WC - Revenge Of The Barracuda

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"Beneath the pile of Khaki, chronic and Chuck Taylor, WC is merely keeping an over-the-hill-gangster-rap flame ablaze."

Conceptually, any album that proclaims to be the “revenge” of anything is tasked with proving something to misled listeners. Although born in Texas, William L. Calhoun Jr., known to the rap world as WC, has been releasing testaments to the West Coast rap scene since the late 1980s. Indeed, the Barracuda (or Skip Skip) has done his fair share of proving. Built in a time “before the tight clothes and mascara” rap, the 40-year- old MC dropped his first solo album since 2007’s Guilty by Affiliation earlier this week.

Revenge of The Barracuda, Dub’s 4th solo studio album, showcases him as solo as he’s ever been. Most tellingly, the Lench Mob/ Big Swang/E1 Entertainment independent release is in stark contrast with his last record in term’s of the frequency of Ice Cube features. Cube and WC have remained close even after Mac 10 dipped from the trio’s former Westside Connection collective. With over half of the tracks on his last album having Ice Cube in tow, the former NWA spitter makes only one appearance this time around. The same song, “You Know Me,” expectedly turns out to take top track honors. A mesmerizing hook bangs out an attitude early, over a palm-tree-breezing, switch- slapping, tickle-me-West instrumental. Here, Cube helps remind the world who’s in charge of the OGs of G-Funk, “I’m the president, you just a resident/ in my gangsta world, and you late with the fuckin’ rent.” Meanwhile, Dub’s “on the 110 with Dickies to my knees,” enchanted in South Los Angeles sag-swag. It’s West Coast #winning at it’s finest.

Where Ice Cube’s hands were all over Guilty By Affiliation, there are almost entirely off this project. GBA’s Snoop, The Game and Butch Cassidy, were replaced by Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, Maylay, Bad Lucc, Soopafly and a curious Juvenile feature on the project’s biggest head-scratcher. A largely small-name production team (namely Hallway Productionz and Jah Zilla), does its part to cleanly arrange the Barracuda’s bang-bang backdrops ready to be lyrically Crip-waltzed on. This leaves the success or failure of the album up almost entirely up to WC.

“A branch off the same tree as Pac and Eazy,” he chooses wisely to stick to his guns. “100% Legit” rides a murky sample of Eazy E’s “Still Talkin,’” for what becomes the album’s strongest hook, and arranges a tonal-shifting “dirty as a piss test” delivery. On “Reality Show,” he takes us on a lyrical East-West-South playful flyby of Hip Hop happenings around the country. In a lot of ways, the assertion of this release is that WC is willing to wager that listeners will reward his loyalty to creating vintage West Coast music. “Stayed true, never sold out, kept it tight y’all/ Now I’m hearing bitch motherfuckers wanna write me off/ Nobody feeling him I guess so/ Catch you niggas in the line at my next show,” WC testifies on “Walking In My Taylors.” These mostly- accurate stabs at G-Funk hymns do their part to enact the Barracuda’s mission.

Conversely, “That’s What I’m Talking About” and its’ accompanying chimey-jingle sees the “bandana dangler” attempting social media-related threats, “Facebook gangsters/ I put faces on obituaries.” There’s something outrageously unsettling about associating any gangster rapper with a technology flavor-of-the-month. Yet it’s “Hustla” featuring Juvenile that turns out to be the most unlike Skip Skip. Aside from the boarder auto- tuney Dion-laden hook, the redundant theme and sparkly, spacey beat is flat-out too shiny to fit snug among the company of the album. It also has to be one of the worst hustler-anthems in recent memory. The congested, “D Boy” is the most narrative batch of lyrics, but they only establish a faux-sentimental try at an introspective spell of prison- punished bad luck. Album order seems a bit of an afterthought. The placement of the last four tracks is especially lazy.

These shortcomings beg the question about whether or not WC can deliver a full offering without more assistance. Time will tell if the "Bow Down" and "Terrorist Threats" moments were the most noteworthy notches of Dub’s particular interpretation of West Coast Gangsta Rap. Don’t get it twisted, WC played a major role in the G Funk era, especially during its resurgence at the turn of century, as a member of Westside Connection. The self-proclaimed “Westside Defendant,” lives up to his title, but perhaps in a way that was only just nostalgic enough. Beneath the pile of Khaki, chronic and Chuck Taylor, WC is merely keeping an over-the-hill-gangster-rap flame ablaze. For most listeners, that isn’t proof enough to deem a revenge of any kind successful.


  • jason

    This album is either equal or a tad weaker than Guilty by Affiliation. But not lyrically by any means. Im talking west coast production wise i liked the beats on Guilty a tad more. Lyrically this album is grade A and i think WC is the last of the west coast pioneers to still keep it street with no help from mainstream vets. The song with Juvenile amazingly is hard as hell and works nice. I only wish Frontline made it to the album. Was that a freestyle or written cause holy shit that was fire!!! Whoever wrote this review is obviously only a Westside Connection fan not a WC fan and thats the same thing as being a Gangstas Paradise fan but not liking Coolio. lol

  • Anonymous

    This album is better than guilt by affiliation top to botom. and WC has acutally imporved immensley as a lyracist. Beats bang in the whip too. solid effort by WC.

