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Although love is the obviously dominant theme in Last Train to Paris, the whole London-to-Paris journey gets lost in translation.

Diddy is a lifetime subscriber to experimentation. Name changes, bands on TV, and what some would argue to be the go-to beverage of 2010: Ciroc vodka. While he was busy rolling out new flavors of firewaters, apparently he was busy cooking up a concept album as well. Last Train to Paris grabs Dirty Money and supposedly follows Diddy’s alter ego through a cross-country Euro trip chasing love.  

Although love is the obviously dominant theme in Last Train to Paris, the whole London-to-Paris journey gets lost in translation. This is just one of few disconnects that plagues Last Train to Paris. With a concept album not strong in concept, it doesn’t help that other things don’t make much sense either. Take the Swizz Beatz-produced “Ass On the Floor,” for example. Besides Swizz irritatingly repeating the words over the hook, the rest of the song has nothing to do with getting asses on the floors of clubs, rather it’s just a song about the painful side of love. This same disconnect happens on the Rick Ross-assisted “Angels,” also featuring Notorious B.I.G. Ross is on his typical “bawse” schtick, dropping bars such as “The last train to Paris / Wheels look like a ferris / You jewelers should be embarrassed / Rick the ruler my moola produce the karats / Let’s bow our heads / I gave you something to cherish.” But what does that have to do with a relationship where love has vanished, or a resurrected Biggie verse? Diddy’s concept isn’t so conceptually sound, and it doesn’t help when the elements that make the whole are equally as confusing.  

Not surprisingly, the two main singles that have already hit the charts are the standouts of the album, in the form of “Hello Good Morning” featuring T.I. and “Loving You No More” featuring Drake. T.I. shines on the former while Diddy lays down his best verse on the entire album, and Dirty Money and Drake steal the show on the latter single. In fact, the female vocalists of Dirty Money (Dawn Richard and Kalenna Harper) carry the weight on most of Last Train to Paris. Fortunately, Diddy’s verses are sparse, and give the ladies time to shine. Their vocals are strong, and mesh well with the equally as strong and creatively edgy production efforts from producers such as Danja, Polow da Don, Mario Winans, and more.  

However, the poorly executed concept and subpar lyrical performance from Diddy don’t lift Last Train to Paris beyond mediocre status. Bars such as, “Are we living in vain? / Are we living in pain? / Girl, remember my name / And whatever remains / After we walk on white sand, let’s travel in style / Just wanna see you happy and smile / I can change your life in one flight lets take off tonight, come on… as evidenced on “I Hate That You Love Me” are far from impressive, especially when other features on the project (such as Usher, Lil Wayne, and Chris Brown) come through and do an amazing job. Overall, it feels like Last Train to Paris will be an album more tailored to the Pop scene, rather than the Hip Hop audience.


  • Young

    Last Train To Paris is a slow-motion train wreck. Diddy at his worst because most songs are either poorly written or poorly executed.

