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Book of David isn't Quik's finest effort; an album reportedly done in quick fashion, doesn't truly live up to Quik standards.

Compton, California’s veteran DJ Quik may say he doesn’t need love on “Fire and Brimstone,” the leadoff cut from his latest album, The Book of David, but he’s certainly garnered much of it through the years. “Critics want to slam me,” he says with conviction, not admitting that he’s actually a critically acclaimed producer/emcee and one who has kept this reputation through the highs and lows of a 20-year career. Two decades in, Quik is still a maestro on the boards. Sadly, however, this album does not live up to the anticipation that has been built up since his last release, 2005’s Trauma.

For years, Quik has been known for crafting heavy head-nodders and crisp cuts that become instant hits. While this album doesn’t showcase a track that stands out like past singles, it’s as clean as it usually is with DJ Quik creations. From the drums on “Fire and Brimstone,” to the keys on “Killer Dope” and “Hydromatic,” Quik maintains his position as a leading producer in Hip Hop, specifically one of the most renowned producers this genre has seen on the Pacific coast. He keeps this going on the “Paul Revere” inspired “Poppin’”. With “So Compton", and “The End,” Quik also shows that he is still capable of creating that laidback sound, typical of Cali-centered tracks of the '90s. All of this gives the album life, something that will always be present when Quik’s involved with the boards.

Still, there are some who will be dismayed by some aspects of the album. While it was touted as a personal record, The Book of David seems to ignore personal issues for the most part. Although there are some glimpses of Quik’s personal strife and battles, it is clear that the album wasn’t written solely about hardship and what was actually written can instead sometimes become trite. For example, he rhymes, “I may never dance to ballet in the ballet, but you just might see me two-step in the Valley,” on “Boogie ‘til You Conk Out.” “Boogie,” is another moment of disappointment. The cut features Ice Cube, but does little to live up to lofty expectations of a Quik/Cube collaboration twenty years in the making. Other collaborations drown the album out as if it belonged to DJ Khaled, not the great DJ Quik.

They say we never stop learning, and after 20 years in the music world, it seems Quik continues to evolve and change his musical tastes and abilities. This album shows glances at a musician who simply does not age in a youth driven culture, a feat that few have been able to claim. The Book of David isn’t Quik’s finest effort; an album reportedly done in quick fashion, doesn’t truly live up to Quik standards. However, it still holds its own in the current field.

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  • Anonymous

    Fuck y'all for hatin on this album man....u guys dnt kno how to review of dope album

  • Lawrence

    This review is bs. With all the crap that comes out nowadays my ears fkin loves The Book of David. Suga Free and DJ Quik's Nobody brings me back to the days of G-Funk. Jon B's voice on Do Today, KK of 2nd II None on So Compton with guitar beat. DJ Quik is the the king of kick it music. Nothing like sittin back, BBQin, drinking a cold one, and listenin to Quik. Nobody can fade this, nobody can do Quik wrong. Fk all the haters, you can keep your whackaz music and Imma keep this.

  • Anonymous

    I luv The Book Of David my favourite song is "Nobody"

  • Anonymous

    Quik is the best music in the world

  • Jason

    This album other than maybe three songs is a total 5 yr wait dissapointment. Theres no excuse when your last album was in 06. Safe and Sound is still the most bangin funky album ever. Trauma was too short of an album and the guest appearances were too scattered. The book of david's production is super-outdated and the track with Bizzy Bone OMG terrible output. Even the track with Cube wow so simplistic its like a track that was leftover from the 90's. Quik really didn't spend enough time with this album. I mean its 2011 dog even the shit you did for Truth Hurts is better than this album. Hydromatic was a dope beat and i like the horns but way too short. The two tracks with Jon B were smooth. I was hungry for more upbeat shit like Sexuality and Dollaz and Sense but instead got a half smooth half outdated album with forced guest appearances.



  • De Vaughn

    DX totally missed the boat on The Book of David.

    • De Vaughn

      Better yet DX, it's disappointing when an indie rock site, Pitchfork, produces a more accurate review of a stellar hip-hop album.

  • projectpatta

    weak album by quik , not feeling it maybe 2 good songs and the rest is filler . he used to be good . 2.5 stars /5

  • K to the Izz O

    So this album isn't "Trauma" because it isn't 2005 it's 2011. If you listen to it more than once it becomes amazing just like any of Quik's previous albums. DJ Quik's evolution, innovation and ability to adapt to modern day music and production technology is unparalleled. DJ Quik is right there with Dr. Dre as 2 of hip hop's shut em down producers. Boogie Till You Conk out Quik! 5 of the biggest stars you can find for "David" baby! K to the Izz O


    wack album , quik hasnt made a good album in a longtime .

  • roryp777

    Quik is the truth!

