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Waka Flocka Flame may not be breaking any new ground with his debut 'Flockaveli', but he'll sure have you banging your head.

Like Waka Flocka Flame’s entire career thus far, listeners will either love or completely detest his debut album Flockaveli. The Brick Squad sensation is a testament to the dichotomy in Hip Hop that has existed ever since Diddy put on a shiny suit. In one breath, Flocka’s music is entertainment for entertainment’s sake: that chanting nonsensical ranting over thumping beats that can make a keg party come to life. On the other hand, Waka Flocka Flame is merely a piece in the growing problem with Hip Hop as it pushes forward as a mainstream dominant force. Flockaveli stands in the middle of those two worlds – which can be considered a step up from a rapper whose debut singles “Hard In Da Paint" and “O Let’s Do It" left him as the punchline in a viral video about Shawt Bus Shawties.

On the album’s opening “Bustin’ At Em" , the gun cocks and clips swirl around Flocka’s repetition of “Bow! Bow! Bow! Bow!” and “Waka! Waka! Waka! Waka!” In fact, most of Waka’s album relies on incessant chanting, like on “TTG (Trained To Go)” where Yo Gotti and a bunch of others use “shawty” more times than necessary. Add that to “Grove St. Party” with Kebo Gotti where “It’s a party” is shouted on loop, and your vocabulary is whittled down to five words once Flockaveli is finished.

There are some decent high points on Flockaveli that move it past “guilty pleasure” and into “club-ready” territory. “Bang” with YG Hootie and Slim Dunkin use “bang” like it’s a mantra, but the dark beat combined with Waka’s husky vocals transform the track into something of an early Three 6 Mafia joint. Roscoe Dash and Wale check in on “No Hands” and add just enough balance to make the track more like Rap-A-Lot over “please stop rapping.” “For My Dawgs” sounds like it could easily have been slipped into DMX’s catalog unnoticed, which is a compliment. The biggest problem is that Waka Flocka Flame’s “style” is more of an amalgam of the same type of music throughout Hip Hop’s history, making him even less of an individual commodity. Anybody can ideally do what he’s doing, but his manufactured persona has somehow set him apart; which is a feat.

The world understands by now that Waka Flocka Flame isn’t a lyricist by any stretch of the imagination, yet has a seat at the table just like any other rapper out. Flockaveli may be Waka Flocka’s entry into Slap Rap entertainer territory a la Lil Jon. It’s also possible this was his attention grabber for something bigger and better in the future. Remember when people thought Cash Money and No Limit Records were leading to Hip Hop’s demise? Well, Lil Wayne came out of that debate, so anything is possible. 


  • MusicFan

    This is his best project. I give 5/5 because he deserves it

  • waka


  • Haha

    I laugh at all you stupid ass hipsters claiming this isn't real hip hop. ALL HIP HOP IS REAL HIP HOP.

  • king eric

    i just heard a song from waka called folk love aint that man supposed to be a blood?...of im not mistaken he claims blood and thats under the 5???....this mans a flake..straight up...so is wayne thO??...im from chicago so i know the deal!!

  • owensnilloc

    Waka is improving, I think he just jumped out head first and is learning the game, I personally didnt like the album but his mixtapes shows improvement.

  • access123

    FUCK U HIP HOP DX FOR CALLING THIS HIPHOP!!!!!!! 2 and a half stars wtf lol r u kidding r u saying this is on a scale with lupe lasers lupe is hip hop this is wack rap FUCK U HIP HOP DX FOR LIKING RAPPERS LIKE GUCCI MANE AND WAKA FLOCKA !!!!!!!!! FUCK U

  • liljoker

    even flocka said he aint lyrical so hate all yall what one best albums of the year WAKA!

