Pimp C - The Naked Soul Of Sweet Jones

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Pimp C's final album 'The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones' proves Pimp is sorely missed, with collaborations with fellow UGK member Bun B, Drake, Jeezy and Rick Ross.

Kanye West released the song “Runaway ” as a means of toasting the douchebags, scumbags, and assholes that he not only relates to, but made a career out of being. What that really means is Kanye feels justified in his social irreverence, complete with lyrics of jumpoff sex and ménage á trois. What Hip Hop sometimes forgets is that others before 'Ye perfected this art long before it was done in designer suits and earned the title “douchebag.” Pimp C’s The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones reminds us of that.

When UGK legend Pimp C a/k/a Chad Butler left the planet on December 4, 2007 his final work was in its infantile stages. Pimp C was a recording machine, dropping verses on a dime and practically living in the studio. The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones, believed to be a follow-up to 2005’s Sweet James Jones Stories, probably sounds little like what Pimp would have crafted himself. However, the naked soul of Sweet James Jones is still very much present, which makes Pimp’s final offering a built-in classic in its own right.

On the opener of the album, “Down 4 Mine,” it’s already dripping in pimp juice as UGK’s beatsmith Cory Mo’s production (and Scarface’s concept) have Pimp singing following a very telling monologue. Whether it’s poor placement or speaking from the heart, but Pimp’s entry into this song begins with him referring to The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones as his only real solo LP. Pimp explains that his other releases were during his time in jail and basically pieced together. Ironically, so is this album.

What follows is a roller coaster ride into the mind of Pimp C, complete with tales of misogyny, drugs, and everything in between. While most lump this all into the category of “pimp shit” a la Too $hort and all of his successors, Pimp C manages to do this with grace. He’s somehow not offensive, which is a gift in and of itself.

There is, however, one major glitch in the Sweet Jones matrix...

Like many posthumous releases (i.e. 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G.) there is an opportunity for newer acts to jump on board and claim a friendship that was never really forged. Perhaps Drake did have a friendship with Pimp C, but the brassy “What Up?" still sounds pretty contrived. Drake traipses around the track in that sing-songy thing he does and refers to himself as an “honorary resident of UGK town.” Young Jeezy commits a similar crime in the clap-filled “Dickies" where Jeezy states “two underground kings, one underground legend.” Really? Oddly enough the other half of UGK, Bun B, is present on both of these tracks. This claiming affiliate status is no fault of Pimp C’s, or Bun B’s either really. Bun even had ample opportunity to jump on every track, but respectfully remained on only three (the last one being the incredibly hard “Go 2 War” with J-Dawg).

The remaining collabs are pieced into a solid fit, like the Rick Ross and Slim Thug-assisted “Midnight" , where David Banner sits in a different seat as producer and successfully succeeds. Others include “Love 2 Ball" , where Chamillionaire’s cameo is pretty potent and the Bay blasted “Since the 90s" with E-40 and The Gator Man. Pimp’s lyrics are as solid as ever on every track. Of course, no Pimp C offering would be complete without its graphic lines like “Hoes eat my dick like it’s corn on the cob” on the jumpy “Hit the Parking Lot” with Lil Boosie and Webbie, and the dirty mantra “that’s what your pussy’s made for” on the '70s porno-esque “Made 4” with Too Short.

Despite the fact that The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones was manufactured after Pimp C passed, his contribution to the work makes it a stellar one. While cameos from newer artists in the hopes of upgrading its relevance helped a bit, the real focal point is the opportunity to feel Pimp C’s unyielding, socially irreverent spirit one last time. Mission accomplished.


  • Drake

    look pimp c and bun to me I think were the greatest 2 ever drake is into all this new shit that isn't. Even rap I'm from Texas and pa is right down the road so I'm pimp for life and Texas is theonly place with real rap anymore z-ro will kill anyone rightnow on a mic so theyneed to take there focus of these new bitch ass rappers and focus on people that have stayd real to the game like z-ro trae bigpokey and peole like that rip. The REAL sweet jones not drake he needs to find a new name cuz he can't hold shit to pimp c. Ugk for life

  • Tomas

    As a real Pimp C fan i gatta be honest and say that this album is okay but it isn't as great as ya'll make it out to be like to me his last two albums was the shit and this new album is more of a pop album and i think that if Pimp was alive the album would of sounded better cuz Pimp would have picked people that he knew was right for the songs istead of makin a stupid song that just sounds good and they would make sence instead of all random and stuff cuz some of the verses don't even sound right and that makes the tracks not make sence with the songs. Cuz to Pimp it wasn't just about sellin records it was about makin real music cuz Pimp C was real and if ya'll really think that this album is good then i'm sorry i just don't think your a real Pimp C fan. Just my opinion don't care if you disagree with me.

  • boss d

    Gonna mis da pimp and all the trill good old school game that he brought. Others need to step up and finish the message

  • LongLiveDaPimp

    "Pimp explains that his other releases were during his time in jail and basically pieced together. Ironically, so is this album." It's kinda messed up that he never had completed a 100% solo album like Bun. RIP 2 him and God bless his family.

  • thisdude

    have you all notice that they're pushing this drake really hard, like he's the face of hip-hop or something...i think it's to make adds wit sprite

  • SavageLLife

    Is it just me, or does Pimp C always have some homosexual lyrics to accompany his songs. I know he's been to prison, and always talks about pimping, but lowkey he's always talking bout how he doesn't need P***y and just give him head. Or just recklessly talking all mysogenistically about women. If anybody needs a dope press kit made in pdf format hit me up on Twitter. I'm a certified beast, and you probably need this designer flair to precede your artistry.! @SavageLLife PS: The South ain't sleeping.

