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"Nostalgic fans that rejoiced when the 'Sound of da Police' makers' full-length collabo was announced may be a bit thrown off by the results."

Taking in the present day’s infatuation with fantasy sports, it’s easy to create similar propositions in Hip Hop. A full album with just The Notorious B.I.G. and DJ Premier would have been interesting, for example. Perhaps Nas rhymes over Ant beats would work well, too. For some, that’s the kind of album we’re getting as KRS-One links up with Show (f/k/a Showbiz) to present their latest project, Godsville. The Boogie Down Productions emcee with a D.I.T.C. rep? What’s not to like there? Unfortunately, as the NBA’s Miami Heat are currently showing, dealing with a rough few games of late, sometimes things don’t always pan out for big collaborations.

It’s interesting that Godsville starts off with a soundbyte from Jay-Z. He comes to mind because, despite “aging” in Hip Hop, he hasn’t shown any signs of this, dropping ageless bars and hits of late. The same has not always been true for KRS and it shows on this album as well. Few can debate against KRS and Showbiz being legendary, but The Teacha sometimes drops the mic on this project. For instance, KRS unleashes dated references (“I got a special delivery like G-Dep”) that just make the album have an older feel to it, in a negative way. He also gets repetitive at times. For instance, he rhymes “handling biz” three times in three songs. Beyond all of that, he also showcases mediocre punchlines that seem forced (“One blast will leave y’all freckle-faced, measles”).

It’s not always lackluster, however. “Show Power” is an example of that as he demonstrates the kind of skill that has earned him respect for decades. “I’m not through with you, reusable, lyrically irrefutable, to some of y’all, KRS is new to you.” He then flexes this again on “The Truth,” rhyming, “I write about the spirit that is the lyric it gives experiences to kids before they do bids.” In this case, teach on, Teacha.

Showbiz provides great tracks to let KRS shine (or falter). The smooth and melodic “This Flow” is a highlight for Show as the piano keys and sampled hook create a vintage feel that sounds engaging, proving that going back in time isn’t always a bad thing. The same can be said for the head-nodder titled “Running in the Dark,” which lets KRS have a platform that suits him well as he advises us to, “Remember the dark makes you stronger, the light makes you comfortable.” The greatness of A.G.'s longtime bandmate here as that he sometimes carries the album, allowing it to be heard despite inconsistency on the mic. For example, Showbiz provides the mellow “Another Day,” which bangs despite the repetitive rhymes KRS drops there. The chemistry is sometimes may be off, but overall, they make an interesting duo, if nothing else.

Nostalgic fans that rejoiced when the "Sound of da Police" makers' full-length collaboration was announced may be a bit thrown off by this album, but they shouldn’t be too down on it. While the disc provides some major flaws, it’s still worth a listen for any D.I.T.C. supporter or any KRS fan, for that matter. This disc will certainly not draw to many new fans, but it will give loyalists an album to bump, despite some of its pitfalls. Sure, it’s not the fantasy collaboration many hoped for, but if nothing else, it reminds fans of timeless joints and gives everyone the chance to revisit true classics.


  • mceiht

    some good jams , some weak ones 3 stars

  • gutter man

    show been killin em since runaway slave. krs is still relevent. album is a little weak it jsut feels incomplete and makeshift overall.but has a few really dope moments and is worth multiple listens. only an EP, a couple weak beats (sorry show).

  • Brood

    All Showbizz beats are dope.

  • jlive

    Oh yea, what's wrong with the reviewer complaining about one or two lines. If you're going to be that thorough then do it for everyone, not just the artist you have a bias against off jump, you maggot. smh

  • j

    KRS just got too lazy with his rhymes. He spread himself too thin trying to keep up with the times where everyone puts out an album of some sort every six months. He needs to go back to no more than one album a year. He shows flashes of his past greatness but that's it because, again, he's putting out too much material. He needs to put all his hot rhymes and ideas together on one album and toss the rest like he used to. I totally disagree about the beats on this album they were all very average or well below average. KRS shined way more than Show did.

  • poshen1

    telling krs1 to stop flowin is like telling a preacher to stop praying, he's a messenger, a prophet who taught alot of us about this crooked industry, on how to eat right, how to live right,real facts in history that your school teachers wont and will not teach you let alone mention, alot of rappers bit and still bite off of him till this day, so he must be doing something right, oh i know what it is, KEEPING IT REAL....

  • Ewusi Kitson

    grate music spit out

  • Ak'Nel

    When KRS records he actually brings several old rhyme books with him that are full to the brim of unused fire verses; that is probably why some of the references are a little dated. But fuck it i listen to nineties shit i don't bump soldja boy so i wouldnt understand any references to that type of shit anyway. I would give this 4 stars but seeing as the average eminem release on this site routinely gets a perfect score i will give this one a 10.

  • Joshua El-Tigre Padilla

    Pleae KRS-One Give It Up are The Most OverRated Rapper Of All Time.... You Scuk Nigga

  • AG

    weak album and same boring lyrics as ever. krs is always repeating himself with every album he makes.

  • disappointed

    KRS One face it you are to old! Please retire old man. We know that you are a legend and shit but you are getting boring!


    What if Showbiz gave KRS some of his old beats that he never used from the 90's...ya know, sort of like what his cohort BUCKWILD did for CELPH-TITLED...would those beats overshadow the mediocre lyrics from KRS? I think so...

  • buckeyewu

    Best MC of all time. Not his best album but I can listen to KRS all day regardless. Just another 4/5 to add to my discography. However, I would have rather seen an Showbiz and AG album. These beats have AG written all over them.

  • DJJJ

    Krs-One is still the man. I would rather hear Krs preach about the same truth all day than listen to any other rapper talk about his liquor,weed,guns and money. As long as Krs is trying to spread messages and the truth I am all for it!!! TEACH ON BLASTMASTER! 5/5! -DOPE BEATS by Showbiz too!

  • frustrated

    KRS-One has become a joke. The only verse he's made in last 5 years that took any thought was "Classic" Show should've given these beats to somebody iller.

  • Archie Archibald

    hiphopbaby76 krs one is what i listen to all the time. it's good to see guys from my era still making music, i love hearing their ryhmes now cause they more mature in their flow n delivery. THE REAL HIPHOP IS OVER HERE 5 STARS

  • Anonymous

    there are some really nice songs on this album, not what i expected, but it grew on me

  • ASEE

    4-Stars. This album really grew on me. I thought that KRS's True-Master collab record was one of the best of last year (with the exception of the plethora of skits). I understand the 3-star review though, I mean the album is barely 30-min long. I would definitely recommend it though. "Legendary" is easily one of the greatest feel-good tracks in the past decade. I love "Improve Myself" and "Another Day" too. Solid release.

  • The MG

    "One blast will leave ya'll freckle-faced, measles" SMH, not him too.

  • Segwick n cedar

    this is not a 1-star album. However, i am deeply disappointed too. Show was basically retired for a lot of years. to get him back meant a lot to me. KRS made another thoughtless album in the booth, and the response will probably make Show wait another 10 years to make an album. I think a 3 is fair. I love supporting DITC Records releases, but I'd rather an album from the Ghetto Dwellas than this.

  • Dissapointed

    FIRST!!! as well

  • Dissapointed

    Lasers was a 1 Star Album This is also a 1 Star Album I guess this means Slaughterhouse is about to put out a 1 Star Album