    • RealHipHop

      you mean the worst albums of the year? the only good thing about this album is the beats, THAT'S IT!! this shit isn't even worth stealing. listen to some talib kweili or wiz kalifa

  • RealHipHop

    WORST ALBUM EVER!! This shit's nothing but a bunch of screaming and hollering over some dope beats. Waka Flocka has NO talent at ALL! He can't rap. The only song I liked off of this album was No Hands, but that's because of Roscoe Dash and Wale. I would only like that song if Waka wasn't on it. This shitpile of an album and Waka Flocka were overhyped and are over-rated. I'd take Soulja Boy's simple-ass pop songs over this. And this motherfucker has the NERVE to name this album "Flockaveli," after Tupac Shakur, a.k.a. the Don Makaveli, a.k.a. the greatest and most influencial hip-hop artist/MC of ALL TIME, when everyone, including himself, knows that Waka Flocka lack the talents of an MC. This is a complete insult to not only the hip-hop community, but the entire MUSIC community. That would've been like Justin Bieber naming his next album "Thriller" from Michael Jackson. Tupac is rolling in his grave right now thanks to this bullshit.

  • Parker Capps

    Not the smartest or most creative album out there. The simplicity makes the album seem raw. This guy will take a gun over creativeness thats for sure but I like it

  • royalll

    2 1/2 stars are u fuckin kiddin me im sorry but this is straight garage he has no lyrical OR musical ability nd hes stupid as fuck.. Sorry cant get on bored with that rating

  • BJ

    Waka Flocka's debut album Flockaveli is by no means breaking new ground in Hip Hop. His simple rhymes and beats that sound similar throughout the entire album, leave the listener wondering how much time did the man actually spend making this album. MCs have the privilege to tell the world all of there thoughts and Mr. Flocka opts to show that he doesn’t think about much. Its one thing to make southern club rap but this album is taking all the bad things about the genre and rolling them up in one. It’s not too much to ask for a rapper to actually rhyme I’m not looking for talib kwali lyrics just not rhyming every word with nigga or shawty. It is impossible to give it a score lower than one star because after listening to the album I have found my self mumbling lyrics, so he must be doing something right. However due to the simplistic rhymes and word play, which make lil john and maybe even soulja boy seem like wordsmiths I can’t rate it very high. Throughout the album the beats all tend to run together and honestly I couldn’t tell them apart afterward. The choruses are annoying and repetitive examples include yelling fuck da club up or yelling his name and record label. Like I said earlier he is not breaking any new ground but after a few drinks waka may convert you listener beware. Cons Over simplistic rhymes, repetitive beats, and sometimes he over butchers the English language to still fail to rhyme. Pros He knows his name and what sound a gun makes and he will leave even the most conscious Hip Hop fan yelling BOW and FLOCKA when no one is looking

  • afjaf

    Please go kill yourself and do us all a favor in this world.

  • sunshine

    what a fuckin flame strikes again

  • Yaowah

    .......Is this a comedy album?

  • D!z

    I shouldnt even gave this a rating but when I saw the 2/5 stars I said "OH HELL NO!

  • il do che

    dis nigga need to shoot himself in da foot to understand the pain my ears go thru when I hear his shit... wack cunts like this are corroding hip hop.. i don't even want to bitch about it... ' Tony.. Shoot this piece shit'

  • Lovely Dorightnkilleverything Johnson


  • Tom Kinnebrew

    This dude should drop everything in his name after "Wak" because that's all he is. The fact that people will buy this album makes me so very sad.

  • sfafafbx

    ill give it a 2 for No Hands lol

  • A-Train Charlie

    I've been a hip hop head since 1992. Im 27 years old. I ride the train 90 minutes each way to work and listen to pretty much every thing new that I possibly can, I try to give everything a try and I can honestly say that this is unequivicly the WOSRT ALBUM I HAVE HEARD IN MY LIFE! This guy is the worst thing to happen to hip hop in my lifetime. I think I would rather listen to an hour of edited Uncle Murder interviews!! I can not believe that great hip hop websites that have been at the fore-front of new ground breaking artist would even give this "artist" 3 seconds of your time. pushing assholes like this down our throats is what brought the SOURCE to its demise (Made Men / Benzino situation). Im giving this one start beacsue -5 was not an option.

  • Bvbvbvbv

    "18 people gave it a perfect five." I feel sorry for them.

  • BraveHeart

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeak as fuck!! dude suck ass

  • Theo Odoemene

    this song is dope http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtWJ3RT3wfY

  • jroc

    dude wack as fuck dude dun rap all he do is make noise he aint lyrical how df he git a deal newayz

  • TheRapBox

    This shit is fucking disrespectful to the genre I love so deeply. As if this "Waka Flaka Flame" is calling himself hip hop... He is worse then most pop stars now adays.. and to use the title hip hop?? Fuck you.

