Wiz Khalifa - Rolling Papers

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Hardcore Taylor Gang fans will be happy to add this to their collection, but if you're expecting another round of Kush & OJ, this album will likely disappoint

At the beginning of, “The Race” Wiz Khalifa casually says, “Yeah, it’s nothing new / ‘Cause this is exactly what I do…” and that essentially serves as his mantra and an example of everything else on Rolling Papers. Much like Deal Or No Deal this album is catchy and melodic—possibly more so than anything else out right now not made by a member of Young Money.

Anyone who listened to his first two albums knows Wiz isn’t the rapper to go to for intricate rhyme patterns or socially conscious subject matter. Much like his elder contributors Snoop Dogg and Too $hort, he does a few select things well and he’s smart enough not to mess up the formula. “Black And Yellow” proved sticking to the script isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In Wiz’s case, what you usually get is an equal amount of rhymes dedicated to women, weed and flossing over smooth production that compliments his laid-back delivery.

While longtime collaborators E Dan and Big Jerm still make their contributions, a majority of the production on Rolling Papers seems like a failed attempt for more Top 40 radio play. Experiments like the Loose Ends sample on “The Kid Frankie” from Kush x OJ are ditched for songs like “Roll Up.” If the hollow basslines and heavy use of synthesizers seem better suited for an R&B singer, it’s probably because Stargate’s production works best with their usual clientele of Rihanna and Ne-Yo not Wiz Khalifa.

Additionally, some of the witty wordplay Wiz has been employing since “Ink My Whole Body” is nowhere to be found. “Hopes And Dreams” finds Wiz using the simplest of A, B, A, B cadences, rhyming, “Buy this drink for you / You said tell the DJ play this song for me / Here’s my number in case you ever need company / Better weed / Tons of drink / Love the way I dress / Let her rub my ink.”

Wiz has a habit of mixing in singing with his rhymes. When properly executed over a beat with some teeth, it’s reminiscent of DJ Quik’s work with 2nd II None. “The Race” and “Star of the Show” are two examples. Wiz shines on songs like “Rooftops” and the Too $hort-assisted “On My Level” because he’s not purposely catering to the charts. Tracks by Jim Jonsin and E Dan incorporate the proper mix of thick basslines, slow tempo and melody to compliment Wiz’s naturally catchy style without sounding soft. When it works, you get flashes of how much Wiz has improved since his early days. A shorter tracklisting would make Rolling Papers at least equal to Wiz’s critically acclaimed 2010 mixtape. But even when he panders to the radio, Wiz’s ability to make singles equally embraced by the corner and the club has improved.

As his 2010 success shows, Wiz Khalifa has grown considerably since his debut. Unfortunately, most of that growth is showcased on radio-friendly attempts to recreate catching lightening in a bottle with “Black And Yellow.” Hardcore Taylor Gang fans will be happy to add this to their collection, but if you’re expecting another round of Kush x OJ, this album will probably disappoint you.


  • MusicFan

    This album had to grow on.

  • Jobe

    I love this album so much the songs that havent been released as singles are much better.

  • Anonymous

    wiz is the best i always jam out 2 mool and the guap reefer party and taylor gang


    i like rolling papers its a album i can always sit down n chill mode n listen to track to track fav song is when im gone

  • DoubleDiamond

    Check It!-------------------------> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jjjdw22g2J0&feature=player_embedded

  • sauriyanna harrison

    i love you a lot

  • bianca bautista

    how much is the rolling papers (wiz khalifa's album) ?

  • Ryan Minkoff

    Very disappointing. This is nothing like he used to sound like. Wiz has officially sold his soul for a little mainstream success. Literally almost every track is another attempt at a lazy, generic, formulated, sing-songy radio single. Can't believe this is all that Wiz could come up with for his major label debut! He has been brainwashed or something. This is the definition of "dumbing it down!!!" The content has been watered down and infested with bubblegum pop music to such an extent that it can barely even be considered a Hip-Hop album.

  • John

    this album is ok. it shows how lazy wiz is...he had to take 2 tracked from his mixtape "half baked" and put them on here. its pretty ridiculous that he would do that instead of recording a couple new ones but some songs are absolutely dope. tgod.

  • Wizzsuckss

    this album sucks its just about smoking weed...broaden your subject matter wiz khalifaggot

  • Brando

    Fuck the haters. Just saw this guy live and the dude is a superstar, best show ive ever seen. album is dope.

  • Green

    This Dude was never good and never will be good.

    • RedP

      Did you listen to his first album, Show and Prove ? That album was dope. Deal or No Deal was ok, Kush & OJ was the shit, but this shit right here... Only one or two good tracks, like When I'm Gone or On My Level, and that's it.

  • Anonymous

    The album is outstanding!!!!!!