  • Luzh

    To be honest, I think that as much as we complain about the state of Hip-Hop, R&B today is in a far worse situation. Besides Trey Songz that traditional R&B/Hip-hop sound is dead. Usher, Ciara, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown etc. have found some success by abandoning the traditional R&B sound in favour of the more pop sounds of eurodance. I personally hate the direction that these artists are taking R&B and was saddened by the news that Diddy was going the same route. He even named his album “Last Train To Paris” in order to make the connection to the European sound even more apparent. So, it was surprising that the first single off the album, ‘Angels’, was a slow jam rooted in hip-hop. Complete with an overused sample and a rehashed Notorious B.I.G. verse. As surprising as its departure from the Euro sound was the biggest shock was Diddy’s autotune croon. Initially the track didn’t go down well but after hearing Lupe Fiasco’s freestyle over that beat I sold. Rick Ross who joined the party later on then also came and killed it. A slew of singles followed but they failed to catch on until Diddy released the monster, ‘Hello, Good Morning’. It was a dance track but there was nothing Eurotrash about it. The same was true about ‘Ass on the Floor’ which is not as catchy as ‘Hello, Good Morning’ but it did set the scene for Diddy’s own brand of R&B/Dance. Having heard the entire album, I think that Diddy is on to something here. LTTP sounds like nothing out there right now, it‘s closest sonic companion is actually Diddy’s underrated classic Press Play. The inclusion of Dirty Money means that Diddy can pretty much put aside his singing ambitions and focus on rapping. Like its predecessors LTTP plays like a compilation album with Diddy-Dirty Money playing conductors. As a result their limited abilities do not get in the way of the enjoyment. There is a cohesion in the sound and themes which means that the ever changing cast of features are not disruptive (think Dr Dre albums). Although this is not the concept album that Diddy promised it is still designed to be enjoyed from start to finish in one sitting (Something which is desperately missing from the current R&B scene). The criticisms about Diddy’s rapping will not go away, however that limitation does not seem to stop Dr Dre from releasing classics. This guy knows how to piece together an album and that is why I keep coming back. He also manage to buck the trends which is what makes this album special. Hate it or love it; just check it out!

  • Pcole

    lovely songs on the album

  • Jessany

    I Thought i was great! Amazing collaborations and the songs are all amazing! Its not just 2 or 3 hits and the rest of the album is boring like normal albums today... every song I can picture having great success behind them

  • Eminemfan

    Diddy's approach on last train to paris Late 2009: start hyping up album April 2010: relese first single off album December 2010: relese album Overall success of album: FAYUL

  • Sanele

    Diddy lost it somewhere I dont know where. This is definitely not a hip hop album (pop @ its best). I love Diddy but he lost focus on this project.

  • honestly

    Rapper Rule #1. Must write your own raps.

  • XO

    I am not a Diddy fan when it comes to his music but when it comes to his Business ventures dudes a genius http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlO6DMay_CY Check out Kiddupstairs.com Be apart of something greater

  • HÃ¥vard Krosby

    best album of december

  • asheberstov

    Best Diddy album

  • jDOT

    Diddy has never been able to rap so why people are surprised is BEYOND me. Nevertheless, some heat tracks (more or less the two noted in the review). This album is weak, like seven days (and my joke, lol).

    • jodeeB

      lol that was a weak joke but it made me laugh. u right tho. i dont think were we supposed to expect some 5 star shyt. atleast in my opinion

  • Fuzzbubble

    Hey Puffy!!! What happened to our fucking rock album that was supposed to come out??? You fucking gayboy! We had to "circus seal" BJ you and your staff and we still didn't get nothing but that lame "All About The Benjamins" rock remix!!!! FUCK YOU!!!

  • Anonymous

    agree with the review. album gets lost in the middle onwards and the beats get straight weird and not really what they were supposed to be

  • MP

    In a Simon Cowell voice, "Absolute Rubbish".

  • Don Don

    You u suckers are full of shit. listen again homos

  • Its Um

    I've just listen to the album on myspace and it does diserved a 3, it wasn't that bad the singers and a few rappers really help a somewhat shitty song sound much better, also think you hated on drake too much and clouded your judgement and he should have gotten a 3. All because you hate the flow the beat was well made most of the time.


    Cant front the album does get lost in the concept but the shit is still banging!!! its probably cuz of the features..Usher,T.I.,Drake,Songz and Chris Brown but who cares the production is top notch, the songs are on point and its on some futuristic love shit. something yung L.A. couldn't deliver on lol


    itz eazy for diddy when u got that illuminati money backin u

    • Controverse

      when did they start giving computers to homeless people? don't you people hang out in time square and yell at sinners?

  • #hatersRfunny

    get off this page if yall hatin..dont be mad yall aint gettin cake and this black man is

  • Jugo

    Sorry haters but for what this album is, its not bad. If you are expecting lyricism from Diddy like the reviewer is, than you do not know hip-hop. The beats are in some cases experimental, but they get the job done. This was not meant to be a straight up rap album. Call it what you will, hip-pop, hip-hop electronica, but it works. Diddy was not expected to dominate the album. Dawn, Kalenna, and the guests are. Great job by Diddy and company. 5 stars.