  • shawarma

    trassshhh. not gonna lie, i liked "No Hands", but that's because it appeared on Wale's new tape and that's my fave tape of all time. The rest of the album. Shit.

  • paco

    wack wack wack wack wack wack wack wack you should feel stupid after listeing to this trash.

  • clown

    whaaaat...NEW MIXTAPE! www.datpiff.com/Mic_Heist_Scene_Of_The_Crime.m160412.html

  • Ronnie Butler

    bruh this bit go too hard in the paint....straight crunk music

  • D-Rell

    Anybody who likes this is a clown....this is awful

  • Beace

    This dude is a clown....garbage

  • 757 MaYne

    TUFF! TUFF! TUFF!... this cd is just raw energy, it make you wanna go2 the club and fuck sumbody up lol... O leh Do et

  • Anonymous

    ** I meant to say 13 year olds..

  • Anonymous

    I know 13 who rap better than these clowns that come out these days seriously. I jus really don't fuckin understand this shit. I don't even acknowledge these fools like waka, soulja boy, birdman, young money, gucci or none of them. talentless

  • Pazman

    some good songs on here to my surprise, i give it a 3/5

  • Anonymous

    His name is: Waka Flocka Flam His album is called: Flockaveli If you take this shit seriously, get your head examined.


    GARBAGE ,CORNY ,LAME AND RETARDED RAPPER WHO BUYS THIS BULLSHIT ? fake rappers today like waka flocka . mainstream rap is GARBAGE . 0 stars WACK ALBUM

  • C-Mo Money

    head azz, this iz w/o a doubt tha hardest album of dis year. I even bought the Eminem album (which wuz dope) but aint shit fuckin wit Flockaveli. And fo all deez square azz, nerd-azz, bloggin azz niggas who say Flocka aint lyrical, well tell me this. Was 50 cent lyrical? Or DMX, or Ma$e, or Black Rob, or Method Man, or Pimp C ( R.I.P 2 the realest) or Snoop Dogg, or Dr.Dre, or MC Hammer????? FUCK NO!!! So shut the fuck up

    • Bitch I'm These Streets

      WAKA WAKA WAKA FLOCKA FLOCKA FLOCKA WAKA WAKA! I could dis all niiiiite!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Could you please use a sentence without the phrase "faggot bitch azz niggas?" You sound like a fourth grader who just found out that cursing is cool. Show some intelligence (which I doubt you have)and state your views in a respectful manner. If not, just go and turn on your Soulja Boy, Waka Flocka, and Aaron Carter records and keep telling yourself this is real hip hop.

    • bizi

      C-Mo I don't agree with you but that's besides the point. ==> is spelled git ==> get sum ==> some n ==> and azz ==> ass iz ==> is u ==> you cuz ==> because wuznt ==> wasn't ( oh yeah Run-DMC and all them 80s niggaz wuznt lyrical too). should be all of those 80's niggaz weren't lyrical either Peace and Love C-Mo and good luck passing third grade this year.

    • C-Mo Money

      Wow! u assholes should git sum lubricant n butt fuck each other, faggot bitch azz nigga. Flockaveli iz sidewayz all dat autotune, R&B choruses, Lil Wayne-assisted singles, Drake crooning hooks, and all that melodic fag shit u pink fairy azz niggaz enjoy. I aint met nann nigga on earth that would put any of them dudes i listed in a top 20 lyricists list ( oh yeah Run-DMC and all them 80s niggaz wuznt lyrical too). Bsides how am i on wakaz dick cuz i said he had a good album?? Faggotty azz bitch i guess dick on yo mind 24/7 huh?

    • anon

      dude U retard if ya method man,DMX,snoop,black rob aint lyrical go suc wakas dick u AINT knoe shit about music i general

    • RealHipHop

      u dumb fuck. u out ya fuckin mind if you don't think any of those rappers u just named werent more lyrical than waka flocka dumbshit. how dare u say that dmx, method man, snoop, and black rob wasn't lyrical u fucking retard. u obviously had a dick in ya ears when u was hearing real hip hop. cock back n bang yaself herb ass bitch.