  • mickeymaze

    um ima wiz khalifa fan to da fullest n b4 i cud hear da album dere telln me its trash wich i thnk is wrong totally wrong its a very unique album n i really likd it especially no sleep n im good so da rest of u may not lik change but i found it very good n i really dont giv a fuck if u dnt agree wit me

  • hiroller

    I was throughly disappointed with this album idk if it was rushed or what but i wasn't impressed still a fan though hope the sophomore album is better

  • ty

    yo wiz wtz poppin nmy niqqa im tryna to get on the track witcu my niqqa hmu 7577251460

  • Roller

    I know I'm late in all... but that line at the beginning (Hardcore Taylor Gang fans will be happy to add this to their collection, but if you're expecting another round of Kush & OJ, this album will likely disappoint)is totally untrue! Hardcore taylor gang fans are dissapointed by this this is nothing like Wiz. This was for all of those people who jumped on the bandwagon at the stop of 'Black and Yellow' those retards who can only listen to music if it has a catchy tune. Wiz is one of the best rappers alive, but this is a disgrace. To be honest, the first Wiz song I ever heard was 'Swag So Offcial' from Deal or No Deal. But this was at the time Kush and OJ came out. Wiz was making real music at the time and not just putting out stuff to get known. This album was entirely made to get is name out. I listened, but this isn't Wiz. If you want real music, go listen to kush and oj, BAR, or anything he ever put out other than roll up, this album, and black and yellow! Fuck them fake fans who won't listen when he goes back to real music. And fuck them fake fans who jumped on at black and yellow and think they taylor gang! TAYLOR GANG OR FUCK A LION.

  • MGhani

    Rolling Papers is a complete disappointment. There are definitely songs on there that I enjoy but Atlantic completely screwed him over. All they want is money and the don't care what Wiz wants. Fuckin' pigs...

  • Mr. Bean Stock

    This is fire..talkin light this trash on fire cause its shit..

  • Anonymous

    Trash. Made for teenagers

  • Rolling Papers!

    Rolling Papers is the Biz! i dont understand why this album is rated so low. bin listening to Wiz since 2009, no doubt he is talent. A lot of haters, why? maybe because he has made it.

  • quinton Moulton

    this album is a piece of shit. wiz is the lady gaga or rap. any hardcore tyler gang fan since the beginning will throw this shit out

  • Thangx

    Not a Kush & OJ release, but solid 3. Nothin wrong with that.

  • Anonymous

    wiz Qeeefa is garbage 1/5

  • t

    album wasnt that hot i thought wiz had heat?

    • maddogg

      ... Fuck ya'll sayin u wanna hear a real hiphop ... But u all buy mainstream shitzz like youngmoney ... Its funny the ni99a just tryin to sell u say he's a sellout BUT acc. To billboard mainstream is selling verymuch ... Who's fault is that?

  • Hop

    Amazed at how yall don't know the difference between a major release and a mixtape. Major releases are gonna sound more "commercial" cuz THATS WHAT SELLS!! Damn listen to his debut AND his mixtapes. Fuck.

    • CaliKushBlunt

      The Best in the world know how to keep true to their sound, without going commercial. This album sounds like a countdown of pop top 40. Wiz writes pop hooks better than Justin Bieber, praise or hate, you be the judge.

  • A.Jeezie

    This Iz My nigga i fucks wit Wiz but wen i heard the album is smh pretty hard This was such a big disappointment I feel he should have made Kush & OJ his album cuz dat shit BANGS I RATE THIS 2 STARS



  • Andrew Sass

    Quick question. Why are people saying he sold out? Didn't his record lable decide these tracks?

    • Schoolcraft313

      This album is all him (very free-spirited). It is commercially viable but I wouldn't say its straight "commercial" as far as him making an effort to be that way. Some of the album's production sounds like something that The Grouch (Living Legends). Especially with I.D. Labs' production. Demographic of commenter: early 30s, black descent, college-educated, resides within city of Detroit. p.s. I used to be a "hater" too.

  • Andrew Sass

    Def. not the biggest Wiz fan in the world but the album wasn't that bad for commercial garbage. Wish Curren$y would have been on it a little more then just 1 track, but im not his lable. Just needs to get away from Atlantic.

  • Atom

    sucks,expected waaaaaaaaaay more only on my level, black and yellow and then roll up was worth listen 1/5

  • Anonymous

    I'm a Wiz supporter and have been for the past couple of years, but I have to say that I'm disappointed in the direction of this album. Was expecting much more.

  • Hustler

    Not that good, Black & Yellow & Roll Up are nice tho

  • LG

    Haters....roll this album up with that westcaost good

  • Larry Alvarez

    cool album to chill and vibe. nothing crazy, solid mainstream album.