  • iewwgrewrh

    idk, I liked it A LOT.. 4/5


    weak album , i traded it in . after 2 listens Quik fell off

  • mic

    the worst review on metacritic the aggregate is 81/100

  • look what i read on tech 9 page

    Funny stuff I thought Meechi Dogg retired or in jail or some shit. Last time I saw Meechi Dogg was at a Mac Mall Big Syke concert. But I heard some of his newer stuff on myspace. Now Meechi is the best underground rapper ever. To those who don't know hes the same dude who kick Quik ass in Denver back in the day. That caused Quik to write "just like compton" were he diss Colorado. Oh yeah if you dont know you do now he never went big like those other guys dont know why but I'm surprised to hear Tech and Meechi that shit would be off the hook.

  • Anonymous

    Big quik fan, album is aight , worth buying not his best but not his worst.

  • goblins

    damn dj quik fell off , he used to be dope he hasnt made a good album since the 90's . rhythalism cd

  • goblins

    damn dj quik fell off , he used to be dope . he hasnt made a good album since the 90's . rhythma lism cd

  • Giovanni Funes

    This album is actually really good. If you are a Quik fan you will not be disapointed! Buy it, This is WEST coast! And if you give LIL WAYNE a better review than this you are a dumb person.

  • gutter man

    they erased about 8 of my comments that were not even disrespectful they just basically proved dx is full of shit and crazy subjective and biased and un-professional pseudo journalism laden. SENSITIVE LITTLE FOOLS DONT BELEIVE IN FREE SPEECH. SNAKES!!!

  • Hhdx sucks balls

    Worst music reviewers in hip hop!!!

  • macdre

    album is low on good rhymes , ok on beats dj quik fell off after balance & options he has never been a great rapper . just has some good beats every now & then . that beef with MC Eiht ended his career i think


      You're a fucken idiot! You should work as a journalist for this site! They have tons of idiots working for them!

  • Fossie

    HiphopDx always disrespecting the westcoast!!Bad review of Ice Cube,WC ,DAZ ,Quick only average ,its ashame if you compare these albums wacka Flococka or what the fuck his name his they are all much better!!

  • unda

    This bullshit review is one of the reasons why this is Quik's last album and he's going into film scoring full time. This is a solid project with great production, and sonically it's damn near perfect. The real heads know whats up

  • Joel Chavarria Salcido

    I saw Dj Quik last night in Tempe Clubhouse it was fuckin DOPE ASS FUCK!!! it was worth it. I wish he performed "50 ways".


    I can't believe that you guys have not deleted this review! I'm truly done with your site! for the past month or two I have been reading some of your reviews and opinions and I found that 90 percent of everything you guys write about is bullshit! Fuck DX!!!

  • John Mullins

    a suitable album from a legend in hip-hop

  • Anonymous

    r u fuckin serious??? 3-stars??? this album is the shit! i mean, it may not be DJ Quik's best album in his catalogue, but listening to this album really brought me back to the 90s. unlike every other album released in the 00s and 10s that contained dozens of producers, this one is solely produced by ONE PERSON, which is obviously Quik himself (only one song, Luv of My Life, in that whole album is CO-produced by another person). This really shows that he's always putting his heart into all of his albums. fuck HHDX for giving it a 3-star! it deserves AT LEAST a 4! (i gave it a 5)

  • gutter man

    dx is a nazi run site.

  • Anonymous

    who the hell wrote this review is retarded..have you ever listened to a quik album.. and how old are you? some lil punk that dont know anything about quiks legacy. if your grown and you know what a good quik album sounds like then you def. know this one is him at his best. too many radio heads out there reviewing music they have know business doing.. fucking idiots..5 star album for sure

    • MACK

      Dude I thought it was just me. Funny thing is I stopped reading allhiphop because it was trash. Here they actually have a few good interviews. but the albums reviews are just TRASH. homie they keep erasing all the comments so it doesnt show up as the most talked about albums. this just came out two weeks ago how is it no the most talked about was like 1 day ago had like 100 or so comments now 32?? yeah the moderator is a bitch that probaly got an email form said critic or editor to take some posts down because the critic can't take criticism??? What a fucin kooinky-dinky.

    • Anonymous

      @Mack I've recently had a post erased because i disagreed with a review. Damn shame. What are these moderators butt-hurt little school girls??

    • MACK

      Wow did The site moderator really delete mine and countless others post's, because we stated valid points like that the Critic Andres Vasquez has quoted lyrics wrongly then critized the artist. Heres the excerpt pulled from the article above "Although there are some glimpses of Quik’s personal strife and battles, it is clear that the album wasn’t written solely about hardship and what was actually written can instead sometimes become trite. For example, he rhymes, “I may never dance to ballet in the ballet, but you just might see me two-step in the Valley,” on “Boogie ‘til You Conk Out.” “Boogie,” is another moment of disappointment" The Bar which this no music background having critic (Andres Vasquez) quotes ACTUALLY GOES..." I MAY NEVER DANCE TO BALLET IN THE VALLEY/BUT YOU MIGHT JUST SEE ME TWO STEP IN A RALLY" Either get another job your actually good at, or dont review music when you clearly have no ear to even hear the damn lyrics. #SINGSDXWANTSTOERASEMEEEEE.