    • Anonymous

      all of them more lyrical than this clown.. an how the fuck u guna put Method Man in that list??? ur trippin him plus Snoop, Dre an DMX big respected names in hip hop an they can get lyricalll. ur crazy

  • Nas Esco

    Is this hip hop?? fuck this party bullshit..who would buy this?..where's the message in the music? what is the point of this album? theme? Emotion? heart?..man i miss the 90's MC's at least they can rap!! and actually have something to say! 2pac,biggie,Nas,jay-z (96-2003),Gang starr,Mobb deep,Wu tang clan,Big L,Big Pun,A tribe called quest,Ice Cube,N.W.A,public enemy,Run DMC etc..was the real shit..nowadays is a bunch of clowns and posers that repeat the same thing over and over..same sound just different beat


    without a doubt album of the year, hands down! i give it a 5 but i wish i could give this shit a hunniit-thousand! dis shit go ham! every track goes hard and this is one of the few albums in the past couple years that i can listen to all the way through with no skips. flocka takes a page right out dr. dre's notebook by stickin with his crew instead of getting a bunch of high class features. dre put his whole crew on with the chronic and flocka is doing the same with flockaveli. lex luger plays dr. dre, flocka is snoop dogg! this the new death row bitch! BRRRRRIIIIIICCCKKKKK SQUAAAAAAAAAD!!!

  • d'evils

    stupid niggas like stupid shit bottom line

  • six

    Im not the biggest fan of this SLOB ass nigga but the production on his album is dope. And if any of you niggas rap or have an album out why dont you put yo shit on here and let it be reveiwed and rated. Yal could even sell out shows or cd's in ya own hood so SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!

  • Chupps

    Arguably the W.O.A.T

  • oli

    ya'll sitting here talking about he cant rap and shit. ya'll just stupid as fuck cuz waka himself said he not a lyrical rapper and as you can here he isnt that nigga makes club bangers just like lil john use to make bak in the days. he's songs are meant to shake your dreads or just bang your head. i bet if you go to a party and no one moving from the songs you throw in some flocka every one gonna get hype and jump and shit. stop trying to compare him to wayne or some shit compare him to lil john and you see how live he is. throw his album in your car if you have beat-out and see how many people gonna break they necks looking at your car like "damn this nigga shit thumping".

    • miguel Guttierres

      @ oli: I'll set an appointment for you six years from now at the nearest mental hospital. Thank me later.

    • oli

      i been listenning to flocka for about 2 years now and ima keep listening 6 years later.

    • jjevansjr

      i aint gon lie i would bounce to 1 or2 tracks(drunk or high in the club) but nobody wants to hear the whole album. Thats all he's good for is 1 or 2. People are just gonna download those 1 or 2 and be done with it. I've been listening to hip hop for 20+ years I can spot these fuckas when i see em. You'll see what I'm talkin bout in 6 months when this shit is old and wack to you good hip hop is timeless

    • Marc_Aurelius

      Dude's wack simple and plain. Dread shakin' or not =, it was wack when lil john did it, it's wack now. Anyone with a felony, a mic, and some punk up the street with a beat machine and a pc could do what he does. They do it everyday, yet somehow this bullet catcher with a speech impediment gets signed. Please believe, Diddy is no judge of talent. so when he co signs you with a bunch of other half assed abc rapper in wack last minute put together remix. it does not mean your hot. Get fucked. Crunk is dead. shoulda been aborted in the first place.

  • Lucky Lucciano

    Garbage!!!! its garbage rappers like cuccie pane,waka fuckin lame,souljatoy,roscoe trash..ect,that make tha south look like stupid ignorant People! http://www.datpiff.com/Mojito_Reeducation.m145720.html ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Mojito Is A Breathe Of Freash Air!!!

  • thatruth2u

    This cd goes hard. Point blank if you don't like it then don't listen to it. By the way, I'm sure people's hate won't stop his grind. Dude is doing him over raw beats. If I wanted to hear deep lyrics then I'd listen to Mos Def, Talib Kweli, or Nas.