  • ish

    Lilke I said I give it a 3 but that cause I been ridin wit wiz but how can he go from mesmerized and never been even thrown to some da shit he makin now. I mean it was straight but he went too commercial. All the songs on da album can b a radio hit. Thts coo for top 100 but he sellin out. Better drop a mixtape soon

  • Anonymous

    i just listened to prince of the city, and went back and listened to this, and its ridiculous how much he has regressed

  • mal617

    wack. and i like wiz

  • Jonas

    There's a right way and a wrong way to make money. For instance, you wouldn't say to a bartender who's selling to minors "quite hating he's making money."

  • Ryan McDermott

    once again atlantic takes a respectable artist (b.o.b., lupe, wiz) and completely commercializes their shit. i wasn't a big fan of wiz b4 this album and this made me even less of one. shout out to currency for stayin independent and puttin out his own shit, and to lupe for speakin out against his label

    • matty

      thats right i should get off this site, and go on a real site like undergroundhiphop.com this site is filled with mainstream shit that sucks ass. damn, so many young kids hooked on this wack rap shit today, like a crack epidemic.

    • Anonymous

      matty you a stupid motherfucker. get off this site right now

    • Matty

      since when is wiz, b.o.b., or lupe a respectable artist? that like saying lil wayne is the best rapper alive... which would be true if we had a worldwide disaster and he was the last one standing..fuck this shit..throw it in the trash.

  • Neefnix

    the album is cool not great but i fuggs wit it

  • itsKgosi!!

    E Dan and Big Jerm made the best tracks on this album, everything else is just wiz selling out.

  • kj

    Wack albumn, this dude got nothing to do in the game.

  • Snoop

    damn so many haters, wayne goes commericial on all his cds its they gotta make money, thats why they make mixtapes, get yall money up

  • Patrick Misundastood

    he has to be the most overrated piece of shit in my generation

  • Jonel 'Shaq Deisel' Howard

    This album was definitely what I expected, and not what I hoped. I can see why he would choose to let the record label determine what music he can make, but why? He's basically giving up his on-the-rise fanbase for cliche mainstream pop related music. This album is no where near classic if some ignorant fool were to day it is in the comments below. It's not garbage either but it's a true let down. I only like 5 songs off of it: Rooftops,The Race, Star of the Show, On My Level and When I'm Gone (that one grew on me). I agree with Omar when he says that if you're expecting Kush and oj that you'll be disappointed, but man. I think Wiz should either go independent or join a record label that won't make him do hip-pop, like Warner Bros.

  • Evan Peterson

    the most disappointing thing on this cd wasn't the tunes... where the fuck is a Mr. EZ Rider 412 radio skit? C'MON SON!

  • ish

    3/5. He goin commercial. I had to bump it 3 times jus for it to settle in. It kinda like Wayne carter 3. Not what ppl expected but still ok Oh and where johnny at wiz

  • Fish

    a good party album and a couple of absolute bangers on there. Not usually my cup of tea, but im givin this a 5.

  • Djap

    In France, Wiz Khalifa is becoming quiet famous because of his nice tracks. I really thought he was going to create something new (for once) but ... no. This album s***s ! As almost all the new rappers, he finally did a very, very, very commercial album.

  • tylerfrazier13

    amazing. TGOD!

  • Anonymous

    Just wanna know why wiz don't got any johnny julianno stuff on here

  • Ruby

    Wiz sucks so much he makes Rick Ross look good. I couldn't even get through 2 tracks of this trash. 0/5.

  • Christopher Zapf

    I fugs wit it.

  • Will Roe

    True Wiz fans understand what this album is all about and appreciate his varying styles. Who cares if Wiz is on the radio. You grab your Prince of the city... Welcome to pistolvania CD and jam the fuck out then. It is all growth and progress.

    • curt

      I didnt like it UNTIL I Put it on my iPod (which helped w/ thank me later and pfriday also). Its nice ESPECIALLY "Rooftop" real nice song

  • amit

    to be on luck everyday is to get fuck everyday

  • jonnyappleseed

    could of been better

  • rebelv23

    this shit is sick fuck ya haters

  • derek

    how can you say hes "improved" from his early days? his style in flight school, kush x oj, how fly, deal or no deal, is what gave him a fan base in the first place. also you say he sticks to what he does well. one thing he does NOT do well is sing, and he does way too much of it in this album. i found every song but the one feat. too short to be garbage.

  • Anonymous

    Waken Baken COMMERCIAL SHIT! is what WIZ is Making!

  • T.jdaman

    Congratulations on selling 200,000 wiz. Hope you know you sold out your true fan basis with it.

  • Anonymous

    I didn't want to believe the album was bad so i went out and bought it. smh. I'm disappointed cus i know he could've done alot better.

