sweatshirt is the real lyrical genius in OF.

  • lmaooooo

    ill cut your eye out piss on your brother then watch your mother get raped by rats with spiked bats dipped in acid you bastarrds aint that nice yo nigga im next thats what they said when your moms was giving head on a bed of razor blades im better than tyler the liar i got that mental patient flow lmaooooooooooo

  • G_MON

    Haven't heard this CD yet, actually just finding out about this Tyler fellow and the whole Odd Future gang. Judging by the comments it's love it or hate it. Anyone suggest what album would be best to start with this guys? I see they got few, Radicle, bastard and this one. Who would you compare this shit too? besides eminem.

  • Trevy

    You guys are acting like its just OLDer people who hate OF and Tyler. I hate this bull shit. The End.

  • Rain

    You guys are hating so bad, this kid has more talent than most older rappers in the game. He's like a young doom with dope lyrics and production. He's just gonna get better and better, he is only 20. Overall I like the the album it's a mature album than bastard. Beside 3 filler songs on the album I say it's a 3.8 to 4.

  • anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i have a $5000 audio system in my car, and enjoy playing my music at high volumes. this album does not sound good at high volumes and therefore it is not good to me.

    • Alex Hayford

      Let me guess, bass distortion? Looks like you spent $5000 for nothing. Tyler's production just exposed your subs. lol, just playing. In all seriousness though, the bass is ridiculous on this album, bordering on unnecessary. The other OF releases are even worse cause they weren't mastering the tracks in a proper studio environment. Those are pretty much unlistenable in my car unless I turn down the bass. Goblin has definitely been mastered better, but the bass is still a problem on a couple of tracks. It sounds way better on my home stereo though. :/

    • G MON

      Thanks for letting us know how much your system costs, very impressive.

  • Lauric Finallyraging Bent

    not good







  • maximuspop


    • vanillagorilla

      I'd have hoped for better coming from u haha. Not shit I can bump all the time but its original and creative. Can't say this crew is making static.

  • John 45/23

    Never in my life have I seen so many old fucks hating a kid with this much talent and creativity. Even with all the hype, the creation of every single track was kept within the OF team. Not to mention, kid can flat out rap. 5/5

  • currycreative

    This album would have been a classic if I was 13...with that being said, Tyler still shows a lot of promise...I still like their energy tho

  • G-zus

    Transylvania should have been replaced by "Burger". Overall great album. I dont get all the hatred toward him but to each his own. And I think that he still has a lot of room for improvement.

  • 718rob

    Shit bangs. Way better than B.O.B.

  • Odd Future is Gay As FUCK

    stupid as fuck

  • Anonymous

    white kids from the suburbs love this shit because there just as fucken weird as these niggas. only reason these dudes are getting recognition is because of these fags that love thinking one day they can rape a bitch

    • i bought it 0_o

      you kind of got a point;i like tyler but to me the problem with tyler is that he's a "repetitive" rapper. mainly devil worship but i don't believe in god or any religion so my point is what if there was absolute proof that there was no god... then what would tyler rap about. just sayin

  • louie

    If eveverybody hates this shit so much why is this so discussed? this clearly has more comments than any other album. I mean when i see a soulja boy or gucci mane song or album posted i dont click on it because i dont like it. all u dudes that hate this odd future shit probably pay more attention to them than people who actually like them. which defeats your whole purpose of not wanting to listen to their music because u hate it.

  • cara

    i don't see what the big hype was. i loved odd future all day before goblin, but goblin was not a good album.

  • Anonymous


  • hank

    tyler needs a father figure. burb nigga to the core. and he still fatherless. damn! cryin bout i need my dad, i love her she doesnt love me, ima jerk off and rape her bullshit over wack beats. beats is noise. kid cant rap. he aint catching bodies. nigga soft on the track. hes so funny and outrageous tho. i wanna give him 5 mics for being a wild surburban skater boy tho. but the music fuckin sucks so he get 1.5 mics. 1 for effort half for pity.

  • Bekalu_w

    To make history, you gotta do some shit that people will love and hate equally... 50/50... These niggas did that shit.

    • titooo

      Bekalu_w, you probrably right. But when you make a really great album or really great music most of the people would agree that ur shit is dope. In example, lot of us think Kanye West is stupid, but most of us also know that he's a great artist. Odd Future people might have some talent but till now they are really overrated

    • Anonymous

      so if i give my wife half my shit im making history? i dont make that kinda history SUCKA! you make history when the music is undeniably good. this shit is trash water. next time i fart in church, and its half and half, ima tell em im making history.

  • Tyler sucks dick

    This album is absolutely garbage. This shit is hip-hops version of Screamo rock. Tyler has good lyrics at times but How can anyone bump this? Id bump it if I was on my way to some sort of satanic ritual or about to drink some blood for breakfast to get me in the mood, but come on. This isnt music at all. This is annoying noise with some constipated, angry, ignorant nigga rapping over it. And all yall that love this and say "aw fuck that bubblegum shit like BoB and Bruno Mars and Lil Wayne." GTFO. Those guys are 100X more talented than this ignorant fuck. Bruno Mars can sing like crazy. Im sorry if you just dont appreciate good music. And BoB was everybody's favorite rapper less than a year ago. Then he blew up and now hes got haters. Lil Wayne, nothin needs to be said. Hes not the best out there but hes better than this shit. Go away, Tyler the Creator of awful "music".

    • Adrian Bravo

      Eminem likes to suck cock. Hehe.

    • chris

      @anonymous B.O.B. made millions of dollars too? so why do you give a fuck that he made a pop album, homie got his money and still put out No Genre, one of the best pure hip hop mixtapes to be released last year. This album was very mediocre. so fuck outta here. comparisons can be made, just by the pure fact that they are simply better technical rappers than Tyler. He's only alright at rapping.

    • hip hop anonymous

      Used to be a fan of wayne's but lost me after carter 3 which had a weaker album review rating than tyler's goblin...his first album. not even a fan of tyler's. and you can't really compare those other artists to tyler for the fact that they make different kinds of music, both are easily digestible to the public.

    • Anonymous

      preach brotha the album fuckin sucks! and you cant compare this garbage to what eminem was doing when he first came out. eminem was killing freestyles, and was the deadliest new lyricist out. this nigga doesnt spit like early em, his flow is garbage and his lyrics aint as twisted. this fool sucks. eminem was dope. THATS the difference. fuckin odd future stans. odd future = rich black kids from the burbs. not hip hop!

    • Quincy Steel

      look man what you are saying is nothing, but hater propoganda shit. tyler is very far from scream rap or horror core. yes a lot of his songs have crazy and out there antics, but the kid has lyrical capabilities that is unmatched by up and comers you have to listen to the music instead of believe everything you hear. crazy talent ragardless of what you may think it does take a lot of talent to do what he is doing. it is almost the same thing as what Eminem did when he first came out. he took all his thoughts and laid them out. the only difference is Em is white and tyler is black. that means nothing though he is who he is, and if you think that Lil wayne and B.o.B are more talented then you are sippin on waynes leftover syrup because Wayne is not hot Corey Gunz shitted on that nigga on his own song and B.o.B was everyones favorite rapper a year ago until they heard his mixtapes from the previous couple of years and realized homie dumbed himself down to appeal to an audience of preteens and women the advertures of bobby ray was no where near as goos as may 25th, B.O.B vs bobby ray and who the fuck is B.o.B the homie sold the fuck out completely threw him lyrical prowess in the shitter and came out with a pop album and if you think that a rapper coming out with a pop album is good music then you should not be listening to music my friend, but then agains everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  • ssssssssssss

    its usually white kids who are impressed by weirdness..dont think so? check out the majority of comments with facebook pictures.its always some kids from the suburbs.mmmm a few albums albums later the gimmick will fade away.lets say onksktfhg,what ever its called,is able to keep the hype alive for a next album....what then?more weirdness?im sure you kids are impressed if tyler ate bowls of hot dog shit but once his whole career is based on eating said shit,he becomes a everyday shit eater not an eccentric artist.the weirdness will get old quick.EX:eminem cant rap about killing family members cuz the shit got old.when this rap group finds out that the masses will want more tht the average weirdness then the other free loaders in the group who get paid in peanuts will have to find a fuckin job.fuck circus rap

    • Anonymous

      Preach on Quincy Steel; sssssssss is your typical Hater!!