    • Lucky Lucciano

      say wah you will but dont say this is hip hop niguh is a rapper and a garbage one at that! Point Blank Period!

  • ....

    Wow you really consider him hip hop? You a disgrace

  • Tony Montano


  • jj carruth

    I feel sorry for The South (aka Atlanta) idea of good hip hop. Do y'all realize this shit all sounds the same and has zero substance!! Let me guess...The South doesn't have time to listen to big words and creative subject matter...life's a swagging, trap star's paradise....I feel sorry for the blissfully ignorant!!

    • FromTheSouth

      UMMM actually he's from NY.. we're gonna let y'all claim this garbage nigga.

    • MusicFiend

      @Marc_Aurelius Word. Killer Mike is a dope spitter as well. Him all the ones you just mentioned definitely get pushed to the back of the line in terms of promotion. It's not the area's fault, but the industry in that area is just not promoting it like they should.

    • Marc_Aurelius

      sad thing is Atlanta has a slew of great rappers. Outkast, Goodie Mob and the rest of the Dungeon family. Not to mention else where in the south like Jay electronica (N.O), Little Brother (N.C) Clipse (V.A.), CunnyLinguists (KY). But since the industry wants to see straight coonin' 24/7, they market it, squeezing out the competiton, and your left with these cartoon ass niggaz that kids aspire to be and a new gen of wack ass rappers are made. it's a shame cuz ATL has a thriving underground scene that could blow up alone with the Adult Swim crowd. Industry is losing out on money if they ignore the real shit.

  • Mike Meraz

    Who gave this more then 1 star?

  • Articulate1

    Wack Faggot Flamer: Uhhh.....voting cool!?!? This dude is is a retarded, untalented peice of shit and if you like him you are a fucking degenerate...point bank, end of story. These clowns on this site are a bunch of lames who think any peice of shit is valid as long as it sells a few copies....go read a book or something instead of corroding your brain with this bullshit. Fuck outta here.

  • MACKlivin77

    Wackest garbage ive heard in my life real talk . 0 stars . wack beats and wack wack wack rhymes No talent at all

  • De

    this dude is a clown...garbage

  • Anonymous


  • Jermaine Bigfresh Carey

    i love it as far as raw energy and hard ass beats now, as far as skills he never said thats his thing respect that, if i want skills ill throw in it was written or reasonable doubt, stop hating fam let the lil homie get his paper, most giing bad reviews never even heard the album

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha wow man fuck the south haha. I'm sooooo glad I listen to Japanese hip hop cuz them asian niggas cherish hip hop way more than these coons ever here in the states. They got better beats and way better flows.  I'm not even going to listen to this piece of nigger shit haha!! You guys can have but it's not for me. God this shit it is just so fucking funny this is what my race listens to now haha!!! Well time to listen to my SOUL'd OUT music haha!!!

  • Kilo Korleone

    Flockaveli is the hardest street album since Get Rich or Die Trying. Yall need to remember hip hop is entertainment and not education. Appreciate the diversity of hip hop. Some emcees is all about lyrics, others is bout delivery.

    • Marc_Aurelius

      problem is all the so called education is siphoned to the way side. Intentionally. it's like taking a childs finger painting and comparing it to the masters. I get the entertainment value, but he brings absolutely nothing. Just a bunch of filler. They play it a million times so you and your friends beleive it's good and you fell for it. Over and over again. He doesn't have to be the greatest, but damn homey just be good. This shit never happens in rock. If you can't play an instrument get of the stage, if you can't ball get off the court, if you can't rhyme get out the game.

    • RealHipHop

      Correction, hiphop is about telling a story rather it be fiction or non fiction. It's was creating telling stories through rhymes. Rather that be telling about how you had fun at the club or how hard you had it growing up. It always has to have a story behind it. Wack-a-flocka and other like him or missing the point. You can still be gangsta rap and tell a good story. Just check out any NWA song and listen to the story they are telling. Listen to the old Ice T joints he was telling the story of the pimp game with creative word play. Their is nothing creative about what Waka Flocka does.

    • miguel Guttierres

      And Waka has none of those!