  • the fuckkk

    i wonder how wiz is liking have two songs top 20, right up there with those "great" katy perry and bruno mars songs... smh

  • Anonymous

    This cd was trash in the making he taking that smoking weed shit too far and raping about that shit every fucking song I've been a fan of wiz for awhile his best work is prince of the city 2 kush and oj flight school star power and now cabin fever. But you can say you can't compare mixtapes to albums but show and prove and deal or no deal is better than this shit.wiz made hella money and you can't get mad at that congrats but at the same time we wanted you to keep the music real for all the real taylors ROLLING PAPERS is SUCK ASS CD

  • Riq

    Its a dope Cd .. the first Cd ive ever went to the store to actually support the artist but its not TOUCHIN his mixtapes sayin tht some of the songs have been out for months now and i wish there would have been more tracks but he did what he had to do and i still bump that shyt but needless to say his mainstream side came out.

  • Anonymous

    J.cole and kendrick lamar niggaz

  • Anonymous

    Trash I was really let down

  • Ali

    Good album but nothing beats Kush and Orange Juice but still amazing album TGOD you know ita the gang or kill yourself Taylor Gang or jump off a fucking mountain biiiiiatch

  • J riley

    This dude wiz went extra soft on this album, from the soft ass pop music, to that gay blond hair, Wiz fell off hard. I'm glad he made it I won't hate on that, but this album was a big letdown to his REAL fans, not you black n yellow lovers. Taylor gang Or buy Rolling Papers...

  • Anonymous

    this shit sucks balls....lol...

  • kushsushi

    w.t.f too mainstream,very dissapointed but i fucks with Wiz still....maybe next time!!!

  • AssasinatedByMainStream

    Your done Wiz, main stream killed you. what is this ish.. Its not about the music for you anymore, its about being top 40. I deleted this in like 5 minutes

    • cj

      I didnt like it UNTIL I Put it on my iPod (which helped w/ thank me later and pfriday also). Its nice ESPECIALLY "Rooftop"

    • Chico

      all yall niggas is dumb...dis shit is fire..get ya mind right..wiz is growin up, he aint gonna rap the same way he rapped on kush an oj an b.a.r.s..obviously none of yall are real music fans or u would appreciate the greatness of this cd..he went mainstream an still makes bangers an hard ass music an he's still doin Wiz, an thats all that matters..he aint gonna sit here an rap for the same people thats been listen'n to it for years, he already has there ear why would he do that? hes tryn to expand his franchise an thats exactly what he's doin..this album is fire..dont listen to it if u dont like it obviously he aint make it for u

  • RadioCantHearU

    Cabin Fever was released 2 months prior and blows Rolling papers out of the water. I just got done listening to Wiz Khalifa’s “Rolling Papers” and I am at a loss…………..Only three words come to mind…… “What the FUCK!” read more at: http://radiocanthearu.blogspot.com/2011/03/rolling-papers-in-stores-nowto-bad-wiz.html

    • chico

      cabin fever is def. a better combination of songs..but its a mix tape, not a album..u cant even compare to the two..mix tapes are for the real listeners, albums are for the reg. public..two different mind sets, two different music compilations, two different styles..thats just how it goes..it seems ta me like yall just a bunch of young ass white boys that dont know what hip hop is..go listen to solja boy

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck gave it a perfect 5!!?? lmao I've been down wit Wiz for a while now but that doesn't mean dat I think everything he does is a success. People need to stop dick riding or else his music is gonna start sucking cus nobody is telling him to step it up. Real fans appreciate good music but recognize bad decisions and I myself a REAL fan not a dick rider. Get a life groupies

  • Anonymous

    Hey you can't be good all the time. I bet you his next album will be way better

  • lilpistolstarter

    My high expectations were not met. Maybe i set dem to high?? idk..

  • Wiley

    Yeah it was different but not bad....Wish their were some bass bangers, go hard type songs on the album though..

  • Anonymous

    this was gay cabin fever is wayy better

  • Nillzz

    Yo Wiz completely switched up on us. Fuck this album. Kush & OJ 2 please

  • entiregg

    expected much more. it was like listening to one long song for me.

  • PigBrain

    Despite this bullshit review and all the haters Wiz will still go platinum. WINNING!!!

  • Anonymous

    ima taylor forever mayne but wiz really went B.O.B on us for this album

  • Life Accordin to DUTCH


  • Life Accordin To Dutch


  • G

    wiz doing his thing, as long as he's getting paper

  • Mikeda1

    I used to think Wiz could do no wrong. But this album is not his best work at all.

  • Jordan D

    Ive been a fan since the Prince of the City 2 days so this album is the hugest disappointment. its good to see wiz finally make it out the underground but not if hes gunna be makin purely pop sounding radio friendly songs.