    • Quincy Steel

      well my friend if you are a true person of hip hop you would know that most of wutangs hardcore members are white surburban kids. they have the money to go to the concerts and by the shirts for 40 bucks and but the album and the itunes exclusives. not niggas in the hood. true they may not be able to keep this up, but if you go to any mixtape website and type in OFWGKTA! you will find plenty of music from alteast 3 years ago i dont think that fade is going anywhere it just took some time to hit the masses. Artists evolve the homie is 20 and a weird 20 yr old, but that does not mean he is going to be rapping about the same shit 10 yrs from now. i mean look at snoop that nigga is a fossil and he is still rapping about the same shit he did in 95 and no one is complaining. its about appealing to your fanbase not the random ass hater bloggers of the world cuz if you do then no one will ever be pleased.

  • Raul Moreno

    I digged the album. Its creative and most of the album was really good. Songs like She, Her, Golden, Goblin and of course the two singles were my favorite along with some others. Some songs were just idk, i couldnt listen to them more then once. But overall good album from Tyler!

  • Killa Cam

    My farts sound better than this shit. The fuck outta here calling this hip-hop. Wack nigga juice is more like it.

    • Killa Cam

      Quincy Steel? Sounds like you a gay porn star, nigga! The fuck outta here sonning me. You couldn't son shit even if you busted a nut in ya sister's snatch. Killa Cam stay being my screen name. Do yourself a favour and listen to REAL shit instead of this shit. Let me help you since you are dumb: C-N-N - The War Report Mobb Deep - The Infamous Nas - Illmatic Those albums prolly older than you and still sound better than these fools.

    • nomedication

      nigga u gay like lil b.

    • Anonymous

      True Quincy Sttel been OWNED you son!!

    • Quincy Steel

      and your screen name is killa cam enuff said! he is a baboon rapper that no one respect besides the niggas in fucking NY get the fuck outta here with that shit son! see I son's you on your own post hahahahaha


    I guess that all the haters are hummin the airplanes track. I hate that poppy jingle song so I love the opposite like this.

  • Semval

    This shit is dope!!!

  • Patric Bernier

    this shits sick as fuck. ive never liked a modern artist as much as him. bought the album. i respect this album,and if your a teenager, BUY THIS SHIT FOOLS.

  • Jerrell James

    Different and creative equals Dopeness

  • Boobie Miles

    Album is dope. There are faults within it but he's young so that's natural. I just really think this guy could benefit from working with veteran producers like The Neptunes or even someone like Battlecat. IF he had someone give him some direction he could better perfect his sound hopefully he does it on his next few albums.

  • Hopit

    Don't believe the hype!

  • NJ

    Love the content or hate it, it's a solid LP, not as good as Bastard but still musically very good. 4 Stars.

  • Phil Paddock

    different but good

  • stro

    Str8 gimmick rap. This is GARBAGE.

    • KCKase

      well, eminem can fuckin rap, this oreo-ass polo skinny jean weain nigger can't. wtf is going on today black people want to have "white boy swag" and white people wanna straight up call themselves niggas

    • suggamatic

      It wasn't gimmick rap when eminem made kim and kill you. But now it is. yeah. okay. P.s. you're a HUGE fucking faggot.

  • gay future

    How could you ever equate some weak shit like this to GSNT? Lol no content, aimless passion and holy shit the production sounds like he was playing a vampires clit the whole time. These critics have no sense of objectivity.

  • WhatsFunny

    I love how they changed their rating from 2 to 5 after people talked shit, fucking pussies

    • Anonymous

      Really? You're retarted. Rating is a 4 not a 5. Did yall read the actual review?! How in the fuck could this analysis (generally positive) possibly correlate to a 2?! Morons.

    • Anonymous

      Really? thats some b.s. What a bunch of babies,hhdx too afraid to hold their ground and these fans cry over their artist getting bad feedback

  • Fuck Everybody

    Fuck everybody

  • JAS

    This is some weak shit.

  • Joel BlackJesus Acosta-Enriquez

    This Album Is Amazing..! Tyler Is Geinus.! Even The Few Songs That Blow Are Still Bumpible..5 Outta 5

    • Literacy

      That's not a word, and why does your FB name say BlackJesus when you're not black? but yeah 5/5

  • Anonymous

    oh and most of the album is not about rape and shit like that. he also addressed that on like 3 songs. I guess that shows how much most of you listened

  • Anonymous

    I hate seeing all of these retarded comments. The lowest rating this album deserves is a 3 1/2 and the highest is a 4. Two tracks from the album should have been bonus tracks and replaced with the actual bonus tracks. Burger and Steak Sauce should have been on the album while Bitch Suck Dick and the second half of Fish. The main thing the album had going for it was cohesiveness of the story line, being his realization of fame and then slow breakdown. And I could have actually done with Burger alone being on the album rather than the other 3. All the existentialist songs were perfect and the strength of the album along with Yonkers and Sandwiches. The songs I would have removed would have gotten ride of the extra violence and rape (good songs, but not for the album). Also Tyler's style of beats is minimalist, they're not suppose to blow you away. I really don't know what beats in general you are all comparing them to since his beats are actually all sick... And stop comparing him to Eminem. It's silly. The only similarity is that they both did something that the rap game was accustomed too. And Tyler is not trying to be funny. He literally said it in song one. He also gave his very clear opinion of rape and violence in song one. I don't know why some of you are hung over on that.

  • @Deknowz

    I like their diversity but I enjoyed the OF mixtape alot more. The beats weren't shined up so the sound matched the lyrics, raw and gritty. Odd future has a bright future.


    the beats sound dope

  • Miguel Thomas

    Tyler is, to say the very least, strange but it's good to listen to some different from the rest of these cookie cutter rappers. I would give it 4 stars but to balance the crazy amount of haters on here it gets a 5 from me.

    • ^ three fags^

      You homo's give souja girl five's also, just to balance the rating too, fuckin cocksuckers

    • Anonymous

      Not hating at all since this Album has its share of flaws, but for that reason along with the extreme hating on this Album, I'll grant it a solid 4!!!! Even though it probably falls a tiny bit short of that score b/c the subject matter could have been more expansive, it is one of the most exciting Albums to come out in 2011; REAL TALK!!!!

    • kid_skrilla

      word.. Real niggas give this shit a 5 just to balance it out. Fuck steve harvey. This shits a legite 4.

  • angelo

    this dude is fucking nuttier than squirrell shit.

  • Greg Hunter Jr.