  • Mr FoulStyles

    BULLSHIT!!! This is exactly the problem. Yall keep tryin ta act as if you know what WEST COAST music really is. This aint GANGSTA RAP, this right is straight up that WEST COAST underground GANG BANG music! This shit is the album of the year so far.. Bar none. This is that PRE G-FUNK shit (wit a twist of course).. This is that OG music. That LYNCH MOB imprint got heat.. This is "EXACTLY WHAT THE COAST NEEDED!" THAT REAL 'GANG BANG' MUSIC. & I agree, lose the juvie traq & slap that SPITTIN VERSES on it & its a wrap! This what the coast is about homie. 100% so cal sound & content. This is how you BANG on fools! DUBB C kept it 100.. "UP OUT THE DOUBLE 0's"... Know ya music homie.. This IS NOT GANGSTA RAP!!! This right here is that frontline "GANG BANG" music!!!!!

  • Bobby D

    Sorry, just not hearing it.

  • Ivan Grgona

    where can I download it???

  • BWS-Fish

    I'm pretty sure all you fags who have a problem with Dub bein 40 dont have a single word to say about any member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg, Eminem or Jay-Z. So STFU cock suckers.

  • fossie

    "He lacks the ability to take control of a song and put his stamp on it .!Yo Nico get your 12years old ass outta here!!About who the fuck you are talkin about?Fuckin retarted bitch!


    5stars that album is the bomb. better than half the sh$# out there now including Lil Wayne tired played out self along with Rick Ross fax a$$ gangbangers


    I hate Dub C so much, fucking old ass nigger. Fat piece of black crap, i hope he dies. but still gotta give him this, his album is top notch fuck that nigger though. KKK for life bitch


    This is a 4* it's a good album

  • Nico 3

    No better or worse than I Am The West was. Has some decent beats. Now if only WC could step his lyrical game up. He lacks the ability to take control of a song and put his stamp on it.

  • cardan


  • spacedaz

    you know me & walkin in my taylors bangin'

  • Hopit

    What a huge disappointment after Guilty By Affiliation. You Know Me is the best track on the album, and even that track isn't that great. And can somebody please explain why Juvenile is on a WC album? Anyway, WC, ask Butch Cassidy (and/or Nate Dogg if he's healthy) and Snoop Dogg for your new album please. And more features from Ice Cube! Plus buy better beats. Some hard west coast bangers, and some laid back.

  • Fossie

    WC and Mc Ren together on one album or mc ren instead of Mack 10 in westsideconnection =hardcore !!!!........real niggazz don´t die......

  • JohnnyBlaze

    not as good as Guilty By Affiliation but still an excellent album. Bangs from start to finish, one of the best albums I heard so far this year.

  • first degree

    One of the bigger disappointments so far this year.

  • P-Status

    Hands down -- the album is a banger. WC is just doing what he does, takin a stand. Speakin on what he feels the rap game has become. Watered down, fly by night acts that corporate labels pimp for every dollar they can. They say the truth hurts -- WC puttin it out there!

  • p.dom

    Four out of five. Either you rock with WC or you don't. don't let the crip walkin' fool you, dude is a real emcee regardless of how old he is. Good music is good music, period. Cut that ageism bullshit out.

  • mobbdeepeiht

    Gangsta rap isnt dead , wtf you clowns listen to bullshit like lil wayne , rick ross and dip set and call that gangsta and hood ? NOT . NEW MC EIHT 2011 - WHERE U GOIN 2 """

  • Dee-One

    WC more than handles his own.. I agree about the last 4 songs.. But this is the best WC delivery in a long time.. Solid album. Just shouldn't have done a Bonus Tracks version..

  • SlyWun253

    WEST UP! Dwyer don't know sh@t!

  • MamaSaidWhat?

    3 stars? smh. Shit's banging, start to finish.

  • Christian Schicke

    Westcoast for life!fuck the haterz!

  • Anonymous


  • Ozler

    He remains California's most representative MC and this project does prove it!

  • sleeper

    i give it 4/5 stars great album WC is 100

  • Anonymous

    correct 3 stars. i mean come on this dude is done 40 years old and rapping about gangsta shit?????? Get a life!

    • 05-02

      You must be from the burbs...U dont know any 40year old gangsters? Why are you even leaving a comment...too much time on your hands. Go sit by your backyard pool and eat some grapes kiddo.

  • player

    3 stars? are you kiddin' me? This album is fantastic! Tracks like "What's good", "You Know Me", "That's What I'm Talking About" or "Walking In My Taylors" are absolutely amazing. This album is 100% pure WestCoast. The Best album in this year at the moment. 4,5/5 will be appropriate.