  • Too Flyyy

    I actually bought it and it's a big disappoitment. Maybe next time he'll do better



  • Jorge

    Wiz is one of the most overrated rappers i've seen in a while. His lyrics are elementary which makes sense why so many one-minded people (mainly bandwagon ridden teens) like him. Your first album is supposed to be your best because it represents what you're about...guess Wiz is all about selling out

    • Jorge

      @Alberto You're right I'd completely forgotten about his first two albums but still this is his first majorly distributed record. But in contrast to what you said selling out is not the next step in an artist's carreer. Look at Outkast, Kanye, and Eminem all stayed true to who they were from the start. In the end it's all opinion so it doesn't really matter

    • Anonymous

      Nobody is gonna care about wiz in a year or two so it doesn't even matter. Fads come and go...dis dick riding niggas need to hop off. Lyrics suck, beats are sick but that has nothing to do with him, mentality equals that of a 16 year old. Taylor Gang or Die??? I'd rather die

    • fcukmainstream

      THANK YOU ALBERTO! Nicely said.

    • Alberto

      This isn't his first album. His first studio album was Show and Prove and his second was Deal or no Deal which both had amazing songs in it that were his own unique kind of style. I recommend you listen to his first albums and mixtapes to learn what Wiz is all about. Unless you're like a lot of those bandwagon teens who mostly focus on his most recent work (Rolling Papers). Wiz did what any other 'new' artist would of done to get famous and 'blow-up'. He was signed to Atlantic and they focus on making hits for the radio, or mainstream. Keep that in mind. This album is still Wiz, just another side of him. #TaylorGangOrDie

  • WIlmington Horse

    Wiz has been puttin out free ish for years. he does everything for his fans. #RealTaylorsBuyTheAlbum



  • mufucka

    wtf y was this hyped as album of the year lol more like biggest flop in years

  • Jordan Masciorini

    Review is spot on. Wiz needs to get back in the studio with familiar producers like Johnny Juliani Ski Beatz, Jerm, etc. to get his underground following back.

  • Anonymous?

    i think the 3 stars was a pitty rating cause the album cover is so cool

  • Anonymous

    The guy has the same flow on nearly every song and raps about the same thing. For the record I have no problem when rappers rap about women and weed and shit but not almost every song. Even the songs that seem like he's gonna rap about something with a little depth he goes to weed, money and women. This album is just another album to be honest. I don't the big deal with this guy

  • Desperado

    wiz cant rap for shit, he is the leader of the new age rap thats comin out right now...we thought the south was going to kill hip hop but now its painfully obvious that these new kids like wiz gonna destroy it

    • Huey newt

      Get the fuck outta here!!!! The quality of music on this album is of a caliber that hiphop hasn't seen since the fuckin 90's.. All y'all on here talkin shit about my nigga obviously dnt kno shit about music. Keep doin ya thang Wiz... They all talkin the same shit they was talkin when u were underground. "All he raps about is weed" and "his beats and music are just weird"... Shut the fuck up!! Hiphop is gonna die and u bitches is gonna kill it if u keep denying real music... Taylor gang or fuck a bitch with AIDS!!!

  • Anonymous

    lol fuck stupid big lipped jizz kweef-a he always did suck and always will suck

    • Anonymous

      howaaa bout you shut up, you stupid fuck you obvisouly don't know shit about hip hop wizzzzzz is amazing. so suck my dick.

  • Ghostface

    I aint listening to this bullshit...This nigga aint trying to grow tits this year.

  • Mega

    Yea, Wiz went backwards with this bullshit. Its so wack and far from hiphop Im used to, that I went and bought Raekwon: Shaoling vs Wu, two more times. This shit is so psuedo pop, I actually put in some REAL pop music, just to combat this poor attempt and POPRAP! Wiz you should have warned us, How you gonna hit us with Waken Bake, then bait us into this Rollin Paper bullshit. SMDH! This shit is so wack.....

  • Ryan Technotic Whitelaw

    I think it's clear here that this record is mainly pure byproduct of the higher-ups at Atlantic wanting another pop-rap album that will top the charts. Ultimately, that's what they got because it's Atlantic. If this album was on any different major label, we'd have Kush & OJ 2 or something better. Regardless, I'm a Wiz Khalifa fan, so I still like the album. When I'm Gone is a fantastic song.

  • Uncle Russie

    I Don't Know Why Ppl Expect Wiz To Be Jay Z. Lyrical Or Not, I Think He Proved Himself To Be A Relavant Force In Hip Hop. And Yes, I Said "Hip Hop". Let'em Live. If You Fucked Wit'em Before, I Don't See A Reason Not To Now.

  • Joe Dawg

    Album sucks mad dick.

  • Anonymous

    he is forever gone now.. too commercial!!! album is a 3 at best, wiz was sick but now is just the average pop artist

  • rg

    3.5 at least. there were a couple bangers on there. at least he didnt have half the album full of features. rOLLING PAPERS... WHAT ELSE WERE U EXPECTING!