    This is a real good album, and in my opinion is better than Bastard. OFWGKTA is a amazing group of talent. Frank Ocean sstood out, but Tyler still showed people why he's the leader of this group. Free Earl wish he was on the album. 5/5 screw the haters. Screw FOX NEWS, Sarah Palin, Bill O'Reilly, u haters, and Lil Wanye, you can all DIE. SWAGGG!!!

  • Hassan Sunny D Walker

    I like it, whatever.

  • Kid sKrilla

    This album was hot. Mad refreshing. I'm sick of the teenie bop rap u hear on the radio nowadays. that shits gay. fuck all you faggots who like that commercial singy songy faggotry. i wanna stab bruno mars also. "IM A FUCKIN WALKING PARADOX... NO IM NOT" that line alone is fuckin killer. if you don't get it, look up what paradox means, u fuckin dumbass. This album probably flew over the heads of all those people who gave it 3's or lower. This shits definitely a 4. Ima give it a 5 cuz u guys fucked up the user ratings.. fuckin idiots. peace out my faggots. -kid sKrilla.. City Slickaz - Lost in Boston mixtape coming soon.. follow me on twitter faggots @kid_skrilla

    • chris

      KidSkrilla... you, my friend, are ignorant. Why is faggot an insult you want to use? grow up please. As for your comments about the album, I understand why you like it so much, and I understand why a lot of people do. it's different, and it's definitely got a lot of swag. but what every Odd Future stan fails to realize is that not everybody is impressed with "swag" and more often than not, people don't feel like listening to songs about raping bitches and whatnot. I enjoy the cd, however, it's not worthy of a 4. maybe a 3 at the highest. Complete underutilization of talent. And i checked out your music. I fart and it sounds better bro, step yo game up.

    • Kid sKrilla

      hahaha and ur fucking Pat Neeland from facebook. u fuckin herb. have u looked at ur self in the mirror lately? Nigga u look like paul bearer from wwf mixed with the penguin from batman returns.. U sir, are a person that no one gives a shit about. You have a face that every mother hates. and ur kids don't call u dad. and ur wife fucks me. #swag. Fuck outta here with that shit. u ugly ass nigga hahahahahaha -kid sKrilla.. City Slickaz - Lost in Boston mixtape coming soon.. follow me on twitter my faggots @kid_skrilla

    • Pat Neeland

      "u must not know who I am." You're "Kid sKrilla". And nobody gives a shit.

    • Anonymous

      haha @ 11 y.o. ur a fuckin faggot. go suck on some genitals. u fuckin idiot. why u tryna start trouble in the comment section? i just stated my opinion, u dick munchin cock mongrel.. I didn't appreciate how people were sayin this shit was trash, when its CLEARLY not. thats why i said wat i said.. I thought it was real good and worthy of a 4. its refreshing. definitely better than the trash u listen to. u fuckin nicki minaj fan. go diddle drakes tiny penis u fucking homo. and why are u anonymous? u fuckin coward. if i could, id slap you for blasphemy just for typing that shit to me. u must not know who i am. Father forgive them. -kid sKrilla.. City Slickaz - Lost in Boston mixtape coming soon.. follow me on twitter faggots @kid_skrilla P.S. Golf Wang, bitch.

    • Anonymous

      Calm down, you're sounding like a 11 year old kid that discovered the meaning behind this line after he searched up that shit on the internet and then got the 'OOOHHH YEAHHH HOW COULD I MISS THAT?!' type of feeling. You're reaching it ain't like it's THAT good.

  • Tyler loves it in the butt!!!

    Y'all always hop on the next dick, be on so many dicks,I bet that y'all sweat piss.

  • Anonymous

    Straight gimmick trash.

  • hgfgjf

    Great album everyone go buy it its cheap

  • Rich

    ALBUM OF THE YEAR Dont hate on talent

  • Curtis Bostan

    come on guys seriously! This album is trash man. He's say the word D*ck after every word. This album is horrible. This is Teenage Virgin Rebel Music. The whole crew is wesk except for Frank Ocean who's has amazing talent and a really bright future.

  • Eye-Kyu

    Good, but nothing on Eminem actully listen to them next to each other and Tyler seems awful. Also guests are shit, bar Hodgy. Production good

  • DMellow77

    You know what the difference between Tyler, The Creator and Bizarre of D-12 is? One is funny, tongue-in-cheek and while he makes subpar albums, at least is somewhat entertaining. The other is just named Tyler, The Creator.

  • chris

    I was extremely pumped for this cd to come out, based on Yonkers. I thought it was visceral, violent, angry, and above all, a great hip hop song. The production was intense, Tyler's flow and lyrics were great... it was just a great song overall. I enjoyed this album, so a 2/5 may seem like it's as though i disliked the album, but that's not true. It was an entertaining listen. But the album just wasn't that great. It becomes monotonous in large doses, and he's just not that funny with what he says. i see why people want to compare him to early Eminem, but Eminem was spitting with a purpose to his rhymes. When he said "Hi kids, do you like violence? want to see me stick 9 inch nails through each one of my eyelids?" it was not only hilarious, but it also pointed out that there is a problem with parenting. People are so quick to judge artists, but if the parents were better parents, kids wouldn't look up to these artists and try to be like them, but would just listen to enjoy the music. It was basically a fuck you to society, saying if they're not going to be parents, he'll be the role model. What's Tyler saying, other than I want to rape the bitch? nothing. enjoyable, entertaining listen, but ultimately, it's not that great of a cd. He could be great, just under utilizing his talents. 2/5

  • Dexter Caffee

    this album is nice

  • Anonymous

    Those ppl who haven't listened to the whole Album, and especially the bonus tracks, aren't in a position to give a full objective opinion on it. You have to listen to the bonus tracks before rating the Album. No exceptions. Burger and Steak Sauce go way too Motherfucking Hard!!!!!!! "You can't be great when you settle for a flea bargain, unless you're a thrift Hipster bitch in a leotard" "This just in, Tyler, the Creator and Justin Bieber was just in the room flipping Selena Gomez, go Head give some pucker up, Ill fuck her up till the Kids come in"

    • fuckouttahere

      hahahahahahaha.... yeah, those are dope lines.... hahahahaahhaa. that shit was the worst. Aside from not making sense, it barely even rhymed. Can't believe you just said that shit. You made my day.

  • Lance

    4 is too high for this. I mean thats almost putting it near a classics rating. Tyler is a decent producer and his lyric,s are average, but the album lacked subject matter and it's theme is repetitious. I understand the I don't give a fuck attitude an all that I'm young myself. Dude is a rookie and a 4 is a bit too high.I understand his skills will grow but I can name far better rookie albums from cats around his age for better rookie albums from cats around his age such as Illmatic, 2Pacalypse Now etc. I listen to odd future but a 4 come on.

  • Anonymous

    I like Bastard (it being one of my favourite albums released in the past 2 years), BlackenedWhite, and The Journey to the 5th Echelon (yes, I know the later 2 aren't Tyler's records) but listening to Goblin everything seems tired and it's a mission to listen to the whole 73 minutes plus bonus tracks. After 30 minutes and hearing 7 songs with beats that try nothing new on the album or what he's previously done on Bastard, you just want to turn it off for being boring. Hope we don't have to wait too long for the next artist who's going to have some decent creativity and focus to make it big

  • msterB

    the more you 'drake fans' hate on it the more i love it. interesting, plot fulfilling, imagery covered, and an actual ALBUM. no club song garbage. SWAG.

  • chris

    Its like a bad actor..you just get that vibe that there trying too hard.