    • MP

      Why are you anonymously talkin' shit, Puff? lol. Puff is an abomination to music. This frontin' ass-clown should become a full-time movie actor. That's the only way I can tolerate him [sort of]. The "Dirty Money" girls, I actually like [because they have talent], But Puff is lame. It's that simple...

    • Anonymous

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    • RedMoney

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  • Red Cafe

    yo Diddy i'm your newest member but what about my album?

  • LOX

    we are glad that we left Bad Boy. Puffy jerked us for our money and we had to make poprap music. Back then we felt like some gay ass rappers but now we are back and hardcore again

  • Mase

    I'm glad that i found god because your are the devil diddy. Please diddy stop making music because this is the most horrible badboy album ever.

  • Mr Cee

    yo Diddy i still waiting for my royalties from ready To Die! Holla at me?

  • Craig Mack

    Yo son your album is garbage. remember when you said in 94 that you only wanted to make real hiphop shit and look at you now. You went with Xzibit to a gayclub, selling lipstick and clothes.

  • G Dep

    yo fuck diddy! Because of you i started smoking crack and look at me now????

  • Hammer

    That stuff's hot man!! Don't listen to those others. You and me man, we can have it all! I slaughtered Jay-Z, now I'm on to bigger and better things, and I wanna take you with me. Is Kwame still rapping? I think I'm gonna diss him next. Or maybe he can join us... I don't wanna mess with a cat with his kind of lyrical prowess.. You're Dirty Money, I got no money.. together.. we can be "No Dirty Money"... Can you see it? can you see it? I do brother!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, the usual arguments against Diddy, most are just hate with no merit.. Fact is if this album was from anyone else, it would be four stars or higher. So he can’t rap, but neither can Kid Cudi. I see him more as a hip-hop Quincy Jones/arranger than a rapper/producer Funny how people always diss him for cheating artists, when he’s made more stars than Jay-Z, 50 or any other rap mogul (whose copied his blueprint, including Jay-Z), but people seem to not mention that.

    • MP

      Of course that's "Diddy" typing that bullshit. Who else is going to give him props but himself? It'd be all foul negative shit about him on here otherwise...

    • Anonymous

      same could be said for black rob and and g-dep who didn't want to leave the streets. J Cole, olivia, sa-ra, glc, etc never even released albims. j-cole can't even get a verse from jay and he's on his label! lol

    • ^

      And what are they all doing now? they're all irrelevant. All those people got fucked up by Diddy. Bleek, Beans and the rest of them.. They didn't want to leave that street lifestyle, Jay decided to stop holding their hands and let them lay in the bed they made. Kanye dwarfs everyone you just mentioned. J Cole is beast in the making, and Jay-Z just got his hands on Jay Electronica.. Once Puff establishes his artists, he leaves them to fall off.. They don't have longevity.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^ 112-most sucessful group of 00' Mase-platinum Carl Thomas-platinum and gold Faith-platinum and gold Black Rob-platinum Loon-gold Shyne-gold Where are bleek, beans, amil, hot rod, spider loc, glc, sa-ra, young gunz, rell, christon, olivia...etc.

    • Is this Diddy typing that bullshit up there?

      He made more stars than anyone? Like who? Besides Biggie... Where's Craig Mack? Where's 112? Where's Shyne? Faith? G-Dep? Black Rob? Irrelevant, Irrelevant, Outta here, no one cares, prison, gone...

    • Wagwan

      Well said. It sure isn't the best album of 2010; but neither were any of the other albums mentioned in the comments! It's a highly creative album from a just-as-much disliked artist. And this, unfortunately shows in the commesnts and will probably show in the album sales. Its unfortunate, quite frankly.