  • Anonymous

    ehhhh expected more

  • Anonymous

    The CD is Ass!!!!!!!

  • Bubu K

    Dissapointment... all those raw mixtapes led up to this :/.

  • Aizzle

    Edit: forgot about Deal or no deal. Its still Price of the city 2> Show and Prove > Star Power > KxOJ >Deal or no Deal> Pistolvania > Burn after rolling>>>>>>>> Rolling Papers. How Fly doesn't count as a wiz album its a mixtape by Curren$y and Wiz.

  • aizzle

    The album as abosolute ass man, the worst album/mixtape i've ever heard from Wiz. Its still Price of the city 2> Show and Prove > Star Power > KxOJ > Pistolvania > Burn after rolling>>>>>>>> Rolling Papers. The ablum is absolute shit, get off his dick he fell off OD hard.

  • ItsTheTruth

    This aint a album that you listen to when you wanna hear crazy metaphors and punchlines and what not. It's an album to listen to when you just wanna chill, or just light up to some music. And in that category, its great music. Wiz aint like these fake rappers like rick ross and shit, some say all he talks about ia weed but hes keepin it real and still doin his thing, not bein fake. Sick beats on the album and wiz got some clever melodies. Like i said, hes not on lupe's or J cole's or slaughterhouse's level lyrically, but it's a different type of album to listen to when you wanna get in that chill mood, so appreciate the music for what it is.

  • G-man

    goin to pick this up first day

  • moto724


  • Eezay

    he didnt say "Yeeeeeeeaaa Biiiitch" not one time...fuck is up??

  • D-don

    i fucks with wiz. he says i look like vera Donnis from "Bronson Getaway pt.2" That nigga look like Jar Jar fom star wars hahaha i love you tho nigga. ahaha tackyass nigger.

  • DJ

    To be honest Kush X OJ sounded like an album. I have Rolling Papers and I really like it but I was kind of thrown-off at times on the album. Kush X Oj was the best project Wiz created. Half of those songs would have been acheived at least moderatate success on the charts. No doubt Rolling Papers still goes hard. It will sell at least 250k first week.

  • Anonymous

    he did his thang he ddnt really burn out da album

  • JT

    album is sick as fuck. yall will hate on anything popular just cuz it blew up. all the shit on this album aint much different than any of wiz other shit. You aint gonna get a kush and OJ album, cuz this aint a mixtape. besides, wiz has had a radio sound his whole career. and for all all sayin that Cabin Fever is better than this, gtfo. Cabin Fever was ok, but it was a bored sounding Wiz over shitty, redundant Lex Luger beats. Alot this shit on Rolling Papers is classic Wiz, yall just dont understand.

  • Anonymous

    album is nice as fuck. yall that are hatin are fuckin lames that hate on anything new and popular. get the fuck outta here. wiz has had a pop sound his whole career, and hes changed his sound slightly throughout his career. Say Yeah. This Plane. Boarding Pass. Make It Hot. All classic Wiz, all pop-sounding songs, but theyre all dope as fuck. They would fit perfectly on this album. I heard half this album at a ton of college parties last night. its just good shit, whether u smokin, chillin, drinkin, ridin, or whatever. enjoy good music.

  • Anonymous

    I dont understand how yall dont understand the difference between a MIXTAPE and a MAJOR. If you expected it to sound like Kush and OJ then well you just dont understand how the game works. Get over it.

  • beachboyva

    very commercial. but still somewhat appealing. not a good follow up to kush and orange juice or cabin fever.

  • Grant Hroch

    its not as bad as people are saying

  • nano

    wiz is wack and fake this is not real hip hop

  • Joja

    Can somebody tell, how this album, where a guy talks just about "women, weed and flossing" get 3 stars. And, he does it without any special flow or what so ever. Lupe got 2,5 for Lasers, although tracks like "beautiful lasers" or "all black everything" are better than this whole album. I mean, what does Wiz better than Lupe? I understand that Lasers is very shitty compared to Food and Liquor and the cool, but he should be measured compared to the other albums out right now and not just according to his potential. This is fucked up...

    • jd4

      My thoughts exactly. Lasers is so much better than anything on this album. Just because F&L and the Cool were classics doesnt mean Lasers sucks. It's just less amazing but still good. 2.5 stars my ass when this shit gets 3.