  • Chris

    OFWGKTA is dope, I respect them a lot for doing what tehy do and getting the audience they have in such short time..but dont ever compare this fake ass prick to eminem..eminem did it in a much wittier way..and he tied it around to make it funny..he brought out the inssanity in him and made it plausable and relatable for every day people..if anything Tyler is a lil short on all of that...Ofwgkta productions are off the hook..in reality thats why big names have there eyes on them..every label runner would way rather have a rapper that could produce his own tracks especially if hes producing better than most producers already on the scene...I dig the whole dark rebellious lyric thing but its just so un natural..eminem did it and thrrew skits and voices in..and his insanity was believabkle..this tyler shit just all seems so fake..and either way ..There no comparison..tyler is trying to be wat eminem was..but talking in demonic voices about dark shit isnt too catchy..and isnt wat eminem did..eminem brought out the crazy in himself to a point where we could concieve and understand it..and enjoy it.

    • Anonymous

      Terminator? You for real, that guy's wank. Used to be a shite footballer and is possibly an even worse mc. His shit ain't anything like Tylers.

    • bkstylz

      An alternative rap group??? wtf is that?

    • Cybertron

      I agree with the production thing If your comparing him to mainstream producers like Stargate and Bangladesh. If you talking about Pete, Premo, Madlib etc then your not sound or aware of what Hip Hop truly is, which is cool because Odd Future is at the end of the day Alternative rap group. For anyone that wants to know the origin of their style(Its not even remotely like eminems) do a youtube search on a uk mc called Terminator. From the beats to voice alot of Ofwgkta stuff is sounding jacked.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    3/5 After the first 5 tracks, the beats and lyrics start to sound the same. Can't really bump it in the ride and it won't get much radio spin. Plus, I just don't want to hear this murder murder murder, kill kill kill, rape a broad music.

  • Jordan Robert St Julien

    The only difference between him and Eminem (early) is that Tyler is black and ppl dont expect a black guy to rap like that... BOTTOM LINE! stop hating and respect the movement and respect these dudes grind everyone deserves a chance even Nicki Minaj as much as i hate her! album is dope you either love the group or not its as simple as that if you dont love em leave em alone... DAMN

  • Anonymous

    This review is closer to the truth I think: http://hiphopisntdead.blogspot.com/2011/05/my-gut-reaction-tyler-creator-goblin.html


    ok so thats the wack shit that be on suckerfree sunday

  • Mike

    I like it. Four stars.

  • Mads Degn Gregersen

    I've been quite the fanboy up and until now, but this album is just too much. It should be stripped of the repetitive tracks, instrumentals and some of the concept conversations should be removed. Bastard was fucking awesome, mostly because he didn't make the same song twice, which he tends to do here, like fish, transylvania and tron cat who are too similar.

  • JJ

    LOL I love how ppl say 'oh you know how he raps...stop hating...hes doing him' GTFO you can only rap about rape and pregnant gold retrievers for so long before it gets old...this album is absolute garbage, and Im not a hater I like some of their shit. This swag shit is annoying...gonna be a quick fad like most hiphop...listen to some REAL hiphop and cop Canibus-Lyrical Law when it drops

  • Anonymous

    Wack. The shit he says isn't even surprising. Just a bunch of dumb shit. Don't know why everyone is hyped. Recycle bin.

  • R.Pgh

    How the hell did DX rate this a 2 yesterday, and all the sudden today it jumped up to a 4?

  • John45/23

    Imo, this is the only album that met it's hype all year, maybe even surpassed it.

  • Anonymous

    Don't understand what the hype is all about. Tyler is overrated, just talks about rape like is something cool to do. Guess Jude Law was right about rap.

  • Giovanni Funes

    It's good but BASTARD is way better

  • soneerokz

    I agree that you're either gonna love it or hate it....It's not for everyone. On the other hand, Tyler and OF are bringing back that hardcore sound that groups like Wu-Tang brought in the early 90s. It's about time too...the soft R&Bish and millionaire rap songs have saturated the game for a minute already. I know there are some underground rappers that have been doing their thing for a while; they just haven't turned too many heads like OF has cause they sound like other underground acts. What I respect the most about these guys is that they are doing their own thing and sticking with it. It's dope, original, and creative. Goblin is a good album too. There are a couple of tracks that are mediocre, but they're still worth a listen. I'm happy with my purchase and I'm in my late 20s. You don't have to be as young as these cats to appreciate what they're doing. OFWGKTA!

  • Tyler


  • Frankie

    After listening to the entire album, Ive decided that its NOT GOOD. Overall its 2/5. Too much bullshit in between the decent moments.

  • steven b.

    I think you guys were right the first time. Yonkers is dope, sandwiches is far better live. The movement is dope though.

  • Anonymous

    album is basically the same shit over and over again and jst sounds wack. oooo they sayin some deep eerie shit, big deal other rappers have already made songs and such on that matter. this group is nothing but hype and is not gonna carry hip hop anywhere. and to all the wolf gang dick riders who gonna say ima hater or whatever, kill urself cuz i can give a fuck less for jst stating my opinion

  • Bryan Kane

    Golf Wang Bitch.

  • James Clay Longmire

    I like OF but this cd is like the same song over and over again. with like 2 exceptions. didnt live up to the hype for me

  • Ofwgkta

    How many copies will Goblin Make ? I think 85,000 Copies

  • William Katzki


  • Anonymous

    Tyler is not a role model. Not some sellout rapper wearing and rapping about prada and Bapes and stupid fucking jewlery, Tyler Is actually a musician, and can actually make fun of himself alot of rappers can't do that. Tyler admits in Basterd "I'm tall dark, skinny, my ears are big as fuck, drunk whie girls the only way I'll get my dick sucked." Every song I seem to hear by alot of popular rappers is about how they have so much money and their stupid rims on their car and the next one is how hard their life is in the ghetto when they don't even live there anymore. stop bitching about how he's not better then some other artist and judge GOBLIN on its own merits. besides I don't think Kanye or Lil Wayne or Eminem would have the balls or imagination to rap about half the shit Tyler raps.

    • Anonymous

      King Gordy too

    • RealRap

      Eminem already has..D12 already has.. this whole tyler the creator thing has been done before. Fuck, even tech n9ne and brotha lynch hung go to extremities like this. Tyler really isnt that good. he makes a bunch of punchlines that dont make sense and overall its just whack sounding. They on they grind tho but i dont gotta listen to 'em. Btw listen to the words of Yonkers...bullshit lyrics and bullshit punchlines...

    • Controverse

      I think Eminem would.

    • Anonymous

      bum music

  • Espi

    I think OF is quite intriguing. It's really not my cup of tea but the nigga is creative. Young black man shocking the fuck out of America with his anarchist rebellious attitude and theatrics. I just saw the Yonkers video for the first time minutes ago and I was disturbed yet strangely drawn towards the dark outlandish shit he presents. Reminds me of a horror flick, hard to watch but I can't turn away.

  • they suck

    they deserve 1 star. at most

  • odd futue

    this album is trash

  • they suck dick

    everyone hop off their tip.

  • DickWick

    4 stars for this trash?! Such a bullshit review but thats no surprise coming from this website. Goddamn shame!!