  • Anonymous

    вака качает

  • Stranger

    i call bullshit! U cant give a Tech N9ne album thats ten times better than this crap 2 X's (the gates mixed plate) and score this bullshit higher than that, hiphopdx ur slackin lately yall gave dem franchise boys like .5 or 1 X and this shit is worse than that n it gets 2.5!! I call bull shit of this site as a whole, quit fuckin up n promoting bad music like this. Yall did an interview with a musical genius in krizz kaliko the day his album dropped and havent even reviewed his album yet and u totally skipped over one of the most underrated rappers ever by not even reviewing kutt calhouns album. Fuck this review, u needa get 1 -3 people who are legit hip hop heads to do all ur reviews cuz if this album came out 2 yrs ago u guys would have given it like 1 x maybe and talked about how horrible it is! Go back to those days

  • flocka locka lame

    I ran out of toilet paper so I picked up a copy of this album to wipe my ass with!!!!

  • Tony

    Are You A Real Blood Or A Crip?? Hip Hop Nation Community Call To Action! "Everybody Is False Flaggin. Nobody Is Real Representing What Blood Or Crip Is" (Some Real Ish) http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh3168S3z84bJ7x6t3 http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh944ntM82M74968hd

  • monroe

    People don't understand Wakas shit. Good album. He should of went more Solo on it I think and put Gucci and Frenchie on it. Keep puttem them bangers Flocka!! BANG BANG.

  • gegged

    how can people diss this dude and freakin worship DMX... ridicolous. Waka's flow is tighter, if anything.

  • Ricc Johnson

    Fuck deeze Nigga's Flocka... do U playboy... the Streetz love u... and so do the Ladies...we don't get paid to talk shit.. U do!! I support this Nigga's grind... Do I like the Music... not really but I support This Nigga's Grind!! It's a Bizness Man!!

  • RIcc Johnson

    People wise up... is this about Lyrics?...No... is this about beats...no.... It's about money...Can't hate on that....all of us put together aint sold 5cd's..."real Hiphop" and lyrisist.. don't sell units.... It's a Bizness Man!!It's an opportunity for those that don't have 1... stop fuckin hating on everything u don't like... Who's the best drug dealer?? Who gives a fuck as long as u making money!! Bustah'z

    • tibedo

      I hear you on the hustle thing Ric. He aint snatching a purse or sticking a nigga up but if you make music and it sucks cause it does you smacking Hip-Hop in the face and shitting on it to eat. Let me simplify it, brand new Benz with some nice shoes on it. Just got it waxed, and a bird shit on it. That bird shit is Wacka in this here industry. As far as street cred my chi-town niggas think he a joke. And they go hard!!!!

    • Cogna

      If R.A. the Rugged Man can live off of his rapping career Waka can live off of lyrical rap.

  • Anonymous

    Lil wayne ? wack flocka flame = lil wayne , they're both a disgrace and wack as fuck

  • Guci Mane

    Waka Flocka Faggot!!!!

  • Anonymous

    It's really sad that a rapper with no talent like Waka WACK can make an album. Hip Hop is still dead!!!!!! Hip Hop music is getting so lame. It's all about dope beats and fake ass gangsta lyrics.

  • jjevansjr

    i don't even have to hear this album to tell u its gaaaabage. i might bounce to 1 or 2 of his song at a club or party if i'm drunk enough,but other than that shits probably trash. Hmmm if you throw a paper hat on him don't he look like the kid off Goodburger?

  • joshua

    this shit go in fuck all them haters flocka flocka waka waka

  • RuffDraft85

    Even funnier... Waka's mom is part of this industry Waka claims to hate. She manages other big acts. Waka is fake as fuck. His mom made big money and kept lil waka in a beatufiul home in a safe suburb.

  • RuffDraft85

    "It’s also possible this was his attention grabber for something bigger and better in the future." And thats sad. You get peoples attention by making horrible music.

  • Kyle

    This whole album is a joke.

  • DMellow

    This must be a southern thing ... Or a GED rap thing ... Because this is terrible on a level that it should be illegal to own, distribute, sell, look at, touch or even dream about this album.

  • Anonymous


  • Killalex

    The fuck is wrong with the south, why you suckas bumping shit like this when you got legends like Scarface and Outkast. SMH @ you coons.