    • smg...

      exactly...this site is bullshit...LUPE FIASCO BLOWS WIZ OUT OF THE WATER...NO QUESTION...Lupe may have had some commercial beats on his album but his verses were still fire with good flow and subject matter...Wiz is boring as fuck talking about weed and bitches over and over...and Wiz gets a higher score?? IDK if hophopdx is being paid or if they're just retarded

  • Marco313

    I have heard everything out from Wiz since his first mixtapes too this album and this will not dissapoint any of his true fans! think about it he only has two features on Rolling Papers, Wiz is the hottest thing out in the rap game right now, he could have had any1 he wanted too on this cd but he stayed true too Taylor Gang an put out what he felt was him. Wiz i give you props the cd will wear on all of you. TAYLOR GANGGG

  • Anonymous

    its a dope album. fags on here hate when guys get famous, regardless of how hot the album is. guys blow up and people say they sold out. its people like you queers that are killin hip hop

  • AT Feezy

    I hate rap these days, how do you fall off before your official debut?

  • austin

    hardest shit comming out

  • realmusic

    Sounds like a flushing toilette - full of shit.

  • sever246

    The album was definitely made with pop radio in mind. With that said it is still a really solid album. Like the review said if you are a fan of wiz you will like the album if you're not you will not like it.

  • Steven Ireland

    I agree with this review but I'm still giving the album 5 stars. The main reason why is that I just like rappers that have melody and most of the bullshit that comes out now n days is sooo fucking predictable it's not even funny. Japanese rapper AK-69 came out with godly album recently and honestly I haven't been able to listen to any American hip hop album because nothing has come close to how great that album is. So RP will keep me busy until SOUL'd OUT comes back.

  • *Hot PepPer StEPer*

    Ah nah man things it wasnt what I expected from wiz but I'll still buy the album no matter what .I dont think yall should hate on this its just something new from wiz,I mean we all have to try something new at least once in our lifes i *guess* but what ever the situation is and how bad or disapointing it is just know it was some mix from wiz.Its Taylor gang or die

  • G5

    I'm sorry but Wiz let Atlantic fuck with his shit on this and I know yall Taylors agree with me because this is not what we wanted from Wiz. I wanted Kush & OJ, Flight School type shit. This. This shit right here.... Is an attempt to go pop and hop out the lane Wiz swore he wouldn't leave. I can't figure out if I'm more pissed about him selling us a dream or him letting Atlantic fuck with his sound. Either way no one that is real with themselves could honestly say this shit is dope. I will still support and buy the album cause I consider myself Taylor'd but this ain't the Wiz I wanted. Curren$y don't let em do it to you dog.

    • HyyerStandards

      I completely agree with you G5. I think he sold out major to get this record out. This isn't that Pittsburgh Sound shit, this isn't that Cabin Fever shit, this isn't even Say Yeah shit. I'm hopin' he's going pop just to get his name in the game, then hopefully his sophomore album will be a bit more gritty and get back to the roots, but I'm not holding my breath. Spitta gonna hold onto his dream though, I sense passion in him. Curren$y new album comin 'soon.

    • acc04

      Haha... "Atlantic fucked with shit..." sounds like a Lupe excuse. Obviously, he's just another dude to add to the list of rappers that are WILLING to go pop for record sales. It's business, but it ain't good music.

  • c red

    this album is pretty good ill prob pick it up but that yelawolf album is what im really lookin for im still bumpin that 0-60 that album is fire strait threw better than rollin papers

  • Anonymous

    fuck all ya lames, all the songs on the album are perfect for radio play. except like 4 . hott album i have listened threw the whole thing bout 20times today is firee.

  • the finishline

    Big disappointment! I was anticipating this for a minute. I guess stardom has its consequences, better luck sophmore LP Wiz.

    • Evan

      you do know this is his third album right? Show and Prove was the first, and Deal or No Deal would be his sophomore effort... nice try tho

  • shorenz

    Dissapointing except a couple of tracks but more than 50% of the album is old shit.


    Fucking Dissapointment... Save us J. Cole im counting on you.. Cole World

  • wiz is garbage

    im in the 412 area and all i gotta say is wiz is pure garbage



  • StrictlyHipHop

    1 star not even that 0 stars bigkrit the retunof4eva a fucking mixtape on monday will shit on this faggot

  • Vain Brown

    so basically this albums a bust lmfaooo

  • Naz

    They rated this album higher than Lupe's Lasers, WTF ? Hip Hop Dx is losing all their credibility

    • fat american

      +1 this shit is 1/2 star from actual artist inegrity. the reviewers getting nickels for spreading their bullshit. you're worse then the source! fucking 1 star cause this dude is straight wack beans

  • Anonymous

    this album is pretty dope

  • Joey Ogoley

    I could have given a much better review on this shit. This guy is talking about his other albums, yet they weren't his next best stuff. B.A.R., Flight School, Star Power, all better than his two previous albums, not to mention that he actually used to have good ass lyrics that this guy thinks were never existent. I'm sure this guy thinks he's a legendary hip hop head, and he probably knows more than me in general. But stay in your lane, you clearly don't know about Wiz's whole career, which you need to know in order to compare his new stuff to his old.