  • Wilton

    this album is tha shit rip pimp


    Just the idea of Pimp giving us some new music is enough for me.The album is a classic.Chuuch. 3 4 titties and u heard that.

  • esco

    dis album goes hard gotta get the real no bootlegg niggas


    Man shut your pussy hole up, that shit was jammin. Fuck the dumb shit, yeah the got a few weak songs but i jam that shit almost straight thru. Since the 90's, Song with TOO SHORT goes hella hard, 100% Chad Butler. UGK for life you ol dumb ass hoes, go on and pick up that bullshit we going to go on an listen to the truth CHUUUCCCHHH!

  • hell 2 the nah

    good, but not as great as yall saying.

  • Shohi2Trill

    I think this was a great album.. I hear niggas hatin that "it don't sound like Pimp C music" and that "we wanna hear country rap tunes.." and "It was a Biggie Duet kinda album, didn't give Pimp a good look on his final album." and "Pimp woul'dnt approve of the Drake track" niggas need to shutup with that bullshit, i thought it was a awesome album. It aint like Pimp is alive to make it sound like a typical Pimp/UGK, country rap tunes album [in terms of production anyway] and i think they did they best considering they didn't have so many recorded verses of Pimp. Bun did his part, now ya'll do yours!! Enjoy the music or listen to they old shit! and me as a die hard UGK fan (i prefer pimp) if i can enjoy the music and not go a day without listenin to it, they y'all have no reason not to enjoy it. The Drake track is controversial so won't even go into that. I thank everyone who helped make this album, and Long Live the Pimp. Chuuuch!!

  • Anonymous


    • speezly

      Did you expect Pimp to rap as nice as Bun? if you know anythang about UGK, you know what to expect from Sweet Jones, and he aint never had better wordplay than Bun, but Pimp was the SOUL of UGK. shut your mouth talkin down on what you dont know, smoke somethin bitch

  • dafool

    this would be the follow up to pimpalation not his first album sweet james jones stories

  • Gordon

    this album is great everything that pimp c touches goes ultra hard in the paint every verse of his is excellent but they could have left ol lame ass drake and ol dick riding jeezy off of here shit rick ross to, they all some suckas but all and all its worth it dealing with the lames to hear something by pimp c

  • H.

    A classic album in Pimp C style but they should have let Drake out of this. I can't stand him along the UGK

  • mwl1119

    If you don't like this album... biiiiitch go listen to some waka flocka flame and shut up

    • Almar

      That Flocka albums Got some sick beats but you need to stop smokin crack, The Name Of his album is Flockaveli, I dont know if your familiar with NFL Monday Night Countdown or not but C'MON MAN!!!!!!

    • Shohi2Trill



      o ill do that. ill do that with pleasure. matter fact im bumpin track "#11- Karma" off that new Flockaveli boii!! Flocka shit go way harder than this shit. How could u possibly rather listen to this than Flockaveli? Flockaveli gotta be top 3 albums this year! the shit deserve a grammy but flocka a real nigga and wont sell his soul to that illuminati shit like gucci did so they gon dik him out a grammy and probably try real hard to keep this nigga down til he joins there krew and then once he joins the illuminati, he gon win a 100 grammys by the time he 50 guaranteed.

  • Anshul Kumar Garg

    RIP Pimp C UGK 4 Life This album is dope, putting together posthumous albums is never easy. Pimp does not disappoint, only his guests do (and Drake and Jeezy were only the ones who did). Spot-on review. It deserves a 5 from me though.

  • killa b


  • six

    This is what tha new southern artist need to listen to and soak up sum game. RIP Pimp C you will be misses homie.

  • So Clean

    R.i.p Pimp c UGK 4 LIFE this album is fire pimp c killed it once again

  • Duncan Contrustion

    R.I.P The king of the south.

  • D0NIIE

    i thought what up was'nt supposed to be on the album? still its a bad ass album.

  • jack

    Pretty good album, ima go buy it today.

  • Bauce

    "Take that monkey shit off. You makin us look bad" LONG LIVE THE PIMP

  • Heberpayy

    Spectacular album, but its true; Drake and Jeezy don't make sense at all. I was expecting-- actually I still hope that Snoop Dogg jumps onto "Since The '90s" on a G-Mix. Down 4 Mine is incredible, really... I don't have words. This track is so "Curtis Mayfield". It is like this year's "Quit Hatin The South". I missed "Let's Talk Money", where Pimp's verse from "What Up" originally came from and some real guest, like Scarface or Willie D, but was a good album for sure. Oh... and what a beat "Made 4" gots? Damn, thats what I call a production.

    • Japan

      I SAID THE EXACT SAME THING! Down 4 Mine was very Curtis Mayfield.That Pimp C verse on "What Up" is from the track "Lets Talk Money". I didn't like that they used a recycled verse. This is a very good review of the album. Its a very good album!

  • UGK 4 Life

    Album is excellent. RIP Pimp C Here is some very rare footage of him in the studio recording some of these tracks before his tragic death http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJUoctvGZyc

  • Mark

    Classic pimp lyrics. Not as southern as the live Pimp would of liked it. Overall bad ass album.

  • IRA


  • Slim505

    Always good to hear sweet jones voice, especially when its new ish. gave it 4 cause i thought there could have been some better features on it. @718rob i think your right, bun may have made it better, but i think ultimately what you mean is it would have been more appropriate for bun to produce the whole thing. glad to have some new pimp in my itunes tho, never ever a bad thing.

  • 718rob

    Here's the thing. I think Bun B might have made a better album than this, despite what DX says. But Bun B's verses are fucking everywhere, so they don't mean as much. Pimp C (R.I.P.) is harder to earn. I like hearing his voice more, but Bun had more of an album for obvious reasons.