  • tibedo

    So if its all about beats and not lyrics then niggas shouldn't call they shit rap. Instead throw yo shit in the club/dance genre and not next to the real shit I listen to. Producers with tight beats should just do instrumentals and not throw wack bitch niggas on they shit. This nigga is Not hot at all. Real gutta shit Scarface, UGK, MJG 8Ball. And Im a hip-hop nigga but I know real gutta shit when I hear it and this is some bullshit. Wacka Flacka should get served by his hood for misrepresenting, and his producer for fucking his shit up. Fuck these radio, 106 & Park made niggas!!!

  • B.Dot

    Listen...Real rap this cd is def a 3 to 3.5. You know what to expect and he delivers. Simply something to bang to

  • ihatelamar

    aint my style of rap but this bangs in the ride 2.5/5...beats did him great

  • flacka

    Flacka go hard as fuk.......this aint music for fuk boi's.....This is grimey shit doggies

  • 12

    One Star Lyrics Five Star Beats

    • Marc_Aurelius

      I keep readin shit about how tight the beats are. Shit is wack words and rhythm if it had any. The club banger shit was beat to death at least three years ago when niggaz were pickin up wack mixtapes and wearin some bootleg scarface t shirts, xxxxL. shit is played out.

  • Omar

    Every beat on hear goes hard, I'm going to listen to the entire CD before every game!

  • GetMoney

    Buy Killuminati instead!!!!!!!!!!

  • Young Ca$h

    Mario Flocka nigga fuck u lol get off his dick boy grow some balls half these niggas who listen to this bullshit is either from the south which half of em dont know real music or is between 5-13 yrs old so get the fuck out of here nigga real hip hop died years ago and thats that niggas like eminem and jay z sell records cus these spit illmatic Nas would shit on this niggas album sales and no one can say none of these rappers fell off cus they sold more then any rapper from the south gucci sold less then 500,000 on both albums put together so fuck u u faggit

  • Young Ca$h

    WTF is wrong wit these niggas these days stop fuckin gettin high so wat if the beat is tight his flow is wack as hell nigga trash I aint hatin but damn niggas like me use lyrics to get notice niggas like him make rappers like Nas and Jay Z fall off cus niggas these days don't care about lyrics WTF the industry aint pushin these niggas cd's cus no one wants to buy garbage wat grown man calls his self waka flocka flame or gucci mane nigga open your eyes and ears they not real music they suck Biggie, Pac, Eminem, Nas, Big Pun if was alive or was given a question on these niggas they would say its music cus thats wat ya want to hear but Biggie and Pac would of said this shit suck ass

  • mario flocka

    fuk this industry mayneee do yo thang yuhh

    • RuffDraft

      Yea cuz Waka is really bucking the system with shit like this. He is doing exactly what they want. Making old white men money and at the same time making black people look dumb. Exactly what the industry wants.

  • mario flocka

    that shit go hard mayneee datz all i gotta say yeaaaaaaaaa lets do it$$$

  • alonzo c.

    man waka flocka operates in a different genre than what this reviewer is reviewing him by. his music is the shit to ride to, 5 out of 5 in that respect, it isn't a rap album, it's a party ride album, which it accomplishes at every turn. fuck this industry is the shit, reviewers seem to think if you don't say shit in a poetic way then it can't be profound. while waka never claims to be profound the raw honesty can give you a profound insight into the gang/goon mentality. people gave waka no credit with o lets do it, this album is full of bangers, one of the most energetic and exciting artist of the new school.

    • Marc_Aurelius

      Dude operates in no school not new school. It's sad that anybody has heard of this cat. Str8 wack. This era will be forgotten if hi hop is even still around in ten years, but i'm not holding my breath. Fuckin coonin' azz niggaz.

    • Marc_Aurelius

      so why should terrible music be constantly on the airwaves when there is so much better shit. I guess that is the same as a fast food joint on every corner with all these fat kids running around because it's easier to buy a shitty meal than cook some good shit. When did we lower the bar and said it was ok to be a dumass?