  • murda mitten

    The dude is doing him, leave him be. Everyone knows how he raps and says the same shit about every song he makes. Shit ain't gonna change haters. The man below me saying you don't have to listen to the same artist with the same point of view was on point. Why can't someone make music purely for enjoyment? Why does everything have to have a deeper meaning and teach someone something? I'm not even THAT big of a fan of Tyler or OF but I respect what he's doing and encourage it. P.S. Tyler is nothing like Eminem, even when Em was on drugs and said crazy shit. Eminem was more "well-rounded" and switched topics. Tyler is more demonic and if you don't like it, go listen to lupe or eminem or Wu or whoever the fuck you like and quit hating cause you don't make a difference. I'd give this album a 4 for quality just FYI

    • Anonymous


  • MrSlowFlow

    No FUCKING way in hell is this CD as good as Lynch's CD nor is there any way in hell it's better than DJ Quik's new album. Your reviews are getting waaay worse. You scared Tyler's gonna call you out or something?

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who likes this album either has a lower than average intelligence quotient or is simply just easily entertained. There is nothing new or exciting about this album. Yonkers is the only song with a beat worth listening to, and the rest of it sounds like a series of cheap synths layers over each other. This guy thinks he's a black Eminem. Well, guess what? There's only one Eminem, fag. You're a fail and a lame. The people who buy this album are nothing but followers. Oh look!! Goblin is a trending topic! I better save my lunch money. This album is the most uninspired piece of overhyped garbage since Roll Up. I feel sorry for your CD collection and life. Sad life.

    • dirty cat

      He is so raw. I agree if you dont give 5 your gay, no homo, faggot. Tyler the creator is more successful then all you haters. Its ok to not like it, everybody has a different opinion of what art is.

    • William Katzki

      u sound like a fuckin retard......y does he have to be trying to be like em...?????he's Tyler he Creator.....he is his own person....comment back if u dare we can go to war over this

  • Sean who?

    the album just isnt that good

  • swag

    ahahaha swagg this shit got changed to four stars. golf wang hooligans in this bitch. good review tho.

  • Aiight

    I thought it was pretty tight...Nice and creative. And its funny to see the Lil Wayne/Drake fans doing the same hating that they tell other people not to do to their favorite songs.

  • Moet Dixon

    if not 5 stars you a hater, seriously!!

  • Anonymous

    Hip-hop fans are some of the most closed minded people on the planet. No matter what subgenre of hip-hop they listen to, it seems that they all believe that everyone else should listen to what they like and everything else is garbage. I know it's hard to believe but you can like multiple artists. Not everything has to be intelligent. It doesn't always have to be violent. There doesn't always have to be a story and not everything has a deeper meaning. With that said, I dig OF. I also like Lupe, Nas, Atmosphere, Waka Flocka, P.O.S., TI, Tribe, etc. You know why? Because not every emotion in my life is fulfilled with one artists. If I listen to the same shit all the time, I become close minded. Point is, it's ok to like different artists and not have to compare them to one another. So stop judging everything that is different or what you don't understand because all that hate is just making you a bitter ol' fuck behind a keyboard.

    • Anonymous

      that is probably the best comment on this whole fuckin page. u kno what ur talking about. good shit

    • aNdUsAyChIcItY

      I agree 100% I like all the artists u mentioned.

    • Jonel 'Shaq Deisel' Howard

      I'm glad you said that. Not many people are too open about new artists, especially if they didn't give them a listen. I comment on a lot of different artists' reviews, songs, singles and what not, not because I like the artist but to give everything a listen before I knock it. I still can't get into Tyler and OF because of the fact they are so rebellious (against everything, particularly religion), but at the same time I can respect the diversity they're bringing to rap (which is sadly going pop). I hope more artists continue to bring different styles to the table...keep hip hop alive

  • cameljockey

    tyler = future icon

  • Anonymous

    Tyler Perry is the only nigga I know that is named Tyler and like some other rapper that I don't remember says...."actin like a bitch"- literally. His music is not cool. I don't trust no niggas that skateboard.


    GET OVER 1,000,000 YOUTUBEVIEWS flameviewer .blogspot. com

  • fofwgkta


  • Anonymous

    "fuck school" yeah thats what kids need to here these days. idiot.

    • OForLife

      It doesn't matter you cunt. Kids listen to the music anyway and he remains to shit on the youth putting out garbage they dont need to hear. This kid is a fucking loser and is trying so hard to be different. All he does is attract losers like he use to be/IS.

    • tha kidd

      CO-FUCKING SIGN Just because this nigga is 20 and didn't go to college that doesn't justify every nigga that's 20 can be rich without going to college. Regardless if you're not a role model; don't try to be by saying stupid ignorant shit like that. Tyler is a faggot and his music is not only demonic, but garbage minus the 666 and all. You are not coming for Kanye's head because you'll never get there FAGGOT. His twitter name says it all; fuck tyler.

    • OForlife

      you really think tyler tries to give kids positive messages you retard? listen to the first fucking line of the album, "I'm an 19 year-old, not a fucking role model" get some research before you say dumb shit

  • Shame

    I love Yonkers, i liked the album. But a 3/5 for me. If the whole album was more neatly made with more of the ferocity, and thought put into 'Nightmare' and 'Yonkers' it would be fucking epic

  • Realness121


  • Anonymous


  • donkey 7

    shit is classic!

  • skeeeboo

    For real tho how is odd futures shit any different than cannibal ox or other underground releases? Let them get their shine fuck it at least theyre talented.....whats better odd future getting shine or new boyz or the pack getting shine? people need to think

  • swag

    Production is amazing.

  • Michael Lundquist

    Production is weak.

  • L0S

    "Shock for shocks sake" You hit it right on the head with that one. I can tell that he has some skills but it seems that theyre too caught up on trying too hard to be different and trying to be different is not the same as being different. Ive listened and some of the beats are dope and I actually think the song tron cat sounds pretty dope but the content or lack of is blatantly obvious. Its a bunch of random lines thrown together that are just either twisted or disgusting and just seem a little too obvious that theyre meant to try and shock people.

  • Gary Rue

    1 star for wasting my time at least , that takes some nerve

  • Anonymous

    This sounds like Def Jux album with a crazy kid rapping.

  • Brandon Charlesworth

    fuck yea OFWGKTA

  • George Lafflin

    eminem even used shock value to get noticed when he cam out with songs like "kim".. the sound of the the album is something i liked a lot because its different, it doesnt need the shock value but it will help it generate the attention it deserves.

    • Malik

      Except Em was 29 years old and dealing with a woman he has a child with that has had constant interactions with the police just because of that relationship. Tyler talks about raping girls because someone he asked out to prom said no.

  • Psyntax

    I haven't listened to the album and I wasn't planning to but judging by the comments I think the same way I liked Kool Keith on Dr. Octagon, is what these listeners are going through.(I seriously doubt that the production is as good, it was one of the best produced albums of the 90's) but Keith wasn't really saying anything other than talking about crazy shit (not as violent though). While this may be disturbing to the older generation, this type of music seems to aim for the same thing Kool Keith did: talking about stuff that nobody else does. I don't' like it when people talk about rape. I'm sure he would feel different if it happened to his mom or sister, but I can't really be that mad at him for doing something along those lines.

  • will

    I heard the albume and I have to say, it is not meant for everyone. This is a subgenre specific piece of work. The production is a mix of Def Jux and Punk. The lyrics are an extension of Em dynasty: shock for shocks sake. There isnt much of a takeaway point to any of his lyrics, that is if youre a sane adult. Now, for all the these teen weirdos running around, and insane nutjobs who can hold a real job, it is a masterpiece.