  • dx home of reviewers who only listen to mainstream pop radio same hits every 5mins and love it

    Best album since Rhyth-a-lism for sure from quik , start to finish a thumper and well mastered. 4.5 and i'm giving it a 5 on here due to this retarded review by someone who probably doesn't listen to hip hop.

  • chris cool

    "Other collaborations drown the album out as if it belonged to DJ Khaled, not the great DJ Quik" 1st of all there is not one posse cut on the album and secondly have u even listened to a quik album? they always have an abundance of features. you should be fired off that quote alone.

  • musichead

    best album all year....this man is a serious mangod

  • Miles Noe

    These type of reviews is why I stay away from websites like this most of the time! This is probably the best album ive heard in 5 years and it gets a 3 star review. Maybe next time someone who knows classic west coast rap should review the albums, because this guy obviously needs a new job! Keep it up Quik, couldnt have asked for anything more!

  • p. dom

    fuck this bullshit ass review. "The Book Of David" is rock solid on all levels.

  • face

    I really enjoyed this one. Its got some great songs and overall is a very good album. 4 stars for me.

  • Done with DX

    I don't get this site man. Reward shit artists with glowing reviews of their crap albums, and give a great album like this a 3?! The album is not as good as say Safe and Sound sure, but it's his best album since Rhythm-al-ism no doubt about it. The music is all top notch, and the lyrics/ flow are great. Quik is not a super technical MC, but he has a lot of charisma, and he flows nice, especially over his always great production. I say if you are a Quik fan, or like smooth West coast music in general, then you won't be happy with this at all. 4/5 for me...

  • Mood

    review is disrespectful. Dj Quik just do what he do the best, and it is so fucking well done. deserves a good 4, maybe 4.5. I put a 5 anyway.


    I never write a comment but this album is good. classic Quik!!! Hes a legend and doesnt garner the respect he deserves

  • staringredient

    Northern cali loves you Quik!!!

  • Staringredient

    Fuck your fucken review and your fucken opinion on this album ms. vasquez! You dont know shit about real hip hop!!! This album is a CLASSIC!!!! This is exactly what i expect from Quik... Its killing everything out there and your review is the reason the youngsters don't respect the pioneers of this West Coast hip hop! Quik you killed it and i'm not even from LA... Sac town loves you, but you already know that!!!

  • cedrick robinson

    i think its one of his best albums in years. dj quik is very underrated.


    good album , not great . beats are nice , lyrics are average . better than 90 percent of the bullshit thats out now though

  • jacob

    this review sucks! This is by far the best Quik he's made. i forgot this site loves Waka Flocka.


    I just picked this up and it is at least a 4XXXX. I don't know what's up with this site lately...First, they sleep on Curren$y's Pilot Talk 1 & 2 with weak ass reviews...Next, Nicki Minaj's commercial shit gets high praise...and now this. Imma give it a 5XXXXX to balance out this bullshit!

  • James Anthony Gardiner


  • kennyken

    has nice lyrics, but this doesn't hit the spot like Trauma....i thought, coming from Trauma, which was his last album, that this album would have been a "Biggie & Pac" era classic. just didn't live up to the hype. back to the studio quik. even after the "listed" songs go off, about 5-9 minutes later, he has a "hidden" quik's groove on there. and it doesn't really live up to the reputation of the previous groove songs. tighten up my nig! 3/5

  • gutter man

    and im sick of fake reviewers talking about production when they obviously dont know shit about production, composing and mixing. quik is a quadruple threat Composing,producing, mixing and rapping. the shit he pulled of on this is amazing in all 4 of those catagories.

  • gutter man

    holy shit another review fuck up by dx. another injustice inflicted upon an artist and hip hop fans. this shit is getting really stupid with so many reviews being obviously -mad one sided and false. theres only a couple weak joints and maybe some guest appearences that didnt help, but 90 percent of this album is fuckin stellar. YOUR THE ONES LOOKING STUPID DX.

  • shorty no mas

    I would've rathered a Fixxers album than this shit.

  • Master Pee

    I think this is a solid 4 star album maybe even better. The production, creativity and the album overall displays 10x the talent of anyone else in the rap game right now. I think this is his best album since the end of the 90's.

  • Anonymous

    dj quick please stop your old, lame and wack and only your first album is dope.

  • Jugo

    Whack review, solid album. Quik has always been consistent as far as solo albums go.

  • Jeremiah

    Nah. Quik can do way better than this. Still supporting though, after that DX interview.

  • Dark Man X

    I disagree with the reviewer. I for one enjoyed the album. Its a decent outing for the Quik. The production is nice