  • Wagwan

    Not bad. Obviously not on a par with all the other underrated quality hip hop albums out there that came out this year eg. good gracious, 1982, 100 proof. But I think its unfair to say that the whole album isn't good. There are a few good tracks that deserve some recognition and i think it's safe to say that it isn't down to Diddy's contribution to the song! For example: shades and yesterday are definately on my playlist Not the best album of 2010 but i'd give it at least a 3/5 :D

  • Fossie

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  • Shyne

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  • Ma$e

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  • Loon

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  • suge knight

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  • suge knight

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  • junior mafia

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  • cassie

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  • 112

    yo, since all the other ex bad boy artists finally speaking out about diddy, we may as well jump on the band-wagon. he was threatening to drop us once our sales declined, but we still had one album left on the contract! he'd already screwed us out of our money so there was nothing to bribe him him......untill he suggested that we let him butt fuck us after studio sessions (wile 'big poppa' played in the background. we were reluctant but we had no choice, gotta get that paper man, thats when we decided to make hot and wet. that faggot diddy should do time for man rape. ask busta rhymes (or xhibit - we get them mixed up) about diddy! diddy took one of em to a faggot club with superhead! that homo like hairy man anus!

  • Lil Cease

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  • Christopher Wallace

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    • Black Rob

      you said it right Christopher. He also did nothing but rape your music instead of giving the fans some unreleased tracks from you. he is still getting your money. i wish they would shoot this arogant prick.

  • 718rob

    I actually thought this would be good. #wrong.

  • Shyne

    this is the worst album in the history of music. Stop making music diddy! Go cheat your artist out of money and sell some lipstick bitch

    • Pssshhh


  • Biggie

    if this is a popalbum why rating it Hiphopdx? is it bad because it's not a rapalbum or is it bad because it's a popalbum.

  • Biggie

    worst album of the decade

  • Anonymous

    worst album of the year

  • ASEE

    shit is shit. terrible.

  • David Nyambi

    Fair review, fair rating. This album has about 2 songs that are ready for radio play, and that's about it. Sorry Diddy, but this is another poor offering from you.

  • the.watcher

    Downloaded this shit a month ago, listened through once and deleted it from my pc. Glad I didn't buy this bullshit.

  • omg

    WTF...DX ya givin dis album 2 1/2?smh..it surely deserves a 1 1/2..diddy should just stay of the map with his weak lines n punches..hes tryin to hard to sell this album cause he knows its not goin anywhere

  • trae

    DX is so fuckin biased. If its hot, its hot. no matter which genre. Shit was dope. Tell DX to hire different critics, they forever fuckin up a review

    • trae

      LOOK! everybody knows Diddy cant rap. big fuckin' deal!!! Hes been in the game for almost 20 years and he still cant rap. All i'm saying is that the production was on point, mixing was on point, songs were good. Every "hip-hop" album ain't gotta be the same. the album is not traditional hip hop but it had hip hop elements. respect it for what its worth. He listened to "808's and Heartbreak" and got inspired. As for DX, they will give a no name back pack rapper a good rating but have biased, more stricter view towards more established rappers. The production and mixing was good.. the records were good.. the album had flow.. that alone should have got 3 1/2 stars alone. Just because its "HIP HOP DX" doesn't mean the critics gotta be biased towards music. Thats like BET being mad at Justin Timberlake because hes white.. If its hot, its hot.. if its not them give some insight on why its not hot, don't be ignorant about it... Yall motherfuckers hate on Drake and Wayne too... Not ma favorite rappers but give them niggas some credit

    • Yo Trae

      This site ain't just called DX.. It's called HIP HOP DX. What the fuck is hip-hop about this shit? Abso-fucking-lutely nothing!!! And it's given a low rating because: 1) It sucks monkey ass 2) Diddy's roots are in hiop-hop but he's just doing garbage ass pop.. It ain't even "pop" Hip hop like used to do.. Like, the shit his label dropped back in the day wasn't "pop", but it WAS popular hip-hop.. This shit tho.. this is just generic shit that any mother fucker can make. This is "quick buck" music...

    • G

      either that or go back to out of 10 stars. every album has a 3.5 rating or some bull shit ass rating.