    • Joey Ogoley

      Yeah this isn't as good as his old tapes, but i'm just trying to make a point.

    • Ye Lin

      UMass representing I see

    • G5

      Dog Rolling Papers is nothing like anything we knew about Wiz from Day 1 when he was just rapping about being from the tough streets of Pitt to Day 2 when Curren$y put him on to weed rap to Day 3 of this bullshit. I ain't blaiming Wiz cause I think this is Atlantic fucking with him so it's still Taylor gang or die but this ain't the Wiz we know. His albums never sounded like his mix-tapes but this is just way off.

    • JetSet716

      I been listening to Wiz since Prince of the city and Rolling Papers is nothing compared to any of his past work, or any of his mixtapes

  • Anonymous

    seem like this nigga sold out already


      nikka what u think? you think that blonde streak in his hair was his idea this album is pure sell out garbage and this nikka talks like he want to harvard fukin pussy ass biytch

  • Papa Don

    these are the artist yall endorse to be public figures and they cant even make a good album if there life depended on it

  • 94

    big disappoint, i'm stickin to kush & oj and cabin fever

    • Anonymous

      You're kidding right?. Cabin fever sucks haha.. I'd rather listen to Rolling Papers than Cabin Fever.. But I'd rather listen to Kush & Orange Juice, Flight School, Deal Or No Deal, etc. before I listen to Rolling Papers..

  • ps

    Bad, beats like 80's disco show, lyrics about all the same Weed, champagne, fancy hotels, clubs, hoes 1,5 / 5 Weak as hell

  • Anonymous

    Half his songs on this album are old songs that were already out. And the rest of them straight up suck and lack any talent. Wiz is better then this album. Dont be fooled by this I believe wiz will get his stuff together and make a better album in the future. This album is at least better than that soulja boy crap. Taylor Gang Or die

    • Vain Brown

      no hes whack...once u sign to certain record labels u have to meet there demands and make songs for the radio....and once he did that he lost his credibility ...simple

  • Aria Nejati-Heshmati

    Pretty good shot for his first major... still he could have done a couple of more skillful tracks... 4/5


    I'm totally agree with this review. Wiz may not be the best rapper but I can't help but like him. And that's why he's better on a mixtape than an album; he's at a best on a free, fuck it, talking shit mixtape. That's it.

  • Anonymous

    i personally like it, reviews pretty spot on tho

  • fuck wiz

    wack, no skillz, no flow, no substance. just bullshit rap!!!!!

    • Moe Cash

      Co-sign Agreed - but remember, Artist these days ain't the same caliber as back in the days, especially in Hip-Hop. The struggle ain't the same, so the standards are lower. Nowadays, they all sign deals to get that Paper, but none of them- or very few MC/Rappers- actually sign in order to deliver exceptional albums that exceed all their fanbase's expectations. The industry KILLS creativity and stifles originality... at the end of the day, all the Records Label CEOs and shareholders care about is....... $$$$$$$ - Sex, Drugs and Materialism apparently are the Big Sellers nowadays.

  • Robert Smith

    First let me say Wiz got mad skillz so he will be around 4 a long time but this album could have been better NO it should have been better it's 14 tracks on the album & only 5 of them are hot i'll give it 3 stars cause the 5 songs i like are so good it let me know that Wiz can do better

  • defstorm

    this album has some heat on it wiz is doin his thing u know what it is black & yellow

  • ciph3r

    if ur a taylor gang groupie this shits for u =] but if u have a brain as far as 'real rap' goes... not so much

    • NJ

      I'm actually with anon, Hip Hop is my life, deep and clever this is certainly not but if you just wanna chuck something on in the background then this serves the purpose, surely you weren't expecting intelligent and meaningful rhymes when you listened to this LP?

    • Anonymous

      i like real rap and i still like to chill out to wizes music, so stfu

  • rodney

    I think a 3/5 is spot on.

  • deepsta

    An amazing album. Rolling up a doodbie to this is like sex

  • Anonymous

    Imma still cop this album despite this lame review. This is a MAJOR DEBUT RELEASE so if you're expecting Kush and O.J. you're kidding yourself. Mixtapes are mixtapes, debuts are debuts. Totally different things. Watch him still go platinum.

  • Alex J Lewis

    atlantic artist what u expect wiz had to do radio songs just liek lupe had to do the show goes on for lasers :/


    Fair review this time,maybe even overrated

  • rocketgirl

    Have any of ya’ll heard of the artist Vee? He sounds like a mix between Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y. Check him out! His DJ Drama hosted mixtape is coming in April, check it out here: http://on.fb.me/gso7Ey. You can get a free download of his song “Killing A Ghost” here: killinaghost.viinyl.com. Let me know what you think!

  • CaliKushBlunt

    I'll still give this nigga a shot on his first major.