  • Anonymous

    The reason he made this was because HE wanted to, Obviously there's going to be immortal technique comparisons but HES DIFFERENT. That's something people need to realize. You can say "Oh technique would destroy this kid" but seriously it doesn't matter at the end of the day because they're both doing their own thing. Second if you don't like Tyler listen to someone else trolling on someone isn't going to score you points. Third the album is great TO THE FANS, obviously if your not a fan your not going to enjoy it. Last who the fuck cares if he doesn't believe in God? like seriously, it isn't even that serious.

  • Murdock

    I'm not the biggest OF fan, but I do like a lot of their joints. Especially Earl, that dude has bars for days. But this album was pretty weak and watered down in beat selection in my opinion. I just couldn't get into it. After a while, the lack of subject matter and content is pretty apparent. Hopefully Tyler comes back stronger with his next release.

  • mrb

    you fools are the type of morons that think immortal techniq is deep and politically intelligent. tyler showing u idiots how an ALBUM is made not a bunch of club songs thrown together randomly. SWAG

    • Psyntax

      Please grow up.... Swag has nothing to do with music

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      Honestly, I want to like immortal technique, but everyone of his albums that i have listened to, multiple times but not in recent history, have been overall duds. He might be a good lyricist and have a really progressive and in my opinion he has a good political outlook and attempts to convey the issues that he feels strongly about, and is without a doubt extremely DIY and holds to that core belief, but he doesn't branch out. He has the same shtick on every record. Now this is not a defense of tyler or OF in anyway, but a critique of Immortal Technique. He has a lot of the same ideas and agendas as many other politically motivated emcees, yet he is unable to convey that to the greater public. There is nothing wrong with creating mainstream(ish) songs if the content is able to hold up to the ideals. Look at PE, Kweli, Common, Mos Def, Dead Prez, Lupe, and many more. Though I may not be the biggest fan of all of those that I said, they have been able to express strong political views through their music and exceed at bringing their messages to the greater public. Furthermore, one of Immortal Techniques most powerful and controversial songs included Mos Def (and Eminem)and that may be one of his most mainstream songs to date. You can save and believe whatever you want but if no ones listening, its nothing more than the fallen tree in the woods.

    • Poppa Doppolis

      You can spot an Immortal Technique poser fan when they only use Dance with the Devil as an example of his songs Technique would murder this clown that being said that tron cat song is pretty good i wont lie

    • t dog

      how is tyler amazing?? listen to Dance With the Devil and tell me what tyler has that comes close to that??

    • Anonymous

      they're both amazing

    • swag is dead

      immortal technique would kill this kid on the mic. whats so deep about jacking off??

  • Ryan

    Tyler the Creator, only creates whackness. he talks shit on people who are far superior to him, and acts like him acting crazy is going to scare people. i vote he is the next rapper to get knocked out. evne if i have to do it myself.

    • OForlife

      The most important thing that anyone has said is that Tyler makes his shit for himself. doing that he somehow ended up with a record deal and generating hate from idiots like you two. he is who he is for no reason other than to please himself. ask him if he thinks hes a good rapper, hell say no. but his talent and level of genius is unquestionable and unmatched. if you dont like his songs, you like his beats, if you dont like the beats, you like his videos, if you dont like the vids, than you like his "dont give a fuck attitude, and if you dont like any of those... than youre fucked up

    • Gary Rue

      YES Ryan is the winner on this site for the correct response to this sub par turd. I made better songs in 1994 when I was 17 and now I am an old bitter asshole and still make better music by far. But seriously he will be punched sooner than you think !!!!

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Dzxef1muoQ Hate! Hate! Hate!

  • Jesse Breese

    rick ross is not a boss hes gay and a poser of ricky rosss

  • Anonymous

    "Mediocre at best. This kid is messed up, his lyrics are for shock value only, no substance.And don't start me on his delivery.Wak as fuk.2/5" i agree, his lyrical content is strictly to shock, he even states this is various interviews.. no substance, his content is just as bad as those who rap about benz beamers and bentleys and dont even got 'em, make believe shit. the beats are original i suppose but its like trying to fuse dubstep with hiphop with almost horrorcore style put to it. i do not enjoy this, his shocking content does not shock me, rather annoys me. and to those that say someone who hates this probably like drake an wayne.. i fucking hate both of them, i stick to the real shit, the classic shit, and to me tyler the creator is not putting out some classic shit, just an effort to be as strange an different as possible, sometimes that is not the best approach.

    • fuck

      I didnt say that he actually does that shit i said that those are his most raw emotions.. it doesnt mean he acts on them he just expresses them in his music fucking around. yeah it has shock value too but it isnt complete bullshit

    • say what??!!

      actual views and emotions??? i call shenanigans .... he really wants to rape , kill, murder, whatever all the bullshit he is saying.. yeah right. its called shock value . you see it and are tricked by it. "oh wow he is so real" suckers. i see the talent , it being really raw and the kid is still green by hip hop standards. he is not anything special. goblin was a huge disappointment only because the hype was so big.

    • e3i8am

      If youre saying his rhymes are purely for shock value you clearly havent payed much attention to tyler as a person. Most of these "shock Value" rhymes are directly taken from his actual views and emotions, just in their most raw and unedited form. Hes being as real as he can possibly be. The line about killing b.o.b and haley williams is exactly how he feels about the song airplane and most of the chord progressions used by artists. I admit the album is a bit too long but this review is completely fair. His artistic talent is undeniable.

    • i bet a nigga would

      music is falling big time. give it some time and people will be shitting on tyler calling him bubble gum, when the next retard starts rapping about putting bananas in his ass. and all the kids will think that is funny and cool and revolutionary. odd future is no wu-tang, odd future is no tribe. as time goes by the rap game will just continue to get weaker and weaker

    • Anonymous

      The fact you have to name Lil Wayne which is the previous generations gay man kissing hero shows you how far rap has fallen.

    • i bet a nigga would

      i agree with what you are saying. it's not hating if you don't like the album. you just don't like it cause the album sucks. this kid is so over rated. the shit that is sad is that the youth of today are looking for someone to follow. the biggies and pacs are gone. this nigga can't hold shit to them. i'm sorry but lil' wayne would merk this kid on a track. you can't hate on that

  • Anonymous

    golf wang #swag

  • tyler get a real job

    i really wanted to like this album . i gave it more than one listen. while yonkers is a good track, people fell in love with it cause of the amazing video. i'm sorry but this record lacks in so many ways. the beats are not that great. the rhyming is weak. i'm not getting all the profane things being spit out by this kid. anyone with a level head should know this is all for shock value. tyler is young and most likely immature. maybe he will figure it out with age but this music is not revolutionary. i just don't understand how people can fall for the hype. in this case hype did not deliver. if i can give him credit, it would be that he suckerd people in to buying this

  • ptj

    everything. everything gets 4 of 5 at dx. wtf.

  • coo but

    this is koo but doesnt deserve more than book of david.. fuck this site. shitty reviews

  • Marley Dorman

    Immature yet dark, angry and emotionally multi-layered, this album really encompasses the true don't-give-a-fuckness that hip-hop's been missing for a long time.