    • MrMalik

      I've been waiting for someone to speak on what this really is. Tight beats featuring a nigga. Those that expect more than that should cop other shit. I don't understand why people insist on calling bad rappers bad. No sh*t nigga! The rappers themselves know this. I make beats and listen to most tracks just to hear the pro tools, but i would never criticize another man for exploiting this wack ass rap industry with weak lyrics. Especially if it rides in the whip, which most of Flocka's stuff does. Spare us the "back in the 90's" references and enjoy the present. I love cell phones and internet and High Def. Fuck the 90's, in fact, I think the most used term from the 90's is "HATER". Fuckin lames. P.S. - He was wrong for using "Flockaveli" as his title! That was a kick in the ballz

  • miguel Guttierres

    Waka Flocka is one of the worst rappers ever. Seriously, how does ANYBODY like this? If this guy was a hypeman, then I would understand, but since he calls himself a rapper (lyrical or not), then I'll treat him like one. Very limited content, a lot of coonery and ignorance, and this guy has the nerve to call himself "Flockaveli". "Flockaveli" are you serious man? You're not Tupac! Pac wasn't the most lyrical either, but at least he rapped from the heart with emotion and left us with a message in almost every one of his songs. Flocka has ZERO messages in his songs. All about "Oh let's do it" and glorifying drugs and violence. Yeah, that's definitely a way for us to move on up, NOT! I'm from the South and I feel embarrassed that "shawt bus shawty" rappers like Waka are portrayed as the main hip hop music from down here. smdh.

  • dicenya

    Man even though you made a point to mention how this album is everthing that is wrong with rap.You were still to nice that shit is lame with 16 songs and 16 features you should have a couple head bangers lame. wacko flake o the worst ever I'm dissapointed dx

  • UnOrthoDox23

    WAKA WAKA WAKA!!!!!!!!!!

  • chrismadden

    Only thing good to come out of this is a few instrumentals I can hope real rappers will ride well.. the fact that this shit is even slightly accepted in hiphop disgusts me

  • papgame

    He Can Celle Over 21,000 On First Week

  • papgame

    The ALbum It's Goood But Not Dope

  • mwl1119

    Ok cd since I didn't pay for it.

  • exclusiveKICKS2


    • Bauce

      From the heart? Nigga please. He wants to exploit dumb fucks like you so he can make some money and never have to get a real job.


      5/5 means a classic you know that right? Is this on par with Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, or Return to 36 Chambers, or any other classic debut? Or any classic period? No...this is nowhere near as good as classics like Chronic 2001 or Ridin Dirty or a dozen more I could name. Stop rating shit like this as 5/5...it's 2 or 1/5 material, and that's what it recieved.

  • Robert Laryea

    lmmfao! man o man you know what as much of a real hip hop fan as i am you gotta give it to this nigga cause something about this dude these lil kids and even grown ass niggaz like. i heard the cd and i cant lie... the shyt is funny... i mean so funny you cant even get that mad at it. i still aint a fan but it is some fun shyt to jam to(i guess) so fuck it! yea technically this dude is wack and should have never been signed but the dude has some charisma of some sorts to get all of this unexplainable love from folks all over the place, i mean i heard white boys the other day playin this shyt... go figure. lmmfao!

  • alijahg34

    Hip Hop suck period grow and become a man

  • 718rob

    This shit is better than Lil Jon, better than Gucci Mane... but nowhere NEAR fucking with Three 6 Mafia. I may buy this week.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe the love this guy is getting on the net. Boring album, nothing original about it, except for Waka yelling out 'Waka Flocka' in every song. Even as a banger type of album as someone below mentions doesn't work. Too much of it sounds the same.

  • lol


  • Kashif Ilyas

    the good thing is, I do like to listen to some nonsensical BANGING music when I am that mood. It gets you hyped up.

  • wizzle

    so so good. *gun noises*

  • Anonymous

    I'd rather make love to a dead dolphin then listen to dis

  • ayeboi

    beats go ham, flocka real nigga

  • NonsenseYo!.

    LMAO! This niggas dead serious!. xD Suck uh Niggie dick err sumtn

  • freshkidt

    same ol same ol..... that karma track is the only track thats cool in my opinion... he already leaked the only other good songs like 3 months ago "hard in the paint" and "live by the gun" and ofcourse O lets do it last year