  • Tempoclash

    impossible to HATE the album unless u are a genuine hater. It may not be to your taste BUT... OF make their own grimey (dope/not commercial) beats, write their own rhymes and do it differently to anyone else who's out. My favourite rap group ever are Gang Starr, I went to see Black Star last night... BUT I salute OF for making their own lane, creating their own sound, doing something creative - something hip hop hasn't done for nearly a decade! Support these kids, if you dont like it go out and make something original and creative because that is what Tyler and his crew are doing right now! 4/5

  • Pablo Escobar

    BIG FACE ITALY: This type of music is a reaction to all that make believe sugarcoated bullshit turned into hip pop. Hate it or love it this is hip hop. QUOTE OF THE DAY

  • Alex Christy

    I thought this album was amazingly well done, tyler really topped bastard i think. I havent stopped listening to it yet lol fuckin genius

  • Anonymous

    Definitely different, definitely not the best but it's like hardcore alternative hiphop. Sonically OFWGKTA is filling a void that mainstream rap was ignoring. Being that these boys are so young and have that "don't give a fuck" attitude, Drake/Wayne fans will hate it while others will find it a refreshing change.

    • Anonymous

      I dont think its only the lil wayne fans. It also seems to be alot of anti-hipster, pro lyricism groups. You're probably very likely to find that the lil b fans are the same ones as the odd future fans. The concert turnouts are a true reflection of this. I wont go further to say Its only suburban white kids listening because Its not. There are actually alot of sick black people lapping up the content aswell. The underlining message is If your going to act like a media nut actually try and back your shit up with skill otherwise your no better than than the people your calling out(B.O.B.)

    • Anonymous

      i agree man, i think its totally refreshing

  • LostNfound


  • Anonymous

    HIPHOPDX, yall have just completely redeemed yourselves!!!! I was thinking, the rating had to be much higher than this (previous error of a 2). And I'm a Hip-Hop Purist forever....

  • Only time I ever agreed with the editor's rating

    Basically this album is the Slim Shady LP with less lyricism and better production. Yeah there's a little filler, but there's so many more great tracks. Sandwitches is a fucking anthem, Tron Cat, Yonkers, Golden, Fish (smoke to that shit), Transylvania and She are all great fucking tracks. Nightmare is nicely honest too. What Tyler lacks in rhyme scheme and complex lyricism he makes up for with crazy punchlines and divine production. This man can make some fucking beats. So much more than just Shock Value.

    • TCM

      Better than Dr. Dre production?

    • Bubba

      I haven't listened yet but comparing this to slim shady lp is probably a stretch i'm sure. Quadruple Platinum and Rollingstones top 500 albums of all time... I don't see Tyler reaching either of those marks. I'll listen to see what all the hype is about but you gotta keep things realistic.

  • Anonymous

    Mediocre at best. This kid is messed up, his lyrics are for shock value only, no substance.And don't start me on his delivery.Wak as fuk.2/5

  • msterB

    Glad to hear it was an error... I was really losing hope for this site.

  • Ghost Williams

    I've been an OF fan for a while now, so I'm biased, but this was all around a pretty solid album. If you have the deluxe version the Bonus songs make up for the way the intensity drops off a bit during the second half. 4.5/5

  • RiKo Bladez

    I dont understand why people could hate on these cats..they can all spit n produce..its just kinda left fieldish..may not b ur forte but u gotta give respect 4 goin down a different lane..the 90's will never, ever! be duplicated..just a whole different way of living n thinking back then..all this manufactured material shit like cell phones n dvr's make it easy n spoil this generation, so yeah its hard 2 take em serious when they not using pay phones or video cassetes..but if we were 2 take the good from the bad, OFWGKTA would b a high draft pick..big up 2 them 4 not being followers n being creative..n every1 needs 2 humble n lower their standards kuz 1998 is never coming back!

    • heflys

      I don't get it either. It's like dudes go out of their way to hate on these kids. Funny part is, that's exactly what they want! Haters are always the best publicity.

  • Newme93

    I fucking hate you old heads that hate on anything new . I love the 90's too but it's time to move on . To say this kid is not creative would just be yall hatin . Either way it's a dope album for me . 3/5 .

    • Anonymous

      lol there is so much better new shit coming out than these squids to, Jay Rock, SmokeDZA, Freddie Gibbs, Lamar Kendrick, blaq poet, action bronson. so i dont think its just the old hates that are hatin'... its just the fact that it does not compare to real hip hop that comes from the heart, not from a fucked up mind with a imagination. anyone can sit there and write some fucked up graphic shit, but i guess thats what he has to write about cuz his life clearly lacks substance and meaning.

    • Anonymous

      Amen, and I'm a Hip Hop Pursit. They're crazy innovative. Tyler's smarter than he'd let most of yall believe. Half of the people hating on here are just hating because they're ganering such a huge following now and the other half are most likely fans of Wiz Khalifa, B.O.B., Bruno Mars, or 2DopeBoyz... REAL TALK

  • heflys

    Better HHDX, better. The original score of 2 made no sense, and you fucking know it!

  • Jay.R

    Wow. I do not understand the love some of these newer dudes get. It just amazes me some people listen to this shit and say "yeah this is dope". And I listened to this cd btw.

  • dontgiveafuck.

    3.5 for raekwon shaolin vs wu 4 for tyler the creator WTF ???!!!!! obviously the reviewers in here lost their mind !!!! this shit is worthin maximum a 1/5

  • ps

    weak as hell and again 4 stars .... When i first saw 2 stars i realize "hmm hhdx editors finally found brain" but again i am wrong... 4 stars for this LP "no comment" only reasonable 4 stars in 2011 is for Swollen Members Dagger mouth...

  • Tyler, The Creator

    Yall best stop hatin on my album or I'll slit your throat, vigorously fuck the wound, scoop out the mixture of your neck entrail and my semen, use it as lubricant, fuck your 10 year baby sister's asshole, rape your mom's pussy with a kitchen knife, decapitate her, force your pet puppy to eat her skull while I skin him alive, then watch the entire Saw series on your widescreen plasma TV on mute so I can masturbate to it AND your family's screams of pain. Imma video tape it all too so I can bring it back to my niggas in wolf gang so we can all make love to eachother while watching it on our saturday night fuck parties. GOLF DICK! ER I MEAN WANG!

  • UMAR

    WTF HHDX!? where is 2/5 stupid reviewers


    Whoever is hating on these cats is stupid.....everything you hear is HIP HOP, it has no boundaries.....Ain't no one putting a gun to your head to listen to it.....stick to what you like, and let niggas get they money on what they love.....smh

  • Guest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koN-yF4ySQs Skywalker - Barton Block

  • Guest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkHGBWBciyU&feature=related Street Runna - Barton Block

  • Tyler Scott Bryden

    Some of the shits a little crazy and the tracks are a little drawn out but i thought most of it was dope. Burger, Sandwitches, Goblin and Golden were real nice.

  • Happyflip


  • Ramon SupaSwag Angelo

    Dawg fuk all dis weird rap dude, real talk this shit be killin the image of real hip hop. Dis year is da year of the TRAP rap. Im Still bumpin Flockaveli man cause it aint made jus fo da moment like dis weird shit. Flokaveli dat shit u gon be showin to ya kids 1 day rt. 1 star fo the dickridaz

    • itchTHEscratch

      Year of the trap? Act like you move weight bro lol.. and flocka got nothin but beats, SupaSwag. Hope you keep bumpin it for his sake, that boy gonna need some fans here soon

    • The One

      I'm not much of a fan, but you sir are a faggot, and faggots like dicks in their butt. I happen to have a dick and you just so happen to have a butt, so I am going to force sex on you. That is known as rape my friend, so prepare to be sexually violated by my penis you ignorant ugly punk bitch

  • dreddy

    solid album...not as good as bastard but definitely worth the purchase and more than 2 stars...wtf HHDX?

  • Lucky Seven

    This is classic. These boys got talent and will be in the game years from now. Take notes on how to make a well thought out concept album. It's great.

  • TK

    It's definitely an uneasy listen. A few tracks will leave you with a feeling of discomfort, but overall the album makes a decent attempt at living up to the hype that it was gassed up by. Not a hardcore OFWGKTA fan but I'm into listening to anything interesting that makes me think (minus all the rape crap). Not perfect, not a classic, but it is a decent listen.

  • Dub_Es

    glad they fixed the rating. shit was buggin 4/5 no prob

  • IKnowAlot

    Best shit I've heard in while 5/5

  • Happyflip

    LMAO if fans are gunna love or hate it then why are you giving it 2 stars? It should be atleast 3....


    This type of music is a reaction to all that make believe sugarcoated bullshit turned into hip pop. Hate it or love it this is hip hop.

  • Dead Preist

    I like the energy, the beats, the obvious immaturity and the "don't give a fuck" shit they're on. I like Tyler's gritty voice. I like that they just talk random shit about people. I like weird shit, and it's weird. I could see why alot of people wouldn't like it though too. To each his own.

  • Lol

    Wack album, he suck balls. We got rid of Soulja Boy, but replaced by this clown

    • Suggamatic

      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That guy up there is a faggot. Actually both of them.

    • Onaje Jordan

      amen brother, but i know there is a 16 year old kid somewhere that is playing tribe and black moon and is getting ready to take over.

  • Mayhem

    DX sucks. 4 stars.

    • suggamatic

      Don't worry, when the radio says its okay to like it, and he does featurings with Rhianna, you'll like it just fine.

  • breal

    tyler is a mediocre, repetitive rapper but his beats are good. the only mc worth anyone's time in odd future is earl. earl is/was sick, all of the tracks on his album are mad. i like mellowhype too though. hodgy's got good flow and left brain's beats are as good as tyler's if not better. see: most of yellowwhite, that new song 64.

  • JD

    Shit is tight, fuck the haters

  • Suggamatic

    Oh c'mon DX. I thought you were better than this. 2 stars? its ATLEAST 3.5 objectivly. There's room for improvement, but over all tyler's rapping is good. It may not be "new" but its better than flocka flame, and fucking wiz kilfa. If you want something different, thats outcome isn't based on what some A&R or record producer says, Just listen to this album. it may surprise you.

  • msterB

    Pathetic. Of all the trash you give 3 stars and you hate on this? You wouldn't know interesting music if it slapped you in your fkn face.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly!!!! Hating just for the sake of Hatin on something that has quickly generated "buzz" in Hip-Hop. Real Talk son....

  • K.O.

    I honestly love this album. I don't see where the hate is coming from.

  • Eman PrinceofthePen Evans

    man tyler i like ya shit bro good job

  • Coolin

    Doesn't shock me, doesn't offend me...it just sucks. And contrary to what a lot of people think, this isn't revolutionary. shock value/horrorcore is an old ass trick. While Tyler isn't the worst rapper in the world, he damn sure isn't anything new. There's minimalistic beats, and then there's just random sounds put together that sound like an 8-bit video game soundtrack. This is unfortunately the latter. Certified garbage. Oh, and remember kids, nonconforming is conforming to nonconformity. You're just as bad as anyone else. Think for yourself.

    • AnonymousFaggot

      About as dumb as you for taking the time to think that stupid ass argument up. Go fuck your mom again!

    • Anonymous

      Hey Coolin and CoolinFTW, don't try to be philosophical and shit when you a fucking fool. Im offended because you're a moron who distorted my words.... First of all, Tyler the Creator and Odd Future are not fucking Nonconformist... You an idiot dawg b/c they have a huge following (which automatically means they're not nonconformist). 2nd, Tyler doesn't even like many Underground artists... 3rd, this Nigga specifically told you asswipes not to categorize his music and place it in a fucking Box. Only reason this Nigga being rebellious is because so many of yall critics (and a lot of you are lame Hipsters) feel great about condemning this nigga, his personal life, just because his songs are weird and he likes to vent. People who do this are spiteful, judgmental, miserable, and intolerant. How dumb do you feel right now huh?!

    • CoolinFTW

      That's what I was going for!!!! Almost, but it's cooler if you say faggot cause it sounds meaner LOL

    • Coolin

      Another brilliant joke...you sir are truly original AND rebellious. Tyler would be proud. Here let me try...you are gay. Did I do it right? Am I cool yet?

    • CoolinQueefs


    • Coolin

      ^good one...you are so cool because you can act just like Tyler! keep being a "non-conformist".

    • Coolin is a bitch

      "Doesn't shock me, doesn't offend me...it just sucks." Kinda like your mom, except she also takes it in the ass

    • yesss

      agree with you 100%

  • RacecaR

    I know that most people don’t care anymore and that they are going to curse me out for saying this stuff. No wonder this country is messed up, when people listen to this kind of music with profanity, sexual garbage and violence, they think it is all right. First of all don’t give me that crap about freedom of speech, freedom of speech is not about behaving or acting like this, if the founding fathers who wrote the freedom of speech found out that it would end up like this they would be devastated. When I look at the kids today they all have filthy things coming out of their mouth with no respect for anyone, sleeping around with everyone, no wonder half of them are suffering from STD’s and other sexual diseases. This kind of crap has to stop, again I know you want to curse or beat the hell out of me, but I know that there are still decent people out there who think that this kind of stuff Is wrong and it is wrong. We have taken freedom of speech and threw it in a toilet ball with raw sewage swimming around it. The way society is going the way it is (Lack of respect, STD’s, Violence, Divorces, anything goes and nothing is wrong any more) imagine how bad it is going to be in another 25 years, we have to change our ways and become decent with high morals or this country is going to go down. Again I know most of you reading this don’t give a crap and are laughing at me really hard, but that’s the truth.

    • FU

      What's your degree in? Being a douche on the internet?

    • Anonymous

      Brando, don't continue to make an as out of yourself! What if you believe the Founding Fathers were evil (just as much if not moreso than Tyler)?!! Slaveowners ughhhh....... 80% of them owned other people, except they weren't viewed as such and were treated like cattle. Fuck you Nigga (Brando). And before you try to flame me bitch, I'm a black man with a 4 year University Degree and I'm so not ignorant.

    • Slaverly

      Founding fathers endorsed slaverly...don't put them on a pedestal.

    • Eat a dick

      You should've just stopped after the first sentence, fuck you faggot

  • Brando

    Odd Future is complete trash. Tyler the creator is complete trash. How can any of you bump to this satanic, dark bullshit? hes got some decent lyrics but damn. this shit isnt listenable. his voice ruins it all for me anyway. hope this flops so these guys die off. Not hatin. Theyre doin their thing, and I respect that. its just that their "thing" is garbage "hip-hop".

    • Brandos Vagina

      Now all em does is yell on record and try to cash in on "turning his life around" he sucks the industry's dick harder than anyone now, fuck him

    • Brando

      Eminem is so much better than these clowns. in Em's MM LP, SS LP days, he was spittin shit similar to this. but it was easier to listen to. Ems was satirical. it was funny. he had a VOICE that didnt sound like Darth fucking Vader. he had substance. These clowns are just spittin nonsense and dissin artists left and right for the sake of being "different" and supplying shock value. well theyre not different. this shits been done before, and its been done in a much better manner.

    • Brando eats shit

      You're wrong because alot of people do listen to it, the noise your mom made when I fucked her was unlistenable btw some people like "satanic, dark bullshit" remember d12, early eminem, grave diggaz, brotha lynch, etc. fuck you

    • NA